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									                                                               The BosTon College

                                               Chronicle                                                                                                                      february 15, 2007-vol. 15 no. 11

                                                                                                                                      Use of New Technology
                                                                                                                                      in Teaching On the Rise
                                                                                                                                      WebCT to wikis,                          into teaching that it has becoming
                                                                                                                                                                               part of the culture.”
                                                                                                                                      more BC faculty are                          Owens and other administrators
                                                                                                                                      embracing technology                     credit faculty members for their
                                                                                                                                                                               willingness to take the lessons and
                                                                                                                                                                               instruction they have spent careers
                                                                                                                                             By stephen GaWlik
                                                                                                                                                                               cultivating and deliver them in
                                                                                                                                                staff WRiteR
                                                                                                                                                                               new and creative ways, using such
                                                                                                                                          Chalkboards and printed text-        technology as content digitization,
                                                                                                                                      books are still very much a fact of      social networking and real-time
                                                                                                                                      academic life, but new technolo-         feedback systems. For example:
                                                                                                                                      gies are playing an increasingly sig-        •Biology Assoc. Prof. Clare
                                                                                                                                      nificant role in teaching at Boston      O’Connor’s Genetics course em-
                                                                                                                                      College, according to University         ploys a “personal response system,”
                                                                                                                                      administrators.                          in which students use a device simi-
                                                                                                                                          In 2001, only two percent of         lar to a television remote control
                                                                                                                                      courses employed some type of            to log answers to multiple-choice
                                                                                                                                      new technology — such as Web-            questions she poses on a projected
                                                                                                                                      based audio-visual materials — to        image from her computer to a large
                                                                                                                                      enhance the educational experience       screen at the front of the room.
                                                                                                                                      of BC students. Now that figure is       A receiver registers each student’s
   A BANNER NIGHT—La Giostra, a troupe from Sulmona, Italy, presented a program of medieval dances and                                more than 60 percent, says Associ-       response and immediately tallies
   songs as well as exhibitions of sword fighting and flag throwing on Feb. 6 in the Vanderslice Hall Cabaret
   Room. The event was sponsored by BC’s Italian Club. (Photo by Suzanne Camarata)                                                    ate Academic Vice President for          the results that are revealed after all
                                                                                                                                      Technology Rita Owens, who esti-         students respond.
                                                                                                                                      mates that more than 95 percent of           •For his Computers in Manage-

                                       Reaching Out, Making                                                                           all BC students are taking classes in
                                                                                                                                      which the faculty member utilizes
                                                                                                                                                                               ment course, Asst. Prof. Gerald
                                                                                                                                                                               Kane (CSOM) makes use of wikis
                                                                                                                                      new technology.                          — Web sites that allow visitors to
Undergraduate Research
Symposium debuts (page 3)
                                       the BC Connection                                                                                  “Technology in teaching is now
                                                                                                                                      woven into the fabric of Boston
                                                                                                                                                                               easily add, remove, and otherwise
                                                                                                                                                                               edit and change available content
                                       Campus events                                         events was nearly 300 students.          College and it’s here to stay,” she      – and requires teams of students to
                                                                                                Administrators and event or-          said. “BC faculty members are            develop their own wikis based on
Swimmers don’t water down              underscore value of                                   ganizers note that alumni net-           adapting so many new technologies                       Continued on page 4
their exercise (page 4)                                                                      working opportunities are plenti-
                                       alumni networking
                                                                                             ful on campus — for example,
                                                  By Reid Oslin
                                                  staff WRiteR
                                                                                             the Career Center also sponsors
                                                                                             networking events with alumni in
                                                                                                                                      Fathers’ Involvement Is
                                           Boston College’s growing
                                       emphasis on alumni-assisted
                                                                                             the science, communications and
                                                                                             arts fields — and with good rea-         Focus of LSOE Researchers
                                                                                             son: They affirm Boston College
                                       networking to aid future grads’                       as a university whose alumni de-
                                       career plans was in the spotlight                                                                  Fathers who do not live with         thers were involved with their chil-
                                                                                             velop keen professional and per-         their children nevertheless can play     dren, adolescents reported lower
                                       last week, with two high-profile                      sonal insights worth sharing with
                                       events taking place on campus                                                                  a key role in helping them avoid         levels of delinquency, particularly
                                                                                             the next generation of graduates.        delinquent or destructive behavior,      among youth who showed an early
                                       the same night.                                          “These programs might in-
                                           On Feb. 6, six alumni ex-                                                                  according to a new study by Lynch        tendency toward such behavior.
                                                                                             volve high-level executives, or          School of Education researchers.            Coley and Medeiros found that
                                       ecutives representing a variety of                    simply people who made a suc-
                                       career fields in the technology                                                                    The study, which appears in          adolescent delinquency did not
                                                                                             cessful transition from college to       the January/February issue of the        lead fathers to change their in-
                                       industry came to the Corcoran
Heights of Excellence:                                                                                                                journal Child Development, found         volvement over the long term. But
Judith Vessey (page 5)                 Commons Heights Room for                                             Continued on page 4
                                       a panel presentation and small                                                                 that when nonresident fathers are        in the short term, as teens engaged
                                                                              Frank Curran

                                       group discussions on future em-                                                                involved with their adolescent chil-     in more problem behaviors, fathers
                                       ployment options, sponsored by                                                                 dren, the youths are less likely to      increased their involvement, sug-
 COMING UP@BC                          the Boston College Technology                                                                  be caught up in drug and alcohol         gesting that nonresident fathers
                                       Council in cooperation with the                                                                use, violence, property crime, and       may be getting more involved in
                                       Carroll Graduate School of Man-                                                                school problems such as truancy          an effort to stem their children’s
TONIGHT: Eavan Boland                                                                                                                 and cheating.                            delinquency.
reads her poetry, 7:30 p.m.,           agement Career Strategies Office
Connolly House                         and the University’s Career Cen-                                                                   Assoc. Prof. Rebekah Levine             This finding was most prevalent
                                       ter.                                                                                           Coley and LSOE doctoral candi-           in African-American families and
                                           A short distance away, in the                                                              date Bethany Medeiros, the study’s       contrasts with the pattern in two-
Maine, Conte Forum                     Yawkey Center’s Murray Room,                                                                   authors, looked at a representative      parent, middle-class, white families,
                                       the Council for Women at Boston                                                                sample of 647 youths who were 10         where parents often pull away and
                                       College welcomed 25 female for-                                                                to 14 years old at the start of the      become less involved in the face of
FRIDAY: “Rewind to Remind,”                                                                                                           study and their families — who           adolescent delinquency.
Chinese, Korean culture show,          mer BC student-athletes — also
                                       reflecting a wide array of career                                                              lived in Boston, Chicago and San            “Nonresident fathers in low-
7 p.m., Robsham Theater
                                       paths — to speak with their cur-                                                               Antonio — over a 16-month pe-            income, minority families appear
                                                                                                                                      riod, gathering information from         to be an important protective fac-
SATURDAY: BC vs. UNC,                  rent undergraduate counterparts.
9 p.m., Conte Forum                        The Technology Council                                                                     the adolescents and their mothers.       tor for adolescents,” said Coley.
                                       event was open to MBA students                                                                 The families were primarily Afri-        “Greater involvement from fathers
                                       as well as upperclassmen from                                                                  can-American and Hispanic, and           may help adolescents develop self
 See page 8 for more, or               all undergraduate schools, while                      Angela Crowder ‘96, a former BC wom-     most lived in poverty.                   control and self competence, and
 go to                                                                         en’s basketball player now with Fidel-       Taking into consideration ado-       may decrease the opportunities
                                       female junior and senior student-                     ity Investments, spoke with current BC
                                       athletes attended the Council of                                                               lescents’ demographic and fam-           adolescents have to engage in prob-
                                                                                             student-athletes at “Eagles2Eagles,”
                                       Women presentation. The com-                          sponsored by the Council for Women of    ily characteristics, the researchers     lem behaviors.”
                                       bined turnout for the networking                      Boston College.                          found that when nonresident fa-                         Continued on page 4
                                                                                           T he B osTon C ollege

                                                                                              february 15, 2007

                                                                        CAMPUS                                                                                  ater), who will direct the shows.
                                                                                                                          “Voices” carry
                                                                                                                                                                “Their two plays share a similar
                                                                                                                              Boston College playwrights will   theme. Both are centered on
                                                                                                                          seize the stage at Robsham The-       families, but they are very differ-
                                                                                                                          ater Feb. 21-25 for “New Voices       ent in tone and style: ‘No Child’
                                                                                                                          2007,” the second presentation of     is more of a biting comedy, while
                                                                                                                          original one-act plays written by     ‘Storykeeper’ is more of a lyrical
                                                                                                                          BC undergraduates.                    drama.”
                                                                                                                              This year’s productions are “No      Cummings notes that the two
                                                                                                                          Child Left Behind” by Megan           plays in the first “New Voices”
                                                                                                                          Green ’08 and “The Storykeeper”       production, “Swimming After
                                                                                                                          by senior Patricia Noonan, both       Dark” by Emily Dendinger ’05
                                                                                                                          of whom already have some ex-         and “Zoe” by Richard Lawson
                                                                                                                          perience in staging their works:      ’05, were later restaged at the re-
                                                                                                                          Green had a 10-minute play in-        gional Kennedy Center festival.
                                                                                                                          cluded in last May’s Boston The-         “These productions of original
                                                                                                                          ater Marathon, an annual event        student work are part of a blos-
                                                                                                                          organized by the Boston Play-         soming playwriting community
                                                                                                                          wrights Theater which involves        at BC,” he adds. “At the recent
                                                                                                                          professional companies from all       KCACTF Region I festival, three
                                                                                                                          over New England; Noonan,             out of the six plays showcased
    Four student groups performed at the Battle of the Bands, sponsored by the Undergraduate Government of Boston
                                                                                                                          meanwhile, has had a short play       were by BC student playwrights:
    College, on Feb. 7 in Lyons Hall’s “The Rat.” (Photo by Frank Curran)                                                 of her own performed at the pres-     Patricia, Ian Stoker-Long ’07 and
                                                                                                                          tigious Kennedy Center American       Aimee Delaporta ’09. And lat-
                                                                                                                          College Theater Region I Festival
eagles abroad                           guages) leading a tour through            Alumni Association Director of          (KCACTF).
                                                                                                                                                                er this semester, a small campus
                                        France’s picturesque southwestern                                                                                       group called After Hours Theater
   Boston College alumni, facul-                                                  Travel and Special Projects Gail            “These two women are not
                                        region and its prehistoric caves,                                                                                       will produce a late-night evening
ty, staff, students and friends can                                               Darnell. “Plans for 2008 are al-        only great writers, but also accom-
                                        medieval castles and charming vil-                                                                                      of 10-minute plays.
get an education while they visit                                                 ready under way. We hope to host        plished actors with major roles in
                                        lage squares.                                                                                                              “There’s a lot going on with
other parts of the world, thanks                                                  both domestic and international         campus theater productions yet to
                                           Also on tap for 2007 are excur-                                                                                      new plays around here and it gets
to the Alumni Association’s newly                                                 itineraries with a variety of price     come this semester,” says Assoc.
                                        sions to Rome with Prof. Fran-                                                                                          very exciting.”
launched Travel Learning Pro-                                                     points. I’m exploring the poten-        Prof. Scott T. Cummings (The-
                                        co Mormando (Romance Lan-                                                                                                                             —SS
gram.                                                                             tial for trips that include spiritual
   Through the program, selected        guages), the Danube River region          journeys, culinary tours, cultural
                                                                                                                                                                             The BosTon College
BC faculty members will act as          with College of Arts and Sciences         experiences, service opportunities      that lovin’ feeling?
guides for travel groups, offering
their insights and expertise on the
                                        Honors Program Director Marc
                                        O’Connor and Ireland, Greece
                                                                                  and more.”
                                                                                      Darnell adds that she welcomes          Valentine’s Day has come and                 Chronicle
destination’s culture and history.      and Turkey with Alumni Chap-              destination ideas and can be con-       gone, leaving thousands of loving          Director of Public AffAirs
   Starting off the program will        lain Rev. William McInnes, SJ.            tacted at For      hearts gladdened. But the theme                       Jack Dunn
be “Village Life in the Dordo-             “This is an exciting venture           more on the Travel Learning Pro-        of an upcoming BC Art Club ex-
gne,” from April 12-20, with Prof.      that has been favorably received          gram, see           hibition seems to suggest that all              DePuty Director of
Ourida Mostefai (Romance Lan-           by our alumni and friends,” says          alumni/travel.                          this romance in the air might just               Public AffAirs
                                                                                                                 —SS      be clouding our better judgment.                  Patricia Delaney
                                                                                                                              “Lust and Heartbreak” opens
return of the chariots                  the Chariots, Massachusetts Hos-          will also be accepted. Tickets for      Feb. 27 in the Bapst Library Art                        eDitor
                                                                                  the event are $10, $5 with a BC         Gallery, featuring student works in                  Sean Smith
   In what has turned into a suc-       pital School’s sled hockey team.
                                                                                  ID.                                     a variety of mediums, from paint-
cessful and fun annual tradition,       The annual contest, which began
                                                                                      Since its inception, the BC sled    ings to photography to sculpture,               contributing stAff
students from Boston College will       in 2004, will take place at 6 p.m.
                                                                                  hockey game has raised more than        that “focus on the dangers of pas-                   Greg Frost
face off Feb. 27 against students       in Conte Forum.
                                                                                  $6,000 for the Chariots to fund         sion and intimate love,” according                Stephen Gawlik
from the Massachusetts Hospital             The Massachusetts Hospital
                                                                                  new equipment, tournament par-          to club officials.                                   Reid Oslin
School in a sled hockey game,           School provides medical, reha-
                                                                                  ticipation and accommodations               “It’s a response to Valentine’s              Rosanne Pellegrini
proceeds of which will benefit the      bilitation, recreational and edu-
                                                                                  for players attending out-of-state      Day,” explains Danielle Ralic ’09,                Lauren Piekarski
sled hockey program at the Can-         cational services to children and
                                                                                  tournaments.                            public relations director for the                Kathleen Sullivan
ton school for children and young       young adults with disabilities. All
                                                                                      For more information about          Art Club. “Now that the roses
adults with disabilities.               proceeds from the evening will
                                                                                  the event or making a donation,         have faded and the chocolates
   Connell School of Nursing stu-       benefit the Chariots. In addition
                                                                                  contact Nanci Peters at 617-733-        have been eaten, the harsher re-                  PhotogrAPhers
dents will join members of BC’s         to the game, the event will feature
                                                                                  5199 or via e-mail at         alities of intimacy show their true                 Gary Gilbert
women’s ice hockey team to play         raffles and a bake sale. Donations
                                                                                                  colors.”                                            Lee Pellegrini
                                                                                                                —KS           There will be a reception to
                                                                                                                          mark the exhibition opening                The Boston College Chronicle
                                                                                  Vincent and Mary Alice Stanton          from 5-7 p.m. Refreshments will
                                                                                  browse selections at the Feb. 9 open-                                          (USPS 009491), the internal newspa-
                                                                                  ing reception for the McMullen Mu-
                                                                                                                          be served — but no word as to          per for faculty and staff, is published
                                                                                  seum of Art exhibition “A New Key:      whether these will include leftover    biweekly from September to May by
                                                                                  Modern Belgian Art from the Simon       candy hearts.                          Boston College, with editorial offices
                                                                                  Collection.” A public celebration                                     —SS      at the Office of Public Affairs, 14
                                                                                  of the new show was held Tuesday
                                                                                  night. (Photo by Frank Curran)                                                 Mayflower Road, Chestnut Hill, MA
                                                                                                                             Correction: Survey                  02467 (617)552-3350. Distributed
                                                                                                                                                                 free to faculty and staff offices and
                                                                                                                             Story Headline                      other locations on campus. Periodi-
                                                                                                                                                                 cals postage paid at Boston, MA
                                                                                                                               The headline for the Feb.         and additional mailing offices. POST-
                                                                                                                            1 Chronicle front page story         MASTER: send address changes to
                                                                                                                            on two recently completed            The Boston College Chronicle, Of-
                                                                                                                            surveys of the University            fice of Public Affairs, 14 Mayflower
                                                                                                                            community should have read:          Road, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467.
                                                                                                                            “Employee, Student Surveys              Electronic editions of the Boston
                                                                                                                            Show Overall Satisfaction            College Chronicle are available via
                                                                                                                            with BC.” Chronicle regrets          the World Wide Web at http://
                                                                                                                            the error.                 
                                                                                        T he B osTon C ollege

                                                                                           february 15, 2007

University Holds First Undergraduate Research Symposium
                                        dents, said her experience at BC
          By GReG fROst
                                        has demonstrated the value of re-
           staff WRiteR
                                        search to the nursing profession.
    More than 40 Boston College             “Coming in as an undergradu-
students participated in the Uni-       ate I didn’t realize the importance
versity’s first annual Undergradu-      of research to nursing,” Knopf
ate Research Symposium Feb. 2,          said. “But through its emphasis on
showcasing their research projects      evidence-based practice, BC and
in a series of film, poster and panel   the Connell School have prepared
presentations.                          me well for graduate work.”
    Provost and Dean of Faculties           Many of the presenters were
Cutberto Garza saluted the cre-         recipients of Advanced Study
ativity, initiative and hard work       Grants or had their work selected
of the student-presenters in his        for publication in Elements, BC’s
welcoming remarks.                      undergraduate research journal,
      “Individually, you represent      the University’s bioethics journal
among the best at Boston Col-           Ethos, or Dialogue, Boston Col-
lege and are wonderful examples         lege’s academic essay journal.
of why Boston College alumni                Prof. Donald Hafner (Political
are so often welcomed through-          Science), who organized the sym-
out the world,” Garza said. “Col-       posium with the help of University
lectively, you are yet even more        Fellowships Administrator Linda
inspiring because of the depth and      Mackay, credited the pioneer spirit    Connell School of Nursing senior Kristin Knopf discusses her project with a group of prospective students at the Feb. 2 Un-
the breadth that is evident in your     of those involved in the event and     dergraduate Research Symposium. (Photo by Kris Brewer)
talents, and in the commitment          called it a major success.             lege of Arts and Sciences Honors           the Classics to teen bullying – but            “This kind of event that draws
that you have to make the world a           “It points to the real impor-      Program. Many of those students            also by the number of professors           the various faculties together this
better place.”                          tance of getting undergraduates        were visiting campus the day of the        from different schools within BC           way is itself a terrific plus for BC,”
    Among the student participants      connected to the research experi-      symposium, and Hafner estimated            who turned out.                            he said.
in the symposium was Kristin            ence early in the game,” Hafner        that at least a third of audience
Knopf, a senior who has served
as an undergraduate research fel-
                                        said, adding that planning was
                                        already underway for next year’s
                                                                               members at the various sessions
                                                                               were early-action students.                   Former AVP Neuhauser
low for Asst. Prof. Angela Amar         symposium.                                Adj. Prof. Mark O’Connor,
(CSON). Knopf, whose research
project focused on depression,
                                            The event also served as a re-
                                        cruitment tool for prospective BC
                                                                               director of the A&S Honors Pro-
                                                                               gram, said he was impressed not
                                                                                                                             to Lead Saint Michael’s                                           Lee Pellegrini
spirituality and social networks        students who have been given ear-      only by the range of topics pre-                 Former Academic Vice Presi-
among black female college stu-         ly-action admission into the Col-      sented – from global poverty to              dent and Dean of Faculties John
                                                                                                                            J. Neuhauser, currently a Uni-
Campus Energy Conservation Update                                                                                           versity Professor at BC, has been
                                                                                                                            appointed president of Saint Mi-
University Looks to Build                                                                                                   chael’s College and will assume
                                                                                                                            his new position effective July 1.

on Successful Campaign
                                                                                                                                Neuhauser, who also served
                                                                                                                            for 22 years as dean of the Car-
                                                                                                                            roll School of Management, will
   A competition that encourages        sumption, so as to build on — and                                                   be the 16th president of Saint
undergraduate residents to reduce       not jeopardize — the gains made                                                     Michael’s, a liberal arts residen-
electricity usage and a state-of-the-   last year.                                                                          tial Catholic college in Colches-
art control system that uses the            “Over the past two months                                                       ter, Vt.
Internet to help monitor build-                                                    “We believe that more students
                                        we’ve used more electricity than                                                        “While I very much look for-
ing environmental conditions are                                               will want to help us conserve
                                        we did at this time last year,” said                                                ward to the new challenge of
two of the latest components of                                                once they are aware of the impact
                                        Utilities Manager Deirdre Man-                                                      Saint Michael’s, leaving Boston
Boston College’s ongoing conser-                                               their usage has on the environ-                                                 John J. Neuhauser
                                        ning. “Lower energy prices and                                                      College will be the hardest thing
vation effort.                                                                 ment,” said Manning, noting that
                                        the warm winter may have made                                                       I have ever done,” said Neuhaus- barrier in each of Neuhauser’s
   A year after the campaign’s                                                 a screening of the documentary
                                        people a little more complacent.                                                    er last week. “My friends and five years, and saw an increase
successful debut, through which                                                “An Inconvenient Truth” last fall
                                        The sense of urgency is no longer                                                   my kids are largely in the area in prestigious post-graduate fel-
the University saved close to $2                                               drew crowds of several hundred
                                        there.”                                                                             and this is an institution I have lowship awards to BC students
million, BC administrators are                                                 students.
                                            Manning reiterated some of                                                      spent a lifetime coming to know. — including the University’s
at work implementing new pro-                                                      Meanwhile, the implementa-
                                        the more common, and effective,                                                     One just does not pick up stakes first-ever Rhodes Scholarship
grams and technologies to help                                                 tion of an Internet-based system
                                        energy conservation measures:                                                       and head out of town. Most winners in 2003.
reduce energy consumption, ease                                                that allows managers to get cli-
                                        turning off computers at night,                                                     of what I have learned — and            As CSOM dean, Neuhauser
pollution and save money.                                                      mate readings in every campus
                                        shutting down monitors, switch-                                                     some would say not much —I’ve was credited with raising the un-
   “There are a number of reasons                                              building is underway. The “direct
                                        ing off unused lights and unplug-                                                   learned on these old stones from dergraduate program to top-40
to conserve including avoiding                                                 digital control” system — now in
                                        ging unused cell phone chargers.                                                    faculty, administrators and staff, status among American business
costs and therefore allowing us to                                             use in about half of the campus
                                            “Seemingly small tasks when                                                     for all of whom I have great af- schools and recruiting distin-
spend more directly on academic                                                buildings — allows facilities man-
                                        replicated by thousands of people                                                   fection and respect.                guished faculty members — in-
or student programs, and being                                                 agers in St. Clement’s Hall to get
                                        on campus every day really make                                                         “It has been a great blessing cluding Alicia Munnell, Edward
good stewards of our environ-                                                  a real-time graphic representation
                                        a difference,” she said.                                                            to be able to walk across campus Kane and Wayne Ferson — to
ment,” said Executive Vice Presi-                                              of the floor plan of any building as
                                            BC’s energy campaign will get                                                   and always know a person com- hold endowed chairs. He is also
dent Patrick Keating.                                                          well as a status report that includes
                                        a boost today when the University                                                   ing in the opposite direction, to credited with helping to establish
   Energy conservation, Keating                                                a climate reading.
                                        reprises last year’s successful com-                                                find myself at an alumni event the Boston College Chief Execu-
adds, is a challenge for an institu-                                               In addition, new lighting to
                                        petition to promote conservation                                                    and have had a large number of tives’ Club, recognized as the top
tion like BC, which owns approxi-                                              be installed shortly in McGuinn
                                        among students living on cam-                                                       the individuals in class, even to speaking club for business execu-
mately 6.5 million square feet of                                              and Campion halls will reduce
                                        pus. Residence halls will compete                                                   attend a budget committee meet- tives in the United States.
space in 128 different buildings                                               energy consumption by 45 to 50
                                        against each other to see which                                                     ing with old and wise friends in        Neuhauser first came to Bos-
that range from residential-style                                              percent, improve color rendition
                                        group can incur the lowest per-                                                     attendance. I’ve learned a lot ton College in 1969 as an as-
houses to sophisticated laboratory                                             and increase illumination. The
                                        centage of electricity usage on a                                                   here; I hope it is enough.”         sistant professor of computer
and teaching environments.                                                     500,000 kWh conserved each year
                                        per student basis through April                                                         During Neuhauser’s tenure as science, and held several posi-
   “The energy situation is dif-                                               is the equivalent of 661,260 lbs of
                                        15. New meters that were in-                                                        AVP from 1999 to 2005, BC tions within CSOM. He was the
ferent in each of the facilities. In                                           avoided greenhouse gases.
                                        stalled in every campus residence                                                   strengthened its place among the founding chair of the Computer
the long run we intend to invest                                                   A similar project undertaken
                                        hall provide data on how much                                                       top 40 national universities as Science Department and became
in equipment and systems that                                                  in the campus parking garages re-
                                        electricity is being used and when,                                                 ranked by US News & World CSOM dean in 1977.
will increase the efficiency of our                                            sulted in increased lighting quality
                                        said Manning.                                                                       Report. The University also re-              —Office of Public Affairs
energy use and allow us to reduce                                              and a 40 percent drop in electric-
                                            Last year’s contest, held on                                                    corded dramatic rises in external
costs.”                                                                        ity usage — the equivalent of tak-
                                        Newton Campus, was won by                                                           funding for research and spon- Fr. Giulietti appointed
   Administrators warn that the                                                ing 48 passenger cars off the road,
                                        Hardey-Cushing residence hall,                                                      sored projects and undergraduate Wheeling Jesuit president, p. 7
University community needs to                                                  said Manning.
                                        which cut usage by nearly 11                                                        applications, breaking the 20,000
remain vigilant about energy con-                                                                  –Stephen Gawlik
                                                                                             T he B osTon C ollege

                                                                                               february 15, 2007

                                                                                    Pooling Their Resources
                                                                                                                             analyst in the Controller’s Office.           As a resident of Plymouth, Hol-
                                                                                    For two BC employees,                        Arriving on campus at around          mes leaves her house at 4:50 a.m.
                                                                                    the quest for a healthy                  6 a.m., she is routinely one of the       each day to make it to the Plex by
                                                                                                                             first people in the pool. She aver-       6.
                                                                                    life is going swimmingly                 ages between two and three miles              “My one hour of swimming is so
                                                                                                                             a session.                                important to me,” she says. “That’s
                                                                                               By GReG fROst                                                           my time, and it’s why I love the
                                                                                                                                 It is that kind of determination
                                                                                                staff WRiteR                                                           Swim Incentive Program – it gets
                                                                                                                             that allowed her to cover 185 miles
                                                                                        Last semester, Controller’s Of-      last semester, putting her well past      me moving and it makes it fun.”
                                                                                    fice staffer Mary Pohlman waded          her target of Lewiston.                       Last semester, Holmes set Ports-
                                                                                    into the pool at the Flynn Rec-              “I wanted to go all the way to        mouth, NH, as her goal. She ended
                                                                                    reation Complex and swam from            Bar Harbor but the pool broke,” she       up swimming more than 75 miles
                                                                                    Boston all the way to Maine. Her         lamented. (It has since been fixed.)      – easily surpassing the 51 miles be-
About 25 BC female athlete alumnae came to speak with current student-athletes at   colleague, Barbara Holmes, swam              Pohlman has spent a big chunk         tween Boston and Portsmouth.
the Council for Women at BC event in the Yawkey Center. (Photo by Rose Lincoln)     to New Hampshire.                        of her life in and around pools. She          Holmes says swimming also
                                                                                        Huh?                                 put in countless miles on her high        helps protect her body from the
Alumni Networking                                                                       Both women belong to the
                                                                                    RecPlex’s Swim Incentive Program,
                                                                                                                             school swim team, and for the past
                                                                                                                             27 years she has coached the New-
                                                                                                                                                                       effects of osteoporosis, which has
                                                                                                                                                                       caused her a few broken bones in
Continued from page 1                     ball player, and Suzanne Troy             which gives swimmers an extra kick
                                          Cole ’84, who lettered in lacrosse,       by translating their cumulative pool
a career in a particular field,” says
                                          served as co-chairs of the Council        laps to real-world distances.
Career Center Director Theresa
                                          for Women’s networking connec-                Caitriona Taylor, aquatics man-
Harrigan. “But the common fac-
                                          tion program, “Eagles2Eagles.”            ager at the RecPlex, introduced the
tor is, they are also Boston College
                                               “We wanted to establish a re-        program several years ago as a way
graduates who want to give some-
                                          lationship between female alumni          to motivate swimmers by fostering
thing back to students. It helps
                                          and current female student-ath-           friendly competition and alleviating
to create that great feeling of BC
                                          letes so that we could help them          the tedium of swimming laps.
                                          transition into post-graduation               “When you swim in a pool,
    Diane Coletti, CSOM ’81, the
                                          life,” she said. “That means a lot        you’re just going up and down, up
founder, president and CEO of
                                          of things to different people - it’s      and down – sometimes it can feel
Prestonwoods Associates, an ex-
                                          career, it’s family, it’s your power      like you’re not going anywhere,”
ecutive search firm, and a mem-
                                          of influence and it’s how to be           says Taylor. “But the Swim Incen-
ber of the Technology Council
                                          happy doing all of these things.”         tive Program allows you to map out
was chair of the Tech Council
                                              “We brought together about            your progress, so it feels like you’re
                                          25 graduate student-athletes,”            actually going somewhere.”
    “The vision that we are trying
                                          added Cole, “who were so excited              Last semester, the program took
to bring to the students is connec-
                                          to come and meet these young              on a New England theme and gave          Barbara Holmes, left, and Mary Pohlman in a familiar setting: the Flynn Recreation
tivity and the understanding that                                                                                            Complex swimming pool. (Photo by Lee Pellegrini)
                                          women. This is a chance for us to         swimmers 10 different target cities
you don’t have to be an engineer
                                          take one step further in helping          around the region, from Waltham,
to work in technology ventures,”                                                                                             ton Recreation Department Swim            recent years.
                                          these undergraduates so that when         to Lewiston, Me. This semester,
she said. “Our panelists show all                                                                                            Team.                                         Still, there is a downside to all
                                          they go out into the workforce            swimmers will be taking a virtual
of the different avenues of career                                                                                               Holmes, on the other hand, is         those laps in the pool.
                                          they too will want to come back           tour of lighthouses along the Outer
pursuits and how successful these                                                                                            relatively new to the sport. An ac-           “I have these new biceps that get
                                          and share what they have done             Banks.
people have been in the field with                                                                                           countant in the Controller’s Office,      in the way — I can’t wear my old
                                          and learned over the years.”                  Between 10 and 20 members of
their degrees in finance, fine arts,                                                                                         Holmes took up swimming three             jackets because of these,” she says,
                                              Kia McNeill ’08, a human de-          the Boston College community take
marketing and others.                                                                                                        years ago as a way to get in shape        flexing her arms with a chuckle.
                                          velopment major in the Lynch              part in the program each semester,
    “We are not necessarily scien-                                                                                           and carve out some personal time          “Oh well. I must be doing some-
                                          School of Education and a mem-            and none is more formidable than
tists or engineers, but we all are                                                                                           in her busy day.                          thing right.”
                                          ber of the Boston College soccer          Pohlman, a business system support
business people who have accom-
plishments in helping technology          team, said that the event was a
companies grow and thrive and
sell and get funded,” she said.
                                          great help in planning her future
                                          after graduation. “We don’t have
                                          a National Football League to go
                                                                                    Faculty Make Commitment to Technology
“There is a path in the technology
world if you choose to go that            to, so we are up in the air right         Continued from page 1                       Owens says many of these devel-            Instructional Design and eTeach-
route.”                                   now about what we want to do,”
                                                                                    assigned topics. Kane says the tech-     opments are the result of long-term       ing Services has enabled BC to lend
    Sally Driscoll ’89, a former          she said. “This is a wonderful op-
                                                                                    nology is based on the philosophy        University investments aimed at           further support, as well as promote
BC golfer and hockey and soft-            portunity.”
                                                                                    that a crowd is, in some conditions,     readying BC to accommodate ever-          faculty education and recognition,
                                                                                    smarter than an individual.              changing technologies. Projects such      through a series of events such as

LSOE Studies Role of Fathers                                                            •Assoc. Prof. Rita Olivieri
                                                                                    (CSON) utilizes course manage-
                                                                                                                             as the development of a campus
                                                                                                                             wireless network and the upgrade
                                                                                                                                                                       the annual “eTeaching Day” and
                                                                                                                                                                       the regularly scheduled “eTeaching
                                                                                    ment application WebCT to of-            and renovation of most classrooms         Luncheon” series, as well as annual
Continued from page 1
                                                                                    fer instruction to nurses seeking        to accommodate laptop computers,          summer workshops. Faculty mem-
   According to Coley, the study          rather than a yes/no categorization,      post-master’s degree teaching cer-       projectors and other technologies         bers who demonstrate particularly
included children whose parents           involvement was viewed as a con-          tification. The course is offered        are now paying dividends, thanks to       innovative use of technology are se-
were divorced or separated and oth-       tinuum,” she said. “These measures        completely online and much of the        the efforts of Information Technol-       lected by students to receive “Teach-
ers who had never lived with their        were combined into a total scale of       interaction between Olivieri and         ogy Services.                             ing with New Media Awards” each
biological fathers. The analyses con-     father involvement.                       the 18 students who have taken              Similarly, an investment in ser-       year.
trolled for the presence of a stepfa-         “Clearly,” Coley added, “this         the course has been through the          vices has provided faculty with sup-          Owens said BC’s use of technol-
ther or maternal cohabiting partner       measure does not tap into all poten-      Internet.                                port needed to enhance the use of         ogy in teaching has been aided by a
in the adolescents’ households, as        tial aspects of parenting that might          •In the Lynch School of Educa-       technology in teaching. The devel-        grant from the Davis Foundation,
well as for whether or not they had       be important to youth.”                   tion Assoc. Prof. Alec Peck is con-      opment of Instructional Design and        which was used to underwrite a
an adult male who acted as a father           The research was funded, in part,     verting the on-line journal TECPlus      eTeaching Services, an initiative of      program in conjunction with the
figure to them.                           by the W.T. Grant Foundation, the         that he edits to podcasts. Peck, an      the University Provost, is aimed          College of Arts and Sciences Hon-
   The extent and scope of the            National Institute of Child Health        expert in technology for people with     at assisting instructors who inte-        ors Program on enhanced pedagogy
fathers’ involvement was based on         and Human Development, Office             disabilities, is hoping the podcasts     grate technology into their teaching      and technology.
mothers’ and adolescents’ reports,        of the Assistant Secretary of Plan-       are as popular as the journal’s more     through consultation, training, re-           Owens stressed that while tech-
Coley said, with adolescents report-      ning and Evaluation, Administra-          traditional format.                      search, and project management.           nology is certainly worth the invest-
ing on the frequency of contact and       tion on Developmental Disabilities,           For their part, BC students              “Right now we are doing about         ment, it is only a means to a more
communication with their fathers,         Administration for Children and           are coming to campus increasing-         20 to 40 projects per year to help        important end: a productive, mean-
while mothers described how much          Families, Social Security Adminis-        ly skilled, knowledgeable — and          faculty use technology in teach-          ingful higher education experience.
responsibility fathers took for the       tration, and the National Institute       equipped – to make use of some           ing,” said Instructional Design and           “The faculty and students will
adolescents’ care and discipline.         of Mental Health.                         technologies which are an increas-       eTeaching Services Director Eliza-        always be of primary importance,”
   “Involvement was defined as a              An online version of Child Devel-     ingly ubiquitous part of their lives     beth Clark, who noted that about          said Owens. “Technology is just a
continuous rather than a dichot-          opment is available at         both inside and outside the class-       60 percent of BC faculty members          tool to help us enhance that rela-
omous variable — meaning that                   room.                                    make use of WebCT.                        tionship.”
                                                       —Office of Public Affairs
                                                                                              T he B osTon C ollege

                                                                                                february 15, 2007

                                                                  heights                       of         eXcellence                                                      Photos by Lee Pellegrini

 In the Bully Pulpit
CSON’s Judith Vessey has built her career around helping kids
who need extra care. Now she’s taken on a new challenge: bullies
                By kathleen sullivan                                   during the late 1970s and early 1980s, worked on
                    staff WRiteR                                       the re-settlement of Southeast Asian immigrants.
                                                                       These accomplishments earned her a service award
    Judith Vessey, one of the country’s top nursing                    from the American Red Cross.
researchers in pediatrics, has a confession to make:                       Vessey will not soon forget the last time she was
As a nurse in training, she hated her pediatrics rota-                 called into action as a disaster nurse — Sept. 11,
tion.                                                                  2001. She was en route from Boston to New York
    It wasn’t the kids she didn’t like, she is quick to                City by rail when news of the first attack on the
explain, but the way that health care was delivered                    World Trade Center literally stopped her train in
to children, especially those in hospital settings.                    its tracks as it neared the city. Vessey and her fellow
    “There was no good pain management for chil-                       passengers watched the second airplane hit the other
dren and parents’ involvement was very limited,”                       twin tower.
says Vessey, who is Lelia Holden Carroll Professor at                      She and the others were eventually led into
the Connell School of Nursing. “The whole set-up                       an evacuated Penn Station under heavy security
was rigid and very regimental. I felt something was                    — “That’s when it became frightening,” she ac-
wrong with the system.”                                                knowledges. But her nursing instincts kicked in and
    Children and their families can be glad Vessey                     she started getting ready for a day of triage. Unfor-
stuck it out in pediatrics, for her distinguished career               tunately, Vessey recalls, the mortality and morbid-
has been dedicated to the care and well-being of                       ity rates at the World Trade Center on 9/11 were
children, especially those with chronic conditions.                    reversed from more “typical” disasters. The fatalities                of a price to pay. Parents who are concerned about
    Vessey says an estimated 30 percent of children                    far outnumbered the injured persons.                                  their kid’s behavior won’t ask the school for help.
have chronic conditions that require constant moni-                        Her experiences with disaster preparation and                         “A lot has changed since Columbine. Before the
toring and care, from illnesses such as diabetes to                    relief are why her basement contains a two-week                       school killings in Columbine, a lot of schools did
behavioral conditions such as Attention Deficit Hy-                    supply of provisions for herself and her beloved cats,                not have formal policies on how to handle bullying.
peractivity Disorder, to developmental conditions                      Macavity and Allergen.                                                Now most schools have rules and try to follow the
like autism. The motivating force behind all her                                                                                             best practices guidelines for bullying prevention.”
work as a nurse researcher is the quest to “keep kids                     no rite of Passage                                                     This facet of Vessey’s work is part of her wider
with chronic conditions the healthiest — physically,                      Vessey wants to make it clear that she’s not out to                concern for the overall health of all school-age chil-
psychologically and socially — they can be.”                           completely alter human interaction. Good-natured,                     dren. “I worked with [Former US Surgeon General]
    Now, Vessey has set her sights on another all-too-                 light-hearted teasing, she says, has always been part                 Jocelyn Elders when I lived in Arkansas. She has a
common scourge of childhood: bullying. Through                         of life, whether in school, at the playground or the                  great quote that I love: ‘You can’t educate a child
her work, which has included heading up a national                     workplace.                                                            who isn’t healthy, and you can’t keep a child healthy
study on children who are particularly vulnerable                         But society, Vessey says, needs to get the mes-                    who isn’t educated.’”
to harassment, Vessey is determined to send the                        sage that bullying is not simply a childhood rite of                      In 2005, Vessey put that motto into practice
message that constant taunting and aggravation is a                    passage and that without intervention, bullying can                   when she helped to create the Massachusetts School
threat to healthy development.                                         have a lasting impact on children’s development.                      Nurse Research Network (MASNRN), a collab-
    “You know the saying, ‘There are three kinds                          Vessey says there is a significant difference be-                  orative of the Massachusetts School Nurse Orga-
of people: Those who make things happen, those                         tween bullying and what might be considered nor-                      nization, the state’s Department of Public Health’s
who watch things happen, and those who ask what                        mal aggressive behavior among children. Bullying                      School Health Unit, and the Connell School. It is
happened?’” says Assoc. Prof. Rosanna DeMarco                          involves a child deliberately and persistently exerting               the first practice-based research network dedicated
(CSON). “Judi is someone who makes things hap-                         power over another, with intent to cause physical or                  to school nursing, and one of only a few nurse-led
pen. She’s a leader.”                                                  emotional harm.                                                       practice-based research networks, in the country.
    A certified pediatric nurse practitioner, Vessey                                                                                         MASNRN has about 75 members representing
is co-editor of the award-winning book                                                                                                                some 60 school districts statewide.
Primary Care of the Child with a Chronic                                                                                                                  “The network has been very positive,”
Condition and last year was honored by                                                                                                                said Marie DeSisto, director of nurses for
the Society of Pediatric Nurses with the                                                                                                              Waltham Public Schools, which have been
Excellence in Nursing Research Award                                                                                                                  involved in MASNRN projects on student
for her body of work in the field of devel-                                                                                                           asthma, bullying and influenza vaccination.
opmental pediatrics.                                                                                                                                  “School nurses are very isolated. They don’t
    For all her professional and research ac-                                                                                                         work in facilities where there are medical
tivities, friends and colleagues say, Vessey                                                                                                          libraries, and access to nursing research and
readily embraces her role as a teacher.                                                                                                               evidence-based practice methods, although
    “Judi is an amazing mentor,” said                                                                                                                 very much desired, is something that just
Vessey’s former Undergraduate Research                                                                                                                wasn’t available.”
Fellow Katelyn McGowan, CSON ’06,                                                                                                                         “The network lets me bring my loves,
who co-authored a book chapter with                                                                                                                   research and school health, together,” Vessey
Vessey. “She really cares about her stu-                                                                                                              said. “Massachusetts is a leader in school
dents and wants them to excel. I have                                                                                                                 nursing. This network can help school nurs-
never had a teacher [who] has wanted me                                                                                                               es maximize their level of practice. School
to achieve success and [who] believed in                                                                                                              nurses are so important. When so many
me the way Professor Vessey did and still                                                                                                             children do not have health insurance or
continues to.                                                                                                                                         adequate health care, school nurses are the
                                                      “Judi is an amazing mentor,” says a former student of Vessey. “She is the essence of
    “I would have never received the op-                                                                                                              great equalizers.”
                                                      caring professionalism.”
portunities that I did if I hadn’t worked                                                                                                                 While serving as a research consultant for
with Judi,” continued McGowan, who landed a job                           While physical bullying is more obvious, emo-                      the National Association of School Nurses, Vessey
in the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Brigham and                      tional bullying is more common, says Vessey. Shun-                    contributed to “Stop Bullying Now,” a national
Women’s Hospital. “She not only helped me learn                        ning the victim, spreading rumors, name-calling or                    campaign that provides information about bully-
about research but she helped me to be a more con-                     making threats are all forms of emotional bullying.                   ing and bullying prevention. Students, parents and
fident person in the work place. She is the essence                    Because bullying does not usually happen in front                     school personnel can visit the campaign’s Web site
of caring professionalism. I can never repay her for                   of the teachers, Vessey says, all other school-related                to read a question-and-answer column about bully-
all that she has done for me.”                                         personnel — from bus drivers to custodians to caf-                    ing and watch videos that depict bullying scenarios
    Pediatrics is not Vessey’s only area of expertise. A               eteria workers — need to be educated about the                        followed up by questions for the viewer.
Wellesley resident, she is working with local officials                problem and involved in preventing it.                                    One growing concern, says Vessey, is cyberbul-
on that community’s response to emergencies, a task                       “No-tolerance policies on bullying don’t work.                     lying, where youngsters use the Internet or camera
to which she brings task more than 20 years of expe-                   It drives the problem underground,” said Vessey.                      phones to send harmful images or text, e-mail
rience as a volunteer disaster nurse for the American                  “Kids don’t want to report other kids for minor in-                   and instant messages, and post hurtful or untrue
Red Cross. She has aided victims of house fires and,                   fractions because the punishment is seen as too high                                                    Continued on page 8
                                                                                                           T he B osTon C ollege

                                                                                                             february 15, 2007

      Postings                              Lynch Is New Head for 10-Year-Old Irish Institute
  Judaica expert Jospe presents                                                                                                            Prof. Kevin O’Neill who, she says,      will oversee logistical support and
                                                       By Reid Oslin
                                                                                                                                           “taught me not to be afraid of          local hospitality.

                                                                                     Lee Pellegrini
lectures Feb. 19                                       staff WRiteR
  Raphael Jospe, a professor of Jew-                                                                                                       starting with an idea and building           “We have been especially for-
ish philosophy at Bar Ilan University in        Niamh Lynch presented some                                                                 something concrete around it.”          tunate,” says Hachey, “that the
Israel and chair of the Jerusalem Rain-     impressive credentials for her new                                                                 While completing her post-          United States government contin-
bow Group — the city’s oldest Chris-        job as director of the Boston Col-                                                             graduate studies, Lynch served a        ues to have the Irish Institute serve
tian-Jewish dialogue group — will           lege Irish Institute: A native of Ire-                                                         year as the Center for Irish Pro-       as the agency of choice in promot-
present a pair of lectures dealing with     land, she earned her undergraduate                                                             grams’ interim director of the BC-      ing this peace initiative enterprise
interreligious collaboration on Monday,     and doctoral degrees in history at                                                             Ireland office in Dublin. “That was     through an academic venue. We
Feb. 19.                                                                                                                                                                           are the only academic institution
                                            Boston College, taught history at                                                              a rewarding experience. Boston
  At 4 p.m. in the McGuinn Fifth Floor
                                            the college level, and even served as                                                          College obviously has a wonderful       which conducts the specifically tar-
Lounge, Jospe will speak on “Religious
Pluralism without Relativism.” He will      interim managing director of BC-                                                               connection to Ireland, but I think      geted leadership programs which
follow with a talk at 7:30 p.m. in Hig-     Ireland’s office in Dublin.                                                                    that the BC-Ireland office is a very    the Irish Institute sponsors.”
gins 300 titled “The Significance of            Yet Center for Irish Programs                                                              visible show of the University’s            Hachey says the institute will
Jerusalem in Judaism, Christianity, and     Executive Director Thomas E.                                                                   commitment to being a genuinely         continue to promote “peace and
Islam.”                                     Hachey sees still more strengths in                                                            international university.”              reconciliation” for Northern Ire-
  For more information, contact the         his newest hire. “She understands                                                                  To commemorate the institute’s      land but has also demonstrated
Center for Christian-Jewish Learning at     both the Anglo-Irish and the Irish-                                                            10-year milestone, the Center for       the potential to undertake other
ext.2-4495 or            American issues we confront today.                    Niamh Lynch                              Irish Programs will sponsor a two-      initiatives.
                                            Among all the candidates, I firmly                                                             day “reunion” program on April              “My hope is that the institute
 African and African Diaspora                                                                                                                                                      will build upon the kind of pro-
                                            believe that Niamh [pronounced                            Lynch formally accepted the          13 and 14 at Dublin Castle where
Studies head to give talk
                                            “Neeve”] was the one who decid-                       post as institute director last month,   the institute’s 700 alumni will be      grams that are not supported by
 Assoc. Prof. Cynthia Young (English),
director of the University’s African and    edly had the clearest acquaintance                    succeeding Mary O’Herlihy, who           invited to hear presentations on        a federal grant, at which Mary
African Diaspora Studies Program, will      with the ‘players’ in Dublin, Bel-                    had recently resigned when family        leadership, government, education,      O’Herlihy did such a splendid job
present “Black Ops: Terrorism, Pop Cul-     fast, and Washington, DC.”                            interests mandated a move to the         philanthropy and media/commu-           in cultivating.” This success, he
ture, and the Raced Body” on Feb. 21            Such knowledge is essential for                   San Francisco area.                      nications.                              adds, would enhance BC’s inter-
at 12:30 p.m. in Lyons 301.                 a director of the Irish Institute,                        Born in rural County Cavan,              “The aim of the program is to       national profile while affirming
 Young is author of the recently            which designs and implements po-                      Lynch and her family moved to            bring people together and to have       the Irish Institute as one of the
published book Soul Power: Culture,         litical, educational and corporate                    New Hampshire when she was in            that professional collegiality sus-     Center for Irish Programs’ widely
Radicalism, and the Making of a US          exchange programs in the United                       the eighth grade. She chose to at-       tained,” Lynch says. “This reunion      acclaimed initiatives, which along
Third World Left. Her most recent proj-     States for leaders from Ireland and                                                            is a chance to measure just how         with BC-Ireland includes the Burns
                                                                                                  tend BC, she says, because of the
ects deal with black British and black                                                                                                                                             Library Irish Collections and the
                                            Northern Ireland as a means of                        University community’s “friendli-        successful that has been and to
American cultural politics and popular
                                            helping build lasting peace and                       ness and willingness to help right       celebrate the on-going process of       Irish Studies Program.
culture after 9/11.
 For more information, contact mca-         prosperity. The institute — ob-                       from the beginning,” a characteris-      learning that has gotten underway           “That objective was uppermost                               serving its 10th anniversary this                     tic she feels is “still true today.”     during the past 10 years.”              in my mind when I was interview-
                                            year — holds conferences, semi-                           Lynch earned her bachelor’s de-          Hachey will host the conference     ing the finalists for the Institute
  Workshop explores diversity,              nars and meetings, supported by                       gree in history in 1996 and this         on behalf of the center, Lynch          position,” Hachey said. “Niamh
Ignatian tradition                          funding from Congress, and in                         past May completed her doctorate         will design and implement the           came across convincingly as the
  The Boston College Employee De-           collaboration with the US State                       in history, with help from Irish         workshops and Prof. James Cro-          person most likely to effectively
velopment Program will sponsor a            Department’s Bureau of Educa-                         Studies and History faculty mem-         nin (History) and BC-Ireland Pro-       expedite this goal, and to take it to
workshop, “Diversity and the Ignatian       tional and Cultural Affairs.                          bers Prof. Kevin Kenny and Assoc.        grams Administrator Thea Gilien         the next level.”
Tradition,” on Feb. 21 from 9-11 a.m. in
the Corcoran Commons Boston Room.
  Participants will learn about the
importance the Society of Jesus has         Intersections Program Expands Faculty, Staff Offerings
placed on diversity throughout its his-
tory, and how the Jesuit vision was             Intersections, the popular                            But the event featured more          from the Intersections advanced             “It’s clear from having been
transformed by interacting with other       program that helps BC students                        than just talk: Participants were        seminar with a renewed sense of         part of this group that the major-
cultures, embracing new knowledge           discern possible vocation, has                        required to generate proposals for       enthusiasm about student forma-         ity of faculty do care and are will-
and welcoming new colleagues.               boosted its offerings with a series                   pilot projects that would translate      tion at BC. Specifically, he said he    ing to work with students outside
  For more information, call ext.2-8532
                                            of advanced seminars for faculty                      reflection about student forma-          relished the opportunity to discuss     the classroom in their academic
or send e-mail to employee.develop-                                and staff.                                            tion into concrete programs in           the topic with faculty members          mission,” Chebator said. “That
                                                Burt Howell, director of In-                      student life and academics.              and hear about their involvement        validated the concept of BC edu-
 Boisi Center hosts discussion              tersections, led nine BC profes-                          A review board considered all        with students.                          cating the whole student.”
on “Theocons”                               sors and administrators in the                        proposals from the group and de-                                                                        —Greg Frost
 The Boisi Center on Religion and           first advanced seminar last fall.                     cided to fund two.
American Public Life will sponsor “’The     The group met weekly in Hovey                             The first proposal, devised by
Theocons’ in American Public Life,” a
discussion with Damon Linker, author
                                            House to explore specific topics in
                                            the area of student formation.
                                                                                                  Associate Dean of Students Paul
                                                                                                  Chebator, Assistant Director for
                                                                                                                                                BC Enjoys Leading Reputation
of The Theocons: Secular America                Howell said the advanced sem-                     Student Formation Christopher
Under Siege, and Prof. Jorge Garcia                                                                                                              Boston College is the leading     Other top 10 finishers included
                                            inars are designed to build on the                    Darcy and Associate Director of
(Philosophy). Boisi Center Director Prof.                                                                                                    institution of higher education in    Tufts University (5), Boston Uni-
                                            tradition of Intersections seminars                   Residence Life Justin Price, would
Alan Wolfe will moderate the discus-                                                                                                         Massachusetts in terms of overall     versity (6), Harvard University
sion.                                       for faculty and staff that began                      reach out to first- or second-year
                                                                                                                                             reputation, according to a new        (7) and Massachusetts Institute of
 In The Theocons, Linker argues that a      in 2001 and have so far attracted                     students who are considered “at
                                                                                                                                             survey released by a local repu-      Technology (9).
group of Catholic “theoconservatives”       some 350 participants.                                risk” of disciplinary and other
                                                                                                                                             tation management and public              “Being recognized in this way
has actively sought for several decades         The first advanced seminar was                    problems.
                                                                                                                                             relations firm.                       is important to us,” said Associ-
to undermine the distinction between        a success on many levels, he said.                        The program would send the                                                   ate Vice President for Human
                                                                                                                                                 The recent study, commis-
church and state in this country.               “There’s a real opportunity in                    students on a retreat where they
 Call ext.2-1860 or send e-mail to rich-                                                                                                     sioned by Morrissey & Co. of          Resources Robert J. Lewis. “We
                                            these types of programs to recon-                     would interact with trained BC for more information.                                                                                                            Boston, polled the region’s top       feel this reflects well on our Jesuit,
                                            cile differences that might exist                     faculty or staff members who
                                                                                                                                             200 business leaders and asked        Catholic tradition and the values
                                            between faculty and staff because                     would help them think about mak-
 New C21 Online offerings                                                                                                                    them to rank the Bay State’s lead-    that we as an employer and a
                                            you’re relating to each other as                      ing more responsible life choices
 C21 (Church in the 21st Century)                                                                                                            ing private and public enterprises    community try to live up to as we
                                            people – all around the same table,                   in the future. Another component
Online has announced two new online                                                                                                          on the basis of reputation, prod-     go about our business of educat-
courses. The first is “Encountering         sharing experiences, engaging in                      would set up a potential mentor-
                                                                                                                                             ucts and services, place to work,     ing young men and women.”
Mark, Matthew and Luke: The Synoptic        an ongoing conversation,” Howell                      ing relationship between students
                                                                                                                                             degree of social responsibility,          Although several factors con-
Gospels,” featuring text by Center for      said. “That’s really healthy for                      and BC volunteers.
                                                                                                                                             ethics and corporate governance       tribute to the University’s high
Christian-Jewish Learning Executive         the institution and it was demon-                         The second proposal to be
                                                                                                                                             and financial stability.              standing, Lewis said, “I believe
Director Philip Cunningham and Prof. Fr.    strated beautifully by the people                     green-lighted came from Assoc.                                                   that it is largely attributed to our
                                                                                                                                                 Boston’s Brigham & Wom-
Michael Himes (Theology), beginning         involved last semester.”                              Prof. James Weiss (Theology),
Feb. 19 and running for six weeks.                                                                                                           en’s Hospital finished first among    competitive pay and benefit offer-
                                                Howell said student formation                     who is also director of the Cap-
 The second course, “Spirituality Mat-                                                                                                       the 74 universities, businesses and   ings and perhaps just as impor-
                                            is becoming an increasingly im-                       stone Program. He proposed an
ters,” also featuring Fr. Himes, begins                                                                                                      hospitals included in the survey,     tant, but not as tangible, that as
                                            portant part of the University mis-                   annual series of public lectures
March 5 and lasts for four weeks.                                                                                                            followed by Dunkin’ Donuts            a community we appreciate and
                                            sion as BC charts out its strategic                   at BC aimed at presenting differ-
 For registration and other information,                                                                                                     and Children’s Hospital. Boston       respect the contributions that all
                                            plan for the next 10 to 15 years,                     ences of viewpoint as essential to
see or contact                                                                                                          College was fourth in the over-       employees make in order for Bos-                           and it therefore made sense for                       University life and not as disrup-
                                                                                                                                             all ranking, but highest among        ton College to be successful.”
                                            the advanced seminar to discuss                       tive to community.
                                                                                                                                             all higher education institutions.                            —Reid Oslin
                                            the topic.                                                Chebator said he came away
                                                                                                      T he B osTon C ollege

                                                                                                        february 15, 2007

•Cleary Professor of Finance                         •Research Assoc. Prof. Eric Strauss     and University Historian Thomas          Administration, “The Center for        •Prof. Zhifeng Ren (Physics):
Edward Kane offered remarks to                       (Biology), director of Boston           O’Connor were interviewed by             Retirement Research at Boston          NanoLab, Inc., “PbTePbS Ther-
Bloomberg News for a story on                        College’s Environmental Studies         New England Cable News about             College – Annual Work Plan Fiscal      moelectric Nanocomposites for
the resignation of a Federal Reserve                 Program, was featured in the Bos-       the legacy of the late Rev. Robert       Year 2006.”                            Cooling.”
official.                                            ton Globe for his work in bringing      Drinan, SJ, a former dean of the
                                                     environmental science to schools.       Boston College Law School.               •Prof. Kevin Mahoney (GSSW):           •Center on Wealth and Philanthro-
•Monan Professor of Higher                                                                                                            $799,923, Department of Health         py Director Prof. Paul Schervish
Education Philip Altbach, director                   •Center on Wealth and Philanthro-       •Prof. Sharlene Hesse-Biber (Soci-       and Human Services, “Cash              (Sociology): $5,000, Chevy Chase
of BC’s Center for International                     py Director Prof. Paul Schervish        ology) spoke with the Christian          and Counseling: Next Steps”;           Trust, “The Washington D.C.
Higher Education, was interviewed                    (Sociology) was interviewed by the      Science Monitor regarding the “glass     $251,004, Institute for Rehabilita-    Metropolitan Area Wealth Transfer
by Nature for a special report on                    Richmond Times-Dispatch regarding       ceiling” in corporate America.           tion and Research, “National State     Study.”
short-term faculty employment                        charitable giving.                                                               to State Technical Assistance Pro-
patterns around the world.                                                                   •Prof. Marc Landy (Political Sci-        gram for Community Living.”            •Clare Booth Luce Professor of
                                                     •Boisi Center for Religion and          ence) offered his assessment of                                                 Computer Science Xingxing Yu:
•Research Prof. Irwin Blumer                         American Public Life Director           the Bush Administration in in-           •Vanderslice Millennium Profes-        $116,768, Computer Science,
(LSOE) was quoted by the Boston                      Prof. Alan Wolfe (Political Science)    terviews with Bloomberg News             sor of Chemistry Amir Hoveyda:         “Clare Booth Luce Prefessorship.”
Globe regarding rising compensa-                     spoke with the New York Times           and New England Cable News in            $250,959, Massachusetts Insti-
                                                                                             advance of President Bush’s State        tute of Technology, “Design and
tion for Metro West school admin-                    about a writer’s controversial essay
                                                                                             of the Union address.                    Synthesis of Chiral MO-based           Time and a Half
istrators.                                           linking liberal Jews and Anti-Semi-
                                                     tism.                                                                            Catalysts.”                            •Prof. Ana Martínez-Alemán
                                                                                             •The Weston Observatory was
•Prof. Ellen Winner (Psychology)                                                                                                                                             (LSOE) presented “Gender, Fac-
                                                                                             featured in the spring edition of
was quoted by the Wall Street Jour-                  •Flatley Professor of Catholic                                                   •Lynch School of Education facul-      ulty Productivity, and the Cor-
                                                                                             Wellesley/Weston Magazine.
nal regarding child prodigies and                    Theology David Hollenbach, SJ,                                                   ty members Prof. Ina Mullis and        poratization of American Higher
teen golfer Michelle Wie.                                                                                                             Research Prof. Michael Martin:         Education” at the Gender and
                                                                                                                                      $150,000, International Associa-       Women’s Studies 25 Anniversary
Fr. Giulietti Is Choice to                                                                   •Assoc. Prof. Jeffrey Cohen
                                                                                             (CSOM) published “The Effect of
                                                                                                                                      tion for the Evaluation of Edu-
                                                                                                                                      cational Achievement, “TIMSS
                                                                                                                                                                             Speaker Series at Grinnell College
                                                                                                                                                                             in Grinnell, IA.

Lead Wheeling Jesuit Univ.                                                                   Perceived Fairness on Opportunis-
                                                                                             tic Behavior,” in Contemporary Ac-
                                                                                                                                      Advanced (2008).”
                                                                                                                                                                             •Brennan Professor of Education
                                                                                                                                                                             Andy Hargreaves delivered “The
   Rev. Julio Giulietti, SJ, director                                                        counting Research and “The Impact        •Prof. Marc Landy (Political Sci-
of Boston College’s Center for Ig-                                                                                                    ence): $126,289, National Endow-       Persistence of Presentism and the
                                                                                             of Roles of the Board on Auditors’
                                        File photo

natian Spirituality, has been named                                                                                                   ment for the Humanities, “En-          Struggle for Sustainable School
                                                                                             Risk Assessment and Program
eighth president of Wheeling Jesuit                                                                                                   countering John Adams: Braintree       Improvement” at the London
                                                                                             Planning Decisions,” in Auditing:
University in West Virginia.                                                                                                          and Boston.”                           Institute of Education in England.
                                                                                             A Journal of Practice and Theory.
   Fr. Giulietti, who will assume his                                                                                                                                        He also led a team for the Organi-
duties in Wheeling in mid-August,                                                                                                     •Prof. Michael Graf (Physics):         zation for Economic Cooperation
oversees a number of spiritual en-                                                                                                    $60,118, Howard University,            and Development to Finland to
richment and formation programs                                                                                                       “Study of Fermi Surface of Bie-        investigate the relationship between
                                                                                             •Drucker Professor of Manage-
at BC, and also has more than                                                                                                         muth Nanowires.”                       leadership, school improvement,
                                                                                             ment Sciences Alicia Munnell:
25 years of experience in working                                                                                                                                            and educational performance. The
                                                                                             $2,678,400, Social Security
with international programs and                                                                                                                                              report from Hargreaves’ team will
higher education. He has taught in                                                                                                                                           be published later this year.
the Theology Department, helped
design the inter-departmental aca-                                                             Forum on Catholic Women Feb. 26                                               •Asst. Prof. Jamel Bell (Com-
demic minor in Faith, Peace and                                                                                                                                              munication) presented the key-
Justice and prepared and placed                                                                  The panel discussion “Called to Be Catholic: Religious Practices that       note address for the Illinois State
graduating students for two years                    Rev. Julio Giulietti, SJ
                                                                                              Nourish Women’s Spirituality,” part of an ongoing series on the role of        University Black History Month
of service in South America and                      thoughtfully he articulates the prin-    women in the Catholic Church sponsored by the Church in the 21st               kickoff event.
the Middle East through the Bos-                     ciples of Ignatian spirituality, and     Century Center of Boston College, will be held Feb. 26 at 5:30 p.m. in
ton College International Volunteer                  how deeply he is committed to            the Heights Room of Corcoran Commons.
Program.                                             social justice. I can see why these          Panelists will be Asst. Prof. Nancy Pineda-Madrid (Theology), a            Deaths
   He has also coordinated the pop-                  qualities would make him an attrac-      faculty member in the Institute for Religious Education and Pastoral           •Former Assistant Budget Direc-
ular “Intersections” programs that                   tive candidate to Wheeling Jesuit        Ministry, Campus Minister Sister Mary Sweeney, SC, and IREPM                   tor Pearl Mottram ’76, died Jan.
have introduced the history and                      University.                              alumna Kate Carter.                                                            27 in Brooksville, Fla. Donations
mission of the Jesuit educational                        “The many friends he has made           For more information, see               in her memory may be made to:
tradition to hundreds of BC stu-                     among faculty and staff at BC will       sonwomen/ or call ext.2-0470.                                                  Hernando Pasco Hospice, 12260
dents, faculty and staff members.                    miss him as a colleague but I think                                                                                     Cortez Blvd., Brooksville, Fla.
     Vice President for University                   they will understand why he is                                                                                          34613.
Mission and Ministry Joseph Apple-                   drawn to the challenge of leading
yard, SJ, said, “Having worked with                  Wheeling Jesuit in its distinctive         Documentary on Dorothy Day
Julio for the past five years, I know                mission.”
how well he deals with people, how                                          —Reid Oslin         Will Be Screened on Feb. 28
                                                                                                                                      of Hospitality program for the
                     nota bene
                                                                                                 The life of one of America’s
                                                                                             most famous, and unusual, Cath-          poor.                                             Jobs
                                                                                             olic social activists is chronicled in       The film was a 14-year under-
                                                                                             the documentary “Dorothy Day:            taking by director Claudia Larson,     -Research Associate, Center for
   Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean and Center on Aging and                                                                  its title a reference to Day’s fa-
                                                                                             Don’t Call Me a Saint,” which                                                   Retirement Research (2 posi-
Work Co-Director Michael A. Smyer has been named to the American                                                                      mous comment, “Don’t call me a
                                                                                             will be screened Feb. 28 at 4 p.m.                                              tions)
Psychological Association Committee on Aging (CONA). The goal of                                                                      saint. I don’t want to be dismissed
                                                                                             in McGuinn 121.                                                                 -Associate Director of Reunions,
CONA, a six-member committee of psychologists with substantive pro-                                                                   so easily.”
                                                                                                 Day, a journalist for Marxist                                               Law School
fessional expertise in aging issues, is to advance psychology as a science                                                                Participants from the Catho-
                                                                                             papers and member of the In-                                                    -Architectural Designer, Facilities
and profession and as a means of promoting health and human welfare                                                                   lic Worker movement will be on
                                                                                             dustrial Workers of the World,                                                  Management
by ensuring that older adults — especially the growing numbers of older                                                               hand for a discussion of the film
                                                                                             became embroiled in various so-
women and minorities — receive the attention of the APA.                                                                                                                     -Science Librarian/Bibliographer,
                                                                                             cial issues and controversies of         and Day’s legacy. This event is
                                                                                                                                      sponsored by the Institute for         O’Neill Library
                                                                                             the 1920s, often winding up in
   University Chancellor J. Donald Monan, SJ, will be honored for                                                                     Religious Education and Pastoral       -Third Cook, Dining Services
                                                                                             jail as a result. In her mid-30s,
his contribution to inner-city education on March 13 at the annual                                                                    Ministry and Campus Ministry.
                                                                                             she converted to Catholicism and
scholarship dinner and benefit auction for the St. Aloysius School, a                                                                 For more information, call ext.2-       For more information on employ-
                                                                                             cofounded the Catholic Worker
pre-K through 8th grade archdiocesan Jesuit-style school in Harlem.                                                                   8057 or send e-mail to lambmb@         ment at Boston College, see www.
                                                                                             newspaper that spawned a move-                                        
Comedian Mo Rocca will be emcee at the dinner, which is being held                                                          
                                                                                             ment for social and economic jus-
at The Hilton New York.                                                                                                                          —Office of Public Affairs
                                                                                             tice, notably through its Houses
                                                                                           T he B osTon C ollege

                                                                                              february 15, 2007

                                                                                                                           Music Department to
        LooKing AHEAD                                                                                                      Present a ‘Schubertiade’
                                                                                                                              He was only 31 when he died, but during his career Franz Schubert
READINGS•LECTURES•                                                                                                         composed more than 950 works, approximately 600 of them songs, in-
DISCUSSION                                                                         Feb. 23                                 cluding the Great C Major Symphony, the “Wanderer Fantasia” sonata
                                                                                   •Bradley Lecture Series: “On            and the quartets in A minor — with its variations on the well known
Feb. 15                                                                            Friendship and the Polis,” pre-         “Rosamunde” theme — and D minor, “Death and the Maiden.”
•“White Privilege: Really a Privi-                                                 sented by Claudia Baracchi, New            The Boston College Music Department will offer a Schubertiade,
lege?” with Learning to Learn Di-                                                  School University, 4:30 p.m.,           or celebration of Schubert, on Wednesday, Feb. 21, at 4:15 p.m., that
rector Dan Bunch, and Learning                                                     Higgins 300, email: kellynm@            features an all-undergraduate ensemble: David Heighington (violin);
Skills Specialist Dacia Gentilella,                                                                       Louise Rabbitt (viola); Catherine Yoo (cello); Sekayi Edwards (double
10:00 a.m., McElroy Conference                                                                                             bass); Aengus Kerrin (piano) and Eileen Walsh (vocals).
Room, call ext.2-8532, email:                                                      MUSIC•ART•PERFORMANCE                      “A ‘Schubertiade’ was the name coined by Schubert’s friends for                                                        feb. 16                                 concerts of his music organized on his behalf — especially toward the
•“Career/Life Planning” with                                                       • “Rewind to Remind” Chinese            end of his life when he was ill,” says part-time faculty member Sandra
Center for Work and Family                                                         Students’ Association and Korean        Hebert (Music), who is director of the ensemble. “His birthday was Jan.
Director Brad Harrington, 10:00                                                    Students’ Association 7th Annual        31, so this is an appropriate time of year for such an occasion.”
a.m. Newton Room, Corcoran                                                         Culture Show, 7 p.m., Robsham              The centerpiece of the concert, Hebert notes, will be a performance
Commons, call ext.2-8532, email:                                                   Theater, email:            of Schubert’s famous “Trout Quintet,” the popular name for his cham-                                                                                               ber music piece that he based on an earlier song composition of his,
• Poet Eavan Boland reads from                                                     feb. 17                                 “Die Forelle,” set to a poem by Christian Friederich Daniel Schubart.
her work, 7:30 p.m., Connolly                                                      • University Wind Ensemble                                                                         —Sean Smith
                                        Philip Jenkins will present “Believing
House.                                  the Global South” Feb. 22 as part of the   presents “Dance!” 8 p.m., Gas-

Feb. 16
                                        Lowell Lectures Humanities Series.         son 100, call ext.2-3018, email:
                                                                                                                              Reynolds Family Visits Campus
• Catholic Women’s Discussion           Feb. 20
                                        •“Asking Deeper Questions” with
                                                                                                                              for a Night of Irish Music Feb. 28
Group, 12 p.m., Women’s Re-                                                        Feb. 18
                                        John P. Murray, S.J., Internal Con-                                                    The Gaelic Roots Music, Song,      of Boston’s storied Irish dance hall
source Center, McElroy 141, call                                                   • Boston College Symphony
                                        sultant for Ignatian Spirituality,                                                 Dance, Workshop and Lecture Se-        era, Larry Reynolds has for decades
ext.2-3489, email:                                                     Orchestra, 3 p.m., Gasson 100,
                                        9 a.m., Boston Room, Corcoran                                                      ries will welcome to campus Bos-       played a strong leadership and or-
This event repeats each Friday.                                                    call ext.2-6004, email: concerts@
                                        Commons, call ext.2-8532, email:                                                   ton’s “first family” of Irish tradi-   ganizational role in the Irish music,
• Bradley Lecture Series: “On                                            
                                                                                     tional music, the Reynolds family,     song and dance scene. Larry’s sons
Hobbes’s Hope Regarding Reli-                                                                                              for a concert on Feb. 28 from 7-9
                                        •“The Future of Iraq” a panel dis-                                                                                        Larry Jr. (accordion), Michael (ac-
gion,” presented by Prof. J. Judd                                                  Feb. 21                                 p.m. in Connolly House.
                                        cussion with Anatol Lieven, New                                                                                           cordion, vocals, guitar) and Sean
Owen, Emory University, 4 p.m.,                                                    •“Schubertiade - A Celebration of           Led by fiddle player and ra-
                                        America Foundation, and Boston                                                                                            (fiddle) have become major con-
McGuinn 121, Buffet dinner and                                                     Franz Schubert” 4:15 p.m., Gas-         dio personality Larry Reynolds, a
                                        College faculty members David                                                                                             tributors themselves, thus helping
discussion follow, RSVP by Feb-                                                    son 100, call ext.2-6004, email:        County Galway native who emi-
                                        Deese, Marc Landy, Seth Jacobs,                                                                                           ensure a bright future for the Irish
ruary 12, call ext.2-4144, email:                                                                grated to Boston in 1953, the Reyn-
                                        and Nasser Behnegar, 7 p.m.,                                                                                              tradition.                                                                      •“New Voices 2007,” by selected         olds family has been integral to
                                        location TBA, email: madormo@                                                                                                 For more information, call ext.2-
                                                                student playwrights, directed by        the popularity of Irish traditional    3938, or e-mail
Feb. 19                                                                            Assoc. Prof. Scott T. Cummings          music in New England. A mainstay                   —Office of Public Affairs
• “Secularism and Cultural Shift
                                        Feb. 21                                    (Theater), 7:30 p.m. Robsham
in Contemporary Ireland,”
                                        •“Black Ops: Terrorism, Pop                Theater Arts Center, call ext.2-
presented by 2006-2007 Burns                                                                                               ATHLETICS                              WEEKLY MASSES
                                        Culture, and the Raced Body”               4002, email: marion.doyle.1@
Scholar Tom Garvin, of Uni-                                                                                                Feb. 15                                • St. Joseph Chapel (Gonzaga Hall
versity College, Dublin, 4 p.m.,        with African and African Dias-                                    •Men’s Hockey vs. Maine, 7 p.m.,
                                        pora Studies Program Director                                                      Conte Forum.                           – Upper Campus) 5 p.m. and 9
Connolly House, email: elizabeth.
                                        Prof. Cynthia Young (English),             Feb. 22                                 Feb. 16                                p.m.; Trinity Chapel (Newton                                                                                                         •Men’s Hockey vs. Maine, 8 p.m.,
                                        12:30 p.m., Lyons 301, email:              •Film: “La Promesse,” 7 p.m.,                                                  Campus) 5 p.m. and 9 p.m., St.
• “Religious Pluralism without                                                                                             Conte Forum.
Relativism” with Raphael Jospe,                           Devlin 026, call ext.2-8100,                                                   Ignatius Church, Lannon Chapel
                                                                                                                           Feb. 17
Bar Ilan University, Israel, 4 p.m.,                                               email:                  •Men’s Basketball vs. North Caro-      - Lower Church, 9 p.m., Heights
McGuinn 5th Floor Lounge, call          Feb. 22                                                                            lina, 9 p.m., Conte Forum.             Room, 10:15 p.m., St. Mary’s
ext.2-4495, email: cjlearning@          • Lowell Lectures Humanities               ONGOING EXHIBITIONS                     Feb. 18                                Chapel (Spanish Mass) 7:30 p.m.
                                        Series: “Believing in the Global                                                   •Women’s Hockey vs. Providence,                                                                            •“We Are Still Here” O’Neill            2 p.m., Conte Forum.
• “The Significance of Jerusalem        South” with Philip Jenkins, Penn-          Library Lobby, through Feb. 16.         Feb. 22
in Judaism, Christianity, and           sylvania State University, 7:30            •“A New Key: Modern Belgian Art         •Men’s Hockey vs. UMass-Lowell,        For more on BC campus events,
Islam” with Raphael Jospe, Bar          p.m., Gasson 100, call ext.2-0470,         From the Simon Collection” Mc-          7 p.m., Conte Forum.                   see or check BCInfo
Ilan University, Israel, 7:30 p.m.,     email: Co-                                                        Feb. 23                                [] for updates.
                                                                                   Mullen Museum, through July 20.         •Women’s Basketball vs. Virginia
Higgins 300, call ext.2-4495,           sponsored by Church in the 21st            For more information call ext.2-        Tech, 7 p.m., Conte Forum.                Century.                                   8587 or email

Vessey Believes Bullying Shouldn’t Be Accepted As Part of Childhood
Continued from page 5
information on websites, blogs or       a measure for identifying children         ing him and being on his side. I        pedestal,” added DeSisto who was       do some type of needle work every
chat rooms. Cyberbullying is in-        and adolescents at-risk for chronic        can’t think of anything that would      familiar with Vessey’s research be-    night,” revealed Vessey, who even
sidious, say researchers, because it    teasing and bullying.                      make me prouder than to have a          fore the network began. “She is        incorporated sewing into her doc-
can occur day or night and images                                                  son like [the teammate who inter-       very approachable, very sharing.”      toral dissertation project.
and messages can be sent to large          Creating “a Happy Place                 vened] who would take this kind of         Sharing. It’s a word often used         “Judi is someone who can or-
numbers of people anonymously           for People”                                leadership. It demonstrated caring,     to describe Vessey.                    chestrate a party in a nanosecond,”
and instantly.                             Recently, Vessey learned of             responsibility and true friendship. I      Vessey is a homey type of per-      said fellow knitter DeMarco, who
    “With the technology today,         powerful example of the success of         hope that you will share the results    son who dotes on her cats and          has attended arts and crafts eve-
kids can ‘Photoshop’ someone’s          her resiliency program in one local        of the study with the other schools.    enjoys gardening, cooking, sewing      nings at Vessey’s home. “I have
face onto another image or make a       community. A parent of a middle            It’s working!”                          and, more recently, knitting. “I       never met anyone who has her level
nasty message or posting seem like      school child with a physical dis-              “Judi has shown a lot of leader-                                           of work and busyness as an en-
it originated with another person,”     ability contacted Vessey to tell her       ship and a lot of courage [in help-                                            dowed chair who can also get down
explains Vessey.                        that her child had been the victim         ing to form this network]. It is to-       Vessey, says a colleague,
                                                                                                                                                                  to that level of making things fun
    A major part of Vessey’s research   of bullying during a soccer game.          tally new and different. No one else     “is not a guru up on a ped-           and playful. She enjoys creating a
on teasing and bullying centered        Her child’s teammate intervened            in the country is doing anything                                               happy place for people.”
around her role as principal inves-     and told the opposing player/bully         like this. We have created a blue-       estal. She is very approach-
                                                                                                                                                                      Vessey is as thoughtful as she
tigator for the National Institute      to stop his behavior. Then the             print for other states to model,”             able, very sharing.”             is fun, added DeMarco, who cites
of Nursing Research-funded proj-        child’s teammate approached the            said DeSisto, who noted that the                                               Vessey’s support — from a cas-
ect “The Development of CATS:           opposing team’s coach and told             MASNRN will be the subject of a              Says another: “Judi
                                                                                                                                                                  serole to companionship — when
Child-Adolescent Teasing Scale.”        him what was going on.                     presentation given at the National         connects with people in             DeMarco’s father passed away last
The team studied middle school-            The parent wrote to Vessey:             Association of School Nurses’ an-                                              year. “Judi connects with people in
age children in a variety of settings   “My son told me that it felt great         nual conference this June.                    a thoughtful way.”
                                                                                                                                                                  a thoughtful way.”
across the country and developed        to have other teammates surround-              “She is not a guru up on a

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