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									      Promotional Umbrellas – A Walking
         Billboard For Your Business
As a business you want to get as much exposure as you can. A great way to get exposure is through
giving away promotional items and promotional gifts.

    I am sure you’ve been to many different charity events, trade shows and corporate gatherings
where other businesses are giving away great “swag” – meaning cool free stuff! Well, when you
decided to give away promotional items, you need to make sure that what you are giving away, the
person who is getting is actually going to use it.

    Then entire goal of giving away promotional items is to build your brand, more specifically create
brand awareness. Therefore, you need to make sure you choose a promotional item that will give you
the most exposure for your business – more exposure, more opportunity for people to notice and
want to do business with you.
Promotional Umbrellas –

       One of the best promotional items, that is long lasting are promotional umbrellas. Why is this one of
       the best promotional gift ideas? It’s simple, a promotion umbrella serves its purpose of “promoting”
       your business because it is like a walking billboard.

           Unlike some other promotional items, like a pen for example, the person using the pen will see it
       every day – but that is about it. A promotional umbrella on the other hand, once the user opens it up
       on a raining day or even a hot day to protect from the sun, imagine all the other people who also see
       your business logo.

                                                                             Almost instantly you’ve just
                                                                             exposed your business to many
                                                                             more people, and you didn’t
                                                                             even have to pay for the extra
Promotional Umbrellas –
        Another big benefit of promotional umbrellas is that they are long lasting. People hold on to
       their promotional umbrellas for many years, and continue to use them over and over again.
       A promotional umbrella is not something that gets thrown away. In fact, if the person that received it
       doesn’t want it, they would more than likely give it to someone else (which is again more exposure
       for your business) versus throwing it away.

             Promotional Umbrellas should you get? There are two main options…
       - Folding tote umbrella
       - Golf umbrellas

           The most common are the golf umbrellas (which are used by everyone not just golfers). The golf
       umbrellas are larger umbrellas that people tend to keep in their cars, and if they are golfers, they
       keep with their golf bags. You will see promotional golf umbrellas given out at many charity golf
       events or corporate sponsored events, they are very popular and people love to get them!

           The folding tote umbrella is also a great promotional umbrella choice; these are smaller and can
       be carried in a purse, briefcase or backpack.
Promotional umbrellas come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They have some that are wind resistant,
full color, multicolor, two-tone, auto-open, budget umbrellas, lifetime warranty and much more!

 So, when you are trying to decide what type of promotional item to purchase for your business, go
for the promotional umbrellas – therefore, your business can get maximum exposure with a new
“walking billboard”.

     Fun Promotional Products are experts in promotional marketing, but believe that promotional
products are fun, and so ordering promotional products should be fun too. Started in 1979, their
roots as a small local business are what define their philosophy of customer service: make it fun, and
make it simple for the customer. Over the years, their service philosophy remains the same as a
“Mom and Pop” shop that focuses on each individual customer and their individual order, with a high
attention to detail. Their goal is to offer the best possible product at the best possible price. For more
information promotional umbrellas, visit

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