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VOL . XXX I     WASHINGTON, D .   c .,   APRIL, 1932   NO.4
"Supplement" Your Life
     Much is said about the low cosl group insurance and its importnnce. particularly
in times of depression.

     Important as low cost is, other considerations must be borne in mind. and group
insurance should be used to SUPPLEM ENT and not to SUPPLANT individual

     Individual insurance has benefits which cannot be included in the low cost group
policies, such as cash and loan values which grow eaeh year, automatic premium
loans, and other liberal benefits.

    The most popular individual policies are:

                      Straight Life: Best for providing for one's
                           dependents, because of the low
                           premium s.
                      Twenty Payment Life: Simi lar to the
                         Straight Life. except that premiums
                         are all paid in twenty years.

                      Twenty Year Endowment: A combination
                         of savings and insurance. You get
                         the mOlley yourself at the end of
                         twenty years; or in case of your pre·
                         mature death, the money goes imme·
                         diately to your beneficiaries.

     We also    have other forms of life insurance such as Joint Life policies for
Husband and     Wife, Endowment policies maturing at Age 65, as well as special
insurance for   children, the Family Income Plan, and policies arranged to sell at the
low premium     of one dollar a month .


                       Write us today for information and rates.

Union Cooperative Insurance Association
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170                                     The Journal     Q/ El rcfl'lC'n i Workers and Operator!                                              April, 1932

      W ~ twar d   IIII! Cour .... or   A.ch"eet ur~ 'hk ~   II.   w.,.   Arr Ml ccl'. Ouw!nll' of Nl!w Ren te C."Uol or North I)R lro 'a.
                                             THE            JOURNAL OF

Vol. XXXI                                          WAS HINGTON, D. C., APRIL, 1932                                                      No. 4
Credit Inflation Shows Folly of W age-cuts                                                                                                         J
     NLIK E its predecessors, the yea rs                                                                        l
                                                                                                            No E:ICuoe Now Valid
U      HI30 and 1931. the year 1932
       has acen a rever!Ul1 of nAlional
                                                     The year 1932 sees complete                      Tho ab!\urllily lind wanton wickednesa
policy in meeting the depresaion. The             reversal of national policy in                  of the policy of deflation followed si nce
policy of do-nothingness has been aban·           handling depreaaion in e very par·              October, 1929, as spon sored by big
do ned. Yet busincas remains--improved                                                            bankers, wal not fully revealed until
                                                  ticular but o n e, that of increas ing          tho menacing credit situation was cured.
psychologically- but at its lowest point,
productivity cun~itlered.                         purchasing power. Ellery needed                     Until it wat demonstrated that there
   This is not alronge, except to bankers         factor in production is present                 Wall adequate latent credit in the coun-
and speculatol'll.    The real driving            now 8S in 1929, save one; and                   try to do bUl ineu upon, it was t ru e that
power of bwineu-wages snd income                                                                  the n ecessary first Itep wal to inlure
-is stilled. Purchasing power alone               busineaa s till d ead on ita fee t.
                                                                                                  that credit. AI soon as the cr edit l itu·
can start wheels humming, and provide
                                                                                                  ation was cleaned Up, nnd business did
   The absurdity of placing Caith in                                                              not advance, it was apparent that
loosening credit by means olthe Finance                 A. Not nOW. With .bout five billio n      another unsolved factor was operating.
 Reconstruction CorporatiVI\, 111111 the             rlnlh.r. o f Kold in our coffen, with        ThAl other unsolved rudvr is purchasIng
                                                     c redit everywhere loo.ene d a nd pro·       power.
Glass-Steagall bill as a freshener of
business, is 81)jmrent when it is known              l ected, 50 billion dollan of cr edit i.
                                                                                                      Gradually thi!! IlerCectiy obvious fact
                                                     available for doinr h.uinell.
thnt no ractors in the eeonomic process                                                           is being seen. Engineers, economists,
are absent in 1932, which were present                  7. Doe. th e idle man o ot want tv         union lenders and busine!!s !lUll! lIppellr-
in 1929, save purchasing power. This                 buy th e loaf of brea d the baker h ..        ing before Senate committees analyzed
economic questionnaire makes lhe point               to .ell ?                                     the present situation to the ultimate
of view c1enr.                                                                                    conclusion that purchasing powcr must
                                                        A. H II i, a n. iou, to buy-and to
         Economic Que.tioooair.                      eal.                                          be restored.      A conservative bUliness
                                                                                                   man, Wi1\ard Chevnlier, director, Engi-
      I . Wha l i. Ihe wealthie. 1 nation
                                                        8. 0 011. th e farmer not want to          neering News !teem·d, startled the COOl'
   in the wo rld, poleotiall ,. aodadu.II,.?         .ell Ihe wheat to the baker?
                                                                                                   mittee by dctlaring that the capitalistic
                                                        A. He i. an.i.u. to .ell.
      A. The Uniled Stale. o f America.                                                            system is on trin l, because of bad
                                                       9 . Doe. th e h'rve,le r manufac_           d1vision of wealth. He declared:
      2. II there a .hort a,e of ba.ic food          lurer not wa nl to .ell the machine to            "Succesa of the capitalistic form of
   ma t e rial.?                                     the fa rmer?                                  society in the United States depends on
      A. No. T h. I r a na r i... o f Ihe Fed.          A. He ;. a n:o.iou. to .ell.               solving, quickly, the problem of better
   eral Farm Board are bullin l with a                                                             distributiull of wealth.
   . urplu. wheat ,uppl,..            Corn ••             10. Doe. the .Ieel maker nol wanl
                                                     10.ell .teel t o th e ba nker and the             "Our basic problem today is the in-
   plen tiful.    Butcheri nl        .tock  i,
   abu ndan t.                                       manufact urer. of harveoten?                  telligent divllion of wealth between con·
                                                      A. He, too, i. anxiou. t o .ell.             s umers' funds and capital fundi. Our
      3. 10 Ihe r. ... .hortale of ba.ic                                                           whole economic ,tructure has changed
   huildin. material.1                                  11. Worke r, fa r mer, manufacturer        over II period of year s. At one time
                                                     a nd food purveyor all are a n:o.ioul to      thrift meant intelligent saving of o ne's
      A. There i. nol. The r e i. a n over·
                                                     do hu.inen. The n why doe.n't bu.i.           income. Today thrift must be defined
   . uppl,. of lumber, . teel, brick, con-
                                                     ne .. co mme nce?                             as intelligent spending.       All su rplu s.
   crete, .. nd a ll ha rdware produch.
                                                        A. The Work.,r . .. J fArm e r lack        earnIngs today 1I0w into a great pool
      4 . II there a .horta.e of ma·                 the money to bu,. th e cood . th e,.          controlled by n few men. The owners
   chin er,. of p roduct ion?                        need.                                         of these surplusea want them to return
      A. No. The re i. nol o nl,. not ...                                                          dividends, which means that they under-
                                                       12. H ..... nyth ina been done .i nce
   .hortale, there i. a triple an d qua d.                                                          take more procluction, and we reach the
                                                     1929 10 .id the wo rk er an d farm e r
   ruple capacit,. for all ind ... t ri.,.. The                                                     plnce where we ca nnot consume all the
                                                     to bu,.?                                      good.. "
   oleel indu . lr,. i. runnin. about 30 pe r
                                                        A . No l a Ihin.. On the contrar,..
   cent eapacity. Auto. a r e carryinl                                                                 II. 1.. Puxley, an economist, writing
   at.out 40 per cent of travel. Both                e very thin .. ha' been done to keep
                                                     them from bu,.inlf. Wage. ha.e been            in the New York Timel, ItN!SleS the
   co uld dou ble Ihe ir 100 pcr cent nor·                                                          need of renewing purc.hasing power. H e
                                                     cut, a ddition . I me n thrown out o f
   mal oulput.                                                                                      paint.! the neceuity vividly by declaring
                                                     work, a nd e.en f ull charitable relief
                                                     den ied thern.                                 that "it i, the belief of the writer that
       5. II tbe r a a .horta.e of worken 7
       A. Mor. than nine million men ara                                                            it would be actually for the good of the
                                                        13. What i. th e real lohation?             rnllntry if a national riffle were held
    idle, ma .. y .f them hi,hl,. .k;tled, and
                                                        A. It i•• imple. Pu t credit in the         in which every citizen of the U nited
    a n equal number .n part time. Th.y
                                                     idle meo·. pocket. and tb e old over-          States were given n free ticket a nd in
    are bel.inl for job•.
                                                     powered bu.inen machine will otart             which pri zea to the amount of $250,-
      6. It the re a .earcity of credit f.r          off purrin .. ju,t .. if a bendi •• ta'ted     000,000 in new Federal Reserve notes
    capilat iove.l me nl a ..d operatio .. ?         a motor.                                       were awarutlu l.o the winners."
  17Z                                Tlte Journal of Electrical lVorkel·s and Operators                                   April, 1932
           Can Then M.ke Loa."                  cuu. And it is interesting moreover to        aure for reduction of wage rates, with
     But he offers a leu sensational plan:      note that the wage-cuts then talked           potentialities of violent. disputes be-
     "The most orthodox and innocuous           about were in the building industry.          tween employers and organized labor."
  method of attempting the required task           "Mention is frequently made of one            But it was not until January, 1931,
  is that of the large-aeale purchase of        other deterrent to a full r(>sumption of      that the clarion call to all wage cutters
 bilt. and government securities by the         building activity, namely, the relatively    waa emitted by the Rockefeller Chase
 Federal Reserve Banka. Thi, has the            high COlt of labor. The Federal Reserve       National Bank, through the pompoull
 effect of placing the banks of the coun-       Bank of New York', index or wages in          president. Albert H. Wiggin. He said:
 try, with whom t.he sellers of the secur-      the building trade, for February stood           "American bUliinesa haa proved it.
 ities keep their accounts, in posseuion        at 242, on the basis of 1913 as 100,         good will in dealing with labor on thit
 of an equivalent amount of Federal             which compare. with 233 in February,         point in the past year tnd in many in-
 Bank credit, on the basis of which they        1929, and is the highest ever rcached.       dustries may reasonably ask labor to
 may, If called upon, make advances of          Meanwhile a report given out on March        accept a moderate r eduction of wages
 about ten times that amount of money.          26 by the American Federation of             designed to reduce cosu and to increase
 thus greatly incrcaaing the purchaaing         Labor indicates that 42 per cent of its      both employmcnt and buying power of
 power in existence in the country."           members engaged in the building trade!        labor."
   Senalor La Follette, speaking over a        were unemployed in March (preliminary            Since then, the hanke.rs have been
   nation-wide hookup, said that 60,000,-      figures) 43 per cent in February and          pursuing a settled. determined end.
   000 citizens hud hpd their purchas ing      34 per cent in March of 1929. A feeling       They have been hanging on to gold,
   power impaired or destroyed, and it is      prevails that In view of the general          currency and credit stubbornly with one
  only by perceiving this deficit that         tendency of costs and prices, new build-      hand, and cutting the American stand-
  national health can be restored.             ing!! may not bo a first-class Investment     ard of living with the othe.r.
      While credit is being bolatered by       at th(> present time."                           ProfC!S8or John R. Commons, seeing
  emergency measures signiIying a re-             In October, 1930, the Annalist fol-        this campaign, declared in January,
  versal of nationol policy, and an about.-    lowed suit with a gem at economic             1931, that bankers wcre deliberately
  face by bankers, from disastrous defla-      thought (quoted below), and the Maga_         deflating labor:
  tion to inflation, the inconsistent cam-     zine of Wall Street published this bright        "I know, from the inside of the Na-
  paign for wage-cuts goes forward. Not        jewel tor the bankers' diadem:               tional Manufacturers AuociatioD and
  only that, but. men are being laid 01T          From the Annalist:                         from the leaders of the banking fra-
  wholesale in certain industries. The            "}o~urther analysis reveals a great un-   ternity of New York City, that they do
  government, in iu mad scramble to bal-       balance in respect ot many important         not want to stop unemployment. but
  ance the budget, intends further to in-      branches of labor. The cost ot building      that they want it to continue until labor
  crease unemployment, and to lessen pur-      was reported at about 200 for a long         wi\l take a cut. They will do all in their
 chasing power, by halting ita public          lime up to last May, when it began to        power to force the cun-ent. events to-
  works program, and by tUrning workers        come down. Inasmuch as the raw ma-           ward this end, SO that American indus-
 out of government departments..               terials entering into building have fal-     try can compete with cheap European
     It is important to aee just what hap-     len far below 200. the labor component,      labor. This is not hearsay. But if any
  pened In the decade 1921 - 1931-be-          which probably constitutes 50 per cent       reference is Deeded. you can find it
 tween two depreSl!ions.                      of it, must have been much higher. Some       among the bankers in the person of Mr.
     In 1921, there was a movement to         authorities have put that index number        Wiggin ot the Chase National Bank."
 meet the panic with wage-cuu, but this       all high as 250.                                  But, though wage cut. began in April,
 was halted.      Out of that experience          "This reveals a serious unbalance,        1930. business stil l is dead on its Ieet.
 came a national policy of high wages--       which sooner or later is destined to be       It will remain dead so long as 50,000._
 a policy that organized labor had been       corrected. The Index for labor can de-        000 people are without buying power.
 advocating for a generation. The policy      part from the Index for commodities
 worked. Business men were aold on it.        only in so rar as economies in produc-           "Now that the banking aystem, at first
 But bankers never were Bold on it. It        tion accrue to labor, which always they        unwilling, finally became unable to per-
 never appealed to them, especially to        do, but never to such an extent in such        form this function effectively enough to
 international bankers, who were accus-       a brief period of time as the indice!          prevent parnlysis of industry and tradc,
 tomed to look with equanimity upon           hllve been showing.                            collapse of values, wide.!lpread lou and
 lower wage scalea In Europe and Asia.           "There must, therefore, be a drawing       suffering and destitution, it was ncees-
 But in 1921 business and indUliLry were      together of these indices, which may be        aary in succC!ssively more dra stic stages,
 comparatively free from control of in-       referred to as a deflation of labor, con-     for the government to aIBume ita powers,
 ~.~rnntionnl bankers.    But by 1929 this    forming to the deRation in commodities         to use the public credit to support the
 freedom was gone_                            that has already occurred. This will           private credit system and save railroada
        The salient fact about the present    naturally be a painful proccss. It may        and banks from suspension. Jt has not
     situation is the IIhi ft of control      be reasonably inferred that inasmuch al       yet seemed necessary for it actually to
     away from industry to international      thclc basic indicel have diverged they        take over operation of the. banking sys.
     bankers_                                 will gradually tend to converge in cor-       tern to protect the public interest, as it
    Abiding their time, bankers uscd the      rection. This is to say that while labor      did the railroads when they were unable
depression whic h they themselves had         rates are declining commodity prices          to function during the war; but it haa
precipitated to                               may experience a moderate ri.!le."            all but done so, and this may be the next
                                                                                            step if the measures so far taken prove
        1. Increase their control in indus-       From the Magazine of Wan Street:          incffective in forcing the banks to per-
     try and busineaa.                           "Notwithltanding the humanitarian          form the functions which the public has
        2. Get rid of many competing          trend ot the times.. labor cOlta must be      delegated to them.         All that these
     banks. .                                 considered cconomically in the same           measures have attempted i. to make po...
        3. DeRate labor and the middle        light as material commodities. The pres-      sible a resumption of credit expansion
     01....                                   aure of lower commodity prices makes          and a restoration of monetary purchas-
    This policy went forward ruthlessly.      for lower labor costs. Thele will be          ing power in usc. They cannot compel
That is one reason why it was not until       sought by further mechanization of in-        the banking syetem to operate to this
1932 that any remedial measures were          dustry and alao by reduction in wage          end, if it ltill believes that auch expan_
adopted to end the depression-the big         ratel. Big and efficient business is pul-     sion and consequent business r ecovery
bankers were making money out of              ting the emphalil on the former but lit.-     arc not desirable or are premature, and
other people's miaery.                        tle, and backward busincIB leans to the       holds to tho delusion that it can collect
    The depression was only ,ix montha        latter method of readjustment. A con-         $1.00 deblll (now worth $1.50) out of
old when the Morgan National City             tinuation of commodity price recession        $.50 incomee."
Bank (June, 1930) began to urge wage-         must sooner or Inter lead to great prcs-                  _Virgil JorOO:II, ecOJtOmiat.
A pril,1932                           The Journal 01 Electrical iVorkers and Operators                                                             173

                     No           SHORTAGE EXCEPT IN
                                                        PURCHASING POWER

   BLUONS OF         VALUE OF CER?;4/N
    IXILLARS                                                              ""LUE OF PRINCIPAL                              8Il.WNS OF
                       MANUfACTURED                                                                                         OOLI.ARS
                                                                            FARM PRODUCTS
                         PRODUCTS                                                                                                   1.5
      J                                1930

      1                                                                                                                              .5

      CREDIT PO/{/£R                       PERTINENT DATA ON
                                                                                            PURCHASING POWER
                                         AMERICAN INDUSTRY, 1929
                                                                                                     R£C£NT LOSSES.
    DOLLARS                               NATIONAL INCOM£ •.••.••• S&(~
                                                                                                   SUSTA"'£O Eh' WORKeRS
                                          FARM PROOUCTS .••••••••• 12.~
      400                                 AlAMFACTlR£D GOOOS••• • 3 7a~
                                          I14LUC orMACIfIoICRY'.. ••••• S 7.~00?
                                                                                                                          BLLIONS             or
                                                     WRK - PO/{/£R
                                          PeRSONS GAlfoF/.LLY OCCUPIED II U. S                   OTHER MAJOR
      JOO                                                                                          LOSS£S-
                                            IN 1930         _........••.. 48.833,000
                                          H>4CC -£ARI'ERS IN MANlFACTI.RJNG
                                            /NJUSTRES IN 19?9•.....•.•• 8,808,OOO
                                          HORSEPOWER l/S£l) PER MAN IN A(ANJ·
                                            FACnRlNG INOUSTRCS, 1929....... 4.86

                                                                                                 LOSS /)(C TO
                                                                                                  FAILURE TO
                                        WORK- POWER NOW WASTED                                     RECGVt:
      150                                                                                     A/XQI.JAT£ I~
                                          MCSENT UhEMPi{)Y£O .......... 9.000000
                                                                                                   ~   "
          0                                •                                  lOSS TO
                                                                         ()£PQSITOPS TfRU          J                                      5
                            Il            "
                                                                           BAN( FALlRf:S
                                                                            1930 d 19J1            •
                '~          ~
                                          ,,~    ~~
                II    ~"                         ",'"                                              5
                ~     ;;;         ~                                                                •
                                                 "                                                                     --'- 0

                                                                                                           I. II. 1'.:. W. Cllut.
174                       The Jou1'1Ial of Electrical Workers and Operators                            April, 1982

                         AND THE NATION BY QPEN·SHC'? IMPRESARIOS
                              IN AGE ~ OLD ATTACKS ON UNIONS.

               What we are witnessing in New York. and what we arl! likely to witness in the
      coming months of labor ddlarion. should not surprise any veteran unionist, o r any
      social-minded person. There is nothing new in the situation. It is the same old melo-
      drama. rigged. framed . staged, and presented by secret. highly-financed open-shop

              Anti-union leagues ha\'!.' national offices in New York City. Some of these
      make it a daily business to rig. (rame, and organize cases against labor unions in the
      courts. One league supports an expensive staff of lawyers. dr:l\ving high fees. These
      fees are gathered from the length and breadth of the land. On good authority. one
      league alone collects $1.000,000 a year with which to fight unions in the courts.

              The leagues a re secret organizations. Their membership is never made public.
      Their activities other than legal are not revealed. They hold their mel!tings behind
      closed doors. They push their tentacles into every municipal activity.

              Bear in mind tbat the passage of the anti ~ injunction bill by the Cong ress of the
      United States. in March. 1932, with huge majorities. which bill was signed by the
      President of the United States, and is now a Jaw. was a public rebuke to the activities
      of tbese anti-union leagues. The Congress of the United States signified that these
      leagues were pursuing devious. secretive and anti -socia l courses.

              In New York. Local No.3 has been selected as the st rategic point of attack
      against the entire organization, both because it is our largest local. and because of a
      greater concentration of industrial workers. In March, 1930, one anti-union league met
      at a New York HOIel-in sccret-.lnd outlined an t'Xtended campaign against the electrical
      workers' union, New h:-gal actions against the electrica l workers' union were pressed.

               Soon afler new court actions did materialize in CXtroit. Baltimore and elsewhere.
      But these were side-shows. The itching. gold~induced lust to destroy unionism was
      hurrying toward a carnival of the dimensions of a circus. It was to be staged in New
      York City. back«l by high-powered propaganda. on a national scale, designed not only
      to injure irrepa rably the local union of the electrical workers, but [0 damage. if pos~
      sible. and as it could, the international organization. It is the opening acts of this
      obsce ne, major maneuver of the anti-union leagues, which we are now witnessing in
      New Y ork City.

               Nothing has been, or nothing apparently is too degraded for these leagues to
      stoop to. Show-windowed by smart. genteel lawyers, using high-flown lega l terms ,
      and mouthing p latitudes about industrial liberty, these lawyers carry on in the dark.
      w ork. which ca n not bear the scrutiny of decent mcn. I t is a fact tbat this office has dis-
      covered editorials attacking this organization in the press of Los Angeles, Cincinnati,
      T o ledo, and ot her cities using the same phrases. indicating a common. inspired source.
Ap1'il,1992                     The Jow-nal 01 Electrical H'ol'kers and Operators                           175

              These editorials. when placed alongside the legal briefs of these anti~union leagues.
              reenforce the cheap arguments and allegations olTered by the lawyers of the league in
              courts of law-a llegations which have not been sustained by judges' decisions in ordcr
              to strike the BrOlherhood a damaging blow. There is evidence that the campaign against
              the New York local union is being supported by a heavily financed publicity committee.
              which is flooding the press. not only of New York but of tbe United States and Canada
              with unsubstantiated charges, which. if uttered against individuals. would be cause for
              libel suits.

                    tj One of the discouraging facts about the presl.'nt situation is that newspapers,
              considered reputable institutions. lel"d them~elves to the publicity aims of these open
              shop leaglles. and publish stories which violate every decent p rofessional canon of good
                       If organized labor were on to itself in New York. it would fail to buy or read
              any ncwspapt'r which refused to accord to unions the same rights of common decency
              that it gives other groups.

                       These anti~union leagues. pursuing their devious course. in New York and other
              CllIes, aided by commercially-minded newspapers, publish stories based on unsustained
              cbarges brought by the leagues in courts, as if tbose charges were SUSfained, and when
              not sustained by couns, fail to publish the reversal with the same emphasis and promi-
              nence. Publicity. tainted publicity, against unions is one of the aims of these $Ccret,
              anti-union leagues.

                       The lawyer agents of these leagues are not above abetting disgruntled members
              of union organizations (of which there arc always some. in good times or bad) in
              their attacks on the union organization.

                    q The aim of these anti-union lawyers now is the same as it was in 1921, in 1907,
              in 1902- to destroy unionism. They fatten on the misfortunes of working people,
              They strike hardl.'st in times of depression, when misery and suffering have confused the
              minds of union men, whl.'n union funds are low, when maladjustments the size of mole
              hills grow to mountain size. They take the money that workers return to corporations,
              collect it. aSSl.'mble it, to fight worker organizations-all the time with a smug, self-
              righteous, hypocritical air.

                    g Attacks upon thl.' electrical workers' loral union are timed with the general wage-
              cutting, deflationary drive against the building trades,

                    C) These lawyl'r propagandists have been nonplussed by the electrical workers'
              union-because the elecnical workers' union has been advanced in industrial relations.
              These anti-union leagues thrive on strikes. Strikes are their meat. But electrical workers
              have looked upon the strike as a costly weapon of defc,"ce. and have eschl.'wed its usc
              except in cases of the last resort, and this policy has plagued the anti- u nion leagues,
                       "What," tbey asked themselves, "if other unions adopted the same plan? Sup-
              pose co-oper,Hive industrial relations spread in other industries? \Vbcre would we lre-
              we who make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in feeding upon bad ind ustrial

                    Cj In appea n ng in cou rts against unions. these lawyers have had only one conten-
              tion. "conspiracy in restraint of trade." They have asked for dozens of injunctions
176                       The Jow'nat of Electrical JVOl'ke1'S and Operators                         April. 1932

       upon this ouC-worn. threadbare plea. But without the strike to aid them. conspi racy
       is hard to allege. when none exists.      So they have sought-in order to fUrl her their
       nefarious traffic-to set up the fiction that the very act of co-operation between workers
       and employers is in it~lf a conspi racy in restraint of trade.

             They have but one goal-destruction of the union. But they travel it by many
      paths. They slander; they assassinate char,leler. They plant stool pigeons and spies.
      They spend money like bandits. and always, always keep the wheels of publicity well-

                They acc powerful. They have much money. They have the backing of big
      newspapers. They are smart. and gemce!. and tbey know well how to prey upon
      hum;'!n weaknesses. Some disgruntled, suspended union members go over to them
      Ideal istic, misguided union members, who long for the millennium, sometimes heed them.
      \Vell-intentioned. union sympathizers are sometimes uken in by them.

                 But they will not succetd in their allll to destroy the union. They will injure
      .lnd damage it. perh.lps, but they will not bre.lk it. Why? Because unions-a re socially
      valu;'!b le organizations. Too m;:IDY clear-eyed. self-respecting. compete nt craftsmen make
      up the union's membership. These craftsmen are inured to such attacks. They know
      where they come from. and they are not going to be misfed by lies. innuendos. inspired
      propaganda. and dccisions of injunction judges. 10 do anything to damage their own

              These will weather the storm-the sober. 95 per cent of the organization. and
      they will remember. They will remember the newspapers who slander the union.
      They will remember the employers, who. feigning friendship. aid the enemies of union-
      ism. They will remember the loyalty of loyal members. and not forget tbe treason
      against the group of the weak and disloyal.

             No matter what cou rse the engineered attacks upon our local unions take.
      none of these auacks can succeed, when members remember the union. the union's needs,
      the union's benefits, and the union's social dnd industrial importance.

              Let no one be deceived by lies. Let no one be dcceived by pompous newspaper
      publicity-the aim of the anti-union le.lgucs is to destroy the union, and the responsi-
      bility of all union men. and all social-minded men e\·erywhere. is to preserve the union.

             l?ierce behind the crimin'Hions. the slander. and half-truths 10 Ihis fact, and the
      newest. open-shop drive will fail. as ochers have failed in the past.

                And let membtrs of other union organizations not be deceived. The idealistic .
      .. ge-old slogan of labor. "An injury to one is the concern of .. II." still holds good. Let
      the lawyer attackers succ«d against the electrical workers, and they will turn and attack
      other organizations just as viciously--despite fulsome. hypocritical protestations 10 the

               Anti-union lawyers w ill go on earning their dirty money by attacking wage-
      earners, but they won't succeed. But Ihal docs not make Ihe battle less ha rsh. painful
      and costly. Wise union men will sit tight. keep cool. think clearly. and repel tbe
      invader. I t is by t h is course that t he un ion grew and prospered.
April, J93!                                  The Journal of Electrical 1V0rkers and Operators                                                                   177

Bankers View ed                                                  In         Relation to Government
  T is known in Washington, Rnd it hall                                                                            Dr. Sumner H. Slichter, of the Haryard
I   been bruited about in the public
    printll, that Hernard M. Baruch,
                                                             Na m e passed on fl oor of Con. Business School, contend that the gov-
                                                                                                ernment should not hesit'a te to go fur-
banker, and hi, trusty, Colonel Hender-                  g r es. with air of ve iled threat. ther into debt to carryon public works
son, together with certain "tax experts"                 Origin a l t ax b ill no doubt b a nk- and thus lessen unemployment.
from Canada, drew up the balance-the-                    ers' work.                               "BUllin('sB Week," authori~tive busi-
budget. lax bill. The presence of the                                                                              ness magazine published by McGraw
bankers wa. felt often during the de-                                                                              lI iH Compnny, declares, Ma rch 23: "A
bate. At ono time, Congre!'sman :\Ic-                                                                              pe riod o( depression is therdore the
Cflrmllck Rllpeared to be threatening the                  "I will nut allY that failur~ to bnill.llctl            tim£' tor the public in its organized ca-
Conq'rells of the 60vereign stales with                  will destroy the c redit of the gO\'ern-                  I ncilY, not only to borrow but to spend,
bankers' 1  10wer. He said no more loans                 ment; but I do aay with emphasis that
would be rorthcoming from bankers to                                                                               to divert capital and unused surplus
                                                         it will impair Our credit, and it would                   purchasing power into the channels of
the United SUlk/!, if t.he LudKet was not                not stop there. It would fUfther impair
balanced. This is in line wit.h ultimata                                                                           l'onsumption."
                                                         the credit of business, and none of U8                        Balancing the budget is a superstition
to Detroit and New York, sovereign                       wunt that, even those membe rs who are
cities, by the banking c1a!l.ll.                                                                                   ereated by bankers. It is a device by
                                                         opposed to the bulancing theory ami its                   .. hich to maintain the gold standard.
   Congres~m.n McCormack said:                           necessity."                                               The gold standard is also regarded as a
   "When the committee was in execu-                    This statemcnt suggests nnew the                           ff'tish by bankers and the only persons
tive session considering the rel>orting of {IUes tioa, what i9 the relation of bankers                             "tanding to lose by the United States
this blli the Secretary of the Treasury to government?                                                             goinff' ofT the gold sta ndard are the bank-
was in New York City trying to make                                                                                ers. England has gone ofT the gold s tan-
arrnngemenlll (or that loan, and the                              B8.1. n" .. th e Bud."t Feti. h                  dard and haS consistently prospered ever
bankers, as we understood and as it ..... as                                                                       lince. Goine 01T the gt)ld standard il an-
reported to us, were withholding what                   "Balancing the budgct" has become n                        other way of counter-deflating,
consideration they would b';ve with re- fetiah. As if the Incre fact that a bud-                                       Again quoting the "Business Week":
spect, firllt, to the loan; and. second, to !ret is balanced ia going to produce nny-                              "After aIJ, the I)rivate banking system
lhe rule of int(!re ~t , pending the queRtion thing of vll;lue to the country. As n mnt                            hilS merely been granted Ii r"""c1dl!(J 11~
of whether o r not the ways and means ter o( fact, there are good arguments for                                    a public utility to manufacture money
committee reported out. a bill which a policy opposite to balancing the budgl't.                                   and credit (or the convenience of the
showed a determination to balance the The g(l\'ernment sheuld be in debt to its                                    community. Ir it (ails to perform this
bUIII{\!t..                                        dUx"". in lime! ot depre~ion. This Is                           necessary service, Congref18 nlUst assume
   "Furthermore, if we go back only one way, and a sensible way, to inflale                                        ngain its constitutional powers to 'coin
three or four or five months, there WIIS or counter-deflate. Such nuthorities aa                                   money and reb'1llate the value thereof'
nil i!'l!'.ue of til(' G(,>vernment which                                                                                  whieh is lleleA'ated to thebnnkers,"
wn!! just o\'ersub~crib{'d, and was                                                                                           When persons A'row excited
accomplish!'d only II!! 1\ result, 1                                                                                       about balancing the budget it
nm informed by the Trea ~ur~' De-                                                                                          should be remembered that th ..
partml'nl, of caUing up different                                                                                          United States did not have a bud-
bankers, cn]]jnl;' Ull those with                                                                                          get until five or six yenrs ngo. It
 whom they huve communication                                                                                              survived up to that time without
and connection, nnd nsking them                                                                                            superstition.
to subscribe, so that the iaaue                                                                                               Soon ttfler Congressman 1\I c-
would not be a lailure.              But,                                                                                  rormnck's outburst, it was an-
furth('r than the Government                                                                                               nounced in Washington that a
bonds, failure to balance the bud-                                                                                         fight was going lorward in the
gl.'t will affect bu .. iness ndversely;                                                                                   Heconstruction Finance Corporn.--
and if bU!li nNUI is further affected                                                                                      tion.   Bankers wanted to dump
adversely this means further de-                                                                                           huge, worthless loans in the gov-
flation, and in~tend of having the                                                                                         ernment's lap lor liquidating.
 American llUblic flt umling it mnn-                                                                                       Dawes favored this, Meyer op-
fully, lUI they are now doing, we                                                                                          posed it. The fracas Wil li hushed
 will have the conditions of 1878.                                                                                        up.
when the militl!\ was ell lied out.
We will have the conditions of                                                                                                 Young mfn, li fe ill befofe )'ou. Two
those days when religious prt)-                                                                                           foref', whue IUeeO'lIS m~.n. death: .nd
ce~ions of All creeds w('re walk-                                                                                         ..oices Ir. calling )'ou--one eomlnr out
ing the l'Itreets of all the cities                                                                                       from lhe ..... mps of selfl.hneu .nd
 prayin,;: for n fapid return to a                                                                                        lhe olh~. from the hillto\'ll of ju~t.ic.
condition or norma!ey.                                                                                                    lind pro.r!".. , wh~... even f.ilure
    "The Am!'rican public has stood                                                                                       bringl Klo.y. Two light. lire leen in
                                                                                                                          your h01110n--onll the f •• L t".IinK
thiS depre .."ion wonderfully. Vari-                                                                                      manh light. of power, and the other
ous organizations have played                                                                                             the alowly rbin, lun of human broth.
their part, and we should ~alute                                                                                          .. rhood . Two WilY" lie open fot )'ou-
organized labor-particularly the                                                                                          nn .. Ipillllng to lin even lower Ind lower
American Federation ot Labor-                                                                                             pllin, whue or .. heard thl! crIes ot
for manfully co-operating in this                                                                                         dl!1pllir and thl! cunes of the poor,
great period of depression. We                                                                                            where mllnhood shriyel, and po....u\on
Illl wllnt a r('turn to normalcy. We                             mWItOl: IIIIUCE COItTI<:I,YOU                            .Oll! down the poSlenor, Ind the otber
                                           ADOlb ... Im""."nl nl'ure In L polllh:_ 0' nn." .... , 1' .... 1-
                                                                                    ....                                  ludinr to the hlghlandt of the morn·
have had our days or ec!'ltasy             ""01. ("Dn..,U"II ...1 G.. Coml'lny, ~ ~ ... '·0.1l City, Ind                  lng, _hflfe Ir. heard the gl.d Ihouta of
prior to the collap!le o( 1929, we         dlnorlOt 0' ~n. ' ·o.k Ed'aon Compl"y. Ind ~ olh ~ . II.ar"                    humanity .nd _here honu, elfort II
are now undergoing da)'s of pain           ('<).,'".IIIon,. ,.101. n'Rn. nt .. Ih.. Mn • .::.n 1)1.ln.. . . U" ... !'!I   . .. wlrded with immo rt.lity.-JoI". P.
                                           ('. 1... lIInll' .....II. I, ,.101 10 pilly • 'arlle "art 'n mlkLnr
• • •                                                                     n111001'   \'IOU"IH.                            MIg.leI.
    178                         The JouI'11al 0/ Electrical Workers and Operators                         April, 1932

                 Charles P. Ford had a secret-the secret of sympathy. To himself he drew all sorts
           and conditions of men: won their confidence and loyalty: and without show or selfishness
           helped them work together constructively. In consequence, thousands of men in the United
           States and Canada. who were touched by him personally. by word of mouth or by letter.
           now feel that his death brought an irrrpa rabl e loss. not only to this o rganization, but to
           their private minds and hearts.
                 Those who kn l'w Ford best knew his fr~ and humorous nalure. He could laugh. He
           never permitted the dark. serious aspects of life to rob him of Quick, boyish bughter.         At
           times. this humor hardened down to a keen. cynica l comment on men's weaknesses. their
           perverseness. their refusal to sink personal animosities in a great cause. Yet be never lost
           faitb in men. This was one of his strong points of auraction for all types of men. He
           had faith. And it was btcause he had faith in men and events that he was permitted to
          do imporlant things for men. to build. to conSlrtlCI. to leave lasting testimonies of his presence
          on earth behind.
                 This quick, personal sympathy and underst.tnding had a public aspect. It widened to
          include all down-trodden folk. He ne\'er lost his contact with common life. There was
          nothing upstage or remote about Ford. He was one of us-always. And those, who knew
          him best. knew him to burn with indignation at all sorts of social injustice. It was this
          indignation that drove him his full adult life to do something for his people. He would
          not rest. he could not rest. He had to ~ building and doing-and, no doubt. this ext ravagant
          expenditure of himself shortened his mortal days.
                Other men have sympathy, .lnd other men Me impatient at social injustice. and can do
          nothing about it. Ford had other great qualities-thoughtfulness, (or inS13nce.           He could
          think patiently. and unhurriedly. in a room, alone. He had an engineer's practical senw.
f         and an engineer's ability to go through to the bOllom of things.            His interest in labor
          in surance was prompted by his desire to do something for downtrodden people. but his
          ability to launch a gre.. t legal reserve life insurance company belonged to another category.
          He had busin('ss sense and competency.          Don't forget it, he could have succeeded maekedly
          in other than the labor field.      He worked there because his heart was there.
                He loved order. He hated messiness. He was alw"ys against sloppy industrial re lations.
          and always strong for intelligent. r.1tiona l indUStrial relations.     He thought conference was
          better than warfare. and he thought researc h more imporunt than violence.
                 Born in the midwest, he knew pove rty . lI e saw people s uffer. He never forgot. As
          a young man. he held important technical positions in the General Electric company . then
          a young concern. He joined Local Union No. 247. Schenectady. in 1902. and kept con-
          tinuous membership there. His com rades raised a fund to send him to tbe Salt Lake City
          convention in 1903. and he never missed a com'ention after tha(. In 1912, when he became
          International Secretary. he had to make the choice between an executive position in the General
          Electric Corporation, and leadership in a struggling union.          He took the unselfish course,
          and he never turned hack. Through union dissension. and a great W.lf, he gave himself
          prodigall}'. broke his health. resigned-but could not give up. Came back. when he could
          bener have rested. founded labor's first old-l ine life insurance company. acted as chairman
          of the International Executive Council. and performed countless unrecorded services.
                It was on a trip [0 the midwest on union business. that he took ill. kept going when
          an ordina ry man would have laken to hospital. finished the job. returned home, burning
          with fever. borne up only by his colossal courage, and ever-ready humor: took to bed. and
          put up a fight which all but won a ,tictory. His last words on e.. rth were for someone else.
          not himself.
                 If lives of great men mean anything. they mean their work should be continu ed. They
          contrive to give other men vision. and tools to work with. Ford did. He was never con -
          tent with things as they are. He always knew there W.1S a ~tter way to do things. He
          worked for that way. To do anything else is to profane the memor), of one who lo\'('d
          m('n. and worked for them. Ilis m('mory has the power to light the wa)'.
      .....    ~- ~-- .--

A pril,1 992         Tlt e JourPial 01 Elect rical lVorker8 and Operator8             179

                                        (!I1!nrlrs    lJ. 1fl1r~
                              Chai rma n, Int~ rn.tlon.l Elfftuti ..e Co un ci l.
                                     Former I ntfrnationa l Secretary,
                          I ntu na tiona l Brothtrhood ot F. lec:t r ica' Wo rker..

                                      ihlt11 April 311. U17~
                                      IDirll {{lard, 27. HIll
 180                                    The Jow"nal of Electrical !Vorkel's and Operators                                         A p"it. 1992

 Local Research Well Established
     ESfo;A Hen reports from local unions
 R       sent to the International Office dur-
         inR' the months ot February and            Firat re port to ce ntral office
                                                                                                   the unit. The only ('hance for a labor
                                                                                                   union to function efficiently with a trade
                                                                                                   ns~ocintion, or as opposed to a trade
  Murch inrlit'nte that the unique r esear ch    indica tes locals have effectively
                                                                                                   a~sociation. as circumstances dictate, is
  plan is ni!'(iudy well estnblished. Within     gath ere d   important     lItatist icl,           by research. T his point cannot be too
  a year foll owing the constitutional pro-      Many are e nthullia stic about value               firmly IItrcssed.
 vision requiring that either the busincBS                                                             "R('search by o ll r local unions is cat-
 manager or somc local officer become            of n e w weapon t o org anization.
 rcsponfliblc for keeping statistics on                                                            ried on in accord with Sl!ction 8. Arlicle
 vitlll matters of unem ployment nnd                                                               XX of the Constitution , lIS followlI:
 wagcs, n majority of local unions have                                                                " 'It shnJl be his (the busineslI ma n-
 set up their researc h department!.             cnuse the setup i8 so costly. Even the            Hge r 's) rC8ponsibility to keep nceu rate
 Complete reports have been sent to thlll         United Stutes Departml!nt of Labor is            stntistics--or to see that lIuch statistics
 office putting into the hands of the             unfortunntely limited by COllts in the           flTe kept-liB required by t he Inter na-
 Internationnl Officers n new weapon to          keeping of figures that nrc regarded 1\8          lionnl Offiec a nd to co·operate fully with
 be used i n WAge negotiations a nd the          inadequnte, Those local unions which              the Research Depnrtment ot the 1. B.
 carrying on of lobof's flJrht against un-       hnve not perfected thei r rl!Search 11)'5_        E. W.'''
 employment nnd the depres.'Iion.                tern nrc expected to do so during th("                An explnnation of the meaning ot the
     Many locals are enthusiastic about          coming year. T he International Office            term "number of men unemployed each
 the resenrch plan. A lrendy some of             i9 convinced of the vnlue of this wor k           month" is as to11ows:
them have disroVl.>,·C(1 th(> value of (acu:     and exp('cts to rollow it th rough as a               In ge neral, t here will be three types
     " I nm hNlrtily in Rccord with the          settled pnrt of its r outine. It is believl'(1   or unemll\oyment-totnl unemployment,
 tim(> cnrd system. From JanunrY 1,              that these ligur es will have value in            pnrtial un('mploymcnt nnd intermittent
 I !l32, oo r records are bl'injt kcpt right     unexp('ct('d ways throughout the entire           unemployment. The problem ill to rec-
up to dat('. So I can promise you n              electricnl industry. T he leUrr sent out         oncile all three of these in n un iCorm
('om lllete re('ord at t he ('nd of t his        to locnl unions by Secretary Bugninllct          way.
}('nr." • • •                                    wus:                                                  The best method appears to be to set
     "We have just had nn exnmple of the            "It hns been n yenr since the fint             up the standard of 176 hours per month
\'nlue of thr resenrch work. Ou r em-            memornndum upon local union research              per mnn as n maximum (this is nsee r-
plo~'ert4 notifif'd Ul< t hnt we would be        methods WRS scnt to you, Since then               tnined by counting between 21 nnd 22
expectl!d to tnkl! a 20-l'ent-per-hour cut.      mnny lornls have ndoptl!d resear ch               wor king dnys or eight ho urs I!nch. You
We ml!l with them and hnd the figurea            method~. ond mnny more are pre p nrin~           will note thia is on the bnsis or a fi ve·dnv
to ahow thnt nlthough our 8cale wns $44          to do so. This is to cnll for the first          we('k).
a w('('k, our journeyme n had only Rver-         report.                                               The actual numbl'r of houu worked
ngcd $35 per week (or 1!l31, and the                         See Ihe S itu.tio"                   b~· each member at eneh classification
wagl's had dropped t4till further during                                                          should b(' ndeled togcthl!r and thl! total
                                                    " Please (10 not think bl!cause we arc        n~certoitl('d.   T his totnl should then be
,Jnnunr y and Februury, 1932, 90 thnt
our averllge wlIgc WIlS only $22.G3, so          asking fo r this service now, that we are        subtrnctcd from the Inrgest possibl('
fnr this year. One of the employen               inditrl!rl'nt to the vcry preSlling, imme-       total number of hours which the ('ntire
compliml!nted us arterwnrds by !!flying          diate problems of your organization              membership could work.
thnt hI! hrlll attended a Jtood many or          incident to unemployment. ' Ve a re not               Exnmpll'- J( there Rre 10 men in the
the wnge confere nces. but it was the            indifferent. The preservntion of the             local, the mnximum totnl number of
first time he had ever seen the union            organiZation, und the relief of member~          hours would be 1,750 f or the month.
hnv(' any fRct!! or figu rel to show, nnd        is the l)r('s.~ing busin('u. On the other        Suppose thnt the 10 men worked only
he thought it was n vcry busi neMlike            hnnd. we want to cnrry on RS best we             500 hours. This would mean that there
wny of doing busineSll. Another eo n·            clIn the importnnt routi ne work of th(>         lire 1,250 hours of unemployment, or ,
tracto r told our ehuirm nn thut hI! di d        orgn nizntion.                                   on nn average, 15% dllYs' work lost by
not renlize unti l the meeting how little           " T he more we get Into this question         cllch memher. (This is nsce r tnined by
the men were enrning Rnd as far RII he           of research t he more we are convinced           dividing the total number of unem-
Wtl i'\ concerned there would be no cut."
                                                 it is v('ry important. T n new olign-            ployed hours by eight-the workday-
                                                 ment of business (now foreseen) the              nnd then dividing this resu lt by the
             Locala Take Inili.li .. e           trade a8ll0ciotion is destined to become         number of men in the local, namely 10.)
     Mnny locnl unions hnve set up their
 own syl'ltl'm of cards. 8Oml! nt comider-
 nble expense. The Tntl!rnational Office
 hns prepnred n system of weekly r eport
 cnl'dA und nl~o n lnrge ledger sheet de-                              A LOCAL UNION REPORTS
 signed for the keeping nnd mnki ng or                          "We have juat had a n example of Ihe valu" I)f Ihe r u ""rch work. Our
 semi-yenrly und yearly reports.
    The resenrch work on a local lIeale              " mploy" " nolified ua tha t w" would b" "" p"cl ed to I" k". 20·ce nl·pu.hour
set up by the electrical workers is con-             cui . W" me l wilh Ihem and h.. d Ihe fi g urea 10 . how tha i a!tho u. h ou r
sider('d a unique project. It is a ques-                     1I
                                                     ac. 1 w'" $44 a wee k, our j ourney men h.d onl,. . .. eraged $ 35 (0' 193 1,
tion whether nny other Inbo r orgnnizll-             li nd th" wngea ha d dr opped .t ill fu r the r durin. Jllnuary nnd Fe bru a r y,
 tion in the world has sueh lin e lnborate
system or studying the needs of the                  1932, ao Iha t our e .. er•• ., wage Wll a onl,. $ 22.63, ao far Ih ia yo. , . One
 indu~try and its probl('mll.     It i8 ('x-         of Ihe .. mployen com plime nt ed ua a ft e rwa rd. by an yin g th.t h" had
 peeted thut t he value ot the stati8tielll          a tte nded. ,.ood ma"y w.,. .. conf e re ncea, but il w'" Ihe fi n l time he hlld
 work will not show itself in Cull until             e .. e r aee n the un ion h. ve fln y facll o r fi ,.urca to aho w, a nd h" Ihou,.ht it
a ft er a period of five o r six yenrs.              wlla a very bUl ine .. like w.y of doin,. bu.ine... Another contr. c lor lold
 Research is an expensive business, nnd
large cor porations, large t rnde aSllOcla·          our ch. irm. n Iha l he did not reali". until the meelin&' how lillie the men
tions have not been able completely to               were e.rni" • • • nd lOa fa r.a he w.a concerned Ihe re wo uld be no CUi."
sol ve the problem of getting figU rell on
.a. national a nd intermltiona l scule be-
April,1 981                                   The Journal       01 Electrical Workers and Operators                                                        181

Air Conditioning to Open Large Market
        HEN the Co-operatj"e Work Plan                                                                        wiring. Surface conduit or surface race
W       was announced in October, 1931,
        air conditioning nnd cooling            II,.,       Locals intere sted in the Work                    ways are the ideal equipment for this
                                                                                                              Ilurpoae. . 'or it Is not only quickly and

terns were listed as part of the potential               Pla n may w e ll watch d eve lop.                    eallily installed-hence, inexpensive on
developments o( the electrical industr,..                ment o f cooling sy ste m s. Pred ic&                ita own account-but it does away with
rt now appear. that a good deal of im.                                                                        lhe frightful nU;lJ,Ilnce and expense of
VIltus is being given to this branch o( the
                                                         tion ma d e b y business p"pe rs tha t
                                                         m a rket will r each five bi.lIion                   digging into walla and ceilings, "chan·
industry in the launching of different                                                                        nelling" as it ill called (because yOu have
types of cooling s,.stems. These are HUP-                dolla r dime nsions.                                 to dig deep and ugly channels into the
posed to be priced so that the average
home can afford to install one. One type                                                                      plaster, terra cotta or brickwork) , In
is tied up with the heating plants and                                                                        order to relocate wiring circuits or to
another is o( the separate unit type                       An efficiency engineer writes:                     eltAblish new outlets, switeh plates or
which mny be installeel room h,. rnnm.                     "In factary, lltore and office proper,             fixtu re basel. Surface rare waYIl ar!'
It is regarded 88 necennr,. that hotels,                 adequate lighting helpa conserve floor               not only neat and inconspicuous-be-
theatres, restaurants and other public                   space. makes pos8ible more effective use             caUBe its neutr,,1 color blends with any
places should install ~uch sy~temll. The                 of new equipment, cuts down spoilage,                color scheme-but it may be eaaily
larger systems nre elnborate in that they                reduces accidents and dttreases labor                psintetl to mllLch woodwork or plaater.
filter, wa.llh, heat, humidify, and circu-               turnover-at same time reducing costs                 It, there1ore, when used for the purpose,
late air in winter, and do these things                  and improving efficiency of operations."             modernization of lighting through sur-
with the added function of cooling in                      At the present time, right in the midst            face wi r ing becomes a key to the mod-
summer.                                                  of the depression, nnd largely because of            ernization problem.
   The electrical workers' union has al-                 the keener salesmanship enrorced by it,                 Mr. E. I. Bell, writing in "Industry Il-
ready taken part in mnny Installations                   merchants throughout the country are                 lustrated," lums up the case (or lIurface
in buildings and has carried on the work                 realizing anew:                                      wiring nnd its relatioll tu lhe demaml
that has been 10 successful on railroad                                                                       tor better lighting in an analYlil written
trains.    The pioneer air-conditioning                    First.   Thnt shopping centers are
                                                         created and maintained by light.                     from the factory point of view, but
wo rk done by the B. and O. was handled                                                                       which applies equally well to store and
by members of the International Broth-                     Second. That window displays are
                                                         made nlOre effective-by day as well as               office rewiring. and which also expresses
erhood of Electrical Worken.
                                                         by nigh(,--through proper lighting.                  the conaenSUI of opinion among lighting
   The Committee on Re<onditioning, Re-
modeling and Modernizing, which is                         Third. That sales are made by lighL                experts and enrmeers throughout the
working in conjunction with the Depurt.-                                                                      country. We quote:
ment of Commerce and the U. S. Cham-                         For it is obvious that lltores with well-           "Contractors have seen the logic of
ber of Commerce, has issued I\n interest.-               lighted wi ndows make neighborhoods at-              lurface wiring. The electrical contrac-
ing statement in regard to the value of                  tractive to buyers. And this creates                 tor has accepted it as a speedier and
lighting in the stimulation of business.                 II hopping centers-and brings business               more antiaIaclQry method of doing the
                                                         into the neighborhood. The merchandise               job. He sees in it more business for
And Moderni .... tion W ith Lisht Sesin.                 itselr ill more convincing, shoppers in II.          himselr. • • • The central station
      W ith AdequII. t" W irinlf                         happier mood, and sales come cosily and              intf'rf'.!IlII w('lrom(' it.. It. nlRkes adequate,
                                                         naturally in an atmosphere of light.                 effective lighting available, at relatively
   The modcrnl7.lItion program sponllOred                    Now the secret of economical and ef-             small         in~tnllation    cost.     Necessary
Dy the United States Chamber of Com-                     fective modernization of lighting SY8-               changes can be made with practically no
merel! ii'! 1\ !llIh... t.nntil\l rl!'Cognition or the   tema is in the intelligent use of surface            interference with the worken."
cure for industrial, commercial and
structural ob!lol~ence , ie al.110 the be-
ginning of the cure ror our present eco·
nomic ills. For it is obv ious to nil think-
ing men thl\t the present Is not only the
most economical but the most strategic
time for the revi .!lion of factory, store,
office and resIdential plant equipment.
Because the revis ion will not only cost
leu, if IIccompli!lhed at the pre!lent
moment, but it will place the operator!
of produrtive and rental property in II
strong position to capitalite the swing
bsck to pro~perity, which the moderniza·
tion or equipment will help to aunt.
   Modernite nollt' and save money-at
the same time .lltarting the ball rolling
for new prosperity-nnd then be in a
better pnsition to 1IIt.'1!l il when it comes.
That is the story in a nutshell.
   But, what il moderniu.tion! In a
store-in a ractory-in an om~ build-
ing? It i8 many things. But. in every
case, the most important single factor il
modernization of lighting .ystems and
equipment-because adequate li~hting ill
a constituent part of the process of mod-
ernizing practically every industrial
process and every store and office
activity.                                                8ucb U""It.lo!uc"," .. Thl.   c."   n"w nO! Air-Cooled , Room by R"om. o r b7 • Com!1I~11' S,.ltem.
18:1                                            The Jou/,'nal of Electrical lVorkers and Opcmtor.~                                           April, 1992

Public Should Inform Self Upon Monopoly
                                                        By THEO THOMAS. S mith College

     !Vhat (tnl ulIClf'fyroduatu rhi"kill(l                                                                 friends of the Bell monopoly. !low, then.
tlbout? Mi.. TAtlo Thoma., a .,lUll'lll (II                                                                 is there to be any effective regulation of
                                                           Underg raduate ma k es study of                  the relations of the company and tht
Smith College, hal jUt' eompifJted (II! ilt-
tertlltillY paper 0)1 "The T,delllto,,"                Be ll monopoly presenting pano-                      public!    How are the IlJlrenllollab/(
T"lst." Thi, paper i.. dilltinQuished lint             rama of trust's life; d oes not                      profits of this great trust to bfo
0)11111 bU /I IIcho/arty "(IIunary of tltt             shrink from makin g s u ggestion s                   prevented?
ti'U'ut('ul/ hiBloru of the Bell 'lI,telll, but
(1/.0 ,ugUnlll rClltediu lor tits pc/it'll of
                                                       as to h ow public may get r edress                      IV. Soh.tion o f the Tru.t Problem
lIl:orbilllnl rate.. Mit/I Thomm. dllfilll;"           from exorbitant rates. Her work                         In the opinions o r many the only solu·
fI"'U81 ~ /ol/ou',;                                    may mark change in undergrad -                       tion lies in the abolishing of the Sher-
        i-U:N we use the word "trust" lYe              u a tes' attitude towa rd industria l                mlln Law, our IIttempted method ot trulil
W         nlelln to intl ude every net, IIKrt.>e-
          ment, or combination of persoll'
                                                       and social probl e ms.                               regulation. The success of this theory
                                                                                                            depends entirely upon the answer, which
                                                                                                            this type olTers to the question: "What
0 1" capital bc.'Jie,·ro to be done, mnde. or
 formed with the intention, power or                                                                        method of regulation. if any, is to lK>
tendency to mOnOI)olize busineSll, to re-              chief regulators. b. Thl' majodty of the             s ubstituted for the Sherman Law!" It
strain or inlerfere with coffi,,.etitivt'              state laws provide for connection of ill-            is evident that the weakness of this
t rade, or to fix. influence or increase th('          dl'pendent lincs to thl! Belt sys:cm. c.             theory springs f rom the replies, for
price of commodities. We now ha\'e o\'er               COlnmisaions often rl!fu!I{'d an 11(1"ance           there are few with foresight enough to
 140 large industrial, franchise and                                                                            realize the necesaity of a concrete
t rans portation trusts of imporulnt                                                                            answer tl) this question.
and active character, with a total                                                                                 A far stronger and better-founded
iloating capital of $20,379,162,511.                                                                            lIolution is offered by the second type
  'nd not of minor importance in this                                                                           of those who advocate the education
iafl!'e group of trust.. is the public                                                                          of publie opinion.       If tlie people
utility trust with which practically al1                                                                        would form opinions on this momen-
'Ir us come in contact-at leallt once                                                                           tous subjeet--opinions on a sound,
• day and many times more fre-                                                                                  intellectual ballis-il is doubtful 8S
 'lOently. I rerer to the American                                                                              to how long the Bell system would
Telellhone and Tele~aph Company.                                                                                be able to charge its exorbitant rates.
                                                                                                                and it is a certainty that in a future ,
Sit,   /1I~1I    revitl("    IhfJ hi~to.", oj tilt                                                              not so far distant. independenll
{lillieI/!.      II,.,   t.)Ncf!llli()lI~ are IIill-                                                            would be able to take their rightful
"ificoNI:                                                                                                       place in competition. In other words,
                                                                                                                the people must demand a strict up--
   Wl' htl\'(' now rellched the point                                                                           1)1ication of the Sherman Law. Yet,
wht'r(' the o rgnniulion of the Amer-                                                                           we sit at telephones paying exorbi-
ican ,Telephone nnd Telegraph Com-                                                                              !.Hnt prices, because we are not inter-
pany can be Bummnrh:ed in compact                                                                               ested in why the rate is high, but
form as followll:                                                                                               only in the fact that the rate is high .
    t. The Am e ri ca .. T e lephon e and                                                                                     V. Condu.ion
                Telelraph Company
                                                                                                                          An ittul!.1ration of the extension of
   1. Owns directly and through con-                                                                                   the BeU syste m's monopoly has de-
ven ience corporationll the long-lines                                                                                 veloped in very recent times, with
plant and operates that aervice fOr                                                                                    the bringing to light of iu connectio n
the entire country.                                                                         ""- .... "'1 ........ 1..  with the Fox Film Corporation. The
   2. Acta 88 a holding company and                            (lWI'II"1l 1:<- ('A I{I ('ATI'ItE                       American Telephone and Telegraph
by stock-owner5hip lIecures directly                                                                                   Company owns a note of $15,000,000
or indil"1!ctiy, a unifled control of all B~II         in ral('s, because of poor service or de· on the aforementioned corporation and
tampani".                                              manded improved l!ervice in return.                          has II representative on the board
                                                          2. Pinancial. a. Thill coutrol was al. ot trustees. So. we find in its last
II . F o ur Type_ of Controlled Companie.              nlost entirely from the atate. b. The analysis. that the telephone indulltry
                                                       federal government rt'(luired only a uni- is controlled by one huge holding com·
    J. Large operating of "associated"                 form s)Istem of accounting for futUre pony namely the American Telephone
.,:ompanies. which may control other                   regulation, ir the interstate Commerce
 IJlerating companies in their district.               Commission ahould become more active and Telegraph Company, with 38 oper-
    2. Inactive o r convenience corpora·               in this di rection. I ~ is quite apparent ating companies blanketing the entire
 tion$, which lire agents to hold properly             that the commission has ,"ot grown more United States and sections of Canada.
 III various stateR and to carryon staw
                                                       interested in this direction-merely ap- one manufacturinJr company-the Gray-
business.                                              proving of o r di sapp roving of purchases bnr EIl'ctric-one investment compo ny,
    :t The Wutern Electric Company. In-                of independent corn panics by the monop- the Bell Telephone Securities, one
~orporated-the mllnufacturl! r lind store-
                                                       oly and stating "if the commission i~ to research organization-the Bell Tele-
keeper for the system.                                 collect data on telephone rales, the in- phone Labo rntoric!l-strong interests in
    4.. In5. Broadway Corporation, which               terstate Commerce Act wilt have to be the Radio Corporation of America ami
was formed to own the telephone und                    amended by Congres~." c. The IItato the Fox: Film Col'JlOration, virtunl con·
wlcgruph bui1ditl~ nt that location in                 ('ourts usually rendel' decisions against 11'01 of 1111 the talking apparatu9 in the
 New York Cily.                                        the Bell monopoly; yet these courts nre moving picture theatres of k mericll nnll
                    III . R ell "I .. I;on.            limited ill nuthority by reason ot the Europe, tlnd wide communication hold·
                                                       interstate nature of the telephone com·
   I. SI!I·vice.     11. Thl' municipal ordi-          pany's business. On the other ha nd, tho in~ in Mexico, South America, Spain,
Jlan~'1'      or (nulI·hise requirements wc~           federal courts nrc said to be great Hlld many other nations.
.'lpI'il,193!                         The JOU1'1wl of ElecL1'ical Workers and OperaL(Jr~                                                                             188

Century Air Lines Barred From Arizona
      H E Arizona Corporation Commis-                                                                             penlOnll were handled f ree ot charp.
T      lion has just barred the Century
       PIlt'ific Lines, Ltd., a lublldiary of
                                                     St a t e Comm ission will not b e-                           The explanation waa that it was desired
                                                                                                                  to teet lhtl pul.tmtial traffic between the
 lhe Cord Corporation, rrom doing busi-          come p a rty in lowe ring saf e ty                               two cities. Obviously, this was no telt
 ness in Arbona. The Century Pacific             st a nda rd s. Labor a ppears in op-                             whatever of what t he volume of tra.ffie
 Lines, in accord with the campaign initi-       position to Cord.                                                might be under the application of rea-
 ated by the Cord Cor,tOratiun, undertouk                                                                         sona ble ratea, and it is wholly without
 to enter Arizona and compete with the                                                                            weight in that respect. It l ucceeded
 well established American Airway~. Tn                                                                            only in precluding an actual test which
 accord with its general progrnm it was          certificate or convenience and necellsity,                       would hllve been enlil:'htening and
 expected greatly to cut wages ot pilots.        the burd('n ot Ilroof would rest upon                            helprul.
 and it was unable to I how that it would        the applicnnt ai nce it alwaya liea                                 "The action ot the applicant was in
 bring its e'luipment to the satety stand-       with the party asserting it.       Therc                         direct conflict with the provisions of
 ards provided by the competimr lines.           is no atronger rule of Inw, Hero, the                            Section 678, Revlsod Stntutell of 1Q28,
 The Cord CorporntiOI1 is 110W engaged           legill~tUl'e hnll emphllsillcd that fact,                        which provideR In part thllt:
 in a bitter atrire with the new Air             thereby indicnting a clcar intent that
 Pilots Association, a union affiliated          the proof ahall be conclusive. Thc ap-                             .. '. .. • no commo n eanler Ihall. dl.
 with the American Federation ot Labor.          plicant hM tailed to ""let this PQlliliv~                        reclly or indlrtlQlly, luul'!, ciVI or tender
                                                                                                                  rree Or red \Iced rall'! of trln lportallon ror
 The Cord Corporation hat asked Con-
 !fress to give it nir mail contrllct9
 although it ha~ reduced wages ot pilotl
                                                 rl'q uircment of law, hence the com mia-
                                                 aio n has no alternative but to deny the
                                                                                                                  vanengen bet... een poin tt wllhln lhi ,
                                                                                                                  stlte, •   •   .
 morE' than 60 per cent.                            " In the early part of its intentllte                             "The American AirwaYI, protesti ng
    The Arizona Fcdl!ration ot Labor             operations the applicant inaugurated                             the granting ot the application, is oper-
 made an appearance betore the Arizona           intrastate ae rvice between Phoenix and                          ating a transcontinental air mail scr-
 Corporation Commi uio n in protest              Tucson, charging themfor , Thia viola-                           vlc.ft hf1twpen Loa Angele. and Atlanta,
 agailUlt entrance or the Cord Linea into        tion ot the IlIw hllving been brought to                         givi ng air mall aervlce to the cities ot
 Arizona. Clair C, Killen, I nternational        the IIttention of the commission. the                            Phoenix, Tucson and Douglaa within
 Representative, International Brother-          applicant Willi directed to discontinue                          the State ot Aritona, It alao handlet
 hood or Elertriral Worken. hInd led the         the service. Thereupon the applicant                             pauengers, baggagt! and t!xllfel!oll under
 caJIe ror labor.                                ceased to make a chllfge tor such trans-                         a permit heretotore issued to it by this
    The high-handed method" ot Cord.             portlltion but annoullced that it would                          commiSBion,         The Americlln Airways
 who, it haJI been a8llerted on the fl oon!      carry the paaaengers without compen8lt-                          and ita predecesaoT1l pioneered the field
 of the United Slalt!. Cungrellll and be-        tlon, The evidence lind testimony dis·                           over a period of leveral years, thus mak_
 tore the Arizona State Corporation              close the filet that large numben ot                             ing It po8llible tor the people or Arir.onll
 rommiaaion, has boasted that he                                                                                          to be given air mail service.
 would drive wagel or American                                                                                               "The Ameril:an Airwny" sub·
 wo rkmen down to EU ropean and                                                                                           mitted in evidence I latilticul dnta
·Asiatic leveb. are revellied by the                                                                                      In r;rreat detail covering ill organ_
 §Ober decision of the Arbona                                                                                             ization, the nature and volume of
 Commi8llion.                                                                                                             its operations, and the financial
    It appelln! that without securing                                                                                     resul ts thereof, It wns disclosed
 prope r      legal    autho rity  Cord                                                                                   that the volume of intraltate traf-
 started a line between Phoenix                                                                                           fic wilhin Arizona is light and that
 and Tucllon. When it was pointed                                                                                         It i. Iillndlcd lit a substantilll 101',
 out to him that this waa in viola-
                                                                                                                              P re,ent Sen-ice Ad e qu a t e
 tion of the law, he tried to dodge
 the lllw by pretending he was                                                                                               " There WRS no evidence show-
 hlluling pltllsengers without charge,                                                                                   lng that the fa cilities Rnd lervice
 In Arizona there Is a law agalnllt                                                                                      offered to the public by the Amer-
 free passes. He tried again to                                                                                          ican are not adequate, convenient
 side_lItep thill legal provision.                                                                                       and sufficient, On the contrary,
 Representatives of lubor char~cd                                                                                        they we re proved to be ample,
 that Cord's equipment Is below the                                                                                          "We are of the opinion nnd find
 proper safety levels ot exiating                                                                                        that the applicant has tlliled to
 air Iinl'!\'    Rill . planes did not                                                                                   IIhow that convenience and neeell-
 caffy two licensed pilote, were not                                                                                     IIlty require the establishment lind
 equipped with two-way radios, a.nd                                                                                      operation of the service proposed,
 his stations did not have proper                                                                                        lind we further find that no such
 weather reporting facilities. Such                                                                                      neceSBity exista.
 matters did not seem to trouble                                                                                             "It ia Hereby Ordered: That
 the Cord Corporation. It wall near                                                                                      the application of lhe Century Pa-
 Bakenfield. Calit .. that there wall                                                                                    dfic Lines, Ltd., herein be lind it
 a recent. serious IIccident on the                                                                                      Is hereby denied.
 Century Pacific lines.                                                                                                      "It II Further Ordered: That
                                                                                                                         the proceedings be held open tor
    F orma l Statemen t Quoted                                                                                           auch further order or orde n al
                                                                                                                          the commi8llion may deem neces-
   The comm is!ion in itll decillion                                                                                     lary in the premises.
said, in part:                                             FIIASK t,. OItll!;ln:t; (rl&:bl)                                    "By Order ot t he Arizonll
   "Ev(!n without the Ipecific ICftis-     tI~:('It.:T"'tY.          Alit I.IN'" l'lLOTM A!l.MOf'IATIO.s                          Corporation r.nmmillllion
!ative pronouncement contained In                                      0:-: AC'I'IVF, I)l'Tl'                                "In Witnesa Whereof, I, Wm.
the above quotation trom our Ita-         1'11" 1 T,'{'{'I I)eln", to "ollma M<-r G{'rat.1 U. lUlu. ror !lUI              Coxon, secretary of the Arizonll
tutes relating to the re'luirementll      aIr mall 10 ('hlEe .... .\ A. No_ 9 at ('rlltobal. Canll Y..on_                 Corporation Commission, hsve
                                         1'1 a , Ill . • JIIly Ill. Hr~'9 At IIc,,1 II",,, lonil'fl! Ilr noall rO\ll P
precedent to the il!lluance of II               III WI/ rId <:~IIe(I~ , Ilnir{',1 !I.!JC!"~. M p~lpo to ('hllo.                  ('on!lnur(1 on   P'''f~   1)'_'0)
184                                       The Journal 01 Electrical WOrkBT8 and Operator8                                                           A pril, 1981

Constant Pressure                                              III           Behalf of Public Works
                                                                                                            Pe nnsylvania _____ __ __ _                 12,890,000
  T is growing increasingly clear in
I  WaJlhington that public works holds
   the key to bus iness revival. Secre-
                                                        Heads of carpenters, b r icklay-
                                                     ers, and e lect rical workers, r e p-
                                                                                                            Rhode Island _____ ____ _
                                                                                                            South Csrolina ___ __ __ _
                                                                                                            Sout h Dakota ________ _
tary BUjplia:tet haa already given IIttong                                                                  TennelSee ___ _______ _ _
.upport to the La Follette. five billion             r ese nting 700,000 m echanics d e-                    Texas __ ___ __________ _                      480,000
dollar public worka program. Rec:enUy                                                                       Utah ______ __ ____ ____ _
                                                     m a nd a ction on h a lted progr a m .                                                                120,000
G. M. Burni.lIet, Frank Duffy. secre-                                                                       Ve rmont __ ___ __ __ ___ _
tary of Un ited Brotherhood of Carpen-               Purch asing powe r only n eed e d                                                                     686,000
                                                                                                            Virginia _ _______ _____ _                   1,150,000
tert, and John J. Gleeson, secretary of              n ow fo r tra d e r e viva l.                          Was hington ______ ___ _ _
the Bricklayers International Union,                                                                                                                     2.886,000
lent a communication to Congress                                                                            West Virginia __ ____ __ _                   2,615,000
                                                     CalifClrnia ___________ _                10,815.000
                                                     Colorndo __ _________ _ _                   835,000
                                                     Connecticut ____ ____ __ _                1,515,000
                                                     Delaware ____________ _                   1,780,000
                                                     Florida ___ ________ _ __ _               1,005,000
                                                     Georgia ____ _________ _                    060,000
                                                     Idaho _ _______ _______ _
                                                     Illinoi. _________ ___ __ _               7,140,000
                                                     I ndiana _____________ _                  2,500,000
                                                     Iowa _________ __ _____ _
                                                     Kansas ____ __________ _                  1,505.000
                                                     Kentucky _ ____ _____ __ _                  98 0,000
                                                     Louisiana _______ __ __ _                 2,145,000
                                                     Maine ___ ______ ______ _                   899 ,000
                                                     Maryland ____________ _                     6 90,000
                                                     l\tassachusettIJ _______ _                6,795,000
                                                     Michiga n ____________ _                  5,500,000
                                                     Minnesota ___________ _                   2,765.000
                                                     Mississippi ___________ _                   285,000
                                                     Missouri _____________ _                  8,605,0 00
                                                     Mon tana ____________ _                     825,000
                                                      Nebraska ____________ _                  1,1 25,000
                                                      Neva da __________ ___ _                    150,000
                                                     New Ha mpshire ______ _                     64 5,000
                                                      New Jersey _________ _ _                 7,4 55,000
                                                     New Mexico _________ _ _                    520,000
                  ~'UANK   OU F}' Y
                                                      New York __ __________ _                21.275,000                     JOliN J . QU:.:SON
Secula r, .   Unlt ~tI
                     II.Olb erhoo,1 of C. rpenlerl    North Carolina _______ _                 2,355,000    Sl:>o: relllrJ'. I n lHn ll tlona1 Un io n of IIrlc1l11J'e n .
              .nd Jolne... of America.                North Dakota ________ _                                        MuOl" and 1' lllle r~fI ot "'",erlc •.
                                                     Ohio ___ ___ __ __ ______ _                 315,000
                                                                                               9,110,000    Wi sconsin ___ ________ _                       3.145.000
demanding that public works author-                   Oklahoma _________ _                      1,760,000   Wyoming ____ ______ __ _
h:cd ahall be flnanced now.                           Oregon _____________ _ _                                                                                170,000
                                                                                                  920,000   Alaska __ ___________ _ _                         800,000
    This communication haa found its                                                                        Hawaii ___ ____ _____ __ _
way into lho handa ot every congress-                                                                                                                         350,000
                                                                                                            Porto Rico ___________ _                          100,000
man.      Strengthening of purchasing                                                                       Virgin Island! _____ ___ _
power II RSlIcrted to be the key to                                                                                                                            80,000
business.                                                                                                      Total ____ __ ________ $154,345,000
    The letter says :
    "The need of keeping an uninter-                                                                           "As heads of labor organitatie ns
rupted now of public works is apparent,                                                                     numbering between 500,000 and 700,-
when It is realized that there is a lag                                                                     000 skilled building trades worke rs we
of eight or ten months between appro-                                                                       strongly urge your committee not to
priation and adual cons truction. Public                                                                    interrupt this needed public work. We
works autho rixed and financed now will                                                                     emphatically request that money be
come to useful accomplis hme nt next fall                                                                   (ound at once to release this volume of
and winter. when, lest all s igns fail,                                                                     building so that the weakening volume or
lhere will be additional need for relief                                                                    private cons truction may be supple.
of unemployed.                                                                                              mented. and employment for hun&'T1
       Allocatio" A. Betwee" Stale a                                                                        men be found.
    "We are Informed by the interdepart-                                                                              Pur ch.aai ..... Power Needed
mrnlal committee relating to public
buildings' construction that about $155,-                                                                       "We respectfully point out that u-
000.000 of construction, already author-                                                                     pectations on the part of bus inelS men
I:r.ed and allocated- but for which no                                                                       and membe rs of this governme nt that
funds have been provided-await action                                                                        business will resume automatically as a
of your committee. This list is for                                                                          res ult of merely strengthening the re-
construction outlJide the District of                                                                        serve8 of banks, a8 a result of under-
Columbia, and Is well divided between                                                                        writing bondholders, has reached a stage
the state. 8S f ollows:                                                                                      of absu rdity. Businelll can on ly resume
                                                                    O. 101   "t I GNIAr.I~T
Alabama _____________ _       $1,070,000                                                                     by the strengthening of the purchasing
Arizona ___ ____ ______ _                              Seo:",llrJ'. l nlnn a l lonRI IIrOlberhooo or
                                 920,000                            EIe.:lrlcl1 Workefl.                                   (Continued 011 pice 220)
April,19$$                             The Journal of Electrical Workers and Operators                                                                   186

Public Works Looms as Only Key to                                                                                              Pick~up
   NCREASING unemployment- break-                                                                           "It is conservatively estimated th.t
I   down of private relief programs-
    improved credit facilities without
                                                     Para de of technician . befor e
                                                  Se na te committee drives home
                                                                                                         8,300,000 men and women .re trudging
                                                                                                         tho It ro(!t.a looking for work and unable
                                                                                                         to Rnd it. At least another 7,000,000 are
improved business---an increasing pub-
                                                                                                         Working part timo and for ,reatly re-
lic opinion in favor of public works-             the significance of public work.                       duced wagea.
the inevitable need for strengthening             now.     Purchasing power only                            "Six millinn farmera in the United
purchasing power of the masses-these                                                                     St.tes have been ligbting a 10ling eco·
sketch the economic set-up for April in           can produce revival. Engla nd,                         nomic battle ever since 1920. The Indu.·
t hese United Stutes.                             though broke, has carried on                           trisl and financial depreuion of the lut
   A procession of eco nomists, engi-                                                                    three yean has served me rely to inten-
                                                  alum cl ea rance.                                      lily the defl.ation which agriculture has
neers, labor lea ders and public-minded
individuals have moved before the                                                                        txperlenced for the last 12 yeara.
                                                                                                            "The wage and salary Ion of Lhe un·
Senate Committee on Manufactures,                                                                        employed, it is eltimaled, reaches the
urging the pr ompt passage of lhe La                 varllamentary vote. All the di~eunlon               ~tllggering 10ts.1 of $20,000,000,000. The
Follette bill which sets aside an ultimate           w.. over matten of detail. It W eB not              purthalinc power 01 r.O,OOO,OOO people
expenditure of $5,500,000,000. Wheth-                opposed at any ~tage by either the Lib-             dependent upon wage. and the 30,OOO,QOO
er this wave of technical opinion has                eral or Con"rvatille Party as such."                people dependent upon agricullure hll
broken down the political resistance of              Some o f the personages that have                   been withdrawn from the Inllrk..,t. Till,
conservative member.! of the House and            stressed the need for public wo r ks be-               Is one of the prime rea.onl why the de_
Senale against the public works pro-                                                                     preuion, now in ita third winter, h..
                                                  fore the Senate committee are Edwnrd                   extended wiLhout recovery from 1929 tn
gra m is yet to he IIren. The be~t in-            F. McGrnriy, representing the A merican                 1032.
formed opinion in Washington is that              "~ederation of Labor ; G. M. Bugniazet,                   "Up to thiB time not a dollar of federal
nothing can head off the public works             secr e tury, International Brotherhood of               funds has be(!n made available for thl.
progrnm nor the oth er measure of                 Electrical Worker.!i Merryle Stanley                    purpole to supplement fund . raiaed for
Senator LA Follette for direct federal            Rukey.ser, financinl writer; Col. Santor d              th e mOlt pa rt by taxation on real uUlte
aid. The strengthening of credit facil-           E. Thompso n, co n sulting engineer;                    In the several sUItes. A bipartinn com-
ities through the Reconstruction Fin_             Frank C. Baldwin, secretary of the                      bination in the Senate last month de-
                                                                                                          reated the bill to auist cities. counties
ance Corporation has failed to improve            American I nstitute of Architects; Al-
                                                                                                          and stlltes in mectinl:" the problems of
business. It is believed that by Apri l           fred E. Smith, former governor of New                   unemployment relief. I still believe that
 15 this wHl be fully seen by the countrYi        York; Willard L. Thorp, economist,                      Congren will not adjourn without p....
the usunl s pring upturn will not be              Amhe r st Collegei W. N. L oucks, econo-                ing such legislation.
 for th coming; and then the only way out         mi ~t , University of P ennsylvania; John
                                                                                                                    Heavy Coala Bei nX Pnld
is for the gove r nment to ste p in with          P. Hogan, consulting engineer, New                         "Unlen the federal government dOeB
s well-plunned llUblic works program.             Yorki John A. Simpson, president of the                 It. sha re In this emergency, the IOcial
                                                  Farmers Union; Willard Chevalier, di·                   proxreu we have made In rllislng tho
          EnJ land   G Oet   Forward              r eetor o f engineering publicalionR of th e            standard of living in th!. country will
    Doctor Edith Elmer Wood has called            McGraw-TlilI Company; J ohn Sloan,                      be lost. For yeau to come we I hall be
attention to the remarkable housing pro-          New York arch itect.                                    paying the price in the breakdown of
gram of tile English government. Doc-                                                                     health, stunted and undernourl.hed ehil·
to r W ood says In t he March 15 Survey:                    Di ... ter Wide.Spr"ad                        dren and diBintegration of t he mor,,1
                                                                                                          liber of millions 01 our ei tl:tcns. • • •
                                                    Nearly all of these persons including                    " I have proposed ute of government
       ~On my return recently from a visit
    to Enl:land, my Rut in several yean,          Senator La Follette have stressed the                   credit to finance the expansion of fed·
    ~hl! I!ditor of The Su rvey asked m. what     extent of the present disaster. Senator                 eral, state, county and municipal public
    had Impreued me most in the hous ing          La Follette said:                                                (Continued on p.ge 22:!)
    .ltUIl~ion over there.    The answer was
    unhe.ltating; The spectacle of 1,800·odd
    IM.. I authorities. urban snd rural.
    throughout England, Scotland and Wales,
    quietly and .ystematieally preparing- for
    the eoml1lflte elimination of their alums,
    under the luperlliaio n of the Minhtry of
    lIealth, and with lubltantial financial
    aniatllnca from Iha national treasury.
    If you let the full meaning of the word •
    • oak In. you will .ee how stul1endoua the
    implicatlona are. No nation has ever
    before under taken luch a talk.
       "Thl, was far f rom being the only
    matter of Inte rest. I could hlllle pointed
    to the 200.000 hlgh.grade eotts.ge! built
    and nnted to working people by local
    authoriUu ainee my lut visit; but Ihnt
    was the imprenille continuance of an
    already utablished poliey. I could have
    elllled attention to the remarkable in_
    crease In home owneuhip among artiBlln
    and lower·middle·claa" families in ana-
    lion not previou!lly nntpd f<lr hnm!! own-
    .,.hlp. Or I could have mentioned th e
    important new powers in the town and
    country planning bill. But none of these
    had the sodal and economic significance
    of the nation_wide compulsory .Ium
    clearsnce provided for in the act of 1930.
    And It ~houl d be remembered that, while
     It weB Int roduced by a I,abor minbtry,                                                                         C,"If'-" N.U"....I 11",,01,," 01_.,10<,
    It was adopted by an !lImon unanlmou ~                        Io:ven \.;J cyelant\, Ohio. a City ot CivIc 1I1>lrll. nlll It8 Slum •.
186                                    Tlte JQurnal 01 Electrical lVorkers and Operator8                                             April, 1981

Unions, Employers, Friends, H onor Ford
      UT upon a hilltop in southern                                                              lind who ..... recognized ae one of the OUI
O      Maryland, beneath two century-
       old oak tJ:'ees, under worm fl un-
                                                    Great demonltration of remark·
                                                                                                 ,tllndlni trade untonis\.3."
                                                                                                            WU.J-IJ.M P. CLARIUI,
                                                                                                              Pn,iMne, Americll n ,"'lint Gla ..
shine, not far (rom hie own cottage,             able h o ld d eceased lead e r bad
                                                                                                              Workers' Union.
Charles P. Ford lies buried. Simple              u pon the e ntire e lectrical indu.·
folk tend his grave, and II church bell,         try and entire labor moveme nt.                   "ne wa. a real union man, Intelligent
in II nearby chapel, sounds Iweel. notes,                                                        well·lnformed, alwaYI unftinchlngly flclne
morning and evening; he hal returned                                                             obllade., Ind giving hi. beat to promote the
honle to a humble destination not unlike                                                         right end Interelt of fellow worken. OUf
                                                                                                 movement can III afford to 10.. men of hit
his humble origin. Dither loYing friends         passing of one of the finest men and            high character."
carried his body March 30-a beautiful            most loyal friends we have ever known."                   G. W. PG.KINS,
day in early spring-and hither came                                                                           S.~tat}l, Ciglrmlken' Internl
                                                         JOliN G. LIVINGSTON,
hundreds to honor the memory or this                       FRANK Coor.:R,
                                                                                                              tlonal Union of Americi.
labor statesman.                                             John G. Livingston & Com·
   Unh'crsal comment-attested to l~ord'8                                                            "Our entire movemenl h.. IU.h lned I ION
                                                             Ilnny, New York.                    hII'd to btla .. in the paulng of thll ouUlIInn
\.ddeapread influence.                                                                           Inll' officer of your organiution."
   "Thirty years of contact with. hu-               "In his passing you have lost a valu·                  J,l.IIEII WILSON.
man being is the beat path to knowledge          able colleague and the labor movement                        "ruidlnt,   Pattern    Maken
of that person. Our friendship and               in general has suffered an irreparable                       League of Nortb America.
auociation with Ford began at a busy,            loss."
International convention in Salt. Lake                                                             "The labor movement. in general, 10lt I
                                                           WM. L. 1I 1'TCHESON,                  Yery ... lulble man and your orglniaatlo"
Cit.y In 1903. It continued to t.he day                     Prtlid~lft,   United Brother-        one of It. Ihlning lighll."
of his death. In all that time we found                     hood of Carpenters and Join-                   W. W. BRITTON',
no holes in his armor. He remained the                      era of America.                                   l"rnid_t,   Metal Polilher,        In
rellOurceful, constructive, human, kindly,                                                                    ternational Union.
loyal friend and co-.worker to the last..          "Advise the exccutlve council of your           "1111 long record of $erylee to your or
We consider it a privilege to have               organizlltion of our sympathy in the            Ifanlution and the labor mOyement II onl to
known and worked with such a leader              loss of a Brother who forever contelldcd        be prClud of, and hil death endl I record lhll
and friend."                                     (or the rightJl of the worker."                 wlU Ion It' be honored by UI III."
         CHARUS M. PAUI,..8£N,                            JOt N. W':IIF.It,                                  E. J. M.l..NION'.
            Preaidn.t, L. U. No. 134.                        l)ruid~lft, Americall Federa-
                                                                                                               "",ridllnt. Order Clf RaUrold
         P. F.                                                                                                 Telegraphen.
                 SUUO'AN,                                    tion or Musicians.
            Pre,ideJtt, Building Trades                                                             "With your orgllniution ... hieh Broth...
           Council, Chicago.                          "r
                                                       knew of his splendid work and the         Ford "ryed J.O long Ind faithfully, w.
         GEORGE W. WHITf'ORD,                    outstanding position he occupied in the          mourn the lOll you hive IUltllned, Ind .....
            Surd-oT'll,   L. U. No.3.            councils of the trade union movement of         flI pre.. the hope tblt tbe ulmple which h.
                                                 the country and, too, the high respect in       let for t.'thful Ind ell'leient .. nlca will
   "He W&IJ a loyal, devoted trade union.        which he was held by the business inter-        .. ne I I a guide among the oll'lura .nd
lit, a capable officer and B valuable                                                            member. of your Brotherhood in carryln,
                                                 ests of our nation."                            on Ihe KOOtI work of your organbatlon."
friend with your or ganization.      The                   G. L. Bt;RRY,                                     D. B. ROBUTSON,
entire labor movement has lustained a                        Pre,ificml, International Print--                 Cllainn4n, Rall .... ay Labor );nf'
great loss."                                                 Ing Prell9men & Assistants'                       utive!' AlIlIoelalion.
         WILLIAM GRE£N,                                      Union ot North America.               ~I kno .... of no man that I re.~ud o.
            Prtsid_t, American Federa·
                                                                                                 .dmlred more. Tbe Brotherhood h.. IUt·
            tion of Labor.                         "We send our s incere sympathies to           fered a tremendOUI lou and tbe mo ... ement
                                                 his family in their bereavement and to          one of iu Itrongut linD."
   " I can «alite that not. only your            your organization in the loss of a great                   A.    J. BElUIEII.
Brotherhood has lost an efficient and able       worker in the CRUse of trade unionism."                                    Produ«r. Commltteo-
officer, but the labor movement a trade                   ANORtW J. KENNEOY,                                     on Indu~trill Relationl, Motion
unionist of unusual experience and abil·                    Pre.ideNt, Lithographers' tn-                        Picture Induatry.
Ity In meeting the great illues of the                      ternational Protective and              "Your o rgan i~at.ion hal 10lt faithfu l
day."                                                       Beneficial Aasociation of the        worker Ind labor movement IUfFe ... Iou nl
         FRANK MORRISON ,                                   United Slates and Canada.            '!lunch ~ullporte r."   ~
            Secr",taT'll, American   l~edera­                                                             CUAauta P . HOWAIID.
            tion of Labor.                         "Regret to lellnl of death of Charles                     />rnide.t. International Ty ,lU
                                                 p, Ford. Your orgalli1.ation and the                        inaphlcal Union.
  ';011 earnest effort a nd wile counaeJ         labor movement ha ve lost. one of their
contributed 110 much to the progreas of                                                                "I knollo' the electrical worke ... hay~ lOti
                                                 best clCeeutives."                              II    Iplendld executive Ind 1m .ure hi. plar.
Industrial relationa in the electrical con-                THOMA S Kt:NNt:oY,                    .... 111 be hard one to fill."
struction industry."                                         SelTotal"/l, United !\line Work·               FUNK KoUITIl"N.
         ALFRED J. HI::ION,                                  ers of America.                                     I'ruUl_t. United Brick and ("a)
            Prllnden.t, Section 18, Elec-                                                                    Worke ... of America.
           t ri cal Guild of North America.        '" knew Charlie Ford well alld favor-            "OrJCanlud labor in general and you,
                                                 ably and feel a l)er60l1al loss in hil          8rotherhood in particular h.. lo.t a 'althf,,]
   "lIis influence for good In the Industry      passing."                                       friend and chMmpion."
II well known to us. His spirit will go                   JAM.;S MA I.oN .:Y,                              Gw. M. lI ... IIRIIION,
marching on, giving coura ge to those                       Pruifiotlt, Glass Bottle Blow-                   I'r'llid_t. Brotherhood or Rail·
who mUlt finish what he started."                           erll' ASBOCiation of the United                  way lind StellmBhlp Clukl.
           D. A. FLEMING,                                   St.flte~ and Canada.                   "lie leayea vacancy in your OrCanililtion
             Mfl1W.gttr, Section 4, Electrical                                                   that wilt be difficult to fill Ind hi' .ervicel
             Guild of North America.               "We .hare with the officers and memben        to nlo yement will be lalting monument."
                                                 of  the Brotherhood of Electrical Worken                   F. H. K NIGHT,
   "We are both te rribl y "addened and          the lou lu.tllined In the deatb of Cbarlet P.                 Brotherbood of RaIl"'I,. Carmen
distres!!OO by the irreparable 10111 in the      Ford, ch.i rmlln of your e:orecutive council.               (('..,nt'nliM on P'lle 211)

April,198$                              The Jounwl of Ef"ctrical Workers and Operators                                                             187

Today's Hard T imes Paralleled By 1890's
                         By P. j. KING, B OJ /on        Lodg~   No. 264. In ternational AJJoclallon of Machfnl3{J

        S T UDY ot Amcricnn indu~trilll de-                                                          Llack pearlll were given to the diners In
A        velopment reveals mllny facts that
         prove the "heart.breaking nine·
                                                            Vivid picture of the days of             thei r oysters.          Then wenry of such
                                                                                                    limited diversions mo re freaki sh occa-
ties" to be the da rkest period in our Coxey's Army fro m the pen of a                              siona were contrived, with monkey!
social history. The times were packed labor histor ian.                                             "ItIl.Lcd !.oetwt.-t:1l t.he gUClI t<llj humsn gold
with grim facts that t r ied men's lOuls-                                                           fish swimming about in pools; choru~
hard times, business failures. mortgaged                                                            girls hopping out oC Ilies.
rarms. and labor disturbances. Corn,                                                                    " In lavish expenditures as well as In
selling in KanSils at 10 cents a bushel, and build up anot her, ennch one Indi·                     exotic pcrrormances, pleasures were
was cheaper to burn than coal. Wheat vidual and ruin his competitors, and                           hu ng rily sought by the fretful rich de·
rell to the lowest price ever touched be· when complaint is made, coolly re ply,                    livered f rom the bondage of Inbor and
fo rf! or l'I incP.--4!l rllnt.llc II. hURhp.1. T he 'What are YQU going to do about it.'"          res ponsibility. Diumonds we re set in
tenant farmer in the Ho uth, who ob·                       There was a rising g r ievance agninst   teeth; II pri\'ntc carriage nnd persona1
tained his supplies by giving the storc· nn invisible power named Specia l Privi-                   \'alet were provided for j~ pet monkey :
keeper a lien on his crop SIlw no prOBpect lege; a power that was contelllPtuous of                 dogs were tied with ribbons to the
of puying up his accoun t with five·cent government and people alike, intolerant                    bacl! SC!Ilts of victorins nnd driven out in
cotton. In industrial centers the laborer of' restraint_ The mind of possessive                     the park tor airing!!; n necklace costin!!
frequently faced the alternative of reo wealth was arrogant. Wealth asserted                        $600,000 was purchascd for a daughter :
duced wage scale or strike.                             the right to project and consolidate it·    $65,000 was spent Cor a dressing tuble :
    The nash was awfu l. More than 200 !leJt by will ot its own in the old way of                   $76,000 for a pair of opera glasses."
rail roads went bankrupt. At one time thinking. Its new instrument was the                              To the worker the panic meant wage
56,000 miles of railroad and one--quarle r trust, which, by habit oC flouting weak                  cuts or no work at ali, lockoub! and
of all railroad capital were in receiver· lnws oC restraint. had got the idea of ac·                hopeless strikes, breadlines, cold and
ship-that is to say, in the hands of countability only to laws of its own.                          hunger_ Immigrants continued to come.
creditors. All the banks of New York,                      Motivated as it was by interests of      There were strikes involving hund reds
Philadelphia,         Baltimore and            Pitts· those in control of the nation's indus·       of lhousande of desperate men; bitter
burgh lJuipended payment (ca~h) and T.ril':~, t.he polit.iral l iff! of the Unitpd                  st ruggles, onc-sided and unfair from th ...
issued, in lieu of money, thei r own Stutes was rotten to Ole core. I n social                      sta r t to finish. were a ccompanied by
clearing.house certillcates - puper to and official circles of Washington, men                      viole nce and bloodshed. The Knights of
I'epresent assets thut could not be li(IUi. and wome n talked freely of how much                     I.ubor were nearing their end. Bu t th ...
dated or, all Wtl now cllll tiL..,,,,, In)""",,, this or thut Senator or Con gTes~man hod           AII,ericall F"Jel'atioll of Labor lh·e.:\
Ilssets. In J une, money was loaned on received for his services to such and                        through the crisis without any !en'at
the stock exchango at previously un· such Ii trust or corporation.                                  decline in its vitality_
heard·of figures , lind one afternoon be·                  On the other hand, there was a grow-          During the panic, one or the m¥t in·
came unobtainable at any p rice, al· ing class of idle rich who had di!llculty                      teresting or the underdog movement.!
though 360 per cent was bid for it.                     in finding new thrills in life. Charles     was the unique march of the IO-called
    T he government itself Caced ballk. lind Mary Beard, in their admi rable                         Coxey's army to Washington. "Coxey'~
ruptcy. There was a eontinuous run up· "Rise of American Civiliution" tell us                       ar my" has si nce beconle a byword, a
on the United Statea Treasury ror gold, of the social life among the rich of that                   synonym. for II tattered aggregation
like the gold run rece ntly on the bank of ti nle:                                                  of disreputablcs. As in many cases.
England that forecd Great Britain to                                 Mad Oi. play of Rich           Knd in s pite of the com parlttively
leave the gold standard. It almost hap.                                                              r(''eent occurrences ot the events thaI
pended to this country in the panic of                    "At a dinner caten on ho rseback. the     gl\ve rise to the phrll !e, its origin is un·
1893; f ear of it ca u ~ed Europe to call favorite s teed WIl S fed fl owers alld cham·             known to many who usc it. There wae II
home a great deal or the cnpital she had ]l!lgne; 1,0 II sma ll blllck-and-tun dog                  time, however, when 1111 who could read
been lcmlillg" I,er." ulld (.I",t, vr o.:ourS",. \\'Cllring a diamond collar worth $15,000          ga; rt<lll 8 greut deal of illrDI'matiDn a nd
made everything worse.                                 n Jrlvish bnnquet. was tendered; lit. onc    misinrol'lnntion IIbout the subject, whirh
    Another force that. brought about th is function the cigllrettes ""el'e wrapped in              ('Ilused reactions ranging from uprOllr-
crisis h'ld iUl origin in the ever-increas- hundred dollnr billll; lit another, fi ne               inus IHn UMl'lnent to genuine alarm.
ing conc('ntration of wealth in the
hands of a few stupid, selfi sh, will·                                                                           Cox.,,. Got ld., • • 1 H o m ..
ful men who dominated the na·                                                                                  The mo\'ement slarted in tht-
tion's life, Chauncey M. Depew                                                                             filII ot 1893 lit Ma!lSillon, Ohio. in
said: " F ifty men huve it in their                                                                        the head oC one Jacob Selcher
power. by reason of t he wealth                                                                            Coxey, a Popolist in politics. 1-11'
which they control, to come to·                                                                            believed it was the fu nction o r
gether within 2<1 hours and arrive                                                                         Congress, lind or the enti re gov-
at nn understanding by which                                                                               ernment. to relieve ~ocjal distren.
every wheel of t l'ade and com-                                                                            The c(Julltry W II S full of misery :
merce ma y be s topped."                                                                                   thousands s tarved. Coxey, t he re-
     W illh~m Windom, 8 .former Sec-
                                                                                                           fore, ill8ued a prodamation an·
retar y of the Treasu r y, diSIiKreed                                                                      nouncing his intention to (orce, if
with Depew in thnt the power to                                                                            nccr:s;;al'Y. tholle in power to aCI
create II. panic was limited to rour                                                                       for the poor, by orgllnizing thl'
men, "who may at any time, and                                                                             unemployed            into     "peaceable
for reasons satisfactor y to them·                                                                         armiee and mltrching them without
selves, by a stroke of the pen, re-                                                                        supplies, begging the ir way for
duce t he value of properly in the                                                                         hundre ds of miles, to the ~apital."
United States by hundreds of                                                                                   But Coxey's message, as a can·
millions. They mlly lit their own                                                                          tt'mporRry historia n put it, "cam~
will and pleas ore, e mba rrass busi-                                                                      as rain upon thirsty ground." Tn
li eS>!, d"'lIn' ~1I OUt: dLy ur lucltlit~         " "".,'. \Clt' .'                                               {I'Olltlnl"'(1 on P~1re 2111
    188                                             The Journal of Elech'ical Workers and Operator8                                       April, 1932

    Why Lab or's                                              Anti ~ I njuncti on Bill Passed
                                                        By WILLIAM HABER , Mlchi,an State Collc,e
       "We .... ,.   al   well fra .. kl,   r.c.   tbe f.ct                                               statel, under our anti-trult laws. The
    that the bulk of tbe la ... ( upon I.bor                     Review of two boola on injunc-           issue in most cases is still "what are t he
    di,pul.o) i. m.d. by the court_th.t                                                                   ends in view"? What is the Itrike
    the .00;:;. 1 point of 1';ew o f the jud, ....            tions reveals growing tide of               about? To the unionist, the IItr ike {or
    partieularly of tb .. judie. of courb of                  public opinion against courts. Dr.          the closed shop is directed toward
    final juriadiction, i, the moll important                 Witte takes position that Labor             IItrengthening the organiZation, toward
    lador in the deci.;on. in I.bor ca.c.,                                                                protecting the union from the competi-
                                                              should have free hand to protect            tion of the non-union worker. But to
    which m ..a ... th.t the libe ... Ii>:.tion of
    th. lub,tanlive law i. 1ar, .. I, a matter                umons.       Dr. McCracken shows            the judge (in Massachuaet.tJi, (or exam·
    of educetin, Or .electi n , tho j ... d,., ....           that injunction l increase indul-            pie) such a Itrike is directed toward
    ( P. 297)_Tho Go .... rnment in Labor                                                                  injuring the non-union worker and ii,
                                                              trial s trife .                              therefore, illegal. Only in Ca1i!ornis
    O •• puto.
                                                                                                           are all strikes legal. Elsewhere t he biaa
          R, EDWIN E. WITTE, Chict of the                                                                  of the court often determines the legal.
    D       Wisconsin Legislati ve Reference
            Library and Lectu rer in Economics
                                                              two individuals which the courts have
                                                              applied to collective action by labor.
                                                                                                           ity of a particular action.
                                                                                                              The injunction, as used in labor con-
    at the University of Wiaconlin, hlUl                                                                   trover:flies, is the central issuo in the
                                                              Among these doctrines the "conspiracy        conflict. The author found that injunc-
     been, for over 20 yea", a dose                           doctrine" is most important. Combined
    Itudent ot the use of injunctionl in                      with other legal theoriel, the courts
                                                                                                           tions have been issued in every ,late In
    labor dispute. and of other aspects of                                                                 the union except South Carolina and in
                                                              have developed a let of rules which         addition 608 cases in the Federal Courts.
    t.be law in regard to trade unionl. Hi,                   throw considerable doubt upon the
    conclulion, 81 to the way out. of the                                                                  Or. Witte has made an exhaustive Itudy
                                                              legality ot many indispensable trade         011 the resulllJ achieved by the use of
    prelent undesirable legal polit.ion of                    union activities.
    the trade union, are prelented in a                                                                    injunctionl. His findings show that al
    volume of over 300 pages. Th.e Govern4                          Un;nn Acti"ilie. Redricted            a method of preventing violence, one ot
    ment in. LabOT Disputee (McG raw Rill                                                                 the main objects sought to be achieved
    Book Co., 1932, $4.00) ia the first com4                     As a result, while labor unions are       by injullctiona, they have been a failure.
    prehenaive lurvey of the legal aspects                    recognized as lawful organizationl.          Acta ot violence are always illegal. The
    ot labor disputes and in the opinion of                   many of the necessary activitie, ot labor   criminal law is always applicable. But
    the reviewe r, the mOlt lucid nnd lIOund                  unions are often held up as unlawful.       the violation of an injunction makel it
    analysil of the many controversial                        Thus, strike, tor some purposes are         pos8ible to punish for contempt ot court.
    luues thus far written in the United                      illegal in several Itatci. This includes    The \'lvidence also indicates that mort
    States.                                                   strikes fo r the closed shop, sympathetic    ,peedy di8poaition of lhe casel haa not
       Mr. Witte'l analYli" in brief, il thi,:                strikes, Itrikes againlt non-union ma-       relulted.     Strikes have seldom been
    The public has a large stnke in indus-                    terial or those involving jurisdictional    Itopped hy injunctions. Only recently
    trial peace. Strikes and lockouts are                     disputes. But even when the strike may       hav\'l injunctions against the meth(ltis
    cOltiy to all parties concerned. The                      be legal, picketing, 10 necessBry in the     used in Itrike, been effective. There il
    waste and lufFering and the danger to                     conduct of any Itrike, is legal only when   evidence that injunction8 have defeated
    public peace which they entail have com-                  persuasion is used and illegal if the       strikell, but Dr. Witte claims that thei r
    pelled the government to take cogni-                      methods employed involve intimidation.       etrect has been exaggerated.
    u.nce of thelle disputel and often to in4                 But the difference between ))er:fluasion        They have. however, resul ted In in-
    tertere. The legillative, executive and                   and intimidation il not always clear and    creasing di llrespect for our cou rt.. "Tht
    especially the judicial branches of the                   the decision resUJ. therefo re, with the    iasuance ot labor injunctions has done
    government have all intt'rested them-                     j udge. Boycotts are allO illegal in most             IConllnuoed on pice   ~UI)
    Rlvel in the quelrtion. But every pha,e
    ot governmental intervention has come
    In tor a great deal ot criticism. We do
     not only have more Itrikel t han most
    other nation" but our Itrikel are accem-
     panied by more violence. In addition
     the attitude ot our courts il unfair and
     unjust to labor. The scarch tor a more
    equitable solutio n of the legal probleml
    presented by labor di,putel, Mr. Witte
    point! out, is a major political issue.
    Anti-Injunction bills have been intro-
    duced in Congrel!ll and in some of the
    legislnture,. Political plattorms pledge
    con-cction ot the abuses and the courlll
    recognize that these ca,el are among
    the most difficult that come betore t hem.
       Mr. Witte'l treatment ot the subject
    providet an answer to three questions:
    Fir:flt, what I, the prcscnt law ot labor
    dllPutes? Second, How does it work
    out? Third, what future policiel ought
    to be ai:lopted!
       What Is legal or megal In labor dis-
    putes II let down principally in the de-
    cilion ot the courts. Thcle decilion,
    bave been influenced by many legal
                                                              )'Ioule or WOfkeu. ".m~d WIth I Senle of InJull et", II OlmlK"ned. BUI SOl Brok~n b,
    theories applicable to relationl between                                                      InJuoctlon,.

April,19St                          The Journal of ELectricaL Workers and Operators                                                   189

Kansas City Sets Up Standard Craft Courses
                                         By BILL M INKS. L. U. No. 124, Kansas City
  OB security means ability to meet, to                                                              Praelical E lectricity CI ...

J   adapt one'. self, and perhaps to use
    to an advantage, changes which are
constantly occurring. Neither you nor I
                                                    Anothe r city sees the value of
                                                 continued training in e lectrical
                                                                                                 In this claSl! are enrolled 23 members,
                                                                                              who attend two two-hour periods weekly.
can prevent these cha nges taking piace          scie nce. Practical result. early            One hour each clasa night is devoted to
in the industrial world, but both you and        achieved.                                    mathematicl, while the other hour is de-
I may train ourselves 80 we will be more                                                      voted to practical electricity. Mr. Hahn
able thoroughly to adapt ourselves to                                                         is the teacher and Mr. Anderson is the
them. It is quite gratitylng to know that                                                     principal o( the school. Mr. Hahn is cred-
many or these changes that have taken            mee t the requirements of the newer          ited by our CJ[smining board as being
place afC the direct outgrowth o f ex-           problems which are arising in our trade.     capable of llecuring high standard of re-
perience. and that the peraonl who are           These classes come. directly under the       lulu from our members who attend thia
responsible for these changes. are the           control of our examining board and are       claSl!. This class ia composed largely o(
ones who have been able to look back in          conducted in accordance. with ou r by-       apprentices, and lome journeyme n who
                                                              laws. In accord
                                                              with the ru lings
                                                             of t he Kansas
                                                              City Board of
                                                              Education, a fee
                                                             of $14.00 is
                                                              charged each
                                                             member enrolled
                                                              (or 50 nights' in-
                                                             struction, except
                                                             in the emu in
                                                              welding where
                                                             an additional fee
                                                             is charged to
                                                             cover the gas
         I'ltACTICAl, ELECTRICIT"       CI,ASS               used.                                  WELDI!'I'O CLASS
                                                                 In the organ-
their slore o( past experienCe!, and pick        ization of the classes the teaehera          have found themselves lacking in mathe-
out methods which they have been able            selected were in all cases men who           matica] training.
to use in 80Iv ing the probleml at hand.         had served (or years in electrical                  E1ectr;caJ Machine..,. C l ...
  Since new and cOlllplex changea are            work, and were thoroughly grounded in
constantly taking place, the present day         practical work of the trade. The classes       In thiS class are enrolled 22 memben
teehnicinn must keep step with these             are orglllli~d 011 a laboratory basis, and   who also attend two two-hour period.
chnngea by constantly s tri ving to apply        the mathematics, theory and skill of the     weekly. Mr. Mathias, the tellcher, Ie
                                                              t rade are brought
                                                              Into playas
                                                              needed, in ordor
                                                              that the r equire-
                                                              ments of these
                                                              enrolled m e n
                                                              might be met.
                                                                  Membership in
                                                              the dasses is
                                                              made up of ap-
                                                              proximately 50
                                                              per cent journey-
                                                              men and 50 per
                                                             cent apprentices,
                                                              this accounting
                                                             for a much high.
                                                                                                   EXAMINING BOAItO
          F. 1.r:CTnICAL   MACIH~£ItY   CLASS                er average age
                                                             lhan had been
hia II88t experiences and hil job knowl-         expected. Our examining board checked        held in the higheet esteem as an elee·
edge to them. Un(ortunately the in·              very carefully the activities of t he        trical instructor. The majority of mll n
dustrial job does not always afford op-                                                       in this class come (rom the practical
                                                 classes, and an attendance of 88 per         electricity class, and after they have at-
portunity and information neceuary for           cent of the course time is required,         tended this cla!l for a period of two
 the adaptation of the 1I119t experiences        exceptions being made only in cases (or      years, they find themselves CJ[cellently
and the job knowledge to the newer               sickness. for overtime work, or for other    equipped to meet the highly competitive
 problema involved, and 11.1 a result the                                                     technical problems that constantly con·
                                                 good reasons which would ordinarily
 technician must turn elaewhere to                                                            (ront us.
secure thla training.                            keep a man off his job.
   In Kansas City, our L. U. No. 124, in            During the classes and Ilt their end.
                                                                                                           Weldin. CI ...
full accord with the above fa cu, has an         real examinations are held in order that
arrangement with tho Lathrop Poly-               the members of the class who do cred-          The welding class is composed prin-
technic I nstitute whereby there is estab-       itable work may reeeive full credit (or      cipally of journeymen. There are 13
lished a series of night IIChool classes         their work, IlS our examining board ia       members enrolled and they attend a
which aallat our members in seeuring             unwilling to recognb..e the work unleSl!     four-hour period each Saturday mo rn -
technical information and Ikill needed to        the membel'1l actually profited f rom It.              (Conti nued on pI,e   ~I
190                                 The Jou.rnal of Electl'ical Wo'rke"8 and Operators                                           April, 199f

Executive Council V iews Depression Problem
     H ~ regular meeting of the I nterna-                                                        The appeal of W. A. Gaines from the
T     tional Executive Council opened at
      International Headquar ters, 1200
                                                Minutes of m eet in g of the In-
                                             ternational Executive Council,
                                                                                             dl.'{!ision of International
                                                                                             Bronch in the controversy of W. A.

15th St., N. W., Washington, D. C.,                                                          Gaines vs. Local Union No. 1141 was
March 1, 1932, F'. L. Kelley presiding.      March 1, 1932.                                  considered. Afte r the council reviewed
   The chai r nppointed Council Members                                                      nil the facts in the cnse, it was moved
!-;dward Nothnagle and Charles 1\1. Paul .                                                   and seconded that the cou ncil lIulltain
sen as audit committee.                                                                      the decision of the International P resi-
    The executive council discussed with      328    Thomas Houlihan .                       dent and the llt'rrelary of the council
the officers the financial condiUon of the    595    J oe P oir ier.                         stand instructcd to have transcribed and
 Inte r national organization as well as      617    Chn rles Tunberg.                       sent to both the Rllpel1ant and defenda nt
existing unemployment in the various          713    EJerman Miller.                         local union a co py of the decision of the
localities and then gave consideration to     716    W. C. Welch.                            council sustaini ng the decision of the
legig\ation now before Congress alTe-ct·                                                     I nternaliomtl Pr6llident.             Motion WM
ing our organiZation and other worker~.          An examination of the applicantg'
                                             I'ecords s how them qualified in accord-        ado pted.
It was moved and seconded that the                                                                The appeal of Stephen Radgowsky
eouncil take a recess during which the       unc£! with the constitution. It wag moved
                                             lind seconded that the pensions be              from the decision of Tnternational Presi-
members could inll'rvio:w Ullited States                                                     dent Broach In the contToverllY o r
Sena tors and Representatives at the         grnnkd . Motion carried.
                                                 T he {ollowing applications were ron-       S tephen Radgowsky vs. Local Union No,
Ca pitol, urging the enactment of relief     s idered :                                      3 was considered. Fol1owing a review of
legislntion on injunction nbuses in fed-                                                     11.11 the facts in the case, it was moved
era l courts nnd legislation in relief or    L. U.     Nuu:                                  111ld seconded that the council sustain
the workers on account of the depression,    I. O.James J. Coakley.                           the decision of the Interna tional Presi-
 ~Iotion was adOI)ted and the council         245 James Shea.                                 dent and that the secretary of t he coun-
took B r!!CeIlS.                              694 E. C. Cleverly.                            cil stand instrllctHI to hav" th l' dP.r.ision
    When the council reconvened, the Tn-                                                      of the council transcribed and sent to
te rnational Secretary submitted the fol-       Inasmuch as the standings of these            both the appellant and defendant local
lowing names of members making appli.        members do not conform with Section 2            union. Motion was adopted.
':lItioll for pens ion:                      of Article XII or the ('vu:sLiLulion, their          Th~ U].lllcl!.l of Hyman Levinson from
                                             a pplications were rejected with the un·         the decision of Internationa l President
L. U.            NAME                        derstanding that their cases would be re·        Broac h in the controversy of Hyman Le-
I. O. GC<lrge A. Barnhart.                   opened at a fu ture meeti ng in the event        vinson vs. Local Unio n No.3 was consid·
I. O. A. E. Cu l·ki ng.                      additional information justi f ying recon-      ered. A fter a review of all the facts in the
I. O. George H. Rice.                        s ideration is filed with the counci l.          case, it was moved and 1ICC0nded that t he
I. O. William Jnmes Stephellrron.               T he allpeal of John J. Young, Jr.,           decision of the Inte rna tional President
L O. Lewis Stern.                            from action of Local lIninn Nn. 3 W ll.'J        be sustained but t hat on account of miti-
I. O. G. A. Von Sch riltz.                   considered by the council. A review of           gating circumstances, the aS5esllment be
I O. F. W, Weirenbach, Sr.                   the e\'idence s howed that the appellant         reduced to $50, and that the secretary of
     a J ohn J. Carney.                      hnd not followed the provisions of the           the council stand instructed to send a
     3 Rober t S. Day.                       constitution in first appealing his tIlse to     copy of the decision of the council to
   a    James R. Roward.                     the \'ice pre.~ident. It was moved and           both the appellant and the defendant
     3 William J . Keating.                  seconded that the secretary of the coun-         local union. Motion was adopted.
     3 William N. Kopp.                      cil advise the member why the council                The appeal of J ob Braen from the
     a Fred K O~lIlltz.                      could not consider his appeal. Motion            dedsion of InteTIIHtionHI                   Prt':sid.ml
     3 Frank Merklein.                       \Vas adopted.
     3 F rederick Rup pert.                                                                               (CO lltlnu .. d on pilI:" !!1~1
     3 F rancis I). Turner.
     S AUJ:'u:sl Wieber, Sr.
     a J. P. Sla t tery.
     3 J oseph W. Thompson.                                          Knights of the Singing Wires
     S George J . Thornton.
     3 J oh n C. &h aelrer .                                    By MARGARET N. MARTIN, In thc Detro it New i.
     6 William A. •'agan.                                        When th e north wind blOlw .. lu ale ... t)' breath.
     S J ames McGrath.                                             And you hug- your cheery IIrc l ,
     Ii W. T.... Rhys.                                           There's II man who orten f1ghtll with Death
     9 Max Lindemann.                                              A knight of the .inging WiTes.
   14 Alexander Nicoll.
                                                                 H e'd laugh lit you if you told him l O-
   28 William W . Gilbert.
                                                                   Re'. R whol uome lIort ()f II guy;
   -II John Strass ner.                                          He gallantly battles lee lind ~ now
  164 F . B. Davisson.                                             And he never question ..... why.
  134 B. Dolsing.
  134 A. D. JohnllOn.                                            And when he reel~ the atinginlr pelt
  1M J ohn C. MorriMY.                                             Of an Icy . heath of anow,
  134 Lee McElheny.                                              He t ~lie~ on God ,. lind hb ufety belt
  134 W. J. Newt:cn.                                               To keep him from be low.
  134 .'rank.1. O'Byrne.
                                                                 He doea n't t h ink he'~ brove at all
  134 William A. Rowland.                                         A~ he ~ nlp s , !Ill p ~ , with hi" plier,,:
  134 ,J. D. McDernlOtt.                                         He's the man whOl eOlmple tu 10lur fra ntic call:
  134 C, 1-1. Shenoha.                                             He'l fI knight of the ~I nging wirea.
  Ifl4 Dan Baltic.                                                     S~ n t  in hy Alh .. r t n. 1I f11111(1l11 ~t.,
  134 Chal'ies D. Ensign.                                              I!103 FullertOln Avcnue, DctrOlit, Mi ch.
  245 He nry F acker.                                                           Mcmber Ol f I•. U. NQ. 58.
  267 P. Huml)ilrey.
  267 .Iohn 1". Reynolds.
A p,i:t, 1982                                                               The Journal           0/     J<.' tl.'ctricai (l'm'kers and Oper ators                                                          101

Spring's Coming, and New Attitude on Birds
                                  By HAROLD K . WHITFORD . L. U. No. J. Nalure SluJy Direclor. Kip Bay Boy:l' Club

          much cannot be said and done                                                                                                                    mankind? What do they do to justify
T     fo r the protection of hawks and
      owls, (ast-vunishing birds of prey.
                                                                                           Birds have more than decora -
                                                                                        tive uses_ The y are a definite aid
                                                                                                                                                          their uislence and protection? J U8t
                                                                                                                                                          this, t he chiet food of most species con-
What i!l to become of them! How many                                                                                                                      si8ta of injurious rodents and insects,
will there be a few yean hence if such                                                  to farm e rs,   T hi. w e ll -known                               This is absolutely t.rue, for scientifie in-
unjustifiable wholesale s laughter, as on                                               nature authority a dvocates laws                                  vestigation of the stomach contents of
one oecnllion in New J ersey 900 of their                                                                                                                 tho usands of hawks nnd owls hus dis-
kilul, in II sin~:11' day continues? And                                                to halt wholesale s la ught er of
                                                                                                                                                          closed that very little fowl or game is
why this killing!                                                                       hawks and owls.                                                   included in the die t of these birds and
   These handlloml' birds are doomed-                                                                                                                     in many cases none at all. It is need-
there ill a price on their head..-all be-                                                                                                                 leu to mentio n the destruction of crops
   ' ''11.      'n1< 1'1 • -•• ,              , ..., ,,, "" • . \ .. k·          _\l~   Ilre usually thought to be the destroyers                         that is wrough t by rodents and insects.
         ,.._ . .   " .....   ,.."'., .. ,     J'(<>t   I~", .    ", ...., _ .          of the (arIllcI'II' poultry and are, the re-                      T his Rlone provea the worth of th(> ~e
                                                                                        rore. condemned , while in reality they
                                                                                        keep rata, mice and insecta in check_
                                                                                           The erroneous terms, "hen hawk" and
                                                                                        "chicken hnwk," allplicd to some hawks,
                                                                                        pr incipRl!y the Red l'niled H{Lwk and
                                                                                        the Red Shouldered Hawk are gravely
                                                                                        unjust. It is a misblke that ia hard to
                                                                                        "live down," tor no othl.'r two hawks are
                                                                                        hardly more imllOrtllnt to agriculture
                                                                                        thRn the two IlIl'!ntioned nbove bccause
                                                                                        of their Ilctivit)' in connection with the
                                                                                        extermination of the "pellky" roden t.
                                                                                                      L.. wa Should Be Enact ..d

             "-'_''''. ~'u ..um Qr S.,un!                    m.w.,.      N... Yo,k         Why ~ h o uld 1I11 !tuffer because or t il{'
                    OIU;;A'f         FltlItN I ~ 1I        OWl ,                        few dcstl·uctive s pccic!t"     Before it is
I'h, ·   (lu',      (,,,·1 011Ih~
                                             1\I. ~k     I,I ~,
                                             t(l l'ollll r J'
                                                                      II,*" "uch        too late, IIclion should be taken. Intel-
                                                                                        ligent JawlI should bl' c rented lind en-
                                                                                        (oreed f or the protectio n of these car-                                .\_ .....           >:.,,,,.!
                                                                                                                                                                         ~I u ...,. '"  m ......,.   >:.~   ,·.. k
         they are not underSlood lind the                                                                                                                              BAItN OWI. -AI)III .'-
", aUlH.'                                                                               nivoroull bil'd!; 1I0t II10ne for the present
belief that they nre de!ltructivl' has been                                             gcneration is the ir I)reservation impor-                         l'roba bl J' tbe Beal ~ I oullt r .nd Hatter tn Ibf
                                                                                                                                                          0-...1 Group. 8 1 All M~.n. Ht· tn !n ~'rom
~ dosely imbedded in the minds of                                                       tant, but far more 811 lor those of the                                                Kllllo • •
t hoac rellponsible fo r their delltruction,                                            next generation. They belong to us to
t hrough legend, tl'llldition or " what have                                            protect lind pn't\Crve tor those who will                         birds and the neeessity fo r protection.
you" that they refuse to understand.                                                    come alter UM.                                                       T he f ollowing figures trom Fisher 's
    T ho passenger pigeon, not so long                                                     lInw 1I1'(' Ihf'~I' hird M be neficial to                      " Hawks and Owls of the United States
ago, could be seen without much diffi-                                                                                                                    in T heir Relatio n to Agric ulture" are
culty. Tod,IY, where can ol1e be round?                                                                                                                   definite proof ot the above statement.
They have been wiped out, o r nl'lIrly so.                                                                                                                   Broad Winged Hawk_ 65 apecimeJlB
 Where is the wild turkey today, when                                                                                                                     examined. Not one contltined poultry
 less than 60 years RI!"O tlft!y we re still                                                                                                              or game; on ly two had sma Ii birds. The
'luile common in tht' woods ot lhe State                                                                                                                  rest contained mice and other IImali
 )( New York and leu than 100 years                                                                                                                       mammals, insects, reptiles, batrat:hian ~
ago they were abundant. Two of the                                                                                                                        and other small i nvertebrates.
moat common gaIlle birds gone from the                                                                                                                       Sparrow Hawk-820 s pecimens ex-
 fo rests forever. Does t he /lame f ate                                                                                                                  a mined and one and only one held a gam(>
await hawk!! and owls or will sOIllething                                                                                                                 bird. None held poultry; 215 held in·
he done to prevent further destruction!                                                                                                                   sects ; 101 held mice and other amall
     Hawka and owls are beneficial. This                                                                                                                  mammals. There we re 29 empty.
 is a fact that has been Jlroved by the                                                                                                                      Red-Shouldered n awk-320 apeai-
 biological lIurvey of the United States                                                                                                                  mens examined. T wo contai ned poultrY
 Itovernment. Of the fifty BJlecies of                                                                                                                    and one held game, The rest held mice,
 hawk!! and owls In this country, there                                                                                                                   reptiles. insecta, batrachian8, etc,
 are only fo ur hawb, namely, Cooper' lI                                                                                                                     Rough-Legged Hawk--49 specimena
 Hawk, Goshawk, Pidgeon ilawk, Sharp-                                                                                                                     examined. Forty specimens held mice,
 Shinned Hawk and one owl, namely, th"                                                                                                                    the majority having from th ree to eight
 Great lIorned Owl, that Me really                                                                                                                        mice apiece. Not one of these Rough·
 ,le!tructive,                                                                                                                                            Legged Hawks contained bi rds or j.!lIrlle
     Among the hRwks t hat. are quite com-                                                                                                                ot a ny kind.
 ulon lind IIhould be protected arc the
  Red TRUed Hawk, Red Shouldered                                                                                                                                      Gr .... t Aid t o F .. rmer
  Hllwk, Rough-Legged Hnwk, Broad-
  'kingI'd Hawk and Swainson's Hawk.                                                                                                                         Where is the destruclion to song
 The IIlost common of thOle destructive                                                                                                                   birds, poultry and game fo r whieh
 to game and poultry ill the Cooper's                                                                 .. _ ...... l"'_", of )1."".1 11100..., ...... y_   hawks and owls are invariably blamed?
                                                                                                       In;!) S Jlt)III . IH:ln; l. HAWK                   Are hawks not economically iml)orlant
  Hawk, which is found aimo!!t every-
 whero o n the North Ame riean continent.                                                A    M O~t      11""..1\<'1.1 lI .wk. W bk b 1'01 OnlJ'          enough to receive protection? Should
                                                                                         Slll),,1.1     1\" 1'r"h'C: I" " . ""1 h In Nl'i'd ot
     Hawks that soar over open country                                                                             !'r(\fN'II""                                       ({'OlllllluN.l 011 p.Ke ttl)
192                                         The Jou"nal of Electrical Workers and Operators                                           April, 1932

                                                                                   bsue.      The issues in this country grow clearer each day.
                        JOURNAL OF                                                            They turn upon national policy.             Shall the
    ELECTRICAL WORKERS                                                             American ~ta lld;lId of living be destroyed in favor of the
                                                                                   Asiatic and European? Shall industrial policies, affecting
      orficj~ Pu~icolioo Inl""'Iioo~ llroII.rhocxIofflec/ri",' Work'r>             the lives of millions, be worked out and controlled by inter·
                                                                                   national bankers with huge holdings in foreign nation .. ns well
                                                                                   as their own, or by management in touch with the persons
         De¥oted                                                  .r               ;,t home who work, and the persons who consume? Shall a
          10 Ina
                                                                                   managed tconom)" be set up under which production goes
                                                           O r ,ani;t.ed
                                                                                   fonvard in an orderly way so that men who want to work .
          Call ie                                              I ... h nr          may work, and persons who want food, may get it, or shall
                                                                                   thr. pr~nt chaotic set-up be continu~d on a deflationary plan.
                                                                                   in order to enrich bond gamblers, and international specu-
VoIUm, XXXI .            W..hlnClon,   n.   ro., April. 1932                No••
                                                                                   lators? Shall or2:aniz~d labor be broken and destroytd , :md
                                                                                   a system of docile regimentation be instituted in order that
The Rising          There is plenty of evidence that a tide of                     thr.re shall be no checks upon the speculative activities of
Tide                rebellious sentiment is rising in this country.                international finance?
                    This is not confined merely to the unem-                          These are grave issues, fraught with heavy meaning for
 ployed, nor to the wage-earning groups. It has reached many                       all men, not only wage-earners but business men, farm~rs,
 of the higher salaried men, and to the management class.                          managers, small bankers, large industrialists-in short to all
 The prolonged deprl5Sion furnishes the background for this                        citizens who lie outside the narrow cirde of international
 insurgent movement, bUI it i~ th~ coot indifference 10 anything                   financiers. It would be easy to end the present intolerable
 but their own interests manifested by the banking and                             situation, if business men would only see dearly what inter·
governing group. which go:tds a luge section of the popu-                          nationa1 juggling is doing to them. If manufacturers saw
 I:llion to say. " \ Ve want a new deal."                                          that it is international jUl:l:linll which is destroying business,
     The dramatic, formidable and successful bi·partizan                           tmd not the fanciful high wages of organized labor, manu-
 r~bellion in the House against the sales tax bill-written prin-                   facturers would act more intelligently.
cipally by Banker Bernard Baruch-is but another ti)luplom.                            The present mad slide down the bwincss toboggan can be
 Reactionary newspapers would have us believe that this                            uopped only by jobs through public works, only by battling
 rebellion was merely political, th~ work: of ambitious, near-                     wage<utting, only by increasing purchasing power, and only
sighted politicians seeking to get and hep offia:. It never                        by kicking finance out, and puning engineering management
seems to occur to them that the sales-tax insurrection in the                      m.
 House was th~ work: of young, patriotic, sober men, closer
 to the minds and hearts of the peopl~ than the newspapers
themselves.                                                                        Double               It has been remark~d that there are many
     The frigid indiffrrrncc of the bankin~ ,roup to the                           Double-Cr oss       enll.:htened employers in the electrical
people's plight persists. All th:J.t the bankers and their                                              construction industry. This is true. Thert
 friends want is to save th~ gold stand:J.rd, r~imbursc them-                      arc some that have made, and are capable of making, great
Klves, and avoid fDir taxation. They have not been above                           contributions to the industry. Th~re are also unscrupulous
soaking the government. They have shown wiJIingness to                             employers. Unfortunately these appear to multiply in time
dump their worthless paper into the ·lap of the Reconstruction                     of depression, that is, the opportunity for them to ply their
 Finance Corporation; their unpatriuti..: zea1 has had an airing                   ugly practices is greater. It has recently come to nllr aften-
upon the senate floor. The much touted credit stabilization                        tion that in a certain city an employer mulcted a large custo-
plan appears to be moving in a deadly circle; from banker                          mer. He lifted his profit all along the line, to a point that
to finance corporation, f rom corporation to railroad debtors,                     was obviously corrupt. 'Vbtn taken to tuk by the outraged
bad: to banker. How can busin~ss get well if transactions                          customer, he replied, "The union forced me to charge you
outside this deadly circle are paralyzed? Nothing constructive                     that." For cold effrontery, cheap passing of the buck, anti·
has been done for business. \ Vage-cutting goes on. P ublic                        social knavery this excuse has not been equalled. It docs mort
worb are halted. Unemplo},ment is increased. Nothing is                            to tear down d~ctnt condition! and honorable r~lations in tht
improved but the disposition of bankers to take advantage of                       industry than a dozen open-shoppers. When an anti-union
the situation.                                                                     employer libels the union, discount can be made. But whtn
     No wonder people arc restive! They can sec no end of                          a r~putedly union employer, under the guise of protecting a
deflation.     They want an end. Th~y will gtt it, if it mr.ans                    customer, defends his crooked practi~ by pretending the
swttping the elder oo--ses upon the scrap·heap.                                    union is responsible for them, he damages th~ union irrepar-
     We may expect to see many changes in the next five years.                     ably. The union should not stand for such knavery. Such
Much good CIIII come out of the prescnt impasse; but thRt                          an employer should be forad to rno hill slander.
good must be created by courag~, intelligem:e, and compe-                             The union fixes its wage ralC!. I t seeb to fix i15 rates
tency. If the elder bosses haven't these qualities, the nation                     at a scale sufficient to create a decent standard of living for
will get bosses who have.                                                          its mr.mbers. The union has nothi n ~ to do with fix ing rate~

April,1932                               The Journal of Electrical Workers and Open..tors                                             193

charged for labor by emplorers. Th~ rates art the sole                   device to shift taxes away from the rich to the poor. The
responsibilitr of the employer-u,;ually they are fair ·that is           cry "soak the rich" may seem to be a defense of the sales tax,
ascertained , after long c'(!l('ricnce, as labor cost plus overhead      but it contains justice. Who should pay taxes but those who
plus profit. Yet the union   ell.l1   take no rClponsibility for them.   are best able to pay for them I
It Tl.'pudi atcs any attempt hv ally contractor to saddle it with
his crookedness.                                                         Wha t Kind o f             From time to time big business men
                                                                         La b or Move m e n t?      hltw' proft"i-Yfl-if nnt frirnd~hip-at
Blind      "It is not surpnslng to learn that an unusually                                          least, a civic interest in the American
Inve ntion large number of important labor-saving devices                Federation of Labor, its philosoph)" its methodology, its
              has been perfected during the past 12 months               aspirations and aims. Yet to this date, this interest has never
and that rn:lchine products have made further devastating                gone be)'ond II professed Status, and in some instances the
inroads upon hand -made goods." Thus the              ew York:           interest has taken on a h}'pocritic:tI air, inasmuch as big busi-
Journal of Commerce sums up a continuing tendency-a trend                ness men have proffered an olive branch in public and carried
laden with danger to cvety AmclicaJl wQlk:nlrlll.                        on in secret a Il!'gal, financial, nnd propaganda drive against
   This tendency began 20 years ago, but has been given                  the lahor movement and all it stands for.
awful impetus during the last de"ade. How powerful its                      One would think in this time of unrest that big busineu
logic is, is indicated by the fact that it increases during a            mcn would take a more thoughtful attitude toward the whole
depression which has left the purchasing power of 40 per                 question of industrial relations. "Vh at kind of labor move-
cent of the population seriously impaired. Surely such a blind           ment do they want in this count ry? \Vhat do we see? 'Ve
force should have intelligent direction.                                 see wholesale wage-cuts. \Ve ~e no constructive effort to
   Invention of the automatic type-setter has been announced.            create jobs. 'Ve Stt flO lessening of the anti·union activities
This is operated by a photo..electric cell, which is agitated by         of such bodies as the League for Industrial Rights, and the
light shining upon characters of a printed code, prepared upon           Aml!'rican Plan. \Ve see no di~position to StOp the poison work
a typewritu. 'Vh"n Ihl': rrp<lTtrr !lTrikrs the krys, the articlc        of spies, stool·pigeons, as:ents prov~ateur, and such creators
is written, and the type is set at the same time. In other               of industrial bitterness.
words, the linotype operator is omitted.                                    Perhaps big business men do not want a constructive labor
   \Vhere the end of this unnatural elimination of men reaches           movement in this country. Perhaps they want warfare be-
can easily be foreseen.       Only planned production can                tween labor and capital. Perhaps they want cuTiailed pro-
adequately protect workers.                                              duction, sabotage, and all the other accoutrements of class
                                                                            If rhry were wi~ they would act differently. For there is
Sales T ax          The 5.1cking of the sales tax program by the         going to be a labor movement in this country. If it is not
Boome ra n g        bi---partiun insurgent group in the House has        one k.ind, it is going to be another. If it is not the kind that
                    meaning far beyond the surface. The sales            contributes to American technology, it will be the kind that
tax is nut :t I lew furm of taxation. It has been a pet of the           thwarts it.
privileged classes in all countries for years. 'Ve predicted
two rears ago that it would be offered as a panacea by the
iubsidized press. and by the bankers. We were not mistaken.                 It may well he that the service performed by the American
 It has been put forward with concerted planning, action, and            Federation of Labor in heading ott pay slashes in the U. S.
zeal, and with a blare of publicity, Itnd with a bitter tirade           government will marL:.: a turning point in deflation. If the
against all opposition.                                                  enemies of labor had sucreeded in cutting the salaries and
     There is little doubt if it had oo::n accepted, it would have       wagNi of the federal employees, then this would have been
been fasttned upon the country permanently. Its scope would              the signal for new cuts in private business concerns. What
have been gradually widened to include every commodity, and              ails business today is paralyzed purchasing power. New wage
IIlI it<! sropr wident'd , just taxes upon large inC(lmes and oth~r
                                                                         Cllts would be the worst possible thing at this time.
forms of anti-soclal wealth, would have oo::n decreased, or
removed altogether. This would have been a calamity for                     When Afr. William Randolph Hean;t, J     Ur. Arthur Bris-
every wage-earner.                                                       bane and the other spellbinders of the hypocritical Hearst
     There is little doubt also that the retail merchant group,          press were frothing at the mouth be<:ause their pet sales tax
and certain manufacturers wer~ not entirely delighted with               program was defeated in the HOllse of Representatives, and
the sales tax bill. It would have acted as a drag on sales,              were emitting a disgusting tirade of abuse against the people's
and it would h:l\'e served them in a worse way. It would have            rrprc:sentati ve5 as agents of Moscow on the front pnges of
given the government a ticket to enter their private offices,            the Hearst papers, an interesting news item was carried on
and scan their books at will. What an ironical turn! 'fhe                the inside. This news dispatch emanated from Paris, told
business group crying, "take the government out of business,"            how Paris was without any movies, drama, or cabaret enter-
at the same time working for a sales tax to put the govern·              tainment because all amusement groups had gone on strike
ment in the center of their private offices.                             to protest against the sales lax on admissions. France is the
     Make no mistake about it. Despite wholesale propaganda              most conservative country in the world, and Ihe sales t:1:< has
from subsidized newspapers, the general sales tax remltins a             not worked there. Nor does it work 3.nywhl!re else.
194                                   The Journal 0/ Electrical Workers and Operators                                        April. 19S?

                         WOMAN'S WORK
                                   SALES TAX FROM A WOMAN'S ANGLE
                                                             Ill' I!A I.I. l ' I.U;:"S

     HE effort to load the cost of the de-      margin for savingll or invcatmenUj al-          duction you can not have prospent~
T      prcuion llpon the l1at pocketbooks
      of small consumers by means or a
                                                mo!!t every cent he make!! mus t go for
                                                bitterly needed commodities. As prices
                                                                                                when you place obstacles betwccn pro-
                                                                                                duction and consum ption.      What wr
man uracturers' salcs tax met n well-           went down, wages also h it the tobogga n,       nood is Il large and eager g roup of con·
mer ited dcl'eat in t he House of RC]lrc.       und millions I!RVO been deprived of any         sumel'll who want a vast va rie t y of rna·
scntatives March 24, but the skirmish-          income at all. A tax on sales wou ld serve      chine-made artic.les Rnd have the mone~'
Ings of Wall Street and wealt.h indicate        as H lever to pry wages and I)rices fur-        in thei r hands all ready to pay for thr
that the " H ouse of R ave" is not at all       ther allart. Either it would relluit in a       goods. We want people who are able UJ
satisfied to _uu mc ita pa rt of the tax        stiffening of prices, in case the manufac-      waste a bit-throwaway the kettle
burden, and, a l thou~h beaten {or the          turer added the tax onto the price of the       when it gela a hole in it and buy a new
time being, will not be content to let the      finished article (with manufacturers of         one inatead of mending the old one. Wr
sales tax ,'cst in ita grave forever: Like      the mate r ials in the article adding in        WRllt plenty of two-car families who buy
John Barleycor n, it is not dead, but           their share of t he tax all along the line)     new cars of ten. We want. free spenders
sleeping, a nd alway. ready ro~ resur-          or, if, as fld herenta of the tax sug-          with the money to pay. That ia what we
rection.                                        gested, manufactuN!l"5 afraid of putting        want for masa-production, machine-madr
                                                a damper on sales, should be able to            prosperity. The machinCfl can product'
   Let all working people offer their                                                           taster than people can use up, so we can·
                                                " absorb" the tax by "economies" in
gratitude and votes to the group of             manuracture, it would mean that the             not have thrift and economy and hoard·
courageoul men, of both parties, who                                                            ing in such a system.
                                                loS!! would inevitably be passed on to la-
broke loose from party machines to              bor in the form or wage CUU.
strike the tax f rom t he revenue hill.                                                            Be.tore the crash, when labor's wage~
Headed by LaGua rdia, Republican, of              E ilher W¢II, labor would pall th, tax.       were considered abnormally high, wor·
New York, they included auch indepen-                                                           kers were only receiving a small propor·
                                                   The burden would not fall C<IUfllly on       tioll of the value ot the goodll they pro-
dent thinken as Doughton, of North              all consumers.. It would hit the weakest
Carolina; Swing, of California; OYTns,                                                          duced. The rest was soaked up by own·
                                                the hardest. The 'adheN!nts of wealth           ers, managers, bond-holders, stockhold·
of Tennessee; Frear , of Wlleonain;             have ~n rflilling a hullabaloo against          ers, bankers, politicianll, corporation
Howard, of Nebraska, and Paul Kvale,            one dau being tflXed more heavily than          lawyerll and other non-producen.
of l\IinnelOta, IOle Farmer-Labor Repre-        others. They object to being taxed in
sentative.                                                                                         I think J'm safe in saying that thr
                                                accorllnnce with their ability to plly. But     further up /l, person is in the scale of
   Present plana ro r the revenue meas-         the SIlIca tax is a lax that hits one class     wealth flnd pOllition, the less of the prod.
ure include increasing postage from two         harder than othen and it taxell ill direct      ucu of the machine he will buy. H i ~
to three cents on flnt class man; per-          ratio to the cltilt:en's DISability to pay;     clothing is made to order. Hill rugs a T   r
centage tax on automobiles, trucks, and         in other words, tho less income a man           hand-woven and imported. Hi s motor
parta; tax on radios and phonographs,           makes, the larger proportion of it would        car has a made-t..cHIrder -body. H is furni .
cosmetics, soft d rinks and other luxuries.     be collected in taxes on sales.                 ture is hand made. perhapil by R work-
I ncreased income and inher itance t.nxes                                                       man who lived, died, and whoae wages
                                                  TllIagine, if the tnx had gone through,       were IIpent R hundred years ago. E very·
brought sur taxes u p to the wa r- time         the situation of a $3-a-day factory
rate, amid growl!! rrom t he r ich.                                                             thing that lIurrounds him, 10 far as i ~
                                                worker. Not only would he have to pay           pOll8ible, and certai nly nil t he costly
  You will probably hea r plenl:y of 8a-        a tax on every manufactured artic.le he         things, are the work of a r tieu and hand
sertiona that the progret!sive group who        bought. but his own employer would              craftsmen. Very amall i ~ the proportion
squelched the aalea measure are wild            have ~n provided with a new excuse to           ot hill wealth that goes tor products of
reda, that they have government credit          cut wages.                                      machine maaa production.
tottering, that they caused drastic losses         Don't. you think it is more difficult. for     How are we going to have any succeS!
in the atock market a nd ruined the                                                             with mass prodUction when the peoplf
                                                a $3-a-day worker to get the price of a
Democratic par ty'. chances in the com-                                                         who drain such a large pa r t of t he value
                                                pnir of shoes---even $2.98 shoea-than
ing election. T he privileged clRIIS owns                                                       derived therefrom will spend it with thl'
                                                it ill for the man who draws $1,000 a day
plenty of newspapen, magR'linetl and                                                            hand craflamen acroS!! the water!
                                                kI buy a pair of 120 shoes! Which one
other mouthpiece. to broadcaat their
                                                is more likely to feci the addition of a          The producer must be an equally suc-
                                                tax to the price of his purchase! To            cessful consumer in order to make man
   It wa. estimated that the salea w,           which one does the tax represent a              prodUction work. Wages in thill country
aa orieinally introduced, would yield           laryer proportion of his kltsl income!          were never high enough. There were too
something over $600,000,000 a year. A           You know the answer.                            many non-producers soRking up lhl'
lot or money! A very la rge pa r t of it                                                        gravy. Now we have conditions a great
would come out of the pockets of the               That it whtl 1(1' Batl tk 801,8 tax it a     deal worse, fo r the worke r hall taken a
                                                la% li'1Jied agai"d Ih, cl431 lead abl, w       wage cut and two of his brother's chil-
large numbe r of consumen who ret a
                                                P<lY it.                                        dren to board.
small part of t he total income of thil
country. It waa a tax on the very necelli-        Some day perhaps even bankers will              Let's not forget the Reprellentative'
ties of the poor. T he wo rking man whose       be smart enough to see that when a              who threw party lines overboard to do "
income is ama il a nd preca rious, haa little   nation'8 ind ustries depend on mau pro-         service to the overloaded consumer.
Apl-ii,. 1 !J32                    The Journal 01 Electlical Workers and Operators       19~


         ,j./rnatti TWQ"
      (in a.
      Ru:i amd wA.i.4-
      ~ at btn:i.<a,
    . .'t.Ld amd Uuu..
      fJWm,       tJu. coa.t.

        >-Iu wat ditt.4.d.
        ~ 'fdlow:
        a0'I.i40    c;.wa.t.-..;
        9u,u a. ~
        ~ .tI/.d
196                                                The Journal of Electrical 1¥o)'kers and Opcmtors                                          April. JOSt

                                               RADIO ELECTRICAL SET-UP DESCRIBED
                                                   Uy AUSTIN C. L£SCARnOUItA, &I"m. Jr.. I . E. E. Mem. I. R. E.

   In.enio"l method. employed in pre.-                       rained, enn to the tubn, houled In an             condensen t.ke the place of bulky and
tlnl-dey   radio     perh       and       teb      make      attractive conlole Clblnet. Cln be bought         eOltl)' paper difliectrlc condense,., and,
for  low p r ice.           witbo .. t        •• crillc;n.   for $60 or Ie... Mlda.t c.binet leh tin           when properly dellgn.d and made, actu.lly
performa.u:e.                                                be bought lor II low I I $19 "Ilh tubu.           olfer definite advantaiel over papar
                                                             In sensitivity. lel'ctlvlty. tone. "olume. elle   condensen.
     ING Solomon In ,II 1.1_ rlol')' and                     of operation and lona IIf• • the pruent--day        Electrolytic condens.n Ire based on I
K     power tnd wealth could not begin to
      command the .... rlety ot entert.lnment
that I, avanabl, to any prelent-day Amerl.
                                                             offerings leave little to be dulr.d. The
                                                             operating COlt I. under one cent per hour.
                                                             ";ngineering d.velopmentl, like tholll In
                                                                                                               very old eledrical discovery to the effect
                                                                                                               that If In .Iternlting current Is ,pplled
                                                                                                               IcrOIl a cell eonllatine of .n .Iumlnum
ea" by the ,Impl. t",111 of the hand. Radio,                 other indultriu, durlnl the Pllt few ,ean         el""trode in certain electrel,tes, current
tbe III'reatest ..1ft of "lenee to the modern                have made "Iy for lo"er pricn "hlle               will 110" througb the cell when the electro--
home. baa been mad, ....il.bl. to lhe                        m.intaining perform.nce .nd quality.              bta II politi." "jth respeet to the .Iumi-
manu b,. Ingenlo ... dulrn, "Glume pro-                         Lo" set prien begin with r.dlo miterlill       num electrode. No curnnl "ill 11011' "h,n
duetion and wldetpr..d dl,tribution. And                     and parta. Thll Induury h., been relent--         the CUrfent revenes, Ie thlt the Ilumlnum
no matter how much 11,,10, COlt. and earn-                   leu in ita learch for n." m.terlall. not          II positive "ilh respect to the electrolyte.
lnp may drop, It me,. b. n:petted th,t                       only for ci ..en chlract.rbtlu at minimum         provided I certain critical ...olta,.e I. not
                                                             C01t. bul al,o in the mltt.r of eaM of
                                                             moulding Ind m.chlnlnC. B.hllte. eeld.
                                                             moulded pl.stici. apedal porceliin • • nd
                                                             high-~de         cn.mla. hard rubber .nd
                                                             IIbre, h .... found their hirhnt de"elopment
                                                             In meeting tha dem.ndl of the radio
                                                                01, c..tlng playl • blr plrt In the .Iec-
                                                             trical II "ell I I the mechanical end of the
                                                             presen t radIo lOt.. Mlny componentl ani
                                                             die ust, .nd with .n aceur.cy that tl
                                                             almost uncann,. Th, elnged tuning con-
louPf'n""1!   )let.IlI.~d   Reattton      G.o~tI     I"or    densers, for Inltance, "hlch mUlt mlintain
• Rulll'D~ l'o'llwo'" of Typh:11 Pre.ent-Uay                 Iccurale electrlc.1 nep throul'hout the en-                                         In Ce .. mle
                   lIadlo Bel.                                                                                                                   Radio Beta.
                                                             tire range of fr.qu.nt l" In the broadcast
                                                             ..a.e band. ere m.de pOlilbl. by the mOil
r.dl o will k eep Itep 10 81 to rem.ln                       Iccurate au.mbly Ind dIe cutlng opera-            elrceeded. Th e nctlfier Ict lon Is CIUled by
.I".YI .... n.ble to the mo.t humble homl.                                                                     the formation of I very thin film on the
  Th.t .ny product •• Intricate a. r.dlo                     tion.. A few yea,. ICO It " " conlldered
                                                             .n ach ievement to match le vera l condenler      aluminum .Ieetrode. Thl. 111m becomea the
Ihould be .0 10" In price II no mere acd-                    unlta for tandflm op.ratlon by a lingle tun ·     dielectric bet"een the two con du etine elot.
dent. For yeare radio manufacture,.. h ....                  Inc knoh. Today thl g.nged condenlen              trod_aluminum .nd .Iectrolyt_and due
concentl'1lted on thl p ropOlltlon of reduc·                 are torned out by tb, thoullndl, all              to III minute thlc"nul. it providee fo r a
Ing COIU .nd .t the lime time .elllng                        mltched, ready to be .... mbled on the            condense r of enOrmOll1 e.pacity in com par_
pricn to the utmoat. once the burden of                      radio ChUIII. Llke"lae "Ith the Induc-            lion "Itb bulk. Thul the aver.ge Im.1I
broadcaatln,. _I Ihlfted to other Ihoul-                                                                       .Iumlnum can containl .n eiCht mlcrof.rad
dera. 11 lOt m.nufacture" h.d to IUpport                     t.nce coill "ound to a alven ".lul "Ith
                                                             ne ..er a de .. iltlon.                           unit, "hen.. little mo re thin. one micro-
the colt of ndlo prornml. II io the cerly                                                                      farad plPflr condenl.r could be picked Into
                                                                We may r""all the bUI bar "irlnc of the
dlYI of 1921, It II certain tllat radio IOU                  elrlier radio uti. The Iquare IIl .. ered cop-    the lime lpace for the rhen 600-..olt ..o rk-
"ould ItUl be lellln,. at hlll:h pric.. In                                                                     Ing "oltage. AlIO, the co.t of the electro-
order to pro'l"id, Impla ml","l" for the                     Pflr "ire " " bent I t rlCht aneln f or turna
                                                             .nd jump-o"ers. prnentlng a prellJ' I":ht         lytic condenler II but a fr.ction of the
broadclltlnr acthltl... But wilh the mat--                   to the eyea prylna Into the "Innarda" of the      COlt of a correepondinl paper dielectric
ter reduced to Itnllht manufacturing and                     radi o r.cei ..e r. Th, compOn.nh w.r. ClJ'fI-    condense r.
merchandllinr. radio m.nufact ure,.. ha.e                    full, ICrewed to • "ooden bueboard or                In .ddltlon to the blgh-"oltage electro_
rone a!ter 10" co'll In "hat II probably                     again a hard rubb.r Or b.hllte Iub-panel.         lJ'tlc condense" In metal cans or cardbo.rd
the mOlt competltl.e race In the "orld.
                                                             Todat, the ~rt. ar. rheted to I metal             containe" for IIlt.r circuit nqulrem.ntl.
  Full, to Ippr.clat. the preaeot-dlY ndlo                                                                     there are v.rloul t1'POI of compact cerd-
..t prlcn, "e mUlt elance b.ck ..,,-
                                                             platfonn. while the wlrlne II a ""ltabll
                                                             mns of "irn runn ing In III dlrectlonl .nd        bond "rapped .nd papflr wr.pped 10"_
ani yea,.. to the othrin,. of other daYI.                    including the InlOrted rnlate,.. .nd bJ'-         "oltag' eledrolytlc condense,.. for by·plll
Let'a drop blck to 19U. f or u.mple. and                                                                       functions.
notice the $160 pritt .... ed Ind obtained                   p.n condenlorl. To IPfled up .nembly.
                                                             many mlnuflcture,.. UII h.mmer-drl.,.n,
for the nenge Ihe-tuba blttery-operated                                                                                   RHlsto" Do Their Bit
nautrodyne. table model receiv.r ot that                     lelf_threadine Icre"l for holdlnr cempo-
                                                             nenh In pl.ce. Actually. the preunt-day             Anotller import.nt .aving il In the re ·
period. In Iddltlon to the StEiO. the tubn
hid to be b ourht ,.. "ell               '8
                                   the loud -
                                                             not so bellutlful wlrlnr II said to be rar
                                                             more efficient than the plrallel, reom.trl-
                                                                                                               Iistor field. The IOta of leveral yean 111'0
                                                                                                               which uahered in the lOCket radio era, w.r,
.peaker. Itorage bllttery and B_batterl ...                  cally arranled bU I bar wiring of eight
If the o"ner dulrcd to charge the ,tonII'I                                                                     uauslly provIded with "Ire_wound ruls!o,.,
battery hlm selt•• recharger costing about                   year, ago.                                        plrticularly for the ..oltage divider ne t-
$18 more. had to be lidded to the bill. The                              Condenser. 8av. Mon ey                work.    Today, wire-wound rellatorl are
u!Ual Installation r.n In the neighborhood                                                                     hardly emp loyed lit .11 In the usual r un o f
                                                               It II in the nllld condenaen that 10m'
of $2110. while the op.rlltlng coat 11'81 ce r-              real economy come, In. In mOlt of the             radio rec.lv.,.. Inatead. compa ct. low COlt
Yllnly III high II 10 centl per hour In mOlt                 preaent low_prl~ed rec.lvers, Imall vertical      rullton Ire employed of the clrbon type ,
Inlt.nen.                                                                                                      the pllnt type o r the metallized rul l tor
                                                             aluminum Cllnl a r . conlpicuoU5 in the eh .. -   type. The carbon t,pe II limply • lolid
             Advancee In Dea lan                             sll assembly. Thue lire the electrolytic          carbon rod which includu ce rtai n other In -
  And then todAY'. contralt. A b etter radio                 condenlera, which r.pre"nt one of the
                                                             larrest IIvln,1 In pin In, low COlt. Thue                     (Conltnll~d on pice Zl'O)
r.ceinr, complet. and .ntlnlly tell·con-
April,193f                               The Journal 01 Electrical Workers and Operators                                                                197

                 EVERYDAY                                                                  SC IENCE
II                                                                                                                                                         II
     Fracthl n-COmmon . nd Uncommon                   roo t string by one 10 feet lonlr•• nd wlllk .t~ngt h •• nd the encineer put. Iron Into
              ltuearch Laboratory                     .round sgnln. T the I('('ond cne you 'd • motor to strengthen ill m.gnetlc perlon·
                                                      h.ve twice .t far to wlllk-IO that, If rou             lli ty. Now m.cnetl.m i. ,omewh.t of •
     It Y"" haoJ I..,,," III Sehenectady seYenl       "ue aolnl" to cct .round both eirel... ;n              puuling bu.lnell. Scientl.11 Iinee the time
month •• ltO, rou mlltht h.ve eeen • remark.          the ume length of tIme, you'd hive to                  of F.raday .nd Henry hne kno .. n ho.. to
.ble publIc demon.tratlon of tele.lllon. A            .alk twice AI tAit In the .eeond ease.                 m.ke Ult of mlgnetilm in bul1dlnc motora.
complete v.udevllle progr.m Willi aent                     That', JUlt one of the probleml the               trlnt formen, .nd other elect r lc.' g.dlfetl,
"thl'Oul!'h the ether": thl'! !\ctO" Wire two         needle Uu,t makes Or repro.lllea, tha lnlklng          but no one kno ...a much Ibout why th e Iron
mlln .... Y fnlm the theater, .nd yet the             moving pIcture h .. to lolve. The 111m I.              beh.vel lIS It doe. ,.hen It t. mllgnetb~.
ludlenfe ......... nd "heard" them pfrfeetly.         running through the camera In I Itralght As ••euum tubet were perfected. It be-
And mind you, the perform.n~ .... staged              line, Ind lit I uniform Ipeed. But the                 eame pouible to mu .. ur~, .ccurs1ely,
not j,,~t nnrf', hut Rp..eral llmu, .nd on             needle hll~ to rut II ~plrlll £Too.~ In II 110ft      Im.ner and Im.ner elettrlcal (ju.nt\tle.-
 regul.r thutre .chedule. Thou.andt of                wlX dl~e, and CIIch time araund the dl,·               10 now therl'! .re .clentilb u.lnl\' "'Ieuum
 peopll'! went to .ee lhl'! demontlrttion .nd          tnnee It tr"vel. is a little bit more. or •           tube devieea to penotrate .tlll further Into
ClIme ....y eon.lnc~ thd tele.llion Is                 little hit le~l-deJH'ndlnr. of coune, on              the myateri ... of m.gnetR. Such inform.·
 really pouible. Furthermore, they ca.me               .. hether the ntedle It.rtl .t the Inllde .nd         tian, ance obt.ined, ..III h••1 • direet .p-
.... y t.lkin« .bout I('.nning ~Iu~, photo·            ..orks aut... rd, or It.rll .t the ouliide            pllc.tion to electrie motorl.
 electrlf tube~, lind «10" IlImp..-and, 10 f.r         .nd works In ... rd. Ihre ,glln the tiny                   Dut to ~turn to thl' new tobe. Becau ..
 at r kno .., everyone completely o.e rl ooked         motor-the little fellow who~e ability to do           vllcuum tube. are .ble to "unit the pret-
 one of the "«,u\lttll" thllt m.de thl'! dl'!m·        work II rllted only In ftutlonl of • hone·             ence" of e'ltremely small Imollnt.. of en_
 onatr.tlon poulble.             .                     po,.er. but whose other !lbllltiea mll.ke po,· erg, • • nd then mike thlt tiny Incoming en·
      Of ('ou"e, you muat h ...e photoeledrie          Ilble aceurlte lpeed adjultment Ind Ipeed              erg)' .,.,nlro l I much l.rger Imount, the,
 tubea. The.e electric eyu.~ able to "tee"             control-I. I mOlt Import.nt member of hIVe been uacd to meuurl"-detut---.m.1I
 mueh more rapIdly than hum.n eyea. Th.t               the film.                                              qu.ntltiu of electric current. The amme·
 melln. lI,at if )"uu 11',.. ,1 lu t.roa,Juet the           These .m.1I molon d" l!',,;r wutlt. au            ter on the dllthboard of your c. r II • cur·
 picture of a m"n, you don 't hll.e to send            quietly. 10 rell.bly, th.t they are often              rent·detectlnc. eu rrent..mulurln~ deYlce.
 the ,.hole thing .t once. You nn chop up              overlooked. "Little onu .hould b" leen and             Such an .mmeter ,.i1\ do • Iltld.dory job
 the plctu~ into. lot of !lUla p.rta and                not hnrd," 'til true, but the h.lf .nd the            of indie.ting tha eumnt ftowlnc through
 leI tho photo tuba ".ce" e.eh little p.rt              quartet ho"epo,.er, tho eight and tha ,Ix             the b.ttery of your CAr. but It wouldn't do
 sep.r.tlly. Th.t m.ke. It much eAller to               tel'nth honepo ..er motorl are seldom leen,           '0 well If you ..ked It to meAlure, accu-
 send plctur" by radio, .nd on the r«ei.inlt            rarely heard from •• nd !lImon never heard            rately. the current through In X.ray tube.
  end you ftt It 80 th.t each little piece of           of. Television and talkIng plcturel .re. of .. hich II 1,000 timel Im.ll er. The point II:
  th" tnlAl plrtu", II fttted Into Itl proper           counl', jll •• t .. o of mltny, m.ny joh~ done you r Ylfd!ttek, your meaaurlng Instrument,
  pl.ct-lomethlnlt like IIttlng tilu Into de·           by motan who,e po.. e r ratinp .re ex· whlleYer it ii, mUit he properl, rel.ted to
  lignl on the b.throom floor. The .e.nnlng             pr.. ued In common fneU,;!n'. Wuhlng, the thing beln.. me.lured. A y.rd.llck
  dIn I. tha C.dCet th.t ehopi the original             lewing, ironing machlnea, diehwuhen, ~.               .. ould do ,.ell enough to me •• ure tho Ibe
  picture Into pleee_nd • Ilmllar di~e in               frigeralon, even e:t:en:llerl, depend on frae·        of the plot of ground your hou le occuplu,
  the "cel.lne- let pub the pleetl together             tlonal horaepo..er moton. T he f.n thlt                but it wouldn't do .t .11 to mea.o re tho
  .pln.                                                  keepi you cool In lummer, .nd "the h.nd               thicknell of • •heet of p.per.
      It', a cood Ide., thll lendlll&" plctunl           ~h,: ',ho ... ell oil' Into your burner to keep           V.cuum tube..-thlt II, ordln.ry onn-
  pl«emeal, but ..hen It ,.a. lI"t tried It             you,., um In wlnter"-bath depend on frac·             art very elfactlv. looh In m... uring 1m 111
  didn't ..ork 10 ..ell. E.. er yone remembers           tlOnl1 hontpO"'tr molon.                             current.. But a.en they bIVe their limita-
  th l ItOry of "Humpty-Dumpty-All the                       Ell'!ctric motor, .re 10 ellietly the rlcht tion.. Aatronomerl .re peaple ..ho try to
   Klng'1 nOnel," to a.y nothlnr of "All tha             lort of ler.,. nt to do 10 m.ny Jobl; we              m.ke phYIICl I.boratorl" out of far· dl l-
   Kln ..'1 Meo Couldn't Put Humpty Together             orten fall to .ppr«late their u.erulnen. lint ltars, by mealurlne the minute qu.n·
   Ap;n." It Waa much th .... m" ... , ..ith             JO lt try to Imaltine • lJII.ulin" ,,",,;nll oJriv.   titl.. of be.t .nd IICht luch Ita" nnd
   thOle lint tele.lllon pleture. The ruel ...           Inc •••cuum de.ner u yoo ...Ik It .erou               to our earth. E.en ••cuum tub.. ha ..en't
   Ing .pparltu. !rill .11 the little piece- of the      the Ih,lnC room carpet. Or a Ile.m engine been toa Ineeellful In gl.lng Altronomers
  o rl ..ln.I picture, hut It h.d a areat deal of        furnlehlllg the pc,.er lh.t beatl ecgl,                the .('curate meAluremenli th ey'd Ukl to
   trouble putting them tog"ther .g.ln In th"            IQueuea lemonl, .nd g r lndl up ml.t In th e heve.
   right order. Todl" the job I. done, Ind               kitchen! Cert.inly electricity II the mo.t                T he re.lon .eeullte determlnltl on.
   dana ..ell, b,. • tin, eleetrle motor; the             con .. ~lent, mOlt ... n.ble form of enerp couldn't be m.de II lomewh.t like thlt con·
   eDClne.... didn't Ult ho ... el. but hOrle.           1.r m.ny purpclea. And the arllfinll Idea              nected ,.Ith the p.per .nd the yardat1ek.
   pO"flr, end fractional hOflepo..er at that,            of m.klne 1I1 .. ,trlelt, move ,omethlng con·         Yo u can rud • ,Irdl tlek pretty .eeur.tely
   to do • very dlt'lleult Job. And ,.et the              tinuou.ly goea b.ck about 100 rean to two             down to elghthl of . n Jneh, but ,.hen It
    mot(lr uldom cet. a ..ord of prille.                  men, one .n Englllhm.n n.med Flr. dIY, comu to mellluring thleknen of paper-
       Let'l le... e tele.llion for the moment .nd        .nd the other .n Amerlean, Joseph 1I1'nry, whleh m., be 6 .. ar 10 tboun ndth. Df .n
    •• y • word .bout the talklna rno"lng pie·            .. ho for lome ye.n . . . . . IChool te.cher inch-the yardltick faill mbu.bl, In ..hat
    ture. In ceneral there are two .. IYI of              In Alb.ny. To Farad.y .nd Henry we o.. e               the engineer would call th e "grid ci r cuit
    making a mo.lnc picture "t.lk." Onfl ".y              the dlleo.ery of the principle th.t makea of the tube." Thue .tray currenll are .ery
    il to m. ke. phonograp h r ecord .t the I.me          moton "mClte": to hundrads of Iclentieh                Im.ll-they Inlerfere In no WlY with the
    time the umera I. 'akln« the picture .• nd            and englneerl. working Ikl1fully, patlentl,            u!ual oper.tlon of the tube.-but luch eur_
    then play the ~eord ,.hlle the picture II             .nd .. Ith Inerelllnclr ell'euhe toob each             renU .re llfce In eompllri.on ,.lth the Dnu
    being .hown. Th.t doeln't .aund like.                 year COl'I the eredlt for the comp.et, em· .etronomera h•• e 10 ..ork with.
    bard thine- to do; the dlmeult part Is to             clent and .turdy moton of tod.,.                          So I.boratory leientlsta let out to ftnd
    keep the loond record In Itep with the                    And, Ipe.kl ng of mo re ell'eeli.e toola, I        the C.UI .. of the.. undulred grid cu r·
     pleture--"Iynchrolllu" lound .nd Icena.               think It 11'111 be permllilble to tell you            rents, .nd gredulilly, over. period of •
     No.. th.t .. ord ".ynch ronlsc" II m.de up            I(lmethlnr of • brend ne,. too1-or tub&- yur or more, ellminl ted them one by one.
     of • couple of Greek words me.nlng "time"             which h .. JUlt been deyeloped In th e Isb· The tunlt ".1 I ne. . . .cuum tub_ne
    .nd "toKather", and for quite a .. hlle th"            orstorlu It Schen«tady. It m.y be diffi-              eaUed the F. P. 54 Pllotron by the enei-
     bu.lnell of euctly .ynchronll ing the "oiee           cult to ICe the connection bet""f'n thl. new neere-whieh will measure cunentl of •
    .nd the pleture W'I . 11 Greek to the people           vacuum tube and the fractlon.1 honepo ..er hund redth of a millionth of ... hllllonth of
     who tried It. And It Isn't 10 ellY .1 It              motor-.nd, In truth, the connection Iin't .n .mpere. Thll'. a fructlon for you; Ita
     lound., either. tlere'l In ellperlmen! th.t           either direct or obvioul. Dut v.euum tubn              numerator ..ould be one, .nd III denomln.·
     will Iho"ll" you one reuon why It I,n't eu,..         hIVe helped UI to do 10 many new thing.;               tor one with 1'1 ,,,,rn .. rt"r It.
        Step out on tha front ta .. n .ome dlY .nd         It ..on't be long hdora they are le"ing                  It'. diMeult to picture numhers Ilk, t h.t..
     dr... t,.o circles. Suppose ,ou r.$1ened              every branch of engineering. Ju et to Illus·           Suppose we try to get It In more flmll l. r
     one end of • lI ..e·foot I trlng to ••tlke and        trate: Electrle motorl hllve e lot of 1rOn             terml. Tho cun,nt th.t ftow. throuch th.
     then, holding the Itrlng tight, "liked .n             In thei r m.keup. The doctor pull Iron
     around the .tlke. Than repllce the five·               In medicine for .Ick people to gin th e m                        (Cont inued 011 pile 218)
198      The Jow"lIat oj Electrical Worker8 and OperatoTs   A pril, 19St


              PEAK OF
April, 19St                                         The JQur1!{fl of E lectrical WOI'kers and Operator8                                                                    199

                                                                                                                          -:= ;- =;:::::: ••

      George Algllr, 0/ /Jdroit      l.<Icul SA',   ,,,"d.   'Ti~  • cheerful sign in our troubled d.y.                       'U_ 'l4 _~Th "     Ol e FOllr"-'lS-'l6
ill t..,o ,",or,   01 IIi. Jt';eel,.. balltJdr. '"' of         That our strll nd~ Ihip wll\ be kept from
til .... about tI•• /)014,,' /)o/. ·/u. 'lIlt... III                  linkin',                                         You'v" Ilrobllbly read the .tor y
... ,.. II.. lIop.. it teiJl /I,/p to IH'P III' rOlli' 01    F(l r I('gi81l1tlvt bodi~s lire rec(ln alderinfl; their     0' "Th. Shot Heard 'Round the World":
tI•• (Itll.,. bo.... 11'.'1/ 11110. to IOU til. 0'"                   waY!l                                            'Twil for the sllke 0' "Old Glory,"
                                                                                                                         lin toldt 0' liberty fint unfur l~d.
II«!r, (appro/mo/., G,org', bill          i'
Oil Old .';1I"dll Ckou.I till Illter tolAr" It ",ill hi
                                               ,-Git ~"d
II., ou /IInllll tit. WClIl Strnt Stock flcn...•
                                                                Arrd wilh great (orelight let th('lr mind.
                                                                      II-think In';
                                                                                                                       Now Ihota are 0' va rl ou! klndl,
bin., ttlt', /til'" it if iI" "0/ fo o         /"ft,. /"     The "Yellow Dog" ext~rminlltlon II a grelt                  None were de~lltned tor me:
1/"     ""ollti", _                                                deed,                                               Wh~n once I had hilif • onf!,
                                                               For which we offer our Ilncer~U thllnh;                  The . top light 1 f.lled to .~.
            The n,,' ,,'ul Do'''...·..   nlu ~,
                                                             Our urgent need to help UI IU~eed,
Reading th rough the WORXDI,                                   " to w~ed that bel.t out of our own                     Hut life n~1 be made mello ....
'Where, "there', , laugh or two,"                                  r.nkl!                                                Alonl:' with other thlnfl1l:
1 c:hllnced 10 rnd II s m.1I hudline                                                    ABE GLICK.                     If . holl agrf1! with th~ Olher f ello,""
Thlt aHm. to          0,
                       thinn 1Irl! nol .ublim~
Some of the boy. ra"flot pay their duet!.
                                                                                        L. U. No.3,
                                                                                       New York City
                                                                                                                         I , hare th " ple",ure It him bring •.

 And bec-.ute or lhll are (ull of the blu.s                                                                            ,'ou·..e hellrd. "('omln' 'Round the Mountain."
So t.k. thil tip from me right no ....,                                      Wh a t &l a ku   a .' Ioll ul                That racy click 0' the rail:
JUIl .it down .nd write .. lin ••• nd how!                                                                             Oth('u .1,,0. I'm not doubtin'-
 And ",nd It to our column.                                         If you .... ke up in the mornlnr,                     "("..~y Jono", "The F lllt M.i!."
Thf-n Whf-n you _ your word. In print,                           'Cau_ tbe b.by won't ke-ep stili;
 You'l Jump dlht up .nd do • ap rlnt                            And lind the IIrti aren't burning.                     Out 'tlan't ahot. sonK. or !ltGry.

 Tlm~. will      _I'll
    Around the city hili
                     tG ~ b.,ltn IKlln.
 Wheth~r it .now. or wh~thn It r.ln l
                                                                  And yOU feel a little 111:
                                                                      Oon't blame tbe b.b,.
                                                                    If you are feeling like . . .rou~h,
                                                                                                                         We need ao much tod.y.
                                                                                                                       "or~ Importllnt th'lI I.me or glory
                                                                                                                         Wne factto to _pe. k and aI,:
 Soon we'll b., b.ck to work IIK.in.                                     A!I you dftu In • told hou.w;
    Long ~tor~ next fall .                                          Ir your wille .Iept on • rouch,                    "Pro,perlty', on the raill .1I;.l n ";
 00 not gel the dot~ful blu~ ••                                          Beclluse you came in .... ith • sou&@;          Btttn nnl, could not be .. id;
 Nor Iluah alon .. In your . hoes.                                           Don't bl.me the I.dy.                     "Sh,,', .Imply brlltlln' with ate.m"
 But Ifut yourHlf to II .well Kood t1m~,                                                                                 And th"",',, no "to p light she.d.
JUlt alt down .nd write Ihn IIn~,                                   If you h.vfn't employment,                                                   JACK IIUNTD,
 To our I.ugh . heet Mllor.                                              And you do not get the br""h:                                             Loc.I U. No. 68
 He will put your nllme In print,                                   It you cannot plly the rent,
 Make you ttel Ilk~ dolnK thllt " ulnt                                   Then 111 lel1 you that'..... h.t m.ku
    Around the dty hall.                                                     Any m.n • lIo.ter.                           '1l01l1 Ii"" fl)r caal)t.\.. r ...rI. caoo,,! !II...
 And whlll! you're In your K .... nl bill: ru~h.                    II you h,vl! the knllCk to wire,                   /f"IIItOII- IM. /I flolIJlrt/ 811011,,11. !o ",cah Ai",
 Full of bunco. full of gu.h.                                            Many thing$ you have not       ~~~n;          bludl     """,,141      011., Jobl
 People will look .t you Ind UY.                                    If you hav., a great deaire,
 There's n ~y dr. wing IOm~ pllY.                                        .'or expe r ience. keen.                                           " l.In emt n "
 I gueu I'd bftter follow him.                                                ne a traveler.
 11\"'1 full of RinKer, pl"p lind 'I'll'll.                                                                             You've h~ard men pr.be the buoe. bold,
 Soon you'n /:1"1 to Iud II 1I000k,                                 I(you h.v~n 'l got a c.r.                           You've hurd of championl. young .nd old:
 But ke-ep your Ifl<'ret. do not .hod.                               Try "Malter.on', Ratt ling Freight;"              'T'he tt.TI of the 'IIKt .nd IIcel with wlnp
 The hord~1 Ihllt follow on                                         Your grH:n elrd will llIk~ you hr,                  G~t • b.lIyhoo for dllTerent thins •.
 Ke-ep on Itolng It your mad P'T\".                                  Union brukietr are fiTit rat~:
 Soon you11 lind youfll(!it tUf- to f.Cl'                                To • union m.n.                               But what of tht man who tlTe. for the
 Wilh som~ wf-lI-p.yln, Job.                                                                                               wlrn
                                                                    If you t.n .... ire up .ny job,
 Then you11 be ,bl., to look back and I'Y                                                                              Who we.ra the apurl .nd handles th., plleu!
                                                                      Witb th~ stuff thaI', handed oul:
 "Thinks to the Inlplrsllon of thllt d.y                                                                               S.y what you will of all famoUi poaltlonl,
                                                                    Push • bit .nd drive. knob,
 I a.w my n.me In print;                                                                                               Uut don't fo r get the oUliide eleoetricianl.
                                                                      Then. ~g.d, 1 h.ve nO doubt,
 Thil il wh~", I do .nolhl!r aprln t                                      You11 mike. wirem.n.
    Around the city h.lI.                                                                                              Th~H   rough-neoeked .lIent men of the polH.
 111 ch'lM! ..... Y the Doleful 1)01~·1~.. Blu~.                 If you'r., lucky you11 get hi",d,                     TI,~,. luv~ ll,~ liunwith .. 11 their .... ul.;
 Until I have no sol" I~rt on my Ih~.                              Work quite well until you're tiN'd:                 ~'it tnk for .nltf!ls up In the Ikle ••
    If it t.ke. until next f.n."                                 When the job b .Imost .... ired.                      They brln, from "e.v~n alluring ey~•.
                            G",RCI ALGA.,                          You will be the first one llred,
                        ~.I Nil. 68, D"lr ..it.                        1 know very well.                               HC' re's to the lin~men that you all know,
                                                                                W ...LnR If. J1t:.NllIl rCK.           ~'orenr in triumph thei r n.me will Slo .. ;
                   n . 1I 011, Victory!                                                      L. U. No. 7,              The men who comtnil'lgle with eleoetric l ines
                                                                                     Now in Portlsnd. Me.              On Ihe cr o.. ·armed f or nt lI:iant plnn.
 ( Dedicated to the No r d. Anti-injunction                    ,> R. 'T'hi~ i ~ a helluvea pl.ce. ISUA LL                                      J Ollrf F. M A8TZJ180lil.
                    Bill)                                    GO WES T SOON. aM SOiNg Too hOc:Kthil                                                  I nternatlon.1 Dlrke_
A glorious triumph hili . t lut been won;                    MACh l nE ! i'T' dOntr IT e GooD no MOre
   A soal n.ched th.t hll long been craved                   wh h.
       {o r :                                                                                                                                  Wln chu
It heralda brl,htly tile II.pprOllch ot dawn,
   Removing the ev il. of the day. of yo re.
                                                                                    It. nad Erro r
                                                                                                                         A contrattor over        .t the new lib ra r y w ••
                                                                 The lending lady lin d the electrlchlTl had           telling about tending one ot h i, hi red help
 Labo r'. , trugllln, ell'o r h o f yea .. lone by            r. Uen out. A mutual friend WBi inqulrlnli:              out to borrow II wjn~h f rom anothe r co n-
   n .. v" cv",,, .t lut to • ,u~~e..f ul                    t h" ~ .. II.e.                                           lo' .. do ,· lind thit hired help clime b llck three
         termln,tlon;                                            " Well:' said the electrlcllln, "you leI It           hourI later wilh a t r uck full of " wlmml n"
 ~hn at the rtln. hurd their p.lntul ~'Y,                    WI. this wa y. The Itllge was all dark and                and Innocently ~ .. Id: "I brou li:ht .Iong leV-
   And acted p rompl~d wl l h .ympllthriic                   • h, asked for 'tigbt!' lin d I thought Ih., .. Id        crill .0 yl)u coul d p ick ou t on~."-M l)n I Som •
         COn.Muliion.                                        'lighlt'."                                                l· r y New ..
  200                                         The Journal 0/ Electrical Workers and Operators                                                 A pril, 19S2

   L U. NO. 7 , S PRINCFIE LD, MASS.                                                                         The" w.teh tbis space In tbe hlure, for I'm
   Editor,                                                                                                   coming up with a complete description.
                                                                              R E AD                                                      J. E. 1I0It~1!:
      In fuding .orne of my pall JOlm:U.... 1
   haplH!ne-d to rla.::e OYer the March, IIllO.             Word in       ti ma lI'res regre t., b,.
   'uue and N!ad Praident Broach's eommentl,                   L. U. N o. 508.                                   L. U. NO. 22, OMAHA, N EB R .
   "Only Cod Know.," and another hud!!ne                    J a d. D .. m pu,,. i, .. nt e rta in ed, b y
  .aying, "Begging, eolIing and Ple.dlng,"                      L. U. N o. 4 0 1.                              Editor:
   and here we are in !abreh, 1932, and condl-              P o w e r in , tr.aml a nd the w e lfara             At • • peelal election hcld recently memo
  tiona do not ~m to be changed_till the                        o f th .. p eople, b y L . U . No. 77.         bers of Local No. 22 elreted ths followin!."
  ume old pleading.                                         Ma ehin .. pr od uction a nd th. hom e             omcers: Du.ineu m.ns(l1!r, H. P. Mltehell:
                                                                ma r k .. t , b,. L . U . No. 292.             pfi'.ldent, GUll Lllw,on; vice presIdent, J. i'
     If you would han told the majo rity of the
   Brothers they could nick It out for nearly               Who s h a ll p a,,? b" L U. N o.                   Moore: r«ordin&, tt'Cretary, Leiter Ih.rmon;
  two years with lhele hud times, they WQuid                   474.                                            tn1asurer, Stanley Zika; exeeutiv. bolrd,
  taulth at you, but they _m to be doing It                W a t e r pow e r fa c h , b y L . U. N o.          George Norquilt, Joe Bremken, James Cun-
                                                              23 0 .                                           nlnJth.m Ind Joe Beran.
  and .till going alon, and at.ylng good union
  m!'n with the help of their Brother membetll.            In th .. n a m e of effie ie n cy, by L . U.          The "ew omcerJ find Local No. 22 .ell
     One of the ~uli.r lhin/i:1 about the de-                 N o. 2 2.                                       orpnized, due to untlrinr etTortl of put
  prellion I. that no reaponaibl0 agency, aalde            An ot h e r o ld. tim er r e turn s, by            omeers and with help of the 1. O. Local
  (rom org.nb:ed labor, appears to conllider                  L. U. N o. 3 0 3.                               No. 22 has .dv.nct'd. The m.n.ger now h..
                                                           A leite r a ppr o pria t e to the y.a r ',         a private omce In an uptown ome. building,
  the lituation in itl proper .ize.
                                                              te . .on, b " L. U. N o. 125.                   when thoM! wishing to He him don't h.ve to
     The emergency II • war .bed emerl:ency,
  yet the government and Industry itKIr eon·
                                                           F ightin g w ale e u lt, by L . U. No.             push thei r ... ay through a pack ot aoah and
  tlnue to look upon lind delll with the .ltulI-              26, Ir0v.rnm. nt br a n e h .                   mooehera. The omce It.elf Is brought more
                                                           Fort Willi a m re po r h , by L . U .              up-to-date. A member', rec:o rd, time card,
  tion u though it we re Hltle more thnn a                    No. 339.
  normal experience throURh which we mu~t                                                                     wage, ea rned, promptneBi In payi ng dUel,
                                                           Th e uni o n a nd er itid l m , by L . U .         employe r'. complaint, If .ny. etc., .re
  pau to anothe r equally normal but more                     No. 130.
 plclillAnt one.                                                                                              Ivallable In.lanU,. t o t hose entitled 10 the
                                                           Balla d of Ye Rata, by L . U. No.                  Information.                             ..
     The depression Is an emergency of the                    595.
 mOlt .cute kind. It I. . . g reat .. the wfl.r                                                                  Th. mcmbership hili kept .breast with the
                                                           Steady on th e th ro ttl. with m ea,_              times Judging from the number that fre-
 emergency an d it .hould call forth the .. me               ure d ad"lIn ce f o rwa rd, lind
 kind of enormous and unltw. etTo r !.                                                                        qutnt the reading room, of the Y. 111. C. A,
                                                                r ..,pon,ibla I.ad e rlhi p--                .nd publie libr.ry, and the t:rchange of tech·
     Then-with an the talk we an! hearln" and                        th e . a I. tten cre at ..
 reading about the enormoul lums to be                                                                        nlcal mllgazinel .mong lublcriblng members.
 .pent fo r relief, if they will only pau it In
                                                                                b op•.                       The Smith-Hugh" ..oc.tlon.1 el"lea       .re  up
 the Senate an d Congres_we know the dif-                                                                    to quota.
 ferent parties will Irgue among t hemlel ..n                                                                    The journeymen of I.ocal r-I' o. 22 are all
 fo r fear one will get more c redit th"n the                                                                 lIeented electrlcl.n. and there hal been •
                                                            Now a few rem.rka In regard to our-              daute In our by-III"" for yea"" gufllranteelng
othen, not wo rrying about the poo r fellow             HIves: Local 18, al I, prt!valent everywhere,
 who II waiting l or the goo d newl th at he                                                                 our work. All In a ll Local No. 22 hall been
                                                        know, t be panic lion, and It hili been on           built up to a point where It can do buslnelll
 will be .ble to &,0 b.ek to work.                      lo r a Ion&, time, y.t tber. II n othing we can
     A, I WIIS u.ying In my Feb ruary letter                                                                 In a buslness·llk!! .... y. Looking It Il f rom
                                                        do lbout it. W. h.... ou r quota of unem'            on. angle, I'd lay thlt we art • lItt l. t oo
abou t the axe, It lurely haa hit the m.Jorlty
of the building trad_tha plumbers, paint-               played member. and w. also han Ie,.enl               far in .d,..nce of the proc:eulon. I n our
era, carpenters .nd hoiltlng engineers h ....e          traveling Brothen, .nd w. are tf)"lnll: to          etTort' to org.nl" the men .ctu.lly doing
ae<:epted a t.o do lla r . day cut, but 10 far          keep our head. abo,.• •ater lIntil thinca pick      electrlc.l .ork we nC&,lected one group of
 we hlote ."Idell the old axe. I think It II            up. We.re doing what w. IUPPO" e,.ery-               the electric.l Indust"., tha elec:trkal con·
right ar~und the cor ner, but lh. boYI laugh           one else il t r"inl to do--maintain our condi-        tr.ctor. Tod." •• lind thue conditions In
.hen "OU talk about a cut. They want to                 tions.. The cry I. for a reduction in .age',         hi' field: Unfai r competition h •• grown
know .hat they an roln&' to eut 1                       fro ... the U. S. Go,.ernment ri&"bt on doWll        until It', almo.t a cue of trading dona" to
    Quite a few of the boYI w.re lucky In ,et.         the line to th. Im.1I manufacturer, but It II        do business. The ret.llln&, of eleetric m.·
ting in • fc. d.,.. on • big he job on the             our buain_ to try to keep .hat we han.                terl.l .nd appliancc. h •• palled to the
m.l n street--one buildln .. th.t . ill h ue to            Brother Broach ,i,.el UI a-ood, 10glc.1 .tull'   dnl&', hard .... re and dime Itora.         R.dlo
bel built up again .. th ey don't a Uo. ".,            in hi, co ... mentl In neh luue of ou r JOUI-        .torea engage In wiring and repaln. Elec·
It.tlonl .nd parking pl'cel on mai n I t reet.          1<14~ood food fo r thought-it wc will JUlt          trlc water cooler •• Ic. cre.m cont.lners,
Th. I ..t fou r fi res •• had In Springfield .e        take the plllni to read It. T hcre are p lenty       gasoline pump', neon Ilgnl, clocka, .m.1I
figu red on for lome work, but th.,. .ere torn         o f good leltera from all over the country,           rep.ln .nd malntenanc. of oftkea .nd fac-
doWll .nd m.ds Into pa rlldnr Ipacel, 10 we            wr itten by ac ribta .ho are on the ground           tory are done by h.ndy-men. Of COune,
are hopingllOmething rc.1 coed turnl up be-            .nd .ho know th. condltlonl. U one wanta             under ... rlten' ruin are .. lol.ttd and .... '11
fo rs lonl with th. coed old Ipring d.YI hs",          to know condition. In a certain localit" he          pay for thil I.l.er with hlgh.r fire Inturance
In • Ibort time.                                       Ihould communicate .ith the B('Cretary of            rate, but .t present the dty ordln.ncel
    Brothers, I am open for coITeetion at 1111         the loc.1 In that p.rUeul.r diltrict. It would       .hlch are ,uppond to gunrn Just lOch con·
tlmtt, for wa 1111 make mlltakea no. and               laV. many beart&eh.. and moch expense It             ditlon, are breaklne doWll, due to no con-
theD.                                                  tbil course would be followed by tholl who           certed etTon to tel that they . re properl,.
                                                       would like to mo ..e.                                enfotted.
                                                           I had • lctter from m" good friend. the              It I. to the belt interell of the local that
                                                       scribe in Atlantic City. He .uggested that I         the National Aaaoeiation of Electr.glitl
L. U . NO. 18, LOS ANGELES, CALIF.                     gin. desc:r1ption In my letter to the JOUR-          ~ure a better repruentltlon In Om.ha;
Edito r :                                              1<141. of • radiul of 26 miles around Lol            th.t the local chapter, th r ough publicity,
  Af ter an abHne. 01 lOme four yeart from             Anll'eleB. I haven't the l)ermb~lon for IIp.ce       Inform and !!dueate the public wh y a con·
thu. eolumnl, I araln break Into print, bav_           at this wr iting but w\l1 conault our .ocretlry      tracto r with yean of experience In hll line.
ing .een my good {rlend and f,l1o. Kribs,              .nd Editor for the JOUlltfAL, Brother Bugnla-        I, to be p referred to one with little or no
Brothe r n aehle, return (.nd with my com-             set, for eald apace. I have. friend workln&"         knowledge of electric wi ring.
pllmentl ) . To u.,. th.t •• were ple.led to           In Sitka, Alask.. lI. telll m. there II a Lol            The vtecutlve bo.rd of the E lect ric League,
He him b.ek . g.l n .ould be putting It                Angel" city limit I[gn POlt Iii. miles outl[d.       a body compoud of tho.. englged In the
mildly, 110 plene &,i ... UllOm. old t lmll I t UtT.   thil northern outpost, 10 It can readily b.          eleclrie.l Indultry In the cit", Ihould ...,k
Brothe r Bachle.                                       .een ... hat territory 1 sh.1I have to cover.        m.mbe rship In tha Omaha Cbamber of Com-
April, 193!                                   The JournoJ of Electrical Workers and Operators                                                               201
meree, the only place where lome of their                 afte r these "hi-jack~re" of American free-        Congreu, what co uld the laboring men do If
troublu can be eo lved.                                   dom, better known !II the Anti Saloon              t hey became thoroughly orgnnized 1 It men
   Another (lction which will re~u1t In the               League, and the Hurd. of bigotry and in-           become devoted and Interested in a CI'IU"
mutual benellt ot those eoncern.,<1 i. t., en·            tol er!lnce who run that organization lind tho     that really meane something to thlir \L VII,
large t he scope oC activity of the two grlev·            government, too! The~e gUlfdiane of the            in~tead of ~haBing r ainbows with other o r-
anee committees. In place ot meeting only                 welfare and moral s of the American people         ganlution_ whl~h don 't help the working·
on occaslona when wage cuts are to be                     a re forever preaching. the do-etrine of "Hal-     ma n belter hi. financial status, it would
conaldued. they Bhould meet periodically to               lowed he Thy nAmp," bllt wh~n it romp_~ to         ercata a feeling of comradeship amon" all
di scuu other matters of political and co-                the financial doctrine they hllve got both their   worken, and In the toune of time a lot ot
ope rative nature.               JOIL Bm"N.               hand s and fe('t In the trc".ury of the U. S.      thil "Ineaky teeling" would be eliminated.
                                                          aod the Cunny part b that they get !lway               You know If we win thi s battle agalnat
                                                          with it. The Anti Saloon League is not             pay euh in the iovernment service, It will
L. U. NO. 26, COVERNMENT BRANCH                           worried about how the working mD.n lives,          make U I boya here at the ya r d quite happy.
 NAVY YARD, WASHINGTON, D. C.                             nor dOl1:! it contribute any moral suppo rt for     It will give UI a weapon to work with In
Editor:                                                   the cauae of organbed labor. Anyone with           secu ring IIddltional members, not only hera
   To a ll memhl:on of the 1. 6 . F.. W., thl"            an iota of common aen.e knowl that th e            lo-eally, bu ~ every meehanit In the fede ral
appea l t. Hnt out as members of o rganl~ed               millions of dollars appropriated every year        lervlce won't have a leg to stand on when
lahor to join In the I\ght which la about to              by Congre!! at the behest of these long-           he I, approached by the organizera of the
he ataged here In Washington, O. C., In re_               haired morons Is dlslustlng. Maybe when            varl ou8 tr.d.... It', pitiful here at the yard
gard. to the government's proKtam to alath                Congress does cut our pay, it will turn tbe$t       for the electrical workers who, sbove a ll
w'lI"ea of all ita employees. Through the d·              laving" over tor the entorcement of • grand        olher lr.o.Ita here, ahould be at leut 90 per
forta of Preaident of the Am erican F edera-              and gloriou. "noble uperiment." You know           cen t organ Iud, and It II abo mOTe pitiful
tion of Labor William Green and the Bon.                  In the long run the people .re really to           to the union electrlelan whose money II
Fiorello LaGua rdia, representing the Con-                blame for _tanding by Idly lind grumbling          lpent to create a good wage standard here
ertlslo nal Dist riet of g reater New Yo rk, and          about their condition.. "The people deserve         Ilnd the non -union men g1lt the same bena-
hi. worthy associates, they have manhalled                the government th ey get," III a t r ue aaying,     fila. It it were not for the wage data col-
their fon:ea together and have preyented for              and thill prohibition buaine.. II paralleled       lected from union Ihops on the outside to
the time being that vieiou. and un-American               only to the labor movement. If the average          present to the nevy wage board a few yean
legillation from beroming II law.                         workmen in thia country would orglniz, and          ago, Ihe elulridan hera It th, yard would
   What don it mean to you boy. on the Oul-               become affiliated with lome trade organiza-         ha ve mo re to worry about than what hil
sIde? You may think It doesn't mean any-                  tion , they might get lomewhe re in their           due. would coat him by I:/elonging. They a1ao
thing. Wel1 , It may not at the p reHnt time,             everydllY struggle for existence. But, no,          mUlt bear in mind that union shops weren 't
but i t tM. h.... i. to be.:ome eff«ti ... e by the        they GO driftinir for themselves, and what         compelled to live U5 their standard waie,
gove rnment It will be a "ign.1 for a coneen-             are the r e.!lulh! No one I;'ten. to them,          Something to think aboutl
tr.ted effon on the part of those who are                 and they become eo Imbued wilh the idea                Well, more about the wage bill nut month,
honne to organbed labo r in general, which                that they un handle their own affai rs with-        If r have enough ink.           TOM CRANN.
meanl in turn you may be th. nut t.rlPl                   out Iny ouh!ide Il.!islslanee that you hllve an-
for a drastic ,...ge re ... lsion downward, to            other indiffer ent force that i. on ly working
                                                          against itself.                                       L. U. NO, 28, BALTIMORE, MD.
,atlsly the "m.dnes~ of economy," .nd the
st upid ity of some of the le.den In Congreu                  If an outfit Ilke the Anti Saloon League       Edito r :
tn nlgain for the country itl economic                     can dietate to and doml nllte the American           Yea, si r ; 1... U. No. 28 is .!It ill on the map,
normality.                                                                                                   but ~ae nothing In parlieula r to boatt of,
   Thanks to the American Federation of La-                                                                  and If I gue.. right no other local clln Bly
bor Ind that little fighting l talilln from New                                                              much more. However, it there are a ny who
York Cit)', who is fonver fight\n, for or-                                                                   ean offer any good sllg~e.stions which hll"',
ganized labor in Cong~u, that they, In Ipite                                                                 been tried lino! vr.,y"" ...ce"...lul I do wlllh
of the unorganized employee. in the federel                                                                  you would publish them in the book. At
.ervice, who are generally ag.iul any                                                                        prelent we aTe working on an experiment
union alllllation., can 5tep in and ahow thue                                                                such aa St. Lou[. hili had in effect the p .. t
unorganlud group~ where they nre wrong                                                                       18 month. By the .... sy, St. Louin, why
In their attitude when it come. to "Wh.t                                                                     don't you .erihe a leUer in and tell UI how
ean 111bor do 1"                                                                                             well your agreement i!l doing!                 Brother
    I..abor hili done plenty for Ihe federal                                                                 Biereu ex plained liS bow you were the flnt
"'<i.I...,r .".<1 11,~ b.".l.,fih lie or ahe I. now re-                                                      Or th e pi oneer. 1\ "reat many of ou r boYft
ceiving come through the effortl ot o rgan-                                                                  !lfe on relief and a very few working to IU P-
Ized labor, an d if thil pay reducing bill Is                                                                port the relief. 1 ~urely hope the el«tion h
ever to become a law, the blame will relt en-                                                                soon over. Somebody uid that would lettle
Unlly upon the ahoulders of the employ...                                                                    the whole qucltlon.
who refule to join any organlution that \I                                                                      Baeh le, the fellow!! u.w you r letter re-
amilited with the A. F. of L. Every dollar                                                                   garding Mt. Roy!!1 Avenue and It bring.
the union man contributes to orl{anl~d labor                                                                 back old memories. O'Malley i, in St.
lR In Inaurance on a decent standard ot Ii... -                                                              Joseph', Hospital at present-hsd hi. ap·
lng, and how weI] we employeel in the gov-                                                                   pendix remo ...ed.
ernment se rvice know it! The time wll\ 800n                                                                    Our $3,O()O.Oo() postolllce job is jUllt about
be he re when the go,·ernm~nt employee wl1\                                                                  completed end, hoy! what a gang coming off
wake up lind realize his debt of obligation to                                                               We have plenty .kates in this town Ind a
 the union men and women and b«ome one                                                                       few bIg Job •.
of a gigantic force that atand$ for true                                                                        r see eome of the scribes are sympdhldng
 Americanism and a decent wage for the                                                                       with Brothera Broach and Hogan . I don'l
 American workman.                                                                                           suppose there II anything to worry about,
    AI anyone with common aenae know8. the                                                                   only to hope the eourts don't ('IIUII8 too
 I\nllncllli condition of the U. S. Treuu r y l_                                                             much money to be Ipent in their favor, at
In quite a "pickle." Are Un cle Slim'. work-                                                                 our members throughout the eountry cou ld
eu, th r ough their meagre aalarl es, forced to                                                              u.e it bcuer for food and dothlng, and if
contriLule It.~ir ~lo .. r" to reilnburu the                                                                 wllrk do"~n't Mlln ~tArt thA nffirp,rll will h,
 Treuury for ita shortcomings?                   If our                                                      out working with tools.
 .alarie, are cut, what aaving does the aver·                                                                   But that doesn't have anything to do with
 age t01l"-payer make! Nothing, tor the aim-                                                                 who wll\ embalm the last undertaker .
 plo 1'Ca!lon that Unde Sam would IIlV' ahout                                                                   I _u ppose everybody relld in Ihe papen
 enough to lend a few more eommi .. lons over                                                                where Govern or Ritchie received a bum rat-
 to Europe to IQuander it in the everlMtlng                                                                  ing In all 10 points in hi~ questio nnaire.
 hope that we can do away with navlell and                                                                    Now you can Bee he i8 a big eorporation
 armlu,                                                                                                      mlln, hllnd~hnk!ng with WaIL Street , and hil
    tr Congre.. Is really li ncer s in Itl cffortl                                                           picture buy. the women's vo tes.
 to get t he cou ntry out of its pre~ent mus,                                                                   GOlh, bU1 we have been huving lome p re-
 and to re'tore a liUle pro~perity once more,                                                                war m~elings-a full house always-a nd the
 why do they go digging into the envelopu                       nON. FIOlml, T,o n . l ,aGUAHDlA             only thing mining il the old 86loon to ilt
 ot fedenl employees! Why don't they go                           ItcprC lK' ntallve 'ro",   N~w   \'ork.    .. co ul'l~ (lfl~n.
 202                                          Th e J ournal      0/ Elecll'ical lVo/'ke,.s and Operator,Q                                               April. I!JS2

     Well, I don't ... nt to take Lip time handing            The family return. from chu rch. the                  Only 37 )'t'lirB old, yet he hili left .. hl,h
 out the wind .nd thert II nothlnl' Import.nt             thea t re, or lfI'ange to nnd dinner woked In            mark in msnhood for snyone to alta In.
 to write about, un1", I wrote ou r new                   sn sutomatlc electric range, Ind ready 10                                              O. F. WII.l.18.
 .,~ement .. of M.rch 1. and that would                   be It'....ed. An IP:llletric fan ke<l!pI the kiuhen
 lill the enc,.e1opedi., H he ... goe.ll.                 clear of cooklnr fumes snd hut                               L. U. NO. 125, PORTLAND, OREC .
                                                             ThIP: psil luapended In the OJ>f'n "'fll il no
                                                          longer n«HUff; t hIP:1_ have an electric rIP:-           .:ditor:
                                                          frigulltor, and then at nil::hl the electric                                Whl l t le of Willow
      L. U. NO. 4 1, B UF FALO, N. Y.                     light.
                       A re Yo u ?                           The radio brln~ the voice of the lin,er.                  wandered today to the bank of the river,
                                                         the sta tumln, acientiat, snd uplorer to                      I IIIW the bin" fiying and heard the ~
    Arr you an active mf!m~rt                             thei r home.                                                   hum.
    The kind th.t', liked ao well.                           Su~l y, the enginur. bulldlP:d bettcr than                ~aw .11 of nature. the bountiful giver,
    Or ar.   ),011   just contented                      they knew. Thil is thIP: modern Arcadia that                  A. well with the promiae of bt'lutiu to
    With the button in your ll1p..J!                     has not ~n d... stroyed by thue yenrs of                       come.
    00 you attend the mnllnl(~                               Thou!llln(1I of WIljl't'·lP:llrnCn lind theh              strolled to lome willow. with          leavn just
    And mingle with the tlnt'k.                          {.. ",iiiel lira hunlCry; 80"'11 would lI li rv. If It          unfolding
    Or do you Ria), lit home                             we re not fo •• weet charity, but to thoH who                 And tinting wit h greenl1l'U           the brown
    To erl t ldu an d kMek.                              have diligently nt tended lhll night ~thool of                  earth behind.
                                                         dep rc~!ion t hHO comeR M new hope--the
                                                                                                                       broke off II branch IInd_wift          vilions be·
    Do YOLI taka an activI! IJlITt                       Ii{('ht of n new da)'-II ~!ay that wlll not                      holdl ng-
    To he lp the work !thillit'.                         P"ss IIway.                                                   Its biU~r ~wt'et ~e n t brOlll/ h t   the   pll~t    to
    Or lI,e YOII satlslled                                   Pr.rhltps th .. engineers Afe not viewing                    my "lind.
    To be Ihl! ki nd t hat JU"t "B E LONG"!              this problem III an I ndili n f"ring a wste r·           A quirk    j(1"llP~tl of boyhood. he".t bounding
                                                         fnll, bot lit tho~e who '"1111,.• t hat thero I,                in aprinll' life,
    Do you eve r go to vlal t                            nlways profit In 8('rvlc....                                  A nrellm and the willow8-thr memoriet
    A Drothe r that i, l ick,
    Or In"e the work to n fe ....
                                                             It is quita evident that Stone A WebBte r                   fl,_
                                                         int.ere~h liTe "tllk ing m~MUl'i!nlentl" as they         ~ome      plllnRlIIklng I .. bo r with t1'1'!uu r ~d old
    And then talk .bollt the rlique'!                    did at Snoqualmie yell .. IIJlO. They encour-                   jackknife.
                                                         IIge thllir employeel to Join the union snd                   In joy of a~hievement my whiltll' I blewl
    Thue'. quite II pro~r.m IICheduled                   become prominent in Iu acU ..!tl". They
    Thal I'm 'Un! you've hell,d about,                  11150 maintain II rllCrelition ump on the                 Then !ped my life batlrwar<t, I threw off
    And we'll appreciate it If you, too.                sho rel of a like .. here bollt.. furnished                   todaynell,
    Will ~me up and ht'lp u, out.                       cabi ..., a dance hall: IIkht lind fuel are frff             found II Irim brllnch and I cllrved il with
                                                         to all their employee. from the pruldenl to                    ('aN!.
    So come 10 mHtinKs oft~n                             the poleman, and the ,,"('retary to the                  In     relu'Si'nt     boyhood       laugho.><!   out      In
    And h~lp u. with hand lind hellrt.                  ..ae.... ey .., E ..ery one m~tll on the IlAme                   pyneu
    Don't JUlt be a member                              1000iai Inel. Their rity foremln .ald to thl~                  When Ihrilly my .... hlatle cut       ~hrough       tht'
    Bllt take an IIdiYe part.                           write r not lon/l: altO thllt he would .. Iher                  apring air.
                                                        hllve an older worker than a younk mAn:
    Think thll oyer, Brother.                           the younr mlln II futer. but the older man                 !lilt on the bank and I whiul .. d another-
    You know right from wrong                           mllkea fewer falle move., and then the wil'                The skilled art of boyhood eame back to
    Are you an actiye ml'mber                           dom. ~·wiJI , ateadlu!neM. and loyalty of                      nly hand.
    Or do you jUlt BF: I,ONGf                           those who have apent yean at buildinr are                 My lot at thlt lime I'd OlIc hsn"e .. ith no
                                                        more vllluable than Ipeed.                                    other.
                                     OTTO HOLUR.            There will. however, bl! even grellter de-             A hsppier heRrt there wu not in the land
                                                        manda upon InduUry In the fu t u re. T he Age             The mllkic that Isy in the voiet! of ran'.
    L. U. NO . 77 , SEATTLE, WAS H.                     limit for n.w employment should equal the                        "'hi~ t le
                                                        Age limit f or penelon.                                    My life in a Ipeil of ct~rnll l youth cut
Ed ito r :                                                  I11du_lry Ihould lellrn from the t'!Cperie nco
    A few yun HItO al time I~ rl'c k(ln('d in the                                                                 My Cllrc! blew aWIlY li ke t he dow n f rom a
                                                        of ou r public achool lind Juyenlle courtl thllt             thlane,
life o f II city the lumber In (Jur homu WII'           1111 backward, Rnd de linq ue nt worke,. IIrl'
in the tret'. of a primeYn l {O rt'lt; the h rick                                                                  The willow wan d held me en t hralled In thO!
                                                        not 8tul)Id or vicioul. They mlly deci de to                 put.
lin d concrete we re In t ht' dny lind !llInd de·       mllintllin II de pllrtment of Illbor on thl'lr
po!it. of our hllb. To t he eillt of St'lIttle          enlCineerlnlt Itll ff.                                    So why ahould tha thought of t he nnt llOnl
In the foothill. of thl' ('RRcllde~ th ere                  Tn t he futur'" t he pu blic will give It I IUp·          in war fare,
rOil red II mounhin clltnrnc t. Snoqullimie             port and Pllt rOllR ge only to thoBe individual.            Or high coet of livi n g brinlC my hurt
 ~'alll.   Word. have nCVt' f fully described the       lind co r porlltion. who maintAin the mOlt                    dismay!
original gTltndeur lind beflU t y of thll Wille r·      efficient 1)'ltem of right deali ng with labo r.          Or why ,hould I fret l or my hOlll1f1 rent (I '
filII. ~'O f ('entu r ie. I ndlnn. hav", gated uJl'On                                  FUNK      Fo\RRANn.            cll rfaref
thi. mountain beauty and 1I'0n'" IIWIlY In ......e.                                                                 I made me a whistle of wmuw 1OdlY! ·
    An enKln~r cam",. 1 IIIW and yiSUaUled
an e leC'trlnl'd dty and ('(Iunt ry lide; took          L. U . NO. 11 3, CO LORADO S P R INCS ,
meuurem",nU and went a .... ay, but ret urned                                 COLO .                                - [Editor's note: A fint' AOIlK, worthy of
with men, money and mll terlal,                         Editor:                                                   wide auention.1
    Today th ltt waterfall, e;IIcept dllring hlrh           We hllvlP: I-ome very .ad new. to relate
wate r I. a. beautiful aa a robln'a n~t after           this month.        One of our contractofl.                   There, Mr, Editor, I've ~n Ind gont' and
the bird. ha ..e nown.                                  Charln J . Steen, received hi, la.t traveler              done it. 1'\11' perpetratiP:d a Iprlng poem!
    Ne.tled on the .horea of a mountain lake            .nd hu gone on to the blr job. II I' wa.                  Now thst it il out of my Iyetem, I think
the re IIY\!1I a family enilaf!'t'(l In the olde.t      a friend In sll th .. t Impll,~ to each and               I Ihall be able to carry on mOn! or 11'11
oeC'uplltion known to man. t illing the 8011            ",vl!ry one of UI, and In thele .tralned time.            normally, ueepting fo r an anticipa tion that
and tending the he rd.. Gray hili de8('ribed            the best f riend th e local hllll had.                    inereues with geomet ric pro, reMlon, until
t heir cta .. In the followlnk IInel:                       "'Chuck" Steen wa. wld~ly known and                   the lattfor part of September, when (D-and
                                                        liked throughout the Brotherhood, I' well                 Wall St.-V) I agai n hit the l rai la on
 ""et not ambition mOl"k thei r uaef ul toll.           I. here in hll own little corner, ml f uner.1             Panther Butte. One of the thingl thst I
  Th",l r homely JOYI and dutlny ob!ICure.              "'1& the largut the Mllllunir l.odlCe hili ever           ilkI' about .prlng la thlt It lea\li,!ll only four
                                                        handled he re.                                            or five monthl to wait until hunting ulllon.
  !'\lor ICrllndeu r ht'llr with dlIJ(hlinful _mile         M a journeymlln lind IlIler a. contractor                1 read in the pi pe r a few day. llgo th at
  The Ihort a nd .im ple IInnllls of the poor!'         ht' IIl wlI)'1 fought for th~ Ilrinciplu o f              Rudy Vallee cllllad upon Praldent Hoover,
                                                        unionilm lind Brotherhood. li e wu one                    Itnd that He r bert l uggested thllt l( udy wr ile
  Thll li fe hili now been chllnged. Tnalnd             o f the few wh o when they becllme boue,                  1t long with prolperity for a them~.          Now
of IonIC hOUri both night An d mo r ning lpen t         did not cha nge .. idlll. Il l' WAI t he blggelt          there'l a thought l or you. Why eln not W        I!
in milking. fall' CO W II la rlCer numbe r Sn!
                       l                                fIIdo r In OU r fight to ltall 01'1' wlige cutl.          luggeu and get CN':d it for IIIIgadou. ideas of
handled In a Iho rt time by lin elect ric               Only II da,. or 10 leu thll n th ree weeks                gre/lt pen picadty! Why, with Vllllee to
powered vacuum miUre r.                                 lif ter hil funoral the relt of the contrlletor~          froon ue bltek to p rospe rity, "Scar -faee AI"
  Wllter under p reuura II delive red to th ...         go t togethe r IIlld .tart('d thlnlr8, of whlrh           to loeate and return th e Colone l'. bllby--oh.
houop lind ba rn by lin ele('t r ir pump.               mort' IlIler                                              yl'l; and Brother Clay ton to sdjuu prohi bl
April,1932                                    The Jou/'JW/ of Electl'ical lVorJ.-erH and Opel'Uto'r s                                                                    203
llun saU.faclorily to .. II co,,~~,',,~d-thl~ ",hi       ,,,,.I.hMII 1I111"Oll,.h ih E" 61er morn who·n,                  Th.. "rh.·, I~ JoIta~ .. d Iv h·"r" th"l
wurld should IJO(In swinl{ back to Itn even              like the lark, WI' .hlll1 scent the buddln!: ro.,'           "lIl1chlp" ,,~ w,,11 M8 the ·· lblJe'· hNY~ ~llt"ned
kH I and live happily ..,ver afttr? It make"             'nd livl' lloo"e the thorn. BUl it wilt 1..-                 "'I' rv r ~IIother year and the i\llIrch WOluu:a
me Ihink of recent lIl'tlvitie!! wllhln Iht'             when man h •• 1('lrnrd to share. "What III'                  hnd ··Bathl ..:· "The Copyist"' and "The Duke"
.llnks of I.oe.l No. 121i. A monlh Or so ago             hIlS frftl)'" given." And fint we mu't t.·nrtl               in r(ltal[ ...", 1111 thru p.ck[ng II bir punch.
• motion Wtl$ mild .. to plllc.. an •••• e~~m .. nl      to thlnlr. I .m looking for the crocll~ .                        I hopc that .\Ionllln. Brothe", lire kelling
ullon th .. working men.b ..... for th .. I.J.cneHt or                               D ... L& B. ~1l;LDl,             g. much bem·fil vul uf their ~tlltl! I,..........
th .. unfmployed. Two w~h a go the ellti.e                                          Recording     ~t,.:retllry,       are in l'enn ~ylv.ni. out of Ihe !t.te code
".embenhlp (almost) IIUuded .. meetlnlC to                                                                            which s lleciOel the rllte of w~lI:el to be paid
YOte it down. A. an .Iternative, a motion                                                                             on stD te work . Brother IJru sh, of No. 15,
rMrried uking all member. to volUlltllrily                  L. U. NO. 130 , NEW ORLEANS, LA.                          worked hard to I[et th e union r~tl'. written
  1""llle all lhllt they "n" for th e assblnnc"          Editor:                                                      into 1l1l spl'dllentio na and If lIMY lornl In the
nf unem illoyed melllber~.           That Will two          AntI-unioni sts an.1 yellow uOI(' contract                Ilate doe. not hll'·e Ihe prop.., rille I p.. dl1ed,
wl'i'h ago. Lut night Srother Clayton told               advoc.tel have lo.t their mo.t efl"ettiv..                   iCel in touch wilh him lit the Pittlburjl(h
 "Ie thlil up to date. 71i Hnt. hu ~n eon·               weapon. the inJunction, in their war ag.lnlt                 office !lind he will get It changed, but .fter
 'ributed In two don.tlo"., one of SO eenlll and         orgllnind I.bor. The "Communi~tic ('on.                      you get It, It II up to the dilf...ent loul~
   Ine • QUllrter. Think of it, Mr. Editor;              grellS" hal IIlso Il[lIored Ihe 'I'edal priyilelC"           to ..,e th.t It II liVl;'d up to.
 ,i~ bils in two wuhl            (No, I didn't llI.ke                                                                                          ('u.aK 01' UAIIJ.IRIII'lI:G,
                                                         dan In defeating the _ales I-Il( bill.
 .. Ithe r donation.)                                       IIow the m ..tcn Iquinn at the mention
       no YOIl think tha, a reflection on the            of II tftll" on thl'lr unfllirly I!llrned m;llion~l
 <IliriL lind Io(enerollty of the memlJerl of                                                                            L. U. NO. 15 1, SA N FRANC ISCO,
                                                         It hilS been atntl'!l hy Ih~m th,lt Ilich a lat
  loclil No. 1251 It il not! Like tho Ihrl!~             would rellt,,1 hn~lneu reeo'·er),. It witl be                                       CALIF .
  Ilro ,'o~itlon, .bove outlined, the IIn,.w~r It.                                                                    Editor:
                                                         "ot('d that Wo' h""1) not had lu .. h a tal( In
 "It ran't be done thai WllY." An exhauted               the p•• t threl' y..",n.                                         IC .11 n~WSpllper .. nd other rellO r ti .re
  '''''ioHner Ihould not 1(0 tu the re""ul' of •                                                                      true it looh •• though Ullcle Sam If th ..
                                                            The budgn mn~t be b.lanced before proll.
   Ir ..... ning man f.r from .hore. He roic .nd                                                                      JH'<Iple .re cru)" enou&,h to .now it_will
                                                         verity can return, •• y the rulen. So .I~o
  .pectaeuhH th .. IIUl'mpl, y ...., hnt fnnlhllrrly     U) tl, .. 10.000.000 "n",mployed,
                                                                                                                      pull the railro.d. out o f a hole th.t they
  .. nd uMle... The workln/l: m.n whoRe In·                                                                           dug. If .utb II the c..... nd the govern.
                                                            Now th.t the Reconstru .. tlon t'inane ..
  -ome hu been tut In hllll iB in no ]lQ8ltion           ('orporation .nd the ant!.hOllrdinll' (IIrnlllll):n          ment h .. to put up the money to keel' them
  ." hel,l thoM' lellS forlunn!.\!. Whllt l\ tcrrifle                                                                 going throulCh no fault of tho [lubll r but
  ""all:e cut it iB, in etl\'Ct, when the leulo !~
                                                         l"IV e fniled, Mr. Hoover il to Ilnrt II pro!.               their own extr!lvaJi:lln~o mostly.
                                                         perit)' song Cllmpnhfn: "Music IIl1th CharmR                     Why should not tbe government do ,u It did
   'UI 10 to 25 per cent, the working time cut
  1;, 10 60 JlI'r cenl, and lhen the earnlnKI
                                                         to Tame the SNVall"f! DelUt."           It wilt re -
                                                         quire more thall mu!knl nOteA to tam .. the                  in war llm e>-tllke them over lind al' poInt Q
  .hllred with the mlln who II! jllbl..... No,                                                                        man. prefl'rllbly former Secretllry of the
  \Ir. Editor, It cannot be done thllt ",.y. The         wolvel at thl' doo .. of hundreds of thou.                   Trea!ury W C. M~Adoo, .t II good .al.ry
  ·olutlon Ii ... in • v.,y dllferenL direction.         .andl of joble .. homel. Prob.hI)" bnnk
                                                         notu would be more efreeti ... e.                            to handle thl' flnanc ... llnd cut out 10l'lle
 iHten of late I have .. ondered ju~t .. h .. t the                                                                   uf the high .. I.ried officen, o r lit leut re-
  I llrpcnter or Nuareth meltnt when lie said,
                                                            To c ritkiu the union in timn like thn ..                 duee Ih"ir plly about 60 per cent, •• they
    'Tu him that hath, it . hall be Jriven, and          i" unfair. We re(eh'e • Ii .. inl! wnKI' in
                                                                                                                      have done to .11 of their lower·p.ld
  'rom him thllt hath not I hnll be takl'n even          Ilormal tim.... The non·union man never                      employeel'
  thllt whirh he hflth,"_llnd how rnr elln we            lIets much more than haH our ~cn le . After                      If Itny of the higher·ups, such .. presi-
  ~p 'lly it today!        (T hink I'll have to a~k      nil, " union cnn only be aa atrOlljC ,, ~ It~                denls, vic:c pre~ident< or general manngen
  liroth~r IA'hman.)                                     oilli'era null nl{'mb(lu ehOOBI) to make it.                 reduced their I).Y there was nothinlC In the
       no you know, Mr. Editor, ihal you pub.                                          LUCIf,N J. J09I:P lt           preu about It. It if like lh e p, G. " E.
     ,.h... 1 'omething beautiful in your !>I.~h I...                                                                 h .. re when they took over Ih .. Grnt Well.
  'lIe of the JOt'RN.U.~ SOlnethin~ bellutlful.             L. U. NO. 143, HARRI SBU RG, PA.                          ern Pow"r Compllny. Th"y had one ftnt
  }.. t. in the loye of God, lin ....ful indictment                                                                   ,Ice president .nd gener.1 man'lI"er; a fter
  ·)f the condItion of todllY. Th.t sonnet                P.dilor:                                                    the merger they h.d two lint vice presl.
  ,'ontdbuted by IIroth., II. C. OIlW, of Local              1'~lldenl, Ilobert ~:. Red mond; recordl"lI"             denlJl lind the one from th .. G. W. P. wa.
   Pllion No. :Uf!, Ihould hllve gueed your              f,t>e reta r)', II. ~. II ollenbllugh; IInnnrlal Ik'C"rOl-   gh<en the title of anistnnt geneml man.
   ·(we r 11"11:1' bl'side the In'cription. "Ool1nr.     tllry lind bu~lnel' "'1I11I1.,-r, [,. ~'. (,I .. rk,         ..gor .... well III lIut vice ]!rnidenl. No
  Ilnd Live • ." I Ihoul d ltko to know tho mltn         M e~tlulI:! first nnd thIrd Mondny ~, 7:30 II. m.,           doubt the)' got the lume Blillry of about
  who "·rote it. Will lUll I'r,ul it al(lIln for
                                                          Union Lnbo, Hnl!, 221 22a Mnrket St.; mem
                                                         bHMhip 27 ....orkh'l( 19 for si~ IIrm!; eiiCht.
                                                                                                                      $30.000 I'"r   f""'"
                                                                                                                          They have lure done plenty of cutting
                                                         four, one, one, two, th"",. All but one job                  .fter they KOt b ..lo. the $5,000 mlfk, .nd
               "'or EUlu Mnrnln«                         drlwinK to • 1'10.... ; no new Job. In light                 no doubt If tbe railro.d, gut aWllY with
                                                         no •.                                                        Ihil .nd the government (urni.hes tbe
Th", morn I pluckM a rr.... "1! on th.· Il'a.                The abo ..e i, .Imo.t • compl.te rtlCOrd of
  Where cre-en blNde~ wove II mantle to                                                                               money to keep them out o f the hole II will
                                                         the organized electrical workers in Il&rrll-                 only be • question of time before the. po.... er
    . dorn                                               bnrK, where thl! present loc.1 I. 16 yeart
  A spring day of thl"welt wind nl'wly horn.                                                                          trust lind the tel .. phone llnd telegnph com·
                                                         old on St. 1'lItrltk'J J)llY, with two chnrter                panie! will be ukinJl: for the .Ilme thinK.
rhe robin throlltcd .Wi'ct I) rnundela)·;
                                                         members in 10(00<1 ,.tnnlUn ll, Charlel n. GerbllC           The peoplo mMy huv!! to nllllnce or l ub si.
rhe Illrk "lJovO)--i" wondrous cestuy_                   IIntl Ira ~. J)II\'I ~,
  en" scl'nt tile lJuddlnl( rn~1' wllhln the                                                                          dia.. th .... co rllontionl, and th.lr high
    thorn,                                                                                                            ,alaried omcl .. I,. mo.t of whom receive a,
  Where I but fftl th .. pri~k lind CUf1je the                                                                         much or mort than the President of the
    dllwn                                                                                                              t'nited St.tu. The pre.ldent of the I·... illt
ThRt her.lds but anoth.-r "'btin« day                                                                                  G . . . nd EI~tric Compan)" here r","eives
                                                                                                                      $5f).POO (If'T >""llT. That i. IIv .. r t",i .." n.
.:ntI'l world i. good!      If on!) ... all would                                                                      much .. I eyer heard of anyone to nnected
     !hare                                                                                                             with Bny publl~ly owned project receivi ng.
   IVh .. t lie hu fr",ely glven-"The lell~l of                                                                                                            ('. n.   \h 'I, I,.
 \1)8W"U    to lIim. Totllly eMh i. 111 8 ear~;                                                                          L. U. NO. 19 3, SPRINGFI ELD , ILL.
   Whil~t   we, the b ... lld~rI, forced tu b .. nded
      knft,                                                         Several loca ls hsve reported                     Editor:
 \Iu~t watch a Srother dylnl( in del!palr,                        operstio ns of one G. A. Kelly and                     Brother C.l1Ia(', o f L. U. No. 695, had.
   Uke llim, betrayed, hun« to • ruthleu                          G. A. Kelly, Jr., the latter sup.                   timely .rtltle In the March WOIlll:£a, '"Time
     UN.                                                                                                              C.rd •." I... U. No. 193 lta rted the system
                                                                  p~d to be It buxer.      Tlle.e men                 the flflt of 1932, .nd we h.d the •• nle quel.
                                      H. C. D.........            hu\'e called at offices or different                lion! Pllt to us al mentioned in hi,. IIrl;cle.
                                                                  local unions using Vice President                      It seem. at though lome or our memben
   Th~ nluwef III the ..!, Mr. ~:ditor. II It too                 Boyle's nanle.     They cnrry no                    hllve not grR s ped tho idea Ihllt the I. B.
rull(' h 10 believe lhat 80me day we sh .. l1 lee It              cnrds in thi s organi:l;Btion. Vice                 E. W. II one of tbe mainstay . of thl! lAbor
applied ! There i8 1III1IIy hove for. gene",-                     President Boyle denies that he has                  movemen t, and It mUlt carryon in II. bU l i.
tlon lhal l;ivtll ""pr.... lon to lentlment luch                  authorized tho use of hia name .                    ne . . . . )" ."d ule bv.lnu. principle. If It
 •s that. Soll'\fc dly th l. ~ount ry . thll .. orld              Local uniona should LBkl' warning.                  wanta to lurvive .nd ,"ro""
'Jf oun Ihall have pa.1ed through Ita long                                                                               ~inte 19:!9 .... ~ hue kept a nKul.r ~et
:"nt('n Ie• ..on o f BrotherA dyin« In de~p.lr,                                                                       "r booh on the tim. . . nd waJl:e~ of nch
 204                                        The Journal 0/ Electrical \Vol'kcrs and Operators                                            April, 19S2
    member, a. the Inurn.tional Office h.. reo         though the), were read)' to make the light         P alm Sundly wal perfect with two necp·
   qu ested that they he eiveR a yearl, report         for .... hleh they thou ght 11'1., right, others   tionl, I. e., the two ,Igna prominently dis·
   of what each IDeal union h.. aeeomplilhed
   in the way of houri     0'     I.bor and wagea
   received. lind also a number of other que.-
                                                       who hi" weathered the alo rm and had made
                                                      the fight an d hid seen great chaug_theae
                                                      men hive gone on; their work WII well
                                                                                                          pl.yed on the boardwlIlk, on. In a Ihe and
                                                                                                          dime atore window and the othe r in a chain
                                                                                                          drug Itore. The fint on. read, "Four vege·
   tlo". that the bualne.. managers hu. to            done, and now it II up to us to ellrry on.          tllblH, bread, butter lind coif_two bltl."
   work out.                                             May we, ot Local Union No. 193, I. B.            The lecond Waft, "Mellt, three vegetabl ea,
      Since .11 local unIon. mutt keep a record,      E. W., ellprtll our deepeat 1,.lI1patby to the      bread, butl4!r, choice of coffee, tea or milk,
   these tim. card. will be • great help to           bereaved ramily of Brother Ford In hll              and deaaert-35 ~enta." No wonder MIme of
   •• certaln at the end of the year jult ho'lll'     10" and may we be ever mindful of the               oll r restauranta a re going " nu ta" and bank-
  WI! h.,"!! rated In comparilon with the open        teach in,.. of tbe man whOle reaurrectlon           ~pC
  ShOP I, and it keep. lab on each member.            we oblerved on M.reh 21, whleh date wll1               All of which reminds me that tne cookee
      These reports aro for relu rch work lind        al,o be remembered 11th. plliling on of a           built II delicJoua choeolste cake yesterday
  when the time cornea that we mUll go out            very much beloved Drother lind frIend.              lind whet happened to the "Icing d ish" Is
  and H,ht for our rlghh Wt have the Inct.                               HONAN     n. ARIoIBMU/lTt:II.    nobody', bUllnell-ll. Ju st s big, crown·up kid
  and fllur .. to pro ... our ...ertionl; It alia                                                         -but aren't we .IIl At pr.... nl a meal of
  eives the bUline.. man_ceu a leg to atand                                                               fresh csbbage and bam gunbhed with a
  on when the memben come In and tell him             L U. NO. 211 , ATLA NTIC C ITY, N. J .              huge Ilab of butteraeokh pia would not b.
  that h. h .. not heen working very muth,            Editor:                                             hard to take.
  and that 10 and 10 hu put in more U\IIe,              Euter SundllY and rllinlnc like th e devil.          Spring haa offidally arrived and with It
  lind that the Jobl lire not being givlln out        WOttll louCh break for the fas hion pMade.          the IIlual yesrning to be II-goln' p lacu, but
  u they Ihould be.
     We try to give ueh and every member
 a aquare dul u to work. We POlt each
  lI1ell1ber'1 name eYery tint of the month,
 and thl' liat showa jUlt how man, houn
  the members haYe put in. Thi l atopa all
 "'gumentl, and thll II the most aggravat·
  ing and nerve_racking part of the bUllne ..
 manlger pOlition. But when you put the
 card. on the table and ahow th e Brother
 hll ltandln,. he ha. no comeback.
     No doubt an local uniol'll hue been h.nI
 hit. and It II lmpolilble to make both endl
 meet. We are no exception. W. tr, to
 give each mlln some thing, lind do not let
 them get behind In their dues. Buslnen
 will plek up, then our IInance trouble will
 be at an end, but we mUlt cllrry on, ha"l"t!
 f.lth In our Internati onal Office omelall
and omee" of the lonl union. of the I, 8.
 E. W.-th. but labor organlntion of th.m
 an. Do not show a yellow Itreak, U that
 streak II whllt big bU81ne u has been look-
 Ing for for lome Ume and it we brc8k do .... n
 t hey will have the edge on UI, and If we
.tick 11" un owercome any obstacle that
 rna,. Ihow up and w. will aceompllih an,
 and ewerything in ,.eara to clme.
    So, bo,a, keep a iliff upper lip a nd hang                Ingenious Chief Electrician of New Bismarck Hotel
 on to the ahip; an will come oul right In
 time.                                                           Fashions Lighting Fixtures for Modernistic
     It wu with grut lurprlle lind sorrow
 that w. learned of the death of Ilrothn                                        Banquet Hall
 Chas. P. Ford. It seeml only yesterday
... hen h ...... a "'elcomed wilitor to our                     When Otto K. Eitel. general mana~r of the New Bbmarek Hotel, Chicago,
elt,. t ... o ... e ..k. aro and w. remarked ho ...        decided to tran.form a fa i rly good-looking parlor Into a beauti fu l banquet hall
well he 100k~.                                             with a modernllti!! European art treatment, ona of the outatandlng festllrea
    "Chuck," liS h. waa known to hl8 frlendl               to be considered waa thllt of Indirect lighting.
here and eluwhere, wsa one of the most                          Ma nulaclurers of lighting flxturu were conlUlted Rnd Included In thi l
Jikuble men whom we h ive hsd the plcaa-                   group Will II foreign concern which presented II IIxture appesllnc to the man.
ure to meet.                                              ageme nt. The price w.s very hllth. Right here Is where Arno Z. Utucher,
    While a realdent of thll cit,. lome yeart             chie f electrician of the Ne .... Diamarck, member of L. U. No. 134, I. O. E. W.,
• go he made aome very fait and loyal                     enter. the picture .
friend l who will min h im. aa well •• th ..                    Mr. Eitel called upon him ta br ing hil practical knowledge to bear llpon
 Brotherhood of Electrical Worken will, ,,"d              the problem. After .ome examinatio n of the fixture , Uteseher decided he cOlild
other labor organlutiona In general.                      dealgn and Bet up II flxture as attractive and u practical and atated hli daci.lon
    We, a. an orglnilltlon and 118 indIvIduals,           to Mr. Eitel.
hue lOll another member 01 the Tnterna-                        From the illustration the relulta of the master electrician', work ma,. be
tlonal stsff and a friend, one who has                    judpd. The banquet han, which II named lhe Viennn room, eontalna 648 I quare
worked hard and faithfull,. for the I. B.                 feet. It la illuminated by three lighting lOu rcea-dlm, medium and full. Th.
E. W. and through hi. far-lightedneu he                   dim circuit ~ompril" six fixturel or 76 watta each. The medlgm haa 100 watta
has made It pOlllble for ua to provIde for                In each fixture and the full Include. 116 watls.
our famlliea after we h .... e pined on.                       The fixture', mea.urement II 30 Inchu long, ae ven Inche. deep and live
Brother Ford was a tirele.. Ind hard-work·                inchu wide. Mr. Ul4!lcher, with the lIid of an a .. lttan t, wa. sble to produce
Ing exeeutlve. BI. eounul and advi~ .. will               it f or almolt one·half the price uked for by the European IIrm.
be mIned by all who have had the pleuure                        With thil indirect lighting to rming the bull for the buuty and graee
of knowing him.                                           of the hall other factora were added which developed thia feature. Aluminum
    "Time and tide walt for no man"; the                  chain, entirel,. n e ... In the h otel field of Chi ca~ were introduced with s iher
old mUlt die, the young may die, and aome                 fram .. and wine_red upholster)'. The furniture .et Ine1udel eight armcbaln,
live to a ripe old age, but It nems al                    16 atralght·backed ehll irs and one telephone table.
though our organillltion hll been carrying                     Th. fixtu""l brougbt out lhe heauty of the Silubra design, which wa.
an o'l'erload.                                            upeclally manufactured In Vienna where lhi! una l ual type of wall paper II
    W. ha'll! had the trim rellper come Into              mllnufaelured. The (lIlttern in~lud.. the colora of blue, creen, Inver and white.
our mldll and take from the rank. of our                  The ai1 ver harmonilu with the aluminum chairs and lightIng flxturea and,
Internatlonsl Otlleu. quite II number of It I             u 'u, ltated In the beginning. the effect waa a mOlt healltiful one.
memblra In the Pllt year--men In the
prime of life, just bel2:"lnnlng to feel a.
April,1981                                  The Journal of Electrical Workel's ami Operators                                                                       205
aad to orale, the tou ring t hl, yea r will be                                                                       .. to whllt they think of thle p ropol ltlon.
done      alon&"   the   Pa ramount   and   l'athe                                                                   There ere .ome very eood f .. tur.,. Involved
f(lUIH.                                                                                                              .hlch cannot be denied.
     Before thl, I, in print, the ery, " Pla y                                                                            In thl. connectio n, I m.y·add thlt . u ch a
blllll" win ~ rln&,lng throughout the land.                                                                          program I Ihould not onl,. consider purely
making thousand", of young and old '"ppy                                                                             from .n economic .tandpalnt, but alao from
.,aln. Then It ..III lOOn be time to ,et                                                                             e .ociel ... Ie"". In aocb • proer.m, the
rnellured for the annual coat o' un. So                                                                              ""hole faml\,. could and .hould toke a p.n.
hurry UP. Sun, and Ket he rel                                                                                        f;ntertalnment lor the whole family could
     The vota on prohibition (whue ie Itt) ...                                                                       be provided in order to Induce all to take
liken by the 1I0ulle on March 14 wu .. huge                                                                           p.n; ,peake... at thue IOcial functlona,
 rUti! ••• tho JlGlitidan and racketeer ue not                                                                       conver .. n! ""Ith our problem. could convoy
klLllng the lI'oose that lay. tha golden egg • .                                                                      OUf word •• to our intention. Ind prob·
 Put the queaUon up to • nali",,,.! urn",,'                                                                           lems. The writer I, acqulllntcd with luch
 dum and Mr. Voillead with hi. act will be                                                                            elforta ",bere, bnldu eutdn, do""n OYer·
c ry ing r01" • boolr.inc on the "amell·tlme"                                                                         beld, it abo tended to cement auch loc.l.
 do",.. n in Tlmhuctoo.                                                                                               Into a more homoeeneoua croup for the
      Before the Lindberlh baby .hond the                                                                             but interelli of all concerned. The .nti.
 Laundryman-Jap frael. oft' tb e ftru pagu,                                                                           will no", h.ve their lIy·
 lIr. M.mcken, In an editorial, wu eraYinc                                                                                 So much for OUf loca\ Iituition. Let'.
 for II. to get Into th , IIID. No"" do .ny of                                                                        upand a moment .nd lee .IIat i, doln!:" in
 you folks remember JII.t what rllnk or outfit                                                                        other placu. Ovcr In Wa,hln,ton, the com-
 thllt gentleman he.ld or belonged to during                                                                          mittee on judiciary II conlldering the pro-
 the 191'1 .cr.p!                                                                                                     motion to tbe Ippellte court. of the name
      But the kldnappen, If ever found, . hould                                                                       of Judee Wilkerlon. We rillroad wo rken
 " turned o... er to • ganr of Vaqul , or                                                                             do not understand thl. mo'" PUhIP., but
  Apaches along with a keg of hlgh-po""e red                                                                          then don't forgel h' put C.pone in Jail .nd
  llre-.... ter and give the injun. "full pa""er                                                                      our Sen.tor Glenn il for him, the blf h.,re
 to .ct."                                                "r...,u,. •• Inkl' eh. r ete!"                                I, for him. Of coune "". h.ve not for-
      No ... celloph.ne I. right u.dul in many           "Yeh. but ",ou dn't 111 tblnk with ,II that                   gotten him from 1922.
                                                        ,ek the)'"11 chnek t hcm old c,ndle~ Ind put
  way., but not in the talkiea ""hen wrllilped
  around. dime', .orth of e.ndy. Huh , ho""
                                                        n electric IIgbtl'"                                                On the reccnt "relief bill," ""hleh WI' de-
                                                                                                                       feated In Cenere.., again Senator Clenn
  about it t                                                                                                           .ho""ed hi. colo ... by voting .gain.t thl. ur·
      The personnel of L. U. No. 211 aa • whole                                                                        gon t piece of iClI'lllation: Senator Lewla
  I • •tllndinll' the "rep rC9Ijlon" fairly well.               L. U. NO. 2 14, CHICAGO, ILL.                          voted prelent, If you plelnl
  Some of the boy. are driving bread .agons.            Ed ito r:                                                           Two bllllolll for recon.trudlon for
  mUk carb; !telling electric acceuorie. and                W e Ire perhapi a little more optimiltle ..                flnlnce, Indll.try, etc., but .. J'et vcr,. little
  et o:.t.ra. A coupl. ar...... n I.borinll' .Ith       \0 the futuro in umuc h •• we hid quite n                      f o r direct con.t1'uction.         Two blllioni
  a pIck and banjo .t .0 cent. pe r hour, while         number of our boy. return ed to work here                      thrown In conltruction of e .. entlal Ilbor
  • ,m.lI minority .... emulating Sittin&, Dull         In the Chlcaeo ahop. (C. A N. W. R. R.).                       ,ucb III better ro.d l, better houllnl, better
   -.qua.. kine etern.ll,. .nd looking lor aome-            Aglin, lomo nf ou r membera may not be                     ,cbool., fores tati on, ete., would hive done
  on. else to find aome kind of work for them.          aware of two aale .. menu that hive heen                       far more good, but then, boy., w. do not
   [f they would lpe nd .. much energy In look-         levied by the uecutlve board. Theil! were                      run the government.
   ina: for IIny kind of work, tempor,rlly, .S          of ,1.00 eac h, and mual be pold by April I                          Humnn nduro ""Ith money in It.. packct
   they do in yclli ng the blue" thingl might be        to entitle you to good .tandln,. If you have                    II an odd creature. Hen In Chicago. cam·
   dlll'eront.                                          .. yet not paid !huo do 10 at once and                          palgn to .cll $18,000,000 of good 6 per cent
       Thanks, r arhie, for your personal men-          . nvo futuro trouble In your Itandine.                          relie f bond l h .. been going on for ~ome
   don hut wo would be utialled with • lew                  Another matte r that mly be of Inte rest                    three ",uki and .0 far only '11.000,000 have
   three-atory bulldin,. to begin ",lth. After a        I. the qUeitlon of "rood ltandlng." W. are                      been lold. On thl other hand, a United
   fp.w mnnthll IIrll"tl".. we wnuM hfo. r •.Jut,. to   Iwarc that 0 good mlDy of our membe rl                          State. olferlng of , per cent bond. for gen.
   tukle all the So-stor)' hOlel' thll hiland will      hllve been out of work for lome time, and                       eral purpoua I. o ... euublcrlbed In • few
   hold.                                                the encutlve board I. fully cognilant of                        d.,I. Figure It out; 1 can noL
       Now for a little Winchelllng .nd then the        thll; w. al,o rec ornls. th.t It b fln.nelanJ'                        But then, J)f'rhapi ou.r o.n bUllIan nature
   maclc clfpet ftiu down to W... hln~on                 Impassible to take eare of .11 .ucb members.                   II equ.ll,. odd. Some of our memben are
   .her. 1 hope thlt Sir Ed .... 111 nolAl thlt I        We do feel, however, thlt where a member                       conl tantl, kicking on the Jo b about .ome
    havo "took" the hint.                                cln .how that h' h" byen a good Ind long                       grlevancI, yet tblY will not av,l\ them_
       Ted ArnlbrUlter , pride of Chelsea nelehu        .tanding member In our locnl puhap •• ome                       IIllve! of the opportunll,. of attending a
    and the handaomellt helpe r in L. U. No. 211.        tempor.ry mealll of .18I.tllne. in plyi n g                     meeting .nd Ilrln&, their rrlevanc .. there.
    II no"" louted In th e A. C. HOlpltal. I Jel         hl l dllel will be liven by the olecuti... e                        Some .f UI are kicking at the Inlu rance
    dl lrt! member hi s plftleular brand of plekle-      board.                                                         featllre. Well, let UI .ee In pilln, culd
    mont, but for nearly a .... eek It W.I nip ,nd           At the lilt meetlnr of our local, • com.                   a.rlthmotle what tM, melna. Suppoae you
    tuck for him. H.ppJ' to .tate at thi, writ.          mlttea of two of our Chlcigo railroad locall                   Joined the union .t the ae. of 18, .nd you
    inC he il much Impro'l'ed .nd the dlnlerllne         Will present t o IIIk the co-operdion of our                    lI ... ed to the penllon .ge of 61i, the dllference
    h.. been e r.led. Ho",evu, lhe nurse. are            loca~ in Inltlatin&, .ome Ictlon to bring                       I... 7 year., It the rate of 90 centl amountl
    all raving over hi. belutiful ",avy h.lr, III,       .bout closer alliancel between a1\ r.l1road                     to '50'1.60. Vour beneficia..,. recei ... u '1,000,
    ~ Dlu," look to your o",n I.urel,.
                                                         louis in thla ... ieinlty. The ""riter ""aa not                 a profit of '''92.''0, or "9 per cent. A mem-
        Ten l hun, Los Angell" and "Ielnlty! Ilroth.      pruent It this meeting due to iIInUI, 10                       ber of our local ""ould recel ... e .n Idditionll
    er Charles n. Dubor.on, of Atlantic City, la          hI . InterpretAtions lie to whnt nctllAily took                '200. Thue flgurp. ,,"nnot he dIRPllt~d.
    lojourning In your midst and YOIl wl1l lind           plncc may be wrong. I do honestly believe                            You wllJ perhap. IIY, "Vou kill me .t 65:
     thlt he i•• regullf guy and a .quare-.hoot-         that much good cnn be ,ccompli.hed by                           let m. \lv. to 70 ,ean of 'g!!." Surely, I
    er. 10 treat him kindly.                             elonf 1'0'0J)f'ration between .11 101'.1.. I                    ",,1111 Let ua ael now. After ,.ou .ttain
        Lllten. Charlie. ole duri CalIon Jeaa             believe that a committee I hould he Ip.                        the age of 65, unle.. you continue It thl
     Horne, the entwhlle pre.. Ie(fetary of L.            pointed by all 10eal. to draw up lome aort                     trlde ,.Ollf duu ar. p.ld bJ' the I. 0" be·
     U. No. 18, who raid ttl It ~ E. 1I6th Place,         nf a IIrnrf.m which 111 10c.l. can auhnr ib.                   Aldull'l'lnl"ou • penaion of ,",0 per month.
     Lo. Angel". He mly kno. of a tonic thl t             to. It m.y require aome Ume to formul.te                        Fi ... e yelfl at ,",0 pe r month amoun'll to
     ~ov" the duat of tn.vel from the ton,il,
                                                          IUl'h A pro,ram but It can be done. Let'l                      '2."Oo-plu. the '200 ment io ned In the pre-
     and adenoid.. If 10, take my .h.re .nd               hur Crom the membcrship of .1\ the locals                       ceding plrlgraph total. '2.MlO. Our 10c.1
     give him my but perlonlll "Ilfds"                                                                                    duu for the Pllt 10 yea,. h.ve ..,era~d
        And, hello, Wa yne Cline, yuh ole rllp-                                                                          138.20. Thla multiplied by the .. 7 J'l'ar. of
     K.llion. Do you remember the daya when                                                                               membenhlp IImollnt, to '1.795." 0, ""hleb it
     you, Johnni e Hermlnn and I helped to let                 In Behalf of Amusement                                     lell by ,604.60 th.n that which you reeeiVi
     III thO le "high onu " on Columbia Avenlle?                                                                          were you to live to be 70 ,.tlrI of Ige. And
     Enul! tedl                                                  In o r d.r t ha t OU r loca l. li vi n, p r o.
                                                            I r .... i..... bride .. pa r ties ml,. h a .. e a p -        on top of thi. ,.our beneficiary ""ould It III
        So lilt but not lelllt I, the IOT'Ority femme                                                                     receive the Inlurlnce in ful\. DoCl It p.,.!
     who ""ent out with Mah.tma Gandhi Ind                  pro p ri.te and decor.ti ..... equipmO! n t, we               Aak yournlf thll quettlon when J'ou           .t·
     uked him for hi. pin.                                  h .......eeu r .. d card d ed.. b .. ar in l th ..            tempt to argue the in'lInnee .nd pension
         Uuta larill'l                                      B rot h .. r b o od' ••ea l, a nd th e uni o n labe l.        featur.. out of our conltltution.
                                            BACHI ...       Th e • ., Ca n b e h . d a t 75c a pac k .                          Th. InlUTinu end penalon ar. tan(ible
  206                                            Tlte Jounurl 0/ Electrical Workers and Operators                                                           April, I!M!
  featuru. lIow about the intllngihle fea-                 Wiltlam. and Lee tllncelt know their                         the ftxturu. Imaginll our aurprilf! when.
  lure. t Thoae, of ~ouue. dellend on thl!                 "berrln" ... hen It cornu to calcul"tlng high                 I\rother ,ppears Oln t he job to hang t h ..
  attitude you uke. Pe~h.fla tho.e of you                 rr.I~ I"nces with a ,·oltmeter. I,. R. McMu l.                IIxtures. Now, don't miu my pOint. Thh
  who lIad oce.. hln to have hliid to wo r k in an        len and Glen riltorlua h IVe the figuring of                  II no t a criticism of t he Brothe r, h is corn
  in d ultry befo r e lind after Ita o r ganizUion        mQtor lind generato r efflcienciu down pllt.                  p.ny or hil loeal, but a n eXllm p le of •
  by labor can        unde rl land    the intangible      tllrry Stower I, now an authority Oln the                     practice we I hould .top. The Orother WIU
 "alue of or ganillltion. Thole of you who                lubJ«t o f meuuring reahtllncel In para\1el                   on the Job In viol.tlon of every consthu·
 may nill be too young to eomprehend Ihi.                 and of me'luring Te.tllancu of hot and                        tlonal I.w pertainin .. to tbe ca.e. li e had
 ,"alue, go 1.0 your library and can for boot.            cold lamp,,- Mr. OberhOlltaer IUI)'I thllt 1                  no traveler, no offlclal receipt for dUI'J .
 deAling with the Itrugglel of labor, and He              w\l1 not forget the volt.ge 1081 problem                      but a permit to work in the jurildidlo,
 for    youru~!vn   whnt unionism hila done fo r          ve r y 1000n.                                                 of h i, local which ran out the day 11ft."
 I t rulCKlinll' hUnlunit,. in general.                      W ~II , ao long fQr thlR time.    You wi11                 he arrived. It wu evident th e nrother w .. ~
    My leUer il getting quite lonl!". bUI before          hellt from u. IIlrain.                                        In Irood faith by hil conduct when informl'd
 dOlinII'. let me lAy tllia again: Watch your                              A. H. Rl"nwClI:, Seeretary.                  he eould not _ork in our jurl.dictlon. After
 memi)erahip, pay up your auenmenu; eon·                                                                                much long di,tance phonln«, trouble and
 tide r In you r mind the thoug h t I advanCl"d                                                                         needle.. expenae to .n concerned. Loea!
 relali". to cloaer co-operation amongat the                  L. U. NO. 290, BARTLESV I L L E,                          Union No. 200 bowed to the will of an
 va r iou. loca l.; .nd _hen milking. kick in                                     O KLA .                               Internlltional Reprtlentative fo r the ao(>ti
 the .hop, don't f0rtet tha t _e meet e .. ery            Editor:                                                       of the 1. D. E. W.
 two wellkI l or t hat purpole; li nd lut but                I nm not bout lng, but I hllve been in good                    Thlir i, the point that "burned ml' up'
 not le..t, med itll te for 1\ 'Mmont o n whnt            stll ndlng w itll thlt goOld ol d I. 8. E. W. fOf             Il lId the Urother not bl'ee n m laln f o r med
 you r memben h ip mean. Th.nk you                        more than 20 years. Some fat and lome                         hlld he re.Hled he could not come Into OUI
                                          ('0IU0~1.,O     lean. In all l hll lime there hu been but                    jur;'diction b«ause of conlUtutional l.w
                                                          two or th ree times th.t I have been ex..·                   all thil could ha ..1' been .voidl'd and I per·
                                                          pe rated (in F.nltllah thllt mean! thorouahly                10n.lly would not have been qultl' SU com
       L. U . NO . 230 , V ICTORIA, B. C .                                                                             bllrraftBed for ltatemenh t made regar"inr
                                                          dilgulted ) with the org.niZil t ion.
 Editor:                                                     Thll lut time wu jUit two week i '1'0,                    hil hllnglnk the fbt ure •.
    A lilver linIng to the dark cloud. to the             on a job thlll I mentioned in my lut I~tter                      Since receiving a lette r from l' r~8Idenl
 pr~nt indu.trlal depteuion I, pro .... ided In           wh ich h", been a 10urCII of grief lince we                  n. n. Broach In rep r d to thla cue, Local
 the .nnu.1 record of Canlldian hydroelec:trk             took it over. We have to watch fo r lome·                    No. 290 i. telling all the " big town" and
 prognu luued by the Dominion Wllter                      body to thrQw UI a curve at any time. The                    "am.11 lown" locall In propo r t ion that Wf
 Power and H yd rometric Bureau of the De-                Ian came with a quick bresk. A bill" town                    have members out of wo r k the lAme III you
 pllrtment of the I nterior. _hkh IhoWI that              fixturl' hou~e .old thl' fixtures hun/!: and                 .nd If you come Into ou r Ju r i.dlctlon to
duting 1931 wate r wheeb or turbines IIdu-                QUI' wlrin!!: contract clIJll'd for UI to hang               run. job you had better brin e a rood tra'r ·
lilly In~tlllted nnd brought tnto operlltton                                                                           ele r. Allo expect to "aupllr'rlall" the job
 to t nll ed 1146,650 h.p. Tll kin g In to nccount                                                                     "" d noth ing mo re . F or y our own g ood l ook
II numbe r of replacement. of old by ne_                                                                               up Article XXVI, Section . Ii a nd 13. If
Installatlonl, the net IncreaSf! for the yur                                                                           you contemplate going out of your Juris·
broul\"ht the total water power intt.lll1tionl                                                                         diction, get younelf a tramp'l ,.ulde (llnown
In the l>Orninion to II figure or (t,1566,000 h.p.                  Attention, Railroad                                aa tha direetory of local unlOIll) a nd wise
    In Iddition, conatruetion Will IIdvllnced                                                                          up on wholl Ju ri sd iction you a r a COlng Inte
upon I numbe r of under taking•• lome of
                                                                         Workers                                       and whom you I h ould lee wh en you bl ow
grell! mlll\"nitude. T hese being brought Into                                                                         In, not after you go to _o r k, beca u le you
                                                                  V ice P re.i den l M cC lo,.. n                i.    .re IIl wayS In aome 10c. I's j ur lldiction and
ope ration in t h e next two o r tllree yuu                  d e e pl y int e r u l l'd i n th e pl. n o f
will IIdd mo r e thlln 1.400,000 lI.p. to til.                                                                         It may co,t you mo n ey.
                                                             " l ll bo r ," N a l io n . 1 l . bor W ee k ly ,             Sinee my lut lettll r ou r fedenl job h a.
Dominion wate r powe r developmen t .
    I t ia utimated th.t caplt.1 to the extent               10 .id th e un e m p loye d Ih r ou , h                   gone r.t and our mernblln have 10lt loml'
of at lellst $110,000,000 hila beton upended                  .olid t in, ye.r ly .ub.cr i p lion. to                  much·needed cood work, .11 bec.use lome
In providing f or the development, tr.n.-                    " L llbor."                                               body had done 1I0me bOlltin .. to or in th ..
mi~lio n lind dlat r tbutlng of the new powe r                    T h e import . n ce o f "La b o r" a .               huring of a lupply houae ,al"man and h~
developed in 1911 1, while more t hlln $280,·                Ihe le adin , 1.1,0 1' n e w. m e di\l m o f              repeated It to t h e. h ea d o f th e fl rm who h8~
000,000 will be required to brinll" to comp le ·                                                                       the job. Which III me d id n ot let 10 good
                                                             Ih e wo r ld n eed . n o emp h a.i . h e r e .
tion the proJec:u under con"ructlon.                                                                                   and he uw red. Our boys go t t he Job nr
                                                             II i. ca rr y in .. on an impor lan l                     to the ni ... and ellly part of pulling wlr~
   These la r ge expenditure. in the develQP'
                                                             wo rk o n a n int e rn a t.io n a l .cale . nd           lind hanginR ftxtu.rea. t hen we lose it to t h"
ment o f one of Canadll'l m081 Importllllt
                                                             il h a l • p . rti c ul.r ... a lu e 10 r a il .          ratl. You lAy it i. a lto"l' r n ... en t job, and
natu ra l TellOu rcea ahould be most timely In
prQvidln« emplOYllient to thouund. Qf un·                    ro. d wo rk en.                                          " t hey can't do tllal. " They a re deing il
emp loyed .mong whom are mlny eleet r lcal                        U nd e r th e p la n , un e mp loye d               and try to proVI' they .re not pay ing th o
worke,..                             "S IIA " I !:."         m e mben o f un io n . m .y .ol ic it                    .c.le!
                                                             ye .. r ly . uh . c ript io n. t o " Labo r . "               I lellrn with reve t of th e conditio n of 'n)
                                                                                                                      o ld home town local which I, II bout o n h er
                                                             The co mmi .. io n i. ge n e r o u .-3 5
   L U. NO. 271 , WICHITA , KAN S .                                                                                   lilt lep. !;hoplI o_lng the me n h undred.
                                                             c e nb a D e .. e r y o n e d o ll. r . u b.crip.        of doll.rs' baell p.y and f e_ If .ny mem
 Editor:                                                     lio n .eeu re d .
    t .m aendin« )'ou a cop)' of "The Nliht                                                                           bera paid up In their dues. Some membeR.
                                                                 Ca n .. llner , will be . upp lied w i t h           III I"ood union men III e'lle r , paid d uea bUI
Owl." E ighteen o f the memheMl Qf J.,Qul
 No. 271 fo r med a clall and they 9ttended                 .. ulhori ~ed rece ipt., . e r ill ll y n Um ·            lire no w dl~o rkanl~ed to a poi nt ",he re the)
.nd der l'lled a lot of 1I"00d instructlQn.                  b ered , t o g u a rd a g.i n tl p oui bl e              CIIn't cQl\eel dues o r e n for ce t h ei r con t rll~ I
    t ha'lll mllrkcd a wrlte·up we hlld i n "The            (, lI ud.. T h ey w ill .1.0 b e . u p pli e d            or bylaw •.
Night Ow\." I f you think It wl1l help Qther                w ith . am p le co p ie. o f " L .bor " a nd                   Internal Itrlfe put t h la loca l In t hl l I ,KlI
loca ls to fflucllte t hemwel vea you m.y p r in t                                                                    aided by the deprenlon. Tr uly t h ese ar.
                                                            w ee kl y le ll e r , 8 ;"in , th em .u .... e. _
it In the W ORu;Jl.                                                                                                   trying tlmu fQr loc ill u ni ons. Thoae of u~
                                                             l io n. t h a t will f ac il it a t e th e t. k i n a    _ho l ur'lll"e thia len o f patienel' lind ("OUt
    You r l l r. S. B. Rudewick, . .a quite                 o f . u b.c r ip l ion •.
enthu.I•• tk about the IIChool and attendtd                                                                           are, ahould s t r i'lle In the f uture to sho,,'
                                                                 Aft e r m embe,. b .... e b ee n 1\" "               our fellow cra f~ml'n Ih ll ben eft .. of Ih ..
• 11 t he c1I1UU whe n In the city.
    AI.o w i~ h to atn tll the el ll l8 W II & 100 p" r     fru te d by 10 c . 1 . ec r e t a r iea, th e             Internlltionlll union .
ee nt u nion, eVlln t he Inalruetor, P . ,\ .               la tl e r ' , r u p o n . ihilit ie. wi ll ceue.              As B pl'r'01111 req ues t I wou ld li ke to ht,,,
Obe rh ol tle r.                                            All d eh.il . will be h a n d led b y                     f rom some ()f the Br ot her. I h ave ml't OlV" ,
                                                            "Labo r" d i rec t ly w i th t h e caD'                   the count,..,. or othen. Comment or crlti·
   Arm a t u r e W indi ng a nd Molo r Repair                                                                         dIm equally IIppreciated.
                                                            ..... e r .
                                                                                                                          Locsl datil P realdent .nd bu,lnell mlln ·
    Au i t occurr ed to you t hllt our cIa .. In                 A ... r d reco r d will b e k e p t f or             IIlCer. M. Jo'. Taylor, 1841 K«le r ; flnllnria l
a r mature winding a nd motor re pai r I.                   elle r y C An " . . . et. A c.ref u l f o llow_           leHetary, n . W. R0i:eTl, 726 Seneca Streel
nea rl y overt I t III Much hal been accom·                 li p will h e m ll d e to . Iimul. te . nd                Meehl flut lind third FridllYI lit Carpenten
pli. hed, too. We have nea r ly covered our                 e nc o u ra g e c. n ...... el'l .nd 10 . e e             llnll, Ent Second Str eet, upstai r l. No>
te xt lind li r e working on motors lind                    t hlll .. II n e w .u b . c r i ben pro mp tl y           trllv .. ling urds on depollit. BUli nen man ·
gen e rato ra.                                              r ece ive th e p . p e r .                                "aer pJacu 1111 men. Membeu hl p, 10: four
   Joe Brown c.n I.'l.'rtlllnly take thoM! Ohm'.                                                                      werking, two jobl nnl~hin~ and nothinjr ;1
Law p r oblema down the line.             W. A                                                                        prolpect.                   rH .... LIE M... """", I

April, 1982                                     Tlt e J ournal of J.,'lectricat lVO,.!rel'H and Operato,.s                                                            207

L. U. NO. 292, MINNEAP OLIS, MINN.                           II II m.Ucr for the people to IICttle, but that             "'ho re.p th. prollu of Indu l try . nd that.
                                                             the profit. of IndUltry wl11 h ....1' to be di-             if any movement, with thf'.e e ndl ., an
t;ditor:                                                     nned to the .upplyin,; .nd mllintenince of                  objecti ... e, II to be ".rted It i, up to o rgan-
     Modern Indullry, like ,11 other acenciu                 a market for the product Is Inevitable,                     bed I.bor to promote it. Let'. go!
or acti\'ltln In the '"G rid, I, lubjeet to the.             _nH o r later. if ...·e are to h .. ve .n,                                                      W. W,lPLM.
11 .....1 of avolutlon. I t mUit and ..... iII eontinue      indUllrial IYltem at an.
to grow and develop: wllether It growl bette r                     f:vcn thoulGh t he p resent Intlultrilll 'YI-
or worae, improves or deteriot9tn. is "                      lorn .hould wr~k itself. lIil1 IndUltrial dlt-               L. U. NO. 303. ST. CATHA RI NES.
rnlltter of viewpoint, hut development will                  ... elopment of IIOme kind will continue. A,                               ONT.
continue, It mUlt go for ward: it unnOI go                   iong as there i. human society, there will                  Edito r :
baek (our Indualri.1 ,a,terda,." lilte ,n                    be Indust r)'. 'Ihe one without the othe r I,                  Brother Dachle h •• asked me man, tlmf'l
otbe r yeaterday', 'fll gone never to return),               unlhlnkable.                                                to come back Into theH columnl. li e even
 I ndu!trlal development I, Inevitable, but the                    Admitting thf' validity of Ihe lbove. the             went so f.r a. to conle III the wa)' up hen
cou r se of that development may either be                    t wo Important qUl'ltions IIr. how lOOn and                to tllik it o ... er. Of rourle thllt WII n,ore
 intelligently directed by the proper luper.                 In what w.y II this IIdjultment to be                       than t ...o Yf'.n ago, but he h .. written m,.
 ~i~i ... " .IIt! ~u"trut Uf it ,nllY 1.>1: Jdl tv           effected !                                                  often .ince then.
 blindly muddle it. "'I,. through, II It h..                       A. to the "whf'n" I would "Y th.t nothinlC               Well, It ... ould be a tall order to recount
 in the put. It I, up to mankind whether                     of consequence ... \11 be done I I long al w.               all th.t h.. h.ppened lince youn fratern.
 he shllll o rder hi, life b)' lin intelllkent and           e ... ade the iuue and re fu~e to r~ce the t.~t •.          .11), quit lh. letten In 1927. b",t • r.mbllng
 IIClen t illc Itud)' and control of the forces               It II flnt necenaty th at It he f ull y r ecoll'-          .u r ... ey might gi ... e lome Ideft how we hll'"
 that affect hla life lin d well being or II110w              "jt~d liuo1 thl" ,Il....,r"l'lt.ncy b~ l we ... n output   been fe r ing.
 himself t.o be the to), of fortuitous clrcum-                and market, between product ion and con-                      The Io<al olllcen hllve not chun i: ed; .... e
 dance. II It not timl! we Itop drifling .rId                lumption. il the blli. of 111 our Industrial                .urel, .re !tlcke". Mlny membeu h ....e
 'ry to .teer the boat!                                       troublea .nd thlt thll discnpenc1 Is di~tly                quit, lOme ha ... e left the bu.ine.. , othen an
     The m.lnten.nce of a .mooth ~u~ .nd                      n,UluTlbl" by lhe pr06tJ1 of Indu.try. Thil                now foremf'n or in bUllneu for themaelyea.
 of • continuool proaperlty in the deve]op                    flirt once rec.rnilled, ...e .re forced to •                But the old kuard i . . . iIl holdin, tho ~h.rter.
 ment of modern induJltry, under the prCHnl                   realization that the onl)' .olution i, •                   liven if It I, In my cellar. We .re not both-
 system, i. dependent upon one o f two con-                   remed), that will mllintain • dna!! ntio be-               ered with lin abundance of things to do .nd
 dition8. IIr both. One of the mnin tendcnciu                 tween the productive Rb ilit)' lind the pu r-              are just hopin!; for lhe best. 1I 0wevcr, none
 [n mode rn Induatry II the eVCr InHen~lng                   chasing powe r of the peo ple.                              of U8 h llye die d, though IIOmc of UI hMve been
 out put of product with Mn .Vlr dllCr... ing                       Bow i! this to be done? I woul d BII)' by            hit balow lh. bait.
 amount of labor. Tbls Iinl! of dnelopment                    IIOme lorm of politicl] .ctlon, I.e .• ",ither                Last Bummer we h.d o<c.,lon to let the
 nt«'s$itats either the m.lntenance of a                      by the c.pture of the powen of politlc.1                    "'orld kno ... th.t ... e of L. U. No. 303 h.d •
"Continuoul .nd e\'eF-gTOw!nc home market or                  government. through the b.llot box or other-               Jurisdiction which WII intact. lind woe bf'-
 the a~qull'i'ment of ever larger and lat~r
 depenrlahh' ftl",i!'!'n markl'UI. or holh           }o'ot
                                                              wile (I    .m    not In ,d ..o<lIe of the "other-          tide thoK who doubted It. We dldn't put
                                                              wl8('," I only mention it I I • pos~i bi1ity).             any IIn~1I on th~ ...... il riOf!n bf'l'.uH of the
 many more or Ie" ob",[oul reasonl the                        b), lome intere.ted Ind dete r mined group                 "represtion!'
 foreign market .lternatl ... e b Impradic.1 a.               and through the use of that power forcing                      All you tOO per centers realize the hard
 a lolution and become. le~1 and lUI .lO with                 the necell.ry Industri.1 teldjultment, o r                  knocka .nd thf' UPI .nd down_mostly
 the e ... er ~preRding induUrlal development to              b), the development o f • IlImcien t amount                down_f a ,m.ll ]ocal in .n .nt i-union
 .11 thoe coulltrlCi of the ell r th. The on1), IIOlu-        of public sentimen t to b rin K abou t the ad -             terrilory. Uut, felle". what a utldllctlon
 tion worthy of 5e,;oul con.idenllon I, the                   JURlment IS • consequence of [tl ... ery po pu -            to know that )'ou are It ill anoelQted with
 maintenance of • home market that will be                    larity. Thll wou ld be by f. r the p referable              eve n . t",w who lIilI Slick to tbf' Idell. of
 Iy neh ronou. In iiI g rowth of purchasing                   way.                                                       our orgsnizationl Yel. we have m.ny dil'
 power with the growth of the indu.tri.1                            In conclullon, I will IUlgell that it I.              'ppointmenll. thlngl go wrong euler than
 output,                                                      TIthe r ob ... Ioul that no linl'ere o r effectl,.,         they go right, and wor-' of theJIe dilippOint.
      I n • p re ... lous .rticle, I h ....e pointed out      move along these linea will come from thoas                 menu il th. \CUy you depend on who falls
 ths t the preponder.nce o f the home m.rket
 il made up o f the wo rke .... the w.ge earner.,
 the emplny,,"u of in du$t ry, It you plell~.
 The ave rn!!e bette r pnld m~>ehDnie buy. a
 ea r. a radin, a IRwn-mowH, a. washinlt
  mach ine. rentl • telephone Ind buildz or                                              W orker Vie ws Illogical System
  renb • bOUle to li ... e In. The big bUllnen
 man or nnlnder who m.kes one hundred                                                                          B, T. M.    Gtt.l.l~
 times II much II the mechlnic dOf!'l not buy
 one hundred w.,blng mlchlnu. ca"" radlOI,                               1I0mel,.. men, and too m.ny brickl; millions of bUlhels of whut Ind ~ rn.
 etc., but one hundred mechfl,nlc •• or other                      ~nd   people are hun,;ry; warehouses bul!;ing with bundl"" of cotton, .nd men, women
 craft amen. If ~teadily emp loyed lit • lufficllnt                'lnd children .hlver ing, .uffedn; Co r lhe Ilick o f proper clothing.
  wage. will. Therein liel the home market.                              F.ctorlu Idle; bridge. to be built; ,t reets li nd road. in need of re pa ir ; citln
       I ndust r)'. th rough III ever Int rcnlng                   ItiIIng to de('ll),; a nd men . millions of men. despondent , beeluM the)' lTe Idle.
  mechanlc.l and operating clneiency, II con-                            Un relt. IUtI'er ln g. want. despondenty, eVffywh .. rj!, Ind yOIl , Mr. A... erA&~ Man.
  tinually decruling the numbe r of ...orken                       1'"lI«i.l1), the membe r of orga niled I.bor, you . re to bl.me. You lTe responslb l.;
  necenal')' In tbe production of III e ... cr                     not the bill' b.nker, no r the Indu.t rl.UIt. Thil II a demoe r.c," we, lh e peopl e,
  Inc renlng output ot ll roduct Ind thereby.                      deser,.e t ha kind of go-.ernment we h ....", we elect peopla who repre.ent 1,11.
  Instead of Inereuin,;, It la dec rening Ita                            lIemernber th la wh"'n you go to tha po11, to vole. It doe. not ma t te r wh.t p l rt,
  own m.rket. 1t Is bu r n In, tI'e candl" d                       lhe man h .. lnnp In thRt )'nu lTe going tn ... nll' fo r ; It dllfil not ma iter It be II •
  both ends. Now. it we are 10 have an)'                           Uernocrat, Republica n. Sod. lilt, or • be11e ... e r in Sinlle T n, m.ke lure that be h..
  meuure of commerci.1 p rosperity, and if the                     you r in terell .t h e. rt; make lu re th.t h, will truly I'ep reaent you,
  cour"" of our indul t rlal development II to                           Don't be C    ooled by thOle peopll! who would befol ),our vilion. but .houtlna:-.
  run $moothly without eve r .r(!('urring d(!prea-                 ·· Ueer II lhe big issu","-that i, only a aman p.rt of It; what you ,ho uld be In te r-
  510ns, panl~. lind like calamities thl, Incon-                   cited in \, work, lind that I, o nly pari ot It.
  gTUUUS conditio n mUBt be compt>nuted for;                             A stelldy Job. reAlon.hle hou,., fair ~on d ition. Ilnd 9n in~ome l.rle enough
  some .djustment must be m.de that will                            to I!upport you rself li nd you r fa mil )' In comfort with I chance to I ....e. th.t will
  rect ify t bl, unbal.nced condition.                             ",n.bl", )'ou to tide yourself ove r in timea of distre.s.
      The cendltion h.1 come ' rom the develop-                          Study )'ouraelt. your cond[tionl; whit .re your hopei, ,our detirel' Be .1,1 1'11
  men t o f ou r pr... n t ,y,t,m of Indlatr, and                   'OU know ju.t whit )'ou .... nt. then eo out .nd work for it.. You un eet It.
  tbe .djultment, the ~mpenution, will hive                         Realize th.t 10U, Ill r. Average Cltiun •• re really kinr In thll countf}', you r wlshe.
  to come t rom tbll ume Indult ri.1 'Yltem.                       lTe 1.... ; let them be known; re.lille thA t tbe Prflident, Senatora, CongTellmen,
  there I, nowhere ellt! It can come f rom.                         mlYors, counci lmen, the.e men are yo ur lervanh. It I, t rue that )'OU have been
   In du B lry will h ave to plly. I n the final                   10 carel",,. thllt ),our I(!rYllnt, bsye blle n living ordera, only bec.ule you are In d if·
  R nR]y~l~ nf l he mstter , ther e Is no louree                    fe rent; IIBle r t you ne lf, bc men , de ma nd t he retu r n ot your birthr ight; be ),o", r OWn
  of incnme In eithe r the political, (!('onomic or                 bun; know you r own min d,
  lo\IC!al lit. or tbe ... orld e"'cept from the                         The t.lk I. I;re.t, hut It II ...orth the trouble and work-you can do it.-c:aat
  wo rld'. indult ry; therdore, Indultr, mUlt                      uut fe.r from your heart, have courage. You e.n Ind mun win, If ...e are to con·
  pa y, W hit pl.n of adju.tment il to be fol-                      tlnul' to be free, li~rty.lo ... ing, independent people.
  lowed . nd how the detail. of the ~an ue
  to be worked out a nd pu t Into operlltion.
208                                      The Journal of Elect,.ical Workcl's and Operators                                             April, 1992
 you. And, al • «Iult 01 our modern eduu-          ager o r In)'hod, ell. don't do jUlt what you         Firat Fridly in month - Trld.. I nd Labor
 tional faeilitlel, the laid IrUY can talk and     think the boundefl .hould do. there'l a             Hall, Ft. Will iam. Third Fridly in month
 talk and ,Im,nt make you beUIY' that ht h ..      remedy, but it's not quittinC. And let        m'    - Tradl!l and Labor lIall, Port Art hur. All
 been given th e worst du] the locol coul d        throw out a hint to you fellowl who wlnt to         Brothen w.leome. All wou ld-b. Brothen
 hand out. Whnt I ItOry • local olfk:e r could     raile duel 10 hhrh thlt I manl,lng director         cln be Initiated.
    And that reminds me that Brotbl!r Dan
                                                   ~ouldn't p.y the-t.y olf, think of the
                                                   Brother who doe.en't ,.,ork nry lleldily .od
                                                                                                         In p .... lnC I ml, 0 , w. hope to Inltla'"
                                                                                                       a new Broth.r next m.etinC, ,.,hlcb II April
Cleary, of L. U. No. 134, h.. written I boo k      has a million cl.lml on his smllll purse. W.        I. We may ye.t get fooled.
on 40 yeau of union aetivltle a in Chicago.        have tried to make L. U. No. 803 of use but                                   PResS SuRrr.... RY.
Some one hriher up in the organization             50 fnr h .... e nol l ucceeded, but she iB the re
,hould give u. more detail. about tht ••           end I be will s tick.
 (Editor', note: Thl, book Wilt reviewed in           Good luck to you aU .nd m.y you get I                  L. U. NO. 401 , R E NO, NEV.
the JOUltNAL.]                                     little of the pleuure that I hI"'" had In           Editor:
    Eyen if thlnll are topa, tuny or what-         writlne to ,ou.                                        Apin Reno haa Ibown Its Independenee.
ever it ia, there lurely mUll be • wily out.                                TJlOS W. DULY,             Not content with Ihowlnc ou r diuecard for
 In day. gone b y the folka lulfe red from                                   Financial Seo:.retary.    tho narrow·mlnded bl,otry Ind .. lfllh hy-
famin e becau", the crop. fail ed. They ,1'0                                                           pocrisy 01 tb. rest ot tho world , In the mat-
luWered from pl,cue beea".. they didn't                                                                ter of freedom of lndlYldual Ictlon, w.
know how to chek it. But man haa over-             L. U. NO . 3 39, FORT WILLIAM, ONT.                 aClin dep.rt from the u.u.1 and accepted
come these thing ' . as you all know. Yean         Editor :                                            prlctice, In our relltlon . hlp, and Ictions
ago the street. In our town. and citiel were          A bright, optlmlltlc report at this time         botween organized Ilbor and flnlnel.1 and
badly lighted; In lome eaMI not lighted at         Crom thll lo~al wou ld no doubt be a bril·          bu,inen Interes ts.
.11. But man hll overcome that 10 thllt            lilnt journali,tlc I chievement, but I .m              I am Inclollng, for pUblication In tbe
wh.n you ,top Ind ..k youraelt why the             afraid I ml1$t ,till keep in I ))e»imiltic          WOtUi£ll. if you please, I picture of I pth·
bungry ~ple when the world produce. In             mood. The municipal achedules of Ft. WIl-           ering, with Jaek Demple, as the luest of
Ibundlnce, "wot', up!" "'YI the man In the         lilm and Port Arthur will come up for               honor, liyen by union labor to tb, leaders
• treel. "I clln' t llgure It out." But lome'      dilcuilion in a month's time.                       of .11 thol' croupi whoso co_op e r.tlon i •
one will IIgure It out.            And, as the        Tho railroad ,ituallon ia under dlscunlon        usually lought, but aeldom obtaln.d, by co·
old long "'Y', "Every cloud ha, a .nver            at th ~ present time: Its resultl 1 s hall not      erdon and drastic m.thod s.
lining." Prelly hard to tell a man Ibout           attempt to prophe,},.                                  A short time ago on. of the mOlt promi-
,nver lininp when he I, down. but bo,a.               Tho pulp and pap.r IndUltry I. looklnc           nent bUllne.. men, representinc a mljor
did you e'l'er heIr tell or II. how thOle In       ror bllUer conditlonl Ind stlbl1iution of           plrt of th e capital of thll community, camr
chlrge are trying to mako things better!           wagel .nd employmen t.                              to union labor and .aid, "Jack D.mpley I.
True, II some will "'y, more could be done,           The brightest IpO t here the .. days is the      now I resident of R.no and mllklnlr hi,
but I Cln look back on four depreuionl In          sun which is strlylnc It! h.rdeat to brelk          homo bere. He is a union mIn, carrying a
m,   working life. They didn't last .. lonr.
may~, but If you look back there never wa.
                                                   th e winter .nd will in the nelr future
                                                                                                       card. II. II probably the biCges! and mOil
                                                                                                       outatandlnC attraction In the United Statn
a time when the ,.,hole nation did their belt         I would like t o comment, If It II per-          at pre'ent. lIe b wllllnlr to pull olf In Reno
to help those Ie .. fortunate than othen. We       mitted, on the letter from LocII No. <1009,         his mOlt Importsnt 'come-back' licht, if
wi1l hope that II bette r undeutandlng hall        WinnipcC, Man., !l.hlrch JOI1RN,l.l... 8rother      the peoplo want it. lie, and t holO who are
been c reated, something lel rned that will be     Gant Itlrtl off .. follo ws: "In order to           willing to tlnanee him, went to bo I ..ured
of vllue in the future.                            keep th e membership posted ,.,Ith eYentl           that the community will cet behind tho en·
   To those 01 you who think your mem~r.           of thl , lonl, wh lrh to the unln lormed II         terpri se before the, dellnltely 'Cre. to pull
Ihlp In the I. O. E. W. melnt only dollarl         sp read from Port Arthur to Vancouver,"             this f1cht olf here. Wha t do you think of
Ind cents Ind that il th e only thing It',         etc. Now I would like to inform ali con·            cllling tho olll.cera of oyery local tocether
rood l or, let me tell you for your own pod        cerned that LocII No. 339 takes In In elec-         with lh. elty, county and stato omclais to
Ind pelce 01 "dnd that yOll are very lar out,      trical workers in tha cities of I'ort Arthur        talk tho propo,itlon over!"
Dr "wet," as the ... ying COOl.                    Ind .'ort William lind surrounding terTI·             OUf ottlclall .nd representatives .Igerly
   80ys, did you eYer stop to think why the        tori ee not governed by s 10cII Ind we have         accepted and a get-to,ether dlnn.r, apon·
foundet!l called the organintlon the Droth -       held members 100 and 200 mUes west of               .ored hy union labor, was held. At thi.
e rhood, and did you ever reed over ,our           Fl. WlIliam.                                        dinner ag/lln was demon s trated th e line co·
obllaatlon word for word f Well. do 10 be·            If there are any memben 01 Local No.             operati ... e .plrit that oxlst. he re between
fora you e ... en think or ... y the union It no   409 In our ... idnlty we would be pleased to        capital and buslne.. and Ilbor. At thl.
cood. If the loul otlleen or bu.in... mIn·         welrome them to our mutlnl'l a. below:              kltherlnc, m.etin&, In gO<ld wlll Ind lello .. -
April. 1932                              The Journal of Electrical 1V01'kers and Operators                                                         209
Ihlp, ..e r e the governor, th e m.yor, the         hand~ or a stick nnd look out, spuds, here         workdly Ind Iny meelureS tblt ml,. aid
cou nty commlulonera, Jack D",up.." prom-           they come. It makel no dif'l'oAncI what it         thft wnrhr In provld ine lor hi. famil,. In
Inent I...yen, Ic.ding bU llne.. men, I t.le        II if the unfortun.tel think they csn chew         theee limel of atre...
senatora and other leading memben of the            It, down it gOH whereby if there were leu             Le t u. bIn lib from ou r mlndl toreye r the
community, ....ell ... about 100 omet.la of         multi-million.i",1 the word humlnit,. ..ould       Idea that Senltor GUglerot or ldorelnfeller
36 uniona and cenl r.1 bodiu, .11 of whom           return and be we lcomed by eye.., one unless       ar. goine to break th e ir neck. In lerlllltine
hll.d come together re.dlly at ollanlled            he "en! a miler. A miler doe. not welcome          {or ou r Internn. It i•• imply nonnnee to
tabor'. call,                                       anything but mOM,., mo re money .nd monoy          expect. ell.n uf ",,,n of oppoled economic
    Thue m~n .nd .. omen .. ~ re met In a           on top of thlt.                                    Inte reetl to pI" I.... In our flvo r. So
Iplrlt of eo.op~ration to mutually decide               WhIt the miler wl1l do with thla money         Ion&, I I we .re willi nl' to pllce I bunc h 01
and agree upon what wu belt for the p ro.·           I c.n not anllwer, but it II I lure thing if      m11l10nllree In Conrre.. w. ere eoine to
 perlty of thia city and et.te. It II in thll        he dOH not spend It he will have to lelVe it      rellp the bitter harrelt of ou r .tupidnen
 .... ,. that we work out 1111 our probleml Ind      on old moth"r ,.Jlrth agalnlt bl. wllbe •.        In periodlcll dividends of raI'l and huneer.
 malntlln Reno &I the "White Spot of the                Oh, well, Mr. Editor and Brothers, It Is          We mUlt not jUit meekly watch Ind w.it
 Nltion." 1 doubt if .nywhere In the world           loout time to Ihut my trap, but I will IIII'      fo r the capitallltic dletatonhip'l Irrl .. 1 bu t
 you un find I Ilmnlt gatherine .. here auch         thinp .re Ibout the IIIme Iround thll neek        we mUit be up and et it Ind be preplred
 I Iplrlt of mutuII goodwill I. mlnlfuL              of the wood_, e""tYone doing hie best to hold      next fen to Clllt I yote for economic free-
    Arter. line dinner "al enjoyed Ind the           on Ind tbat helps aplent,..                        dom. Let UI regilter a prot..t vote of lucb
 klndeet u"preulon. of ~od .. ill uch.nA'ed,            Oh, ,.ea! Our CWd Brother SIoI",b Morgln,      Yolume. l,al"lt the d<:eodcnt 1,.ltem of espl·
 I plln 1. . 1 IInllly .. orked out Ind I com-        flnandal eeerotlry, went hunting recen tly        tlllim thlt the gilntl of Wall Street .. 111
 mittee of representative. from eovern.              and killed I quart, not bad, eh!                   eee the hlndwriting on tho wall.
 mont.1 offlct.b, capitllllat~, buelneu men                                        R. B. BAKER.            Whatever you do, Brothcra, do not dlmn
 and union labor, a ppe ared before ollch local                  -=-C-~
                                                                                                        the big IInlncil l fellow. heclluse ot their
 • nd centre! body lind dlll~lIued the prOPOII-   I.. V. NO. 481. INDIANAPOLIS, IND.                    Ilevlted pOlltion In our present loela! order .
 tlon Ind everyone of the 28 unlo", organ-        Editor:                                               Do not d.mn them for OPPollnr mellure.
  Ised here Joined with the other clvle bodiee        What will be th. oulcome of another yur           lo r Ilbor'. welflre. Try to reell n that thl
 to h"\p mIke thll "nter"rlle a .ucee...          of thi. depreuion 1                                   monied men Ita only doing .. hIt the Iyltem
     BelieYine thlt the rut of the Brotber.           A. In otglnllatlon of electrlcll ..orkera,        pe rmitl, and do not forget thlt ..e yoten
  hood w\1l be Interested In the unmor.l, im.     will we fau the neu ..it,. of cr.ntin&" tbol'         d tbe United Statee of Americl mnt tbeD!
  morll, anre~enerated a.vlge. th.t cun-ti-       "",II,"erl out of work for perlodl 01 two             tbt priylltg. eYery fOllr yeer. to tab IhC'
  tute lAcII No. 401, . . . .ell •• the other     montlj,. or more, the prlYllege of pa,.ine            1I0n'I .hlrt of production.
  or~anlzatlou thlt go to mIke up the c1tl-       dun In I. O. U'lt While I do not espe-                   The mlnu, milia Ind fllctorle . . .ould
  senahlp of Reno (where we Ire cenerally         cially flvor lower dUel at thl. time, yet             .tlrt up at once it • mljorlty of the peopl,
  believed to be "pickinlt our teeth with bowie   lome form o f relief for the unemployed               we ra r eady to lubsUtute production for
  knlv .. ~"), I am wr itin2 of thil unulull, and Brothen is .n.olutely Impe ra t iv e. I b a-          UIC, Instcld of production for profit.
  therefore to he cond@mn~d, way we h.ve o f      lIeve that our locnl dUel should be paid on                                       CEO. M. LARRAIR.
  dolnlf bUBine.. In Reno-"The Big&"ut Lit·       the percentage bull, then th ose llrothen
  tle City In the World.~                         who .re forlunllte enough to work full
                             CEORCI: J. J .uu::s. time will ply the grelter Plrt of the freight         L , U. NO. 492, MONTREAL, QUEBEC
                                                  Ind thOle ..ho Ire unemployed .. 11\ pay             Editor:
                                                  nathil'll".                                              l"'ta! ITnlnn 492 record, with deep regret
      L . U. NO. 474, MEMPHIS, TENN.                  If thie plln were clrefully .. orked out,        and 10TtOW the paulnA' a.. ly recently of
 Edltor~                                           I am Illre the 10<:lla and the I. B. E. W.          two of 1tl memben, T. T. BUchanln and
    Oh, yea, here we are back Ipln, three         would greatly henefit b,. .uch a plln.               W. Canle, Ind 1110 mourn, witb the .. hole
 month in .uceeuion ri!!:ht 110ne with the            Anotber year of IndUltrll1 depreuion             orelnlntlon the &"reet Ion we hlYe IU'-
 brand new Iprlngtime weather. Speddn",            Ihould CIlule .. age worken, farmen Ind             talned In the death of Chari .. P. Ford.
 of wrather, It la a Que~tlon whelher It ..III     Imlll bll.ine .. men to conelude thlt • new         Words fan to upte .. our feelilllCl, ., wa
 take one year or 10 yure for pro.perlty to        economic let-up II In order. And during             wou ld like them to do. lie Wei I builder,
 rdurn. It uem. no one II .. llllng to give        this year we will hue men of big bUllnen            I builder of worth-while thinga, thI ng' thlt
 .n Inlwer, but I contend the b.nkeu of            making their weekly announcemenh a. to              .. 11\ endUle--Ind now the builde r hee laid
 thll country could In,"e r thil quetllion or      the nelr Irrivil of prOlperOUI t imes. We           down hi, tooll and p.ned on, leavlnr u.
 ehanlte thi. horrible mOBt unlalleflctor,., m.,. be Iyen taken by lurp rl8. h,. ftnmll                to carryon. We extend ou r I ymp.tby Ind
 eelll.h condition thllt band hee been exllt-      ~relt Nabob makln. the at.tement that               condolence to thOle he lea",. bahind.
 I n~ month" months and mo re monthl.              bUlinell definltel,. hili been on the Incline            In the la.t Issue of the JouueAL it ....
     The banh .. kne .. when they .,arted thl. .ince Novembe r I, 1931. Such I atateme nt              gretUylne to note on Ilmo.t eye ry pI"
 condition whet they wlnted, .. hat they In.       Ictullly WI' made jUlt three weeks .go by           the demlnd for lome form of utendinr
 tended to do, how 5uecenfully It would worll      one of our nltlonslly known finandal                knowledee .nd eduestion . nd we, In thla
 for them, whIt the relulll would be .nd           writen.                                             10CllI, Ira doing ou r Ilttlo bit to apread tht
 most of In how long It would like 10 Ircom-           With continued d"pru.lon and ..ith rope.         rOlpe\. "To help one anolher" II ou r
 plllh their de.lres of jl:elting the working      titions of such occurrencel I. the ml r ch           pledge, Ind every membe r of the 10cII II
 man to go further in debt, lpend III of hi.        on Ford'i River Rouge pllnt, ..e mly "Ike           I membl r of the education committee, Ind
 uvlnp If he h.d any, 10M nerythin", he             up .ome morning to find thlt we lTe no              Wt heYe compiled I eeti.. of Queetlonl
  POIIJt ...-d "'I'('pt blWly lind aoul Ind when    longer American eltlxena but IIIbjecta of a        ,Ieened from the dIlly experiencee of our
 he doe. . .ork hll body lind lou l ahlll ..ork     dictator. Ho .. eyC'r, I do not elfpect In,.        memberahlp o",r mlny yeara of uperlenee.
  or exl.t for ..hltun price the bankera .mall croup o f laborinr men to put thil                           Thla lonl la particularly Interuted In
  dlctato which ..ill not be enough to brag over. Ollr danger I, that of a capitlHst                    th e operation .nd malnten.nce of po.. e r
  .bout.                                            dictltorshlp with It. policy of the Iron            ltetlone-.ubltation. Ind th ei r lIuxl1ia r lee-
     nr.",! Brngl Ok! yes, the multl.mllllon_       heel.                                               Ind we hel with this qlleltionnllre com·
  al ru take I gr eat deliKhl in 1.,111')111 the       No.. that ..e hnve experienced I long            plettd It will cov~r the mnRt Importllnt
  unlvene thnt hard timo. I re not here, no not     elege .Inee the fill of 1929, le t UI no t be       ph .... of ou r work , ee one mIn In hi,
  to them, they hIve evo ry whim, wllnt, need       over-optimistic In thinklnr thlt the wout           16 or 20 yean' experience .. ou ld .upply hi'
  and .. h.t not.                                   II Plllt but let UI rlther pl.n Oll r actiyitiea    Yle.. polnt and hi. bllg of trick. Ind ,.et
     There Ihould be a go.ernment I" ....here-      on lines to fit tht preeent condition.. Let         would not enc rolch on anothe r man'l tricky
  b,. no one mIn in the United Stltee cln           U~ fo_o.,...rate .. ith all crOUPI who are con-     experlene" of the lame length o f "rrlc..
  own, heve or PO""" oyer IIYe million dol-         scl~ntioUII,. endeavoring to OOOlt lerilla.             The ctl.. lftcstion of this qu .. Uunn.ir. I,
  lIra worth of bonds, .Iocke, 1D0ne,. or .hlt tion In city, Itlte, Ind nlUon for out-of-               practicIII,. complete Ind ..e Intend rolng
  h".e you.                                         ..ork Inlurance, old .ee penllons, a ahorter        over, II,., 10 Or 12 que.tionl It each meet-
     The word humtlnity haa faded Into the                                                               InC and In thi, ..I,. our younger men .. \\I
  fOIf or beyond or tomt'thing from the lookl                                                            lelIrn In I very ahort time .. h.t it h ••
  of child ren, woml':n nnd men Wilking the                                                              tailen ~ome members their whole lifetime
  It reeU, rpllroad tracks. country ronds, high.        In Behalf of Amusement                           to IIcqulro, Ilnd yet the oldtlme" ea.n get
  WIlYI everywher e, anywhere without locka             In o rde r that Our 10cII. e; vin e pro.         a full menaU Te of help out o f It. by the
  or Ihon on thei r feet, very little c1othln~ on    rreuive bridgo plrti• • may bl. , IP-               d llcu u lone, refreahlng their memory. R ..
  their backe. I mean 11':11 than lome of tho..                                                          member, Brethren, the motto "To help one
   burlf'lque actou we have on the aLaItH. propria t e .. nd d eco rati ye equipmea t , we               Inother" melna not to keep .0meth lnC we
   Pooel! Well, 1 IInow of lOme cun whe ...          hlYO .ocured card d cclu bearing the                bl.e fouad uldul Ind bolpful to ou r..I... ,
  corn II stolen frOID I lIeld and'" .eten .. Ie;    Brotherhood' •• e.I, I"d the un;oa lahel.           but to apr.ld it Iround Ind we will all
   potlto pItch" r aided. Ohl the)' tlke their Theae can be had at 75e a p.d~.                           become more etllelen\, ou r work leu bl.ard.
  210                                          Tlte     JOIH'IW.l   of E:lectricnl Workers and Operators                                         April, 1931
   ous, our interut gru te r .nd our Jive. hnp-             l or the Ilibor movenlent. If this were done      They'd build II ~hip snd .all it
   pier through a beUer undeutanding of our                 there i. no limit to the thlngl that could be       With everything they hlld.
   worlr.                                                   ac complllhed. The large vote in the Senate       On a co-ope rative basil -
     Let u be Ulre our late Brother, Chllriu                in ""or of the La Follette _Co.tiga n bl1llUf_      A1 II plan It wun't aD bad.
   P. Ford; let UI be builders, build,,. of "               prised e'nn the oldut polltic.l prognol tl_
  beller ort'Dilation, builders of better                  CIItOfl, and th e Iweepinl' vidory of the          They prombN to stick tOl1;ether.
  uarl.rnen, bulldeu of " better future, 10                Norri' bill (or Injundlon relld in both the          Their aim WII8 to lind a land
  let u. be const ru ctive and pren on, I, the             Senate lind the 1I0ule I. a truly satidylng        Where there would ~ Il]enty of ~u n shi n e
  ,inrere wilh of                                          e:rample of what labor can IIccompJiah when          And plenty of fo(>(l for the bnn".
                              Ii. M. N,:VIIIO"l            II concentrated effort I. made.
                                                               And thll I, a political year, many ome..       Quite ll00 n the .hip ",a. IInl'hell
                                                           will be IIl1ed in the .Iectiona this fall .          And e"tryone did hil .~are:
    L. U. NO. 502, SA INT J O H N, N. B.                   And now II the time to prep"e for them.            t:xcept for a ' pl!('iea kno,",n ., ra ta.
                                                                                                                 ~'or even the rllta were thue.
  Editor :                                                 Let every member of org"niled labor and
     Many a drop of ..... teT has gone on il~              the memb'fI of their flmlli .. who are .1\_       The good I hlp IInnlly Itnrtod out.
 .... y down through the Reveni ng Falls,                 gib!e get reghtered In order to be able to           They wandered for many a dny.
 world -famed ph enomen., In the city of Srllnt           vole for our frlenda who will prue"t their         Sometimea the going Will plenty bnd,
 John, In the Provlnee of New Brun.,.dck,                 names I I undldat ... for office. Every year         Thinp IOmetimee happen that way.
 1111 of whkh i. I~.ted in the :\I.rltlm" .               labor', friend. have been lnereulne In
 ~inee I had the ple.. ure of .TllinK In the              Cong"" .. well III in local and atate of-          Molt of lhe group kept hoperul,
 JOl'll,U,1,'8 eolumnft.                                  lIeell. Ind the "ilion for thl, I. that the         They took the thick with the thin.
      H ue In thl , leetion of Canada pricu are           {riends of labor .re the friends of human_         Except akilin for the family of fIlt".
 dropping to new levels, ularln sliding down_             ity. When every public omce I. filled by II          Who WOn! always chilelinK' In.
  ..... rd. lhllt Is. with eilception o f tht. lat..t     man or woman who "ally h .. the better-
 "joku" whk:h appeared rHently in the local               ment of humllnlty at heart II d iITerent tune      Whenever there Will work to do.
 newspapeu. the City of Saint John h.. lng                _ill b. played by the big: banking .nd In-          Neour a rat would you m~t.
 uked permluion of the iegialatore to In-                 dustrial Interetta which no", have a Itran_        Whenever there ""I' gTUb to be h.d
 creue the .. Iuiu of certain oftidab of the              gle_hold on the country.                            They were irat in the line to eat.
 lIIIid elly and at thl. wrlUng they got what                 Th e only way to get ftiend l In office, la    And 80 thtly wandered on lind on
 they Went lifte r and the .equel o f thl , Itory         to vote them In. So, don't delay, get your          Still looking for pasturu green;
 i. thllt "the police clerk of the city h.. a             nam~ on the regi l trlltion boob now.              Until a terrible Itorm ume up,
 little Idtt of $900 per .nnum placed in the                                             A. W. THIOT          The wont they'd ever Iten.
old pay en.elope."
      Not a b.d Ide. for the city f.then to do                                                               h It!flmed the ship ",ouid neyer lut,
                                                            L . U. NO_ 595, OAK LAND, CALI F .                 It looked like a f.tal trip .
• 11 thl' In face of the dr..tic cut. they hue
made In the app foprl.tlon~ of ",me of the                Editor:                                            And ... hlle th e rest were working hard.
mo.t deserving Institution, In thiR commun-                         Su mt C.II It .: ..o lull o n             The rntl de 8e rted t he ship.
 Ity. If thl. only wrote "lInh" it would be               Long ago. In the dim, dark pa6t.                   But the oth"8 kept on trying-
poulble to pau it by without furth er com_                  In the paleoto1c .lime.                           They pulled the old craft thl1lugh,
 ment.. But now thia authority hal been                   The bup .nd the birds lind the      animal~        And came at last to the land they aDught.
obtained. why, ...e will not be IUrprl.ed, to               Were h."lnl!' a hell of a time.                   Where the lilies wen! llway, blue.
lind the lIIu.trlous lethe,. dl!('idlng they .N'
overworked lind unanimou llly agree to lin                11 aeeml that things .... ere pretty tou/fh.       And then to their greatelt ao rrow.
incre',"' In thr.lr p.. y e nvelo pe, IIbo. It',            The /frub Jun wouldn't kO ·round.                  After thlnkinll" lhe rat. Wire drowned,
II 8trllngt! world 1 And 10 It goes on.
                                                          So some of them got together,                      H!ding IIWUY In the hold of the s hip
     Through all thill we are detHmined that                And thl, WII~ the pllln they fouud.               A couple of rail were found.
our loul ,han thrive lind that lome day
bo.st that thue are .ery feW' othe r loe.1s
bigger .nd better than our own. I kno ...
the rOlld I, Ion .. lind roc ky, but we will keep
our fAcel turned tOWArd. the ent. and u                              W hat Rodin's Thinker Must Be Thinking About
we I lllrt on thl, long trail on our IIpa ",e'l1
breathe thl, long:

Skl~ .re bound to clellr up,
So I mlle. p.l, 0' mini.                                              Labor, that c:reatH all we.lth, Isn't good ~lIltetal fot borrowink b.ck I little
Thlnp lire bound to cheer up:                                  of the ,,·.. Ith created.
Just 1m lie, pnls 0' mine.                                            Mlul ulp pi River Deep WllterwllY conventionl were held for mllny yea". tn
Very loon there'll be II Illver lining                         ]912 Theodore Roo.evelt I" 'd at one of them, "Thero II no greate r qucatlon before
Shinink in the blue above you.                                 the American peoplo than tho deepenlnll' of the Mi ulul ppl Ri ve r to avoid floodll and
Trouble comell In bunehe:. to warn IU I cue.....              dl ... ter to the river bottom farme,.."
If we play our hunchel we'll find happlne ...                        Since then we ha.e helped Ita"lng Europeanl of .11 nation.litlel. uYe can-
Evuy tellr will be • Imlle.                                   celled billion. of debt. to Italy. France. England and the I _ r .. te1Iit" of the
BOYI. lifter I while:                                          European 1I'.1"",y. but no relld to the cotton farmen or the river 'I'IIUey.
So carryon lind smile. boy_mil...                                    We elln get I!.lCclted IIbout I few thoulllnd Am erln", that get wedged In be-
                                                               tWMn the Chin",e lind JaJ1nne~e but farmeta in the river valley that get wiped
   And lhnt rlngl down the curtllin on lhe                    out periodiClIlly (It 111 o\\'lng lhe bllnktra) do not ucite UI.
final lIN!ne of this atory of mine, thlt It                          Billion. for deltruetlon, but not one cent for construction ot controlled
m"y p... l1li • ple.sing moment of rellding                    Mi ul ..ippl waterway.
to you. dear Editor. lind to the lo<:a1l that                        OUf ellpitalhta can lIui,t a pilln for ~ntrolled Indulltry In RUIIII II to help the
ha ..e taken the time to gllnu through It                     fin-year plan. Other ca pltllll.1I tell UI they are help!n, our enemi". Still we can
b the ,inee re wl,h of                                        do nothing for our own Miu luippl farmers to IIhi eld them from "acll of God."
                            ROIIUIT F. JONI';8 .                     Tho price of thr.. bnttluhip~, which we are told are obllOlete In modern wsr.
                                                              would II:!: up the Mlul .. lppl.
                                                                     J( anothe r world war lilted IonIC enoukh to boOlt the price of cotton to 36 or
   L. U. N O. 508, SAVA N NA H , CA.                          40 cenh we would do IOmelhing. at leut temporarily, to uve the v.lullble cotton
 Editor :                                                     cro p, for deltructive purposes.
    What II splendid lIarht orglnh:ed I.bor I,                       In a ll the lOllS of life and mlltry to valley fllrmen we do nothln;- for their
mllkinl'. While the lore heads and malcon-                    live •. but a cotton picking in'-enllon that would InereMe the unemployed will
tent. have been how link and belly-aching.                    co mmand reBpeet snd cnpllll.
the leaden and 10)',,1 memhers ot orgnnlled                          The COlt or the hOl air in Novenlber would fi", up the MI"i,ai ppl. Politiu Ind
labor hue been busy doing thing'. Their                       It ill I'olly-tlck..
task hal b~n made doubly hard becaute 10                            A (ree-Ior-all bawdy houte light In Europe getl the co-opeflllion of every onc
much of their energy h.. n~e..arily been                      rtom panellli to pedl-gret!d plu tocracy in thft United Statu. Too much w.ter down
uHd up IIghtinlr the very onu they were                       the ri n r i. an act of God and Ihould not be Jlrovided .k.lnsl.
flghUnl: for. What a pity it II that every                          Sclsh!
min with a u nion ca rd doun't exert 1111 of
hi s effortl enthusia.ticall)· and un ae lfl. hly
Apl'il,19!J2                                 The Journal oj E lectriCClt lVorkefa and Opf'I'ato)"s                                                                       211
"-nd 110, thcoulrh the dim, dark 'KU,                               L , U, NO. 734, NO RFOLK , VA.                  not meet our w!shu or ellpeeuUonl but
   Right down to the preae nt time,                          Editor:                                                leemed to follow tbe ge neral policy II ap_
Through th e proeeu of eyolution                                  The Virginia Gen .... 1 A1~embly h .. ad_         plied to II lar lea below $12,500 • year.
   We've pulled ourHl.ea from the .tim.                                                                                 The annu.l conven ti on of tb e Vlreinl.
                                                             journed for .nother two ye.r• • nd while
"nd alway. It'l b«n • b.ule.                                 they aceomplilhed $ome good there I, .ome              5o'ede ratio n of Labor will ope n at Alu.ndria
    tightin g .ac:h .tep . . . we kno .. ;                   work loft for fulur ..... ion.. The keynotl            on !'olay 2, Brother J, Fred Cherry, fln.nd.1
The re..on Ii" in the break of lu.·k.                        aeemed to be th" rl'duetion of lome .. Iariea.         lec reta ry of Loul No. 73 4, i~ completing
    In th.t 'torm of long .go.                               The ulary of the ta. comml .. lone r wa.               hi. aeeond term as prelid('nt of the feder.-
                                                             eut from $10,000 a ),ear to $7,foOO but the            t ion. Brother Che rry h •• had. "ery atren-
Through lhll thing ~alled eyolution.                         lalar)' of the "h.lrman of the .tllte high-            II OU. two years wit h the Danville ,trlk.,
    We'vo ur rlod throll!;h the plan.                        w.y eom mi.,ion (heing mort' Im llr~en"hI",)           .nd th, almolt luper.hum.n a~"ompll!h_
Putting oUrl('lvn on II hll/.'her "I."e-                     wa~ Idl at $12.&00.                                    ment of injecting new life into the Union
    Till Rt lUI ...... are fil III'd a ma,L                     -An adm ini str.tlon bill cnlllnll' for I !O        Newe (oftl ~ial publication of Ihe V. F. L. )
                                                             per eent redllction In the saint I... o f .ehoo l      after ill editor and manager had through
But, In .plte of our ou twnrd "ppNII·lnc('.                  lear hen was d efented. Thi l bill WI! pub-
     De('p burl('d down In OU r heart,                                                                              milmanagement or wo ne created n !lef!dt
                                                             licly oppo~ed by thl' teR"h.,r" who wllr!'!
We've inhcrlled eertnin In s tinct"                          rebuked by a Italemen t In th e llren th. l            u{ "'urO! tl"." '20.000 in a bllsine.. th"t
     Thill were there from th(' v('r)' u"n                                                                          ahould h.ve ahow n a profit of an ~q uRI
                                                             the gG'"ernor wu dlsll!lpointed by thB ~t l\rld
                                                             lRken by the tea ehe r •.                              amount.
It'. en y to rhle with. winner.                                                                                         In .ddition to Brothe r Che rry the rollow-
     When ey'rylh ing br('lIh j u~t right.                        Thl. attitllde of th(' "!riend of th e we rk _
                                                                                                                     lowing nsm~d o B    kers .nd members of Local
B" l ,,11 U"J u,;"m .. 1 jllbll"d. cu",~ .. "t.              Ill ' jlMJ!le" mil:ht In lome Itnt'" 1>e co n-
                                                             s t rued liS eou rage OI<l but In Virg inia the         Nu. 734 """ .. It .. ,,d'''11 th" cuu v""tlon II
     Wh.m it I('em~ It'. ~ 10.lnl(" fiiht.                                                                           delegate.: Brothers O. T . Ayers. prelide nt:
                                                             go ... ernor may not lu~eeed him.elf in oftlce.
.\nd th.t Is why th. luck broke wronlt.                       It i. hardly IIkel,. th.t a mnn of hi l age           J. RO III"n o. trelllurer: J . E. lI awklna, re-
     If you bt-lieve in heredity.                            and politic.l ell pe rl ('nee will be rewarded          cording lec rH. ry : V, ;\1. Syl"'elter, put
""'h~n 1111 th .. rlll.~ did not gn down,                    by election to Co ngren, 10 no eou rall'e wu            president: W, 50'. T.ylor. C. W. Ringler,
     In the Itonn on that anden t IIeIi                       required for hi. IItlempted .... ult on 1.1_          S, iI. Shoe ... "ker, G. B. Rryant. J . B, P.nonl
                                                             • riu below $1,000 a yea r,                            .nd L_ L. Baln .
 'Ratl delJertlng a ,inki ng Ihip,"                               A bill W811 p.ned "reating the omce of
     It'l alwlY' been that w.y.                               tri.1 Justice in Norfolk COlln ty, whlc:h If
fhink of the progreu we would haY,· n"ul".                    not vetoed will take out of kltthenl, .tore.,            All workl of tute mUll beaf a price in
     If we had no rau tod.y.                                 outhoulea a nd othe r unluitable placu, tria"          proportion to the .kill, taste. time. exp'!Q.e
Th(' moral b to r('membu.                                     by Individual. who a re required only to be           and r isk .ttending their inv('nUo n .nd
     In apite of wh.t r.u rna)' '''y,                         .hle to read a nd "'rite Ilnd to tontrol vo tu.       m.nuf.dure.
Th.t the Ihip ume through -it didn't .ink-                        Thl. bill providu th.t the trial justi"e             Those thi ng' ".lIed dea r .re, whe n ju.t1,.
     ,\ nd tomorro ...•• • nothe r day                        ~hnl1 be .n atto rn e,.: he will reee ive a .. 1_     e,timated, thl' chellpeat: they are .ttend.d
                                                              Bry not depend.nt upon f. u and will abol-            with much It'll profit to the . rti, t th.n thOle
                                    (:':1'11: Galt.u.r,       Ish a .y~ten' •• primitive •• th e .tone .ge          which everybody clln~ cheap,
                                    ll ulln('H ManlllCl'r     and III pe rn icio ul •• I@prosy.                        Be.utlful forml an d composition. ~ re not
                                                                  The ... eto by the go"'('rnor i. bel na lo ught   ",ade by ch.nee, nor can they eve r, In an,.
                                                              - by one of Kipling's c hara eLefl; by the            material. be mnd(' at small upeue.
      L. U . NO , 640, PHOENI X, AR IZ.                       preBent judge of the cou nty juyenlle cou rt,            A com{lOl,tion for chealmeaa .nd not (';11-
 ~itor'                                                       ... ho will 10le hl l allignment (' nd a.lary),       ~lIence of workman ship II the mo at f",Que n!
     The eyl'6 of the m,tlon .re fo~uled on                   .nd by JUBtiee. of lh e peace, wh o will lo~e         lind cerl.in enulIf! of the rapid decllY .nd e n-
 Ihe nlUon.1 ca pitol. Now th.t Congren                       the major pa rt of their feel.                        tire du truc tion of a rt a and manufaeturers.
 hu p und • "dole" fo r big busineu lind                          A hellring ..... h('ld by the It'overn o r on     -Jo.i.. ~ lI'..dgooood.
bl nkefl , whit will thlly do toward. e rtllting              Mln:h ~ tor the purpose of deciding
 wo rk and wai"tl (or ao Ile r ..ent of the                   wh ethu or not the ... ill of th e mljOrity
 nation'. eonuming 'lower! S~yc r.1 bilb. s houl d be respected. At thaL hearing the                                TODAY'S       HARD   TIMES                        PARAL _
..e pe nding In both brlnehet of Conkren                      oppo~itio n m.de .ueh poor r('presentlltlon                        LELED BY 1890'.
 for publk work • • nll dire .. t relief, Th e                that th(' he. ring "'u adJourmli1 .nd both
 present admlnletration I, oppoled to them.                   IM('. Were a.kcd to pr.. ~enl lori~r •.                         (I'on,ln" .."   '.non   tla~p.   lSi)
 ureulng th e need of rigid economy .nd the                       The princiPIII objection of "The Man Wh ..        CaJi fo rn hl. Colorado, Massachu setts, IIIi·
 danger. of the "dole", No ,ueh ery W                      U  Would Be Kinll' '' WI! .0 tfllnlp. rent .. to
 rli.ed when lhe . dml nlstrati on mellurn                    be ridiculou.. The bill pro ... lde, th a t the       nois, Oklaho ma. Was hington, New J er-
 for th e r elief of bankl and bu.lne .. Welf'                trial jueticea eh.lI be .elected b)' th e bOard       sey. I ndiann. Wi sco nsi n, and Maryland
 'n trodu eed and palled .                                    o f Illper ... iaors (ala) who are .Iected. Th e      m .. n Ilppf!ftrf' d wlto, either convinced of
     The lalt .enlon of Cong ren approprl.ted                 protest.nts w.nt a jllstlce Ilppointed by ~hl'        the righteousness of Coxey's purpose o r
 $1,080,000 for a federal building for Ph oe-                 judg(' of th e "ounty cir"ult "ourt (one)             thirsty for notori ety, or both, joined in
 ni •. Suer.1 month were I pent In .. h oo~ in g              who la .ppointed. This i! a I•• t desper.te           the caus e , "On to W ashington!"
 the .ite , and the out .... lteOul price of $375,- .Hempt to keep "ontrol in the h'nd , of                             E:llr ly in the spring of 1894 some 20,-
 000 wal p.ld for It, Ma ny dulrable elles a .eleeted few.                                                          000 "CuJ("yil"." wer ... WUlI hingtoli bound
 were oft'ered. r.nging In pri ee from $90,000                     A bill abolishing the un •• ll,factory and
                                                              expenliYe Norfolk co unty road and bridge             by n dozen diffe rent routes, An ext ra -
 to $200.000, No ... they ha.e not enough
 t.o proeeed with the building.• nd they are                  eommiuion wu pr.ctleally mllde mBnd. _                ordinary moveme n t.          Great hordes of
 "ki ng (or an "ddltlonnl appropriltlon of                    tory by the vo ter. In th e Democratic prl _          men came through towns, laug hing,
 137&,000 fur it. Tiou a f/or Ih .. Tfh8Ut,. D,, _ m.ry election. SlmulhIR('oll aly II bill, pin ...                si nj...-ing- "Mnrching- Through Georgia,"
 ph rtmen t h" not In cl uded it in th ei r re - Ing all county re.d .yatema under th e con·                        c arrying banners and Old Gl ory. They
 'juestl from thi . . . . . Ion of Congren,                    trol or the ltate high .... y commlulon              umped on the outskirts of com m uniti('s,
     There I, no building le,i ... lty at preRent (whOle ch.irman reeei"'el an Ilntoucha1>le                        bumme d food from farmers, and to /l:"et
 In t hi. vicinity, and non e, other th' n the                 sal.ry) waa sponlored by an ex-governor              on the right side of the r eligious f olks,
 abo,·e. h .. been propo.ed Ie far t hlll year. .nd was palud by both 1I 0UIU, thertby                              s"' ng "Jesus, Lover of My Soul" nnd
  Homu. Itore buildings and oftl~e bundingl                    nullifying th e m.ndate of the ... otera.
                                                                   There .re many dllferencel of opinion at         "Nearer My Go d tn Th ee,"
 .re bell'glng fo r tenRntL It will take a few
 yea,. before th e dem.nd will create new                      to tbe ad"antagee of thia .yetem: your cor-              In San Francisco, Charlie Kelly rai sed
 building h('re. Our on ly hope lie. In the                    reapondent h.. no opinion but we hope th a t         an Rrmy o f 1.500 overnight. The city.
 ... ork plnn. A city.wldl campll"" h a.t-                     five years (rom no ... we will b• •ble to            un(,Aly at hav ing them in its mid st, did
 ting under wny lind we are .h.plng our                        write, "we told you 10,"                             eve rything in its power to help get Kelly
  plan to work ... ith the othen 10 a. to obtai n                  A bill providing compe nsation for Injuries      stnrted ncross the bay into Oakland. In
  the fuUnt publicit)' and be nefit..                          luffe red by volunteer f!rem~n _hila fighting        Oaklnnd the authoritics, also ftlnrmed b y
                                             P. J, TiatNEY.    firea . U passed        Funds for thl a "om pe n _   the organited mob of ragged men , helpe d
                                                               ..t io n are provided by lone pe r cent tax
                                                               on all pr..,mluml rtc('lved by lome fire In_         them with transport ation out of O",k-
      ~o IonIC ,,~ we 1    0'1'''. w (, jOf"ve. So lonlt' ., .ur"nce eomp"nlea In Virgin I. hu~ fo r 10m.           land; and 80 on. Now and then an army
  We ar ... lo..... d by othe ... I would .lmOlt lIy we        ob.eure reason thl. tax dOel not .pply to            would "Btenl" a whole train Rnd proceed
 /Ire indl~~n ..b1 .. : .nd no m.n Ie ulelelS "mut ual" compa nle.,                                                 in style, but there was co mpRrRUvel y
  whi!1' he ha •• fril'n " . U. I,. '<;'111.".0".                  Employee~ ' compens.tion lell'll laUon d id      li ttle plundering. The fRrmer9 general.
  212                                       The Journal of Electrical Worker. . and Operators                                                 April,   1 9~!

  I)' were sympathetic, generous. I n the in-           Coxey .nd tw o or hl l leaden Ielt the army             In a Pullman park, and attended hll chu rch.
  dustrial centers labor unions escorted               and ran th rough th., sbr ubbery toward th.,             Even the Hwage from the workers' home.
  them to town and donated money in                     Capitol ItePI, intending to make lpeeehu.               went into a tank and wal pumped to Pull.
  theI r aid. It was a good-natured move-              T h., pollee lost th.,lr huds and jumped their           man'l Itock fa r m II fertlli1:er. 110 was •
  ment.                                                honea through th, .hrubbery lind over th e              workingman', friend who kneW-lind thar,
                                                       I'round,. The crowd followed after them.
              On To W • • hin, lon                     Club. were Iwunl' richt and Ielt, with the              w.. no room for argument-what wal gnod
                                                       hor-el tramplinl' and eharglng, injur;nl'                for the workincman. ne WII 'gainlt !.h~
       To many good citisenl thue ominoul out_         hundred,.                                               elght·hour da,.; It encouraged idlenell,
   brukl lind the condllfon. that underlay                Coxey lind hi. two omcera were arrested                 Large numb('ra of the Pullman workers
   them appeared to tbruten very lerioul con-          Ind linod $5 for wnlking on tho grll" and               joined the American Ral l.... lly Union, of
   sequences. It II not altogether aurprlling          aenteneed to 20 days impri,onment for                   which Eugene V. Dob. waa pruldent. A
   th.t man, timid o r eonservative pe"OI'lI           ~'rrylni' bannera.      Coxe}", banne, wa. a            committee can~d on the Pullman omda1a
   Ihould have been a bit jumpy about It. lind         ribbon, pinned on hll coat. It w.. three                and lought to h","e wagn reltored to th~
   that they ahould have conjured up bogie. or         inch u long and t .. o Inches wide.                     bas is o[ 1893, The next day the committe,
  an_fehi,1I 'l'l'ith bomb. or loclali.u with In-                                                              w .. di scha ri'ed.  A Iympathctlc boycott
  aidlou. propaganda (there were &. yet no                       V . ri e d , C o m p le x C ro up             w •• directed aolely apinl t the hlndling of
  Bol.h.,ikl to affright them). Nor "'.. their                                                                 the Pullm.n c.n. Members of the Amerl.
  alarm altogether groundle... The amoke in                  Coxey'. mf'n camped for a time on the             cln Railway Union did not quit tbeir
  "hleh ther ..... or imarined r.ntutie IIg_             outakl rll of the city Ind w~re liter joined          plaeea; the,. announced their readlne.. to
  \lfll!l IIfOse from the .moldering flru of dll-        by the .... utern armies of Lewl. Fry from            man and run aU train, of which I'ullman
 content ,mong mllIlonl of the Jen fortu_                l..os Angeles and the Charlie Kel1y army,             can were not a put; and their omcera
  n,te clulu.                                            from I·'ri sco. It took them three month.             plITtieulllrly ",ked thllt luch can be lep·
      It wu , busy time yur fo r our IItUe               lind 10 days to crOll the continent. The              .rated from mall trlllnl, In order that the
  pe,c~-tlme r~,"ul'r Irmy, with Coxey armies           total number of m~n who nnally ruched                  latter Ihould not be delay~d. DUlineli be.
  Ite,lIng tralnl to cllrry them eutw,rd, ov_            Wllhington .... ,bout 2,000. In Camp                  Ing b,d th e Pullman Complny did not can
 erllwlng 1"",.1 .uthorltiea who wen oft~n               Roulyn. Va., a canya.. of the men re ..ealed          how long the men "ayed out. Wh at wor-
  too Iymp.thetle to do anything about It.              thllt 8fI were Maaon l, 198 Odd Fellowl, 364           ried Pullman was the fact that the Itrike"
 e"en If they were .ble, and with trueulent              Knii'htl of L.bor, 200 Y. M. C. A. and Ji.O           owed him '70,000 for blck rent.
 .trUcen. mobl tb.t p.lled for .triken In               {'hrl~tiln EndeltloTCn.       In Kelly'• • rmy It         On the aft~rnoon of June 30 the lupcrin·
 open reaistance to authority. The" dll_                wa. found that amonc 763 mareh~n 5~9 w~re              t~ndent of th~ rail.ay mail lu... lce at Chi·
 turb.ncu caused th~ mOlt utenlive troop                Amerlun bom. There were 83 Irad.,. and                 cago lent a dllpateh to Waahln(l:ton, "No
 movement l\nce the Civil War.                          oe<:upations repre lented amonll' that num-            mll\11 have .ccumulated lit Chlclgo 10 far
     Soon editorial writeu commenced to t,ke            ber . AI to polities, 240 were Popul1sh, 218          All regulllr trllins are moving nearly on
 Coxey suioully. What Will the prime mo-                were RepUblicans, 190 Democ rnls and the              time wilh 'light delays." On the ume day.
 Uve behind the movement? Some In.iated                 other.....ere undecided, In religion there            however, the Federal di.trict attorney In
 th.t It wu the luderl' craving for pub-                w~re 358 I'rolellantl , 280 Catholicl, and 114        Chicago t~I~RTaphed to Wllhlnarton tha,
 licity. Olhert that It W/ll a popular, Ipon-           who dulared th~y had no reH .. lon.                   mail trains hAd been .topped by .triken
 taneous social uprlalng. a re ... olution-lInd             "On to Wuhln gton" real"hed III height            and thlt condition I were Itrowlnjf woru
"Itot UI b~ thankful," rtomarked one ne"l_              in Mill', 1894. About the end of June, with           Attorney Gf'neral Dine,. invoked the Sher·
 paper, "that It II so tame."                          the br~aking out of the .. reat Pullman                mlln Anti·Trult AH of 1890, by wbleh con·
     I'ruche ... lermonhed .bout It. One In            Itrib. the mo ..ement was play~d Ollt. There           Iplraeie~ In reatraint of trade and com·
 terpreter of the teacbinn of Jenl Chrllt,             is uldence that the Industrial armlel were             merce among the le.eral .tatel were de-
from the pulpit In lIoboken, N. J .. declared          compoud (or the mOlt .,art of workingmen.              dared iJlejl:ai. The .uthorltlea at ChiCAgo
furiously, ~AII we owe II trllmp is n fun_             who In normal times would have worked at               lo.t no tim., In puttini' thi s no ... el luggu-
eral," Ihil agreeing with tho Now York                 lome trade for a living. Congren did noth.             tlon in effect.
lIerllld', Idell thllt "the best melll for a           inll' more than dl l rel::llrd or IlIppren thoRo           On July 2, the United Stl'lte, DIstrict
tramp h one of lead. and enough of th a t to           of It I member! who biked about Coxeyilm               Court of IIIlnoll inued a lo-cal1ed "bl.nke,
•• tl.f,. the mOlt cr...in« appetite."                 too eharitably-.nd th e police did the rest.           inJunction" rutral nln, th' olftciall Ind
    In Wuhington the mo ..ement .... dla_                   The hl ltorie Pullman st rike. In June, 1884,     members of the American R.i1w.y Union
cuned by uneuy, bewildered politician,.                though It affected In varying degree lit lealt        "'nd ".11 other periOnS whomloe ... e r" fronl
But .. the "arm lei" ,pproach,d Waahlngton             half the It.tea of the Union, I, commonly             interfering In an,. way with the transport.·
the movement b~lI'lIn to dribble out. The              call~d the Chic.l'o r.ilway atrlke be<:auu            tlon of maill .nd the clrrying on of Inter·
~.,I~        in the west .nd mid-weat were             It orlslnated and WII thieny foul'ht out in           Ilate commerce, .. well a, with the bu.l.
fri~ndl,. b~""Ule the Coxeyitel .... ere going
ealt, thereb,. 101 .. lnlt in pllrt their 10c.1 un-
employme nt Ind hobo problems. The peo·
                                                      !.hat city.
                                                            Pull..,lIn, on the ,outhern edlte of Chi·
                                                       cago'. Ipr,w\ing !lrf'aa, had bun built some
                                                                                                             neal of 23 r.ll roadl 'peclncIIU,. n.med ,
                                                                                                             Thu.  w..      lown the tender leed. of that
                                                                                                             dublou • .,rotell known u "government by
pie In the "nst. of coune. felt dlrhrenU,..           Hi y~nrB before to hou le the plant lind em-           injunction" whleh   ""'$  lince grown to lucb
the on.~omlng hordu IIgg~avalel! thel~ un-            ployees of the Pul1man Palace Car Com-                 danltf'rou~ proportiClnl.    On July 10. Deb.
employment .Ituation. Coxeyitu began to               pany. Exlernally th~ "model town" of Pull-             .nd three other olftcen of the A. R. U. were
hav~ trouble with the polic~. and .0 the              mlln Ipp~ared model enough; but it WII                 "Treated (or tonlp iracy Ind lent~nced to IIx
m~n comm~n~~d to desert thel~ armlu and               p~"aded, .11 compln,. towns Ire, by • lome_            month! impri8onm~nt, With It. lud~rs In
hike back home by them,el .. u.                       whllt oppN'!lIl1iv~ atmolphcre of uml·feudal·          j.lI. it! forM'1 dilorgllniaed, .nd the whol,
                                                      Is m. From thil red·brlck parlldise the ser_           power of federal, .tate and city authorltJ
          P o w erful P o li ce Dil pl.,.             p~nt of trade unlonlm had alw.,.. been                 nnll'ed .plnll It, the union w .. b~aten. A
                                                      rl,::orOUlly eJ:cluded; and visitorl were wont        few monthl liter the r~gular army w..
   In u:~ordlnce with hll plan. on May I,             ttl note among the dwellers theN'!ln a eer·            raised to 50.000 men .nd more .rmorlel
Ceneral Coxey I~d about 600 of hl l follow.           tllin lense of restr.lnt Ind un~lIlnell, not           were built In Chlc.go, N~w York and ell.
en through the .treet. of Wuhlngton to                unnlltural to penon. lI .. ing by fllvor of a          wheT(! to keep down any pouible labor up.
the C.pltol ~round., where II solid wall of           1:01l10U8 lind vigilant overlord.                      rl,lng in th., future.
 mounted poll~e bllrred their way. Poll~e·                                                                       Coxeyilm WOI Important fo r what it elg·
 m~n were e ... er,.,..here. "There were enough                Pul1m' D St r ik e Dra m atic                 nlll~d r.ther than for .nJthing It accom.
on duty." wrot~ one wltne.. , "to take e .. ery                                                             pl1!h~d. It w.. one of the Iymptom! of th~
COI[~,.ite into cUltody, .nd man,. of them               Di.ldends to the amount of '2,500,000               rapidly dev~loplnl' economic reYolution In
.e~med anxioul to do 10."                             wtTe plld to Ita Itockholden for the year             Ih~ United Statu. It .howed certain reac.
   The W.shington .uthoritiel were un-                ending June, 1893, Fo11owing the World'i              t lonl of the American frontier ,plrit to the
doubt~dly v~ry hadly lured and held a                 F.ir, there Will. r.l11ng 01T In bo.lnell;            growing IndUllrl,lIl.., which ....111 Tf.,larlng
larlte bod}' of police lind military In rnerve        th e r~fore, Mr. Pui1man r~duced the ..agu            the old order. It luggeated an enlulfemenl
for emerlrenclea. The great concourse of              of hia p.,ople from 30 to ~O per cent. No             of the lIeld. o f utura' rights-an Iddltion
people th.t gathered n~ar the Capitol were            11I1,rlea were reduced during thll period,            to the doctrlnn expr~ued in the Dedarl.
vllrloully catimated-II grellter crowl!, it           and the company refused to lower the rents            tlon of Independence. "The e1aule phrase:'
w .. uld than had been leen at an inllugu.            o( the tenements occupied by Ita worken,              ~.ftld Veblen. "I. no lonlter to rc",d 'li fe,
r.tlon. "That which was most IIlg nllicant            although these r enll were from 20 to 25 .,ar         Ilb~rty, Ind the pUTIult o f happineu ' ; whAt
In th~ parade," uid the Outlook, "w.. not             cent higher than the workerl would h...e              I. to be .&lured to every fre~·horn Ameri-
tha character of !.he 1100 rec ruit, who mlde         to .,ay for Ilmil.r .ccommodatlonl else-              can ~itiun und~r the n~w dbpcnl.tion h
up the Cony Army, but the Iympathy                    wh~re In Chicago.     The worhra trailed In           'lIf~, liberty .nd the mean, of h.pplnulI.' ''
shown for th~m by the crowds."                        eompllny Itorca, sent thei r chl1dren to a            The right to work at good w.ge. wa. added
   Police b.r rlng the end o f th., Ayenue,           eompany school, .trolled when no t worlr.inc          to the older conception of propert,. rights
April,lfJ,U                      The Journal of Electrical Workers and Operalors                     213

  CJ1UONLY                                                          GAMBLE
               Insurance   hn~   such a wide field t hat it takcs in almost every angle that has a
          risk to it.

              For inst.ance, you can insure:

                     The profits on a horsc or automobile race in thc cvent the elements
                 are against you and it rains;
                      The f(afe transit of cargoes of grai n, coal or merchandise;
                      Your automobile against los8, damage or lawsuits;
                      Your jewels and money against robbery and holdup;
                      Your house and furnishings in cnsc of ftre or storms.

              All of these coverages-and many more-can be scc ured in varying degrees of
          amount!-l nnd premiums. In each case there may be a 10_'>8--or there may not.

                      It may rain on the day of the races  . .
                      Cargocs may not reach their destinations
                      Your car may be stolcn 01' you may hit a pedestrian .
                      You may lose money and jewels in a holdup 01' burglary
                      Your house and furnishings may go up in smoke or wind

              If any of these calamities happpn the insuring company pays the loss : if they
          do not happcn you have had the protcction find pcnce of mind.


               We urge you Electrical Workers to take advantage of the exceptional oppor·
          tunity for in suri ng your families and relativcs at f(mall cost in the Family Group
          Policy. The rates are so reasonable that every eligib le member of your family
          should C:l rry one or two units.

               Use the application on the reversc page and write us for an additional supp ly
          for the rest of the family.

                                        NOW IS T il E T IME,-TODAY!
 214                                                          Th e Journa l of E lectrical 1V0rkers atld Operators                                                                                           A pril, 1992

                                                           APPLICATION FOR I SURANCE
                           ELECTRICAL WORKERS' FAMILY POLICY
 UNION COOPERATIVE                              I NSURA ~CE                   ASSOCIATIO:\,
    Washington , D. C.
          I certify that I a m the                                                         or                                                                                                           a me mber

o r the I nternational Brotherhood or Electrical                                     Worke~,             Local t.:nion 1'\0.                               , and I hereby a pply ror

units o r "                                                                lire inllura nce, and will pay "                                                each ..
tor same.                                                                                                                                                              n',·a r. h.lf-,· ..... qU"I"r 0 ' ", ... n t " )

          I ce rU fy t hut [ have no impairment in m y health o r physical eOlldilion, I!.nd h nve no d eformity, eXCe l)t

Date ot Birth ".                                                                                                Occu pation                                                           Race
                                                       !ll nnll>   I).,.   l'u.)

Birthpl nce

Beneficiar y .. _                                                                                               Relatiollehip
                                                 uuu .. tull n''''1! and ",,1.lIon8hlll                  .-.r   1>(''''..... 10 "'h"", I"." .. n .... I, 10 I... I,ald al your '1 .... lh'

Add reu of Beneficiary

My name ia,
                          \1' . ln\ ,. ...1Ir "alUl!    In full nOI Inlll.l.             It ma r rl.·"            II~"   "",,, "am".• ,wh .. "11<'1... , I,h .. llh" a",1 11(11                hU~"I",I ·.   "'mr, U
                                                                                                                 ll<', Ja", .... l<mlth",

My add reu is
                                                                              (Sl~t    .,,<1   D""' ......        C'lty   .".1 "t'lr)

Dnte ....
                                                                                                                                                       1)ol11''' ~ 1   ur .. I" filII )

                                       QUESTIONS BELOW TO BE AN SWERE D IF APPLICANT IS A MINOR
1. Fathe r o r Child.                                               Full Name                                                                      Birthplace

                                                                    Bi rth Date                                                                    Occu patio n
2. Mother o r Child.                                                l~ u ll   Name                                                                 Bir t hplace

                                                                    Birth Dale                                                                     OccUllation
S. Pre miuma will be paid by:
                                                                    NR me


                                                                                                                                        (Shell.1U1'{' of Pn.·ut u. /:ollr<llllll)

       (T .... 1'01011 j ">OI",ntl"e [1I.ur.u~.... U .....l.llou .....'rn" til ... h:hl !(o r.'J'~·1 ."Y ~1,,'1I".01 (0' lhl" I""" •• " .... tor any UUIIe "·batt'~" .
In,1 In ,.,,10(' nt "'J,~·t[" .. "'111 n'lor" In II, .. "['IIIIUnI Ih.· (ull amimlll "r till:' ('''1 ",..ut (ur... rd ..,1 ...1111 tM• • t'I,J[~.lIon The (DlunuC<!
                            un d.te 1.~u~1I II,. the '''(In Coo""rllh'e In.uran .....-\".'.'11.\1.. " III It~ II U1I11! um .... In W '"hloI; IOO. D. C.)
...UJ IJ.<otoUItII' ("1I''''''lln·
NOTE: A,. limih, I t o 50 yearl . luued i" u"ih of '250.00. Limit o f inluraoce for a o y D Oe penon: A lre. 1. 5 ,
      incluI;Y-.$250.00. Alre. 6·50. incl u.ive-$500.00.
Co.t p.,r unit : If paid ann ually, '3.60 , Semi.annually, $1.80; Quarterly, 90 cenll; Mon t hly, 30 cenll                                                                                Or   "Pe nny a DIY."
                                         Receipt. iu"ed                    for pre mium p aym e nt. will . how d.'e ne Jl ' pa yment i. du.,.                                                     No additional
                                                                                           pr.,m;um no l ice. will b., lent.
                                                                                   M ak. C" eck. Plyable to
                                                        INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD of ELECTR ICAL W OR KERS
                                                                                        G. M. Bu, ni a"el
                                        and Send wi, .. Appli ca ti o n t o 10Ie.n" l;on.1 Brothe rh ood of Electrica l Wo.Ic., ... W .... in' ton. O .                                                             c.
                                                                                   ".1IIIJ7 O.....   p    POu.".... ... ppI .... u"" Coi>1rifbl.    I.n.    J_ JI. 111_)
A 1H-il, 1982                                  The Journal of Electrical Workers and Operators                                                                                     215
                                                                                                                                   C h ar ita J. Ste.,,.., L. U. No. 113

       •                                                                                                      •
                                                                                                                                    Whe.cn tile Almlll'ht,. Go(l . In "II Intlntl e
                                                                                                                               ... I~ d om. h u called t r Olm flUr prclill'ncc a moat
       •                  IN MEMORIAM                                                                        •••
                                                                                                                               beloved Ilrot ber. Cha rll'B .T. S Il'en. a nd hi s
                                                                                                                               Ibl!enee Is ki!'<'oly rell by the 1I.oth e r hoo d of
       •                                                                                                       •               Ihls 10.:81: thereffll'e be It
                                                                                                                                    Ileaoh rd. Tlun II,,, d,nttl'. ot r.oc~1 Union
                                                                                                                                No. 113 he d.ept'd ro. a period of 30 dan out
                                                                                                                               of retl llCet to the n. e"'(lr" of 101m; .nd be It
                                                                                                                                    Ueeo tYed. Thd • COpy be Illr~.,1 upon lh~
  Willi am H. Carrett, L. U. No . 233                               Jam ... Durki n, L .          U. No.9                      mlnutf. of Lou l Union No. 113. n CflP" be
  It II .. lib tbe    d~pnt r ell".et tbat L, U. NO.           WhU .... Almighty Ood hili ......,,, plNlteil.                  lenl to the Inte.natlona' om~ tor publlnt·
23.1 N'1:orda the PIl8~log flt our lale Orothe ••           In III. Inllnl\!' wl~dom. to take f.om BlOo n j(                   lion •• noth~r to Ihe L,"ot New~ and one to
Wlllilm 11. Ouret!. 1010 eternll relt; and                  III Oil. estl'<.'nwd lod worth,. Brothcr. Jlme.                    Ihe IItre. .eil flmU,..
Ilierctol"e be II                                           DurkIn: aud                                                                                   n. K. CMn mON.
   Itc80h·ed. Thllt ..e "",tentl our sympatllY Ifl             Wb~~88 I'''''BI Union No. D. of th~ Inte.·                                                  F. C. BUlU·OnD.
hi. family 10 Ihelr lou; and I.e It furlh@.                 nRrlon.1 IlrotlH' rhoo<i nf EI~I.I~al Wo.keu.                                                 C. D. nnOWN.
   R l'IIolYcu, Tbat a copy of tll p,e r~,olutlon8          h~~ Irl6! III Ihi: oJ\,pth of IIrothcr Durkin one                                                           Commltt!'C.
be Bent to on. omelal .Tournal for pnhllcatlon              of lIa good ftnd deyolC(1 membcn: therefore
and that our charle. be draped for a pe.lod                 be It
of 30 dayB III tribute 10 hl 8 memory.                         H~801Y~<1, 'rhat Local I1n lon No, I) hercby                             Georg .. Kuu, L.         U. No. 232
            JA~I~:S P.. nF:OOINO,                           U:flr"'Rye~ It. I:"r~"t Rpprcclnllon of the 8c . vlcl!&
            JA~ms W. MACKgy.                                10 our ca".c of 'lUr 1':00d BrOlbt·. Rnd our                         Wher~ ..   s   wc. lIS ml'm .. ~u nf Lncnl Union No.
                                                                                                                               232. de<'pll' rt'gret tltt' pa88lnl': f,om 0'" ml.l"
            CIiA ln.l':S WIN I)FlBERGER.                    10rroW In 1M koowl~dll'e of hi. death; Rnd                         or Broth~r (:~flrj(e kun on r"eh.lIftry UI. IBn.
                                        CflInrllltt~~.      be II rllrthe.                                                        Wt,cr~u In hi, 'tllow,Mp ... ~ Ion .. e r !'COI:
                                                               111'.01"'·... Thill 1,1)l'1I1 UnIon No. 0 tender.               nlzed blm 1ft • Inll' "nd lo},sl ml'mhl'r: un-
                                                            Itl 'y",path" to the rnmlly of Brotber Du.kln                      15('1"~h and al"·8,.. rcndv to 8h"r~ Ihe reapon·
      Edward     S.   S",rn., L.   U.   No. 522             In Ihelr IllUc of II:reflt hc~neme"t; Bod be It                    'lbl1ltl~. or Ih~ IIrOlhffhoo,l : Ihe""fore bl' It
    When.., tbl" AlmllthlY Cod. 10 Ill. InHnlte             fu.tl.cr
                                                               Itl"fllIl~"". Thll a c<>p,. of thplI!! r ~ftohltlou
                                                                                                                                  lletlolrl'1l . Th"t   "·e ertl'nd o1lr mOil ~In~~re
... I.dom. bal laken from our mldlt otlr earn·                                                                                 'rn'pn th,. 10 hit Immediate family. re1811.1'1
                                                            bto I!('nl to Ihe famll,. or our lal e llrothcr. a                 and ftl~nd8. In Ibflr bflU. ot bere. .ement.
I'll and worth,. 8.othe • • EdwI.d S, Hurm,;

   Whcreu 10 Iho:! dMlh Of Brolb er BUrn 8
                                                            ("opy be BIII't'III fln the min uta ot our Local
                                                            UnIon No. 0 anll a COtlY be llent to I"e
                                                            omcln l Journ~1 of our Brotl.crhood f or
                                                                                                                               and be It furlhcr
                                                                                                                                  Ilewlvl!'d. Thftt w~ dupl' OUr chartcr fo r
                                                                                                                               ao da)" In due rC81' .....1 to bls mernory. Bn \1 a
Locol 1I:!2 h . . tOt! one of It, m081 BClhe memo           I'ublle~tlon,
be.8; therefore bc It                                                                                                          co py of th_ rC'llolnll4)ns he IO('nl In hI s flm ·
                                                                                DAN . MA/'>"NING .                             Ily. a wpy be .... IRlnrtl b,. I .oeml Union :!:r.!
   Iteafllvpd. That t.~lIt l\:!2 r~Oltnl.eB tt, ap·                             ItAI.I'II A lI1n:JIMAN.
prf'rilltinn of h'" lenlcn to the ellut(! of Our                                nAnny flr.A T !': II.                          and I copy b~ forw"dp,1 to til(' I nternaTlflnnl
B.otherh oo d : be It further                                                                                                  Office fOl" l~u .. 1tcatlou In OUr nmrlnl .I ournal
   Ite"oh·~d. 'rhnt a copy or th ue . ellol"Uona                                                                                                                  COMMIT'I'F.E.
be ~cnt to Ihc hmlly ot Ollr Illte B.other. a                                                                                                                    Locnl Uulon 2lI'!.
eopy 81   1.C8,1 on thc mlnutCR of Ihe lo('al. 8                  Cillrence Han.o n , L. U. No. 17                                                                  ""nkunna. WIR,
copy 8ent tfl tile 'nternatlon81 Ol'ft~ for l.ub·
llc8ttlln In Ihe official Journa l : and be It                   WhcrNU th la local hu llji:ah, ,'nlalncd the
further                                                     lou ot au l'.t('('m~.l M,ul faltbfUI mcm"er,                            Edward LUlchinge r . L.             U. No.9
   RCI\ol ..cd. Th.t 0". cll9fter be dUI'~'1 tor            throlll;h IIII' Inon <ln1lmcl.~ Iud r~lI'ret1lb l e
a l)crlo,1 of 30 day •.                                     pu.lnlt of (III. "·O.lhy IIr(OII1H. CIRr~n~ Uan·                     Wh ~""u         Jr hns pll'&JI'd Almlltl.ty God. In
                     1111\1 O. fH.OMQIJIST                  .on: thereforl' be It                                              HI , Innnlll' .... IBdom, 10 lake from amnn/:' ua
                     A I. IIF.ItT MOnnlS,                                          "·C.
                                                                 Il ~"ol,·ed. Tltftl    Ihe (ll'ftee..- In,1 memben            our efu~ml'd an,' "·nrlh}, Ilrott.e •• Ed ...... '1
                     .IA)I.;S ~n:It IIl (,K.                of 1.<)('11 1'lIlon /'>"0. 17. do here")' ~xtcn(1 OUr              I.nt ehlnll:tr: Ind
                     \\'II.LIAM J .'I.YSN.                  .ymplth y 10 Ihe bto.eQycd romllr of ollr dc-                         WheT'('ft8 Lneal Hnlon No. 1) o f the I nte.na-
                                                            rl~rtNI Brolh .. r· "od 1)(' It fUrlilrr                           tlonal RrnlhHhood nt F.1...,t.tcll Workcrs. h'!
                     JOliN J !o.... DRIJRY.
                     ('IIARC.:S 1l1lI!.'WOI.I •.                 IInolred 'I' .... t ~ COlty of Ihl_ I"'lolul1oo               lost In Ih~ d~llh of Ilmlhn I.ntcfllnsrcr flur
                      ~'nf:D S. "OW EllS.
                                                            IIr 1IfO"1 In Ih~ tllmlly fl III~ d(,(,(,II&e,l. I cnp,.           o f It. Irnc and ,I ~yoted ,ncmbera; the.etore
                                                            I>!! . prea" "Iton Ihc mln"I". of 1.0<'11 Union                    be II
                                         Coo.mIUff.         NO. 11. Inti th9t a eOI~y he lent 10 th e Etee-                       Relloh·c,1. ThRt I,neRI Union No. tj h~.eb,.
                                                            trleftl Wo.k~fI J ourn,,1 for puhllcnlton: and                     ~~t'rl'~8U 11 M creat .PPl'<'f:latlon of the scrvlcea
   Al f!x and"r McLaug hlin .       L. U. No.9              .. (' It furlher                                                   to our cftUle 0' OUr Itood BrnthH and nur
                                                                 nl"~o!.~,1. "h~t flur (h~.ler b ~ ,hopei! fOf                 ~nrrow In Ihe knowl ... l t·~ ot !II~ ,1PAth ; nml
  Wt'l'reaa Almllthly Cod, In 018 Inn nile wiI·             ft period of 30 " 8 ~·~.                                           !}~ It fU.lh~.
d01ll. hal tokell from our mhle! On r "1!'C me,1                                    WM, ~1 ~,. ,\110:-<.                          neMh·,·d. 1'h9t a COpy flf throe rcanlutlon.
:~:l worlhy IIrothH, AleuuMr M~I.auJI'hltn;                                         WM. I. SPF.CI{'                            he sprfAd on The ",hll\l~1 of Onr I,ncn l UnIon
                                                                                     F'UANK DO:"AnUI'l,                        No.9 .nt! A COll~ hp 8('nt to 1"1' om~lnl Jour·
   Wh('reu In tile d(,lth of Brothe r lIfer.all/l"b.                                             C(lmmllt(!\!.                 n~ 1 of onr Brnthr.hoo'l for ,,"hllcatl on .
lin r.{)C~1 Unlnn No. Ii, of tbe Intern8110n8 1                                                                                                    nAN. MANNI:-<O .
Ilrnlhrthood of "1~lrleftl Workerl. has 10Bt                          H. Zerra .., L . U . No. 561                                                 RAI.PII A. OIlFlnMAN.
one of lie true Ind ea r nCIl membe ... • Ibue.                                                                                                    nAllllY SI,A"EIl.
foN' lit II                                 •                 Wh~N'''         tt h~8 p11'llR4! Almlght,. Ood. In                                                       ("ommlll ....
   lt~ntYed. Thai Tdlell Union Nn. 9 "'c')I:;oIUS           nl. Innnile wl_dom to r~mO.~ f.om our midI!
118 ji:r~at lou In the pas~lnsr of Rrolh~. Mc-              our ellt'f'mcll and wo.!h,. Brother. n. 1""r·
l.ftuji:blln an,1 hl'reby eX llr_ a lie .PI'N'1:la.         fa 8a: Ind                                                                      Fred Marth , L. U . No.9
Uon of hi. aHyl,. ... to Ihe CIlIUM! flt onr Broth.            Wbe",u tn Ihe paRIIln): of Rrotl,er 1.erfu&
erhood: and I", It r"rtl'~I"                                I.ne"' I'nlon No. MI. of Ib~ lnl erlllllon.1                          "'bel't·u It      h",   I.I'·.~,·.I AIo"h:1oI1 Co.l. h.
   H('IIolnd. Thai I.. orlll Union No, fI tcnde ....        1I.0therhoo.1 of EI~lrlcll Work~". hn 10ftt                        11 18 Innolle ... I~"o,". 10 N'mo,'e fro," Our n.l(bt
U~ ftympftlh)' 10 tile family of onr good                   one of It~ "cyoted aod lo y nl membcfl; there·                     Ollr ",I«'merl Ind "'orthy Ilrlliher. "'rcd
Il.other In IIIl'lr time of j(rent 80rro .. ; Ind           to.~ he It
                                                                                                                               Mulh: and
he It fu rl her                                                It~afllve". Tbnt we exten,1 Ollr Iincere I,.m.
                                                                                                                                   Whrr ... n~ !.ocftl IInlon No 1'1. nf thp Inler ·
   H~.nh·~,1. l'hftt n ropy 0' Ih~~e ,"""olu(lona           pRth,. Ifl the bercued family. Rnll be II                          nntlonAI \I.olherllon't or "l~trlcal Wnrk ~r8.
"e ern I to ttll' '8ml1.v of ollr I~te Hroth~r. "           furtller                                                           h~s IMI III 1101' ,1"l>th of IIrotll1·. MArih on ....
copy , ... Bpr~R<1 (In the mln"t~~ of ollr !.ncnl              UCRoh·r,1, That WP. the memhen uf l.oell                        of Itl Iru ~ nnd Itoo'l mpmhH~: thprefn rp b~ It
Unl~n No. II "nd 0 eon)' be ~... nl 10 th~ om ... lnl       Union No. MI. beIng I~wfllily utemhlNI.                                fleMI .. e(l . 'Thllt I .~", Unll)n No. n herrby
Journnl ot our Ilrnlhl'rhnn.r for puhlfentlon.                                                                                 e:rp r ell8~~ Its I!'rt'~t ~1,prl'pIAllon nr Ihp IJ{'TY·
                                                            atnnd In ~l1rn4'(' for a 1      .erlod of o ne mlnnll'             1('flO tn Ollr IIolon of our dpyole" IIrolhe r lind
                  flA/'>' MANNI NO.                         In,1 Ihft! On. rharle. h.. (Iraped for ft pe.IOli
                  it A!. l'n A (m~:nMAN.                    of 30 ,IR)'~ In dlle tfltll~t to hi, 'ncmo r ,.; 8nd               on r 'o.rnw In th~ know I.'dp;e of hi. t! uelnlt:
                  "Anny RI.ATF. n.                          b(' It !utth<;>r
                                                                                                                               ao<l hI> II t".lhH
                                                                                                                                   R9 ~ntvo'l. Thai . cop,. flf tI.,,~ r .. ~olnllon~
                                       Committee.              nl'~ol ..('{I. 'fhRt I COP)' of thll rf'80111l1on be
                                                            ",nl 10 the Int~rD .. IIonn l Ol'ftce for publlt'l.                he Bpreld On thl' mlnlltM o f Oil. I.....:-~ I Tlnlon
                                                            lion In 1101" omdnl Journ.1                                        Nfl. 9 .n.1 n COPY hI" .~nl 10 Ih~ nm~IAI .Tollr·
      Elme r   M. S h an, L . U. No. 11 56                                               f'. OAI.I.AnIlEII.                    nal flf Onr n.olhr.h"".1 tnr ,,"hlle~tlon.
                                                                                        U('('n.dlnll: Sf'I:'N'l .. ry.                               nAN ~I ANXINO.
     'I'hollji:h ,,'e look fo.ward In Ihp !'('~lIaatton                                                                                              nAI.plI A. BHt:IIMAN.
UtilI Roonn or IlIIn "." nlUllt earll I~r down                                      L. U. No. MI. I. B. E. W.                                        DAltln' S l . ATf; R.
Ihl! hur,l~n Of Ihl8 hum~n ~ P8n. yct Ih~ .hoek                                                                                                                             Commllltf'.
of pnrtinl:' 81rlk". II. Rn~w H~. on .. b'l' onc.                Reub.,n G. Willi a n". L. U . No. 684
oil. (.lpn,ls a",1 tlea. ones move on"'Rid Into
th .. Innnlte.                                                  I. Is with d""p r~g,..,( Inol Borro'" thnt                     Lawren ce A. S hill enbll.g, L.            U.   No. 1156
     '1'0 !.oelll Union No. 1100 ftl!aln I, .. com\'        1.0.. 01 Union No. 684. t . 11. K W .. rN.'ord~ th ~
Ih~ Iiollr ot lo,~ 1\8 we .~eord {hp pnuln\l: of            ~u'!"('{' t'Ulit'lI" of flu r 11. lr Brothe •• Uenben                 It 18 ..'lth .1('\"1' relli'rel on.\ sorrow that LocRI
I!.nlh". F.1mH M. fo1lou • . • n fUIN'm('d frlen,1          O. WJIllnml. Into ,,", ... nRI life; and                           IJnlfln No. 1100. I . 11. I~. W .. rpcord~ thl' ~1I11 ·
Bn,t vnlned ,o""nber. hi. a"~ence w!1l be                       Wherea s Ih~ mcm .. ~r~hl\' of I ,O~11 1 Unio n                (lpII I'nuhlj( ot nur I~t.· B",thcr. t.R ...· ren~e A.
dC('pl.,. fetl.                                             No. (',g.{. d~eplr mourn~ I 'I! 108. of R t r ue                   J;;hl11rnbllrj(. loto eterna l IItc: ant! t hr.efore
                                                            f.lend lind wo.thy IIrot""r; tlol'refo ... he It
     "0 you. Mrs. 1:lmrr ~I Il I,nnr. who held him
mflSI d ..... 1":>1'111 I'nlon Nn. lI~of\ pxtNltl_ thc
.ympalhy of Irn" (rl .. nd~ltll' 811<1 thl' condo·
Irnf"e of IInd~r~rnndlng hUrts. "'I' lorrow
                                                                H"~oh· .. d. Tlmt we I'xt~nd o ur lit, cere 8ym·
                                                              ~ntllY Bnd (,(O,,,lolell«' to hl~ hl'rl'l'·NI fnmlly
                                                            l n Ihclr hour ot sorrow: Rnd be It further
                                                                                                                               108~;   ~nd
                                                                                                                                                  TtoRl WI' (';orIent! on. IJym p81h y Rnd
                                                                                                                                                 to thoRe "'ho ""mnln 10 mOll rn hi'
                                                                                                                                                l>c II furlher
.... llh "00.                                                   1"·.01.'1.'<.1. 1'h .. 1 ft rn l'Y or Ihl''''' tt!80 lulloul      n .. ~nIY('d. That ~ N'P" Or th~~ T."..,I"lI ons
      n .. arllfln of tI, .. r.ocal I/nloo Ihl8 trlbote     he .... nl 10 rh~ tomll)·. P copy to Ih e omcla l                  IJe MOnl to the nmelRI Journal tor pnbllcallOo
~hRlI lit 8pr~ad II l,on Ih~ ",In"tl'~ of our m""l·         Jon.n81 for pnhlll'ation lind. cop,. 'Ilread In                    and a rOPY 10 tbe lite Brolher', famll,.; Ind
In,;, , COPY ",nl 10 Ollr Jnu.nnl for r"hlten.              rhe nlloul('ll of Ihe lnent "nloo.                                 be It noaH,.
lion. Rnd 011. rhartl". 8hal1 be ,'''PN for 30                                                  S. 11l,ODOET'I'.                  Il p8(1IYe.l. That our ('!IRTler be dfllled for
d _YI In hlB mrmory.                                                                            n . 11. !r.lOon~;.             I pt'.'o d of SO dnl In tr!llllte 10 hlB m~mory.
                      WIt.r, tAM " AIlI.nIlE"!                                                   JOUN ?>t. kYE!! .                               WJI,L IAM V. AII!.OltEN.
                                           1'...".ldc,,\'                                                    Committe..                                               P.e11ld cnt,
216                                                      The Joumal 01 Electl-ical Workers and Operatorfi                                                                     April, 1992

     Fr.neil MeA nen ,.,             L . U. No_ 195                     Whl'~' hi, man,. .. Irl"" will ht' 1""1:" teo                           H . F. Gree n ,       L. U. N o. 1 2 5
                                                                     membenod by IholW ""0 ...... ,... .. nell"'d ... \tb
  Wh"r~. . Alml~htr God. In lU" Inftnlle ..1,,-                      him; Ih"more be It                                                  1.,(If'Ii '·nlon :0;0. 125 la 1I:IIn t'ltlll'd u~on
dom. II .. "~mM It bell 10 remo .. r from Ihl"                          lteAol.·NI. hy Ih,· m'lIIl",n nf "Dell ,'lIlou               10 write Ih~ tllI. 1 Ittaunl of one of It, me ln·
elrth Ollr nt~med Rod belored II rathH.                              1'"0. II. ot tI'e Inlrrllllllonlll Ilrnlh ... rhon(1 ar         b('u. Inti to I!IIUse III re8pt'<' 1 10 Ihe m~mo ry
 ..... ocl. MeAneny; .IId                                            F.leelrl"~ 1 Workrorl, In r ... ~"I~. ''''"810n ft8.~m·         of 1t.t)1I'~ . II. tI'. O~n.
    Wbr.eu 1\11' rnemh('u at \ ,{I("al Ullion Na.                    hied. 'I'bftl ... ~ IIrkuo ... led~e Ibr 111"'91 101~ In            It I. In time. lllre Ible Ihlt Ille 11('01" or
 11l1i. or Ill ... \IIlrorllll\OIlJlI lI.oU,,'.bood or .;1",,·       I,UsI"", frnm Ihl. I\ r~ ot onr (\o·nrl,. bt'IO"NI              nro . lo~rhond I. 1)c.roe In mOTe elolely llpon
 !rlclil WO.kru. deeply mou.n hi, 10"; IlIe .... •                   and hl):"II!,. Pflt~"'NI Urolhe •. f)roonlll J . M.·            Ut tI'll the I,.tlrt'dntlon of rrl~ntlehlJ\ 10(1
fo,... br [l                                                         gulN'; lit" It fu,II'H                                          frlltp.nity I, Ih' 1\"rt'lIel1.
     III'IOlYl'd, Th&! [n 11111 1I0ur at Itl.1 Ind                      R~~al"f,l, Tllftl 1,,,"al I'nlon Nn. II rllpr ...... _           It tl Ibe Ilnct'~ dealn': or r.nelll Unlan No.
"orro" ... r !'SInd 10 hlR f,mllr ,,,d ,..,.llIlly ....              Ita \1('('\ .... 1 11mpllllo., In.1 .. on.lolen.,.. In the      lZll la filn~ .. y Ihll sen.,.. of brllth~.hond 10
ntlr .Io .... t'· ~ .•·nq.~U',. Ind "oodolronl"t"; lod bfo           "'If~ IIn,1 r~l.tl ..... I>f otlr IIII~ IIrother; lind          Ibe I"".a .. ed nl('mhera of aur Illf II.Olh,·t·.
II t".lbrr                                                           I", It futth~.                                                  rim liS. 10 Iml""1 IIpon Ib(,11I the fnct Ihllt
    IIt.. ol.· .. d. Thll Ibp ('hatlr. of l.ot'II1 Union                IIl'1Iol"ed That our .. h(l.I"r IH" tltlll'etl In            ...e ab"~ Ibelr 10.1. lind. In ,,.ml>llhy. wonld
Nn. HI:; h~ ,'r81INl for ft I~rlod of 30 day.                        mournlnl:" fl)r /I I'HIt)" Of 30 lIn,.. In ",emnry              lI",blen Ihl' ""rden or tllelr In trO".
oul Of r('~I)I'('1 tor Ihl' m"moty of Ollt hll ...                   ot Ou r drrutptl 1I.0Iht". on,1 hI' It furlb .. ,                  All /I 1.lbule 10 tbe m ... mo.,. of B rother
,\rl,,,rIPiI U.olber. •'nnll ~leAneoy; Ind be II                        lIeoolvtt. Thll JI .. nl'T nt Ihl'~p rPIOlutlool             G ..... n. 1M! It
fu.lht.                                                              be apr,..tI on Ille mlnUll'1 at 1.0C1I1 Uololl No.                  lIrt1Olnd. Tbll tbla up~llolI be to ...... tled
    Rtlobl'd. Till! I ropy of Ihr~(' rl'lohlllon~                    II. I ('01''' hr wnl to Ib~ 11I"llIy of our latl'               10 hit 10.1'd Oil ..... ('1)1'1 ... MOIII 10 ont .J"urnll
tit' IItnt 10 Ilir f.mll,. or Ollr lalt' lIrolller. I                Il.atber•• ('(Ip,. ht' .. 01 10 our Inl ... roaUonll            for ~nhll(\llion Ind Infl"ded 10 Ihe ml"ut~ of
('Opy bt' I~r ... d upoo the minutes or LoMII                        om.,.. to bfo I'lIbll,h ...1 In our .Iou.nal and.               our mto't1nga. .nd Ibll out "hitler be oIupttl
{'nlon :0;0. 10:; nd Ihlll I I'OI'Y lit' . .of In                    copy Ix> ftlm ..d lod h"o&: In our hIli,                        fnr 3ft dlyL
Ih. atnM' ot 11,1' I nirroillonil IIrolllrrbood                                          ItAI!It\· \\'1:0;';;(1"110 •                                           OAI. }: II ~IGLER,
.. llh Ille I'I'<\U",I that It b(' publl~hNI hI llo~                                                            P.r~lde"l.                                      W. A, I.AN K.
ompl1l1 Jou.nal.                                                                     .TAMml R It AY .                                                           n. I . C I.A YTO:O .
                               EDW. O. W.;ON.11t.                                    1·'OWAII I) .1 l':.l:O< Il HICK.                                                             Commlt t""
                                    lI l'C'orllloJl,' fll'C'rall.S                   .101l N A. I"OX.                                     ·\!lupINI t)y L~nl Unloo No. I:::';. 1 II, I'l. W oo
                                                                                                              Comm111o'(',           In .e/(II I. , lIIN'tlng :\lard 2:1. 1032.
              A . H uck . L .      U. No. 52
                                                                       Wa1t u     Chlrl et elll l". L . U. No. 4 9 2                           Wi\li . m Muller. L .        U. No . 41
    Wltrrr.. II b . . p ll' •• l'd tbt Almllfhly Gn,1
In lila Inftnltr ... ll!dom 10 .udd~nl,. ... 11 Irom                    Whl',ut It II .. I..... n Ih p ..III nr th .. Gl"f'al            Whl'rr. . 1..01'.1 1\0. 41. I II. P. W., h. .
our mhl.t our ~IOT~d Brother. A l1ud:: lIud                          An:hltl'<'l. In rlLa Intloltp .. la,lom. In lalll' frnm         bt't<n Ullfil "pon 10 pa,. It. Ift~t ",111f'I'1~ 10
    WhHe. . we. U m~mb\"n of 1.0("11' 11nlon                         .mong: U~. nur "'ll'<'mHI and ... nrtby !lrOlh"r.               I    oI",lIrll'd Brolhn. WLll1lm Mu".'r; tller('·
No ~. I, n. E. W,. Iou(' bI'ton e.lINI npon 10                       l\'al1". ('bRrI .. ~ ('ut\p: and                                fON' lop It
ply our tln.1 Irlhut~ of 'U~I lind hll:h H·                             Wh~I"1'nll In 1011 I\lullll:" we 'I ..... ply f('('1 our         IIraol~ ... d. Till' we rllt~"d o"r 1)·.nl'"hT to
I('('HI In OUT III. Brotlll'., who dl'pllrl~d f.nm
nur mldll III Ihe prlm(' of hI. Iltl'.... hlrh
d~pr1~1'11 u. or 1011 compinlOUlhlp .nd b.olb
erh· 10'1'1': Ih •• l'for@ be It
                                                                     ... "
                                                                     lou In II true lind In,.11 men,hl"t; therrio",
                                                                        Retlok.d. Thill ..r "lIlr"oI onr Iln<:en .:rm
                                                                     pltby ao,1 rondoll'nl'l' 10 hll .. IfI' an(1 lamlh·
                                                                                                                                     Ihol'f' ... ho rrmlln to mourll hi. 10111
                                                                                                                                         UH<)lfl'd. Thll 011. ('h.rlpr be fltlpt'd for
                                                                                                                                     I pt'rlod of 30 dey' In r"'JH"t'1 10 our oIpp.,ted
    Rl'lnlnd. Thill thl' ml'mht>.,. 01 Ihl~ loeal                    In Ih .. l, hour of .ono.. : lod 10.. It turlh ... r                UrlOl .... I. n'll I ronI'$" lit' ..nl 10 11.1' JOII'
I'XIt'nrl Ihl'l. hl'1l'tJ~lt l,.mpllloT 10 blR hr·                      ItPflOI"PlI. Th"l our .. bltll'r 1)(' "raf'(',l fll'         nIl tor pnbll~lllon Iml • l'O~y 1)(' It'nt 10
rplIT~d wltr Ind rPlftllrt'. In Ihl'l. Ioou. or                      30 d,,.1 In Itlhut .. 10 hili mt-mll'S. I co~r or               Ihe lit. Brolhe.·1 hmll:r'
                                                                     (101_ I"<'Rol",lou h. 101.'111 In Ihp fnmll,. (If Our                                   r.r.OI W}. \\,II,I.OX.
.orro ... : aod 1)(' It rll ' lb~.
    \(I'MI .. p,l. Thill n COt'Y of Ihl'.", r~1I01l1tlooll           la le lJrOlh ..,. I pOI'Y hp In~Pr(p,1 In tit ..
                                                                     ,,!e~ or t)U ' loen l ",,1(111. nn,1 (I rop.'· 8PUI In
                                                                                                                           m'"                             I m~RY ~· I N K .
                                                                                                                                                           W1f, "IA ~1 1'. ",llI l m  U.
1)(' n, ren,1 u p on the ml n "t"~ of I .oeftl Uulon
No, r,!! • .. ~OI''' be III'Ut to Ih~ r,,,nlLy nr 0'"                OUt .T oII." ,, 1 tor ""hlkatlnn: RII,t he It rurt~~r                                                        CommlUf'I'.
bl~ lI .olhrr, and II cop,. bp , ... nl to 11t(' omelll                  lIe,o"·NI. Thnl III "nr U".I[I u\I'I'IIII;: ..,.
Journnl I(lr publlellUoo,                                            alllno! 10 mr,UtJlllnn fnr a p~r1f).1 ", one ",I"
                                                                     IIle In .'·~I"·'" or ""t 'l ....... aAf'.1 lI.nth ..,.                L oui, B . Cilm l n , L. U . N o. 5 GO
                             J J GII,I,IO \1'1.
                               RN'o.,lInl:" ~.tlnry,                                                   II "       SF.\'IlIO"'-          Whp.PIII II h . . "11'1.... 01 Ibp Supre,o.. Rute.
                                                                                                                                     at 11, ... Unl'l'1'rlM'. In 1111 Intln!t" ,,'"1010, to
                                                                              Vie t o r B . R oy , L . U. N o. 18                    rln trom aur mldll our .... Otlb,. n.Olhl". 1,0 .. 1~
         Fre d S c h ielke , L . U. No . 39                                                                                          R Glltolo; Ind
                                                                         Whp1"f'lI. 1.0('111 1'1,10" :0;0, III, I It }: w ..            Wh ... rf'U LO('al Union 1'"0. l\OO hu InM I
    Whrtpftl l.n('111 UnIon No, 3.') hu h".. o ,,"lte,1              "'ourn~ Ih .. dl'alb or nil. MI""mp+1 IIrnlllr.,                malt Irll~ Ind dpvoted m('mb\"r. Ind hi. Ilm-
,,~on 10 I'll)· It I la~t N'"I'('('III 1(1 a .1 .. parl ... ,1       Vlel<l. II Ilo.~. Oil Fl'h.uJI.Y 2!1, Im~; theretn,.'           II,. • loylug b.olh ... : Ibl'1"(·ro", be II
11rolhrr. Fr('.1 ~hl~llrp; Ind                                       I... II                                                            It'''OhNI. Th~1 ...e. Ih .. nwmlH"rI or I,(\('al
     WbN·..·.'. "'1' 1:"rf'1t1,. m""rn hiM I1HI,I"n Jln.I                I!r_ohl'll. Th~1 ".1'. . . II IOP.lI. PI,. trlhll!p         l'nlnn ~·o 511(1, or Ihe l ol ... oallonal IIrOlliH
nnlh""I,. plllln!, lOll d".lr .. 10 ~",p.P-I 10 hI~                  10 hi. ml'mnn hy ,."(~r.·"~lnlr Out .Ieep .,.m·                 1000,1 or P.11'f'1t1('.1 W •• Ir,·._, (,:(\l'n,1 10 hl~
I.mllf onr Illm011 ~ym"llh,.: Ih"rl'for-l' ht' II                    palby ..-lIh b1~ fJln,Il)· In 110 I. 1"''''''''''~''I'·nl       f.mlly onr .In",",,,1 ,,.1111'"110,.; an,\ be It
     Itl'.ol .. rd. ThJlt In Irlhule 10 hili Inl'mo.,.               lint! b(' 11                                                    futlht'r
... r ~I.nd In la ... ful u~l'ml,l .. ror ou" mlnnll'                    IIl'II<lI~t'd, Th.1 • (,Ill'r nf thll tl'8OllIllon I...        1I~,ol"NI. Th., I fOP)' nf IIiPle r ..."I"lIool
In I""OM' .n'l Ihllt on. chl"rr IH" ,lrllpt',1 lor                   II£'nl 'n 1,1. family. II ('ol'Y hp .I"~ft" IWOII               he 111'111 10 Ib~ t.",llr "r our dt'plrl~jl II rolhH.
1 " .. dnll of :\11(11),11: nml I,p It t"rll1rr                      "Ut ml"Ht~e. nlld " ('n il," h" ~('nl to the ~~I('e·            I eo\,y Iprud (1 1'011 the ,,,In''I~_. no.1 ft ('O I'Y
     lll'1)o\vNI. Thllt n ,.np" f,r 1101'111' •• '~nlutl"n'          I rlc RI W(>rk('.s .IoU t nftl for ,,""Ilt-nll!)o: ",,, I       ftpnt 10 'I'hp .I,,(lrnll (If t-:\f'('!rlenl Worker"
Ill' IIpn! 'n Ihe fnmlly 01 nHr +1r ,ln.lr.1                         he It fUTlhrr                                                   tor ,,[(hllCltlon: nll(1 be It lutlhr r
lIrnlhl'r. ft rnl''' I><:' ~lltPl d on th~ mt""tl'M ot                   1tr~I)I"".1    'rhll ou, .. hnrl~r Ion +1r"I",'1 fl).          I!Hnlr .. ,1. Thnl (lU . ch~.IO't I", ,1'811",1 fo. n
IhlM In"ftl and JI "n l'~ II. '''''' 10 nnr "m"I,,1                  • '>I',ln I or ~(j tlaya a",1 0'111 wp. thr mrm·                I)t'rlod nf 30 ,Ia,.. III t.lllul" In hl~ mpmf)r1·
JnurnJlI for I'lIhll('1lltnn                                         IH"U ", 1.(1('111 "-n. III, 1,,·1'11:" In ...·fun .. JI_I~m                                  F    F   'H'(,II \\'
                                 Tm:: CO)l lIITTEE.                  hlHt. Iltan.1 In .n.. n .... rnr "nl' mloul .. In                                            W. 1'.   ~ 1 "G f .F.'·
                                                                     rnrlhn Irlhnll' 10 hI_ mp,"n.,..                                                             !l w      IIL~.:n:S"
                                                                                           ""1111'· \1 '\·II.I.IA~J!;.                                                            Comn.llll'I'.
     Antho n y J . Campbe ll, L . U . N o. 9                                            ~:,.~,   Itn;tn:~.                              .\,t"~INI .\furb     Z:>. 1032.
                                                                                        I.E\\, I!! P \lOIlflAs".
    \\·hp ....... II IIftl pl"I.NI Almtjl"bly Ga'l. 10                                            Itp~o'ullon I"ommltt .... ,
 TIll tnnnllp .... I.dom. to r"'nO"1' t.om Ollr mldSI                                                                                D E ATH CLAIMS PAID_                      MAR Ct! 1932
-eU t rtll('t'mpd an d .... a.tby D , oth"r. Anlhony
 J l"'mpl",lI, Ind                                                              F. H a rd ie., L . U . N o.6                          t" I •.
    Whrl'"t'u 1,...... 1 Uoloo I'"n II. of III~ Inl".-                                                                                  No.       Nlme                                   Amount
 nltlnnll [\rolll".hooll of ~:t""'lrl"/l1 Work ... ~.                    \Vbrrra ....·P. thr m~n,lH"r. nt I......al lIn Ion             232 Gl'Orge Kun                                  '1.000.00
 bu In~l In III" dralb ot lI,n,hpr I"lm\,h('11 on~                   No, 6. I. Il. E. W .• df'l'~l,. rt'1r1"f't Ibe pft.alo!'
                                                                                                                                              C. 1-'. Rroinke                               1.000.00
 o r III /rood IntI tru~ m~mht'tI: Iher"'or~ hI' It
     n~~alnd Thnl 1,,,.,1' Union No. " h~",h,.
 ellpr~~_ I" Ipp r<>elatlnn o f 110 ... ~pnlcp. II)
                                                                     f,nm Ol1r mMa, nf IIrolh ... P ItR.d,f'l!; Jlntl
                                                                         "'I,ereu III hlft I.nt' r ... l1o .... h!p ,re rf'('1)1{'
                                                                     nl~.{>.1 111m ". ~ I".ul IIn,1 wn,lh.· ,"pm her
                                                                                                                                       134      Elmer Johnson                               1.000.00
 OUr rlU11' of ou. ,It',.nletl 1I.0th ... lIu,1 ou. s'"
 rl)w In III~ Irno,..le,l/rl' or hi, f111""1"~: no(I hI'
 It fur l her
                                                                     1Ios.. Insh (OI\(l nl ... "~. '''R,I'' I" .hR.1' O,r r~,
                                                                     ~l'0llllhll!1l~. nr II"lnnl",": Ihnrt(l rl' 11(' II
                                                                         I! "~nl,",·(\. ThAI WI' I'II,..".I onr ",n"1 ftln .... rr
                                                                                                                                                Arthu r ""ck
                                                                                                                                                C. J. Sleer.
                                                                                                                                                JlIn,e! Durkin
                                                                     .yml.lIIlI\· lIu'l ~oll,lnl .. " .... In 10\_ fllmll". rpln                                                              650.00
    1I,,"()lr{>d. That 1,0<'111 tlnlon -.;on 1'1 trollnl
 III I .. mpllthy 10 thr fllmltr ot I'lt"lh". ('Imp
 t)f'111n 11I.. lr lime of ~a,.o": lIoil .... 11 f".lh ...
                                                                     ",.... Rn,1 fr'''n'I., In 1101. Ih"'r hour of 80rroW
                                                                     Jln" .... rpR~,.n.rnl: IIntl 'H" If r",lh .. r
                                                                         ItHllI~ ... I, That       ..... ,I.a"" ,10" ""'.It'. "r
                                                                                                                                                V. B. Ray
                                                                                                                                                J, M. UtUe
                                                                                                                                                A. J. Hunter
    II_Ire,'. Ihll I COPT or Ih ..... rrltOlnllon. t)f'
                                                                     Locil "nlon "'-0. II tor I p .. rl"" or :Ill .111." III                                                                1.000.00
 Hili 10 Ihe 'Imlty of our IJlI~ lI,athpr. II enpy
 br Ipl"('l11l nn Ibl' mloul'" or our I..nul flnlon
  So. D. alld . . .opy ht' " .... t 10 Ib~ om"III
 JOllrn.1 of nur IIl"<)thprhoo,1 fl'lr publlellioo
                                                                      ~f'f'('1 nr 11, .. nIPm"',. nf Onr !:lIe Omther.
                                                                     t' n.r.llff. 1",1 , ... It r"nh",
                                                                         Ret!ol .... d, '1'10.1 /I .. o~,. nf Ih"~ ~ol"llon.
                                                                                                                                      J. O.
                                                                                                                                                B. Bnldtke
                                                                                                                                                 C. B. Hinson
                                                                                                                                                W. H. Carrett
                                                                     I", !lC'nl 10 Ih .. ,.",Ih· nr "n. IRII' nrolh('t ft              !i22     E. S. Bu.ol                                 1.000.00
                      OA:O;. "ASSI'-:O.
                      IIAL I'II A, IIn~~ tI;\I Ar.'.
                      !l AnnY !H.AT}m,
                                                                     Pt'Ipy h .. t\TIrrJl" " I,nn 110.. mlnul .... of Ibf
                                                                     IIM'II. IIn.1 "'"1 I .. opY hI' ~"ut In thl' l otnnll
                                                                     IlnllAI om ......... lth Ihr . M" .... t (hal Ibry I...
                                                                                                                                                Elmer Sh.(Ir
                                                                                                                                                W. M. Meyer

       D e nn;.    J.

                        M a gui .. e. L . U . N o. II
                                                                      pl1htl.bNI In IIII' nmrlftl .T""rn.1
                                                                                                 AI.R.:Wr}! ("'O!l~
                                                                                                 "'R~;1l ~     O}!S)W:o;O.
                                                                                                                                                A. A. THul _ _
                                                                                                                                                ~'.   ~1"Anl'ny
                                                                                                                                                C. E. II lInlOn
                                                                                                 W,O\)I'IP.f ••
     Wher e. . Alml/:"lIty Ood. In n l, Inft .. II ...... 1.·
                                                                         c n M~, II. W };flT.
                                                                                                                    Commit I.....
                                                                                                                                         "      A. E. Rirkllrd                              1.000.00

dnm, II . . II('f' n tit to ell ll f rom ollr m ld lt OUt                                                                                       F.('d Schielke                              1.000.00
"lH'med lind ...·a r lh,. n rOlhPr. I)~oul~ J . Mil'                         Pr .. ~IMn l . I•. II. Nn. II. I. II fl W.                         G. Rudolph                                  1.000.00
                                                                         C II A 1t t.~,~ .I. l'OFl Il r.·.
Jl,'ul r . . . .bo hl8 pllllcd 00 10 bIll ",rellier .e·
... lt d : l o d
     Whe rH. 1,<)('11 Unlan Nt), 11. af l be I ntet ·
                                                                             ltpcOttllnJl,' ~ . ~lftrT .
                                                                                I, II. No. II. I II Fl \V
                                                                                                                                          ,     A. McI.llufI;hli"
                                                                                                                                                A. A. S~lzer
nillonll i Rrotherhoo,1 of EI~ltlul WarkprI,
b . . . utl'Hpt! Ih .. Iou of I t r ue lOll wortby
IIroth ... ; ."d
                                                                         The Ibo .. e rf'Rolllllon~              .dnp'"'' ot Ihr
                                                                      l't'Jnllar mt!'elln~ of I, ,. ~o." I B. E. W ..
                                                                      lIeld on W.dol'1l"I,.. " ..... b In 1332.
                                                                                                                                                (j. W. Alberl
                                                                                                                                                    F Gf'ffn
April,1DS!                                      The Journa l of ";lectricat lVOl'kcrs and OpcI'utors                                                            217

I .. 1••                                                     to humllnity and hi5 plluin~ will be an                   Goorge J. Siedie r. manlla-inl!" d irector. Sec·
 No.          Namo                            Amount         Irreparable lou to our tlrolhcrhood."                  tlon 16, 'I'he Electrical Guild of North
                                                                       W. A. Kt:L1.Y,                               Ameriea.
 817 •     Frank Hardie.
           Jam es Gibson
           Z. A. Parke
                                                                        IIIt ....."lw"al H.prurrol"ti., •• In-
                                                                         national Brotherhuod of Elec·
                                                                                                                       The Electrical Guil d of Norlh Amerlel.
                                                                                                                       Members of L. U. Nil. 7, I. B. E. W..
I. O. Edw. A. Johnson
 309 C, E. Ray
                                                                         trical Worken.                             Sprin,lIeld, Mau .
                                                                                                                       Memben of L. U. No. 10. T B. E. W .• Dut·
                                                                Menagea were al50 received from the                 ler, Pa.
  '"  T. Gould
    9 A . J. Campbell
I O. W. A. Corbelt..
                                                             followln&':                                               Members of L. U. No. 15. I. n. F: W., Jer·
                                                                                                                    ley City, N. J.
                                                                  M. S. Warfield, /Jresident, Order or Sieep-          Mombers of L. U. No. 17. I. 11. E. W ..
      John P. King                             1,000.00
, O. It. Ilu Chu
I. O. C. F. Oakley
                                                             Ing Cor Conduclotl.
                                                                  Paul G. Burna. Capital ('r inting Complny.
                                                                  nay Cltary, Intern ationai H"/JreseQtatlve.
                                                                                                                    Detroit, MI~h.
                                                                                                                        M"mbers of 1... U. No. 22. I. n E. W ..
  309 F. F. Nlebruegge                         1,000.00                                                             Omahn, Nebr.
                                                             Inte rnllt ional IJrolherhood of Eiectrieal
  817 W. Gilkllon                              1,000.00                                                                 Memben o( L. U. No. 26, I. B. E. W.
  66. L. B. Gilman                             1,000.00           J. L. MeBTid l'. Intl'Tnltion.1 Eunti .. e         W.. hlnKton, D. C.
                                                                                                                        Memben of 1.. U. No. 28, I. n. E. W..
                                                             Coundl, Intunat ional Drotherhood of Elce·
 I)cllth ('18im_March, 1932                  $37,956.00      trleal Worken.                                          Baltimore, Md.
 ('Iaina previou.!y paid                   2,59~.652.76
                                                                   Intern.tlonal Auoeiation of Machlnl.lI.              Members or 1... U. No. 34, I. D. E. W.,
                                                                  John J. Cleelon, IMre tary, Bricklayers,           Peoria, 111.
    Total c1nlml paid                    $2,632,602.7(;      MaBOn! and I'la$le rc n' Internntional Union               Member. of L. U. No. 41. I. B. E. W ..
                                                             of America.                                             Dufflllo, N. Y.
                                                                   Edward to! orc, generlll prel ldent. 1I0tel          Mcmbe .. of L. U. No.4:!, f. B. Jo;. W.,
     UN IONS, E MPLOYER S. FR IENDS                          and Reltllurant f;mpioycu' and Deverage                 SyrnCURe, N. Y.
              HONOR FORD                                     Diapenten' IntHnational Alliance.                          ~Iemben of L. U. No. 56, f. B. E. W.
                                                                   John f'. McXamar., International I'Tesi_          Erie, P •.
              (COQllnu!'d from 111,e Hili,
                                                             dl'nl, Internationll Drotherhood or Firemen                ~hmbeTi of L. U. No. 64. 1. 8 . E. W ..
   "In hb paning the labor             movrm~nt      hll~    and Oilen.                                              Yeunll',to..-n, Ohio.
 lOll II truly Cr..t member."                                      M. J . Col\uan, g"neral pruldent, Inter-             ~lembeTl or L. U. No. 72, I. B. E. W.,
              ARTIIUlt IIUooIS8.                              nlltional ]'lu ter"rl and Cemcnt Pini l hen            Wlleo, Texa •.
                Internlltional Urotherhood            of      Union.                                                    Memben of L. U. No. 76. I. B. E. W .•
                Paper Make".                                       Mltthew Woll. president, The Union                Tacoma. W.. h.
                                                              Labor LIfe InBuran~e Gompany.                             Memben of L. U. No. 79, 1. n. E. W.,
   "We "1(lU.,, wilh ylllll organlr.ntlon the                       KKl>lIn nzoo Fcd('ration of Lttbor. Kalama·      SyrllCUle, N. Y.
 lou of thb loyal and valuable leader."                       '00. MIch.                                                Membeu of L. U. No. 81, I. II. E. W.,
              C. C. COULTDI,                                        William C. Elliott.                              Sennton, P •.
                S~~'lo.'1I, Iteull Cluh I nternn·                   r. J. Morrin. president. lnternlltiona! A ••        Membeu nf L. U. N o. 86, I. 8 . E. W •
                tional Proteetlve Association.                • oeiatlon of Brld,e and Structurll Iron                ROt'h ... ter, N. Y.
                                                               Worken.                                                  M"mbe .. of L. U. No. 112. I. D. E. W.
    "Th~ lou o( hi~ uperitnte and IIdmlni,-                         F. H. Fljozdlll, president, Drothuhood of         Loui",lIIe, Ky.
  trnblllt)' thl. time will mean much to an."                 '1llnlenanee of W.y t:mploycu.                            llohmben or 1.. 1.1. No. 122, I. B. E. W ..
              E. LIlWIS Ev,lss,                                     Auoeiated Eledrl cal Contraeton of                G,ellt Flllls, Mont.
                l'ruid,." t, Toha~ro Work~u In·                Buffalo.
                ternntlonlll Union.                                 Will!lIm M. O·llrien. seeretary, Intetnn·            Mombera of L. U. No. 131. I. B. E. W.,
                                                                                                                      Knillmll"'on, Mlrh.
                                                               tional Anodat;"" ",f !\I'e~t M"tal Worken.
    " I think I appreci.tl' to lome sman exleM                                                                           \1('mbl'fII of I•• U. No. 151, I. 11. E. W ..
                                                                    S. N. Be rry, Orde r of nallwllY Conduc-
  jun whllt hla p... lnjr mtRn. to 1111 of ul who              tOTI or AmcriCII.                                      Dl\venport, Iowa.
  Ire Interelled in th e real progrell of our                       A. C. I1rul'ckmann, preaident, SectIon 7.            Memben o f L. U. No. IG3. I. n. E. W.,
  ~rtkular bran~h of the indUBtry, and T lin·                  The Eledrlcal Guild of North .... merlca.              Wllke_·Barrll, P •.
  «r.. l), hope thai we ..-111 .till ('(Inlinu .. to fl'el          M. F . Tighe, prealdent, Amalgamlted A,,_            Membera of L. U. No. i1S, I. II. 1-:. W.
  the mnuenel' that WU 10 Itrongly uerted                      .oelation of Irotl, Steel and Tin Worke ...            Chllttanooga, Tenn.
  by Mr, Ford durinJl: hll Iile time."                              J. A. Fr.nklin. president, Intl'rnationll            Members ot L. U. ~ o. 18G, I. n. E. W.,
              JOIIS MA.CINTYaJl,                                Brotherhood of Boiler Makers, Iron ShIp               Vallejo. Cam.
                MU'""tT . .. , Section 19. Electriul            lIuilde n lind lIelpeu of Am"rlea.                       Membl''' of L. U. No. 181. I. B. E. W.
                Gul1d of North Ameri ca.                            J ourn .ymen Stone. Cutten Alllociation of        UtIca. N. Y.
                                                                North Amllie..                                           Membe .. of L. U. No. 183, I. n. E. W,
    "I Rm $ure we hnve 1011 one of our high-                        Joseph V. More,chi, pruidcnt. luternll-           Lexinl:lton, Ky.
  e.t type men and II hard Rnd loyal workl'r                    lional lIod Glrrleu. Iluildinl .nd Common                Memberl of L. U. No. 190, I. D. E. W .•
  for Ihe Brotherhood."                                         Labore .. ' Union of Ameriea.                         New Braunrl'll, Tu ...
               S. H. RUIl£WICK,                                      M. J. Keough, pre~ident. International               Members or L. U. No. 193, I. B. E. W.,
                 IIIt_ution",/ /~.prU""t4till., In·             Molden Union of North Amerlea.                        Sprln,fll'ld, 111.
                 ",nt.Uonal Brotherhood of Elee-                    ..... John ston. president, IJrolherhood of           'Iembera or 1.. U. No. 195. I. n. E. W.,
                 tnul Workerl.                                  Lo<-omolive Englne~rl.                                MilwaukeeI', Wi •.
                                                                     8. M. Jewell, pruldent, Ibih,ay Em_                  MembeTi of 1.. U. No. 226, I. 8. E. W.,
     "t~mployer. and union men alike h.n                        ployees' nell.rlment. American Federation             Topeka, Kana,
   tabn their troublu to '(Chuck: and tho ••                    of Labor.                                                 Membe .. of L. U. No. 232, I. B. E. W ..
   who knew him but had 111 mOlt II reverence                        Edward .f. Voir.. pr~~ldrnt. Tntrrnnt.lnnni       KaukuunIl, Wi ••
   for hll counlel and hi. IIllitude or fllirne n.               Photo .;ncrllveri Union of North Amerlea.                Memben ot L. U. No. 2~G, r. B. E. W.,
     "1111 dedalon. were unblll ied. even thoulI'h                   Ray 1I0 rn. president. International Broth-      SteUbenville, Ohio.
   he Will heart and soul a lllbor executive.                    ~rhood of Blllcksmlth., Drop Forgen and                  Mombcu of L. U. No. 2t7, f. n. ~;. W ..
   Hil thought. Ind hll lire were giv~n to the                   lI elpetl.                                            Schenectady, N. Y.
   Induatry-whlch il better (or h .... lng hid                       E. Inll'le~, vl~e pTelldent, I ntern.tlonal           Membe.. or L. U. No. 25G, T. D. E. W ..
   him .. Bueh an inlluentllli fAftor hi it."                    Brothnhood or F.ledrieal Worken.                      San JOIle, Calif.
               SJlCTIOS 4,                                           n . W. Rrll. viel' prt~;dent. InterRlltlonal          Memben of L. U, No. 276. I. B. E. W.,
                  Th e EIf'C'triul Guild of North                Brotherhood of Electrieal Worken.                     Superior, WI •.
                  Ameriea.                                           L. A. MeEwan, lnternlltionll Representa-              Membera of L. U. No. 286, I. n. E. W.,
                                                                 tive, Internatlonnl Brotherhood of Electri-           New ALbin)" Ind.
     "'I'hll irreparable lou of our dear friend                  cal Workers.                                              Member. of L. U. No. 305, I. B. E. W.,
   will be a deep ahock not only to the elee.                        1-' rank !\wor. former men,be. of the execu-      Fort Wayne. Ind.
   trical workeu but the labor movement in                       tive eouncll, International Brotherhood of                Momber! or L. U. No. 3G9, I. B. E. W. , E.
   genera1."                                                     t:leetrlcal Workers.                                  St. Louil, Ill.
              Huell S. O'NL\L.                                       James Broderkk, Tnte rn.tlonal Represen.              Membe.ra of L. U. No. 311, I. B. E. W.,
                 htn.."lioll"l R.pre.e"/ah,,,. In-               tative. Internation.1 Brotherhood of Elec.            Huntington. W. Va.
                 n~tionll Brotherhood of Elec_                   tricol Worken.                                            \ll'mb .... of L, U. No. 321.       B. E. W.,
                 trical Worken.                                       GHrre V. 1-'ay. aeeretl ry, Upbollten!lra',      La SaUl', ILl.
                                                                  Cllrpet and Linole um Me eh.nlca' InteTn.·               Member4 ef L. U. No. 323, I. D. E. W.,
       "HI I efforll have been of distinct benellt                tlon.1 Union of North America.                       Weat Palm Beaeh, Fla.
21                                      The Journal 0/ £'lcctrical Workers and Operators                                               April, 1932

  Me mber. of L. U. No. 332, I . B. E. \V.,           EXECUTIV E COUNC IL V IEWS                    be filed fer permanent record. Motion
Sa n Jo.., Calif.                                       DEPRESS ION P ROBLE MS                      wss adopted.
  Membeu of L. U. -':0. 318, I. B. E. W.,                                                              The council proceeded to review the
Calgary, Alta, CAnada.                                      (Continued   trBlu   plge   1(0)
                                                                                                    cases and actions thereon submitted to
  Membeu 01 L. l" No. 3SI, I. B. E. W.,            Broach on the appellant's rcmo"al as u-          the council for disposition by correspon-
Olnn, N. Y.                                                                                         dence. It was moved and seconded that
  Membull of L. U. No. 369, I. B. E. W.,           aistAnt to the busine!ls manager of Local
                                                   Union No. 52 was considered. After re-           all matters handled by correspondence
Louilville. Ky.
  Mem~n of L. U. No. 310, I. B. E. W.,             viewing the (acts in the case, it waa            be approved. Motion carried .
Twin Falla, Idaho.                                 moved and seconded that the decision of             Meeting adjourned.
  Memben of L. U. No. 377, 1. B. E. W.,            the International President be lustained                    (Sgd.) M. P. GORDAN,
Lynn, M....                                                                                                                      Secretary.
   ~hmben of L. U. No. 389, I. B. E. W"
Gle", 10'.111, N. Y.
                                                   and that the International Secretary
                                                   stand instructed to advise the appellant                      ----
                                                   of the action of the executive council                  BLOWING TIME OF FUSE
   Member. of L. U. No. 401, I. B. E. W.,
Reno, Nev.                                         on his appeal. Motion was adopted.                  In order to meet the f requent demand
   Me mber. of L. U. No. 409, I. B. E. W.,              The appeal of R. J. Carmichael [rom         of electrlcal engineers and cen tra l Ita tion
Winnipeg, Man .. Canada.                                                                            men for illformation a! to the blowing time
                                                   the decision of the International Presi-         of {usu at extreme ly high 0"e rloa05, the
   Memben of L. U. No. 431, I. B. E. W.,           dent in the controversy of R. J. Car-
Muon City, JOWl!..                                                                                  Dunmann Manufactu r ing Company of 51.
                                                   michael vs. Local Union No. II was con-          Louis, makers of BUl! supe r-lag fUIU, re-
   Member. of L. U. No. 466, 1. B. E. W..
Charlu ton, W. Va.
                                                   sidered. Alter a review of all the facta         cently hal completed exhaultive teatl in
   Membt'rI of L. U. No.•17 1, I. B. E. W.,        in t he case, it was moved and leconded          conjunetlon with P rof. II. G. Ha ke, of
Memphll, Tenn.                                     that the cou ncil sustnin the decision ot        Wuhington Uni"eflity, on both 260 and
   Memben o f L. U. No. 508. I. B. E. W.,          the International President and that the         600'''011 ranges to determine th e blowing
Savannah. G.,                                      International Secretary s tand instructed        time of their super -iag fUBu at ".rlOUI
   Me mber. of L. U. No. 630. 1. B. ~:. w.,        to advise the appellant and the defend-          heavy o"erioads.
Schenectady, N. Y.                                                                                     Thil Information, it .a. uplalned by
                                                   ant local union of the council'. decision.       officiab of the Buslmlnn con«rn, la often
   Membera of L. U. No. r.37, I. B. E. W..         Motion was adopted.
San Frandlco, Calif.                                                                                dulred In order to determine the proper
   Memben of L. U. No. 645, I. B. E. W.,
                                                        The appeal of Eli Gaul was consid-          .iz. of fus. to Ule ill a given ci rcuit, tape-
St. J o~eph, Mo.                                   ered. A review of the facta ahows that           dally anti eontaillin g overload re'.yl or
   Memben of L. U. No. 565, I. n. E. W.,           the member did not coml)ly with the pro-         thoze ha"ln&" p r lm.ry tuse. In t he high
Bridg"port, Co nn .                                visions of the constitution with re[er-          voltage Iide.
   MembeR of L. U. No. loG8, I. B. E. W.,          ence to appeals, Therefore the subject              Charts which hl"e heen compiled by the
                                                                                                    Bu~amann Manufacturine Company .how
Montr"al, Qu"bec, Canada.                          matter is not properly before the coun-          the relUlta ot then testa. In ordtr to
   Member. of L. U. No. 601, I. B. 1-:. W..        cil because of the member'a own neglect.
Champail"lI and Urbana, III.                                                                         insure accunte telta, an oldlloll'lph w••
                                                   It was moved and seconded that the In-            used for all blo.ing timn under two a.e-
   MembeR of L. U. No. 602, I. B. E. W.,           terna tional Sec retary so advise the ap-
Amllrll1o, Tun.                                                                                     onds. Values given on the chart fo r the
   Memben of L. U. No. 620, I. B. l:. W.,          pellan t. Motion carried.                        blo.lng timel represent the IIve raICe of I
Moncton, N. B., Canada.                                 Communication signed by Gene Gail-           number of teat. on each Ilze. It II quite
   MembeR of L. U. No. BU , I. B. E. W.,           lac, business manager, and by the execu-         appannt what a number of oldlloeraph
Goole Creek, Tell ...                              tive board of Local Union No. 595 re-             teata had to be made. Thll alford. loml!
   Mem bers ot L. U. No. 655, I. B. E. W.,         questing the council to want Brother L.           Indication of the ex penle Involved I n ord er
Calgary, Alta, Canada.                                                                               to make thi! info rmati on avallabl. for en-
                                                   M. Antley continuous standing was con-            gineers a nd tUle u s eu.
   Memben of L. U. No. 665, l. B. E. W.,           sidered. Inasmuch as the council has no
Lon!in&", Mi ch.                                                                                        Any engineer or fu s e user Interested in
   ~Iembera or L. U. No. 670, 1. B. 1-;. W.,
                                                   authority under the laws to grant n               receivinl!' ronil'~ (If pither or both of these
Fargo. N. Dak.
                                                   member his sland ing for the period he            charts, officiala o f the BUlimann M.nufac-
   Membeu of L. U. No. '101, I. B. E. W.,          was out of the organization. it was               turing Company ui d . ."ay obtain them
Wheaton. 111.                                      moved lind seconded tha~ the request be           witholJt charge hy wri ting the company.
   Member. of I•. U. No. 707, 1. B. E. W.,         denied and that lhe l nternational Seue-          University at Jelferlon, St. Lou b, Mo.
il olyoko, Ma...                                    t.II1'Y adl'ise Brother Gnilluc: of the coun-
   Membor. of I•. U. No. 'I l ll, 1. B. 1-;. W.,   cil's action, Motion carried.                               EVERYDAY SCI ENCE
Manehuler, N. 11 .                                      Communication f rom John Noble, for-                   {('ol'lllnllNl from P!g" lD'l'l
   Memben of I•. U. No. 723, I. B. E. W"            merly an International Re prel'ientative,       filament of a M •• aU lamp Is about h.lf
Fo rt W.yne, Ind .                                  was considered. Inasmuch ss the con-            I n am~re. Now auppoM that current.-
   Memben of L. U. No. 7'10, I. B. E. W"
                                                    st itution does not. give the council the       that half ampere-repreaenla the water
Albany. N. Y.                                                                                       that no •• throul;h the Nlalrara River .nd
    Member. of L. U. No. 81'1. I. B. E. W.,         power to g rant Brother Noble'a request,
                                                    it was moved and seconded that the In-          do.n o"e r th e F.lla. every year. If you'll
New Yo rk , N. Y.                                                                                   do t hat then this hundredth of • millio nth
    Membeu of L. U. No. 838. I. B. E. W.,           ternational Secretary stand instructed          of a hlllionth of .n ampere repreaenta JUlt
Meridian. Mill.                                     to advise Brot.her Noble that his request       two dropa o f .lIter-two dropa • year, com-
    l\fembul of L. U. No. 863, I. B. E. W.,         was denied. Motion was adopted.                 pared .llh that eno rmo'll' volume that an-
Lafayette. I nd.                                         The request of Local Union No. 110         nuany tumblea over the Fall ••
    Membl!rI of L. U. No. 869, I. B. E. W.,
                                                     (or a remission o( per capita tax for a            Here, indeed, il I tool the .. tronome r
 lroquoil Fan •. Onto                                                                               can UBI In hia s te llar u:perimenta. And n ot
    Membl!fI of L. U. No. 886, T. B. E. W"           period of three months was placed before
                                                    the council. After going ove r all the          only the astr ono mer. but hund reds of Iclen-
 Minn eapolla, Mlnll.                                                                               tilla•• orki ng in m!!.ny dllferent flelda, will
    Membl!fI o f L. U. No. 907, I. B. E. W"          (acts, it was moved and seconded that          ha"e their .ork extended and mad. ea.ier
 Will imantic, Con n.                                because of the many requesta from local        by th l. ne. mealuring In st rument- There
    Membllr. of L. U. No. 9 1l!, I. B. E. W.•        unions for such remissions caused by the        may b. \ltry IUtl. of the e.rth'l lurface
 Cleveland, Ohio.                                    depression and inasmuch as the fund. of         left t o u~pl or_but there lu n rem ai ll ' vast
    Ml!mbe r. of 1.. U. No. 9t8, I. B. E. W"         the International Organh:ation would            unexplored areaa In th e realm of .denee-
 Flint, Mleh.                                        not permit the granting of remissions to       !!.lId toola Iik. thil will in l plre the leien -
    Membeu of L. U. No. 1118, I. B. E. W.,
                                                     aU such local unions, the request of            lilt to .tlll grelter elfort.
 Quebec, Que bec. Canada.
    Fran cl. J. Murphy, InternllUonal Omce           Local Union No. 110 be denied a nd thnt
 member.                                             the International Secretary be instructed          [n Beh a lf of Amusement
    Sprinltfleld Omce, I. B. E. W.                   to advise the local that the council could
    Theodor e Quetl, president, Diamond              not aee its way dear to grant the re-              I n order t h. t Our loca l. g iv;n. pro-
 Wo rkeu' Protecti". Union o f Amllrl ca,            qUIllIt. Motion was adopted.                    Irre .. ive hr;dlle parti el m ay h ave a p -
 Brook lyn, N. Y.                                        The audit committee tendered ita r e-       p ro p ria te all d d ee ora t i ... e qu i pment, w e
     [ Edlto r'l note : The foregoing repruent       port, which embodied the examination            have .ecu re d card d ed.. b.a r in g th e
 only a partial li, t of the m.ny recel\ll!d.        made by W. B. Whitlock, audito r. It            Brotherh ood'i .e.l, a n d th e un io n labe l.
 Ua l te In lolng to pre.. pre.:ludu UI. of                                                          The.e can be had . t 7 5e II p aek.
                                                     was moved and seconded that the r eport
 full Illt.1
April,199!                                        The Journal 0/ Electl'ical Workers and Opemto1's                                                                   2 19
WHY        LABOR'S ANT I. I NJUNCTION                          federll court!. The plll",e of the Norrll             192'11. and Danville, Va., in 1930. The two
              BILL PASSED                                      bill. Mr. Witte feel . ..... iII clarify the rights   uther Itrikes Itudied involved tho typo-
                                                               of labor Ind remoye mlny of the abuaes                I'tlphi~al onion in Raleirb. N. C., In 1921,
           (Coatlnued     (rom    pa ..a 188)                  no .... preYalent.                                    and in Asheville in 1923. Mr. McC racken
more to ucltruy tilt: ",'(Inliuence of work·                       Fnnrth. The phllo,ophy of lhe author il           prnentl detailed de.crlptionl of each of
ingmen in the courts than any other                            thlt the IIW Ihould place no restriction l            thele Itrlku and hil appendixes which com-
development of recent decades."                                upon labor or employer. Thlt each should              pdle nelrly bllf of the book, contain all
                                                               be allowed to ole all peaceful methods in             the court orderl in the cllea dileuued.
      Future Policie_The W ay Qut                              extending their orglniution. Thll ia POI_                1Iil conclullonl are imporlant and nlay
                                                               l iblo only if our agcncies for Ilw Ind order         be b rl.fly lummlriud.
   With Dr. Witte's conclusions no one                         are more elllciently manllged. The policin,              Fint. Tn no CI.e did the Injunction break
who seee the need for a strong :lIId free                      of strikel and the Ittltude of the govern-            the .trlke. Testimony Will tlken Crom both
trade union movement can disagree. llis                        ment Igenciea during Itrlkea hIVe both                ,Idn to indiclte thlt III far II the continu-
views art! important. since they are                           been lubject to criticism. AI I lint step,            ance of tho Itrike WII concerned, the In·
anived at after many years of inde-                            rt!apon.lbility for enforcement of the law            juucliun had no eWect.
pendent study. Ris conclusions may be                          shoold be placed upon the executive offi-                Second. The injunction did not mlterlll·
summed up us follows:                                          cilli. No reliance Ihould be placed upon in_          Iy influence the conduct of tbe atriken. It
                                                               junttions. A truly neutrll IIttltude on the           did hIve lome clfect on the use ot epltheh,
   First. There is needed a well defined,                      part of the law enforcing authorities mUlt
l"ompr ehensive public policy towRrd ]R.                                                                             but beyond thlt the Itriken contrived to
                                                               be mllntained.        The commiss ioning of           cnrry on their work. Tn the Raleigh en..
bor disputes. The courts have held thRt                        private guards M I peeial police must be              they aWl met new employeCi at the rail.
labor orj.:'lInizutions nrc socially useful.                   stopped and prlvate detective ngeneiu                 road statIon lind offered to pay their return
Labor must be allowed the same free·                           ahould be IItrietly regulated. "Police offi·          fIIre if they would go bMk. On the whole
dom to combine as the modern corpora.-                         cer, ean and . hould be lnatructed to trelt           the effect on the .trike .. Will negligible.
tlon lawl! allow to capital. Unionl nrc                        Gtriken >\I th,y do oth,r dtiu'RS."                      Third. Th" .""i ..1 ,utltudu of thOle en-
u.seful and indispensable. They benefit                            There i. much more to Dr. Wltte'l book            Joined were obviously all'eded by tho re-
                                                               tbln thil nmmlry presentl. It must be                 atrainlnl' orderl. The distrust and hltred
the worker and the public. No lub~ti·                          reId by all studentl of labor. by labor oIB·
tute (auch al company unions) can take                                                                               of the courtl WII deflnltely observe-d. In
                                                               dall aDd union memben. by lawyen and                  mOlt inltancu the WOrkerl lookcd upon the
their place. All this has been recog·                          Jodgt'S_ Th~ IIlIthnr hll performed a real            orden II a "Mull'." They eontlnul!d on the
nized by the courU!.                                           l e"ice in maklnl; availlble thll compTe-             picket line with their long:
   Second.     But while unions are law·                       henain analyall of 10 Importlnt a problem.
ful mnny of their activities nrc re-                           Onfl mil;ht quarrel with him on lome of hi.             "Old injunctions are mighty fine.
stricted. Dr. Witte regards the restric-                       conclusions. For example, the reviewer I,                Pickell read them on the picket line."
tions III unju>lUfieti. Tile restrictive de-                   not eo hopeful that the attitude of t.he
                                                               police during Itrlkes can be changed 10                  It did .ueeeed In keeping the diaputnnt.
cisions ore based on abstract legal                            ell,l1y. Policemen do not oppOle the atrik.           apart and lhll made for Indu$trial .. trite.
theoriell which should be discarded ond                                                                              "'rom I .. tudy of tbele call'l the luthor con-
,~   ...
the quelltions decided upon the economic

   Thul. Itrlkel for the elosed Ihop Ihould
                                                               erl becluse they dllllke them. They do the
                                                               blddln .. of the economic and political forces
                                                                in the community which reprnent the point
                                                               of view Ind Interelts of the domlnlnt em-
                                                                                                                     eludl'l thlt InJunctionl "tend to retard
                                                                                                                     rather thIn hllten peaceful settlementl of
                                                                                                                     Indultrllt dllputel."
be lepl. "If it is neees.lry and del lrable                     ploye,.' croup. To bring about the chango               Mr. McCra(ken does not conclude that the
for workingmen to eombine. it I. leKIUmate                      Dr. Witte wilhu would require more thIn              experience In thue casu necenarily prove,
for them to lI eek to Itrengthen their or-                      the mere change of a law. Nothing short              that Injunction. Ire of no harm to I.bor.
ganllatlon." For the .. me reason tho rfl-                     of the economic and I)olltieal IIcendancy of          Strlku have been broken. Tempornry reo
atrictionll Igalnst the sympathellc IItrlke                     the labor movement IlieU could eliminate             Itraining orden are parUcuhor\y "I.ojilctlon-
Ihould be removed. "Workingmen have no                          the abules now found. Dut I dlll'erence of           able lince the,. prevent unlonl from Ullnr
leu a le .. ltimate interest outalde of their                  opinion here snd there 18 of no ImportantI'           their Itrlterlc opportunity. Mlny of the
partleullr shop lind craft than a mldwes.                       In contrast to tht> very real contribution           problem. lIIually pre.ent... uch I I th e yel-
tern manufacturer in the freight ratu e n-                      thll book has madt>.                                 low dog contract, large police force. the Ule
Joyed by In ealtern competitor."                                   The injunction hili been uled In AmerIcan         of the mililoo,)" were not found In lhe~e
   With regard to pi~ketinK. Mr. Witte would                    labor dlsputu for ovcr 40 yea,.. Ih use              Claes. AI a reault. It would not be correel
Iceept thl! prln~iple behind tbe present rul-                   hili bet>n Itta~kfod III In interference with        to conclude that tbe experience in the !\ve
Ing-"penullion il legitimate. intimidation                      the t>1t>mentary rlll:htl of labor onions. It        calea would neceuarily be duplicated elle·
unlawful"; and the dividing line dependl                        has been dl'fl'ndtd .. a neeeuary protl'ction        .. here.
upon the fnth and ealll f o r inv~ltlgatlon                     of property from Irrcparllul" i"Jury. Only               In addition to thc anllYlil of the flv.,
before a prohibitory order II Iuued.                            recently, however. hlvl' tbe InveltigatoTl           tile' hert mentioned, the author hili chap-
   The present undemnatlon of III boycot.                       bl'cn learchlng to discover the real ell'ecll        ten on the Injunction problem, the InJunc·
tlng II "utterly illogicaL" If union I ne                       of Injunctions. II violence preventcd! Art>          tlon a. a leral remedy. the cllIe {or and the
lawful Ind useful, then the ell'ortl to                         Itrikel defeated! II property protected!             CII. arllnlt the injunction.
.t .. ~nl(ll"", tI..,i, oq;,."i£.. ti"" ... ,,, la,,,,,,i.,,    Mr. e. Fl. Witte hll during the past 20
deairlble.                                                      yean, partlcolarly In hll ncent book, "The
    In brief, workingmen ahould be Illowed a                    Government in lAbor Dilputel." contended                I need not leU you what it il to be knock·
free hand In carrying on disputu with em-                       thlt Injunction. Ife of little benefit to the        Inc about In an open boat. I remember
plo)·us .. barring only fraud, intlmldlltlon                    ~mployer..     They do not prevent violence,         nlghta and dnYI of calm when we pulled, we
and violence,                                                   Strike. take plnce In Ipltt of tha Injunc_           pulled, and the lJ.o~t s .... mf!d tfl ,hlRd Itlll, II!
    Third. With regard to the InjUnction,                       tionl. Boycotll an IIdvertlltd more widely           If bewitched .... Ithln the clrele of the lea
Mr. Wltto emphll8i~es thllt the greatelt re-                    lhnn if the injunction had not been em_              horizon. f remember the hcat, the deluge of
lIer can come from a change In tho pro-                         ployed. And while labor unlonl are aerf-             raln·squalll thlt kept ua bailing for dear
cedure of getting injunctions ratber than in                    oUII,. hlrmed, the ell'ect of the InJunction.        life ( but flUe-d our .. attr,cllk), and J remem-
other dlrlctlon.. Thera I. no chlnce of                         on thalr activiti" aN' aftl'n "uP'Kerated.           hf'r IIbteen hOUR on cnd with I mouth dr,
paninl' leglilltion abollahing the Illuanee                         Now comea a Imln volume. "The ElI'ect            II I cindcr Ind I ueering·oar ovcr the .tern
of injunctlona, nor of limiting their luue                      of Injunctionl," I review of Itrlke Injunc_          to keep my fint command held on to I
only to the proteetion of propert,. The                          tionl In the new loath, b,. DUlne Mc_               brelkinC Ha. I did not know how ,ood I
 Norril inJunction-limitation bill II endoned                    Cracken rUniverllty of North Carolinl               man I wll Ull then. I remember the drawn
., provldln£ the needed nform.. It will                          Prtu, ('hapI'I HilI. 1931, $3.00). in which         face" tho deJeeted figures of my two men,
 curb the abun Iriling from Illuin .. In·                        Profeuor Duane McCracken of Guilford                and 1 remember my youth Ind the fee\lng
 junetlonl without hearings. While the em-                       College has made Inten$ive ellle $tudies of         that w\ll never come blek any mo r _the
 ploye r could ,till gel an Injunction without                   five atrike injunctions in the new Industrial       reelinl{' t ha t I could Int forever, outla.t the
 the presence of the union rcpresentntiyo in                     sou th. lie interviewed st r ik~tI, thei r em·      Bell, the earth. an d sll men; the decei tful
 court, 11 .... ould be void In flve daYI. After                 ployen and public omelal!. Jle examined             feeling that lures UB on to jo),a, to perlll, to
 this period both partin can be preunt.                          court recordl and newapapen. He sought              love, to vain ell'olt.-to death; the triumphant
 More deflnltfl pro..,r.. thIn now nqulred Ir.                   to dllcover the Influences .... hleh the Injunc-    conviction of Itrength. the heat of lif. In the
 provided for before an Injonctlon can b.                        tlonl bad upon the Itrikea Involved.                hlndful of dUlt, the glow In the heart that
 Illued. Trial by jury or by another Jodge                          Th~e of the Itrlkn Itodled were In the           with every year crowl dim, rrowl cold. C1'0"1
 II aiiO provided. In addition, yellow doC                       textile Industry. Theil' Ine1ude-d the Itrikes      Iman. and txplr~nd explru too _ _
 contrlctl are not to be enforceabl. In the                      It Mlrlon. N. C" Ellubeth. Tenn .• botb Ie          before life ltaelf.--J"..v" C .. IlNid.
220                                      The Journal of ElectricaL Workers and OperatOl'8                                            April. 1992

  WHAT SCIENCE KNOWS ABOUT                         typical low.priced 111'11 would indicate Ihat      CONSTANT PRESSURE IN BEHALF
         THE EARTH                                 they havo a life upw/lTdl of 10,000 hOUri                OF PUBLIC WORKS
                                                   without replacement of parla, which, In
    A Jilt of faetl _boul the earth (or whleh      term. of average 1,1111', rep~.ent' thrce                   (Contlnutd from pap 1M)
Cilolocl1ta and other aeientiat. have enough       year, or mote. And In view of the rapid
...idenn to b. rea.onabl,. lure "'U pre-           pTOr.-ren of radio, it I, doubtful whether
                                                                                                      power of the underlying populstion. and
lented by Dr. William Bowie. of the United         many famillu will want to Ult the tell or          purchasing power can be strengthened
St.t~ Co.1t and Geodetic Suney, In an              loday at the end of Inother three years.           only by the arrival of jobs. In timell
add ..... jUlt pubilihed by the Walhlngton                                                            such as these, it is an accepted practice
Academy of Seleneu. The earth'. ,hap. is                                                              that government agencies can best lead
known, Dr. Bowie .. Id. as well as itt abe,        KA NS AS C ITY SETS UP STANDARD                    in the lupplying of jobs.
ita respecti,.• .are•• of land and water, Ita               C RAFT COURSES                               "Please bear in mind that this is
... erare den,it,. and the aveul" den.lt,. of               (Continued rrom pap 180)
tbe rock. expoltd In It. c.u.t. Thue den-                                                             needed construction i that all prelimi·
.Itln are no t the .. me, the earth . . . .        ing. Much credit ill extended Mr. Mc-              nary barriers to its accomplishment have
whole being about twice u dense III It.            Leod, the instructo r of this class, by            been brushed aside i that r espon9ibility
lurf.e. rocka. The tempe rature or these           graduates nnd members of the class.                for its needed fulfillment lies not with
lurfae. fock. Increuel .lI onG gOel down-          Many graduates wllo have /inished this             the treasury department, or with the
"a.d in mine. or lower. thermometers in            course, have applied themselves on the             executive branch of the government, but
we ll a, the averaie Incr •••• being aboul 90      job, where heretoforo it was necessary             with Congress--lhat iI, with the repre-
de&reu, F ah r enheit, fo r eadl mile of depth     to have men of unothor craft do thil               eenlaUves of the people, who, it would
10 fa r er.plo red. No one kno ...... how hot is
the en rth'l ce ntcr.                              welding and cutting for us, which in               seem, if we may point the fnct out,
   Many ear thquAke. occu r and lome happen        reality belongs to us.                             should be anxio us to remedy want
In every part of the urth. Dr. Bowie utl-            Beginning with the next school tenn,             and need which reaches alarming
mates the annual number al between 30,000          aU apprentices are to be required to take          proportions."
.nd 40.000. Study of the Ihock wavea let           a year's course in gas welding before be-             Extent, ramification, or variety of con·
Up by thue earthqulkes IhoWI tllit the             ing eligible fo r examination (or journey.         Iltructlon In relation to .tlmulatlon of bu.i.
lOcb are lolld and rigid for onl y about (10       mnnship.                                           nus i, Indicated by an ana.ly.u of the U. S.
mllu benelth the lu rhce. Below that the                                                              Department of Comme rce ot mato rlill on-
earth II plaltic, IIka hot gil" or very Itlff                                                         tering into ahip building:
moll.. n.
   There hu hun lind expoled above the                Brothers Tom Sherfield, Roy Smiley,                Iron a nd Steel a nd T he ir Produ ct .. No t
oeeanl for about 1,600,000.000 years of plllt      Carl Troutwine. Emest Bott and War·                Includi ng l l aehl ne.ry. Cutlery and edge
urth hiltory and the w ... hlng of land Into       ren Bott constitute our examining board.           tool., lawa, tilea, firearm. and ordnlnce,
the lea by rain hal hecn going on during           These men nrc consluntly mingling with             galvanll;ng and other coating!!, locka, build·
an thll time. Ncarly five billion lnchu of                                                            en' hardware, etc.; bolt., nutl, screwi.
                                                   the classes on school nights to be satis-          washen, riveta, cast.-iron pipe, doofl and
rain, lbout 7$0,000 milu, may have fillen.
It is this continual w&Shlne of land mao           fied that only first class material Is             ahulten. forgin(l. Inchora, chain., ete.;
lerlal Into the ocu", which II ruponalble.         taught our memben.                                 nails, .piltts, boob, tacks, et(".; Ir{ln and
Dr. Bowie belinu, for dlaturblng tlle equi-           It is gratifying to know that as long           ateel, proeeued or welded; cille-hardenlng,
librium of the urth'a crult from time to           as our examilling board receives the co-           tempering, welded, or lpecially treated:
t ime Ind thu, for pu.hlne IIp mountain            operation thnt they havl:', from our               atOl'l worka and rolling mills; bars, rodl,
fAngel.                                            journeymen and apprentices, certainly              wire, armor plate, etc.; wrought pipe:
                                                   our e;oc:ecutive board will Ilot have to           plumbe,.' supplies-bath and laundry tuba,
                                                   enforce the law of the International               and equipment and filtin(l ot all ducrip-
                    RADIO                                                                             tions; kitch"n Ind pantry .inks, ftu.h .alves,
           (Conlloul'd rr{lm palle lOll}           Office referred to in Article XX II , Sec-         faucet., pipe hangers Ind kindred prod·
                                                   tion 2, of the Constitution.                       uch: Iteam IIttinga-hot water and slu.m
II'redienli In p roportion to ohtaln a rl'll$t·
ance value pe r unit length. The pnint type                                                           heating      apparatus:    radiator.,    vnlve.,
il In the form o f n porcelnln or other corn·        CENTURY AIR LINES BARRED                         gauges, coils, thermostats, etc.; Itructurnl
mlc lupport on whleh Is depo,lted a cont of                                                           Ironwo rk-angles, channela, I-beam., etc.;
                                                           FROM ARI ZONA                              machine tool., hind tool., etc., not Includ.
hl&h.rulltnnce conductor. The metlllllsed
fulltor Iype la the mOlt Inleruting of all.                 (CooUoued from page 183)                  ing ed&e tool •• tiles, or .aw.; wire rope;
compriling a 1m III diameler gla!s thTtld          hereunto set my hand and sffixed the               Icrew-machine productl; Ilovu.
or IIlament corrylng a metalli:tI~d deposit                                                              Tedl les In d Th t lr Prod ucta. Awning.,
                                                   official seal of tho Arizona Corporation           tenll, lIIil., and nrtic!ea made from canval
IIrml". hllid In place. The metalli:r;~d IIla-     Commission nt the capitol, in the city
ment II Inlerted snugly in a cerami~ lub·                                                             and du~k belting and hOle. other than
lng, 10 that the hut developO!'d is Irans·
                                                   of Phoenix, this 12th day of March,                leather Ind rubber earpeta and r uel; cord·
mlltO!'d to the larrer ~eramic ma.. for            1!l32.                                             age and twin...-ropf', cable. twine (braided
prOpf'r dllli""tlon, permiltlnr of maximum           (Seal)          "\Vm. Coxon,                     or twlated) made from hemp, ftax, COlton,
current.handling capaelly. It II IU'l'r\llnl:        "Amos A. Betts,      "Secretary."                manila, jute, and other IIber; cotton eood,
10 find Ihue metanlud reilitance unib.                   "Chairman."                                  -turni.hinga, luch aa aheeting, towelIng,
no larlf1'r than the grid leah of the past.                                                           bO!'dspreads nnd quilts; tapeltriel, hangings,
handling two waUs and over without ov~r_              Labor's br ief. prl:'lIented by Mr. KIl·        etc.; hit goods-wool or hai r , uled for in-
load in&,. AI a further mea.ure of economy,        len, rested its case upon four provi!ions:         .ullting purpotes: ftlga, bannen, and pf'n-
the re,l,tors are Inlerted directly in th ..          I. Public neceuity and convenience              nanu: hammoclll; house·turni.hing goodl;
 point-lo·polnt wiring in mOlt Inltancu.           did not require a new line.                        not el.cwhere c1a .. ified; linoleum; olkum;
doing away with the ellborat.. wlrlnjt' to                                                            uphollt"ring m.leriall-artiftcial leather,
                                                      2. A new line would bring about a               woolen and wonted good.; wlllte, cotton;
the rulltance network of the former
                                                   state of ruinous competition, espeCially           woolen goods, blank"h, et~.; c1othln&.
   Whatever il lIained In componenh lind           ruinous to the prellent standards of                  Lu mbe r and AJllt'd P rod uct s. Cork prod·
raw mlterlals I. further amplllled in the          safety and ruinous to the morale of the            uct.; lif" preserver! and inlulatln&, ma-
a ..embly and tutlng. Th. metal cha ..i~           operating personnel.                               terial; furniture--wood, metal; planln& and
Ind Int.rthanguble components permit of               3. A competing line would halt                  law mi11 products, rough; pllning and mill
progreilive a ..embly by girls.          As the    proper development or the aviation in·             productl. dreSlled lumbe r, mo ldinp. panels,
chluls trlvels along tho belt or long              dustry in Arizona.                                 etc.; turpentine and roain; wood tar
buchu, each girl In turn attends to onll                                                              .a uled on decks; excehlor; wood, tu rned
opeution. until the chani. omergu com·
                                                      4. The com peti ng lille would cut t he         and clrved; wooden good., not elaewhere
plete. Even the lut. ate of a routine              pay roll of Ar izona citizens engaged in           clanified.
character.                                         aviation work virtually in halt,                      Lut her a nd Its Ma nuf,cturH.. Belting,
   So far III performance II conce rned, pre8·                                                        leathe r.
ent.day .et. outdan the sets of several               It is euy In tho world to live after tho           llubber prod uct.. HOle and heldng.
yeau IIgo. The only queltlon, then , II one        world ', opinions; it I, ea.y In .0Utude to live      1"I.er a nd pr inting. Printing lind pub-
of life. It i •• 0m~ l iml'S relt that pre.ent.    after our own; but th~ !Creat msn Is ho who        lishing, bouk and job; paper goo d. , coated
day lell, Incorporating 10 mnny p r ice·cut-       in the nlldSl at the crowd keepl with perfect      paper la u.ed In mold loft for templatet;
 ling melliuru. eannot be of the Illiting          .wertn"$!! the Independence of aolilude.-          Itationery, tag" lab"ls. etc.
 lo rl. And yet .culeraUve tuts on many            E",.,-.oft.                                           Ch"mlcals a nd ,\lli fli I'roduct l.    Bone
April, 199f                                        The Journal 0/ Electrical Worker8 and OpemtoT8                                                                        221
bl.ck, carbon bl.ck, .nd I.mpbl.ck, .cidl,                        El ect rlu.1 M.ehln e ry, Appar. lu. , . nd Su p-         T r. n.pOrt.tl on.      R. llro.d_l team and
Ir"", 'cetylene, Olya:en, coke,      o:l~.njna: .nd            pllu. Gener.ting IIpp.ralu.; moton: con-                  electric; marine; .utomobile.
p.. llshine prep.r.tlon., ru.l .nd p.int nt-                   trol .pparatuI; b.lterlea, Itor'ea Ind pr i_                 !l1I,cell ' Dco lI' Lndu. l riea. P uhllc u tiUt:r-
monr., Cre..e .nd tallow; lubrlutine,                          m.ry; carbon.; narch-Iichta; Inc.ndutent                  eleclrlc light, heat, .nd power; lu.l~oll
I.unchlnlr, etc.. dan.tured alcobol, p.alnh                    I.mp.; radio .pp.aratuI; flre-.I.rm .pp.ra-               mininc; hrooma .nd b ru.hu; en.mellne
.nd v.rnlabu, 011., lubric.tinC .nd fuel,                      tUI;     telephone 'pparatul; .wltchboard                 .nd j.pannine; roundry .uppli.. ; Inllrll-
cr.phite, ,lue, chemic.ll, not el.ewhere                       equipment, inc1udin, Iwitchea, etc.; In. ul.·             mentl!, barometen, compu.ea, hinn.de.,
• pecl6ed.                                                     to~rceJaln,         competition; wlrlne de-               nfOiCOpel, etc.; pbotoJnpblc .pp.ratu •
    Stone, Cl.,. . nd GI... Product.. CI.y                                                                               .nd mfltni.ia; m.Urll..... bed .pring&.
                                                               vicea, lockela, retept.lcle., In.p .wltchea,              cUlhlon., ete.; typewritel'l .nd luppllel;
producla, other th.n poUe".; lire brick .nd
o the r r efr.ctorlel; ~ery .nd other .br.. -                  plue', etc.: insulated wire .nd c.bl.: con-               . team p.ckinle', pipe, . nd boiler coverln"
Ivel; lIoor tile;         ,1,";
                            Il.tll; I"!tchbo.rdl,              dulll; electric lignilln, ,pplratus; electric
                                                               me .. uring Inllrumcnt.; fUtel, cut-OUlli, .nd
                                                                                                                         ,lIkels, etc.; window Ih.dea, ro\len , curtain
etc.; pottery, thlna, .nd porclIl.ln ware for                                                                            rod., etc.; draftin, room m.tnlal .nd in-
.blpl' turni.hin".; Ii"le; cement.                             fu le plu!:".; electric f.nl lind other devicn            .trument.; elOCkl, time reco rd in, devlcea,
    Melal• •nd Met.1 Product., Othu Th. n                      .nd .ppli.nc.. ; port.ble electric t.ooll;                etc.; model •• nd pattern.; upholsterine m.·
 h o n .nd Steel. Aluminum c•• Un,., .Iuml-                    electric_welding .pp.r.tul.                               terlal., not ellewhere d.1I16ed; cu rled
 num rolled forml .nd .heet.; .lumlnum                            & I.chlnerr, Not Inc1udi n, Electr ica l M.-           h.lr, etc.; Im.1I hoat buildera.
 UlenlUI, m.nuf.ctuNld; b.bbitt metal, elc.;                   chlnny. Ena:ine_Ueam, Dinel, .nd , .. ;                      Food . nd Kind red Prod uct.. Beveraa:u;
. 1\ el.1S1I1 belli, cones, .nd their IIllturea;                machine tooll; pumps, h.nd .nd pown;                     hread .nd other h.kery productl, d.lry
 br.lI, b,u"lr.~, .nd other nonferrOUI .1101'1                  bl<>wen; com(lr~ftn,.: tranU find hol l tl'              product.; cannin,; ftour .nd other gr.in
 pl.les, sheets, rods, wire, and flnl . hed prod-              condense,.; Itoken; refrigerating m.chin-                 mill product.. Ilaughtedng .nd meat pack-
 ucb; copper, tin, and Bhoel-Iron work, in_                    ery; t.ckle block .nd rlg,lng equipment;                  inc; lua:ar refining; food prepn rations not
 clu d in g gltlv.nlztd-Iron work; .inh, tanka,                 mll chlne·shop pro d ucts not ehewhere specl·            elaewhere da ui fled.
 bini, pipe, rooflne, ,kyll,hh, ventllatorl,                   fied. foundry product. no t elsewhere men-                   BUllnen arOUpt other th.n Indultrles
 etc.; fire utlngul,befl, chemlc.l; electr ic                   tioned; cutinp, othe r th.n Iron and Iteel;              that Ire afl'ecud by ,hip hulldlng .ctlvlty:
 fI.lurll.; le.d - b.r, pipe, .nd .heet: ,tampod                lITay.iron caalineR; malleabll-Iron clltlngl;            B.nh .nd IIvlngl InsUtution.; insurance;
.nd en.meled w.re of .11 kind, not otber-                       m.chlne tool.; bollen; 1'.1'1',,; Itll . . . nd           real "tate; hoteil: merch.ndi,,; bonding
 wbe mentioned; pl.ted w.re.                                    b.l.nen.                                                  concernl; .durtllin,.

       Below I. ,Iven • t.lble ,howln, the IIIUte" of m.teri.1 onlerlng into the construction of a $16,000,000 Ihlp, with the ..tlm.ted
.mounta purch. led in each .t.t. where thOle .mounts are .ulBelent to hIVe been reco rded .
       T he chief mlteri.l, from .broad .re m.hoe.ny, teak, tin, co rk, and . holl.c. Then m.teri.ls are conlidered .. odeln.tin, In lhe
It.t.. which Impo rt them, or whIch work tbem Into manuf.ctured producta.
                           Amo unt                              Delle ript io n                                   Amo u nt                     Delle rlpU on
AI.h.m. _ _
         ...               $26,000 Iron Orl, Jlmutone, coke, pi£' Irlln, pipe                                                  p.lnta .nd v.rnilh, sinc odde,           r'"''
                                             ftttlnp.                                                                          Ite.1 for,in,., b.bbit, rubber COod ••
Arllon • .__ ....                                                                            New Mexico _ _ _ _
Ark.n ..      _-
                                          Copper ore, lilver.
                             16,000 A.h lumber.                                              Ne w York _ $1,100,000
                                                                                                                             Copper ore.
                                                                                                                             Electric moton, turbines .nd ,eneraton,
Colorado ..... _         ----
                                          Sug'r pine.
                                          Copper ore, Iud, .lIver.
                                                                                                                               lelephon.. , communication .nd n••
                                                                                                                               tlon inltrumentl, life bo.ta, ho.t d.vits,
Con necticut ..            U6,000 Bra . . . nd copper produrl.ll, IIghtln, ftll'                                               cllt-iron r.di.toll, furnitUre, rill" .nd
                                             turu, electric wire, h.rdw.re, cutlery,                                           draperies, carpeu, linens, m'inesite
                                             .Uverware, chlln, h.1I bearingl, valvu,                                            floor coYering, galley equipment, rl ...,
                                             pip. fittln,l, gllUges, clocks, countcrs.                                         cork product., too ls, foundry suppllu,
Flo rid.                      16,000 Cyp rus, turpenline .nd n.v.1 storu.                                                      offiee l uppllu. scrap met l l•.
Geo rgi.                     46,000 Yellow pine, turpentine, .nd n.v.l ,to ru,               N. C.rolin.          126,000    Canv.l , cotton gooda, furniture, I p ruce
                                             c.n •• 5, ('ottDn.                                                                 .nd m.ple lumber.
ld.ho ...... "               36,000 White pine, lead.                                        North D.kota          12,000    Llnlaed.
illinois                     02,000 Refrieeratln, m'chine ry, hardw.re, v.lvu,               Ohio __ ...,         330,000    Steel .h.pes, Iteel .nd Iron pipi!, lime-
                                              IImutone, coke, p.int•.                                                           Itone, coke, glalSw.re, quarry tile, . heet
Indl.n.                    236,000 Electric moto,., pumpl, Iimeatone, .Ieohol,                                                  ruhber, rubber hon , paint and varni,b,
                                             oak lumber.                                                                        .nchon Ind chain, h. rdw.re, he.teu,
K.nll.                                    '7.lnr.                                                                               evaporalo,., di $tillers, toob.
Kentucky                     36,000 f'ire brick. oak Ilimber.                                Okl.hom.          36,000        Fuel oil .nd lubricants, lead, line.
Loulsian.                     26,000 Yellow pine, cyprUI, cotton, sulphur.                   Oregon .......... 86.000        Orellon pine.
Milne      ...._......        9:5,000 Winch es. wlndl u.c! , .teerin, gears                  Pennlylv.nl. 2,130.000          Sleel plale. Ind Ih.pes, . heet s leel, Iron
                                             upltan •.                                                                          .nd Iteel pipi!, . teel ineot., steel for,-
M.ryl. nd                   197,000 Steel pl.tes, bran .nd copper tubes .nd                                                     In", steel cllting_, coal,lImntone, coke,
                                             Iheet., .wltthbo.rd m.teri.l, c.nv.. ,                                             electrlc.1 m.chinery, refriceratinlr m.·
                                             oakum.                                                                             chlnery, deck m.chlnery, thru.l b"",·
M.uaebuaetts                680,000 Electric moto,., turhinu and cenerato,.,                                                    In,s, KIIII, m.gnul. pipe covering, .n·
                                              pump., f.DA .nd hlowe,., ruhber tile ,                                            chors .nd ch.ln, wire r ope, h.rdware.
                                              furnitUre, rup .nd drapcries, plumbin,                                            plumbing ftatu rea. c.st-iron r.dl.t01l,
                                              IIduru, In.ul.ting paper, m.nU. rope,                                             K.lley equipment, p.ints snd varnl.h,
                                              .,.,lvcl, otAce lupplies, tooil, leather                                          .Icohol. pipe fiUinl", tool., .te.m pick.
                                              beltin" crinding' wheels, naYigation                                              ing, omce . uppllea, Icr.p met ..l, c"I1l~"I.
                                              Inltrument..                                   Rhode 1,land          82,000    M.chlne .nd h.nd lools.
 Mlchlg.n _....             260,000 Iron ore. limestone, while pine, plywood.                S. Carolina           26,000    C.nv .., collon products, turpentine .nd
                                              h.rdw.re, furniture, lOOt hlowen, sm.lI                                           n",.1 .torea.
                                              tool l , copper, p.ints.                       South D.kot.l                   I.Jnaeed.
Mlnnl!lIota ....              92,000 Tron ore, white pine, fllZ, linseed.                    Tennellee             25,000    Iro n ore, h.rdwoods.
Milliulppi _                  2MOO Yellow pine, cotton.                                      Tex••                 44,1/00   Fuel on .nd petroleum pru.Ju~h, .. h lum.
Millouri                      46.000 I... d .nd lead producta, .Inc.                                                            ber, cotton.
Mont.n . .. _ ...        _ ..... __ _ Copper are, wool.                                      Ut.h .....                      Copper ore, .nver, le.d.
Nevad.                                     Sliver.                                           Vermont _                       Plywood.
N, namp,hlre             .............. _ Jo;bony IIbutOI for Iwitchboard p.nell.            Vlrglnl . ........    35,000    Iron ore, foundry IlIn d, olBce lupplln.
Ne w J eney ...          1.176,000 Bolleu and superheaters, oil burn en, reo                 Wut VirginiA         163,000    Coal, coke, . teel tlltlng~, Ipruce.
                                              f rlgerlltlng mlchlnery, deck m.chlnery.       Wiseonsin             92,000    Iron ore. whil~ pine, plywood.
                                              elevator., fan . , pumps, plumbing fix-        WyomIng                         Wo ol.
                                              tures, . wltchhoard Inltruments. electric
                                              c.ble. .torage b.lter les. g.lley equip_          Total _...    .$1,620,000
                                              ment,       ftre·extlnlC1lilhlne  'pparatul,

      Note. Amount. cover on I, direct purtb.su by the .hlpbullder. M. lerl.11 lllhd u"tI~r tl".crlption include u'w matori.ls ulld in
 m.nuf.cture o r product. for .hlp. II well II m.teri.iI furnisbed direc tly to Ihlpbuilder.
 222                                     The Journal 0/ Electl'ical 1Vorkers and Operators                                                                                April, 1992
 P UBLIC WORKS LOOMS A S ON LY                           tiel which would be prometed br thl ~                             The                 rollowing       figUres,    abo       from
         KEY TO P ICK_UP                                bilt, throu~h It. lectien providing tor                          Fi~her'lI book, shed new                     light upon the
                                                        loanl tor reaidentlal conltruetion. There
          (Conlillued from pap W)                       are appro:timately 12,000,000 Amerlc.n                        importance of the more common owl ..
                                                        t.millea tod.y that .re housed little bet-                       The Screech Owl, 225 IIpecimcns ex-
     work. progranu. In.uguration of . uch                                                                            amined.      Kot one contained gnme.
     a program will provide work dlreetly and           ler th.n the .nlm.lI. Million. ot hou.u
     indirectly for 4,600,000 people, WlIges            -ea pod.lly in the rural .ectlona of the                      About 100 held smull mnmmals nnd
     thUi dl.tributed w!ll be spent Immedl-             .oulh hnve no runnln~ water, no mod-                          these chiefly mice. Only one had eaten
    • tely for purehlle ot food, dothlnl,               ern heating or lighting arrangement..                        a pigeon .
     thou .nd other commoditlu. Such a                  • • •                                                           The Barn Owl, 39 Ipccimens exam-
    conltruetion procram will ruult In                    "We are not afraid of the conaequencu                       ined. Again only one specimen had
     orden for Ut'el, cement, brick, .tone,             it the government ,holild not be able to
                                                                                                                     eaten a pigeon. Not one held game of
     lumber and other building materlah.                billance ih budret. We have little pA.
                                                        tience with thb propaganda that hili                         any kind; 24 contained rats, m ice a nd
    TrnMportation of these mnterinl. wfll                                                                            other small mammal9.
     Increille the earning. of the railroadl.           been ' pread throughout the nation and
       "Farmers will benefit both through •             II beins: pumped Into Congreu, that the                          The Short-Eared Owl- lOt specimens
    . tltfenlnc of commodity prlcu .nd                  mOlt Important tuk I. balancinl the                          examined; 77 held mice and not one
    throueh .bility to par debu with dol-               tederal budeet. We luI . • trongly, th.t                     contained poultry or game.
    la,.. more nearly Ipproxim.tinc the                 the fI"t ant! mo.t Importan t dut,. ot                           The Long-Eared Owl-l07 specimens
    value of the dollar at the tlme the.e               Congre .. il to provide employment for                       examined. There were 15 empty, 84
    debtt were incurred.                                the destitute unemployed."                                   held mice and again only one hel d a
       "It Iu'!! been con tended by opponenh                                                                         game bird.
                                                      During the hearings a federal bond
   of tbi. leri.latlon that a bond IUII8 of                                                                              The examination of the contenta of
   this aba could not b• •old without di.-         isaue of $900,000,000 was offered and
                                                   was o\'er-subscribed three and a half                             thousands of owl "pellets" is further
   utroua eft'ect npon outatandinl oltll,l-
   ti on. of the government and th••ecurity        times.                                                            indieation of the va et number of rats
    market. The an. wert to that ar~ument                                                                            and mice which are devoured by owls.
   are tha t the bond. would not be I"ued                                                                            Large lots of these "pellets" often con-
   .11 at cne time, but only .s funds we re         SPRIN G'S COMING BRINGS NEW                                      tain thousands of mammal skulls, c hiefty
   required. AI.o they would be lold by                   ATTITUD E ON BIRDS                                         field mi ce, house mice and bNwn rats,
   popullr .ubscr lption In .mlll denomina-                 (Contlnul'd from pal:e 101)                                  Who s hall call either o( these birds
   tiona to the Itt'nera l public through .n      there not be some legislation to free                              "vermin" and what s portsman with (ull
   or~lni~ed clmplign.        In the Liberty                                                                         knowledge of their usefulne5S will de-
   bon d campaifPl' we told $25,000,01)0,000-     them from molestation by the sports-
                                                  man as well as the fanne r !                                       mand their extermination!
   and ,hi. fo r th. purpose of dutrllctlonl
       "There is, In flCt, no I.ek of demlnd         Unlel!ll something il done they will be
   tor government aecllrltlu It an Ide-           less common and gradually their ex-                                     Your lole contribution to the Bum of thinl'
   qUIte nte of intuut. The recent Inue           tinction will bec.ome a reality.                                   i, )'our.el'.-Frank Cra" •.
   of short-term lecllritlu by the trea.ur),
   WI. ovenubacribed more t han $2,600,-
   000,000. Fin.lly, it .hou ld be emphul,ed
   that luuguration of this great publie
   worb program wlll rel ult in employment
   of million. in enterprlsea which, Cor th e               PRICE LIST OF SUPPLIES
                                                  App llcal lo .. 1II","t, IN! r 100 ______......,.

   mOlt part. do not produce con.umptlon
   good.. Thua the waees provided would           Ar ..... u, o mclal ;SOU CIe or, I){! r 10$____ .110
                                                                                                                     Ledllu. 10n ..... INt . uea. "b, 1".,I .. ,l1nll tII l ,~ Il.OO
                                                                                                                     l.e"..-e. t l '~ I . tn. abo"e tI~ r 100 ______ _
                                                                                                                                      ..... ' , 1>*' 100 __________
                                                  ,, ~ .. .. , 1I.... k. T rf,.........'. _ _ .____ 1.00             l .... b..I.,                                               I.n

   repreunt a net gain In liftin" COMllm-         1.... 11..1 11oll"flI. _<:10 ____ . _ _ _ _ _ _            1.50                 •.
                                                                                                                     . .... 1... 1 I'''per, IlCr 100 _______ _
   Ine power to a leul more nearly ap.
   proachln" our upaelty to prodllce."
                                                  n .. llo .. t, 8. G. (medl ..... )_••• _______ I.'.'i
                                                  11,,110", 8 . O. ( ...... 11 )__________       1M
                                                                                                                          100                       ,la.
                                                                                                                                                    ror 100." ,,·I.lar, .,..., r
                                                                                                                                                    _____________ _                   M
                                                  n ..ltO Il ~, R. G. _ _ ._.____________                     .1&    Ohlilla l lnn r •• dl,     do .. b le. 1'''' d 01~ 1I __ _
                                                  u"""" •.     C .. ft", K . O.I"'. "..
                                                                                      Ir_ . _______          '.110   l 'IIp4!',  onl<:Iooi Le ll cr, per 100 ______ _
   One or the most sweeping statements
was made by Mr. Chevalier.         He is
                                                  lI a ll<>lI, Onl" -'nC<\11 DI.m.. nd I>hlll''''I. ___
                                                  DOoli. 3I1n ,,'" r"r It . 8. (t mll l1) ________ •
                                                                                                                     IUta"I., e,I ...              _______________ _
                                                                                                                                                     81~ h

                                                                                                                     n _lp l IJook , "I",lIetl nl . (300 . .....,11'1. )_ UO          ."
quoted at le ngth In another section of
this magazine.     He WArDed that the
capitalistic system was on trial and un-
                                                  U""II, MI " ut .. ror It . 8. (I" .'el _________
                                                  1!<>tI1I,     1).,. ________._______________
                                                  nooll. R"II 0.1'-___ .____ __
                                                  C•• bo n to. r _lpl Ioooko __
                                                  Cha rm, YHI "hlln .II<1e ________ ....
                                                                                         . ______ ._      .01
                                                                                                             1M      ~ p t ' '''''". III ""' ....... (100 ' o:o!I'I I".) _
                                                                                                                     R~IPI        I_k. ~ I .mh-e.. (750 re<':"t1\J1t) _
                                                                                                                     ll...,.,lpi n .... I<, l\I l",~ II ... _ . . _ _ _ _ _
                                                                                                                        C!CI I".) ________ ••. _ _ (SOO re-
                                                                                                                     R.. ~.,I ,,~ U.... k. " " I,II".n•• (1110 n .·.. l p! . ) _ 4.811
less jobll could be provided it would             l"',.rl •••• I) lIpll""le ______ ____________ I .~                     ....1',1.) n .... k. ath•.,., I1 ...",. . ( 7.loO ...
                                                                                                                     R~lpl             _______________________ _
likely crumble.                                   O..... I' lec .. I,...,.. , Ch"rte. Oll l nl _________ U.M
                                                  C<ln ITl I"t)"n, ..er 100 ______ • ________ 1.110

                                                     81 " 11..    r" .'1 "8 __ • _________ ._________         . 10   It .~elpl
                                                                                                                        ..... 81   Uo"k. On.I""" ,.. "~.. n'~I1~ (SOO
                                                                                                                                         ____________________________ _

                                                                                                                                  p   '   ~)

       W e. r on Huma .. M.terial                 Y. 1""' r h,. 1 l"" .k e r . flllbl". ll.lIon I~' ,. .... . 1.00   lte«lpi " "nk. O~ ... ll m fl .u.... ment ('ISO
                                                                                                                       ........1,'1.) __ • _____________
                                                  Em bl.. m. A.. ' .. m.. bll"---__________ 1.'111
                                                  l:.. y .. lopetl, Ofllcial, pet" 101 _______ ._ 1.1'               Red!lpl llnol<, FI ....e",1 !I....,ret. r y'. _ _
  M r . McGrady presented labor's point          G.....I.. -..10 ___________ .. _._                           .Ill   RH!f'lpl IJo<lI<, Tt~ . . . er' • •

of view emphatically:                            L..dll .. r, I....... INt bi ll der, Fl ...cial See:-               R H!f'lp l 11 0M ....., ..-do                                    .U
                                                   reca r,.'., til t.b h.dc,.. ___________                  • .30    It...I.,.....,h w...,l<l,. .... po r, ear .... per 100_

      "The principal eritlcl,m wa have heard
                                                 1""'I.. r '''Il'' 10 nl abo~" Ic.lrer, per
                                                 1,~'.~.,.:- 1'1 ~~;,;_;.-;I-Ii;;;;1__;;;;~;,-IOO_;;;;;:    ....
                                                                                                                     ~ ... ..... , ot ______________________ _
                                                                                                                     SeAl __ .         __________ • _____________ _
                                                                                                                     l'Ie" I (1'"ck.l) _______________________ __
                                                                                                                                                                                     ' .00
   Illainlt this bill Is It. co.t. Our an. war                                                              3.01                                                                     '.GO
                                                           Yln. nellil 8ec.d...,.'., 200 pn.l!1I_
                                                  I,~ttlle .,                                                           lt" ..........              T.ll n•. Cd,,,
                                                                                                                     \1'doull _ 1 C• .,I., ... lI h _________p_fl.
   I. th.t tbe co.t ot unemployment will
   far exceed, eventu.lly, tha co.t of cre.t-
   Ine employment. Th • •eriou. human
                                                  Led ler, Yla.... eI.1 1I...,.",••   y·"
                                                                                     fOO p ....... _
                                                             (blra n _.,.- III.dl ...)
                                                                                                                     Warra"1 n ool<, to r R. 8. ______ _                               ...
   conleqllencea of unemployment are                                                               FOR E. W . B. A .
   alre.dy in evidence In American tamlUn
  - In undernutrition, illneu, phy.lcal ,-nd
                                                 ,\p pl1""Uo n OIa" k•. per 100 __________ •
                                                 O""k,      I.H.,,,
                                                           M ..________________________                .1/1
                                                                                                             C"n~ " Iulioll a .. d U,.- , .... .... , pe r 1110 _____
                                                                                                               S lnll ' " ('oplu ________________ .______
                                                                                                            I .~

                                                                                                                     l UI " ..If,
                                                                                                                                                                       . 10
                                                                                                                                                    ___________ • __________ ___ •    .t3
                                                 Churl er" f)upll cn lu ________________ ___                  .an                          ~Il('h

  mental breakdown, .uleldes and other                                                                               1",I II.ta l .. n.ellt          m a nkl, P'"   100________       .70
  tragic evidence. of duper.te need."
      "We do not look Cor anr marked Im-
  provement in 1932 or 1933. We predict
  that you wiJI have Ju.t I I much .uft'er-
  Ine next winter as yOIl have had thl a
  winter, unles. the federal eovernment                  METAL                                                                                                 LABEL
  provide. work for the unemployed In
  .ome allch way .s thl. bill propOICI.
  T be eo.t to the (Overnml!nt, In the lone
  r un, will be gre.ter If the people remain
  unemploy~, than will be the co.t of Pllt-           :-;OTI:;-T"" "bove a.U ..''''' ... 111 be ,,, " plled _h ..a Ih e r..., .. """ . m.... nt nt "'8h • ...,.,mp ••' ...
  ti ne th em to work,                           Ihe " ,""r. Olher... I~ .. Ihe ".der w ill not be reeo, .. bc.l. All ,"ppll.,. ..... t b y a. bll. e " '",.,''
                                                 or ~", p ,,,,,, ~ h • • ",u p •• pald.
     "For Inlt.nce, building of houlu I.
  on. of th e most economlc.l of the actlvl-                            ADDRESS, G. M. BUGNIAZET. I. S.
A pril, 1932                                                 The JOUJ'1lal of El ectrical                              Workers and Operators                                         223

                                      LOCAL UNION OFFICIAL REC EIPTS FROM FEBRUARY 11
                                                    TO MARCH 10, 1932

,. 0 .••• __
,. 0. __ • __
    U.               NIJ~8IIlM                 ,.   U.              NIl." IIU             k       U.             NL'M8&8IL             ,.     U.   NIl MUIIB           ,.   NUMBlILIL
,                 3U663
                  30~O t
     1 •• __ - 2627
                                 8 11100
                                 il)O I ~
                                                  6S _____ 203001
                                                  60 _____ 11328111
                                                  '10 _____ 011016 1
                                                                                              IH .::::6~Ola l
                                                                                              17r. _____ 11100 1
                                                                                                                        6201 11
                                                                                                                                                          1440 ~ "
                                                                                                                                                         121\1411                   4 60S9
                            2632                                            6lHlItlO                                       1806:;
     1 _____ 1328:1 1                             72 _____ 0118 ... 0                                _____
                                                                                              1   7~

     1 _____ 49123::1    497003                   73 ____ .288600                             171 _____ '121mB            73022                           72009                    111602
     1 _____ 132282                               73 _____                  288009            178 _____ 1\1739            OH73                            18171
                         1 828~0                               1~!l08                                         10011       100111                                                  88().j68
    2 _____ 480381                                13 ____                                     180 _____ 1011)\)6                                         2314111
    S _____ A 2. 11. 2S~'11                       711 _____ 22211
                                                                            647120            180 _____ 11017111
                                                                                                                        16.'1000                         D66869                   285222
    8 _____ A·3. 11. 1112-284                                                                                           1I017f12                         2,8RSi                    36210
                                                  16 _____ 48:1511                            lloil _____
    8 _____ 11 II, 28-30                              ._. __
                                                  17 _____ 42(1"8~

                                                                                              1/1.;) _____ 201838
                                                                                                                        261866                             60.'"
    3-----IIJ 3HI·892                                         24082                           181. ____ 4044358         4H303                            618lHII

    lI _____ C-1 1 1 393
                   •                             70 ____ • 702211                              US5 _____ 4I1HII                                                                    118704
    3 _. ___ C-J . 827-100 1                     so _____ 08801 702(17        68010           11:\.' _____ 1072:\ 1
                                                                                                                                                          76533                    112312
    11 ____ D J. 21 ·211                         81. ____ 70:112                              11<6 _____                                                 080831                    40 14 7
    8 _____ 0·A. II S3- U I O
    ,   ____ X-G. 44211-1133
        ____ A·J. 1,11013 -2 1(100
                                                 81 _____ 4113843
                                                 82 _____ 209971
                                                 82 _____ 4:107;\1
                                                                                               181. ____ :U1'>97
                                                                                              Uul _____
                                                                                              100 _____
                                                                                                                                                                                  1 0~H-4

    !1 _____ A ·J.                                                          4119'16!i                        :14086       3400S                           25612                   !:I14I8
    !I _____ A-J. 23:!0123210
                                                 83 _____ (;1102,11         (; 1132:.1        H)1 ____ (l11l:\:\7       6 1ri3:;3
                        2161J1-2~600             8~ ____ . "u~70:l
                                                                                                                                                          7G20:;                  666319
    !1 __ • __ A -J. 22601·230111                                           411 1001'                 ____
                                                                                              111:\ _____ I :l HI1I3
                                                                                               19:\                     1340G'                            6:.!10!)                6~50S6
                                                 86 ___ ._223 1211          223220                             11431         111108
    3 __ __ A-4- 1I , 411~U-                     86 ___ __ 360369                                                                                        448631                     7111H10
    ,    ____ A-4_ II. 11001-
                                                  86 _____
                                                 87 _____ 1170280
                                                 88 _____ 7210HO
                                                                                              IH:I _____ I,,"0:.!!1
                                                                                              105 _____ 42:11 8 1
                                                                                               Illll _____ 1lI1:103
                                                                                                                                                                                  112 1G!l3
                                                                                              lUi ____ uIl3T1'U
    3 ---_os 170621737li                         88 ____ 47471U             721100            201.                      GR3701                           11290'1                  670030
    4_____ 001.12
        ____ 4721)01
                    nooos                        9O _____ 4H 1711
                                                 03 ____ O~I)(,O
                                                                            444!1 8
                                                                                              201. ___ 21'11!103
                                                                                                                                                         1 14333

    ••   ___ 331637
        ____ 173R91
                                                 9L ____ 6!lOORI
                                                 0:; ___ ~86!1:1
                                                                                              205 _____ 1742n:;
                                                                                              2M1. ____ IOllli711
                                                                                              201'1 _____ 191727
                                                                                                                                        :'.                111'12711

   10 _. ___ 208&8               201i0'!         0IL ____ 2~470!!                             21IjL ____ 20/l.ll~7                                        43.710                  2112118:1
         ___ .... 0392                           00 _____                   2H1811            211 _____                21)0017                           2411721                  1 H020

                                                 00 ____ 18661                 18611f1        211 _____                4418411
        ____ 100183
   11 ____ .!!2R!JoOl
                                                 09 _____ 471001
                                                 00 _____ 36.11113
                                                                                              212 ____ . 420121
                                                                                              212 __ • __
                                                                                                                                                                                   76:; 12
   12 ___ 80 1Q.1,11           1I0W61           10IL ___ • 26716                                      ____
                                                                                              212 _____ 46~2~1          464146
                                                                                                                                                         11111210                 666M3
               370M             37011           100_____ IOB20 1                              \112                                                       463601                   ~ 88250

   111 _:::: 86:111-48
                                 510  1~
                                                101 _____ 284:!2 1
                                                IO:L __ ._ 1004 1
                                                                            2,1143.1~         21 ~ _____ 1II1006
                                                                                                             {U77S        01779
                                                                                                                        I li21'110      .:-
                                                                                                                                                                                  2(~ 1 172
                                                                                                                                                                                    II HIOO
   17 __ :::~804~1
   18 _____ 482361
   18 _____ 132860
                                                103 _____ 811211~
                                                10S _____
                                                                                              2J.1 _____ ~!lH,8
                                                                                              21~       ,--
                                                                                                             4!IR~ I

                                                                                                                                                                                   7 108 1
  ...•         61I::!:OI
                                                103 _____ 12G:;a:1
                                                lU4 ____ liIlU'i71          3tUi!ltl
                                                                                              211 ____        llj

                                                                                              21 L ____ ~ lli:l('O
                                                                                                                    H ~5

                                                                                                                                                                                    01109 7
  26 _____ 37~:J87
  26 _____
                                                105 ____ 3:;41:;31
                                                101'- ____ 202501
                                                108 ___ 71931
                                                                                              2111     ----  4!\0i2
                                                                                              217 _~::: 5111-40
  :!6. ____ ~;;OOI                                                            7 lOll:!                                                                   129112                   IInIO:)
                               477117           1011 _____ 1'17171
                                                101 ____                    111,,11(111       210_ ___ 41',:1110'      4:;11!lO2
  :!o _____ 1110133
               __              Hun42                         113rIlY!'I     6!tOOIIl          223_           100M         711076                           13219                  4261411
  :!1I          392,113~
                               3118000          108 ___ ¥l li3!\2                                                                                        301(10()                   1:11124
                                                                            117:'160          221._:::1711118           17111:;9
  21 _____ 116f12H             869200           10(1. ___
                                                              ~122:i          412~
                                                                                              ._,,-----      73281        73296                          4118111                  2911100
  ~1I    ___ __ I ::!:IH HI    1211150          1111 ___ - 4\1(10;:;101                       220 _____ 2321111                                          2112221                  63Hl00
  :,1,11 _____                                                              4I1UISI,                                    U20H"i                           10:>3110
  2R _____ lIMS!!               3111ao          111 ____ .2~'U3 12          2:1i):I.~2
                                                                                              2211 _____ 711012                                                                     I HOO
                     10711        1(198         1 13 ____ . 1I:I~On                           2211           02 401       (124M                              100 1                 R211 18
  ~,II      .. __ 3661170                       I _____
                                                                                              2211. ::::HIi ~ 61        11'111\00                        I Il7HI                  6!l~II/10
          ____                                                270:l!1         27f111                                                                     161\466                  621l H 3
  :10 _____
                               {1025Rr,         11"'-+ __ ' 1~1)71            411O,IItl       22{1 ___ ._ 611 1 109     611~r,00
                                                                                              220 _____ ~02~2{1                                           )(I561)~                152 H O
                   1167015       M17f.1I        1111 _____ 611711~fJ        afl,311                                    4Q2037
  "'.' _____ 1197090           r,!171>!l1       tI6 _____ 4111:1~:'1                          2M _____ !!11 MI7        011(1:111                         6386:111                 81\9411S
                                                111. ___                    401:111"          2:11. ___ 170:\R9                                          0::1:12'11
          ---      1131)41        6.1010                                                                                                                                           311:112
  ".                                                          811110          37HH                                      176n~

    "              M3111         I}U3!0         12~ _. ___ ~2:!611          4~:!1\:1I1
                                                                                              231. ____ 22 .. 2.;2                                         6:14711                 70321
  3'-:::~19I1H,7               III~.IOO         12:; ___ - .. 27376         4277711
                                                                                              232 _____ 44618             4~038
                                                                                                                                                         1062!!1                  III!!iUIU
  a:l _____ :108":'11          30a519           12!L ____ :\1~6<t8                            23:1 _____ 0R2Rna        6828St                            112231/';                 47201
  all _____                                                                 8H7011
                   :l33.'l!I     lI.13~2        130 _____ MI\127
                                                                                  "'"         237      _._-  6,115:111    (Iq503                         MII120                    21MHO
          ---      M:;Il        f.uollO         13(L ___ 4Roon7
                                                1:11. ___ 77:111111
                                                                            4'1(111)3         ~all
                                                                                              238 _~::: 27002
                                                                                                             70911        7007:/                         2119767

            ___ 1:t6:S09
                               382215           133 ____ ~440271 1
                                                                                              2SIl _____ 67A11r.1l
                                                                                              210 _____ 8117898
                                                                                                                       618057                            1149::;17
                                                                                                                                                                                  0 17018
  "                                             1113 ¥ __

                                                               1I,II<l0~      8,118011                                 11:17007                            48820
  11>1             r,2 733      r.2 H1)         135 __ • "~1I(l7:1          S:i08M            2~ 1   _____ l lMII9      11341\(1                                                  0 10011 7
  30_::::4:'12368              4:l260:l         1!l6 __ ._ ~222118                            2,12 _____ 7301112       7:11)1811                         429:120                  32:!03t
  40 ____ A!11l211                                                          :.!22:1211        24:1 ~ ____ I 3.!l016
                               ~!l'lVI6         1 a6. ____ 4n.'I'51         468161                                      1381136
           ____ 243213         24:1241,         13IL __ . :101(210                            2H ___ ._10HI8           70H20                               511178                  lIa~ 1 311
  40. __ ._ 23201                                                           30'12:>0          24:'1 ___ ._ 1 :l1!1~0                                     /11111 1 19                2111138
                                21'121:'1       131~ ____ 21m711                                                        1379!l11
  4:l _____ 43 IH3                                                          2157,111\         2 .. 1 _____ SUI1I:1                                       37r18,,:1
  4!'1 ___ _ •                 4a1ll1l0         13r1. __ ._ 2 1 020~        240324                                     S l 8 132                                                    777:111
                   13010        1:10 11                                                       2~8    _____                                                 2820 1                  160144
                                                H I _~_ al111'>20           397114 1                         20St!        2930:1
  46. ____ 2:1"971             2:10200          143 __ _ _                                    250 ____ 61111l61                                            ~302 1                   114020
  46 _____                                                   SOHI3,11       30 1660           2111 _____                616378                              79:121
                   2!111 I      :!1I172         H:I ¥ ____ 6(;.18                                            48037        4504 1
  47 _____ -40130
  48 _____
  48 _____ I01S1
                                                140 _____ 41)0111
                                                14!'; _____ I IUr.91
                                                140 _____
                                                                             46:t l fi8
                                                                                              2112 _____ 149S.00
                                                                                              254 ____ •
                                                                                              211' _____ 4118111
                                                                                                                                                          I fl211111
                                                                                                                                                                                   fl17 163
  48 _____ 324201              321a~0           1110 _____ Mlli8:1
                                                                                              256 _____ 301009            0(1033                          4 ~6120                  6~lIo83
  ~O _____ 61H41                                15!-___                                       2li7. ____ 600ft2         301031                             42!l00                 618800
                               617176                        40~773
  111 _•• _- 4MII7
  02_. ___ 3112a3
                               3i l:!:';O
                                                Ili2 - - 17701
                                                                                              21;8 _____
                                                                                                             113017          00"""
                                                                                                                                                                                    tlM1I 1
  !I~ ____ auIl1:1.!'          a';II1.w
                                                102           2!IoIl;U
                                                163 _____ 1131761
                                                                               2fHOll         2110_. ___
                                                                                              2.'10 _____ 413:!114      4~3.H7
                                                                                                                                                         61113111                 800211
  112 _____ 2:\0131
  02 _____ 366.'13:;
  02 ___ __ 2451,111
                                                IrlL ____ II-41031
                                                111IL ____ 2!l!lS.~ I
                                                lli6 _____
                                                                                              260 _____        :'~flO
                                                                                              2113 _____ 82{1121
                                                                                              2611 _____ 203369
  :I~     ____ 103GGI          101\1171         l1ill _____ 23701                             287_. ___ 1101118                                          1276411                  112 11111
  1\3 _____ 40322a                                                             2~800                                      60082
                               4032011          lli'L ____ I OMti4                            268 _____ 4114113                                           l\2803                   610~ 29
  :14. ____ 11411100                            150 _____ 1172~01                             270 _____ 6111148         UH!'!9                           143721
                               3IM~::                                       1i72277                                     1181771\                                                        11310
  114 _____ 2065:;6            2IlU~tU          If.l _____ 121'141                            271. ___ _                                                   fll00.~
  511 . ____ 802114"*
  :17 _____ 172808             1I1>:!1;I,,\1
                                                IG3 _____
                                                lGL ____ 170 14:\
                                                                            1762 10
                                                                                              :nll ____ _ 14IH
                                                                                              2711 _____ 1I1l~~\l
                                                                                                                                                          27 0 2&6
                                                                                                                                                          /1102 I
                                                                                                                                                                                   30U llfl
                                                                                                                                                                                   H 0814
  1\0 _____     3~7746
                                                I04 _____ IRII7f111                                          82200
                                                                                              276 _____ 3:1472 1          321100                          1870:\0
                               1I~77.~0                                      1401011                                    91147111                                                   0080 17
  50 _____ 817701              617779           IIH _____ 223ifl.1                            2,110 _____ 263083                                          1041311                    611470
  60 ___ __ 417266                              IIH ____                    224027                                      20.1071                             40S112
  114 _____ 1 12182            H7MO                             111'>~1        17/160         281 ___ ._ ~02070
                                                                                              280 _____                4020110                                                     '711S23
                                                Ul-l ____                                                                                                 2(11!l1l~
  61. ____ 246001              112:-.00                      4'6501          4:161:100                       3~9f)S       389:!li
                               2-46000          11>1 __ - 3721101           3721)10           2811 _____ 639471                                           700ll1)0                 30112liQ
  114 _____
  114 ___ 112\1411
  1111 _____ 484188
  1I11 _____ 49SQ.tl
                                                16'-____ 4 :\7731
                                                1114 _____ i821>!
                                                I r,.~ _____ o:;.III91
                                                                                              2",11 _____ 012:;2
                                                                                              ~'U\,.   ____
                                                                                              200 _____ 1113607
  11 7 _____                   4n3~70           Ifl7 _____ n2~1lOO          (l28110!1                ____
                                                                                              2f11 _____ 881142.~                                         192'!l42                  234111
                                302t1~          1(111 ___ a73072                              202                       830470                             ti.~IIII~                216110
                   802116                                                   11781180                         831101       88001                           3981140                   111 111 1
   224                                            The Journal 01 Electrical Workers and Operators                                                                      April, 19jt
  I~   u.       NUIIIn.u            1.. U.            N l) IoIUIIR         L. U.             NUlla .. s            L. U.        N UII . .u             I.   u.            NUIIIIIIII
                       82li62        68l1 •• ___ 410.7          4167 1       810 ____ _21)21)88       2U8038        138--3082110.                       290--8820.
                      2632<13        6811. ___ .22114115       22:1.116       878 _____ 804806        :111 1109     186-341l1H·3·Hi96,                  !!02--4211483·500.
                      658882         686 __ ___ 177079         111119        874 ___ 6&48211          1l64:\;1>l             " ~90.                     80S-11IH.
                       33211111      688 _____ 1811111          18669        87G __ . 821181S         02;;S~')      229----402528.                      8211--241171 1·714.
                         HT60        60 .. _____ 81627:1       810330        8811. ____ 192700                      258-G3946.                          882- 8li1l97, 221, 238.
                         74124       69:1 __ __ GS819           68898        888 _____ 2801:18        2801711       298- 201010·011.                    843--6431l8.
                         38798       697. __ __ 18:14 14       18:1482       800 ____ _10042/1        70642D        3:!1---G821:16·158260.              847~87086.
                         5256:1      697. __ _.3021:14         8~~889       80~L   ___ _ 3:::;6:10     3ti61l2      824----4 37 ~O ... 1I760.            806-68/l128·123.
                       616l1&:!      699 __ ___ 4208:1         42106         iOO•• __ .~ 017 08       1191778       8G4 - 16G601·604.                    873--429$ 10.
                       2t2~HI        700. __ __ 29785          29193         907 _____ 6 1~ 1i .       Gl(I81       548--618700.                         300-0971l4.
                       <l91)01J I    701. ___ _812~4          SU:Ii60        012 __ ___ .. 1i906 1    4~9OfI1}     1012- 2239113 O~4. 0~1 .             4()0.-..41l6031. 0311. 0118,
                       72 1441
                                     702 _____ 1118001
                                      70: _____ 49 2702
                                      704 _____ 2126!2

                                                              21 26 ~
                                                                             612 __ ___ 8011041
                                                                            OH ___ 189801
                                                                            OIS. __ __ !!20U
                                                                                                                                VO lD
                                                                                                                                                                         01l2,   OM ,
                                                                                                                                                                         084, 091 .
                                                                                                                                                        4111---{\2888, /l2891 -~2802.
                       8058:ill       701 ___ __ 196001       10612 ~       010 _____ n03~9            50BIII      I. 0 . -83838. 87032.                410-01084.
                         :19011       710 ___ __6!l8003       G~lIn81)      087. ____ 1(1616           Hl640          1-40 7882, 880, n34.              418- 111012 4.
                       610:;20        711 ____ _292~~8        202492        037. ____ 84014            84010          8 - A·8·1I , 223.                 HI- 1I 16!)2.
                      479610          712 _____S0R324         36 R 8~1      940 _____ 869123         66913~           S-C·H, Ill.                       482--8 1111103.
                       23M3           713 ____ -.tUi GO I     II I1G ~O     040 __ ___ 2170G4                         S-C·J. 641. 846, 640.             492-186422.
                                      713 __ ___~061101       508776        0113 ____ _ 384S4
                      1l2ntO          711. ____ 0731             0781\      01l8 _____ G:l73116       "m
                                                                                                                              1(104, 1011, 1054.
                                                                                                                              1061 .
                                                                                                                                                        /101 - OG088.
                        '000          717 _____ 2G0072        2111 030      0011. ____ 8871~          38726           3-().A. 1387, 1341.               (l2S-103488.
                      619821          710 ____ _ 6 SII~ 8      68:;77       009 _____ 884!!38        634230           8- X-O, 4428.                     1188--041108.
                                      723 ____ 278790         278880        970 ___ __ 61HII1I8      6D4M3            3--A·J, 1820S, 18211 .            ~~1I-889780.
                      616243          7:l8 ____ _ 66008        0007!)       671 __ ___ 443146        4431112                  182l1~,        18218,     GII7~028&"'9241.
                       20187          726 ____ _ 14844         148!)~       1112 __ ___ 861i1~3      665100                   18291,        18410,      n8S-1! 1 811~4.
                      620886          731 _____ 4~ 8 11       46~OO         978 _____ 7+480           74446                   181188,       181185.     1S84--49/l0/l2, 2421S82.
                       lS08l1         732 _____ ~3 962 !l     4806&2        987 ___ . 976448         &764~8                   18669,        18673.      1186-806137.
                      14!l1l46        732 ____ _ 26706          2G709       991 __ __ _877187        67710S                   18734 ,       18773.      M8-4~. 1 2 .
                      462970         734 _____ 861201         861420        0011 __ ___ 41D89         41070                   lSOG7,        1&204,      701--1NI I 0.
                       431124        73B ___ __66324G         663250        990 _____ 191 722                                 10211,        10310.      782--439629.
                      10080;1        748 ____ 25016~          2110202       1106 _____ 626518        62611:!"O                10886,        196117,     7T0--.808~12.
                      880312         7;;1 _____ 8111821       01116113    1002 ___ __387721          B87761                   10000.        20223.      809-'401166.
                      118.. 679      700 ____ _ 723~8          72360      1024 __ ___ 801019         30 1 9~~                207:\8,        !!11l41,    8Ii~ 1 82.
                       90H3          702 ____ _   7~3iO        7B80~      102G __ ___ 97S18S         07!IH                   2IG7I.         21GBI.       810-203008.
                      H5119f1        103___ __ 26:1:HI         21l:i00    1020 ___ __ 790004         70002~                  2lGOO.         21506.       800--70042G.
                      :.!IO!'i:l3    770 ___ __308486         8G8G71      1032 ____ _768178          76S1 87                 22110G.        23001 .    I 0'!$-Q13 I 38.
                                     7.0. __ __ 81611          81612      1038 ____ 441514(1                                                           1031--2772711.
                                     772. ____ 7023 41
                                     773 _____ 774111
                                     774 _____ 7861111
                                                                          1038_. __ _ 1G7202
                                                                          1031 ___ __ 277!!7 1
                                                                          I()H __ __ _ 160210
                                                                                                                    8-A ... · H . 4~74. 4674.
                                                                                                                             4688, 4712, 4716,
                                                                                                                             47l1t, 4770. 4817-
                                                                                                                                                       1141 - 1132118.
                                                                                                                                                       11111 --4:10066667.
                                     774 _____ 717011                     10:14 ___ __ 8729 4                                4820. 4050, MBO,
                      33"81(1                                                                         87802
                       33320         784 _____ GM81            Ci/!:lMI   1(1117 ___ __ 482480       48!!41M1                G042, ~272, 111107,        I' R E VI OUIJ LV      J.I !l TEI)
                                     787 ___ __918370        9J880~       10'I'2 _____ 8188n         8G86611                 GGIIG, IIG67. IlGBO,        h 188 1NG-R ECI!:I\' E n
                      H2Ul:!         702 __ ___ 7071 88      707107       1072 ___ __ 2230111        2239311                 11GB:!. G1I03.
                       4THI          71>4 _____ 148941       1481HII      IOS8 _____ 1HI444          3414711         8- Q..A. 1882.                      4!L-llU08· 10110. 111120
                      41154-46       704 . ____ 1&4211        1&4Z~       10/47____ 191111!!          19119!!        8-o 17872.                                19180,     824191 ·
                      149780         i9!L ____ 9 114871      91i~/!811    1001.____ 40724             40784                A
                                                                                                                    11- 2.8902.                                   1911.
                      217480        802 ____ _87111121       8711:1!!7    1005 ___ __ 6D137           6D171         18-132883, 482G3G.                 130--8991 1·89l120.
                       1\9474       808 _____ 90014            66!l~4     IOO!i __ ___ ~OH~t                        SO-IIOMO.                          !!48-138900.
                        2:183       800. __ __ 40llB1          491168     1000 ___ __ 7117683        787700         88 - 8811180.                      2/l8--6394 1·66044.
                       13361        811 _____ M G      62      lI~lIIl7   1101. ___ 341142           34116&         "O-24.32n~. 23212.                 802-608111.
                       6119S1       818 _____ 69<1698        81H696       11011 _____ 155<1258       658:(18        41)---403 10' ItllI.               873----42D4I1l1, 408, 000.
                      20:1887       8I1L ___ _ 1 ~ 6~11        7~6118     11011 _____ 2:10911         23100         43----4311178.                     1126--47160&.
                       11100        820 ___ __ 6OM8           GOli80      1108 _____ 81001            8HUn          48--324231 , 271 , 202.            ~S4--491101 1 .()10,
                      6111072       838 ___ __ 607 Gl         611770      1118 _____ 7732              771111       ~2-aH234 ·23~,             238.    670-tl/10170·180.
                      462". 0       840. ____ 6M9111         80.0~7       11115 ____ . 614224        6142lHi                240·~43. 24G. 247,
                       611214       84& ____ _823111111      028501       1141. ___ 241168           241234                 8111400. 24110....                     O L AX It
                       74617        849 __ ___ 20!l8113                   1141 _____ 21!I1n           21017         84--24600G. 046. 62950.
                                    8~0 ____ _74112117                    114 L ____ na!!4:l                        78-288600.                            8--178897·900.
                      241658                                 74626!!                                  n:laOll
                      IUi8611       8GL ____ 2011247         20!l!!71     1144 _____ 11830011        ~3391l7        82--4110813·8110.                    41J--4tUIl73.
                      8767:18       8-'> G___ __ 4111           41114     1147 _____ IJOIDO           ~02~3         9D -3036~7 .                         48-8243110.
                                    8:I!'l ___ _ _ 1M3 I 0   1113312      11$1 . ___ 41199:;15                     1011-311129.                        1149-891318-1100. 1011220·
                                    8~7 • ___ _8838113
                                    8GS _____ 18901}4
                                                                          I t114 _____ 404911
                                                                          11114 _____ 820701
                                                                                                                   181)---48078 1
                                                                                                                   Hl8 - 22t1G822IiOi. G7114 .
                                                                                                                                                       8:111- 1113310.
                     706202         892 _____ 807111          801117      l1G6 __ ___ 1I60S8lI       8694112       IO I-43IIi337.
                                    86a _____ 461162          46:177                                               20 ~ IH26!1 .                       I'R E \' I OU~ I _ \'   I,T8TEI)
                     468211         IIfI4 _____ 24271l0      242l!:l8                ~n 88 1 NO                    20'l-1917"~ .                            \ ' 011)_ 1'"0"" \ ' OID
                      80141         860 __ __ _286001        281000                                                2111- 88~76 .
                     4a8980         860 _____ 44 1038        441050         43----431471-112                       24~13108 1 .                        212----420687.

   RADIO T IM E ANNOUNCEMENTS                                honest." Stue ment, by lhe radio Innounce r                     d.n~r.     A large number of bee Itlnga ha,.,
      OFTEN FOUND WRONC                                      that It h nOlll "exaetly" .uth and s uch a                       been known to dr i\'8 indi"lduah t empora rily
                                                             minute pro .... even leas aecu rlte than the                     in.one, both from the pain and from the ef-
     The eommon ndlo announcement th.t It                    gong method, although thl. ml, be leu .. r·                     fectl of the pollOn which the ben Inject.
 II now eneUy luch and lueb a minute b,                      iou ~ practically ainu listene" probably .re                    The Ineident oft'el"td. the rdore, m.terl.1 for
 aomebod,'1 ..atch are perhaps all right for                 not Inellned to depend 10 milch on the pre-                     a tragic air dlaalter. Fortunately, the pilot
 people who mel"tly 'II'Int to know about. what              dM ee-enraeJ of I lpoken announcement.                           remembered that ben I ..armlng out of a hi,.e
 time It II, but maJ I?e nrioualJ mblead[ng                    "E,.cn though the announcer maJ place                         ..1dom ating unleal dlstllrbed. for eumple,
 to ec[entlfle me n, railway 8m ployeu or oth-               conside rable em phull on the word 'uact-                       b, ludden move menta of a penon on whom
 en who reb on Ruch announcements for                        Iy,'" Mr. Smile, writet, "Iucb announce-                        they bIIppen to aUght. In Ip lte of t he bfJe In-
 more I«urate tim. knowledge.                                ment. often an 15 seconda in error and                          v.. lon the pilot eontlnued to tlJ the airplane
     With true lCientiflc scepticism, Mr . Charles           IOmetimU are wrong by a minute or more."                        but made a. few monmenta .. po..'ble and
 B. Smiley, of Brown Unillenit" took note                                                                                    m.de theae nr, .lowly. The ruu[t wa. th.t
during the past two .nd a half Jean of                        PILOT REMEMBERS AND SAVES                                      he ..a. able to bring down the .Irpllne lately
more th.n r.oo luch radio time Innounee·                                                                                     It the Parll airport , with beel Iwarmlnr aU
ment. and comnared thue with the true time                             A IRPLANE
                                                                                                                             on r his bod, but at the expen,e 0' 0·' 3 one
II     Indicated by • precil ion Ilop·watch                     Knowledge of the hllbit. of bee. II not. UI-                 or two sting. for himself nn d a te oil ,,~c.re for
ched·<>d each da , wtih the Go'lernmenl Ume                   >lall, eonlfdered a neeeuary part of the                       the pauengen. Once on the (round. the
Ilrn.b from Wllhington. Tbe rel ults. ra-                    equipment of an .Irplane pilot, ,.t It ...ed                    bee. . .ere Indueed to ...arm around thei r
ported In the Ne"" Yo rk CIty te-ehnleal pe r-               the /l,.u ot pilot and pall.nge,. recentl, In                   queen, who had remained in the damaged bl.e.
lodlnl, "Sdence," Ire not too flatter ing to                 France, when In Bee" from a hive of beel thlt                   an d were caged .uccenfllll,.
t ~.• braodul ten .nd .... tch m.ke ....                     had been Ihlpped b, ai r tll1re.. from Mar-
    Slgnl[' gillen by rong o r mUllCl I note and             selllel to Parla got loon while the al r plan.
credI ted to one of the nvera l w.tch com·                   wu flying Ind [nll.ded both the p.uenger
panles whkh aupplJ th[a Mmee are "seldom                     cabin and the pllot'l eockplt. VIm one bee                         In Behalf of Amusement
leu than 10 aeeondl In error," Mr. Smll.,                    and then hundreda of them ..-tiled on the                          la a rd . r th a i o ur loc." . i,. in , pro·
I"tportl, ".nd on the .verage ara In error                   pllot'l fau and bod,. The pallIengen ..ere                     , r eui". brid, e p a rt i.. rna,. h ••• ap _
.bout 26 leconda."                                           able to protect th~mselvel to aome extent by                   p rop ria t. and d (;C arA t i~. eq uipment, we
    "The ule of • gon,:, bell or mU l lcal note              bl.nkeb and shlwl. dr.wn tightly on r thei r
for time announeemeT,ta I I Inae-eurat. la                   head., but the unfortunate pilot bad no luch                   ha ,.. , ..c ured ca rd d.d... beerin. the
then," Mr. Smile, cont[nllea, "muat be eon·                  opportunitJ for delen" nor wal he able to                      B ro th e rh ood ', leal, a nd th e ua io n la bel.
Iidered al misleading, it not .du.II, dl.·                   land the aIrplane It one. without III!rlr ul                   Thel. can b e had a t 7Sc: a pac k .
Now More Than Ever
II Now more than ever, one must read and think.

II The stock crash of 1929 marked the end of an era-the
post-war era.

II Great changes are in the making.    This was true following
the panic of 1893, when busine~q entered upon an era of huge
consolidations and combinations.

II What today's changes are have not yet become clear, but they
are destined to be of importance to nil working people.

CJ The Electrical Workers' Journal has won a reputation for
getting the facts and interpreting them.

II It is capable of describing today's great changes so that you
will see t.heir signiilcallce tlramaLically.

II Read your Journal this month and every month in 1932.

E\ectrica\ Workers Journa\
    UCCESS of the capitalistic form of society

S    in the United States depends on solving.
     quickly. the problem of better distribution
of wealth.
     Our basic problem today is the intelligent
division of OUf wealth between consumers' funds
and capital funds. Our whole economic Slructure
has changed over a period of years.   At one time
thrift meant intelligent saving of one's income.
Today thrift must be defined as intelligent spend-
ing. All surplus earnings today flow into a great
pool controlled by a few men. The owners of
these surpluses want them to return dividends.
which means that they undertake more produc-
tion. and we reach the place where we cannot
consume all the goods.
                  WILLARD CIIEVALIER.
                       Publishing Direc/or.
                    Engineering News -Hecord.

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