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 In a village far far away, by name Foolistan, there are four kinds of people: Dumbos,
 Idiots, Fools and Morons. The village has each of these people in equal numbers; people
 in the village belong to exactly one of the four kinds. Every day, people in this village
 have the habit of making assess of themselves. However, some rules are followed. A
 person may not make an ass of himself (or herself) at all. Idiots commit twice the
 number of blunders as do Dumbos, Fools thrice as many as Idiots and Morons four times
 as many as Fools. However, by a strange fact of the tribe, if even one person of a kind
 commits zero blunders, no one in the group commits a blunder. Every Dumbo commits
 the same number of blunders as every other Dumbo. Use these facts to answer the next
 four questions.

 1.   On a particular day, 66,000 blunders were committed. Which of the following is not
      possible? (Assume the total population is 400)

 a. A Fool did not commit any blunder
 b. An Idiot did not commit any blunder
 c. A Moron did not commit any blunder
 d. None of these

 2. The population of the village is 400. On a given day every group committed
      blunders, and Fools as a group commit 1200 blunders. The total number of
      blunders committed on that day is:

 a. 5000
 b. 6600
 c. 66000
 d. 6000

 3. On a particular day, the Morons don’t commit any blunders, and the other groups
      may or may not have committed blunders. Which of the following is the least
      number of blunders, which certainly satisfy the above the criteria? (Assume total
      population = 400)

 a. 600
 b. 100
 c. 2700
 d. 900
4. On a day, all four groups commit blunders and a Dumbo commits 3 blunders. If the
   population is 400, the total number of blunders on the day is:

a. 99
b. 9900
c. 9000
d. 990

5. If sum of two numbers is 22 and the sum of their squares is 404, then the product of
   the numbers is
a. 40
b. 44
c. 80
d. 88

6. Four friends take an IQ test. Their scores are 96, 100, 106, 114. Which of the
   following statements is true?

a. The mean is 103
b. The mean is 104
c. The mean is 100
d. The mean is 106

7. 800 chocolates were distributed among the students of a class. Each student got
   twice as many choclates as the number of students in the class. The number of
   students in the class was :
a. 25
b. 20
c. 45
d. 35

8. P is elder to Q while R and S are elder to T who lies between P and R. If R be elder to
   Q, which one of the following statements is necessarily true?
a. P is elder to R
b. R is elder to S
c. T is elder to Q
d. S is elder to R
    9. If Delhi is coded as CCIDD, how would you encode Bombay?
    a. AMJXVS
    b. MJSZXE
    c. MXZSUV
    d. AMJVXS

    10. A cube is coloured red on all faces. It is cut into 64 smaller cubes of equal size. How
        many cubes have two red opposite faces?
    a. 0
    b. 8
    c. 16
    d. 1

Q. 11- Q. 113

 A, B, C, D and E are five metallic weights.
         A weighs twice as much as B
         B weighs four and a half times as much as C
         C weighs half as much as D
         D weighs half as much as E
         E weighs less than A but more than C.

   11. E is lighter in weight than which of the other two articles?
    a. A,B
    b. C,D
    c. A,C
    d. D,B

    12. E is heavier than which of the following articles?
    a. D,B
    b. D,C
    c. A,C
    d. A,B

    13. Which of the following article is the heaviest in weight?
    a. A
    b. B
c. C
d. D

14. Find the least number which is a perfect square and is also divisible by 10, 12, 15
   and 18.
a. 900
b. 1600
c. 2500
d. 3600

15. For boys, the average number of absences in the first grade is 15 with a standard
   deviation of 7; for girls, the average number of absences is 10 with a standard
   deviation of 6.In a nationwide survey, suppose 100 boys and 50 girls are sampled.
   What is the probability that the male sample will have at most three more days of
   absences than the female sample?

  a. 0.025
  b. 0.035
  c. 0.045
  d. 0.055

16. A card is drawn randomly from a deck of ordinary playing cards. You win $10 if the
   card is a spade or an ace. What is the probability that you will win the game?

a. 4/13
b. 4/52
c. 1/13
d. 2/13

17. A student goes to the library. The probability that she checks out (a) a work of fiction
   is 0.40, (b) a work of non-fiction is 0.30, and (c) both fiction and non-fiction is 0.20.
   What is the probability that the student checks out a work of fiction, non-fiction, or

a. 0.50
b. 0.20
c. 0.30
d. 0.35
18. A researcher uses a regression equation to predict home heating bills (dollar cost),
   based on home size (square feet). The correlation between predicted bills and home
   size is 0.70. What is the correct interpretation of this finding?

  a. 70% of the variability in home heating bills can be explained by home size.
  b. 49% of the variability in home heating bills can be explained by home size.
  c. For each added square foot of home size, heating bills increased by 70 cents.
  d. For each added square foot of home size, heating bills increased by 49 cents.

19. A weatherman records the high temperature in Norfolk, Va. for each of the first 7
   days of the year. The temperatures (in degrees Fahrenheit) are 51, 49, 41, 53, 54, 68,
   48. Over that time period, which of the following statements is true?

   a. The mean is 51.
   b.    The mean is 52.
   c.    The median is 53.
   d.    The median is 5

20. If river is sky, sky is road, road is bottle and bottle is blackboard, then milk can be
   kept in
a. River
b. Sky
c. Road
d. Bottle

21. He is the pioneer in mutual fund industry and often referred as the Father of Index
   Fund investing. He created the first S&P 500 Index fund. Identify this famous

22. The return objective of an investor who is relatively risk averse yet has a long time
   horizon and little need for liquidity would be most likely described as:
         a. Total return
         b. Capital appreciation
         c. Capital preservation
23. Which of the following is least likely an example of portfolio constraint?
       a. Tax concerns
       b. Liquidity needs
       c. Total return requirement of 15%

24. This term is derived from the Greek word 'Oikanomia' which means "House
   Management". What is it?
       a. Economy
       b. Autonomy
       c. Matrimony

25. Name the term used for depreciating a company's intangible assets?

26. Who founded the famous Wall Street Journal?

27. What was/is an unusual service offered by Bank of Baroda at Tirupati?

28. Name the person who introduced the 'Double Entry' book keeping concept?

29. What do you call when a firm's actual bank balance is greater than the balance
   shown in the firm's book?
       a. Free Float
       b. Surplus
       c. Payment Float
       d. Cash Float

30. “Net Safe Credit card” is introduced by which bank ?
       a. HSBC
       b. HDFC
       c. Standard Chartered
       d. ICICI
31. What does ‘buying a company to sell its assets’ mean?
       a. Asset Trippling
       b. Strategic Buyout
       c. Merger
       d. Bridge Financing

32. In which of the following can stocks trade at any time the market is open?
       a. Internally efficient markets
       b. Call markets
       c. Continuous markets

33. What is the tendency of the personnel to experience and express their negative
   emotional attitude and generally perceive themselves and others surrounding them
   negatively called?

34. In the united states who sets the initial margin requirement?
       a. Federal reserve board
       b. NYSE
       c. SEC

35. Name the creativity-simulation technique which tries to make the strange familiar
   and the familiar strange?

36. Which is a least likely condition necessary for revenue recognition?
       a. Cash has been collected
       b. Goods have been delivered
       c. Price has been determined

37. In an organisation if your feedback is like PIGS, what does it denotify?

38. Which of the following affect owner’s equity but does not affect net income?
       a. Foreign currency translation gain
       b. Repaying the face amount on a bond issue at par
       c. Dividends received from available-for-sale securities

39. In the Deming Quality cycle, what does PDCA mean?

40. A quality philosophy was born in Motorola and later GE expanded the scope of this
   concept. The abstract of concept is reduced costs, increased efficiency and quality
   and increased profit. Name the concept?
       a. Six sigma
       b. Just in time
       c. MBA by walking around

41. Lawrence Miles conducted traditional cost reduction exercises on a number of
   companies' products. These led him to coin the term while he was working at
   General Electric Co. USA in 1947. What was the term?
       a. Value Analysis
       b. Value for Money
       c. Cost Accounting
       d. Inventory management

42. In 1950's Genichi Taguchi developed numerical methods to approach quality
   related problems. Which famous corporation Taguchi belonged and developed all
   these quantitative methods?

43. Name the Israeli physicist who developed Optimised Production Technology (OPT)
   in the mid 1980s? He is also known for his famous book "The Goal".

44. What is known as a "transition from one scene to another” in television

45. Name the famous Indian advertising agency created by Goutam Rakshit and Ashok
46. Alisha Chinai made her debut as a singer for an advertisement jingle. Name the
   brand for which she first lent her voice?

47. What is the term used to describe the day which is divided into several time periods
   in Broadcast Media?

48. Which of the following is most likely included in a firms ending inventory?
       a. Storage cost of finished goods
       b. Fixed production overhead
       c. Selling and admin costs

49. The former chairman of Proctor & Gamble, Edwin L.Artzt got a nickname for his
   demanding and harsh treatment of his subordinates. How he nick-named?

50. Who endorsed the shaving product 'Erasmic', a brand owned by Hindustan Unilever
   Limited, in 1970s?

51. Name the company founded by Acharya P.C. Ray and Rajshekar basu in the early

52. From the following lines identify the Corporate. "Since 1935,we have given millions
   of apples to countless daily visitors to the agency worldwide".

53. Initially it was started as 'Brahmanara Coffee Club' in 1924 and changed the name
   later. In 1976, during emergency, it started instant foods business due to the price
   controls imposed by the Indira Gandhi Government. Identify this successful desi

54. What was invented by Dr. Willis Haviland Carrier, an American engineer, in 1902?

55. A LIFO liquidation will most likely result in an increase in :
       a. Gross profit margin
       b. Inventory
       c. Accounts payable

56. The two pioneers in their field were working within 50 kms and both produced a
   motorized vehicle in 1850's. They never met each other but their companies merged
   after their death. Identify the duo?

57. With which famous brand would you associate The Spirit of Ecstasy?

58. If you received an in-house journal named 'Docutalk', then for which company are
   you working?

59. This advertisement was featured only once during Super Bowl XVIII and it ended
   with a statement – “And you'll see why 1984 won't be like 1984." Identify the
   product in this ad.
       a. Windows
       b. IBM System 30 Computer
       c. Macintosh
       d. Intel Pentium processor

60. This standard 11 girl’s channel on youtube is the most subscribed to channel across
   India. Name the girl. (You most probably would have heard her on facebook)

61. Sale of a product in one country market generates a demand in other country. What
   is this called?
       a. Market Extra Demand
       b. Product Hype
       c. Unmet Demand
       d. Demand Spillover

62. When one uses new and old brand names and logos together, what is it called?
       a. Convoluted branding
       b. Cyclic branding
       c. Repeat Branding
       d. Double Branding

63. In print media, if a particular edition is available earlier than other editions of the
   same publication, then the edition is called?
       a. Super Edition
       b. First Edition
       c. Bulldog edition
       d. Master Edition

64. This newspaper was earlier known as 'The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce'.
   What is it called now?

65. Which Auto company launched an innovative facebook campaign for unveiling its
   new product recently?
       a. Tata Motors
       b. Mahindra
       c. Hyundai
       d. Toyota

66. “Do diye jyada jalao” is the line used in which brand’s new ad?
       a. Pepsi
       b. Thums-up
       c. Coca-Cola
       d. Fanta

67. The AIDA model is co-ordinated by which element of the marketing mix?
       a. Product
       b. Price
       c. Place
       d. Promotion
68. Direct Distribution is:
       a. Distributing directly to wholesaler
       b. Distributing through a market stall
       c. Distributing directly to retailer
       d. Distributing directly from manufacturer to consumer

69. In America every major company, whether they sell cars, blenders or yogurt, has a
   "pink marketing campaign" which says shop for the cure of which disease
       a. Heart failures
       b. Brain Haemorrhage
       c. Fracture
       d. Breast cancer

70. For which company has Tiger Woods signed his 1st major endorsement deal after
   being dropped by Accenture, Gatorade, AT&T from endorsing their products

71. This campaign features a sea captain who tells the audience that he doesn't really
   battle sea monsters, have strong abs, or have gold bullion spilling from his pants, but
   he smells like he does. Which brand am I talking about?
       a. Canned Tuna fish
       b. Popeye
       c. Old Spice

72. Which car company launched an interactive YouTube driving experience campaign

73. Which company had launched a blind tasting campaign to have a direct attack on
   its competitor?
       a. Carlsberg
       b. Heineken
       c. Tuborg Beer
       d. Pepsi
74. With the festive season round the corner, which company entered a mega tie-up
   with one of the most expensive & most publicized movie of the year- ‘RA.ONE’ in
   order to announce its once in a lifetime offer ‘G.ONE MEIN EK BAR OFFER.’?

75. This theory has three major components: a set of fundamental assumptions, a five-
   step focusing process, and a set of logic tools to enable the focusing process. Which
   theory is this?
       a. Theory of problems
       b. Theory of solutions
       c. Theory of Constraints
       d. None of the above

76. Which hair care brand is this ad referring to?
77. Identify the product being referred to?

       a. KFC chicken burger
       b. McCafe
       c. McD roasted chicken burger

78. Identify the company these arrows signify?

       a. Unilever
       b. PnG
       c. Reckitt Benckiser
79. Identify the product?

       a. Diet Pepsi
       b. Diet Coke
       c. Coke Lite
       d. Pepsi Lite

80. Identify the product linked to this picture

       a. XBOX
       b. Playstation
       c. Nintendo wii
       d. Nintendo DS

81. Link the company (logo given below) to an Indian company

       a. Tata Motors
       b. Mahindra
       c. ICICI
       d. TCS
82. The following print ad is for which company?
83. With the Karvachauth tradition catching up with the e-generation, a famous brand
   has aptly created a mobile application for Karvachauth which turns the screen of
   your phone into a ‘sieve’/‘chalni’, through which one can see the moon. Name the
       a. Gili
       b. Tanishq
       c. D’Damas
       d. Sangini

84. Identify the link between the following brands:- Shuddhi, parineeta, maya, kashvi
       a. All are saree brands of different companies
       b. All are jewellery brands of same company
       c. All are saree brands of the same company
       d. All are jewellery brands of different companies

85. Identify the link – Shabbir Ali, Sushil Kohli, Rajkumar
       a. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna
       b. Arjuna
       c. Dronacharya
       d. Dhyan Chand

86. In the last decade, which one among the following sectors has attracted the highest
   foreign direct investment inflows into India?
       a. Chemicals other than fertilizers
       b. Services sector
       c. Food processing
       d. Telecommunication

87. Which of the following is not an undertaking under the administrative control of
   Ministry of Railways?
       a. Container Corporation of India Limited
       b. Konkan Railway Corporation Limited
       c. Indian Railways Construction Company Limited
       d. Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi

88. The current price index (base 1960) is nearly 330. This means that
       a. all items cost 3-3 times more than what they did in 1960
       b. the prices of certain selected items have gone up to 3-3 times
       c. weighted means of prices of certain item has increased 3-3 times
       d. gold price has gone up 3-3 times

89. Since the inception of the co-operative movement, rural credits has been
       a. institutionalized
       b. rationalized
       c. cheapened
       d. All of the above

90. The co-operative credit societies have a following structure
       a. 2 tier
       b. 3 tier
       c. 4 tier
       d. 5 tier

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