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Artwork Setup


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									Artwork Setup
Artwork, which is setup incorrectly, can result in a re-quotation or in some
instances your order being printed incorrectly.

Getting Started
Print Logistics accepts all industry standard programs - Adobe Creative Suite and
Quark Xpress. We cannot accept files prepared in programs such as Word, Paint
or Publisher etc.

Print Logistics require that all files to be supplied to us as pdf files. If your job is
single sided then you simply supply a one-page pdf. If your job has two pages i.e.:
a front and a back then we need a two-page pdf file, the first page of your pdf will
be the front page and the second the back page.

Please note that files supplied as: separate files, or EPS or JPEG files, will all have
to be manually corrected by our in house design staff and will incur a minimum
design fee of $25.00.

Trim Marks
Trim marks must be included with all jobs (trim area is the final size of your
print job).

Bleed (internal)
Print Logistics require that there be at least 3mm of internal bleed on all files
poster, flyers and card jobs and 5mm on all booklet jobs. Please ensure to keep
any text or important design away from the bleed area..

Bleed (external)
Print Logistics requires that there be 3mm of external bleed on all files and 5mm
on all booklet jobs. The external bleed extending past your trim area allows for a
small amount of movement that may occur when your work is being cut to size.

Colour Mode
Files are required to be submitted as CMYK. If files are supplied as RGB, Print
Logistics will convert files to CMYK if they are submitted as RGB but cannot be
held responsible for any shift in colour. Please also ensure all spot colours are
converted to CMYK. Print Logistics recommend the maximum ink coverage is
300% for coated stocks and 260% for uncoated stocks. This means the colours
that you use should contain less than a total of 300% (or 260%) when you add
together cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
If you require a rich black for a print area over 30mm square, the best
combination is 100% K and 40% C. For text or areas under 30mm square, 100%
K is required. If you do require spot colour printing, you can contact us for more

The higher the resolution, the better the picture, however if you have too high a
resolution it is not utilised and makes your files too large. We suggest making
your artwork at 300dpi when it’s at full size. However, how an image is originally
attained will determine its resolution and what size it can be printed at in order
to be clear and crisp. If your original image is 72dpi, saving it as 300dpi will not
make your image sharper.

Print Logistics require that all fonts you use in your files be outlined or
embedded. This means that we can print them even if we don’t have those
particular fonts and they will look exactly the way you want them to. You may
need a license to embed certain fonts, so please don't send the fonts with your
design as it is not legal.

You'll find templates for all of our products on the panel on the left panel under
design services. If you still can't find the template you are after, drop us a line
and we should be able to send you the template via email.

Naming Files

Please ensure files are named in a manner that is short but descriptive. Examples
would be abccompany_A4Flyer.pdf or junepromotioncard.pdf. Being descriptive
and using common sense will ensure a smooth, easy process.


Please refer to the information below when setting up your booklet artwork.

- Artwork for booklets must be set up as 1 multipage PDF (pages in order eg 1-
12). They must not be set up as spreads (the single pages will get imposed in our
pre-press department).
- All booklets must contain a minimum 5mm internal bleed to allow for folding
and trimming. Booklets over 32pp will need to have an allowance made for
creep. Contact us to help you calculate how much internal bleed is needed for
32pp or more.
- Fonts to be embedded or outlined.
- Resolution with image/s at 300dpi (or minimum 150dpi) or give your approval
to print as is.
- External bleed - please supply with 3mm of external bleed on each edge.
- Do not set anything to overprint fill or stroke.
- Thin Lines - please supply in knowledge that 0.25pt line weight is industry
standard and Print Logistics minimum line weight recommendation.
- Print Logistics recommends a rich black to be made up of 100% black + 40%
cyan (this applies to any solid black areas over 30mm2. Text should remain
100% black).
- Ink Coverage should not exceed 300% on coated stocks or 240% on uncoated

If you have any further questions that are not answered here, please contact
contactus@printlogistics.net.au or call 1300 659 029

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