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                                 DAMAGE CONTROL
                                 MASTER FORMULA
                                 The World’s Most Complete Antioxidant Multivitamin

                                      And Introducing

The First Great-Tasting, Low-Carb Meal Replacement Shake

                                   Plus 9 other lifestyle Products to enhance your life!

Excellent Health Is All About Damage Control
For nearly thirty years, I have researched and written extensively about maximizing
health and performance, and minimizing the damage and accelerated aging caused by
our hectic modern lifestyles. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an athlete, a professional
businessperson, a parent, student, retired, or currently suffering ill health, you face more
stressful, damaging elements every day than your body was ever designed to handle
by itself. Whether it’s excessive UV rays from the sun, smog in the air, processed/re-
fined/nutrient-deficient/pesticide-laden foods, traffic, medication side-effects, crowds,
constant exposure to new bacteria and viruses, or even intense exercise regimens—
it’s a free-radical minefield out there. How well you manage or control that damage
completely determines your health, your performance, your enjoyment of life and how
rapidly (or not) you age.

Unfortunately, sometimes even a great diet can’t provide all the nutrients we need in order to truly thrive.
That’s why I designed the supplements in this catalog—to help you get the very most out of your life using the
nutrients that I take myself and that I have recommended to tens of thousands of my clients and readers over
the past twenty years. Now you can benefit from the very best Mother Nature offers using our powerful, safe,
natural formulas. Welcome to the Primal Blueprint®!

Ordering infOrmatiOn
Ordering any Primal Blueprint® product is easy. You can log on to and shop our online store,
or you can call us at 888-774-6259 and speak directly with one of our friendly supplement specialists. Non-USA
callers please use 1-310-317-4414. Telephone orders placed before 10 AM PST M–F will ship the same day using
US Priority Mail, otherwise orders will ship the next business day. Internet orders placed before 3:00 PST will ship
the next business day. Most US Priority Mail shipments to the US arrive within 1–4 days. All shipments can easily be
tracked online. Upon request, we can also do overnight shipping.

mark’s daily aPPle
Now you can access one of the most powerful health resources on the web for free! Mark Sisson’s weekly email
newsletter (at provides up-to-the minute information on the latest health, fitness, diet, and
even medical news. Already ranked among the top health blogs in the world, fast-growing
is staffed by full-time writers who work with Mark to separate fact from myth, hype from reality, and deliver health
news you can actually use. From hot-off-the-press important new research papers, to product reviews, to spoofs on
outrageous marketing gimmicks, to Mark’s own educational editorials, the Daily Apple will leave you with a smile and
a much better understanding of how you can get the most out of your life when it comes to health and fitness.

Our autOshiP POlicy
Our customers realize that one of the most important aspects of supplementation is consistency; that means not only
taking your vitamins every day, but making sure you never run out. Our autoship policy provides this assurance. With
any “Autoship” product, your credit card will be billed and you will receive a fresh product every 30 days without having
to do a thing. Additionally, with all “Autoship” products shipping & handling is absolutely free. There’s no catch, no
membership, and no strings attached. If you would ever like to slow down, speed up or otherwise change your auto-
matic delivery program, simply give us a call and a friendly customer service representative will be glad to help you.

Money-back guarantee—no-hassle return Policy
Every Primal blueprint® product comes with an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. If you feel for any reason that
you have not benefited as you intended from any of our products, simply give us a call and let us know your specific reason.

                                                       Damage Control Master Formula
                               Our #1 Best-selling multiVitamin-antiOXidant
                                         I believe that taking a daily high-potency multivitamin-antioxidant supplement
                                         is essential. damage control master formula works synergistically with
                                         the Primal Blueprint eating and exercise strategies to support your immune
                                         system, maximize your own natural hormone production and balance, sup-
                                         port normal blood sugar levels, lower stress hormone production, support
                                         the healthy structure and function of your brain and nerve cells, and most im-
                                         portantly, help combat oxidative damage in every cell of your body. With over
                                         51 top research-proven ingredients in balanced doses, no other formula
                                         comes close. The Master Formula is the most comprehensive all-inclusive
                                         nutritional supplement on the planet.

                                         Each container comes with 60 freshly sealed packets containing six capsules
                                         each—a 30-day supply (360 total capsules). Try it today, and if you aren’t 100%
                                         satisfied with the results, take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee
                                         policy. sPecial Offer: Get Damage control Master Formula on 30-day
                                         Autoship and get a FREE bottle of Vital omegas with every shipment!

                                          get this
                                         not this 
One packet of six capsules twice a day replaces the $400 worth of
tablets, capsules, and other pills represented here—there’s no need
to buy any other vitamins, ever.

damage control master formula 30-day supply [60 Packets] $129 (plus S&H)
damage control master formula on 30-day autoship [60 Packets] $129 (FREE S&H + FREE Vital Omegas)
    Primal Fuel
    Primal/lOW-carB meal rePlacement
                                     Finally, a natural high-energy snack/meal replacement/recovery formula
                                     that is low in carbs, high in nutritional value, easy to prepare, and tastes
                                     fabulous—Primal fuel.

                                     Following a Primal, Paleo, Atkins or other low-carb eating strategy is chal-
                                     lenging when most quick snack options are grain or sugar-based, and most
                                     designer powders and energy bars are high in carbohydrates and low in
                                     nutritional value. High carb snacks give you an immediate glucose spike
                                     and a corresponding insulin crash—leading to fluctuating energy levels and
                                     steady lifelong weight gain. If you are trying to reduce excess body fat, build
                                     or maintain muscle, and follow a Primal eating strategy—without having to
                                     prepare a proper sit-down meal—Primal Fuel is your secret weapon!

                                     Now you are just seconds away from a delicious, high-performance, high-
                                     energy, easy-to-prepare, and easy-to-digest nutritious snack or meal. Primal
                                     Fuel mixes quickly with water in a shaker, or can be blended with other
                                     healthy ingredients for a satisfying smoothie. Primal Fuel contains all-natural
                                     ingredients of the highest quality: 100% whey protein isolate (WPI), the high-
                                     est biological-value protein available; heart healthy saturated fats from the
                                     highly-lauded coconut milk; and only moderate amounts of carbs (for flavor-
                                     ing). In addition, Primal Fuel includes potent prebiotic agents (inulin from
                                     Jerusalem artichoke and kelp extract) to enhance digestion and immune
                                     function, and it’s free of artificial sweeteners or flavors.

                                            This rare devotion to ingredient quality and proper nutrient balance for
                                            sustained energy (instead of a quick sugar spike) makes Primal fuel
                                            the gold standard in powdered supplements. And it tastes great too!

                                               now available in
                                               Dark chocolate and
                                               Vanilla creme, both
                                               with a hint of Deli-
                                               cious coconut!

     Primal fuel [30 Servings] $79 (plus S&H)                                                 1-888-774-6259
     Primal fuel on 30-day autoship [30 Servings] $79 (FREE S&H)                    
                                                       Advanced Health Formula
                        cOmPrehensiVe multiVitamin nutraceutical
                              For those on a tight budget, the advanced health formula was designed
                              as a lower potency, budget-minded alternative to our #1 best-selling
                              damage control master formula. The Advanced Health Formula uses
                              the same manufacturing technologies and the exact same sources of in-
                              gredients as the Master Formula. The major difference is that some of the
                              most expensive ingredients have been omitted (Resveratrol, Phosphatidyl
                              Serine and L-Carnitine, for example) or reduced in dosage (CoQ10, Alpha
                              Lipoic Acid, Milk Thistle, etc.) so that one packet of six capsules per day
                              can still cover many of the same bases, as opposed to two packets for the
                              Master Formula.

                              Each of the 42 nutrients in advanced health formula might be found in a
                              separate bottle in any health food store in America, but it could cost hun-
                              dreds of dollars to match this formula buying all these same nutrients one
                              at a time. We’ve managed to make them all available to you at a fraction of
                              that. Each canister contains 30 freshly sealed packets containing six cap-
                              sules each, a 30-day supply (180 total capsules) priced at just $49. The
                              Advanced Health Formula is also available on automatic shipping, where
                              you can receive a fresh canister (or canisters) every 30 days and then the
                              shipping is free!

advanced health formula 30-day supply [30 Packets] $49 (plus S&H)
advanced health formula on 30-day autoship [30 Packets] $49 (FREE S&H)
    Primal Calm
    all-natural anti-stress fOrmula
                                    While a good diet, exercise, and meditation can help reduce stress levels,
                                    it is absolutely essential that we also nutritionally support our body’s natu-
                                    ral stress management systems with the best possible research-proven
                                    anti-stress nutrients. damage control master formula has many of these
                                    critical nutrients, but sometimes we just need more specific stress support.
                                    Primal calm was designed to do exactly that. 2 easy-to-swallow capsules
                                    supply more of the top anti-stress nutrients than any other stress-fighting
                                    supplement. It is a convenient, natural alternative to traditional stress-
                                    fighting methods, using the purest, most up-to-date, well-researched
                                    patented ingredients. In fact, Primal Calm contains five specific natural
                                    anti-stress ingredients: Phosphatidyl Serine, L-Theanine, Magnolia Bark,
                                    Rhodiola and Beta-Sitosterol. Each has a unique method of action in sup-
                                    porting your body’s own natural stress-reduction systems.

                                    Primal calm was designed to be used safely by anyone who feels that
                                    stress is interfering with his or her productiveness, effectiveness or enjoy-
                                    ment of life. Used either by itself or in conjunction with any vitamin formula
                                    as a “booster”, Primal Calm can have a noticeable effect in as little as 30
                                    minutes to 2 hours after taking it and can last throughout the day. How-
                                    ever, many of Primal Calm’s anti-stress effects and major benefits will come
                                    from regular and consistent usage over a longer period of time. If you are
                                    always feeling “stressed out”, take Primal Calm daily along with your vitamins.
                                    Primal Calm is non-drowsy, non-stimulant and has no side effects.

                                    Primal Calm was formerly known as Proloftin®.

     Primal calm 30-day supply [60 Capsules] $49 (plus S&H)                                  1-888-774-6259
     Primal calm on 30-day autoship [60 Capsules] $49 (FREE S&H)                   
                                                                                                Primal Flora
                                           ultra high POtency PrOBiOtic cOmPleX
                                         Our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate dirt. All day, every day. For millions of
                                         years. When you never wash your hands or your food (or anything for that
                                         matter), you pretty much can’t avoid it. But with all that soil came billions of
                                         soil-based organisms (mostly bacteria and yeast) that entered their mouths
                                         daily and populated their guts. Most were “friendly” bacteria that actually
                                         helped them better digest food and ward off infections. In fact, much of the
                                         human immune system evolved to depend on these healthy “flora” living in
                                         us symbiotically. Several trillion bacteria live in our gut today—some good
                                         and some bad. Much of your health—and often your weight—depend on
                                         which of the two is winning the flora war.

                                         The problem today is that we don’t eat dirt; we wash everything. Of course,
                                         given what is in and on the dirt around us, it’s probably best that we do
                                         wash it all. But in the process we never get a chance to ingest those healthy
                                         bacteria that our genes expect us to. In most healthy people this doesn’t
                                         usually present a problem. As long as there are some healthy gut bacteria
                                         present, as long as we don’t get too stressed out (stress hormones can kill
                                         off healthy flora), too sick (diarrhea and vomiting are ways the body purges
                                         bad bacteria—but it purges good bacteria with them), or take antibiotics
                                         (antibiotics tend to kill most bacteria—that’s their job), and as long as we are
                                         eating well, those healthy bacteria can flourish and keep us well.

Unfortunately, we live in a time when stress is everywhere, where we do tend to get sick or take antibiotics, where
certain processed foods support the growth of unhealthy bacteria and yeast forms while choking out the healthy
flora. Many people whose diets include daily doses of yogurt or acidophilus are able to maintain healthy gut flora,
but these sources aren’t always reliable (pasteurizing and added sugars can reduce their effectiveness), and not
everyone can tolerate dairy that well. For that reason, it’s wise to take probiotic supplements.

Primal flora was designed to work synergistically with the Primal Blueprint (or any other) eating strategy. Each daily
serving of one veggie capsule delivers 30 billion CFUs (colony forming units) of viable healthy flora that are more
resistant to the digestive process and up to 25 times more potent than the typical serving of yogurt. While it does
not need to be refrigerated, your Primal Flora will have a greatly extended shelf life if you do keep it refrigerated (but
not frozen).

  Primal flora 30-day supply [30 Capsules] $26.95 (plus S&H)
  Primal flora on 30-day autoship [30 Capsules] $26.95 (FREE S&H)
    Vital Omegas
    ultra high POtency Omega 3 fish Oil
                                    The benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids are indisputable. From their heart-healthy
                                    benefits to their support of a healthy immune system, pain-free joints, brain
                                    and nerve health, to their anti-inflammatory properties, the research proves
                                    that we can all benefit from consuming foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.
                                    Unfortunately, the best natural dietary sources of Omega 3s—cold water
                                    fish—are frequently contaminated with mercury and pesticide residues,
                                    making it very difficult to safely achieve recommended levels. Therefore,
                                    supplementing your diet with pure, highly refined, pharmaceutical-grade fish
                                    oils has proven the best way to get your Omega 3s.

                                    Vital Omegas provide the highest possible quality source of EPA and DHA
                                    essential fatty acids derived from the fleshy parts of deep-water fish, con-
                                    centrated and refined to the highest levels of purity. The easy-to-swallow
                                    soft gelatin capsules contain no contaminants and will not cause stomach
                                    upset or repeating. At the recommended dose of 3 capsules per day, you’ll
                                    be getting 900 mg of EPA and 600 mg of DHA. Of course, you can take up to
                                    6 capsules a day if you want, with added benefits. Remember to take them
                                    with food.

                                    sPecial Offers: Get Vital Omegas FREE when you go on Autoship for
                                    the Damage control Master Formula (page 1), or as part of the Platinum
                                    Package or Primal essentials kit (back cover).

     Vital Omegas 30-day supply [90 Capsules] $24.95 (plus S&H)                             1-888-774-6259
     Vital Omegas on 30-day autoship [90 Capsules] $24.95 (FREE S&H)              
                                                                                                     Vitamin D
                                suPPOrts immune system and strOng BOnes
                                        Beyond a doubt, getting adequate vitamin D is essential for your health.
                                        Recent studies continue to confirm vitamin D as a “superstar” nutrient
                                        crucial for good health (in fact, it’s probably closer to a hormone than a vita-
                                        min). Vitamin D regulates the levels of calcium and phosphate in the blood-
                                        stream, and it promotes the mineralization and growth of bones, working
                                        together with calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin K2. It plays a massive role in
                                        the immune response, activating and “arming” the killer T-cells for defense
                                        against infections and bacteria. It modulates the expression of genes that
                                        regulate cell proliferation, suggesting a potential role in cancer incidence,
                                        and it reduces systemic, chronic inflammation. And yet it is one of the most
                                        chronically deficient vitamins in Americans today!

                                        As an equatorial people, homo sapiens spent well over half of our collective
                                        development time bathed in tropical sun, almost year-round. But now, our
                                        modern lifestyles rarely allow for such regular sun exposure. We can’t all
                                        bask in the midday sun (if such a thing even exists in our neck of the woods),
                                        nor can we even reliably count on there being adequate sunlight on a regular
                                        basis. Additionally, we’re told to avoid the sun at all costs, or if we absolutely
                                        must venture out into the light, to apply a thick layer of sunscreen. On top
                                        of this, food is a poor source of vitamin D, and very little can be obtained
                                        from even the most Primal of diets. Between office jobs without a view and
                                        window panes that allow UV-A but not UV-B rays, humans just aren’t giving
                                        their skin enough opportunities to create sufficient amounts of vitamin D.

Primal Blueprint Vitamin d provides the solution with 2,000 IU of vitamin D (as D3 cholecalciferol) per capsule,
which will allow you to add to your daily D dose if you are getting a little (but not enough) sun, are already getting
2,000 IU a day from the damage control master formula, or if you want to double up and take 2 capsules a day
to reach an added 4,000 IU per day.

  Vitamin d 30-day supply [60 Capsules] $9.00 (plus S&H)
  Vitamin d on 30-day autoship [60 Capsules] $9.00 (FREE S&H)
                        the Primal Blueprint® – Mark Sisson’s #1 Best-Selling Health Book
                           Being healthy and fit has gone mainstream—millions sweat the calories away on the roads
                           or in health clubs and scrutinize labels and menus, trying to do the right thing to control
                           weight, delay aging, and feel healthy, fit, and energetic. And it’s simply not working. Rates
                           of obesity, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and cancer continue to climb, and even the
                           most committed fitness enthusiasts often carry 10 or 20 extra pounds of body fat.

                  healthy lifestyle guru Mark Sisson presents the compelling
                           premise that you can reprogram your genes in the direction of weight loss, health, and
                           longevity by following 10 immutable “Primal” laws validated by two million years of
                           human evolution. the Primal blueprint will show you how:

                           -   Weight loss is all about insulin; moderate your production by eliminating sugar and
                               grains (yes, even whole grains) and you will lose the excess body fat you desire with-
                               out dieting—plus you will improve your energy level, reduce inflammation, and
                               eliminate disease risk.
                           -   Eating meat, eggs, and a generally high-fat diet not only is healthy but is the key to
                               effortless weight loss, a healthy immune system, and boundless energy.
                           -   Slowing down your typical cardio workouts, and incorporating brief, intense strength
                               sessions and occasional all-out sprints can produce fitness benefits far superior to
                               workouts that are longer and more grueling—and can eliminate the risk of burnout.

                           Purchase your copy of the Primal blueprint, the best-selling health and wellness
                           book, today to learn how to reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant
                           health, and boundless energy.

    the Primal Blueprint $26.99 (FREE S&H)
    the Primal Blueprint audio Book [abridged version read by Mark Sisson, 4 CDs] $26.99 (FREE S&H)

                                    the Primal Blueprint® 21-day total Body transformation
                           Primal Blueprint author Mark Sisson presents a fun, easy-to-follow, practical guidebook
                           to help you “get Primal” in only 21 days. First, you’ll learn eight Key Concepts that rep-
                           resent the most important day-to-day elements of living Primally, then tackle five Action
                           Items that will enable you to literally reprogram your genes toward a long, healthy, and
                           energetic life. The Action Items are presented in a fun and life-transforming 21-Day
                           Challenge, featuring daily diet, exercise, and lifestyle endeavors with corresponding
                           journal exercises.

                           the Primal blueprint 21-Day transformation is stocked with photos, diagrams, con-
                           cise section summaries, workout descriptions and photos, resource lists for Primal-
                           approved foods and foods to avoid, recipe suggestions, and detailed real-life success
                           stories to help you stay confident and focused on your Primal journey.

                           If you want to be told exactly how to lose weight and achieve lifelong wellness, pick
                           up a copy of the Primal blueprint 21-Day total body transformation. Results are
                           guaranteed. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your experience, simply contact a Primal
                           Blueprint customer service representative at 888-774-6259 and let us know your spe-
                           cific reason.

    the Primal Blueprint 21-day total Body transformation $22.95 (FREE S&H)          
         the Primal Blueprint® cookbook – #1 in All Amazon’s Low Carb Categories
                      The popularity of the low carb/paleo/Primal way of eating has exploded, as people
                      discover an appealing and sustainable alternative to the restrictive diets and flawed
                      conventional wisdom that lead to burnout and failed weight loss efforts. Until now,
                      high-quality cookbooks written for this growing community simply haven’t existed. The
                      dream of eating satisfying meals—even on a budget—controlling weight and feeling
                      great has now become a reality. Make your transition to Primal eating easy and fun with
                      this innovative cookbook from Primal blueprint author Mark Sisson and acclaimed
                      chef/food writer/photographer Jennifer Meier. Included are over 100 mouth-watering
                      recipes with easy-to-follow instructions and nearly 400 brilliant, glossy, full-color photo-
                      graphs to guide and inspire you to cooking and eating Primally.

                      Save time with intuitive recipe steps, easy navigation, and great visual support. Find reci-
                      pes quickly in the following categories: Meat, Offal, Fowl, Seafood, Vegetables, Eggs,
                      Primal substitutes, marinades, sauces and dressings, desserts, and Beverages.
                      How can you argue with a menu that includes Roasted Leg of Lamb with Herbs and
                      Garlic, Salmon Chowder with Coconut Milk, Tomatoes Stuffed with Ground Bison and
                      Eggs, and Baked Chocolate Custard? This isn’t a crash course diet. These and the other
                      Primal recipes provide the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating, high energy, and
                      protection from common health problems that arise from eating SAD (Standard Ameri-
                      can Diet).

the Primal Blueprint cookbook $29.99 (FREE S&H)

     Primal Blueprint® Quick & easy meals – Delicious Meals In 30 Minutes or Less!
                      Quick & easy Meals delivers over 100 mouth-watering recipes with easy-to-follow
                      instructions that will get you in and out of the kitchen in 30-minutes or less. Now the
                      dream of eating satisfying meals—even with little time to spare—controlling weight
                      and feeling great has become a reality.

                      Quick and Easy - Save time with intuitive recipe steps, easy navigation, and great
                      visual support (over 300 brilliant full-color photographs!). You’ll find recipes for every
                      traditional meal time – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Appetizers and Snacks – and reci-
                      pes for Sauces, Toppings and Rubs.

                      Effortless Weight Loss - Quick & easy Meals makes losing weight easier than
                      ever, showing you how to transition from the great American grain-based diet to a
                      healthy Primal Blueprint diet featuring meat, seafood, fowl, vegetables, fruits, nuts,
                      and seeds.

                      No Pasta, No Bread, No Rice, No Cooking Skills, No Kidding! - You’ll find that you
                      won’t even miss the boring, low-fat, high-carb foods that previously were the central
                      focus of your diet. And no matter your experience in the kitchen you’ll learn how to
                      prepare delectable dishes like Bacon Souffle Frittata, Dill and Caper Salmon Burgers
                      and Chorizo and Almond-Crusted Halibut.

Primal Blueprint Quick & easy meals $29.99 (FREE S&H)
Special Packages
            Gold Package                                             Platinum Package

The gold Package is the perfect option for those           The Platinum Package is the ultimate in supple-
looking to cover their high-potency supplement             mentation and is what Mark Sisson, his wife and
bases. You’ll get a 30-day supply of our high-             thousands of customers take daily. With a 30-day
potency multivitamin the advanced health for-              supply of our high-antioxidant multivitamin com-
mula, 30 servings of our delicious Primal meal             plex damage control master formula, omega-3
replacement shake Primal fuel, and our propri-             fish oils Vital Omegas, healthy probiotics Primal
etary blend of healthy probiotics, Primal flora. By        flora, Vitamin d booster, and Primal fuel—our
purchasing the Gold Package you’ll save over 30%           delicious, coconut-based Primal meal replacement
off the regular retail price!                              shake, the Platinum Package is a comprehensive,
                                                           convenient and cost-effective way to live a healthy,
                                                           Primal life in the modern world.

total retail Value: $154.95                                total retail Value: $268.90
gold Package $119.95 (plus S&H)                            Platinum Package $199 (plus S&H)
gold Package on autoship $119.95 (FREE S&H)                Platinum Package on autoship $199 (FREE S&H)

Primal Essentials Kit
                        the 3 foundational supplements mark sisson says everyone should take

                                     If you take no other supplements in your health regimen, you should still
                                     take these three. The Primal essentials kit provides an elegant solution
                                     to the daily challenges we face living with our hunter-gatherer genes in a
                                     completely modernized world. At a substantial savings to what you’d pay
                                     for these individually, the Primal Essentials Kit is comprised of 3 critical com-
                                     ponents to a healthy life: probiotics, vitamin D, and fish oils. It includes our
                                     Primal flora, Vital Omegas, & Vitamin d (see inside for more information).

                                     Try it today and if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the results, take advan-
                                     tage of our 30-day money back guarantee.

total retail Value: $60.90
Primal essentials kit 30-day supply $49.95 (plus S&H)
Primal essentials kit on 30-day autoship $44.95 (FREE S&H)


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