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									Sam Bennighof

   1. “Another Tages blunder | MyCE – My Consumer Electronics,”
   2. “Assassin's Creed II PC's DRM Sounds As Pleasant As A Stab In The Neck,”
   3. “Brad Wardell on Spore DRM and the Gamer's Bill of Rights,”
   4. “Codewheels, Manual-Look Ups, and Other "Features": Old School Copy Protection | Armchair
   5. “DRM Issues Spoil Steam Holiday Sale - Shacknews - PC Games, PlayStation, Xbox 360 and
      Wii video game news, previews and downloads,”
   6. “EA Hit with Class Action Lawsuit over Spore DRM,”
   7. “EFF lambastes Sony over PS3 cracking suit - News at GameSpot,”
   8. “ :: View topic - Activation - Any other ideas?,”
   9. “"Fear This!" Says the Pirate Bay, Hinting at a New Music Site,”
   10.        “Gamasutra - News - Ubisoft Removes Constant Online Authentication DRM For PC
   11.        “Internet Archive gets DMCA exemption to help archive Vintage Software | MyCE – My
      Consumer Electronics,”
   12.        “iTunes Store goes DRM-free | Music and Audio | Macworld,”
   13.        Eric Pfanner, “Music Industry Braces for the Unthinkable,” The New York Times,
      January 23, 2011, sec. Technology,
   14.        “Pirate Bay Loses A Lawsuit; Entertainment Industry Loses An Opportunity | Techdirt,”
   15.        “Pirate Bay on IFPI lawsuit: Labels can "go screw themselves",”
   16.        “PS3 hackers make breakthroughs - Report - News at GameSpot,”
   17.        “Rumor: Ubisoft's New DRM Scheme Already Torpedoed By Pirates,”
   18.        “Sometimes I go into rage fugues… | The Spoony Experiment,”
   19.        “Sony sues PS3 hackers - News at GameSpot,”
   20.        “Sony's back for more, running BioShock DRM with a rootkit -- Engadget,”
Sam Bennighof
    21.        “Tages DRM - Thousands of gamers can't play their purchases - Digg,”
    22.        “TAGES DRM Please Be Advised - Product Review,”
    23.        “Ubisoft DRM PC game servers under attack . . . again [Update],”
    24.        “Ubisoft Making Emergency Changes To PC DRM,”
    25.        “Vintage Computing and Gaming | Archive » [ Retro Scan of the Week ] Flying Disks of
    26.        “Vintage Computing and Gaming | Archive » Old-School PC Copy Protection
    27.        “X3: Terran Conflict | The Spoony Experiment,”

        While my admitted bias toward the subject matter led me to find sources that in the majority
cast a negative light on the entire practice of DRM, Copy Protection, and harrassment of software and
music pirates, a good number of these sources indicated a trend, however gradual, of companies toward
the acceptance of the inevitability of piracy and the impossibility of prevention.

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