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									eMarketer: Facebook to be the hip spot for social network marketers in 2010

The Facebook phenomenon will continue to take flight in 2010, according to a
recent survey by <a href="
http://www.emarketer.com/Report.aspx?code=emarketer_2000621 ">

With 350 million users worldwide, Facebook has become a tempting target for
marketers and is expected to best the former king of social network marketing,
MySpace, in ad revenues in 2010.

In fact, spending in the U.S. alone on Facebook is expected to jump by 34 percent
to $450 million as MySpace spending takes a 23-point dive to $360 million, the
study finds.

The study said that marketers spent an impressive $2.2 billion to advertise on
social networks worldwide in 2009, with $1.2 billion spent in the U.S. In 2010,
Facebook will account for nearly one-quarter of all social network ad spending
worldwide, up from 20 percent in 2009.

As marketers increasingly focus their efforts on social networks in 2010, a
significant portion of their spending will go toward building and maintaining a
social network presence as paid advertising "remains somewhat of an
afterthought," eMarketer said.

The report indicated that marketers will look for ways to incorporate social
networks into their overall marketing plan in 2010. This move will lead to social
network advertising intersecting with other advertising with earned media -
exposure a brand gets when consumers share about the brand online. Also, local
social advertising, social search and social ad networks wil be key themes,
according to the report.


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