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Garlicy Green juice

makes 1-1.5 quarts

1 pound of your favorite greens

1 cucumber, chopped

3 carrots, chopped

1 garlic clove

1 tablespoon hemp oil

1-2 cups water

1 Place cucumber, greens, garlic clove and carrots in a blender* with the water. Blend
until ingredients break down into a thick mixture.

2 Strain the mixture in a nut mylk bag into a large bowl. Squeeze the bag to get all the
juices out of the pulp.

3 Pour juice into a glass and add hemp oil.

*You can use a juicer instead of a blender. I use a blender because the clean-up is faster
for the amount of juices I make. Also, please note if you use greens that are heavier in
weight (kale, collards, etc.) a high-speed blender (like a Vitamix) will work better at
breaking down the greens.

Basil Limeade

1 bunch sweet basil leaves (about a handful)

3 cups water

1 cup agave nectar

5 limes, juiced

1 In a pitcher, combine water, agave nectar, basil leaves and lime juice. Cover the top of
the pitcher with plastic wrap.

2 Place the pitcher outside in the sun for at least an hour.

3 Remove basil before drinking.

Tip #1: Fill an ice cube tray with chopped basil, and then cover with water and freeze.
Use the basil ice cubes in your drink.

Tip #2: Instead of sweet basil, try lemon or lime basil.


Peaches are a good source of Vitamins A, C and E as well as high in fiber.

1 peach, pitted, chopped

1 banana

1 cup young coconut water

1 cup ice cubes

1/4 cup agave nectar

Blend peach, banana, coconut water, and agave nectar until well mixed. Add ice cubes.

Servings: 2

Coconut Milk

meat from 1 Thai Young coconut

1 c coconut water or pure water

1/4 c agave nectar

1 t almond extract

1/2 t nutmeg, plus extra

Blend coconut meat and water in a blender until smooth. Add agave nectar, almond
extract and nutmeg. Garnish with extra nutmeg

This milk is a bit thicker in consistency than almond milk

Green Smoothie

The theory behind Green Smoothies is to get the nutritious greens (spinach, kale,
lettuce, etc.) into your body in the most effective way without compromising your taste

The recipe I am providing is basic. The possibilities are endless.

Green Smoothie (2 quarts)

2 c spinach

2 c water

1 c ice

2 very ripe banana

2 peaches

2 T Agave Nectar, or to taste*

Place spinach and water in blender and blend. I like to add the spinach first to make sure
all the spinach is thoroughly blended.

Add the peaches, banana, Agave Nectar and ice.

I add each ingredient at a time, giving them their time in blender spotlight. If you drink
Green Smoothies on a daily basis, eventually you do without the extra sweetener. Your
body will just crave the greens and the rest will be fillers.

Here's the Green Smoothie formula

Greens (the leafy stuff) + Your choice of fresh (or frozen) fruit + water + banana + ice =
Yummy and very nutritious drink.

Orangesicle Breakfast Drink

1 c coconut water

1/4 c agave nectar

1 orange, peeled, quartered

1 t hemp oil

1/2 t vanilla extract

Tray of ice cubes

Combine coconut water, agave nectar, orange quarters, hemp and vanilla in a blender.
Add ice cubes a few at a time to create a frothy drink. Serve immediately.

Almond Milk

1 c soaked almonds

4 c water

1/4 c agave nectar (optional)

Pinch of sea salt

Blend soaked almonds and water until thoroughly blended. Strain the milk through a nut
bag into a large bowl.

Rinse the blender cup and put strained milk back in with agave nectar and sea salt.

Frozen Treats

Cantaloupe Granita

2 c chopped cantaloupe, approx. 1/2 melon, seeded

1 c ice cubes

1/4 cup agave nectar

Juice of one half lemon juice

Purée ingredients in a blender until smooth, then pour into a metal pan and freeze until
mixture becomes a firm slush, at least 1 hour. Scrape with a fork and serve in chilled

Watermelon Slushy/Sorbet

4 1/2 c diced watermelon, seeds removed

1/2 cup agave nectar

Juice of one half lemon

1/8 t sea salt

Puree watermelon, agave nectar, lemon juice and sea salt in a blender. Pour mixture
into metal container and place in the freezer for about 40 minutes. When it is semi-solid
(with liquid beneath the surface), mash it up with a fork. Pour in a chilled glass for a
Slushy drink.

To create the sorbet, Instead of pouring into a glass, take the mixture and refreeze
again. When frozen, place in a blender and process until smooth. Refreeze until serving

Cilantro Shake

  * Pink Grapefruit

  * Cucumber

  * Cilantro

  * Lime

  * Pineapple

  * Agave Nectar or stevia

  * Vanilla Extract

  * BIG pinch of Cinnamon

  * Pinch of salt


In a blender, (Vitamix if you have one) throw a pink peeled grapefruit, peeled cucumber,
lots and lots and lots of cilantro - like half a bunch, a lime, some pineapple, agave nectar
or stevia, vanilla extract, BIG pinch of cinnamon, and pinch of salt.

More Love for Cilantro

Free radicals are everywhere - in the water we drink, food we eat, and in the air we
breathe. The main defense to free radicals (coming from pollution, x-rays, radiation,
chemicals, heavy metals) are antioxidants. Cilantro leaves are rich in calcium, iron,
carotenes, and vitamin C, which it happens are great antioxidants. A Japanese
investigator, Yoshiaki Omura, has made the revolutionary discovery that cilantro can
mobilize mercury and other toxic metals from the central nervous system if large
enough amounts are consumed daily. Reuters reports that cilantro contains a chemical
which has been found to kill the Salmonella bacteria that cause foodborne illness.

The heavy metal detox capabilities of cilantro should also make it of great use in the
treatment of depression, Alzheimer's disease, lack of concentration and other related
disorders. In other words, this herb can apparently help to keep you happy, focused,
and sane! Just eat it, don't smoke it.

Nut Nog

  * 2 cups almonds(soaked overnight in water)

  * 1 cup dates(pitted and chopped)

  * 1 vanilla bean chopped(or 1T vanilla extract)

  * 1 t cinnamon ground

  * 1/2 t cloves, ground

  * 1/2 t cardomon ground

Combine all ingredients, except for almonds, in a mixing bowl. Strain almonds, except
for soaking water, place in blender with 1 quart filtered/spring water then liquefy on
high speed, slowly pour mixture through strainer, over a collecting bowl to remove
pulp(save for cookies or pie crust). Place 1/2 almond milk into blender with 1/2 of spices
and dates, top off with filtered/ spring water, then liquefy on high speed. Repeat
process with remaining ingredients. Combine in bowl. pour into container and
refrigerate. When serving, garnish with a dash of cinnamon. Serves 10.

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