GlassFish Communications Server Administration and Deployment

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					         GlassFish Communications Server
         Administration and Deployment                                                     URL:
         Introduction to various concepts and function                           

         This course introduces you to various Sun GlassFish Communications                Frische Präsentation mit
Dauer:   Server concepts and functions ranging from introductory to advanced and           praxisorientierten
4 Tage   provides you with hands-on experience via labs for configuring,                   Ausführungen.
         administering, and deploying web applications, SIP applications, and              Volker Kox, Volksbank
         converged applications on Communications Server. Based on the Java                Immobilien GmbH /
         Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE), Sun GlassFish Communications              Volksbank Schwalmtal eG
         Server is a converged application server that combines enterprise service-
         oriented architecture (SOA) and Web services capabilities with Session
         Initiation Protocol (SIP) servlets. It harnesses GlassFish Enterprise Server’s    Herr Reinhard ist der
         power and ease of use, coupling it with project SailFin’s SIP capabilities that   geborene Trainer! Er hat es
         comply with SIP Servlets Specifications 1.0 and 1.1. Through a combination        verstanden die drei Tage
         of instructor-led modules and hands-on labs, you are introduced to                Schulung als eine äußerst
         Communications Server and the technologies that it supports. You learn to         angenehme und lehrreiche
         configure, administer, and deploy web applications, SIP applications, and         Zeit darzustellen!
         converged applications and to enable various advanced Communications              Jusuf Didsarovic, 3M
         Server features, such as SIP session replication, clustering, rolling upgrade,
         converged load balancing, monitoring and logging, and security. Java EE or
         SIP development concepts are not covered.                                         Kompetenter Trainer
                                                                                           vermittelt breit gefächertes
                                                                                           Wissen in angenehmer
         Zielgruppe                                                                        Atmosphäre.
         Java-Entwickler                                                                   Empfehlenswert!
                                                                                           Hans-Peter Müller,
                                                                                           Deutsche Bahn
         GlassFish Administration Seminar-Inhalt
            Installing Communications Server 2.0
                Check Communications Server installation readiness
                Install Communications Server using the GUI-based installer
            Configuring Communications Server
                Create and administer a domain, a node agent, and a server
                instance (using GUI and CLI)
            Introduction to SIP technologies and the SIP container
                Examine SIP and SIP servlets
                Configure the SIP container
                Configure SIP listeners
                Examine multi-home support
            Configuring Clusters
                Examine cluster architecture and topology
                Create and configure a cluster
                Configure GMS to manage group events
            Deploying Applications
                Assemble and deploy converged and SIP applications
            Configuring Overload Protection

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                Examine CPU and memory-based overload protection
                Configure the overload protection service
            Configuring Logging and Monitoring
                Configure logging
                Monitor an application, SIP container, and SIP service
                Log using a third-party tool
                Examine callflow, SIP message inspection, asynchronous logging,
                and access logging
            Setting up Converged Load Balancing
                Create and configure a converged load balancer
Dauer:          Examine converged load balancer algorithms
4 Tage          Create data-centric rules
            Configuring and Using In-Memory Replication for
            Session Persistence
                Configure SIP session replication
                Configure HTTP session replication
                Examine rolling upgrade and SIP session replication
            Working With Databases
                Set up database access
                Monitor connection pools
                Set up automatic transaction recovery
            Securing Communications Server
                Examine SIP security
                Manage password security
                Work with a password file
                Configure message security for a web service
            Uninstalling Communications Server
                Uninstall Communications Server
                Troubleshoot uninstallation issues
            Upgrading to Communications Server 2.0
                Perform side-by-side upgrade
                Perform in-place and in-line upgrades
            Diameter Service
                Examine the Diameter protocol and authentication, authorization,
                and accounting (AAA)
                Examine the sh, Ro, and Rf interfaces

         Weitere Informationen
         Das Kursmaterial ist in englisch, die Unterrichtssprache ist deutsch.

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