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									                                                                                                     Carson Howton
Blue Angels Media Relations Policy                                                                   Sarah Darden

           1. Policy Statement
           2. Role of Media Relations
           3. Designated Spokesperson, Guidelines and Procedures for Employees, Who may speak to
               the media
           4. Procedures for Journalists
           5. Social Media
           6. When the Media Relations office should be notified
           7. When Organizational Management should be notified
           8. Organizational Information not for release
           9. List of equipment in the Media Relations office
           10. Media Relations Library
           11. Evaluation of Media Policy

        1. Policy Statement- The Blue Angles policy is to be open and active with the media and the

           organization publics. The Blue Angels serve as positive role models and ambassadors for the

           United States Navy and Marine Corps. We represent the naval service to the United States

           and illustrate the pinnacle of precision flying. Just like our like our fast-paced high

           performance jets, we too inform the media and our public with the same fast and accurate

           up to date information. We strive to enrich the lives of others by building mutually beneficial

           relationships and always providing a memorable performance for the community.

        2. The role of media relations is

                      To be open and available to journalists.

                      To answer any question asked that may be answered in a positive and truthful

                       way in a timely manner.

                      To prepare, advise and help the spokesperson of the Blue Angels.

                      To assist any employee in media interviews and media encounters.

                      To be an open line of communication to the publics of our organization that is

                       mutually beneficial.

                      To be a gatekeeper to incoming and exiting stories.

                      To be a spokesperson for the Blue Angels when the situation arises.
                                                                                                    Carson Howton
Blue Angels Media Relations Policy                                                                  Sarah Darden

        3. The Blue Angels Public Affairs Officer serves as the official Blue Angels spokesperson and

            will communicate with the media and inform the public on any issues of importance or any

            situation that involves the Blue Angels. Inquires about issues by the media should be

            referred first to the Public Affairs Officer and depending on the specific circumstance, the

            Public Affairs Officer may assign another Blue Angels employee to serve as spokesperson on

            a particular issue. Any solicitation by the media to any of the departments of the Blue Angels

            or the team mates themselves should be directed back to the office of Public Affairs. We do

            encourage other Blue Angels employees to engage with the media so long as their

            commentary is on topics within their areas of expertise and it has been approved by the

            office of Public Affairs. The following is the procedure that should be followed when

            contacted by the media.

        •      Obtain the name of the reporter calling, the name of the organization, and if available,

               the expected time of release of information, and whether it will be released in print or

               broadcast. This information should be included when notifying the office of Public


        •      Issues that should not be discussed with reporters are legal issues, ethical issues and

               personal issues. Any question of this sort should be directed to the office of Public


        •      Make sure you understand every question from the media before answering. If you

               cannot answer the question, or are uncomfortable providing a response, take the

               reporter’s number and advise him/her that someone can who provide the information

               will contact him/her as soon as possible. Then contact the office of Public Affairs and

               notify them of the situation.
                                                                                                   Carson Howton
Blue Angels Media Relations Policy                                                                 Sarah Darden

        •      If an interview is approved by the office of Public Affairs, do not offer speculation or

               personal opinion. Never answer a question with "no comment."

        •      Do not speak to reporters in a condescending manner. Always ensure that the reporter

               understands your responses. Always provide the reporter with your contact information

               for follow-up information.

        •      When responding to the media you are representing and speaking on behalf of the

               United State Navy’s Blue Angels. Any personal opinions should be clearly and carefully

               identified as such.

        •      Any media inquiries regarding Blue Angels team mates should be referred to the office of

               Public Affairs. Any information released will be done so by the office in charge of

               personnel and it will only be public information.

        4. On-site Interview-Journalists are asked to follow particular procedures when contacting

            the Blue Angels for media inquiries. Journalists are asked to arrange a proper meeting time

            with our media relations staff. Please call 1800 GO BLUE. All journalists must check in with

            security at the front gate of the base and have all appropriate press credetionals. Journalists

            are asked to keep name badges or ID cards in plain view to be recognizable by all military

            personnel. The Blue Angels would ask that all journalists contact the Media Relations

            department before coming on base to make sure that no problems are encountered on base.

               Phone Interview- Please call 1800 GO BLUE for a phone interview during regular

               business hours. Monday-Friday 8-5
                                                                                                   Carson Howton
Blue Angels Media Relations Policy                                                                 Sarah Darden

        5. Social Media

                The Blue Angels use Facebook and other social media outlets such as YouTube to post

                events, videos and news releases. The videos and news releases can be shared with others

                and inform the public of upcoming events.

                All employees are welcome to engage in any of the Blue Angels social media pages so

                long as they adhere to the Blue Angel’s policy on social media expressed in this


                •       Any statements made on behalf of the Blue Angles using social media are to be

                made only by authorized spokespersons appointed by the Public Affairs Officer.

                •       By no means are the employees to use social media to deprecate or undermine

                the Blue Angels and all statements should be made clear that they are expressing their

                own personal opinions and do not reflect the views of the Blue Angels at large.

        6. The Media Relations is asked to be notified when:

                       Before and immediately after a media interview or encounter

                       If the you believe that the Media Relations needs to address an issue

                       For any advice and guidelines when dealing with the media

                       If an article or broadcast needs attention of the Media Relations department.

        7.    The Blue Angels command group should be notified when a journalist asks for a specific

             interview with one of the organizations management. The Blue Angels command group

             should also be notified in the event of a crisis. Blue Angels management wants to be well

             informed and involved with the rest of the staff of the Blues and asks to be notified by the
                                                                                                    Carson Howton
Blue Angels Media Relations Policy                                                                  Sarah Darden

             media relations director based upon a situation severity and at the discretion of the media

             relations director.

        8. The Blue Angles along with the United States Navy will not release any names of military

             personnel if this information could possible harm or interfere with military operations. The

             Blue Angels will not release any security plans or confidential information. The Blue Angels

             reserve the right to protect the pilots and its demonstration crew at any time under any

             circumstance. The Blue Angels will not release information while an investigation is


        9.  List of equipment in Media Relations office
                           Organizational History
                           B-role
                           Social Media
                           New Releases
                           Interviews
                           Letters to the Editor
                           News Conference
                           Public Service Announcements(PSA)
                           Press Kit (Bio of CEO, FAQ)
        10. Media Relations Library
                           Media Directory
                           Fact Sheets
                           Backgrounders
                           Press kits
                           B-roll
                           Newspaper
                           Copy of speeches
                           Crisis plan
                           Key messages
                           Speaker list
                           Key Journalist
                           List of Key organizations
                                                                                              Carson Howton
Blue Angels Media Relations Policy                                                            Sarah Darden

        11. Evaluation of Media Policy
                    Measurement of Media Production
                           The Media Policy was sent to all employees via email, also all department
                             heads received a print copy.
                           The policy was placed on the Blue Angels website for access to all.
                           The policy was delivered to all local media outlets.
                           A meeting was head for all journalists to be informed of the policy and so
                             that any questions could be answered.
                           A mandatory meeting was held for all employees to attend informing
                             them of the new policy and all questions will be answered at this time.
                    Measurement of Exposure
                           The policy was exposed in any different ways to many different sources
                             including all employees and local area journalists.

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