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                                                         APRIL 2010

                                      PRESIDENT:         SCOTT SMITH
                             1st VICE PRESIDENT:       MARLA LAREAU
                            2nd VICE PRESIDENT:         BEV FOLTMAN
                                     TREASURER:           TOM VIENNA
                                      SECRETARY:         LISA SCHULZ
              FROM THE DIRECTOR:
              Everything is in full bloom here in the Lake Central Band Department! All of the ensembles are pre-
              paring for the Spring Band Concert and for ISSMA Organizational Contest. Winter Percussion En-
              semble just finished a very successful season, the Winter Color Guards are finishing up their sea-
              sons, the Jazz Ensembles are getting ready to swing at the Valparaiso University Jazz Festival, and
              the plans for an exciting 2010 Marching Band Season are well underway!

            Continue to work hard, get involved, have a positive attitude, and see what kind of positive impact
you can have on yourself, your students and everyone and everything associated with this great band department.
Remember that you get out of something what you put into it!
                                                                Mr. Harmon

              FROM THE DESK OF MR. NELSON:
                                                                      THOUGHTS OF THE MONTH
              Wow! What a finish to a great season! The
              winter percussion ensemble finished 7th
 place in the Indiana Percussion Association State                     “You become like the people with
 Championships. The students played incredible and we
                                                                            whom you associate.”
 are all very proud of their hard work and accomplish-
                                                                       “Luck is what happens when hard
 Mark your calendars: Tuesday, April 27th—                                 work meets opportunity.”
 PERCUSSION!!! We are hosting an evening of percus-
 sion featuring all of the percussionists from Lake Cen-                  “If you can’t change your fate,
 tral’s percussion class and the Marian Catholic High                          change your attitude.”
 School percussion ensemble. It will be an evening of
 great music and great new friendships!                               “The greater the obstacle, the more
                                                                           glory in overcoming it.”
 Hope to see you there!

 Mr. Nelson                                                             “The way I see it, if you want the
                                                                      rainbow, you have to put up with the
 Congrats to the ladies of the LC Winter
        The AA Guard finished the season
              winning the Silver medal.
      The Open Guard won the Gold medal                      Band Awards Banquet
                with a score of 88.2.                             Tuesday, May 18th
                                                           (see insert included in this newsletter)
 The first week of April, the Open Guard will be trav-
 eling to Dayton, Ohio for the Winter Guard Interna-
 tional World Championships.                                    Band Parent Information Night
                  Good luck, ladies!                                     Thursday, May 27th
 Thank you to all the parents and staff for making
                                                                   7pm at Lake Central High School
 this year a success!
                                                           See ALL important dates listed on our web
 Mr. B                                                              site:

                               LAKE CENTRAL BANDS NEWSLETTER ~ PAGE 2
                                              APRIL 2010
          From the PRESIDENT
           From the desk of Scott Smith
            I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break and is ready to enjoy the end of year school fes-
            tivities. Ahead of us are the ISSMA Concert Band and Wind Ensemble performances, the
     Spring Concert and of course, our end of the year Awards Banquet in May. Please fill out your ticket
order form in this newsletter for the awards banquet and get it into the booster mailbox. No tickets will be
sold at the door!

This is also the time that we elect a new board for the upcoming year. At the March Boosters meeting, the
slate of officers was presented for the 2010/2011 Booster Board. The candidates are:

                                            President: Marla Lareau
                                     First Vice President: Tom O’Donnell
                                   Second Vice President: Diane O’Connor
                                          Secretary: Dawn Crawford
                                 Treasurer: Carrie Brownewell & Cathie Clark

Voting for the new Board will be held on April 28th, 2010 at the monthly booster meeting. Please
come hear the candidates and fell free to ask them questions (nominations can be made from the
floor as well) and vote!

I know you’ve all heard me say this a million times but it still holds true today as in any time I’ve mentioned it
before. The Board can only be successful with the help of you, the parents of the students we all love so
much. Please make that commitment to continue the long tradition of family support for these fine students
and let’s take this program to the next step in it’s evolution. It’s been an exciting year, we as a
group have accomplished so much for our students and next year looks to be even bigger and
                          Sincerely, Scott

On Tuesday, May 18, we invite all band students and their
parents to the Halls of St. George to enjoy dinner and an
                                                                  "We make a living by what we get.
evening out with your friends and colleagues. After din-           We make a life by what we give."
ner, Mr. Harmon and all of his staff will be there to present
awards and scholarships to the students. We encourage                    -Winston Churchill
all band families to attend this event which wraps up the
entire year. We will also honor our veteran senior stu-
dents who have used their time and talents to entertain
countless people over their years of service with the Lake
                                                                  Vice Presidents Report
                                                                  From the desk of Marla Lareau and Beverly Foltman
Central Band Programs. The cost for the evening, includ-
ing a delicious family style dinner, is $22 each and $10 if       SAVE THE DATE:
you are 8 years old and younger. Please note that Senior
Students are FREE. The doors will open at 6:00pm and              The third annual Music is Important Golf Outing
dinner will be served promptly at 6:30pm. The Halls of St.        is scheduled for Monday, June 28th at White
George is located at 905 Joliet (old Lincoln Highway) just        Hawk Country Club. Start putting your four-
east of Cline Avenue.                                             somes together now and join the boosters for a
                                                                  great day of golf and food. More details to fol-
Please complete the insert in this newsletter and return it       low.
with your money or check made out to the LC Band Boost-
ers. Drop the envelope in the mailbox located in the band         SPECIAL THANKS:
room. If you have any questions about this event, please
                                                                  For all of those who supported the Scholarship
contact Debbie Sieffert at 365-4151 or Kay Smith at 365-
                                                                  Dinner and Silent auction—Thank you! A great
                                                                  time was had by all.

                               LAKE CENTRAL BANDS NEWSLETTER ~ PAGE 3
                                              APRIL 2010
                                                  Spring and Market Day is in the Air!
                                We’d like to thank everyone who supported our April Market Day® sale! In
                                May, you’ll receive a FREE 4-pack of ¼ lb. burgers with a minimum order of
                                $50. It’s also Frequent Buyer® Program Redemption Month. If you have quali-
 fied, order $40 in May to receive your FREE Mite ‘N’ Mighty Step Stool.

 KEEP THE COOKIE JAR FULL! Just in time for all the Spring family celebrations from Memorial Day to graduations
 to bridal and baby showers….cookies are always a sure-fire hit with everyone! Stock up on these pre-measured,
 ready to bake cookies: Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate Mint Chip, Lemon Cooler, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut butter,
 Snickerdoodle, M&M and Sugar Free Chocolate Chip! Bake a few for a warm mid afternoon snack or bake them all
 for an awesome family treat….it’s up to you! BUY MORE AND
 SAVE! ...see order form for details!                              Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

 PARENTS: Most of our Market Day volunteers will be graduat-         Ingredients:
                                                                     1⅓ c, vanilla ice cream
 ing out of the program at the end of the school year. Please        1 bottle multicolored candy sprinkles
 consider volunteering your time to help. The new year will begin    Cookies!...flavor of your choice!
 with the summer sales so please contact Michelle Cook or Pati
 Barrientez to join our group. See contact information on the May    Directions: Let ice cream stand at
 Market Day order form.                                              room temperature for a few minutes
                                                                     to soften slightly. Pour candy sprin-
 Go to Lake Central High School Band               kles onto a plate. Scoop ice cream
 Boosters or pick up an order form in the band room (outside Mr.     onto 4 cookies.
 Harmon’s office) to place your Market Day Order today!              Top each with another cookie, squeeze them together gen-
                                                                     tly, and scrape the ice cream edge smooth with a small
 Michelle Cook                                                       spatula. Roll edges in candy sprinkles.
 Phone: 558-2093                                                     Eat ice cream sandwiches immediately, or freeze airtight at
                                                                     least 30 minutes or up to a day.

 Congratulations to
 Tom Vienna and Aud-                                                           Do you want to learn more about the
 rey Robertson on being                                                             BAND PROGRAM at LC?
 selected as members of
 the IBA All-State Band                                                    Do you have some great ideas to make our
 and All-State Honor                                                              Band Program even better?
 Band, respectively.
                                                                              Come to a BAND BOOSTER MEETING!
 These two members of
 the LC Band program                                                      Each meeting is scheduled for the last Wednes-
 met with other incredible                                                day of every month at 7:30pm in the band room!
 high school musicians from around the state on the weekend of               STAY INFORMED…COME TO A BAND
 March 12-14, rehearsed for two days, then put on an incredible                        BOOSTER MEETING!
 concert on the campus of Purdue University.
                                                                                              April 28th
                                                                                              May 26th
It’s getting close! The start of another award-winning marching band season is just around the corner! See the en-
closed schedule for the spring and summer. The theme of this year’s production is “Seven”. Details about the show
will follow at a later time, but rest assured that, as a design team, we are constantly striving to raise our own bar. As
members and parents, you should be doing the same thing. As you are aware, the marching band experience is one
that cannot be duplicated anywhere else, so hang on for a great ride as we prepare for an incredible 2010 season!

                               LAKE CENTRAL BANDS NEWSLETTER ~ PAGE 4
                                              APRIL 2010
                             Lake Central Band Booster
                            Membership Drive 2009-2010
   Thank you so much to those who have already contributed to the Lake Central Band Boosters’
   Membership Drive. We are asking EACH family to give $25.00 to help our kids during the year.
   This will be a once a year donation. This is an easy way to show your support and help fund
   our awesome Band Program! Look for the Membership forms in the band room. Questions
   should be directed to Lisa Schulz at 322-4180. The following is a list of families who have shown
   their support and have become members:
     The    Barrientez    Family          The   Heusmann      Family       The   O'Donnell       Family
     The    Batistatos    Family          The   Inglese       Family       The   Otic            Family
     The    Bouma         Family          The   Kalinich      Family       The   Rees            Family
     The    Brown         Family          The   Karwatka      Family       The   Rhoades         Family
     The    Browne        Family                                           The   Schulz          Family
                                          The   Kluck         Family
     The    Cervantes     Family                                           The   Sieffert        Family
                                          The   Kowalewicz    Family
     The    Chase         Family                                           The   Smith           Family
                                          The   Kucera        Family       The   Stidham         Family
     The    Chavarria     Family
                                          The   Kutka         Family       The   Turco           Family
     The    Crawford      Family
                                          The   Lareau        Family       The   Turman          Family
     The    Dostal        Family
                                          The   Lazaroff      Family       The   Vienna          Family
     The    Flens         Family
                                          The   McGrath       Family       The   Wasylowsky      Family
     The    Giazzon       Family
     The    Govert        Family          The McQuillen       Family       The   Wozniak         Family
     The    Gustafson     Family          The Milcarek        Family
     The    Harmon        Family          The Mills           Family
     The    Heath         Family

                                   SPONSORSHIP DRIVE 2009-2010
The sponsorship drive has been a great success so far this year. Thanks to all those who have contributed to the
band program through sponsorship donations. It is never too late to become a sponsor. Wouldn’t you like to see your
name or the name of your business on our sponsorship page or on our semi-trailer? For further information, visit
our website or contact Robin Vienna at
If you are in the band program and have a parent, uncle, neighbor or someone you know who owns a business, ask
them to become a sponsor of our wonderful program. And remember, in appreciation to those who have contributed
to the LC band, please make note of those businesses on our page and make sure to give them some of our business.
Thanks,    Robin Vienna

                                   Important Contact Information
   Chris Harmon                                              Alan Buzalski
   (219) 365-2760 or (219) 365-8551 ext. 278                 (219) 365-2760 or (219) 365-8551 ext. 189
   E-mail address:                        E-mail address:

   David Nelson                                              Denise Miloshoff, Office Secretary
   (219) 365-2760 or (219) 365-8551 ext. 295                 (219) 365-2760 or (219) 365-8551 ext. 280
   E-mail address:                       E-mail address:

            Contact the Band Boosters Board Members by logging on to

                               LAKE CENTRAL BANDS NEWSLETTER ~ PAGE 5
                                              APRIL 2010
                                 Corporate Sponsors

                             Patron Sponsors $2,500 and up
                                    John & Rosemary Sanchez
                                     Edward & Liliana Roviaro
                                      Nathan & Julie Bouma
                                       Tom & Kathy O’Donnell

                           Diamond Sponsors $1,000-$2,499
                                       Andorra Restaurant
                                      Teachers Credit Union

                                Gold Sponsors $500-$999
                 Webb Ford                             George & Loretta Pazak
                 Dwayne and Sherri Biegel              Robert and Clare Schneider
                 Dr. and Mrs. John Valesano            Jeffry & Mary Mitchell

                                Silver Sponsors $250-$499
            Collision Revision                           Robert M. Modrowski, DDS
            Dyer Construction Co., Inc.                  Strack and Van Til, Schererville
            Steve & Laura Hodges                         White Hawk Country Club
            Jalapeno’s/Woodhollow After Dark

                                 Bronze Sponsors            $100-$249
Awesome Eats & Treats             Villa Cesare                          Centier Bank
Dunhill Tuxedos                   Koed Corp d/b/a Lot O’ Fun            Puntillo Orthodontics, P.S.
The Band Man’s Company            Zig E’s Funland                       Quinlan & Fabish Music Company
Riah Salon                        Town of Schererville

                                    Copper Sponsors             $50-$99
       Alkon Consulting Group, Inc.                               Alsip Home & Nursery
       Carras-Szany-Kuhn & Associates, P.S. Architects            Halls of St. George
       The Kullman/Lewis Family                                   The Patricia Lewis Family
       Lake Central Athletic Boosters                             Lencioni Catering
       Sarkey Insurance Agency                                    Jim Miskovich State Farm Ins
       Strack and Van Til, St. John                               Thiel Cabinet Shop
       Walt’s Food Centers                                        Sicillian Joe’s Pizzeria

                To become a sponsor of the LC Band program, please send your check to
        LCBand Boosters, P.O. Box 296, Schererville, IN 46375 or visit, sponsors.

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