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                                    The Cardinal
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                                                                                                                                                            OCT 29

                                                                                                                     SVC Student
                                                                                                                                                            FA LL                           2009

                                                                                                                     Writes Winning
STUDENT PUBLICATION                        CARDINAL.NEWS@SKAGIT.EDU                                 SVCCARDINAL.BLOGSPOT.COM                                         VOL. 60 - NO. 03

Vancouver Student
Sues Clark College
Staff Writer
                                                        ing of the governing body of a public agency.”
                                                        Although the attorneys, administrators, and                  ELIZABETH BLYMYER
   Marcus Griffith, a student at Clark College, a       student government officers linked to the law-               Staff Writer
community college in Vancouver, Washington,             suit declined to comment, Marcus Griffith was
is challenging school administrators with the           more than willing to share his perspective. In an               In celebration of
contention that Washington State’s Open Public          interview with The Cardinal, he informed us of               Adult Literacy week,
Meetings Act (Revised Code of Washington                his views, saying state-funded colleges, such as             Skagit Valley College
42.30) applies to meetings conducted by Clark           Clark College, are public agencies and must com-             and Skagit Literacy
College.                                                ply with this requirement. According to Griffith,            partnered      up     to
   Griffith said, “I’m highly confident in the out-     administrators at Clark College assert that the              produce a booklet of
come [of the lawsuit]. I’m willing to take it to the    statute does not directly apply to them. A Clark             student success stories.
Supreme Court.” He wants all official meetings          County Superior Court hearing is scheduled for               Students were asked
pertaining to the governance of the school affairs      November 13, 2009, to decide this issue.                     to write a biographical
to be open to the public and otherwise comply              The conflict between Griffith and school ad-              essay about themselves
with the requirements of RCW 42.30.                     ministrators arose when Clark College’s student              and their successes.
   The basic premise of the Open Public Meetings        government held at least four meetings that were                Benita Jaramillo, an
Act is that “all meetings of the governing body         closed to the public. Griffith took these closed             SVC student attending
of a public agency shall be open and public and                                                                      ESL and ABE/GED
all persons shall be permitted to attend any meet-                                  See LAWSUIT, Page 2              classes on the Mount               Photo by Elizabeth Blymyer
                                                                                                                     Vernon campus, won                         Benita Jamarillo
                                                                                                                     and was chosen as
                                                                                                                     one of three out of 106 students to read her essay at the
                                                                                                                     Skagit County’s Commissioner’s meeting. The county
                                                                                                                     commissioners, along with Senator Kevin Ranker and
                                                                                                                     other local officials, were there to hear her essay on
                                                                                                                     October 20th in the County Commissioner’s Hearing
                                                                                                                        “I couldn’t believe it when my teacher told me that
                                                                                                                     I won. I kept saying ‘no’, but my teacher kept saying,
                                                                                                                     ‘yes, you won!’ I was so surprised,” says Jaramillo.
                                                                                                                     “When I was reading it I was very nervous. I felt my
                                                                                                                     heart just pumping.”
                                                                                                                         “Her essay was very inspiring,” says Basic Skills
                                                                                                                     instructor Bobbi Ashe. “It really was phenomenal.”
                                                                                                                        Adult Literacy week was held October 18-24. Its
                                                                                                                     many goals include increasing awareness of adult lit-
                                                                                            Photo by Juliet Jones    eracy in community programs and especially the public.
      SVC Student Government meetings are open to the public and are held every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. in the         Adult Literacy week provides an opportunity for people
Knutzen Cardinal Center. (From left to right) Director of Student Life Laura Morris, Phi Theta Kappa President       working with ABE to increase awareness in the public
     Julie Maine, PTK Vice President of Scholarships Bruce Kadar, Mount Vernon ASSVC Vice President Tyler            about adult basic education.
                        Murphy, Program Board Member Annie Reed, Program Board Member Kendon Smith.

SVC Library Program Teaches Computer Skills                                                                                                          Features:
                                                         JETT MORRIS
Seminars provide students                                Staff Writer                                                                                         What’s
with necessary computer                                       For those who needed help with the
                                                           computer, the library offered some-
                                                                                                      the mouse.
                                                                                                          One of the students attending
skills for learning                                        thing completely new. An hour long,        the workshop was Jewel Monroe, a                              Page 3
                                                            hands-on workshop welcomed                student returning to education after
                                                            anyone who was in need of better-         a leave of absence. “I’m coming back
                                                            ing their understanding of the PC.        to school again, and there’s just so              Cardinal
                                                            There were two different initial days     much new technology that I’m not                  Athletics
                                                            for students, instructed by Elena         familiar with,” Monroe said, holding
                                                                                                                                                                    Page 5
                                                            Bianco, Linda Hendrick, Susan             up a flash drive.
                                                            Kent, and Margret Mills. These in-            Depending on the turnout and the
                                                            formational classes were completely
                                                            free for any Skagit Valley College
                                                                                                      student feedback, the library would
                                                                                                      consider offering this again.             91.7 KSVR-FM
                                                            student to attend.                            “The library faculty decided to                              Page 8
                                                                                                                                                Community Radio of the Skagit Valley

                                                               The goal for these classes was for     offer a basic computer workshop
                                                            those who feel uncomfortable using        because we noticed a high number                  91.7 Say it to
                                                            computers to achieve a basic level        of students who lacked very basic                       KSVR-FM
                                                            of comprehension. It was geared           skills, such as logging on or open-          88   The Cardinal
                                                                                                                                                              Talk and Music in English and Spanish   108

                                                            toward many students who are still        ing and using Word,” said librarian                          Page 11
                                                                                                                                                        Skagit Valley Community Radio

                                                            new to the exposure of constantly         Margaret Mills. “We are considering
                                                            having to use computers for college.      offering them again at different times
                                                            Within the hour, those attended           if students let us know they would be               Photo
                                      Photo by Jett Morris
                                                            were taught basic skills. Some of
                                                            the topics covered included opening
                                                                                                          For more information, or to request
                                                            a word document, creating a new           additional workshop dates, call the                          Page 12
Linda Hendrick teaches returning student Jewel Monroe. folder, how to save files, even using          Norwood Cole Library 360-416-7847.
2                                                       OctOber 29        The Cardinal                   Fall 2009

       The Cardinal is your voice!                                     Lawsuit Challenges Student
       Without you we are silent.
    Send us your news, information, original writing, and
                                                                       Government Practices
                                                                       From Page 1
      artworks for publication! We will publish articles               meetings as “an insult to the democratic            collective student body of every college must
               from any of the SVC campuses.                           process.” He said important matters were dis-       be informed and able to participate in the col-
                    Send your material to:                             cussed in these meetings that should have been      lective student government.”
                                     discussed openly, such as “allegations of voter        Skagit Valley College abides by the re-
     We cannot accept printed copies of articles, but you              fraud, campaign rule violations and the student     quirements of the Open Public Meetings
      can bring us documents on flash drives or discs-                 government’s violation of the bylaws by not         Act. Student Government meetings are held
      -please provide high quality photos or images to                 having a primary election.” Griffith also said      Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m., and are open to all who
                            scan.                                      a student body officer was subsequently dis-        wish to attend. The meetings will even be relo-
                                                                       missed from office without explanation follow-      cated to a larger room when greater attendance
        We want to print what                                          ing these meetings, which, to him, highlights       is expected.
                                                                       the importance of the proceedings.                     For all students open meetings may well be
           you have to say!                                                The lawsuit to be adjudicated at the            an important, yet under appreciated, part of the
                                                                       November 13 hearing regards only possible           education process. To this point, a student at
                                                                       violations of the Open Public Meetings Act,         Clark College, who wished to remain anony-
                                                                       though Griffith informally alleges a host of        mous, observed, “I just can’t believe this all
                                                                       discrepancies perpetuated by the student gov-       happened right under my nose… If Marcus
                                                                       ernment at Clark College. When asked why            hadn’t noticed, I don’t think anyone would’ve,
                                                                       he cares enough about student body affairs at       and what does that say about the student in-
                                                                       Clark College to carry his concerns to actual       volvement in these kinds of matters?”
                                                                       litigation, Griffith said he has chosen to inter-      The outcome—at least preliminary out-
                                                                       cede because “democracy requires the active         come—of the lawsuit will not be determined
                                                                       participation of an informed population. In the     until mid-November.
                                                                       context of community colleges, that means the

                                                                                                                                                          Photo by Leslie Spangler

                                                                             Rainbow Alliance Club Members (From Left to Right) Back Row: Club Advisor Linda Jordan, Mike
2405 E. College Way                     Phone - (360) 416-7862           Larson, Sarah Stich, Jon McLean, Secretary Erica Johnson, Club Advisor Christina Garcia. Front Row:
Mount Vernon, WA 98273                    Fax - (360) 416-7822            Jose, Tyler, Derrek Larson, Club President Brittany Collins, Loran Parrish. In Front: Matt LaCanfora.

                       Reeves Hall, Room 22
                                                                       Rainbow Alliance Club Fights
                       Skagit Valley College                           Discrimination
              Editor: Elizabeth Oiness                                 LESLIE SPANGLER
        Assistant Editor: Bonnie Sylvester                             Staff Writer
            With editing by Jeffers Haile
                                                                          The Rainbow Alliance Club gives and                 As visitors arrive at the weekly meeting, a
                   Staff Writers:                                      receives support for gay, lesbian, bisexual,        nearby table offers them information on up-
         Emily Akland, Elizabeth Blymyer,                              transgender, and straight students who appreci-     coming events in our community and beyond,
           Jeffers Haile, Sinclair Hucke,                              ate and need a safe, non-judgmental place to        a resource guide for coming out, and a bowl of
     Juliet Jones, Jett Morris, Danica Russell,                        express themselves. Members discuss issues          free condoms to encourage safe sex. There is
          Mike Scaringe, Leslie Spangler,                              of coming out and safe sex education, share         a sense of welcoming and comfort as people
                  Elisa Telidetzki                                     experiences and enjoy freedom of expression.        begin to greet each other and find a seat in an
                   Faculty Advisors:                                   However, there has been less discussion of          open circle of chairs.
               Beverly Faxon, Rip Robbins                              these issues in recent meetings due to the plan-       Meetings are started by one of the board
                                                                       ning of upcoming events.                            members. Brief announcements are made and
                  Advertising Manager:                                    The Club and PFLAG (Parents and Friends          then discussion begins. The open discussion
                      Linda Brauneis                                   of Lesbians and Gays) co-sponsored the recent       is referred to as “Check In.” This is the time
     Skagit Valley College provides a drug-free environ-               masquerade ball at McIntyre Hall and, along         for members to discuss issues of importance.
     ment and does not discriminate on the basis of race,              with Phi Theta Kappa, are hosting an on-cam-        Attendees are very respectful to one another
     color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orienta-          pus Halloween party the evening of October          by carefully listening without interrupting. A
        tion, or age in its programs and employment.                   30th.                                               small, stuffed purple dinosaur with the word
                                                                          Referendum 71, which is a topic of great         “Mic” written on it signifies that the holder of
    El Skagit Valley College provee de un ambiente libre               concern to this group, affects the rights and       the toy has the floor. If others wish to respond
    de drogas y ninguna discriminación para sus program-               responsibilities of state-registered domestic       positively to what is being said, they enthusi-
             as ó empleo basados en raza, color,                       partners. They are hoping for its passage.          astically snap their fingers rather than interrupt
    nacionalidad, sexo, discapacidades, orientación sexual             Recently, Brittany Collins, newly elected           with their concurrence. The organizers of this
                           ó la edad.                                  president of the RA, saw a ‘Reject R-71’ sign       group have put a great deal of emphasis on
                                                                       that said, “Protect Marriage, Protect Children,     respect for one another.
    The Cardinal is published four times each quarter at Skagit        Marriage = One Man and One Woman.”                     Those who wish to support, encourage,
    Valley College (except summer), and once in early Septem-             “That makes me want to cry,” said Collins.       and be a part of the Rainbow Alliance Club
    ber. The views in this publication do not necessarily reflect
    those of the college administration, staff, faculty, or the stu-   “Gay people make just as good of parents as         are urged to attend their meetings. Meetings
    dent body. All views are the expressions of the writers.           straight people.” Members of this group do not      are scheduled every Tuesday afternoon 12:30-
    Signed submissions are gladly accepted.                            see the validity or fairness in such a statement    1:20 in room N120. For information, contact:
    Not responsible for paper cuts as a result of mishandling
    this paper. Thank you for your patronage.                          and consider it prejudiced. Brittany notes,         Brittany Collins, bcollins0534@mysvc.skagit.
                                                                       “Hate is something you’re taught.”                  edu
3                                                      OctOber 29          The Cardinal                        Fall 2009

                                                                                                                 What’s Happening
       Dear Cardinal...                                                                                          Events may be subject to change. For more information
                                                                                                                 on these or other campus events, contact the Student
                                                                                                                 Life Office at or 360-416-7611.
                                                                                                                 View the online Events Calendar in the Student Life
                                                                                                                 menu at
                          “Editor Not Editing”

                          Dear Cardinal,
                                   As a new student, I thought I would                                            October 30
                          take the time to read this weeks paper to see                                                 Last Day to Drop and Receive a “W”
                          what is going on with the school. I found                                                     Without Restrictions.
                          it very odd that the two front page articles
                          about parking and the growing student                                                            Fall Concert
                          population this year were not able to get their                                                  Skagit Youth Symphony at McIntyre Hall.
                          facts straight and that this was over looked
                          by the editor. One article claims that there                                                     Halloween Bash 2009
                          is a 3-4% increase in population from last                                                       Phi Theta Kappa and the Rainbow
                          year and the other says it’s 7-8%. Is this a big                                                 Alliance sponsoring a Halloween Bash to
                          deal? Maybe not. However, this does show a                                                       earn donations for the Skagit County Food
                          lack of attention to detail to me. Since I’m in                                                  Distribution Center. Dance 8:00 p.m. to
                          the older population of the school and have an                                                   Midnight. $5.00 or $3.00 with the donation
                          interest in the parking lot dismay, I may not                                                    of two (2) non-perishable food items.
                          be the only person to notice.
                                                                                                                  November 4
                          VR,                                                                                          Winter Quarter Registration for
                          James Shanahan                                                                               returning students

                                                                                                                  November 11
                                                                                                                       Veteran’s Day - No school

                                                                                                                  November 13 & 14

Too Scared to Eat
                                                                                                                       Phillip Tarro Theatre Presents Arcadia
                                                                                                                       A comedy by Tom Stoppard
                                                                                                                       Directed by Donald Drummond
How eating disorders affect lives                                                                                      7:30 p.m. at Phillip Tarro Theatre
ELISA TELIDETZKI                                                                                                       Free for students with ID, $10.00 general
Staff Writer                                                                                                           public
    That girl—you’ve seen her before. She’s in             Amongst these eight million individuals
your math class. You watch her sitting across         is a mix of people suffering from two major                 Drop-in Math Tutoring
from you in the cafeteria. She’s eating her           eating disorders: anorexia nervosa and bulimia              Math Center (F-212): Mon.-Thurs. 9:30 a.m. to
sandwich and drinking her juice. She blends           nervosa.                                                    1:30 p.m. - Fri. 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Tutoring
into the crowd. That girl must have it all to-           The Massachusetts Eating Disorders                       Center: Mon.-Thurs. 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
gether, you think to yourself. She participates       Association says that fifteen percent of women,
                                                                                                                  Additional afternoon hours will be available.
in class, asks questions. She’s smart and beau-       ages 17 to 24, have eating disorders; forty
tiful. She couldn’t have any issues, right? But       percent of female college students have eating              Please watch for schedule updates!
wait. As she walks back from the bathroom,            disorders; and a whopping ninety-one percent
you notice something. Her eyes are red and            of female college students have “attempted to               College Hour Club Meetings:
watery, like she’s been crying. You wonder            control their weight through dieting.”                      Calling All Colors, Campus Christian Fellowship,
what’s wrong. Then you gulp. You know what               Anorexia nervosa begins when the individ-
                                                                                                                  Rainbow Alliance, MV Campus Student
it is. How could you mistake it? She had been         ual suffers from a poor self image, whether ra-
purging. She is a true perfectionist at heart—so      tional or irrational. Most of this can be contrib-          Government meetings every Tuesday. See Events
hard on herself, not realistic at all. The fact is,   uted to the pressure on young women and girls               Calendar for details.
striving to be perfect doesn’t improve someone.       to look like ultra-thin models. Individuals with
It makes you sick, and it can kill you.               anorexia become obsessed with their weight.                 E-Learning Open Hour
    The South Carolina Department of Mental           They lose weight at a ferocious rate, driven by
                                                                                                                  Room S-161 in the Library is open for students
Health says, “Eight million Americans have            a force to be perfect and please everyone.
an eating disorder—seven million women, and              The Mayo Clinic lists several physical signs             who need help with computer skills for online
one million men.”                                                                                                 courses. Tuesdays 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.,
                                                                               See SCARED, Page 11
                                                                                                                  Thursdays @:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m.

                                                                                                                  Writing Tutors
                                                                                                                  Tutoring Center, L- 20 (Lewis Hall), to help
                                                                                                                  students with Eng 99, 101, and 103, as well as
                                                                                                                  writing assignments in other courses. See the
                                                                                                                  online Events Calendar for times. If possible, we
                                                                                                                  ask students to sign up in advance to work with
                                                                                                                  the tutor, and sign-up sheets are located in L- 20.
                                                                                                                  Students can also stop by during scheduled times
                                                                                                                  to see if the tutor is available.

                                                                                                                 Want your event listed here?
                                                                                                                                     Send an e-mail to:
                                                                                                                           Please include date, time, location, and
                                                                                                                                    contact information.
                                                                                   Photo by Elisa Telidetzki
4                                                         OctOber 29         The Cardinal                    Fall 2009

White Lands Knockout Interview
                                                JEFFERS HAILE
                                                Staff Writer
                                                    So Charles White, who are you exactly and what do you
                                                    I am 19 years old, and I have been a student here at SVC for
                                                over 2 years, and I am working on getting my transfer degree.
                                                I am not really sure what I want to study when I move on to a
                                                University (probably WWU). I have been working at KSVR
                                                (the college radio station) for going on two years as the senior
                                                automation engineer. Other than that, there is not much to tell,
                                                I have been a diehard boxing fan for years. It is my number
                                                one hobby. In fact, my dream in life is to become a famous
                                                boxing trainer one day and train the heavyweight champion of
                                                the world.
                                                    How did you get an interview with the famous boxer
                                                Bobby Czyz?
                                                     I am a part time boxing journalist and have been conduct-
                                                ing interviews with some pretty famous boxing people for a
                                                little over a year now. Because of this, I have quite a few big
                       Photo by Mike Scaringe   connections in the boxing world, so all I had to do was call
    Charles White, Automation Operator for
                                                up somebody (I forget who exactly) and get Mr. Czyz’s e-mail
    KSVR, is an avid boxing fan and landed      address, and then e-mail him. From there, he responded by
     an interview with former World Boxing      giving me his phone number, and I gave him a call and he was
                    Champion Bobby Czyz.        kind enough to grant me the interview.
Interview with Bobby Czyz
Originally published at
    Bobby Czyz is a former world boxing champion              to stop, I chose to continue, and you know, the
from New Jersey. He held the International Boxing             rest winds up being history. There was no easy
Federation heavyweight championship from 1986                 way. No easy task.
to 1987, successfully defending the title three times.           What was the toughest fight of your career?
He then went on to become the World Boxing                       BC: Oh… I guess the toughest fight of my
Association cruiserweight champion, which he                  career would be the last one because I’m past my
defended two times before vacating the title. Czyz            prime, I’m 5’ 10’’, and I’m fighting the 6’ 5’’ 247
is also a very accomplished boxing analyst/com-               lb. Corrie Sanders, and I just didn’t really have a
mentator, having worked with Showtime. A member               real chance, but I figured I would take my shot,
of MENSA, Bobby Czyz is in the highest top 2% of              and stepped up to the heavyweight division, and
takers of the official IQ test. He retired from boxing        took my shot with Holyfield, but it wasn’t the same         have 20/15 vision, that’s how good my vision was,
in 1998 with a record of 44 wins (28 by knockout)             thing. This guy was just so big and so quick for his        and after the fight it was 20/35 to 20/40, and to
and 8 losses. In 2007, he was critically injured in a         size, and I was just so far beyond my prime that I just     this day that pisses me off. I had a plastic surgeon
fiery auto accident.                                          could not adjust or react properly to even stay in the      and an optometrist certify that what was used on
    How is Bobby Czyz doing these days?                       fight. So that would be the toughest fight, the hard-       my face was nothing short of a serious exfoliating
    Bobby Czyz: Well after the accident things were           est one, and the one that I lost in the most horrible       agent. Something peeled my entire face, the skin off.
not easy, physically and otherwise. After being in            fashion.                                                    Within two days, my entire face peeled off. I don’t
a coma for 28 days plus a seven week hospital stay,              Who was the hardest puncher that you ever                know of anybody that punches you like that, and that
my body was left in a bad way. Prior to this I got a          faced?                                                      becomes the result. You can’t punch somebody’s skin
divorce, had a bad run with the DUIs, which cost me              BC: Hardest puncher I ever faced…well actually           off, you peel it off with a chemical.
my job, and then I got beat in a business deal for over       in the gym, Ray Mercer, he hit so hard that I actually         Do you ever feel the need to lace up the gloves
$480,000 that kinda bankrupted me, put me in an               thought that a piece of cement fell out of the ceiling.     one more time and make a run for the title, as
ugly place. Stayed with a set of friends, and started         And I was wearing 18 ounce gloves and head gear.            many former champs feel the need today?
getting back on my feet, and then low and behold, I           He really can punch hard. And I’ve worked with a               BC: Well I know why they all want to do it. I wish
get in a bad accident. Stayed with a different set of         lot of heavyweights, I’ve worked with Mitch Green,          I were still in my prime, I wish I was still young
friends, and then met a wonderful girl, and I’m living        David Bey, I fought Holyfield, Corrie Sanders…              enough to compete at that level. The thrill of walking
with her as I’m starting to build my life back together       Corrie Sanders was quick, not a devastating puncher,        up those stairs, you know one man versus another
and I have some incredible potential in front of me in        but so quick that you can’t adjust, and it is very dif-     man, only the winner survives; second place is last
some business deals that I’m getting involved in, so          ficult if you don’t adjust and get hit with four more       place, the ultimate gamble of body and soul so to
it’s never a dull moment, but I think the future looks        shots, there is no real time for your system to reset it-   speak. I love the thrill and the high of fighting, but I
pretty bright.                                                self. And one thing I had always done as a youngster,       am not foolish enough to think that I could do what
    How did you get involved in boxing?                       and when I say as a youngster, I mean my prime,             I once did so very well at all now, even for a short
    BC: Well my father started training me, believe           is that I reset myself pretty quickly. He hit me with       period of time.
it or not, when I was four. When I was 10 and my              his Sunday punch like Holyfield. During one of the             You were involved in a horrific car accident a
brothers Vince and Toney were nine and seven he               rounds he threw a tremendous left hook and I smiled         few years back, how has your recovery been so
said one day, “It’s not that you want to box, it’s that       at him and said “nice shot” and one of the announc-         far? Are you fully healed?
you’re going to box and I’m taking you to the gym on          ers said, “Can you believe that Czyz said nice shot to         BC: Well the doctor told me when I went into the
Saturday and you’re going to learn how to box. And            Evander Holyfield?” So I have always taken a good           hospital on Friday April 13th of that year, not in good
from 10 years old until I was 15, so for the next five        shot, which was something that I always did well.           shape, they told me that I had three days, maybe
years he told me and my brothers we didn’t have a                Tell me about the controversy surrounding                five days to live, and they didn’t think I was going
choice. After I was 15, he said “If you guys want to          your fight with Evander Holyfield.                          to come out of it. They said that everything was just
stop you can.” And while both of my brothers chose               BC: Yeah, after the second round, I came back to         too bad. My lungs were burnt on the inside, 18% of
                                                                                            the corner and my face        your entire body was burned to the second and third
                                                                                            started to burn really        degree on the outside, and you just weren’t supposed
                                                                                            bad and my eyes were          to make it. And the doctor said to me, and it pissed
                                                                                            burning, but I knew that      me off a little bit, he said “in your advanced years,”
                                                                                            it was not… you know          I was only 45 at the time, it’s not like I was 70. He
                                                                                            like an Indian sun tan        said, “You don’t understand. If you were 22 or 23
                                                                                            when somebody rubs            years old, and in perfect shape, 95% of people would
    Taste fresh, good, local food.                                                          your arm real hard. This      not come out this good.” I got my memory back in
                                                                                            was not a friction burn,      7 days, and my body physically back to a certain
    Care where it comes from.                                                               this was a chemical           point in like 10 days, which they told me would have
                                                                                            burn. I could feel my         taken a year to 18 months at best. And I had to leave
                                                                                            eyes burning, and my          the hospital. I checked out because I had MRSA in
 Skagit Valley Food Co-op and Deli                                                          face burning, and I said      my throat and once they wouldn’t let me out of my
 Open daily in downtown Mount Vernon                                                        to Tommy “something’s         room to rehab. I was quarantined. And so once the
                                                                                            wrong” and it started         infectious portion of the disease was gone, I checked
                                                                                            getting worse, to the         myself out of the hospital and said, “You know what?
           find us online:                                                                  point where my vision         Screw this I will rehab myself. I am better at this
                                                                                            started getting cloudy.       than you guys.” And when I came back, the doctor
                                                                                            To this day, I used to        told me “You have rehabbed better than I would have
5                                                      OctOber 29       The Cardinal                    Fall 2009
imagined in my wildest dreams.” And this is the
funniest quote a doctor has ever told me in my life,
and me not being a religious person, I am an atheist,
it isn’t any less funny. He said, “If I could have the
original Jesus Christ’s body, or yours after you die
someday to evaluate and experiment on, I would pick
yours.” He said “you don’t react normal to anything.”
So I thought that was kind of funny being compared
to Jesus Christ in that fashion.
    For all of your devoted fans out there who wish
to help the champ with his medical bills left over
from the accident, is there still a way to contrib-
    BC: You know what, if somebody wanted to
help with that, there is still more than $500,000 in
hospital debt that insurance didn’t cover. I will pay
off that, but it will take a bit of time. . . Once I snap
out of this, I think what I would like to do, because
                                                                                                        Scheduled Games
I remember just two short years ago when I had the
accident that Joey Harrison, Joe and his son at Club
Bliss, threw a party for me. And all of the proceeds                                                     Men’s Soccer
went towards the medical bills, and it wasn’t much,                                                      Oct 31     Whatcom               SVC              2:00 p.m.
but it helped some, so when I snap out of this and                                                       Nov 4      Everett               Everett          2:00 p.m.
make myself whole again, I am going to throw a                                                           Nov 7      Shoreline             SVC              2:00 p.m.
party and this time it is going to be reversed, all they                                                 Nov 11     NWAACC                TBD              TBA
have to do is show up and I will pay for everything.                                                     Nov 14     NWAACC                TBD              TBA
I want to give back to the community that made me
feel so good and loved. Tell people that if they want                                                    Women’s Soccer
to send something, they can get in touch with me                                                         Oct 31     Whatcom               SVC              12:00 p.m.
at, if they really want to and I will                                                      Nov 4      Everett               Everett          4:00 p.m.
correspond with them and tell them how to get that                                                       Nov 7      Shoreline             SVC              12:00 p.m.
to me. Otherwise, their good wishes are all I really                                                     Nov11      NWAACC                TBD              TBA
need.                                                                                                    Nov 14     NWAACC                TBD              TBA
    What are you most proud of in your career?
    BC: Well the thing that drove me to become a pro-                                                    Volleyball
fessional athlete was living forever, because not be-                                                    Nov 4      Bellevue              Bellevue         7:00 p.m.
ing religious, I don’t believe in heaven and God and                                                     Nov 6      Olympic               Olympic          7:00 p.m.
eternity, so I wanted to be remembered forever. Now                                                      Nov 10     Shoreline             SVC              7:00 p.m.
my name is in the history books on three separate oc-
casions and for a number of years fighting as a world                                                    Cross Country
champion forever forward for as long as mankind                                                          Oct 31     N Region Champ. Lake Padden 11:00 a.m.
shall exist, I will be a world champion in those divi-
sions on those years and those dates, and that cannot
be taken from me, so achieving that immortality was
what I set out to do, and secondly I wanted to leave
behind a good, credible legacy for my daughter, and
a name that she can be proud of, which I believe I
have also done. Winning a second and third world                    Fall Sports Update
title in two different divisions proved that I was not a            JEFFERS HAILE
one shot wonder or a fluke, and that my abilities were              Staff Writer
legitimately world championship caliber.                           The men’s Cardinal’s soccer team sits at a            sports with a winning league record of 5-2.
    What do you think about Evander Holyfield                   league record of 12-7-2. This year has been a            The league record includes only teams in their
continuing his career?                                          rebuilding year after a 1-16-1 season last year          division and one other division they play games
    BC: I heard that Tyson’s coming out of retirement           and then a new coach this year. They have had            against during the season. They stand tall and
to fight Holyfield, I don’t know if there is any truth          injuries here and there, some missed opportuni-          are currently sitting at third place. They are
to that, but people would probably pay to see it just           ties, and bad luck. With about a week left in the        looking to head to the playoffs: they have a few
out of the sheer…if you will understand how I am                season, they hope to finish with a significantly         matches left, a few of the games against teams
phrasing this, out of the sheer morbidity of the pos-           better record than last year.                            they have already beaten and a couple of others
sibility (laughs). People are obsessed with the morbid             The women’s soccer team has a league record           against teams they barely lost to. Look for vol-
and the obscure. I don’t know what he (Holyfield) is            of 2-7-1. In the next couple weeks of play, they         leyball to lead the way.
trying to prove, you know, that he really did talk to           focus on getting revenge on the likes of rivals             Cardinal’s men and women’s golf team are
God, and God said that he is going to be the undis-             Edmonds, who just barely beat them earlier in            also doing well. Although both the men and
puted heavyweight champion of the world again, it’s             the season. They also will be facing their other         women golf teams play half their season now
never going to happen. I don’t care how many times              all too familiar rivals Everett and Shoreline. Both      and half in the spring, it seems as though the
he thought he talked to God, it’s not going to happen.          teams they will have to play twice; both teams           first half has been a great start for both. The
He’s past his prime, well past his prime. And I heard           they have a good chance of beating. Although in          men’s team sits at first place, ahead by 1.5 points.
rumors through the grapevine that he lost his house             last place, they still have a chance to go to the        Meanwhile, the women’s team is in second place
now. A 55,000 square foot house is no small house;              playoffs, if they can manage to win most of their        and trailing the first place team by only one
it’s more like a hotel. But at the same time, there is          remaining games.                                         point.
no need for him to fight anymore, or so I thought.                 The volleyball team leads the Cardinal fall
But we heard Mike Tyson went bankrupt too, and he
grossed a ridiculous amount of money in the millions
figure, so I suspect that fighting for anybody who is
that far past their prime, who will never ever live up
to what they once were, has to do with money.
    For my last question, do you have any message
to send out to young fighters looking to make a
name for themselves in today’s boxing world?
    BC: I would tell any young fighter or athlete in
general, but especially young boxers, because of
the fact that boxing is not subsidized or taught at
any school levels where you also have to get certain
grades to play on the team in high school. You can’t
be failing your classes and be on the football team,
baseball team, or basketball team. Well it doesn’t
work that way in boxing. You can come off the street
and not be able to speak and still fight, and maybe
fight well. But at the same time, if you don’t have a
backup, any athlete, if they are athletic, careers are
limited, time is limited. I would sincerely and se-
verely emphasize their brains. Exercise their brains,
                                                                                                                                                         Photo by Madai Christian
learn a trade, learn something, and have something
to fall back on, because someday, your body will not                      Daniel Giantoli (in red, left) watches on as Johnny Wong (in yellow, right) stops a shot from a Pierce
be able to do what it once did so well.                                                                                                           Community College forward.
6                                                     OctOber 29          The Cardinal                   Fall 2009

                                                                       When Students Return
                                                                       MIKE SCARINGE
                                                                       Staff Writer

                                                                          College is never the same story for everyone. Further education comes at dramatically different
                                                                       times in a person’s life. Those who find themselves in college much later in life are often faced
                                                                       with a distinct set of challenges.
                                                                          With age, people often acquire responsibilities off campus. Individuals find themselves at the
                                                                       front door of a university years after working in a professional career. With diplomas and profes-
                                                                       sional experience under their belts, they head back into the classroom. Others have never thought
                                                                       of college as an option but find themselves displaced and looking at what can be the intimidating
                                                                       process of starting school in hopes of a career, not only for themselves but their families. By
                                                                       enrolling in classes, their life dynamics change as time is taken from personal lives to prepare
                                                                       for coming exams or simply keep up with homework. Working days and studying nights is a
                                                                       common option for the returning student. They have to juggle finances, family, and school, trying
                                                                       to stay on top of it all with the hopes of making more out of their future career.
                                                                          “There isn’t one reason why people return. It’s all over the map from internal and external.
                                                                       Sudden physical complications or today’s common economical job loss. Each person has an indi-
                                                                       vidual story,” says Gail Bruce, guidance counselor at SVC.
                                                                          Dell Arthur, a current student at SVC, has a long career of aviation and journalism behind
                                                                       him. Starting at the Bellingham Herald in 1955 as a printer, Dell dreamed of moving up into an
                                                                       editorial position and owning his own weekly periodical one day. Later on as a freelance writer
                                                                       living in Merced, California, he would send stories and photos to a list of 16 different publications
                                                       Mike Scaringe   including the San Francisco Chronicle. He’s won a National Award in sport photography, and
       Cynthia Scaringe, Department Chair of Nursing, wants to help
                                                                       worked as the managing editor for the Blaine Banner.
                            students ???? with level of commitment.       His love for aviation took him across the Atlantic where he worked as pilot on a private jet,
                                                                       flying the skies over Europe and the Mediterranean. After returning to the states and finding a
                                                                       lack in aviation careers, Dell began work at Georgia Pacific for only a year. Sponsored by the
                                                                       state as a dislocated worker, he came to Skagit Valley College to improve his computer expertise.
                                                                       However he quickly found himself in writing classes heading back into journalism to quench his
                                                                       endless curiosities and continue what he explains as “finally figuring out what I wanted to do
                                                                       when I grow up.”
                                                                           “Grand experience! This has been more than I could have hoped for. I’ve found myself work-
                                                                       ing with very talented people—I’ve built many lasting friendships,” says Dell, who adapted back
                                                                       into school with ease because of his years of professional discipline and a curiosity for the new.
                                                                           “I wish I had then the knowledge I have now; the maturity,” says Wendy Bartholomew, a
                                                                       displaced worker who was in high school 20 years ago before eventually moving into a career in
                                                                       Retail Commission sales. Using computers has become a real challenge for her, especially their
                                                                       necessity in the academic world. Other challenges she faces—like fitting into a group of younger
                                                                       students or being able to keep up with the demands of college—can make the experience more
                                                                       difficult. However, as Wendy takes her final sip of soup before she runs off to another class in
                                                                       Criminal Justice—a career she’s chosen for its high demand and rewards—she lets me know one
                                                                       more time that it’s the benefit of her age that will help her succeed in the future.
                                                                          Other returning students find themselves moving in a direction of 180 degrees from where they
                                                                       were before. Nursing as a possible career, with benefits and secure future, was something Matt
                                                                       Downing had discussed with his colleagues before leaving the Marines in 2004.
                                                                          “It’s been 10 years since I was in a classroom. I’ve found it much easier to concentrate on learn-
                                                                       ing,” says Matt. Without the G.I. Bill Matt wouldn’t have been able to go to school. Now with
                                                                       time spent serving his country, as well as sowing his wild oats in other parts of the world, going
                                                       Mike Scaringe   back to school as a full time student makes more sense. Matt has been studying to be a Registered
                                                                       Nurse for the past five years. In his final year he finds himself in the E.R. “I don’t exactly know
Margo Grothe, Life Transitions Program coordinator uses a hands on     what I want to do with nursing yet. But I know there is plenty of opportunity out there and a place
         approach to highlight skills and provide promising futures.
                                                                                                                                               See RETURNING, Page 8

Career Services Team is Working Hard for You
Staff Writer

    Are you looking for a job or a    did this was 2005, and since then         Getting started is an easy step-
career but don’t know where to go     the team has created better and        by-step process. First you must
or who to talk to? A place to start   newer features that students can       register on www.myinterfase.
is in the Career Services office.     use.                                   com/skagit/student. After reg-
    The SVC Career Services team          The top three fastest–growing      istering, you need to make sure
is helping students find the right    occupations are Multi-media/           the classes you are taking are the
career path. It is made up of three   Animators, Computer and infor-         classes that will help you in the
people who would be more than         mation scientists, and computer        long run to achieve your job.
happy to help you with your ca-       software engineers. Looking               When students have decided
reer needs: Pam Church, Director      for the best career is easy when       they are ready to take the next                                            Photo by Danica russell
of Career Services and Learning       you have tools that the Career         step they can speak to a team                 The SVC Career Services team: Pam Church, Linda
into Action Coordinator; Jim          Services team offers.                  member in the career services                                         Broadgate, and Jim Jolly.
Jolly, the Cooperative Education          If you don’t know what career      office. They will assist with creat-
Coordinator;        and      Linda    you are interested in, you can         ing an effective resume. When
Broadgate, program assistant.         start at This site       the resume gets out to potential
    All SVC students are welcome      is a useful tool to help students      employers, hopefully students
to participate in this program.       figure out what kind of career         will get a call-back. The team
Older students may be unaware         would be the most interesting          members will conduct a practice
that they are also encouraged to      for them. It gives at least 1,100      interview to give students a better
use this program.                     different jobs and careers. Not        understanding of what the real
    “We don’t just see young stu-     only does it give job descriptors,     interview will be like.
dents, we also see older students,    but also lists skills and abilities       Many students have a hard time
transitioning from careers,” said     that are required to obtain the job    getting started on their career, but
Jolly about the age group differ-     and gives wage pay differences         the SVC Career Services Team
ences in the program.                 in the Washington area. The site       will make the process easier.
    The Career Services team is       also provides an assessment test
re-launching the Cardinal Career      that students can take if they are                                                                                Photo by Danica Russell
Connect to take students through      having trouble figuring out what
a step-by-step career search pro-     specific field they would be best                                               Jim Jolly and Linda Broadgate promote Cardinal Career
                                                                                                                                                 Connect, Tuesday Oct. 20th.
cess. The last year that the team     in.
                                                     OctOber 29             The Cardinal                   Fall 2009                                                               7

Contiki Offers International Adventures
Travel made easy                                             Tour transportation is generally on luxury
                                                          coaches. However, some other modes of

for ages 18-35                                            transportation are on cruise ships, sailboats,
                                                          and ferries. Accommodations range from tent
                                                          camping and shared rooms with shared facili-
LESLIE SPANGLER                                           ties (backpackers’ budget) to the Superior plan
Staff Writer
                                                          which offers resort hotels accommodations
   Travel can be a little intimidating for those who      with private rooms and facilities. According to
have done little of it, and exciting for those who have   Juliana, campers provided their own sleeping
already developed a love for adventure. Whether tak-      bags; Contiki “provided cups, chairs, mat-
ing a trip for four days or 47 days, Contiki Vacations    tresses and foot pumps, and tents that were sur-
arranges start-to-finish plans, designed to appeal        prisingly rainproof when assembled correctly.”
strictly to 18-35 year olds, that spell out convenience      Exciting excursions are available, at an extra
for travelers.                                            cost, to personalize a travel adventure. Bungee
   Contiki, a travel company whose U.S. office is         jumping, skydiving, sailing, hot air ballooning,
based in Anaheim, CA, has been arranging vaca-            biking and rafting are just some of the excit-
tions for 46 years, and offers over 100 itineraries       ing activities available. Juliana, along with
in 32 countries. The average age of participants is       others from her group, enjoyed bicycling in a
24 with an approximate female/male ratio of 60/40.        town outside of Amsterdam. “We rode bikes
The number of people on any tour ranges between 20        around the town and to a windmill and over
and 50. All comers are welcome whether a group of         the dikes and heard live music and saw people
friends, a couple, or traveling solo.                     in traditional costumes and wheels of cheese
   In an interview with The Cardinal, 20-year-old         everywhere.”
Juliana Johnson, student of University of California         She noted that the town (famous for cheese)
San Diego (UCSD), went on the 46 day camp-                was celebrating its 300th anniversary. “’It’s
ing tour of Europe two years ago. Juliana said, “I        Tuesday, that’s cheese market day,’ said our
signed up for the trip alone,” adding, “Nine came as      Dutch bicycle tour guide as if everyone with
individuals, six came as dating or engaged couples,       half a brain knew that.”
and six came as friend couples.” At 18, Juliana was          If the passion for travel is there, but the mon-                                               Photo by Leslie Spangler
the youngest of the group. She was also the only          ey isn’t, Contiki offers a gift registry plan. The                                 See the Tyrolian villages of Bavaria.
American. Joining in with a group of strangers was        registry is ideal for gifts honoring graduation,
“perfectly fine” and she felt she “was adopted as sort    holidays, birthdays, honeymoons, anniversaries, or           very active blogs and community forums such as
of the younger sister to everyone.”                       special occasions. It takes about 15 minutes to set          Facebook. Potential travelers can find out more
   The price of a trip depends on the location and        up a registry. The only requirement is an official           about the adventures others have had, and those who
time of year. A four day trip to Los Angeles is $295.     booking with a $200 down payment. This allows the            have gone can stay connected with the new friends
This price includes three nights’ accommodations,         registrant to create a personal travel site expressing       they’ve made and with whom they’ve shared experi-
two breakfasts and one dinner, tour transportation/       their wishes/goals. They can then e-mail the link to         ences. Juliana continues to stay in touch with her
sightseeing, taxes and services charges. A 47-day         friends and family who might like to contribute to           travel companions through a private group account
tour of Europe runs $5899 to $6969 and includes           their account. Downloadable announcement cards               on Facebook.
tour transportation through 18 countries, 45 nights’      are also available. Contiki keeps a running account             Contiki has a very extensive website that can
accommodations, 44 breakfasts, one lunch, and 27          and notifies the registrant of gifts and balances. Full      answer any possible question about their programs.
dinners. A 14-day trip through Australia starts at        payment for the trip is required 45 days prior to de-        They also offer travel advice and tips so that people
$1469 and a 20-day trip through Europe starts at          parture.                                                                               can depart feeling properly
$2299. Winter trips are the least expensive. Airfare         For the com-                                                                        prepared for their trip.
is extra, but Contiki guarantees to offer the lowest      puter savvy Contiki                                                                       So great was Juliana’s
fare available on booking day.                            travelers, there are                                                                   experience that she aspires
                                                                                                                                                 to return to Contiki as a tour
                                                                                                                                                 manager. On a scale of 1-10,
                                                                                                                                                 she rates her 46-day camp-
                                                                                                                                                 ing trip “a 9 or a 10.” When
                                                                                                                                                 asked what her most memo-
                                                                                                                                                 rable experience was, she just
                                                                                                                                                 couldn’t decide on one and
                                                                                                                                                 she mentioned far too many to
                                                                                                                                                 print. However, many might
                                                                                                                                                 wonder if receiving their first
                                                                                                                                                 kiss in Prague or their first
                                                                                                                                                 drink of pink champagne in
                                                                                                                                                 Paris are moments they could
                                                                                                                                                    Contiki offers thorough
                                                                                                                                                 brochures     on      countries
                                                                                                                                                 of interest. They are eas-
                                                                                                                                                 ily requested online and
                                                                                                                                                 sent promptly. Simply visit:
                                                                                                                                        or call
                                                                                                                        Photo by Juliana Johnson 1-866-Contiki.
                                                           Photo by Leslie Spangler
                                                                                      Juliana Johnson, 20, near the castle at Cesky Krumlov in
                                             Shop in picturesque Vienna, Austria.                                          the Czech Republic.

                                                                                                                                                              Photo by Brandon Cox

                                                                                                                             Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota.
8                                                     OctOber 29           The Cardinal                      Fall 2009

Returning Students
From Page 6
for me in what is a broad profession.” Matt is       last a total of 56- 60 hours over the period of a
working so that he can make a better life not        month or months.
only for himself but also for his son.                   “Some of these people are seeing college
   “Folks need to say ‘I need help,’ and we’ll be    for the first time, others never had the chance
there for them,” says Bruce.                         to even finish high school. It can be very in-
   Skagit Valley College offers an orientation       timidating to come up through those big doors
for all students to become acquainted with the       up there on campus and try find your way
way everything should work, from classes to          around if you’ve never done it before,” says
computers, and clubs. Some departments offer         Margo Grothe, program coordinator. The pro-
specific orientations into their own program.        gram’s “hands-on approach” takes the students
   “We call it a special orientation. We invite      throughout the campus and invites teachers
the students and their families and/or the           and professionals working at SVC to come and
people that are going to support them. The           introduce themselves to each class.
Goal is to be honest and realistic about the level       The program, which has been running for
of commitment they’re going to have to make,”        30 years, is designed to build a foundation for
says Cynthia Scaringe, Department Chair of           those involved. It addresses barriers, and fo-
Nursing. “We bring in past students who give         cuses on the individual’s skills, trying to bring
tips on coping. This all helps create a support      them together to find a suitable job. All stu-
system and better understanding for everyone.”       dents going through the program are not told,
   “In every class there could be two to six         but encouraged to decide where they would
students returning from previous degrees, or         like to go in order to be successful. Students
who’ve come to higher education for the first        are meant to visualize themselves as successful
time,” says Bruce, who sees students doing           with a support system they can come back to
something they’ve always wanted but never            anytime.
had the time or opportunity to do before.                “Most students returning are around the
   On the far side of the campus, inside what        age of 35. They come back and see students
was an old church and is slowly becoming a           who are eighteen coming out of high school.
parking lot, a small class of eight to ten stu-      It’s common for an older student to look at the
dents sit at a set of small tables. They are all     younger one and expect them to know more
part of Skagit Valley College’s “Life Transition     because they are more acquainted with the sys-

                                                                                                                 91.7 KSVR-FM
Program.” The Program, for the past 30 years,        tem now. But more often then not the younger
has served those who are now displaced be-           student will look at the older and expect them
cause of a life transition—separation, divorce,      to know more because of their experiences. It’s
disability, or death of a partner—or simply          a dynamic that goes on all the time between
in need of help to make future decisions. The        people,” says Grothe.                                       Community Radio of the Skagit Valley
classes offered from September through May

                                                                                                                  Representative Rick Larsen (WA-02) congratulated
                                                                                                               Skagit Valley College for recently receiving a $110,528
Mike Johnson                                                                                                                 91.7          KSVR-FM
                                                                                                               federal grant from the Public Telecommunications
                                                                                                               Facilities Program. Skagit Valley College will use the

Shows Sculptures on Campus                                                                                     funds to establish a new public radio station, KSVU on
                                                                                                               90.1 FM, bringing local communication and educational
                                                                                                               programs to currently under-served areasSpanish 108
                                                                                                                        88           Talk and Music in English and in the Skagit

                                                                                                               River Valley.  Skagit Valley Community Radio
Staff Writer                                                                                                      “Skagit Valley College’s effort to provide expanded
                                                                                                               access to local radio is a great service to our community,”
   Talking about the sculp-                                                                                    said Larsen. “This was a
tures round campus and the                                                                                     highly competitive grant
artist, Mike Johnson, behind                                                                                   process, and I congratulate
it all, SVC Art Department                                                                                     Skagit Valley College on
Chair Greg Tate says, “He                                                                                      their success.”
takes small things and makes                                                                                      KSVU General Manager
them monumental. Larger                                                                                        Rip Robbins said, “I look
than life.”                                                                                                    forward to developing new
   Students who enjoy sculp-                                                                                   radio programs with the resi-
ture art may have noticed the                                                                                  dents of the upriver valley,
different sculptures around                                                                                    who have expressed great
campus and in the art gallery.                                                                                 interest in having a radio
Students will discover that                                                                                    station in their community.”
there are three of Johnson’s                                                                                      “These funds will help
sculptures in Angst hall and                                                                                   Skagit Valley College and
one steel sculpture next to the                                                                                KSVU to provide important
administration building. The                                                                                   programming and news
sculpture show in the gallery                                                                                  about education and local
will end on November 20,                                                             Photo by Emily Akland     service issues to our friends
but the pieces around campus        Artist Mike Johnson with his featured display in the SVC Art Gallery.      and neighbors in eastern
will remain until the end of                                                                                   Skagit County,” said Dr.
December and possibly into         building.                           recognizable. His sculptures            Gary Tollefson, President of
January.                              Tate is very intrigued by        could be interpreted to be              SVC. “It’s an exciting op-
   This art show will give         this artist’s work. He talks        many different, but familiar,           portunity for the college and
students a chance to view          about Johnson’s use of con-         things. The reason for this is          the communities we serve.”
sculpture art done by an ex-       trast between the texture and       that Johnson draws his inspi-              Public        Telecommun-
perienced sculptor. The artist,    the scale of his pieces. Tate       ration from his house and his           ications Facilities Program
Mike Johnson, has been teach-      also describes Johnson as hav-      life. He describes this inspira-        (PTFP) is a grant program
ing sculpture at the University    ing “tenacity” and “precision”.     tion, stating, “These images            directed by an agency within
of Puget Sound for 14 years,       Johnson is precise in his work      are things that I’m looking at          the U.S. Department of
and he has experience doing        by creating mock drawings           in my personal environment”.            Commerce.        PTFP desig-
art shows. His latest show         on his computer to see how              Johnson’s favorite piece in         nates a portion of their fund-
was held at the Seattle Art        the sculptures will look as         the show, “(K)nob,” is a good           ing to provide financial sup-
Museum, and he also has put        finished products before draw-      example of interpretation.              port to public radio stations
on shows in Tacoma, WA.            ing out his ideas on grid paper.    When first glancing at the              to help bring educational
   The majority of Johnson’s       There are times when Johnson        sculpture you may think that            and cultural broadcasts. The
sculptures are made out of         must create a sculpture for a       it is a ball, but then you might        PTFP grant to Skagit Valley
rubber, foam, steel, wood,         specific location, which is why     start to think that it is a trailer     College will supplement
plastic, and granite. The pieces   the computer drawing tool is        hitch on the back of a truck or         the purchase of equipment
in the gallery and on campus       so useful.                          even a door knob. He wants              for the new radio station,
are mostly made of plywood,           One thing that is unique         his pieces to be familiar but           KSVU.
copper, and steel. The sculp-      about Johnson’s sculptures is       not necessarily easily deci-
ture made out of steel is the      that he likes to create pieces      pherable.
one near the administration        that are not immediately
                                                    OctOber 29         The Cardinal                    Fall 2009                                                             9

Arcadia Ponders the Death of the Earth

                   ...and laughs about it
Staff Writer
   Fall marks the changing of seasons;    forgotten in the months of warmth that
it turns our skies from blue to grey,     prelude autumn. While most people
our trees from green to golden yellow     are cuddling up with a good book and
to deep burgundy. The cold and wet        hot cocoa late at night, there are a few       There are a small group of actors         relationship amongst the characters is
weather creeps into our homes and         that are spending their evenings differ-   who will brave the storm beginning to         an important part of the play. Since the
makes us pull out old blankets almost     ently this fall.                           rage outside in order to rehearse for this    humor is understated and more refined
                                                                                     fall’s play Arcadia, by Tom Stoppard.         and the language cleverly written, the
                                                                                     The play opens at the Phillip Tarro           comedy comes from the timing of the
                                                                                     Theatre on the weekend of November            interactions.
                                                                                     13 at 7:30 p.m. with a performance               “It’s funny watching the characters
                                                                                     the following day at the same time.           fall down in different ways,” said
                                                                                     Can’t catch it that weekend? Come to          Lucas Naylor, a graduated Skagit
                                                                                     one of three shows the next weekend,          Valley College student and returning
                                                                                     November 20 to 22, each at 7:30 p.m.          actor to Phillip Tarro Theatre.
                                                                                         I had planned to sit in on a rehearsal       The audition process for this play
                                                                                     at Tarro Theatre for Arcadia, but I           was fairly quick but many talented
                                                                                     hadn’t planned on the downpour that           actors showed up. Drummond said
                                                                                     seemed to be overflowing from the sky         he was looking for the best actor for
                                                                                     and down onto the college that night.         each character when he auditioned
                                                                                     I tried to make a run for it, but what I      the players. “On stage chemistry be-
                                                                                     thought were quick feet didn’t seem to        tween actors was a major factor,” said
                                                                                     help much and I walked into the the-          Drummond, about choosing the actors
                                                                                     atre looking a bit disheveled, awfully        for Arcadia.
                                                                                     wet and very out of breath.                      “When I first read the script I
                                                                                         “Just pretend I’m not here,” I told the   laughed out loud,” said Tianna, who
                                                                                     cast. After introductions were briefly        was able to imagine the banter between
                                                                                     given, I watched the director Donald          characters played out on stage.
                                                                                     Drummond speak to the cast about                 Drummond is an SVC alumnus and
                                                                                     getting into character using English          taught from 2000 to 2001 as a part
                                                                                     accents. Immediately, the actors began        time adjunct for the drama department.
                                                                                     to test different inflections and tones       He’s a fan of Tom Stoppard, especially
                                                                                     trying to capture the mood and keep           Arcadia. Drummond saw it as a great
                                                                                     it throughout rehearsal. I found myself       challenge in script analysis and char-
                                                                                     laughing with them as they poked fun          acter development for any actor. A
                                                                                     at the haughty tones used to convey a         course combining theatre and science
                                                                                     refined manner like those of 18th cen-        was offered this quarter with Arcadia
                                                                                     tury England. “Engage!” announced             as part of the curriculum, and this was
                                                                                     one of the men; mimicking Captain             one of the reasons Drummond picked
                                                                                     Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek.               this play for fall.
                                                                                         “I love our cast,” said Taylor               Arcadia is a dynamic play with
                                                                                     Goldstein, a first time player for the        underlying themes woven between
                                                                                     Tarro Theatre. As I spoke to indi-            the two stories. It explores some of the
                                                                                     vidual members, they let me know that         most fundamental questions asked by
                                                                                     they’ve had a good rapport from the           the human race in a subtle way that has
                                                                                     beginning, and it has only grown in the       the audience taking a philosophical
                                                                                     few weeks they’ve been working to-            journey, and sometimes a scientific
                                                                                     gether. They have a lot of fun together,      one, with the cast. The play has its fair
                                                                                     and they all just clicked. Lacy Tianna,       share of dramatic moments, but ulti-
                                                                                     an actress in Arcadia, mentioned that         mately, it’s a comedy about the end of
                                                                                     once the blocking was finished, the           the world, even if it may be in the far
                                                                                     cast was able to have a lot more fun          distant future.
                                                                                     delving into their characters. The                          See ARCADIA, Page 10

Jazz Ensemble Provides Creative Collaboration
Staff Writer
    “There aren’t many opportunities at SVC for             I asked Fejeran how jazz made him feel. After          can be a part of the auditions held every quar-
students to play in a band, so when I heard about the    telling him about my interest in playing instruments      ter. They can watch at the Skagit River Brewery
Jazz Ensemble I took the opportunity. I really enjoy     and arranging my own music, he replied, “Then             Thursday October 30th or December 10th. The jazz
playing and cooperating with the other musicians,”       you know that it’s a feeling you can only have when       ensemble will also be playing in McIntyre Hall for
says jazz guitar major and SVC student Vince Allis.      you’re playing music and making up your own               the end of quarter Department concert on December
    The jazz ensemble is a class where students get to   songs.”                                                   3rd. Students can also contact Vince Fejeran at
enjoy playing music with other musicians. Not only          Students interested in joining the jazz ensemble
do the students get to meet and practice; they get the
chance to play in front of live audiences. The jazz
band plays some Thursdays from 7:00 to 9:00 P.M.
at the Skagit River Brewery in downtown Mount
    “It gives the students a chance to discover what
it’s like to play live and to feel what it’s like when
they play something great that people clap to, or
even when they play something that wasn’t good
and people don’t clap,” says jazz instructor Vince
Fejeran. They also play at many festivals, retirement
centers, school events, occasionally McIntyre Hall
and even in some competitions.
    The jazz ensemble often plays standard tunes.
However, Fejeran stresses to the students that they
make up their own arrangements of the standards.
They try to imitate the style heard off a record and
they create their own style or bass line. Students are                                                                                                     Photo by Liz Oiness
especially encouraged to write their own arrange-
ments and personalized pieces, which a few of them          Jazz Ensemble: Vincent Allis (Guitar), Hannah Eger (Alto Sax), Kilgore Trout (Alto Sax), Charlie Hickmott (Drums
have done.                                                  and Precussion), Aaron Elder (Drums), Instructor Vincent Fejeran, Alex Kazakov (Bass), Kim Tiberio (Precussion).
10                                                   OctOber 29          The Cardinal                     Fall 2009

                                                                                                                                                         Photo by Ruth Lohmann

                                                                                                                                         Northern State Hospital South Wing.

                                                                                                             Last chance to get a
                                                                                                             JETT MORRIS
                                                                                                             Staff Writer
                                                                                                                The Halloween season is coming to a close. But, there are
                                                                                                             still many things to squeeze in before November 1. A few of
                                                                                                             them are even local.
                                                                                                                The Rainbow Alliance and Phi Theta Kappa are hosting
                                                                                                             an event at the College. It’s from eight to midnight in the
                                                                                                             cafeteria on Friday, October 30. Planned events include a si-
                                                                                                             lent auction, cakewalk throughout the night, haunted house,
                                                                                                             as well as dancing and music. Admission to get in is $5.00 or
                                                                                                             $3.00 with two canned goods donation.
                                                                                                                Brittany Collins, president of the Rainbow Alliance,
                                                                                                             plans to be there in costume. Collins jokes, “We’re going to
                                                                                                             be giving away so many prizes, it’ll almost pay for itself to
                                                                                  Photo by Ruth Lohmann      go!”
             Photo by Ruth Lohmann
                                                                                                                Also happening on Friday, October 30th is the Hillcrest
     Northern State’s South Wing.                                    Front of Northern State Hospital.       Halloween Bash from six to eight p.m. It is $3.00 a person,
                                                                                                             and aimed toward children between the ages of five and
                                                                                                             twelve. The park will host a maze, trick-or-treat candy, and
                                                                                                             other Halloween fun. For questions, contact the Parks and
Arcadia:                                                                                                     Recreation at (360) 336-6215.
                                                                                                                In Sedro-Woolley, Cascade Job Corps welcomes anyone
Enlightenment and Romanticism                                                                                to come and tour their Haunted Hospital. It is on Friday and
                                                                                                             Saturday, to go from 6-10 p.m, and is $5.00 a person. All of
From Page 9                                                                                                  the proceeds go toward the students, providing scholarships
                                                                                                             for those intending to move on in school. Parental discre-
    The play is set in the countryside of England   These people were part of The Romantic                   tion is advised, with no children welcome under twelve. It is
at a home titled Sidley Park. The stories alter-    Movement.                                                suggested to come early to get a ticket. Lines start forming
nate between time periods. While the scene             Arcadia shows the shift to romanticism                at 3:30 p.m., and they can end up selling close to 300 tickets
plays out in the past, the players in the current   combining with science when a huge discovery             within the hour. The last tour is on Halloween itself.
time period try to discern what happened be-        is made by Thomasina, the thirteen year old                 Ruth Lohmann, a previous volunteer for the Haunted
tween these individuals in the early 1800’s with    daughter of Lady Croom who is the lady of                Hospital and current SVC Student said, “You won’t know
snippets of knowledge they have attained while      the house in 1809. She begins to see a pattern           how you feel about the place until you step inside the
staying at Sidley Park. They dig into the past      of flaws within the famous theories of Isaac             building itself. It’s gorgeous and haunting at the same
while we see the group from 1809 interrelate        Newton and upon further exploration develops             time, whether it be day or night. In more honesty, [the
with each other, on the same stage and, in fact,    a theory of her own that eventually becomes              hospital] is more of a sad feeling, than it is creepy.”
in the very same home.                              recognized as the Chaos Theory. Unfortunately,           For more information, go to,
    Without seeing the play in action, it’s hard    it could never be recognized as her idea for             and view their events.
to see the subtle themes that connect and then      she wasn’t able to do the work without a com-               Concrete, Washington, is hosting its fourth annual ghost
reconnect between the stories and characters.       puter for advanced math. Essentially the theory          walk. The walk welcomes anyone over eighteen for $10.00 a
It’s particularly hard to understand the humor      stated that everything must grow cold, or die,           person. Tours go to many of Concrete’s buildings, providing
without seeing it come together on stage.           eventually.                                              stories from some of the locals about the town historical as-
Arcadia is a human comedy, best translated by          But as the players in the future search               pects, and parts of the region as well. It is held on Saturday,
real human interaction which gives the comedy       the house for clues, they discover the ideas             starting at eight p.m. For more information, contact con-
life.                                               Thomasina began to develop and are aston-      
    The division between enlightenment and ro-      ished at the genius of this young girl with ideas           Many events take place in the surrounding area, for those
manticism that was happening in Europe dur-         far beyond her time.                                     willing to drive. Maple Valley, a town slightly past Seattle,
ing the 1800’s is a theme explored in Arcadia          With Arcadia, Stoppard is using the intel-            offers two haunted trails at their Royal Arch Park. They are
in many different forms. From the remodeling        lectual divide in the 18th century, a little bit of      open Friday and Saturday, from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. The first
of the garden to reflect a more wild, irregular     science and, most importantly, the interactions          hour from welcomes people for the family walk, a much
and romantic design including a hermitage,          among people, to convey that without a desire            more tame version than the experience itself. Tickets can be
to a scene where a young girl Thomasina             to comprehend the rules that keep our world              purchased online, for $15.00, which covers both of the trails
weeps for the literature lost the great fire of     running, and without a yearning to throw these           and a “drive-in” themed movie. Parking is free. They also
the Alexandrian Library, the audience sees the      rules out and claim they don’t apply to us—we            suggest attendees bring an extra pair of pants. For directions
shift of consciousness that was occurring dur-      aren’t human. This division defines us.                  and other information, go to: http://www.darkhollowhaunt.
ing that time.                                         Drummond emphasized that Arcadia is                   com/main_menu.html.
    Enlightenment was the intellectual move-        emotionally moving, intellectually stimulating              If that is a little too far, Kube93 radio hosts their haunted
ment in the 18th century that emphasized that       and entertaining. It deals with high concepts            house in Seattle. Open from 6:00 to 12:00 p.m. on Friday
there were a certain set of rules by which the      but in a comical, human way.                             and Saturday. Tickets go for $15.00, with discount prices in
world was governed and that these rules could          “It’s a smart and funny play. It’ll leave you         groups and for bringing canned goods. For directions and
be discovered over time using reason. Some          thinking,” said Tianna.                                  ticket sales, visit:
were concerned that these so-called rules that         For a full overview of Tom Stoppard’s                 html.
the world was supposed to follow were leaving       Arcadia, please go to: http://www.cherwell.                 For all of the events mentioned, contact those putting the
no room for free will, creativity and emotions.                         event together for any pre-admissions, and registration.
                                                        OctOber 29           The Cardinal                Fall 2009                                               11

                                                                            HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY?

                                                                            Say it to The Cardinal
                                                                            This column is a new forum for students to express their thoughts, ideas, and opinions
                                                                            on any subject. We want to know what’s on your mind. Watch for our table in the
                                                                            Knutzen Student Center.

                                                                                                            Anita Ordonez
                                                                                                                  “The women’s bathroom in the campus
                                                                                                           center never has enough paper towels; the
                                                                                                           garbage cans are too small and overflowing.
                                                                                                           The water pressure is too high—splashes
                                                Photo by Elisa Telidetzki                                  everywhere and there is no place to put your

Eating Disorders
                                                                                                           purse or books when washing hands.”

From Page 3
that are attributed to anorexia.    the body’s way of storing up
As the starvation process           for the next fast. So, naturally,                                      Kirsten Curry
begins, it’s easy to see that       a bulimic would choose the
something is going wrong.           most fattening food to binge                                                   “I think that Linda Moore is an
First the individual starts to      on. Then they feel disgraced,                                          exceptional English teacher because I’ve never
lose their hair. Their face be-     and purge. Thus, bulimia is a                                          seen an instructor so dedicated to education
comes gaunt. Soon their body        vicious cycle.                                                         before. She has a way of capturing my attention
becomes frail, bruising eas-            Mount Vernon counselor                                             and somehow engages all of her students
ily. The individual’s physique      Rita Palisaityte is educated in
becomes emaciated. Bones            this field. She explains, “Sadly,                                      in her lessons, and they all seem willing to
break easy, and an individual       Washington has limited re-                                             participate.”
with anorexia is apt to have        sources because the process
an abnormally low heart rate        of rehabilitating patients is so
and blood pressure. Kidney          expensive. Usually in-patient
failure is common in severe         treatment is preferred, and
cases. According to WEBMD,          that can last at least a month.
five to twenty percent of           The treatment plan would in-
anorexics eventually die from       clude educating oneself about
the disease.                        their eating disorder, meeting
    Bulimia is a little differ-     with a nutritionist to develop                                         Barry Webb
ent. WEBMD informs us that          a dietary plan, family counsel-                                              “Financial Aid is giving me grey hair!!!”
bulimia nervosa is a type of        ing and therapy. You need
eating disorder characterized       a lot of support. People who
by episodes of binge eating         suffer from these illnesses are
“followed by inappropriate          usually very intelligent. You
methods of weight control.”         can’t trick them. Also, people
Bulimics will often vomit,          who suffer from an eating
fast, use laxatives or exercise     disorder might have underly-
their calories away. As the         ing stressors, like depres-
bulimic individual becomes          sion. I recommend you read
ill, a pattern develops, where      Life without Ed, written by
the bulimic continues a long        Jennifer Shauffer. In the book,
period of binging and purging,      Ed stands for eating disorder.”                                        Jamie Williams
until they find themselves ad-          There is good news. The                                                  “All math tutors should teach the same
dicted to the routine. Bulimics     National Eating Disorders                                              way.”
resort to secrecy, performing       Association is trying to
their acts of purging in private.   launch a statewide initiative
They feel shameful and out of       in Washington State to help
control.                            families access quality care
    The Mayo Clinic tells us        for loved ones who suffer from
that a bulimic can binge on         eating disorders.
up to thousands of calories of          SVC      counselor     Anne
food in one sitting. The binge      Ziomkowski comments, “I
normally ends when there            usually refer students with
is no more food or when the         severe eating disorders to
body is painfully bloated. A        WWU counseling center                                                  Tasha H.
bulimic may binge once in           where they can receive free                                                   “Parking on campus is not good. It
a while, or once every hour.        help. There are also resources                                         sucks. Especially in the mornings, I have to
Encyclopedia Brittanica says        in the Seattle area. I meet                                            drive here an hour early just to find a spot.
that an individual’s blood          with the student to determine                                          Hopefully something will be done. I know it
levels and electrolytes can         if they are in immediate crisis
become severely imbalanced.         and I can refer them out to                                            would make a difference.”
When this happens, the body’s       the community for more
vital organs are in danger.         counseling. We do have some
Permanent damage can be             students with some severe
done to a person’s throat or        issues, and I sometimes am
intestine. After a while, the       contacted by faculty members
teeth begin to erode from the       who have concerns about a
hydrochloric acid that keeps        particular student. There is
                                                                                                           Justin J. Tang
coming up every time the            also a national eating disor-
individual vomits.                  ders website. To find out more                                                “I am very fed up with the parking
    People who are bulimic are      on this topic, check out www.                                          extravaganza this year. I’m always late to class
at a high risk of suffering a”                                           anyways, but now I have to wake an extra 15
heart attack or having an ir-           If you, or anyone you know,                                        minutes [early] now. Ri-Di-Culous!”
regular heartbeat. Sometimes        is suffering from an eating
the bulimic will practice strict    disorder, call a doctor immedi-
dieting and fasting. However,       ately, and contact the National
once the individual stops           Eating Disorders Association
eating, their body goes into        at (800) 931-2237.
starvation mode. Binging is
12                                                   OctOber 29        The Cardinal                   Fall 2009

 Masquerade Ball at McIntyre Hall
 EMILY AKLAND                                          starting from the 1950’s through the following
 Staff Writer                                                                                               Photos by Emily Akland.
                                                       decades up until recent songs. When asked if
    People wearing costumes, masks and home-           he enjoyed the costumes, Montoya replied, “Oh        (Clockwise from top left):
                                                                                                            A conga line stretches into the darkness;
 coming attire scattered across the dance floor in     yeah, it’s great. It’s fabulous.”                    DJ’s Rob Blackwell and Eli Montoya;
 McIntyre Hall on Friday night, October 23rd for          Attendees of the dance also enjoyed them-         King and Queen Zachariah Cartwright and Bailey Noble;
 the Masquerade Ball. This well-attended event         selves. Alicia Lopez, an attendant, replied,         Katie Parrish and Dena Staub;
 was sponsored by the Rainbow Alliance Club            “There’s more space for a lot more people,” when     (From left to right) Vivian Wagieh, Neta Cahill, Jim Cahill,
 and PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbian and         asked what she liked about the dance.                Elizabeth Hillenbrand, Randy Hillenbrand;
                                                                                                            Alicia Lopez and Angela Torset;
 Gay). Although the dance was in celebration of           Angela Torset, a student, decided that she        The Garcias;
 the gay and lesbian community, the dancers at         would not be attending her own High School           Chris Benson and Sally Pfeifer.
 the Ball were a mix of same-sex couples and           dance. She said, “I could go to the High School
 straight couples. The overall theme of the Ball       Homecoming but I just don’t care to.” She com-
 was about the masks that gay and lesbian people       mented that “The atmosphere is more comfort-
 feel like they have to wear in public.                able” at the Masquerade Ball versus the High
    The music that played during the dance             School dances.
 showed a lot of variety. The theme for the music         Katie Parrish, another attendant, described the
 was what DJ’s Eli Montoya and Rob Blackwell           Masquerade Ball as “sophisticated.” Dena Staub,
 called the “time warp” because they played songs      who sat next to Katie, added “I feel a little bit
                                                        more comfortable with people.”
                                                           Through the entire evening it was non-stop
                                                        dancing as hardly anyone took a break. When
                                                        songs, such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,”
                                                        played, everyone got out and danced together.
                                                           When asked what she liked most about the
                                                        Masquerade event, Kathy Reim, President of
                                                        PFLAG, said, “There’s such a wonderful ac-
                                                           This was easy to see just by watching the
                                                        dance floor. Just about everyone was dancing
                                                        with each other.
                                                           Tables decorated with masquerade masks to
                                                        bring out the theme enlivened McIntyre Hall.
                                                        The wine bar was popular. Many over the age of
                                                        21 were seen purchasing the wine. The women
                                                        at the bar looked to be having a nice time ,bust-
                                                        ing moves behind the counter during a song or
                                                           Later on that evening organizers of the event
                                                        announced the royalty of the dance. The Queen
                                                        was Bailey Noble and the King was Zachariah
                                                        Cartwright. Cartwright had won his High
                                                        School Homecoming kingship and he received
                                                        the honor again at the Masquerade Ball.
                                                           People from PFLAG and other clubs who
                                                        were a part of the Masquerade Ball gave
                                                        speeches about the lives of homosexuals and
                                                        how they don’t want to hide anymore. Kathy
                                                        Reim, the president of PFLAG, spoke about
                                                        how the daily lives of gays, lesbians, transsexu-
                                                        als, etc. are like a masquerade because they feel
                                                        as if they have to go through life hiding under a
                                                        mask. At the end of Kathy Reim’s speech, she
                                                        announced with fierce conviction, “We are who
                                                        we are. Get over it.”

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