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Gardens for Texas Launches New Website


We strive to deliver excellent customer service and personal attention to detail while enhancing your property value with our gardening and landscaping services.

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									                                  Gardens for Texas Launches New Website

Gardens for Texas has a new website at, which includes information for new and existing
                  customers about the company’s approach, services, and previous work.

August 21, 2012 – Dallas, TX – Founded by Jamie and Sandra, Gardens for Texas is a small business devoted
to the enhancement of people’s homes in and around Dallas. The business has a new website at, designed with the help of Click 4 Corp. The homepage of the website has a Meet Us link
which leads the customer to read about the vision and mission of Gardens for Texas’s founders. The business’s
mission is described as an endeavor to provide excellent customer service while enhancing property value and
creating a unique landscape that reflects the tastes and preferences of the customer. The Services tab from the
homepage leads the customer to discover that Gardens for Texas offers more than gardening; they offer
landscaping services in vegetable raised beds, pergolas and decks, stone patios, retaining walls, and
maintenance services, among others. Gardens for Texas also offers extended services that require additional
expertise and/or services than the normal gardening service. There are descriptions and accompanying
photographs of examples of extended services by Gardens for Texas, including bringing in a Landscape
Architect, an Organic Horticulturist, and an Arborist.

The approach of the business is described in the Our Approach tab from the homepage, and is a three-step
process. The first step is to assess the property and the customer’s vision for what they would like Gardens for
Texas to do to improve their property. The business emphasizes that they listen to the customer’s concerns and
will walk the customer’s property with them, honestly answering their questions about realistic gardening, and
budgetary concerns. The second step is the proposal, where Gardens for Texas develops a plan for renovation
based on the assessment of the property and the customer’s landscaping needs. The business will calculate all
material and labor costs, including the number of trees, shrubs, and beds, and soil amendments. The third step
of the process is the execution phase, where Gardens for Texas will begin the renovation once the customer
approves the proposed changes and cost.

There is a link to useful information for customers to enjoy, including links to gardening tips and resources,
water usage on your property, and projects such as starting a vegetable garden, organic gardening, landscape
design, and plant containers. Customers can enter their email on the right hand side of the website so that they
can receive newsletters with similar information, and there is also a link to the Angie’s List reviews of Gardens
for Texas. The Gallery tab includes photographs of Before & After, Seasonal Color, Container Gardens, and
Gardens for Texas at Work, so that the customer can take a look at the kind of work the business does before
contacting them. There are also signed testimonials from previous customers on the website, The contact information for the business is available through the Contact Us tab,
including a customer contact form.


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