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					     Andrews First
Andrews Hispanic Mission
                                  THE BAPTIST RECORDER
          Bethel                        Official Newsletter of Truett Baptist Association of Churches
    Bible Missionary                   Telephone 828-837-5401 Fax 828-837-5401 Email -
     Blessed Hope            Rev. Mitchell Shields, Director of Missions Mobile #828-360-5049
     Boiling Springs
    Downings Creek
      Fires Creek                                           April - May 2010
   Grace Fellowship         Quarterly Meeting of Truett Baptist Association of Churches
     Hanging Dog
        Harmony                        Monday evening, April 19th, 7:00 p.m.
                           Old Peachtree Memorial Baptist Church (TBA Annex Building)
    Little Brasstown              Located on Upper Peachtree Road, Murphy NC
                                   Pastors & Messengers encouraged to attend. Visitors are welcome.
     Marble Springs
       Martin Hill
    Meadow Grove
    Moccasin Creek
    Moss Memorial
     Mount Carmel
     Mount Liberty
     Mount Moriah
     Mount Pisgah
    Mount Pleasant
      Mount Zion             Truett Baptist Association Operation InAsMuch Date is
      Murphy First
       New Hope                                             April 24, 2010
  New Martins Creek
                                  Please CALL TBA if your church will participate.
  Oak Grove (Marble)       Operation Inasmuch works because….It is a focused, one-day event, it is local, it
  Oak Grove (Murphy)       is hands-on, the cost is affordable, it offers something for everyone, it facilitates
       Oak View            brotherhood, mobilizes large numbers of people, energizes a congregation and
         Ogreeta           builds fellowship.
  Old Shooting Creek       For more information contact TBA at 828-837-5401 or email at
  Peachtree Memorial
      Pine Grove
        Pine Log                     REGION 10 - DISASTER RELIEF TRAINING
                                                          (Location to be determined)
Shady Grove (Hayesville)
 Shady Grove (Murphy)
                                                                            May 21-22, 2010
      Shoal Creek                                       NCBM Disaster Relief Training is available to all believers who
    Simonds Chapel                                     have a passion to serve others. Disaster response is a unique mis-
        Snowhill                                      sion experience because of the sudden nature of the event, difficult
        Southend                                      conditions, and high expectations from non faith-based groups and
        Swanson                                          survivors. We often say that after your first response you will
      Sweetwater                                      either love the relief ministry or hate it. We hope God calls you to
                                                         this type of ministry and that you exercise that calling through
                                                                             NCBM Disaster Relief.
    Truett Memorial
                                         For more information go to website
    Upper Peachtree
      Valley River
   Vengeance Creek
    Join the
   Conference                                     If you will call Truett Baptist Association and give us the date of
Wives are Invited !                               your Vacation Bible School, along with the times and the theme
          March 30, 6:00 p.m.                     of your VBS, we will list these in the newsletter we send out the
                                                  end of May.
Location: Andrews First Baptist Church
                                                  Also, remember when your VBS is completed, we will need you
        Meal provided at no cost                  to send to TBA your VBS report for 2010.
     Encouragement for your soul
          and your stomach.
  Call FBC Andrews at 828-321-5112                           REVIVAL SERVICES
     828-321-5112 to make your                         Peachtree Memorial Baptist Church
                                                        March 28-31, 7:00 p.m. each night
                     THANK YOU….
                                                           Rev. Paul Jones, Evangelist
                     To each individual,
                     church and community                     All Invited to Attend.
                     organization that
                     participated in the Haiti    NEEDED...CHURCHES TO MOW LAWN AT
                     “Buckets of Hope”                        TBA CHILDREN’S HOME
                     Project. Truett Baptist     The Children’s Home in Hayesville NC is in need of six
                     Association collected       churches to volunteer to maintain the lawn at the home
                     219 buckets for a total     during the summer months. This would consist of
                     of 530 buckets from         weed eating and mowing the lawn. There is a riding mower at the
                     Macon and Truett            home for your use. If your church could volunteer one month
                     Baptist Associations.       (April thru September) please call TBA at 837-5401 and let us know
                                                 which month.

                                                                   Mission Opportunities…...
                                                              Baptist Children’s Homes of NC
                                                         Spring Friends of Children Workdays
                                                             Workday Saturday, May 1, 2010 Locations
                                                                         Mills Home, Thomasville NC
          Tuesday, May 4th, 2010                                           Oak Ranch, Sanford NC
                  Location :                                             Kennedy Home, Kinston NC
    First Baptist Church, Andrews NC                         Workday Saturday, May 15, 2010 Locations
                                                                         Odum Home, Pembroke NC
        Speaker—Rev. Ike Reighard
                                                                     Cameron Boys Camp, Cameron NC
  Praise & Worship Leader—Hugh Kirby
                                                   All types of work projects are available. It will be a great day of
          Cost is $7.00 per person.                           fellowship, work and food! We need you !!
                                                    For more information contact Truett Assoc. at 828-837-5401.
    Mark your calendar and make plans to
   register a large group from your church.       ENCOUNTERING GOD THROUGH PRAYER
                                                                   APRIL 13-14, 2010
Registration forms have been mailed….if you                FRUITLAND BAPTIST BIBLE INSTITUTE
did not receive one, please call 828-321-5112.
                                                          Featuring Dr. Don Wilton– FBC Spartanburg NC
                                                 Dr. Richard Blackaby President, Blackaby Ministries, Atlanta, GA
   ATTENTION PASTORS...                              Chris Roberts, Worship Leader, Mud Creek Baptist Church
   The Pastor’s meet each Monday                         Morning sessions @ Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute
 Morning (8:00 a.m.) at the Truett               Evening sessions@Mud Creek Baptist Church, Hendersonville NC
 Association Bldg. in Peachtree for
 Fellowship and Prayer . All pastors
 are invited and encouraged to attend.
                                   Truett Baptist Association
                          Church Contributions January 1 - March 17, 2010

Andrews First Baptist Church                $3,099.44      Murphy First Baptist Church                   $1,666.68
Andrews Hispanic Mission                       $40.17      New Hope Baptist Church                           $0.00
Bealtown Baptist Church                         $0.00      New Martins Creek Baptist Church              $1,359.00
Bethabara Baptist Church                        $0.00      Notla Baptist Church                              $0.00     4th of July
Bethel Baptist Church                           $0.00      Oak Grove Baptist Church (Marble)               $116.87
Bible Missionary Baptist Church
Blessed Hope Baptist Church
                                                           Oak Grove Baptist Church (Murphy)
                                                           Oak View Baptist Church
                                                                                                                      Celebration &
Boiling Springs Baptist Church
Downings Creek Baptist Church
                                                           Ogreeta Baptist Church
                                                           Old Shooting Creek Baptist Church
Ebenezer Baptist Church                       $660.53      Peachtree Memorial Baptist Church             $3,034.51         Honoring Veterans
Fires Creek Baptist Church                      $0.00      Pilgrim Baptist Church                            $0.00      Date: Sunday, July 4th
Friendship Baptist Church                     $600.00      Pine Grove Baptist Church                         $0.00
Grace Fellowship Baptist Church                 $0.00      Pine Log Baptist Church                         $268.15              Location:
Hanging Dog Baptist Church                    $250.00      Ranger Baptist Church                         $1,200.00   Truett Baptist      Association
Harmony Baptist Church                          $0.00      Shady Grove Baptist Church (Hayesville)           $0.00       (field behind building)
Hopewell Baptist Church                       $400.00      Shady Grove Baptist Church (Murphy)             $420.00
                                                                                                                      More information about this
Liberty Baptist Church                        $100.00      Shiloh Baptist Church                             $0.00
Little Brasstown Baptist Church             $3,275.01      Shoal Creek Baptist Church                      $131.28
                                                                                                                       event will be forthcoming
Macedonia Baptist Church                        $0.00      Simonds Chapel Baptist Church                     $0.00     Special guests, music and
Maltby Baptist Church                           $0.00      Snow Hill Baptist Church                          $0.00             cook-out!!!!
Marble Springs Baptist Church               $1,942.80      South End Baptist Church                          $0.00
Martin Hill Baptist Church                      $0.00      Swanson Baptist Church                            $0.00
Meadow Grove Baptist Church                     $0.00      Sweetwater Baptist Church                       $102.00         House Parent
Moccasin Creek Baptist Church                   $0.00      Tomotla Baptist Church                          $200.00           Vacancy
Moss Memorial Baptist Church                  $200.00      Truett Memorial First Baptist Church              $0.00
Mount Carmel Baptist Church                   $150.00      Unaka Baptist Church                            $325.00    Truett Home in Hayesville
Mount Liberty Baptist Church                  $286.00      Upper Peachtree Baptist Church                  $200.00    serves boys and girls ages
Mount Moriah Baptist Church                   $138.70      Valley River Baptist Church                     $200.00    6-21 who are able to attend
Mount Pisgah Baptist Church                   $156.00      Valleytown Baptist Church                       $300.00    public school. Contact the
Mount Pleasant Baptist Church               $1,992.61      Vengeance Creek Baptist Church                  $413.76    supervisor/case manager at
Mount Zion Baptist Church                       $0.00      Violet Baptist Church                             $0.00    828-389-1100.
                                                           Grand Total:                                 $25,288.77

        Mars Hill College presents A Conference for Ministers, Deacons, and Other Church Leaders
                   Growing a Conflict-Friendly Congregation led by Rev. Wade Tucker
                                Saturday, April 24, 2010—Mars Hill College
            For more information contact Dr. Gordon Benton, Director of Church and Community Relations, Mars Hill College,
                                Phone: 828-389-1276 Toll free 866-642-4968 Email:

                 Land Purchase Update
Balance 1-25-2010                                       $11,925.23
Contributions from Churches:
           Mt. Carmel                       $180.00
           Vengeance Creek                  $300.00
           Shady Grove (Murphy)             $140.00                       29:11 Youth Rally will be held on March 26 & 27th at
           Mt. Liberty                      $170.00                       Unaka Baptist Church. Rally starts at 6PM both nights
           Peachtree Memorial               $200.00                       and on Saturday the 27th we will have softball, other
           Valley River                     $170.00                       games, fellowship and food starting at 2:30. .
           Little Brasstown                 $200.00                       29:11 April Rally will be on April 24th, 6PM— venue to be
           Andrews First                    $716.68                       announced later.      Please Check out website @
           Oak Grove (Marble)               $330.00             
           Moss Memorial                    $200.00
                                                                                For more info call Dawn Gabrielli @ 837-9363
           Murphy First                     $666.68
                       Church Contributions             $ 3,273.36
                     Individual Contributions           $ 600.00                                           The Office of
                                                        $ 15,798.59                                  Truett Baptist Association
          Payments to First Citizens Loan               $ - 2,044.86                                        of Churches
          First Citizen Loan Fees                       $ - 196.46
          Balance 3-15-2010                             $ 13,557.27                                      Will be CLOSED
    Land Purchase Pay-Off as of 3-15-2010               $92,732.62                                    On Good Friday, April 2
                                                                             Truett Baptist Association
                                                                                  Emphasis Week
                                                                                     May 23-29
                                                                        You are Invited to TBA Open House
                                                                             On Sunday afternoon May 23rd
                                                                                   From 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.
                                                                               •    Pray for Ministries of TBA
                                                                                       •    Pray for TBA Staff
                                                                         •    Pray for TBA Churches/Pastors
                                                                          More information will be mailed to each
    State Bible Drill
        APRIL 30                         BECOME A SPONSOR OF RIDENC2010
Youth/High School State
        Bible Drill                                          September 8,9, & 10 — 2010
  Locust Grove Baptist                                   564 non-stop miles / 3 major events
 Church, Weaverville NC                           Ridenc 2010 is a Baptist Children’s Home 125th Event
   ————————-                   Churches, Sunday School classes, youth groups, mission groups…...make plans now as to how you can
          MAY 1                help with this project. It would be great if every church in Truett Baptist Association could become a sponsor
Children’s State Bible Drill   or do something special to help Chris reach the challenge goal of $500,000.
  Locust Grove Baptist          Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way. Riding to VICTORY!! Your support could make the difference.
   Church, Weaverville

                                 Canned Fruits                 Fruit Cups                  Teryaki Sauce             Sanitary Pads/Tampons
                                 Bottled Water                  Cheese Nips                Sweet & Sour Sauce        Paper Plates, Cups, etc.
                                 Fruit Cocktail                Pretzels                    A-1, Steak, BBA, Texas    Spray and Wash
                                 Fruit Juice                    Rice Krispy Treats         Pete, Cheese Sauces
                                                                                                                     Trash Bags
                                 Dry Cereal                    Vanilla Wafers              Brownie/Cookie Mix
                                                                                                                     Zip Loc Bags
                                 Spaghetti Sauce                Dried Fruits               Canned Vegetables
                                                                                                                     Band Aids
                                 Pasta                          Raisins                    Hot Dog Chili
                                                                                           Reg. & Decaf Coffee       Hand Lotion
                                 Canned Tomatoes                Cranberries                                          Rubbing Alcohol/Peroxide
                                 Pancake Mix & Syrup         Jello                         Coffee Creamer
                                                                                           Evaporated Milk           Raxors
                                 Soups                       Pop Tarts
                                                                                           Flavorings                Shaving Cream/Gel
                                 Sugar                       Rice
                                                                                           Honey                     Deodorant
                                 Splenda                     Instant Potatoes
                                                                                           Ketchup                   Batteries (AA & AAA)
                                 Popcorn                     Banana Muffin Mix
                                 Applesauce                  Bisquick Mix                  Mustard Oatmeal           Hair brushes
                                 Fruit Pie Filling           Kidney Beans                  Parmesan Cheese           GIFT CARDS (Wal-Mart,
                                 Beverage Mixes(Sugar        Baked Beans                   Puddings/Pudding Cups     Sams, Food Lion,
                                 Free)                       Pickle Relish                 Salsa                     Lowes, Ingles) ARE
                                 Vegetable Oil               Mac & Cheese                  Vinegar                   GREATLY APPRECI-
                                 Canned Sweet Potatoes       Corn Meal                     Paper Products
                                                                                                                     ATED !!
                                 Stuffing Mix                Jiffy Mixes                   Dishwashing Deterg.
                                 Gravy Mixes                 Potatoes                      Laundry Detergent         IMPORTANT Due to
                                 Canned Meats-Tuna,          Hush Puppy Mix                Fabric Softener           licensure regulations,
                                 chicken, pink salmon,
                                 packed in water             Peanut Butter                 Brooms, Mops, Etc.        outdated food cannot
                                 Pickles                     Jelly & Jams                  Clorox Bleach             be used. Check
                                 Refried Beans               Pizza & Pizza Dough Mix       Window Cleaner
                                                                                                                     expiration dates and
                                 Hot Chocolate Mix           Saltine, Ritz, Graham         Foil & Plastic Wrap
                                                                                                                     buy food that has the
                                 Snack Foods:                Crackers                      Ajax/comet Cleanser
                                   Fruit Roll Ups            Spices & Seasonings           SOS Pads                  longest shelf life.
            APRIL BIRTHDAYS                                             Embrace Leadership Training
1 Linda (Mrs. Paul Ray) Morgan
                                                               Same Mind, Same Love, United in Spirit
8 Charlotte (Mrs. John) Hill
                                                                        Intent on One Purpose
8 Rev. Paul Ray Morgan                                                     April 30-May 1, 2010
9 Rev. Warren Hall                                      Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest NC
12 Rev. Richard Roberson
13 Maria (Mrs. Alejandro) Arreaga                                          Special Guest Speaker:
                                                                 Dr. Terri Stovall, Dean of Women's Programs,
16 Karla (Mrs. Keith) Nuckolls
17 Nicole (Mrs. Chris) Matheson                                   Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
21 Rev. Bernie Dixon
22 Rev. Kenny Taylor                              Embrace Women's Missions and Ministries is a ministry of the Baptist State Con-
24 Rev. Alejandro Arreaga                         vention of North Carolina that prayerfully cares for and develops a lifestyle of
                                                  evangelism, discipleship and missions in women. These leadership training
30 Rev. Clark Moss
                                                  events are designed for women called into leadership roles in their local
                                                  churches and associations, women who desire a better understanding of ministry
              MAY BIRTHDAYS                       to women and through women, and women who feel God's call but have not yet
6 Rev. Everett Morrow                             stepped out in faith. Plenary sessions will encourage you as a women's leader in
                                                  your church and association, and break out sessions will provide the tools you
6 Janice (Mrs. Cecil) Anderson
                                                  need for ministry in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, missions and leader-
8 Rev. Paul Jones                                 ship.
10 Patricia (Mrs. Warren) Golden
12 Ola (Mrs. Eddis) Dockery
12 Rev. Edward Carter                                                       LOCAL CHURCH NEWS
19 Linda (Mrs. Bill) Maughan                     Peachtree Memorial Baptist Church has fifty (50) Pew Bibles available for
31 Dinah (Mrs. Eddie) Duckworth                  a church that might need them. If your church is interested, please contact
                                                 Peachtree Memorial at 828-835-3154
4 Tommy and Deborah Lamb
                                                       Would you consider receiving the TBA newsletter by Email?
9 Clark and Beth Moss
21 Roy and Marie Phillips                        We are trying to cut costs in mailing the newsletter and asking every-
                                                 one that has an email address to consider receiving the newsletter by
         MAY ANNIVERSARIES                       email each month. Please send us an email at or
6 Derrick and Cindy Palmer                       call us at 828.837.5401 to let us know if we can send you the newslet-
11 Rob and Connie Dillard                        ter by email instead of regular mail. Also, if you are receiving the
17 Everett and Lorene Morrow                     newsletter by email and by regular mail, please let us know so we can
21 Freddie and Nyoka Maney                       eliminate this duplication. THANK YOU.
23 Cecil and Janice Anderson
28 Aud and Becky Brown                            Truett Baptist Association Of Churches                   Non-Profit Organization
                                                  2235 N.C. Highway 141                                      U.S. Postage Paid
                                                  Marble North Carolina 28905                               Permit Number One
                                                                                                             Marble NC 28905
       Bibles, Books & Blessings
          Christian Bookstore

  Now taking orders for Vacation Bible School
     Literature from Standard Publishing,
       Gospel Light, Bogard Press and
            Regular Baptist Press

  The store will now be placing special orders
      only on Tuesday of each week.

   Tuesday thru Friday 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
       Saturday—11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.                 April/May 2010
                                 CHURCHES PRAYING                                     Remember to Pray for the Children
                                   FOR CHURCHES                                        in Care at TBA Children’s Home
                               AND OUR COMMUNITIES !                                     H.A.     T.L.   I.P. B.C. K.C. J.B.

     The churches listed below have signed up to pray on a specific day
     each month. We talk about the importance of prayer. Our country                      PRAY FOR MISSIONARIES
     and community needs us to pray.                                                         FROM OUR TOWN
     Would you join these churches in making prayer a priority in the life
                                                                                           Kevin & Becky Miller (Guatemala)
     of your church and in your personal life?
                                                                                              Mandy Perkins (Honduras)
                                                                                                 Geno & Judy Bacon
                              The Challenge! Acts 1:8                                           (Guinea, West Africa)
                            The Answer! Matthew 9:38                                         (North Africa/Middle East)

Has your church signed up to pray a day                            SPECIAL PRAYER REQUESTS
each month? 31 Churches have signed up.         *Churches searching for a
                                                                                  Men & Women            Savannah M. Dockery
We can have two churches per day.               Pastor
                                                                                  Serving in Military:   Dustin Berry
     Please prayerfully consider this           *Andrews Hispanic Mission
                                                                                  DeEtte LaCharite’      Chris Berry
              opportunity                       *TBA Children’s Home
1     Vengeance Creek Baptist Church            *Ohio Partnership                 Michael Johnson        Dana Miles
2     Oak Grove Baptist Church, Marble          *Area Schools and Teachers        Ashley Allen           Galen Edwards
3     Downings Creek Baptist Church             *Mountain Area Dental             Jonathan White
4     Oak Grove Baptist Church, Murphy
                                                                                                         Nathan Rhoton
                                                Ministry                          Brandon Cordon
5     Ebenezer Baptist Church                                                                            Brian Shields
                                                *Those serving in Military
6     Vengeance Creek Baptist Church            If your son/daughter/father/      Cpl. Christopher       Travis McClure
7     Marble Springs Baptist Church             mother is serving and you         Raper
                                                                                                         Jarrett Graves
      Oak View Baptist Church                   would like for us to list their   Justin Jensen
8     Peachtree Memorial Baptist Church         names to pray for them,                                  Megan Bateman
9     Notla Baptist Church                      please contact us at              Isaac Rhodes
10    Liberty Baptist Church                    828.837.5401 or                   T.J. Posey
11    Grace Fellowship Baptist Church
12    Old Shooting Creek Baptist Church
13    Blessed Hope Baptist Church
14    Meadow Grove Baptist Church
15    Pine Log Baptist Church
16    Bible Missionary Baptist Church
17    Murphy First Baptist Church
      Rebecca S.S. Class-Murphy First Baptist
18    Men’s Bible Study, FBC Murphy
19    Moccasin Creek Baptist Church
20    Unaka Baptist Church
21    Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church
22    Vengeance Creek Baptist Church
23    Mt. Liberty Baptist Church
24    Friendship Baptist Church
25    Andrews 1st Baptist Church
26    Shoal Creek Baptist Church
27    Valleytown Baptist Church
28    Murphy Church of God
29    Macedonia Baptist Church , Wolfcreek
30    Shady Grove Baptist, Murphy
31 Truett Memorial Baptist Church (last
   day of month)

    Sign up your church to pray on a
    specific day...we can have more
       than one church each day.

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