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					               PrayerWalk Plans for Calvin Church
   Many Christians have been learning to quietly pray in         Plans for prayerwalks at Calvin Church are in the
the places that they live, work, or play. This sort of on-    works for this spring. The goal is to get as many Calvin
site intercession has come to be called “prayerwalking”.      Church members to go on a short prayerwalk on the
This is nothing more than praying in the very places we       streets of the neighborhoods surrounding our church
expect God to bring forth his answers. Prayerwalking          building. The idea is to pray for God to open the way for
is usually a low-profile activity. Friends or family stroll   Calvin Church to make meaningful connections with
two-by-two through their own neighborhoods, schools,          the community.
and work places, praying                                                                        Although the details for
as they go. Once in a
while the prayers can be                        PRAYER                                        prayerwalks are still being
                                                                                              worked out, it’s not too

demonstrative, but most                                                                       early to consider being a
prayerwalking is fairly                                                                       part of it. Weather permit-
quiet. It’s usually being                                                                     ting, prayerwalkers will
on the scene without                                                                          have opportunity to walk
making one.                                                   after the Sunday morning worship hour on either May
   What happens as a result of prayerwalking? Do entire       16 or June 6 (or both!). Teams of two or three will be
neighborhoods take that next step towards God? Not            assigned a short route and asked to silently pray about
typically. In fact, prayerwalking usually results in more     and for the neighbors in the community. Prayer lists
change for the person praying than for the neighbor-          with things to pray about will be
hood. What happens is that your own hope for a neigh-         provided. Also, special provision          Inside this issue:
borhood begins to grow. You being to see people more          will be made for those who would           2 Building Stones Update
as God views them. You’ll likely find yourself becoming       like to participate but are not able       2 April Greeters
more interested in the well-being of the community            to walk any significant distance.          2 Future Cadet Activities
that you are praying for. In other words, you might find      Keep watching for more details to          3 Standing Stones Small Group
yourself becoming a better neighbor.                          be shared later.                           3 Youth Group Happenings
                                                                                                         3 Bob and Alyda Flutman
                                                                                                         4 Vision Strategy Team Heads East
                                                                                                         4 Food List for VBS
                                                                                                         5 Iwema Does it Again. . . .
                                                                                                         6 Coffee Break Lenten Coffee
                                                                                                         6 Thank Yous from College Students…
                                                                   The Window

Building Stones Update
                         Coming soon...
                          Fundraising Luncheon with
                            Quilt Auction and
  stones                       Pie/Sweets Auction

Southwest Chicago Christian Schools Honor Rolls
SWCCS Oak Lawn Campus                CCHS High Honors                  Freshmen
8th Grade High Honors                Seniors                           Michael Speelman
Matthew Iwema                        Andy Dykstra                      Corie Zylstra
Julie Wiltjer
                                     Juniors                           CCHS Honor Roll    Great
8th Grade Honors                     Michelle Beenes                   Juniors
Benjamin Kamp                        Leighanne Kaczmarek
                                     Jillian VanHowe
                                                                       Laura Grimberg
                                                                       Sean Roon
6th Grade Honor roll
Brian Iwema                          Sophomores
Matthew Wiltjer                      Laurie Wiltjer

Future Cadet Activities
Pinewood Car Derby race with other clubs – date and place to be determined
Super Saturday / Cadet-A-Rama – April 17 at Illiana High School
Wolf Park / Stony Creek Cleanup – May 8
Father-Son Campout – May 14 – 16 at Channahon State Park

 Face to Face
 Hand to Hand
                        April Greeters
                          Date          Greeting Team
                          April 4       Team 1: Phil & Lisa Leo
                          April 11      Team 2: Carol Overzet
                          April 18      Team 3: Jean DeVries
                          April 25      Team 4: Shirley DeBoer
Heart to Heart
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                                                                  April 2004 - Volume 29, Issue 4

Standing Stones Small Group
                                               The Standing Stones Small              Plans are also being made for a day to invite some other members of our
                                             Group has been busy organizing        church family and the community to join us for a fun evening of Scrap-
       Standing                              a drive to collect books, Videos      booking together. If you are new to Scrapbooking, come to learn what
       Stones                                and DVD’s for the Strong Tower        it’s all about. A Creative Memories Consultant will be available to answer
                                             of Roseland Christian Ministry        questions, give helpful tips, and will have supplies available to purchase
                                             Center. We have been successful       if you need them. We are planning on hosting this in the fellowship hall
in collecting enough to provide a TV, DVD/VCR, Videos, Books and a storage         on Friday, April 23 from 7-11. Mark this date on your calendar, bring your
cabinet. We plan on delivering these to the Strong Tower on Saturday, April        scrapbook stuff and a friend and join us for the fun.
3. Look for pictures in the next newsletter.                                          Last but not least, we are once again putting plans in place to host a
   We are finishing up our discussion on Connecting with God’s Family and          Book Club this summer. This is open to everyone who may be interested.
will be starting a new series entitled Growing to Be Like Christ. If you were      We are going to host a potluck supper to kick this off in May. Watch the
interested in joining us, this would be a perfect time to start. Just watch the    bulletin for the announcement of when and where this will be held. We are
bulletin for our meeting times and come. If you would like more informa-           going to do three books this summer and will discuss them on June 26, July
tion, please call either Carolynn Boss or Jean De Vries.                           24 and August 21. Come for one, two or all three. We would love to have
                                                                                   others join us.

Youth Group Happenings
                                Youth Group is looking forward to a                  - Saturday at Navy Pier rollerblading the lake front

                              very eventful spring. Following a winter               - An afternoon of paint-balling
                              of bitter snow and indoor activities we are            - A car wash for the community

 Group                        very excited to get into the fresh air. All
                              the Youth Group members were asked to
                              write down the activities they would like
                                                                                     - Trip to the mall
                                                                                     This spring will be filled with many activities and we are really looking
                              to do in the spring.                                 forward to it. Along with all the fun filled activities we are in the planning
                                                                                   stages for a summer service project. More details will be talked about when
   Each member thought independently, yet agreed on the following activi-
                                                                                   they are available.
                                                                                     Please ask your Youth Group members for more information.

Bob and Alyda Flutman
  Alyda, baptized, made profession of faith, sang in the choir and attended        School Board. We have been blessed with three children; Bob, married
girls society in First Englewood. Bob sang in the choir                                           to Jean Workman, Sandra, married to Owen Huizenga,
of Second Englewood and made profession of faith while                                            and Debra, married to Bob Dykstra. Blessed with ten
in service. Drafted in April of 1943, met Alyda Novem-                                            grandchildren, one which went to be with the Lord at the
ber 8, 1943. They were engaged December 18, 1943.                                                 age of three years and eleven months: five great-grand
Bob returned home December 31, 1945 and they were                                                 children, all in good health and in God-fearing, Christian
married April 24, 1946 in First Englewood. Alyda joined                                           homes. When Alyda married Bob, she told him she would
Second Englewood and along with three others, started                                             no longer work, even though Bob desperately wanted her
Calvinettes in Second Englewood. Bob sang in a quartet,                                           to work. Bob went into insurance and harassed all of the
men’s chorus, and choir and served in Consistory and                                              Dutchman!!! About fifteen years ago we joined Calvin.

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                                                                         The Window

Vision Strategy Team Heads East
   In February, the Vision Strategy Team (VST) from Calvin Church took a        rose up from the worshipers. Forget about the money! Like the commer-
trip out to New Jersey along with a number of leaders from Roseland CRC.        cial says, that was priceless!
The reasons for going on this kind of adventure were very obvious – to at-        3. We were surprised by the sight of a small, local church making a big
tend a leadership conference and to see how churches there have managed         ministry-impact in their community. They own to homes in the neigh-
(or not managed) urban and suburban sprawl. But far more interesting            borhood where recovering drug addicts use to live and get their feet back
are the surprises that come out of trip like this. Here are just a few:         on the ground. They own an old manufacturing plant that they let other
   1. We were surprised by the Holy Spirit fellowship between leaders of two    community churches use to get THEIR feet on the ground. By being about
local churches, one all white and the other mostly black. We laughed a lot,     the community, this local church has been able to mature in ways I’m sure
played a lot, and talked a lot more. At the site of the World Trade Center we   they never imagined. Amazing.
held hands in a circle and prayed. It                                                                                    That’s enough. It was the kind
was rich.                                                                                                             of trip that you would do over in a
   2. We were surprised by vibrant,                                                                                   heartbeat. Oh yeah, there’s one more
heart-felt worship. It was like a wave                                                                                surprise. I was surprised at how long
of healing that washed over us. On                                                                                    it took me to catch up on my sleep
Sunday morning when the collection                                                                                    after I got back. On second thought,
was being taken, the offering turned                                                                                  I might do that trip again in a couple
out to be the song that spontaneously                                                                                 of heartbeats.
                                                                                                                                      Pastor Phil

Food List for VBS
   15 Cake mixes (chocolate or vanilla, your choice)
   10 XL containers of Cool Whip
   red or orange sprinkles (like colored sugar)
   7 dozen not real ripe bananas
   candy sprinkles (like what you would put on cupcakes)
   15 large bags of chex mix
   lots and lots of cookies
   6 or 7 large containers of ready to mix Kool aid
   The following items are for the moms’/women’s program:
   3 dozen assorted bagels
   3 containers of cream cheese
   6 assorted coffee cakes
   3 dozen assorted breakfast muffins
   3 dozen assorted doughnuts
   We are asking for your prayerful consideration to fill these needs. Some of these items can be brought to church as early as May 1.
If you have a question about any of the items, please contact Betty Byland @ 598-8949.

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                                                                   April 2004 - Volume 29, Issue 4

Cadet Happenings
   March 3 was our annual pinewood car derby. We held the event in the gym at Southwest this year. This allowed us to have more room for the track.
And this year we sold supper before the race. We raised about $500 after expenses, which has been set aside for our trailer fund.
   A cheering crowd of around 100 people came out that evening. It was great to see folks come out to cheer on their grandchildren. Both Rev. Leo (Calvin
CRC) and Rev. Van Dam (Immanuel CRC) were there for the evening. There were several families there for whom this was the first race ever attended.
Several of our Gems/Calvinettes also entered, just to give the boys some competition. One of the best races of the evening, many would agree, was watch-
ing the 8th grade entries. David De Vries’ car got an early lead coming down the slope, but Ben Kamp’s truck somehow managed to close the gap on the
flat straightaway and edge David out just enough to win. If you see Ben, maybe he will tell you his racing secret.
   Here are the certified winners:
                                          1st place             2nd place
   Group 1 –3rd & 4th grade - race        Mike Al-Loussi        Jacob Leo
                                 - show Corey Bulthuis          Jacob Leo
   Group 2 – 5th grade           - race Billy Stoub             Greg Franks
                                 - show Cheri VW                Greg Franks & Billy Stoub
   Group 3 – 6th & 7th grade - race Brian Iwema                 Tim Sliwinski
                                  - show Kiefer Camp            Matt Wiltjer
   Group 4 – 8th grade           - race Ben Kamp                David De Vries
                                 - show David De Vries          Ben Kamp
   Group 5 – open                - race Jack De Vries           Jack De Vries
                                 - show CJ Bulthuis             CJ Bulthuis
   More pictures (and in color) can be viewed on our web site at and Immanuel Church at
   We’d like to thank Southwest School for the use of the gym and to Ken Dekker for the use of the racetrack.

Iwema Does it Again. . . .
   . . . .however this time it’s a different one. On January 9, Southwest Chi-         Below is some sample of some of the questions, see how well you do.
cago Christian in Oak Lawn held their annual Geography Bee. Representa-             (Remember the questions are given orally and you have only 15 seconds to
tives were chosen from grades 4 - 8 to represent their classrooms. These            answer.
representatives were chosen after 7 elimination rounds that were held in               Q.1. A causeway connects Saudi Arabia and what Country?
the classrooms. Three of the 10 representatives were from Calvin Church:               Q.2. The largest country in Central Asia lies between the Caspian Sea and
Billy Stoub (5th), Brian Iwema (6th), and Matt Iwema (8th)!                         China. Name this country.
    The representatives were asked a series of questions covering the world            Q.3. The cold Benguela Current contributes to the formation of a desert
in special terms, places and regions, physical systems, human systems,              along the southwest coast of Africa. Name this desert.
environment and society, and the uses of geography.
                                                                                      A.1. Behrain
    To the credit of the entire group of representatives, the number of
                                                                                      A.2. Kazakhstan
elimination rounds was a school’s record. These were necessary in order to
go into the championship round. Entering the championship round there                 A.3. Namib Desert
were only two representatives left: Brian and Matt Iwema. (Matt answered              Matt, last month took an hour long test to get into regionals and guess
all his questions correctly, a feat in itself.) So the brothers battled head-to-    what, he got in!! Matt scored in the top 100 of the nearly 700 school cham-
head, but in the end it was Matt who was the champion. (If you remember,            pions with the state of Illinois. Last years figures rated Illinois third in the
it was Brian who was the school’s champion last year.)                              nation in tests taken.
    Brian was gracious and shook Matt’s hand and was happy he got as far              So on April 2, Matt will be going “state” along with the other 99 finalists.
as he did. Matt was happy to beat his 3rd place position he won two years           Then it’s off to Washington, DC for the national finals in May.
ago.                                                                                  We’ll keep you posted of his progress.

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                                             Coffee Break Lenten Coffee
      The morning Coffee Break hosted their annual Lenten Coffee on March 23. We had a wonderful turnout to hear Lynn Austin
    speak on the Passion Week Journey, the week between Palm Sunday and Easter. It was very interesting to hear about how the
    events and Christ’s actions that last week fulfilled many prophesies made hundreds of years before. Lynn also pointed out how on
    Good Friday Christ became the Passover Lamb for the Feast of Passover, and Saturday fulfilled the Feast of Unleavened Bread while
    in the grave, and on Sunday was the Feast of the First Fruits which he again represented with the Resurrection. These three events
    rarely occur in that exact time span so we can see the wonderful planning of God as Christ’s death and resurrection were shown to
    be a fulfillment of each of these feasts the Jews had been celebrating for many years.
      We were thrilled to have ladies from many different churches
    join us for our morning event. Everyone enjoyed the bubble bread
    (Building Stones cookbook recipe), coffee cake and fresh fruit. I
    want to thank all the morning coffee break ladies who brought the
    goodies and helped the leaders with setting up the tables and of
    course those who helped clean up afterwards. A word of thanks also
    to Alma Decker and June Saidat for their help in the nursery. We
    hope everyone found it to be an enriching experience and wonderful

Thank Yous from College Students…
Dear Congregation and Congregational Life Committee,
  Thank you very much for the care package! It was such a pleasant           Hello, everyone at Calvin!
surprise. It means so much to me that I am thought of while I am away          I wanted to thank everyone at Calvin for thinking and praying for me. It
at school. I appreciate your kindness. It makes me feel a part of Calvin     was so nice to receive a package during my exams. I have been having a
Church even though I am away.                                                wonderful time this semester especially meeting new people and participat-
           Thanks,                                                           ing in more Christian fellowship.
                     Margaret Retsema                                                   Thanks again,
                                                                                                  Holly Bubel

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