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					    Afghanistan         Action Against Iran   Immigration    Individual Mandate   Women's Rights

Tax Cuts for the Rich          GSA             Solyndra           Divided         Comprehensive

 American Values            Recession         Free Square!        Believe              Iraq

      Strategy               Record           Tax Returns       Super PAC          Top 1 Percent

  Republican−led        National Security      Reckless       This November          Medicare
Second Amendment      Supreme Court          Believe       Weapons of Mass Destruction        Divided

   Obamacare               Deficit       Above 8 Percent            Savings                  Medicare

 Federal Reserve      This November       Free Square!             Super PAC                Arab Spring

 National Security          FBI            Recession            Economic Growth             Debt Ceiling

Action Against Iran   Greatest Country     Sustainable           Republican−led          Individual Mandate
Weapons of Mass Destruction   American Values          Believe         Obamacare       Top 1 Percent

         Savings              Individual Mandate      Solyndra        Arab Spring          Iraq

         Medicare                   Deficit         Free Square!         Record             FBI

      Social Security            Immigration       Economic Growth     Bin Laden       Comprehensive

      Above 8 Percent           National Debt         Recession      Right to Choose    Sustainable
 National Debt     Top 1 Percent       Debt Ceiling       Super PAC         Divided

This November         Believe         Right to Choose   Women's Rights   Social Security

    China         National Security    Free Square!      Arab Spring      Afghanistan

Above 8 Percent       Reform           Tax Returns        Wall Street     Outsourcing

   Medicare         Health Care         Obamacare        Sustainable        Inaction
 Super PAC         Savings           Recession            Outsourcing          Divided

 Afghanistan    Right to Choose         GSA             Women's Rights          China

   Believe      American Values     Free Square!       Action Against Iran     Inaction

   Deficit         Reckless       Individual Mandate      Arab Spring            Iraq

Supreme Court   Above 8 Percent       Bin Laden           Tax Returns        National Debt
Outsourcing       China            Libya           Bin Laden            Arab Spring

Health Care    Afghanistan     Top 1 Percent       Super PAC              Savings

  Believe     Republican−led   Free Square!    Action Against Iran        Inaction

Immigration     Wall Street     Tax Returns       Debt Ceiling       Don't Ask Don't Tell

Obamacare     Comprehensive    This November          FBI                  Deficit
    Reform         Economic Growth       National Debt       Divided       Savings

American Values   Don't Ask Don't Tell   Republican−led       Libya       Sustainable

Women's Rights        Recession           Free Square!    Comprehensive   Wall Street

  Afghanistan     Second Amendment           GSA           Arab Spring     Medicare

  Debt Ceiling       Tax Returns             Deficit        Bin Laden       Record
    Savings          Iraq           Record          Weapons of Mass Destruction     Top 1 Percent

  Immigration      Strategy       Health Care                  Libya                 Obamacare

    Divided       Tax Returns    Free Square!               Super PAC                Outsourcing

Economic Growth   Afghanistan      Medicare                 Recession             Individual Mandate

  Arab Spring      Reckless     National Security            Solyndra                Sustainable
Above 8 Percent     Recession                 Savings                 Wall Street       Bin Laden

      FBI              GSA          Weapons of Mass Destruction       Medicare            Libya

Women's Rights        Divided              Free Square!             Social Security    Health Care

Economic Growth   Federal Reserve        Action Against Iran         Immigration         Inaction

  Super PAC         Obamacare                 Record              Second Amendment    This November
Tax Cuts for the Rich       Inaction             FBI                Top 1 Percent          Second Amendment

    Health Care             Divided         Supreme Court               GSA                Action Against Iran

  Republican−led        National Security    Free Square!            Wall Street              Debt Ceiling

     Reckless              Super PAC         National Debt   Weapons of Mass Destruction     Social Security

     Medicare           This November       Women's Rights       Don't Ask Don't Tell       Comprehensive
     FBI          Individual Mandate      Top 1 Percent            Obamacare               Health Care

   Solyndra       Don't Ask Don't Tell   Republican−led               Libya                Arab Spring

American Values        Inaction           Free Square!     Weapons of Mass Destruction      Recession

    Believe         Social Security           Iraq                National Debt              Divided

  Bin Laden            Strategy          Above 8 Percent       Second Amendment          Economic Growth
Comprehensive   Supreme Court           FBI         Individual Mandate           Wall Street

  Bin Laden     Right to Choose   Economic Growth      Tax Returns            Greatest Country

 Afghanistan    Above 8 Percent    Free Square!      Social Security               Record

 Obamacare        Debt Ceiling        Savings              Iraq              Tax Cuts for the Rich

 Sustainable    American Values   Women's Rights        Reckless         Weapons of Mass Destruction
 American Values            Reform                Immigration           Greatest Country        Inaction

    Obamacare           Right to Choose             Believe             Women's Rights            China

     Reckless             Bin Laden              Free Square!           Supreme Court      Don't Ask Don't Tell

Tax Cuts for the Rich   Republican−led    Weapons of Mass Destruction      Recession              Libya

 Economic Growth           Solyndra                Savings                Sustainable            Divided
 Women's Rights    Federal Reserve      Top 1 Percent             China                Reckless

Second Amendment   Above 8 Percent     Social Security           Inaction                Deficit

    Solyndra       Greatest Country     Free Square!            Strategy          Tax Cuts for the Rich

 Supreme Court     This November      Individual Mandate   Don't Ask Don't Tell       Arab Spring

    Bin Laden        Tax Returns      American Values       Comprehensive             Afghanistan
 Top 1 Percent    Republican−led   Don't Ask Don't Tell    Supreme Court         Second Amendment

   Strategy          Solyndra         Outsourcing               FBI          Weapons of Mass Destruction

  Recession          Inaction         Free Square!            Savings                  Record

Federal Reserve    Debt Ceiling       Tax Returns          Social Security       Individual Mandate

  Sustainable      Afghanistan         Bin Laden          Economic Growth              Believe
  Immigration     Economic Growth   Sustainable        Iraq              China

American Values    Supreme Court       Libya        Tax Returns       Super PAC

  Recession           Record        Free Square!    Health Care    Individual Mandate

   Medicare         Outsourcing        GSA         Comprehensive    This November

Federal Reserve   Above 8 Percent   Obamacare       Wall Street         Savings
   Health Care                 Afghanistan              Reckless         Social Security    Debt Ceiling

Don't Ask Don't Tell            Solyndra                Medicare         Supreme Court      Super PAC

    Immigration        Weapons of Mass Destruction    Free Square!        Outsourcing        Bin Laden

 Right to Choose           Individual Mandate        National Security     Recession            Iraq

     Savings                     Reform               National Debt       Obamacare        Comprehensive
Weapons of Mass Destruction   Women's Rights    Action Against Iran        FBI             Super PAC

       Debt Ceiling               Record            Medicare             Solyndra       Individual Mandate

     Economic Growth           Top 1 Percent      Free Square!           Reckless          Afghanistan

     Greatest Country         This November      Comprehensive         Arab Spring         Immigration

           GSA                Above 8 Percent   Second Amendment      Right to Choose        Strategy
Greatest Country    Social Security     Above 8 Percent    Sustainable     Economic Growth

     Deficit        Federal Reserve       Recession       This November         Record

  Arab Spring      Individual Mandate    Free Square!      Outsourcing      Right to Choose

    Divided           Immigration       Republican−led    Supreme Court        Bin Laden

    Strategy            Inaction          Tax Returns       Solyndra      Tax Cuts for the Rich
     FBI          Social Security         Libya           Outsourcing       National Debt

American Values      Savings        Economic Growth        Medicare      Don't Ask Don't Tell

  Health Care       Super PAC         Free Square!         Strategy            Record

  Recession       Right to Choose   Action Against Iran   Debt Ceiling       Immigration

Republican−led     Top 1 Percent        Bin Laden           Believe      Second Amendment
      Savings                   Iraq           Greatest Country            Strategy              Republican−led

 Economic Growth               Libya              Reckless        Weapons of Mass Destruction   Second Amendment

     Recession           Women's Rights         Free Square!              Bin Laden               This November

    Health Care         Individual Mandate          China               Supreme Court            Federal Reserve

Tax Cuts for the Rich   Don't Ask Don't Tell     Super PAC                  Deficit                  Divided
        Bin Laden                  Reckless             Debt Ceiling         Wall Street             GSA

         Solyndra                   Believe          Action Against Iran   Republican−led    Tax Cuts for the Rich

      Supreme Court                 Record             Free Square!        Above 8 Percent    Economic Growth

        Sustainable           Don't Ask Don't Tell        Inaction         Right to Choose     Federal Reserve

Weapons of Mass Destruction        Strategy              Recession          Outsourcing          Health Care
    Strategy           Wall Street         Federal Reserve     Sustainable     Obamacare

    Believe        Tax Cuts for the Rich     Bin Laden           Deficit         Libya

Greatest Country       Afghanistan          Free Square!       Immigration      Solyndra

  Debt Ceiling     Individual Mandate        Outsourcing          China         Record

  Super PAC              Inaction          American Values   Economic Growth      Iraq
    Solyndra         Afghanistan     Don't Ask Don't Tell    National Debt     Arab Spring

       Iraq        This November        Obamacare            Health Care      Republican−led

   Debt Ceiling    Federal Reserve      Free Square!        Right to Choose      Divided

Second Amendment   Women's Rights           China              Savings           Reform

    Strategy         Bin Laden              Libya             Super PAC         Medicare
    Deficit         Immigration         Women's Rights              China           Federal Reserve

     Libya           Medicare          Greatest Country         Top 1 Percent       Supreme Court

Economic Growth   Right to Choose        Free Square!              Inaction           Super PAC

  Sustainable         Solyndra        Tax Cuts for the Rich   Action Against Iran   This November

  Afghanistan     National Security    American Values               GSA               Savings
    Record         Comprehensive       FBI             Debt Ceiling        Weapons of Mass Destruction

      Iraq          Immigration    Tax Returns          Reckless                     Believe

     Libya          Health Care    Free Square!         Bin Laden                  Arab Spring

   Medicare           Inaction     National Debt   Tax Cuts for the Rich        American Values

Greatest Country   Supreme Court   Top 1 Percent    Economic Growth             Action Against Iran
     National Security        Don't Ask Don't Tell       Sustainable            China       Recession

      Federal Reserve           Republican−led       Second Amendment         Medicare      Bin Laden

Weapons of Mass Destruction        Strategy             Free Square!           Record       Immigration

      Women's Rights            Social Security          Wall Street         Debt Ceiling   Health Care

          Divided                     Iraq           Tax Cuts for the Rich     Reform        Inaction
    Deficit       Action Against Iran    Medicare       Wall Street         Solyndra

Federal Reserve    Supreme Court          Believe       Health Care     American Values

Right to Choose      Sustainable        Free Square!   Comprehensive      National Debt

   Strategy       National Security     Arab Spring        China       Don't Ask Don't Tell

   Savings           Obamacare            Inaction      Outsourcing          Record
    Divided       Greatest Country        Solyndra            Afghanistan         Record

American Values       Strategy        Federal Reserve         Obamacare        Tax Returns

     Iraq           Super PAC           Free Square!            Deficit        Health Care

     FBI            Outsourcing      Don't Ask Don't Tell    Top 1 Percent    Right to Choose

   Medicare         Debt Ceiling      National Security     Above 8 Percent       China
  Recession             Solyndra           Women's Rights        Right to Choose       Reform

 Immigration      Tax Cuts for the Rich    Comprehensive         Above 8 Percent       Inaction

Social Security      Top 1 Percent          Free Square!        Individual Mandate   Debt Ceiling

  Wall Street      American Values        Action Against Iran        Record              FBI

 Obamacare              Believe                 Deficit             Medicare          Reckless

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