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					 Issue 11                     Alumni & Friends Newsletter
 May 2010
                            Catholic Schools of Broome County
       Development & Alumni Affairs Office, 70 Seminary Ave., Binghamton, NY 13905 Telephone 607 231-4149

                               Aloha Southern Tier! Aloha Hawaii!
Joe McNamara (“Mac”) CCHS ‘75, set sail for new
heights in 2007 after a phone call he received stat-
ing he had been appointed Vice President and Gen-
eral Manager of television station KHON 2, Honolulu,
Hawaii... with only eight days to move! Joe had
worked for WBNG for 24 years. In an interview with
the Alumni Office, Mr. McNamara responded as fol-
Question: How did the Catholic Schools (teachers,
classes, etc.) affect your choice of study and influ-
ence the direction you’ve taken professionally?
Answer: “Definitely my Catholic School education af-
fected my choice of study and influenced my direc-
tion in life. I believe it taught me the importance of
free speech, the ability to stand up for what you be-
lieve in and most importantly to give back to the
“Courses I remember during my high school years
include many Business, English and Math classes
that gave me a great basis, however creative writing
taught me to express myself in many ways and laid           Joe McNamara makes the cover of Hawaii Business magazine.
the foundation for much of my success. I wish
though that I had given more attention and effort to     my career in management.”
the Spanish classes that I took with Mr. Colonna as I    Question: What kind of advancements /changes
never realized the importance of a second language.      have occurred since your 2007 appointment?
I guess he was a man ahead of his time seeing how
                                                    Answer: “Since August 2007 the community has
important Spanish has become to all of us.”
                                                    reached out and embraced me and many of the
“Living in the middle of the Pacific has also shown members of the Hawaiian community have not only
me I should have worked on my Japanese, Korean      become business acquaintances but great friends.
and Hawaiian. Believe it or not, the Hawaiian lan-  Through the power of the television station, reach-
guage only has 12 letters and I still can not pro-  ing over one million viewers a week, we have been
nounce a majority of the words.”                    able to inform and keep safe the community
Question: What college did you attend and what was through volcano eruptions, earthquakes and more
your major?                                         recently the threat of a tsunami, that I am sure
                                                    many on the mainland watched with great anticipa-
Answer: “I attended Broome Community College and tion. Furthermore, KHON2 TV has been able to do
then SUNY Utica. My major was Business Administra- some tremendous fund raising for those less fortu-
tion with an emphasis on marketing and manage-      nate and has consistently raised in excess of
ment and those courses certainly prepared me for    $2,000,000 annually through our Lokahi Fund
 Page 2
 Page 2
 Issue 11                       Alumni & Friends Newsletter                                          Page 2

“Living and working in The Pacific Rim has exposed      The Alumni Office congratulates Joe in his pursuits
me to multiple cultures, allowing me the opportunity    and wishes him and his family the best!
to interact with the heads of the US Military as well   NOTE: Joe’s nephew is Myles Brown, son of Joe’s
as dignitaries from places like Japan, and The          sister Colleen (McNamara) Brown, CCHS ’76. Myles
Philippines. But the biggest honor was last year hav-
                                                        is graduating in June from SCCHS. See his picture
ing Hawaii’s own Father Damian of Molokai               on page 9 along side Colleen’s, and Myles grand-
anointed to Sainthood in Rome. We sent a TV crew        parent’s in a tribute to the Catholic Schools tradi-
to Europe to cover it live from the Vatican and pro-
                                                        tion continu-
duced a ½ hour special on it that won a coveted
                                                        ing on.
Edward R. Murrow award. Next up for Sainthood is
Mother Maryann who spent time in Hawaii but has
strong roots to Syracuse NY, what a small world it
Question: What other job positions have you had?
Answer: “While the core of my work experience has
revolved around managing television stations in
Binghamton and Altoona, PA, as well as working on
the corporate side spearheading special pro-
jects for other TV stations on the east coast, in the
past 10 years I have become more involved on the
                                                                                 Joe and his wife Sue.
commodity side of the broadcast industry working
with Wall Street Investment firms like Blackstone
and many others.”
“I have to say though that living in Paradise has its
                                                          The winner of the 2009 Car Raffle is Paul
advantages when it comes to lifestyle (surfing, body              Bockstahler, CCHS ‘67
boarding, swimming, hiking, you name it, it’s all       The winning ticket was drawn by Fr. Buckley on De-
here) and certainly having a well balanced life         cember 29th at 3pm and that was good news for
touching on all those important aspects of life.”       Paul who won the 2009 MINI Cooper. The good
“My wife Sue (Harkness), a 1977 graduate of Seton       news for everyone else is that we’ll be offering $5
Catholic Central, is semi-retired from real estate      chances to win a new car again this year. Watch
management and now enjoys working part time as a        for more information regarding our 3rd Annual Car
tour director. She is lucky enough to tour not only     Raffle to arrive in the mail and in the October edi-
the Hawaiian Islands regularly, but also travels se-    tion of the Alumni & Friends Newsletter.
lect tours in North America and Europe and enjoys
competitive Tennis on a daily basis at The Oahu
                                                        Proceeds from last year’s raffle were used for im-
                                                        provements to the art programs at the elementary
“Sue and I are very lucky to be able to enjoy our       and middle schools and to the science program at
grandson, 20-month-old Mason, who lives here in         the high school. In addition, portions of the pro-
Hawaii with our daughter Shannon, SCC ’04 (in her       ceeds were used for marketing and assistance for
final semester at the University of Hawaii in General
                                                        families in need.
and Special Education) her fiancé Brendan. Our
daughters Nicole, SCC ‘02 and Allison, SCC ‘05 live
in Brooklyn Heights, NY and are both pharmaceuti-           We couldn’t have done it without you.
cal representatives for Pfizer. Their Catholic educa-
tions served them very well and we are very proud
of them.”                                                                Thank You
May 2010                        Catholic Schools of Broome County                                                Page 3

                    Throwing in your 2 cents doesn’t cost a penny.
We’re offering you the chance to voice your opinion • Are there ways we can support our alumni we’re
through a brief online survey. This important survey      not aware of?
covers several topics: reunion notifications, this    • Are there topics or events where our alumni
newsletter, solicitation methods, our website and         want more or less information?
more.                                                 As you can see only your input will assist us in ad-
                                                      dressing these issues, as well as others. Please,
Did you ever think “I wish they’d stop sending me     take a few minutes to help us become better by im-
mail”, or “I know how they can get that done”, or “I proving the services we offer you—our family of
wonder why they did that?”. These are few things      alumni and friends.
we’d really like to hear about for several reasons:
• We can’t deliver service based on your needs if The Alumni & Friends Survey is avail-
    we don’t know what your changing needs are.
• Good business dictates we act responsibly and
                                                      able online, simply go to:
    not send expensive mailings to people who
    really don’t care. There are too many improve-    We encourage you to participate be-
    ments we can make to help our kids by using
    resources more effectively. An example is our
                                                      cause the results will affect you
    newsletter. It costs us between 70 and 80         through the services we offer, and our
    cents per copy and if it is not being read we are schools will benefit through improved
    wasting our money.
• Should we reach out to our alumni in different
                                                      business practices. THANK YOU
                       Wish List
                       Our wish list is a simple way for us to connect donors with some immediate needs.
                       This program allows you to clearly see the benefits of your donation. This is espe-
                       cially important to parents who can see the direct benefit to their children. Perhaps
                       your business is related to our needs, maybe you have some gently used items you
                       no longer have use for, or maybe you’d just like to help out. For more information
                       regarding our wish list or if you have suggestions or recommendations for obtaining
                       items from our wish list, please email Joe Burke at or tele-
                       phone 607 231-4149. Two new wishes:
Musical instruments for our music programs. We have several music classes throughout our Pre-K—12
schools that require musical instruments. It remains in our plan to offer students the opportunity to ex-
plore all the wonders music has to offer.
Project sponsor or volunteer to capture and archive as many class photos as possible to be framed and
hung in our halls. This project requires investigating all possible photo resources (yearbooks, diocesan
articles, public records, etc), restoring photos, framing, and hanging photos. While we do not have re-
cords dating back to 1847 when the first school in Binghamton opened, we do have many records dat-
ing back to the early 1900s.

   Now you can donate online at— just click on donate. Search for Catholic
    Schools of Broome County to follow us on Facebook. You can also follow us on Twitter by searching Catholic Schools.
   Issue 11          Alumni & Friends Newsletter                         Page 4

Do you know where they are? 1971-1972 graduates’ addresses needed. If you know
where they are, please contact us at 607 348-0337 or email
 From the Class of 1971                              Wesneski, Johanna H.
 Greitzer, Catherine C.                              Soltero, Margaret A.(Smisko)
 Dobrzynski, Donald F.                               Calhoun, Phyllis A. (Reagan)
 Dwyer, Eugene R.                                    Magill, James A.
 Cormier Kathryn L. (Cordick)                        Takas, Thomas A.
 Huk Dana Z.                                         Deuel, Stephen F.
 Iacovazzi, Joseph A.                                Baker, Patricia A. (Larkin)
 Connelly, James P.                                  DiTommaso, Arthur C.
 O'Riordan, Elizabeth C.                             From the class of 1973
 Allen, Marie (Siedlarczyk)                          Lee Helen C. Lisi
 Kelly Michael P.                                    Pallini Karen M. Allen
 Kennedy, Mary Anne                                  McDonald John A.
 Larkin, James J.                                    McMahon, Mary
 Pagano, Cynthia A. (Costello)                       Green, Daniel W. III
 Bishop, Louise A. (Tirrell)                         Hillis Timothy G.
 Hueber Vicki M.(Gigante)                            Coleman John A
 D'Angelo, Theresa (Baumgartner)                     Kollar, Mary E.
 Rent Edward F.                                      Nealon, Robert J. Jr.
 Butkiewicz, Frank S.                                Pine, William E.
 Hamill, Doris L.                                    Veninsky, Edward J.
 Brereton, Peter E.                                  Byron, Mary M.
 Bryde, Linda S. (Siroskey)                          Dunphy, Robert N.
 DeLuca, M. Susan                                    Fendick, James E.
 VanDuzer, Patricia A. (Burczak)                     Carros, Mark V.
 Eggleston, Patrick J.                               Williams, Anthony T.
 From the Class of 1972                              Buckland, Herbert F. Jr.
 Sullivan, Kevin P.                                  Hollenbeck, Valerie A. Ligi
 Singleton, Susan M. (Smith)                         Harendza, Lucille M.
 Prokopchuk. Denise M. (Matteo)                      Johnson, Margaret M. Tirrell
 McKiever, Joan K.                                   Esworthy, John T.
 Koffman, Margaret R. (Lawrence)                     Dudnow, Chester E.
 O'Connor, Elizabeth M.                              Winkler, Margaret E. James
 Lemoncelli, Judith F.                               Tomanek, Robert G. Jr.
 Buckley, Patricia A.                                Demarco, Anne E. Schulte
 Fitzpatrick, Brian J.                               William Canny
 Godbay, Diana L.
 Leva, Joseph J. Jr.                           The Catholic Schools of Broome County
 Liccione, Michael J.
 Carr, Thomas J.                                   Our Lady of Sorrows/Seton Campus
 Cromarty, Ellen E.                                      St. James Middle School
 Aber, Thomas A.                                      St. John the Evangelist School
 Brady, Joann (Balles)                                    Thomas Aquinas School
 Cooper, Geraldine M. (Mahoney)                             St. Joseph’s School
 Triano, Martin F.
                                                    Seton Catholic Central High School
 Dempsey, Patricia J.
 Cannon, Kathleen
 Vehlies, Charlene A. (Kulik)
 Walters, Kathleen M.
 Campon, Christine A.
May 2010                     Catholic Schools of Broome County                                Page 5

 Alumni This & That
Through the Years…              professional excellence in the    ceive a Finger Lakes winery
              1960’s            healthcare industry and in        to manage as a wedding gift.
Francis L Battisti, SCHS ‘66 the community.                       It’s available in Binghamton
was selected by the Morning                                       at RiverRead Books, 5 Court
Knights Toast masters of En-                1970’s                St., and also at
dicott to receive the Hal Blair William A. Canny, CCHS            For more information visit:
Award for Excellence in Com- ‘73, served as head of the in-
munication and Leadership.      ternational Catholic Relief
                                Services effort to aid victims    Mary (Maribeth) (Kamin)
  In addition to serving as a
                                of the February 2010 earth-       Farrell, SCHS ‘75, was cho-
professor of psychology and
                                quake in Haiti. Mr. Canny         sen to participate in the IBM
human services at Broome
                                                                  Corporate Service Corps in
Community College, Mr. Bat- returned to Haiti to oversee
                                CRS efforts after handling the    October 2009. Modeled on the
tisti is an internationally
                                church’s relief work there fol-   Peace Corps, this highly se-
known organizational devel-
                                lowing massive hurricanes in      lective program helps develop
opment specialist, seminar
                                2008. He had been the CRS         employee leadership skills
presenter and keynote
                                representative in Haiti for       and builds good will for the
speaker addressing issues in
                                three years before becoming       company in the developing
the areas of team enhance-
                                the international agency’s di-    world. For 35 days, Mary and
ment, organizational change
                                rector of emergency opera-        nine other IBM-ers from six
and strategic planning.
                                tions in October 2009.            different countries worked in
                                   In September 1997, he was      Luxor, Egypt. The project
Ed Ramsay, CCHS Class of
                                a member of an international      that Mary worked on involved
’67 is the owner of The Dry-
                                team that planned the state       helping two women's centers
ing Shed restaurant in San
                                funeral for Mother Teresa of      which teach disadvantaged
Jose, California.
                                Calcutta. At the time, he was     women to create traditional
                                                                  hand crafted items that can
Nancy (Hanagan) Henneber- serving as director of Catholic
                                Relief Services in New Delhi,     be sold to tourists. These cen-
ger, CCHS ‘68, Executive
                                India.                            ters weave traditional carpets,
Vice President and Chief Op-
                                  In May 1999, Mr. Canny,         scarves and tapestries, and
erating Officer of the Health-
                                who currently lives in Balti-     create beautiful hand-made
care Distribution Manage-
                                                                  pottery and brass etchings.
ment Association (HDMA) was more, MD was inducted into
                                Seton Catholic Central’s Hall       “Being part of the first IBM
honored by the Center for
                                                                  Corporate Service Corps team
Healthcare Supply Chain Re- of Fame for his standout ef-
                                forts in baseball, basketball     in Egypt was exciting. Even
search and Genentech, Inc.
                                and tennis.                       though the assignment was
with the Nexus Award for
Lifetime Achievement at the                                       Nubian Center
2009 HDMA Annual Leader-        Mary Pat Hyland, SCHS ‘74,        Potter

ship Forum in Orlando, Flor-    published her second novel
ida. The Nexus award, the       “A Sudden Gift of Fate” in
healthcare industry’s highest   September 2009. The novel is
award honor, recognizes lead-   a sequel to her first, and fol-
ership, exemplary service and   lows an Irish couple who re-
   Issue 11                          Alumni & Friends Newsletter                         Page 6

Alumni This & That
short in duration, we saw the      and City Campus in December                   1990’s
immediate implementation of        2009. Mrs. Losito earned a        Joseph Shay SCC ‘99 and
our improvements under the         bachelor’s degree in Nursing      Laura (Zevan) Shay, SCC ‘98
direction of the Governor of       from D’Youville College and a     welcomed their baby boy, Jo-
Luxor,” Mary says. “The peo-       master’s degree in Nursing        seph, Jr., April 2009 who
ple of Egypt were so warm,         and certificate of advanced       joined his big sister, Rachel
friendly, and thankful for the     study for adult nurse practi-     Marie. Congratulations to the
opportunity to make use of         tioner from Syracuse Univer-      Shay family!
our expertise. These projects      sity. She is currently a doc-
touched my heart, and I’m          toral student in health educa-
proud to be a part of a com-       tion at D’Youville College.
pany who uses their resources        She is also a member of the
to help the world.”                American Academy of Nurse
  As president of the Broome       Practitioners, New York State
County Catholic School Board,      Coalition of Nurse Practitio-
Mary is also working with          ners and Alumni Board of D’Y-
teachers in the district to cre-   ouville College.
ate a school partnering project     Mrs. Losito resides in Wil-
which will link some of our        liamsville, NY with her hus-      Joseph and Rachel
                                                                     Marie Shay
schools with schools in Luxor,     band Patrick and five children.
                                Daniel Patrick, SCC ‘81, is a                     2000’s
Jim Potter, SCHS ‘76 asks if new author with a book re-              Kristin Dupre, SCC ‘02, a
anyone from SCHS Class of       leased in December 2009              doctoral student in the behav-
‘76 would like to join him at   called, “The Dragons of Rose-        ioral neuroscience program at
the starting line of the 2010   mar: The Dragon King Proph-          Binghamton University, has
“Musselman” Half Iron Man       ecy”. Mr. Patrick’s lifelong love    earned a prestigious honor
Triathlon in Geneva, NY in      of fantasy books and role play-      from the National Institute of
July 2010. Please contact him ing games inspired him to              Health (NIH) for her research
at if inter-  write his first novel. He served     of Parkinson’s disease. Miss
ested. “Hey, it’s only about    in the military for over twenty      Dupre received the National
seven hours out of your life,”  years, where he learned good         Research Service Award,
Jim says. For more informa-     fighting strategies that helped      funded by NIH, a two-year
tion visit the official Mussel- him write his novel that in-         training grant that will provide
man website at musselman-       volves the troubled Land of          her tuition and the time and                        Rosemar and, a 17 year old           resources needed for work on
                                kitchen boy, Daniel who knew         a dissertation about a disease
             1980’s             nothing of being a soldier or        that affects 1 million people in
Patricia (Kelly) Losito, RN,    anything of magic. The boy is        the United States. Fewer than
MS, ANP, SCC ‘81 was named taken on an incredible adven-             20 percent of all applicants
as new Director of Nursing De- ture when he discovers three          receive funding. Kristin works
partment/Program at Erie        strange objects and a dragon         as one of four doctoral stu-
Community College’s North       that change his life forever.        dents in the lab of Christopher
                                                                     Bishop, assistant professor of
   May 2010    Catholic Schools of Broome County                                      Page 7

Alumni This & That
psychology. Bishop’s lab is                                                In Memory
studying the side effects of       SCHS 1966 – 45th Reunion              James G. Maume
Parkinson’s treatment: Pa-         Plans for a 45th class reunion         St. Paul’s 1940
tients taking medication often     in late summer of 2011 are in
                                                                         Walter T. Gorman
develop abnormal movements         the early stages. Details will
                                                                         St. Patrick’s 1944
called dyskinesia after nine to    be announced at a later date.
ten years. Miss Dupre is help-     Please email contact informa-      Elizabeth (Rogan) Miller
ing to determine how a class       tion including email address,         St. Patrick’s 1951
of compounds can work to re-       mailing address and phone
duce the effects of dyskinesia.    number to Dave Bilek at             Kathleen (Miller) Smith
  Kristin did her undergradu- (607-785-            Seton Catholic 1960
ate work in psychology at Le-      8030) or cmusca-
Moyne College in Syracuse.                     Ray Coyle
                                                                        Seton Catholic 1962
She received her master’s de-
gree in psychology in the          CCHS '70 40th Reunion
                                                                           John Dawson
spring of ‘09 hoping to have a     September 3&4 2010, The             Catholic Central 1964
career in research, and aspires    Beef (Friday) and the Relief
to work for the NIH.               Pitcher (Saturday). $40 per           Thomas J. Miller
  In her spare time, Kristin en-   person, contact Cathe               Catholic Central 1967
joys playing soccer, kickball      McCarthy at: east-
and the drums.                         Mauretia Kelly
                                                                       Catholic Central 1973
                                   CCHS '75 35th Reunion
       Teacher Talk                October 2, 2010, Binghamton      Valerie A. (Moreiko) Richards
Ms. Diana Simpson, SCCHS           Regency. Contact Betty Jane         Catholic Central 1974
Chemistry teacher was re-          Dahulick at (607) 729-0131,
cently awarded the 2009            or email Camille Muscatello at        Christopher Lewis
American Chemical Society       Seton Catholic Central 1980
Division of Chemical Educa-        SCCHS ‘80 Reunion, Friday,               John Miller
tion Northeast Region Award        July 2, 2010 Endwell Greens.     Seton Catholic Central 1980
for Excellence in High School      Contact Laura (Muscatello)
Teaching.                          O’Neill at:                           Gregory J. Wynne
                                                                    Seton Catholic Central 1981
  Upcoming Reunions                                                    Sgt. Michael P. Lynch
                                   SCCHS ‘85 Reunion Please
Seton Catholic '61 50th Re-                                         Seton Catholic Central 1982
                                   contact Kathleen (Harding)
union- Any Interest? Patty
                                   Denight at: threeboyz-
(Sbarra) Vasisko is interested                                   Correction: Eugene F. Don-
in forming a reunion for the                                     nelly was listed in the fall
Class of '61 Seton Catholic,       SCCHS Class of '90-- Reun-    2009 A & F Newsletter Memo-
Endicott. Please contact Patty     ion plans underway. Contact rial section as being from St.
at (607) 754-1321 or va-           Camille Muscatello at cmusca- Paul’s Class of ‘49. He was                    from St. Paul’s Class of ‘47.
                                                                 We apologize for the error.
 Issue 11       Alumni & Friends Newsletter                                                          Page 8

A Thousand Words… The Tradition Continues...Presenting SCCHS 2010 Seniors with parents and grandparents.

       Kathleen (Maher )             James Foley           Paul Sheredy       Patricia (Sheredy)         Daniel Foley         Brendan Foley
     Foley, St. Patrick’s ’43       St. Paul’s ’43        St. Patrick’s ’47   Foley, SCCHS ’77           SCCHS ’77             SCCHS ’10

                                                                              Eugene Donovan         Thomas Donovan        Dylan Donovan
        Mary Jo (Trasolini)       Gabriel Slavik     Gabriel Slavik
                                                                              St. Patrick’s ’44         SCCHS ’77            SCCHS ’10
        Slavik SCCHS ’83           SCCHS ’83          SCCHS ‘10

   Diane (Hoeflein)
 Shaheen, SCCHS‘78              Maria (Hidock) De-   Amanda DePersiis          William “Pete” Galla-     Sheila (Gallagher) Martin     Joseph Martin
                                Persiis, SCCHS ‘77      SCCHS ‘10              gher, St. Patrick’s ’44          SCCHS ‘82                SCCHS ’10

   Katie Shaheen                                                                  James Hranek
    SCCHS ‘10                                                                       CCHS ‘76

                                Jennifer Donahue      Sarah Gordon
                                 Coletti, SCC ’89      SCCHS ’10                                                                     Victor Mariano
                                                                                                                Patricia (Coon)
                                                                                                               Mariano, SCC ’78        SCCHS ‘10

                                                                                 James Hranek
                                                                                   SCCHS ‘10
     May 2010                             Catholic Schools of Broome County                                                                   Page 9

Frances (Kane)       Martin J. Kane          Devin Kane                Jan De Angelo        Giordano DeAngelo      Arlene (Nannery)   Nathan Dobrzynski
McNerney ‘41           CCHS ’70              SCCHS ’10                   SCCHS ‘82              SCCHS ’10          Dobrzynski SCC       SCCHS 2010

Marlyn (Murray) Wil-      Michael Farrell      Haley Farrell                Frank McNamara Alice (Haus) McNa- Colleen McNa-              Myles Brown
son, St. Patrick’s ’49     SCCHS ‘79            SCCHS ’10                     St. Paul’s ‘37 mara, St. Patrick’s ’44 mara Brown ‘76      SCCHS ’10

                                                          Kathleen (Mahoney)        Patrick Loughlin              Jack Armstrong      Mary Armstrong
 Molly (Reynolds)        Dennis Fitzgerald
                                                          Laughlin SCCHS ’82          SCCHS ’10                      SCHS ’75          SCCHS ’10
Fitzgerald SCC ‘78         SCCHS ’10

Libby (Sandiford)        Julia O’Connor
O’Connor SCC ‘78           SCCHS ’10                      Beverly (Coffey) Kelle-     Liam Kelleher             Lisa DePalmo Mat-     Jenna Matthews
                                                            her, St. Paul’s ‘45         SCCHS ’10               thews, SCCHS ’77        SCCHS ‘10
 Issue 11         From the Development & Alumni Affairs Office                                Page 10

 2009/10 Annual Alumni & Friends Appeal
A heartfelt thank you to everyone that made a dona-
                                                      The 6th Annual Don Hengel Memorial
tion to this year’s campaign. Our net proceeds were Sports Classic will be held on June 17th
down considerably and we’re attributing this to the   At the Traditions Resort in Johnson City,
economic downturn. Following is a brief summary:      NY. For more information, or if you’d like
• 3% of alumni made a donation.                       to participate in this premier golf event as
• 41 friends made a donation.                         a player or sponsor, please email Mary
• Members from 59 of our 83 active graduating         Ellen Salanger at
     classes donated.                                 Come out and meet the celebrities!
• The three most generous classes were 1964,
     1971 and 1972.
• We received a total of $31,000 as of March 10
     from our alumni (campaign ends June 30).         There are endowment funds benefiting various pro-
• We saw 30 alumni donate as first time givers.       grams within the Catholic Schools of Broome
Our 2010-2011 Alumni & Friends Annual Appeal          County. Here we “spotlight” one such fund:
begins in September 2010 runs through June
2011.                                                     The Robert W. Hillis Scholarship Fund
                                                      The fund was as a testamentary gift from his aunt,
                                                      Regina Tripp, in memory of Bob. The fund
         Centralizing for a Brighter FutuFuture       is designated to assist students wishing to attend a
Christopher Mominey, Superintendent of Schools        Catholic School in Binghamton. This year’s scholar-
for the Diocese of Syracuse, announced a reconfigu- ship was presented to Samantha Stento, the
ration plan for the Catholic Schools of Broome        daughter of Frank and Monica Stento, and a gradu-
County. These actions are recommended by the Re- ate of St. John's Elementary School. Saman-
configuration Committee, a grassroots effort, and     tha learned about the scholarship from family and
others and are to ensure a sustainable future for     friends while seeking financial aid to continue her
our schools. The group’s work was thorough, de-       education in the Catholic Schools. Samantha is a
tailed and above all it carefully kept in mind what   freshman at SCC and says she is challenging her-
models of education best serve the needs of our       self academically by taking courses in Physics and
students in the future. The plans for 2010-2012 are Geometry. She is also involved in extra curricular
                                                      activities including History Club, Fan Club, JV Girls
as follows:
                                                      Basketball and Varsity Softball.
• For the 2010-2011 school year the Catholic
schools in Endicott (St. Joseph’s and OLS-Seton       Robert's family and friends are very pleased to
Campus) will combine their operations at the cur-     have his name on this fund. All seven of his chil-
rent Our Lady of Sorrows-Seton Campus.                dren attended Catholic Schools and agree their fa-
                                                      ther would be proud to provide similar opportuni-
• For the 2011-2012 school year all middle
school operations will be combined at Seton Catho- ties to other deserving students. The fund is held
                                                      by the Catholic Education Foundation of the South-
lic Central High School with all 7th-12th grade stu-
                                                      ern Tier. We plan to grow the fund so others may
dents housed at this site.
                                                      receive the same opportunity as Saman-
• For the 2011-2012 the Catholic Schools of           tha. Anyone wishing to contribute to this fund may
Broome County will combine the PreK-6th grades        do so by contacting the Development Office at 607
operations at three sites: Saint John the Evangelist, 231-4149 or mailing donations payable to
St. James and OLS-Seton Campus. This requires         “Catholic Schools Hillis Fund” to Development Of-
moving all students from St. Thomas Aquinas.          fice, 70 Seminary Avenue, Binghamton, New York
   May 2010                        We’d Like To Hear From You                                   Page 11

Name: ____________________________________Class of _____ School ____________________________

Address: _____________________________________City ______________________State ___ Zip _______

Email _____________________ Home Telephone ______________ Work Telephone _________________


News (add pages if needed) _______________________________________________________________________



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          Customized Certificate of Appreciation                    Our graduates live in 12 different
This program allows current and prior students to honor a           countries.
teacher, coach, staff member and/or benefactor for his or her
efforts. It seems everyone has that special person who helped in    Our graduates live in 49 of the United
a special way during their time at the Catholic Schools of          States.
Broome County. Well now you can let that person know just how       Our eldest living graduate is from the
much you appreciate their contribution by sending them a certifi-   class of 1927.
cate of appreciation. For an administrative fee of only $20 the
                                                                    There are 34 graduates with the sur-
Development Office will have a certificate, suitable for framing,
                                                                    name Giblin and 28 named Gallagher.
printed and delivered to that special person. To recognize that
special someone simply send payment along with a note identi-       Our students pray for our alumni and
fying the person you’d like to recognize to “Development Office     benefactors at every Mass.
Recognition Program”, 70 Seminary Ave, Binghamton NY                The number of annual reunions is on
13905. Please make check payable to “Catholic Schools”.             the rise.

                                      The Hourigan Society
The Hourigan Society is made up of special people who care enough about our Catholic Schools to make
a commitment through estate planning. Becoming a member is easy. Simply complete this form and re-
turn it to our office and you’re a member! Development Office, 70 Seminary Ave. Binghamton, NY 13905

Name/s ___________________________________ Street ________________________________________

City __________________________________________ State ___________ Zip ______________

Telephone ________________________________ Email _________________________________________
I have made a provision for the Broome County Catholic Schools in my estate plans and wish to be in-
cluded in the Society.        Date ____________________ Amount (optional) $ _______________

Signature __________________________________________________________
Issue 11     Alumni & Friends Newsletter - The Catholic Schools of Broome County                                                                                May 2010

Do you have valuables you no longer want or need? Do you know you can donate items
such as collectibles, jewelry and more and receive a tax-deduction?
It seems people everywhere are finding new ways to give. Some are
using eBay, Amazon and other auction sites to sell valuables they no
longer want or need. Many charities are taking advantage of these
worldwide audiences to help raise funds to support their charitable
cause. Others give appreciated assets such as stocks` and bonds
which can offer the donor certain tax advantages. More and more
donors are making charities the beneficiaries of life insurance poli-
cies. Charitable remainder trusts are also an effective tool for donors
to receive income from an asset during their life while providing for
the charity upon death.
These tools make it easier for donors to support their charities. At the
same time charities are better able to serve their donors by offering
to help with such efforts.
Here at the Catholic Schools of Broome County we’re ready to help our donors achieve their charitable
goals. If you're interested in learning more about the options available to you please telephone 607
231-4149 or email Working with our Development & Alumni Office personnel
and the many expert alumni in the fields of accounting, tax law, insurance and more, we’ll customize
turnkey opportunities for you.

                                                                                                                                                  NON PROFIT ORG.
Development & Alumni Affairs Office
                                                                                                                                                    U.S. POSTAGE
Catholic Schools of Broome County                                                                                                                        PAID
70 Seminary Avenue                                                                                                                                BINGHAMTON, NY
Binghamton, NY 13905                                                                                                                               Permit No. 184


      “The Mission of the Development & Alumni Affairs Office is to grow resources to support the advancement and enrichment of the Catholic Schools of Broome County”

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