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Shady Lane Blunder
Developers admit error                                                                                  ALSO INSIDE
as 150 metres of trees                                                                                  Trawler’s last
and hedgerows torn                                                                                      doomed days
down along one side                                                                                     + RÁS EVENTS
of prized beauty spot                                                                                   FULL SCHEDULE

           OCALS were concerned as develop-
           ers began felling trees in beautiful and
           historic Shady Lane last month. Their                                                        pic special
           concern, however, quickly turned to
           horror as the sheer extent of the dev-                                                       Nine year old’s
astation became clear. So they started demanding
some answers.                                                                                           abduction tale
  At first, these enquiries were countered with
claims that a felling licence had been secured for                                                      PLANNING &
every tree removed. But then, after an investiga-
tion launched by the Council, came the admission      DEVASTATION: Once a leafy tunnel now wasteland
                                                                                                        LOCAL TIDES
by the developer that a section had been removed
in error.
Now an agreed replanting programme is in prog-                                                           QUALITY
ress with 600 new hawthorn, 14 semi-mature oak                                                           BEDROOM
trees and 150 new ash and oak trees to be re-                                                           FURNITURE
planted. The planting area will be fenced off with
stock proof fencing and the stumps of the original
hedgerow will be left in-situ to re-grow.                                                                4’6” Bed....€395
                                                                                                         5’0” Bed....€459
  It will take a long time for the Lane to really
become shady again but it is a credit to the locals                                                      3+2 Chest...€295
that replanting has begun.                                                                               4+2 Chest...€349
                                                                                                         4+3 Chest...€425

 BIGGER THAN EVER:                                                                                       Narrow Chest...€239
                                                                                                         Bedside Chest...€129
                                                                                                         Blanket Box...€145
                           More pictures
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                           More info and
                                                             RAFTERS of BALBRIGGAN
                                                                        14 Dublin Street Tel: 01 8411764
                           all local XXX                            1        “Cheaper Than City Prices”
RÁS 2008                                          A great day ahead for Skerries

All the fun
of the fair
Come and have a family fun day at
the seaside as our town hosts the Final
Stage of the FBD Rás International
Cycle Race for the third year running

                                           XCITING and
                                           exhilarating, the
                                           international Rás
                                           Road Race 2008
                                           zips into Skerries
                             on May 25 with a whoosh of
                             gleaming spokes and a blur of
                             bright jersies. Cycling athletes
                             from all over the world, their                                                        Pictures of last
                             muscles knotted in agony as                                                           years Rás Street
                             the gruelling race reaches it’s                                                       Party by Michael
                             finale, will battle it out on our
                             Skerries’ streets for the all-     ulous street party kicks off at   GAMES GALORE
                             elusive yellow jersey..            12:30pm on Strand Street on       Kids of all ages can have a go
                               If that wasn’t enough, a fab-    the day with a range of activi-   at Giant Chess, Giant Jenga
                                                                ties for all ages:                and Giant Snakes & Ladders.
                                                                FUN FAIR STALLS                   And there’s Hopscotch compe-
                              picture special PAGE 11           Win prizes at traditional fun-    titions, Skipping Rope games,

 IN THIS                      Lost to the waves: the
                              story of doomed trawler
                              Pere Charles PAGE 13
                                                                fair stalls like Tin Can Alley
                                                                and Hoopla stalls plus fun and
                                                                crazy additions like the Buzz
                                                                                                  Hula Hoop knockouts and
                                                                                                  Shoe-Pairing races; there’s
                                                                                                  even a quiz to test your knowl-

 ISSUE:                       Violent history of Sker-
                              ries railway PAGE 15
                              Daytrippers: family trip
                              feature series PAGE 19
                                                                game, Whacky Crackers and
                                                                Choc in a Sock.
                                                                                                  FOOD FAIR
                                                                                                  Delight your taste buds with
 Local News roundup                                                                               flavours from across the
 PAGE 5                       Local tales of brewery
                              carts and lighthouse                                                world. Need more? Try the
 Local diary PAGE 7                                                                               popcorn and candy floss street
 Stay in Barcelona - for      keepers PAGE 23-25
                              Rooftop wisdom from a                                               vendors.
 Skerries kitesurfing pic-     Skerries master thatcher                                            UNDER 6s
 ture special PAGE 9          PAGE 31-33                                                          A Play Zone for Toddlers with
 The Bang Bang Club:          Abduction tale PAGE 37                                              colour mats, slides, ball pools
 clay pigeon shooting         Monster fame PAGE 43                                                with songs and music to keep
                                                                                                  ‘em happy.
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 view of the publishers. All information is taken as                                              share the thrills and cheer with
 correct at the time of going to press. We reserve the                                            the crowd as the cyclists enter
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Vol. 19 No. 3                April 2008

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 Skerries’ latest blow-in                                                                 Name Skerries’
                                                                                          best youngster
                                                                                          SKERRIES Community Association
                                                                                          are now looking for nominations for
                                                                                          the Jim Quigley Young Volunteer of
                                                                                          the Year Award. The closing date is
                                                                                          Friday, May 16. For an application
                                                                                          form, email,
                                                                                          download one from www.skerriesca.
                                                                                          com or pick one up from the Com-
                                                                                          munity Centre. The nominee must be
                                                                                          under 21 on June 12, 2008.

                                                                                          Fancy kayaking
                                                                                          around our coast?
                                                                                          CALLING all those who would like to
                                                                                          go kayaking safely on the Irish Sea and
                                                                                          elsewhere. Come to a meeting upstairs
                                                                                          in Joe May’s, Skerries Harbour at 8pm
NOT many years ago the sight of a lit-        now are breeding in several sites
tle Egret in Skerries would have meant        along the south and east coastline.         on Wednesday, May 14. The aim of the
that the town would be thronged with            In Skerries, they have been seen on       meeting is to find out how many people
“twitchers” eager to get a look at it, so     the south strand and in the field near       would be interested in starting a kayak-
they could tick it off their list. But this   the mill. But this one has taken a liking   ing club. No previous kayaking experi-
is no longer the case                         to the Kybe pond and has been seen          ence necessary. Enquiries to Teddy at
   Normally associated with places            there a few times this spring, possibly     086 811 9863
like the Mediterranean or Africa, these       eating tadpoles.
small, white members of the heron               If you missed seeing this new at-
family are certainly better looking
than our usual Grey Herons, with their
                                              tractive blow-in to our town, keep
                                              your eyes peeled and you will see one       Local coastguard
white plumage, black legs and yellow          soon. If you have not already visited
   They bring a touch of the exotic
                                              the hides in Rogerstown Estuary oper-
                                              ated by the Fingal branch of Birdwatch
                                                                                          website launched
wherever they appear.                         Ireland. That is your best bet, as Little   SKERRIES Coastguard have just
   Over the past few years Little Egrets      Egrets are seen from the hides most
                                                                                          launched a new website. Now anyone
have started to breed in Ireland. They        week-ends, often more than one.
first started appeared in Co Cork but                                                      that would like to know more about
                                                                  - JOHNNY WOODLOCK
                                                                                          them can check them out on
Havin’ a pyjama drama
PYJAMA                                                                                    Canessa caption
Day in
                                                                                          just a pun too far
School this                                                                               THE organising committee for the visit
last month
                                                                                          to Skerries of the Old Christians Rugby
saw some
€460 raised
                                                                                          Club from Uruguay, has been in touch
by pyjama-                                                                                with Skerries News with regard to our
clad young-                                                                               article on the Andes air crash of 1972
sters, in                                                                                 and the speech to Skerries Community
aid of three                                                                              College by survivor Dr Roberto Can-
children’s                                                                                essa. While complimenting the content
hospitals in                                                                              of the two articles, they took issue with
Dublin.                                                                                   a picture caption that appeared to make
                                                                                          light of Dr Cannessa’s ordeal for the
Miss Mee-
gan and her
                                                                                          sake of a pun. Skerries News apologises
class                                                                                     unreservedly for any offence caused.
                                   23 Kellys Bay Heights.        5 Kellys Bay Jetty
                                          Skerries                   Skerries

                                         2 Bed apt                 3 Bed Duplex
                                       Priced to Sell           In pristine condition
                                         €290,000                     €370,000
    15 Balbriggan Road           15 Kellys Bay Promenade          5 Millview Hall
         Skerries                        Skerries

     Excellent location                                              2 Bed Apt
        Sea Views                       4 Bed Semi
                                       €480,000 New                €340,000 New
   6 Northcliffe Heights              43 Knockabawn                 22 Finistere
         Skerries                          Rush

       Great location                   4 Bed Semi
                                                                    2 Bed Tce
         €550,000                        €435,000
                                                                €315,000 New Price
      99 Strand Street               Financial Services           69 Main Street
          Skerries                     EBS Skerries                   Lusk
                                      Alacoque Daly
                                      Tracey Nugent
                                      Robert Grimes

                                    Offering a range of
1500sqft of Prime retail space      competitive rates on
   suitable for restaurant            mortgages and          Retail / Residential Units
            €POA                       investments.         available for rent. High spec

            Contact Paul G. Grimes / David Quirke for further information

                                                                                                          leading exponents of tradi-
May 1-3

                                    FOR YOUR
                                                                                                          tional music will be perform-
Skerries Theatre Group
                                                                                                          ing in local Skerries venues.
presents ‘The House of Ber-
                                                                                                          Mary Bergin, Máire O’Keeffe,
narda Alba’ by Federico Garcia
                                                                                                          Liz Doherty, Charlie & Ben
Lorca, a powerful classic with
                                                                                                          Lennon, Colm Gannon, Garry
a strong cast of women directed
                                                                                                          O’Briain, Marie Garrity, Mick
by Marianne Gibney. It is set
                                                                                                          Mulkerrins & Mairéad Casey
in the Spain of the 1930s and
the central theme is desire and                Upcoming Skerries Events                                   and others will make it another
                                                                                                          weekend to remember.
frustration. The Little Theatre
                                    For inclusion, call 849 0629 or email
Skerries. Tickets €10, Skerries
Bookshop or 087 210 5432
                                                                                                          May 17
                                                                       There will be light refreshments   To celebrate the 10-year anni-
May 1-31                            May 8                              and a presentation                 versary of Skerries first ap
                                    Loughshinny Motorcycle Club                                           pear-     ance in the Leinster
Exhibition by the members of                                           from Bothar. Bóthar
                                    is holding a Golf Classic.                                                         Senior Cup Final
the Skerries Mills Art classes,                                        assists needy fami-
                                    Teams of four €200 per team.                                                         in Landsdowne
all this month, in the restaurant                                      lies around the world,
                                    Tee box sponsorship €100 Sk-                                                          there will be
and gallery.                                                           helping them
                                    erries Golf Club Contact John                                                          a reunion of
May 4                               849 0674 087 275 5442
                                                                       hunger,                                             the players
                                                                                                                           in the Club-
Local musician Jay Weldon &                                            malnutri
                                                                       tion and poverty in a                              house. There
friends return visit. Skerries
                                                                       simple, sustain                             will also be a DVD
Mills 12.00
                                                                       able manner. Open to all.                    compilation of all the
May 4                                                                  Tickets on door €5                            matches and extracts
                                                                                                                     of the famous day
Skerries Rugby Club Gift of
Life Weekend in aid of The                                             May 11                                        including interviews.
                                                                       Return of US singer,
Cystic Fibrosis Association.
End of Season Fun Tip Rugby                                            songwriter Lisa Hake.                        May 18
                                                                       Skerries Mills 12.00                         Another visit by
Tournament Kick off 1.00pm
                                                                                                                    Sharon Hussey and
BBQ, Fun & Games for the
kids. Fun Music Quiz & Disco        FUN: Rugby Club BBQ for
                                                                       May 16-18                                   friends. Skerries
                                                                                                                   Mills 12.00
8.15pm €50 per table of four                                           The 7th Skerries Tradi-
                                    cystic fibrosis, May 4
                                                                       tional Music Weekend.
Bookings 086 8030592
                                                                       This event has become                       May 25
May 6-9                             May 9                              a well-established cul-                    FBD Rás returns to
                                                                                                                  Skerries. Full details
Three more nights of ‘The           The Garda Band are playing         tural event throughout
                                    in the Day Care Centre in the      Ireland and further a                     of race schedule on
House of Bernada Alba’. See
                                    Little Theatre in aid of Bothar.   field. Many of Ireland’s                   Page 3.

              FROM PAGE 3
town to battle it out for that      Skerries Guerilla Gardeners get €2K
yellow jersey.
                                    THIS year’s community
MUSIC & DJ                          bequest has been awarded
A DJ will keep everyone mov-        to Skerries Guerrilla Gar-
ing to the beat and the event       deners. The aim of Skerries
will be televised by RTE with       latest environmental move-
highlights airing afterwards.       ment is to engage more
                                    people, especially teenag-
TRAFFIC & OTHER                     ers and younger people,
ARRANGEMENTS                        in gardening. The result of
Rolling road closures will take     this will be to make Skerries
place as the peloton travels        even more beautiful.
around the course. A section of
Strand Street from the Church       MONEY
to Kingstons will be closed to      The sum of €2,000, awarded                                               GUERRILLAS IN OUR
                                    for this year, must be spent                                             MIDST: SCC TY students,
traffic 1pm to 3.30pm and the
                                    by next February and a                                                   the first recruits
Skerries Mills car park will be
                                    report must be supplied ac-
used for riders and support ve-     counting for how the money
hicles and will be closed to the    has been spent.                    of trees and bushes; Build         Tidy Towns, Crann Phádraig
public from 1pm to 5pm.               Over the next 12 months          natural places to play, and        and other local groups.
                                    Skerries Guerrilla Garden-         organise seasonal plant-
  For more on the race, check out   ers are planning to Plant          ings. They will work closely          interested in getting involved? For the street   ‘orchards’ and fruit gardens       with the schools, Fingal            email Skerries Guerrilla Garden-
   party,    using traditional varieties        County Council, Skerries                   ers:

     Stay in a beautiful
                                          Young Skerries rider to
      apartment in the                    compete in FBD Rás ‘08
         centre of                        SKERRIES Cyclist Stephen

                                          Halpin (19), who has been
                                          busy making a name for him-
                                          self in the world of competi-
                                          tive cycling in Belgium, has
            for FREE                      been invited to compete in the
                                          FBD Rás which finishes this
Interested in swapping                    year in Skerries on May 25.
a house or apartment                      Stephen missed the Rás last
                                          year because he was compet-
for two weeks in
                                          ing in the gruelling ‘Tour of
August 2008?                              Turkey’, a race which covers
My Barcelona                              some 900km over eight days                WHEEL DEAL:
                                                                                    Miss Rás 2008,
apartment has two                         up and down hilly terrain at
                                                                                    Aisling Cooke with
bedrooms, living                          temperatures between 25 and               Stephen Halpin
                                          30 degrees centigrade. He
room, kitchen and                                                          second hand car but for that
                                          was placed within the top 50
large terrace. I’m                        riders – not bad out of a field   kind of money you get a car-
looking for similar                       of 150 competitors which         bon fibre frame and wheels.
in Skerries. If                           included some the world’s top    To compete at the level he has
interested, please                        professional teams.              risen to you need to invest a
                                          Cycling about 20 hours a         significant amount in equip-
e-mail Evelyn                                                              ment. On downhill sections
                                          week Steven typically trains
Byrne at . . .                            about 4-5 hours at a time on     he regularly hits 80km/hr so
                                          the road. Stephen’s bike is      as well as bikes that go well                   worth as much as a decent        you need decent brakes too.

5th birthday in business in Skerries
          Marianne is a Consultant of TCM                             PCOS
          (Traditional Chinese Medicine)                              Period Problems
          and is trained as an Acupuncturist                          Menopause
                                                                      Morning Sickness
          & Medical Herbalist.                                        Prepare for labour
          Marianne treats many types of                               Depression
          conditions and would specialise in                          Stress & Anxiety
          all women’s problems                                        Headaches
                                                                      Stomach Problems
                                                                      Bowel Problems
                                                                      Sport Injuries


             HE giant billowing kite shoots
             to the end of the line with a
             ferocious tug. You can almost
             hear the breath being wrenched
             from the kite-
surfer’s lungs as he strains
to adjust his direction and
takes off like a missile
along the surface of the
waves, then hits a wall of
surf so hard it propells him
skyward. With a ‘whoop’ of
glee he’s airborne and som-
ersaulting over the whitecaps
before slamming back onto
the waves and resuming to
skim across the surface like a                 Pictures: Treasa Lynch
                                               Words: David Diebold
flat stone shot from a cannon.
                                               Additonal reporting:
  How often have we seen the sky full of
                                               Louis-Courtney Jones
colourful kites and super-animated stunt-

Those magnificent men in their

men on Skerries seafront
and wondered what it was
all about? Kitesurfing has
only been happening in this
country for some 10 years,
Gary Duff, expert kitesurfer,
instructor and owner of
Zumosurf in Skerries tells us. Gary and his
                                              sport. After windsurfing for many years, he
                                              found kitesurfing an exciting and comple-
                                                                                       you don’t need as much wind as windsurf-
                                                                                       ing, Gary found himself spending more
friends were among the first to take up the    mentary sport to add to his skills. Because
                                                                                       time on the water than in it.
                                                                                         The kitesurfers we see are among 10
                                                                                       to 12 regulars in Skerries. Many visiting
                                                                                       kitesurfers come year round due to our ex-
                                                                                       cellent beaches. According to Gary, they’re
                                                                                       the best for kitesurfing on the entire East
                                                                                       coast. Manouevres vary in style. You’ll
                                                                                       often see surfers who prefer to just glide
                                                                                       along the surface rather than hitting waves
                                                                                           in order to catch ‘airtime’ - propelling
                                                                             Gary once them out of the water 10they spinor
                                                                                                more in the air where
                                                                            taught a 79- and flip. It’s an amazing feat to
                                                                                                  watch and one of the most
                                                                          year-old man to w aspects of the sport. dra-
                                                                           kitesurf in the           It seems kitesurfing is thriving
                                                                             Caribbean              Skerries. Age doesn’t seem to
                                                                                                 in S
                                                                                               be much of an issue either, Gary
                                                                                             says he once taught a 79-year-old man
                                                                                        to kitesurf i the Caribbean. “He was one
                                                                                       of my best students ever,” says Gary.
                                                                                            Gary at Zumosurf: 086 225 7434/
 TAKING AIM                                                    Local clay pigeon shooting

           ACK and Margaret
           Corry, who recently
           organised the suc-
                                                                             Locked ‘n; loaded
           cessful Daffodil                                                  SOME SHOOTING FACTS
           coffee morning in
                                                                                Clay pigeon shooting, for-
Loughshinny, were busy                                                       mally known as Inanimate Bird
fundraising again this month.                                                Shooting, is the art of shooting
Once again they were raising                                                 at special flying targets, known
money for the Irish Cancer                                                   as clay pigeons or clay targets,
Society but this time the event                                              with a shotgun
was claypigeon shooting at                                                      The terminology still often
nearby Courtlough Shoot-                                                     used by clay shooters relates
ing Grounds. As your local                                                   to times past, when live pigeon
magazine has never had a go                                                  competitions were held. Al-
at this we were intrigued and                                                though such competitions were
                                  GIVING IT BOTH                             made illegal in 1921, a target
delighted to accept an invita-    BARRELS:                                   is still called a ‘bird’, a hit is
tion to attend.                   Teenager Ciaran
                                                                             referred to as a ‘kill’, a missed
  According to the Court                                                     target might be a ‘bird away’

Bang Bang Club
lough website, ‘Clay pigeon       Your local magazine proved no crack-          The targets used for the
shooting is a thrilling ex-                                                  sport are usually in the shape
perience, demanding calm          shot, we’re afraid, on the day we          of an inverted saucer, made
                                                                             from a mixture of pitch and
concentration, a keen eye and     joined a cancer fundraiser at nearby       chalk designed to withstand
quick reactions. Perfect your                                                being thrown from traps at
aim and time your shots and       Courtlough Shooting Grounds                very high speeds, but at the
soon you will be notching up                                                 same time being easily broken
your ‘kills’.                                                                when hit by just a very few
                                                                             lead or steel pellets shot from
                                                                             a shotgun
Of course these are not real
birds and no one gets hurt,
making it a great sport for
all - young and old, men and
women alike.’ It certainly
sounded interesting so we
were looking forward to
checking it out.
  On arrival, we met Margaret
at the protective tunnel lead-
ing to the shooting range. It
was a long walk but there was
no mistaking the direction as
the crack of shots and smell
of gunsmoke got closer. Mick      us a gun and enticed us to
Coffey (the Fishing Boats of      have a go. The rifles are much
               Fingal photog-     heavier than they look. Bright
               rapher featured    yellow plugs are provided for
               last issue) was    the ears and we were shown
               in charge of the   how to load the gun and bal-                           PUTTING OUR
                      team. He    ance it against the shoulder.                          SHOULDER
                                  Then you must look down the                            INTO IT:
                                                                                         Emily Diebold and
                       diately                                                           Mick Coffey
                       offered                   TO PAGE 29
     Relax & De-Stress
     An hour of Peace
    Feel energised and refreshed
 Ready to face life’s challenges again

Everyone Deserves a Reiki
   Phone: 086 605 0231
      To make an appointment

                                                    One to One/Small Groups

                                               Whether you’re a complete beginner
                                                   or you want to specialise:
                                                     Support line available


                                                      Collect from your home
                                                     and deliver back in 4 days

                                                     Contact Dave on : 8491662
                                                          or 087 750 2029
 SHIP OF DOOM                                  Tragic ship’s Skerries connection

Lost to the waves
IN January 2007, in the          survived, miraculously. It         other fine French style twin     had been built in 1982 at the
space of six days, several       would be two weeks before          rigger, the Mater Dei.          Forges Caloin shipyard in
large fishing boats sank off      divers could access the Pere         Pere Charles was a            Etaples-Sur-Mer in France.
the south east coast. Seven      Charles to search for bodies.      welcome addition to the           Ten months after her sink-
men were claimed by the            Pere Charles was well            growing fleet in Dunmore         ing with the loss of five lives,
sea, four survived. Five         known to local harbours            East and replaced Michael       Pere Charles’ badly-dam-
died together on the Pere        here. She had been fished           Walsh’s previous vessel         aged hulk was raised to the
Charles, which sank on Jan-      under the ownership of Sk-         Paraic Seosamh. Unlike          surface 1km off the Water-
uary 10, just two and a half     erries fisherman Noel Wilde         many of the other French-       ford coast. To everybody’s
miles off Dunmore East.          since 2001. He sold the            built, second hand vessels to   shock, none of the victims
  A few hours later, two         19.8m French-built stern           join Irish ports at the time,   were found in the boat. Up
men were lost when the           trawler to Michael Walsh of        Pere Charles only had to        to 50 tonnes of herring was
Honey Dew II sank 21 miles       Dunmore East in late 2005,         make the short voyage from      also gone.
away off Minehead. Two           replacing the vessel with an-      Skerries. The fishing boat                  - DAVID DIEBOLD
           HESE two poems were inspired by the tragic

T          sinking of the Pere Charles in January 2007. The
           shorter one relates to a piece of graffiti on Skerries
           harbour wall which depicts the vessel in cartoon
           form and is dated October 5, 2005.
  The longer poem relates to the heartbreaking vigil kept by the
families when the boat first went missing and then when it was
subsequently raised.

Pere Charles, 5 October, 2005
A mischievous moment
Become a memento mori
Etched on stone.
A poignant memorial                                                 The sea sounded in his very blood.
to the uncertainty
of our fate                                                         I must be strong.
Beyond,                                                             Strong for the children
Each fleeting moment -                                               Grown from our love.
Committed, perhaps,                                                 And yet they are the rock on which I break,
to stone,                                                           As I ease from beneath their sleeping heads
On Skerries Harbour Wall.         TRAGEDY: Pere Charles
                                                                    The letters they write
                                                                    . . . Dear Dad.
Lost at sea
                                                                    Oh the Sea, indifferent as our God,
In my dreams I see him returned to me,                              So many treasures already held,
Not torn from the deep on a stormy night                            We keep vigil here for release of one,
But raised on a lush tide when the Heavens hold no moon.            Seeking only to bury our dead.
Like Gulliver, I see him gently beached                             O Mary, Star of the Sea,
By the small waves that fuss                                        Embrace a woman’s pain
As they spend themselves                                            Let me gently wash and annoint him,
Among the sea wrack of the shore.                                   As you did Him,
And I will not shrink from the outrages on his body                 And see him safely stow’d in hallowed ground,
But will embrace him again,                                         At rest between two loves -
As each cold dawn I clung to him                                    The home we feathered together,
When he gently insisted himself from our bed,                       And the unyielding,
For - though we were his heart and love                             Awful sea.
                                                                                                             - COLIN STOKES
TAKE A LOOK!                 Summer
  San ’Polo
                             NOW IN
  M arc ver
                         New this season
      PHILANNS                ROXY
      boutique         WHIZ KIDS
      Tel: 849 1276    Skerries   Tel: 849 1276
Bringing the railway to
these parts in the 1840s
was no easy task with
local labourers injured by
explosives daily as tracks
were laid down through
Rush, Lusk, Skerries and
the Ardgillan Estate                                                                                                  LIFE AND
                                                                                                                      were so bad
by ELIZABETH BALCOMBE                                                                                                 that serious
                                                                                                                      were a daily

              URING the 1830s the tex-
              tile industries in Balbrig-
              gan and Drogheda were in
              decline. Thomas Brodigan,
              a wealthy landowner and
entrepreneur of Piltdown near Drogheda, a coastal route. Contrary to the promise         on June 30, 1836. The inland faction
blamed poor and expensive transporta-       to accept Cubitt’s report, a large opposi-   accused O’Connell of bias towards the
tion costs.                                 tion arose within which were two distinct    coastal party, but this was hotly denied.
   He proposed the construction of a        groups, those such as Lord Killeen and          The Dublin And Drogheda Railway
coastal railway in a pamphlet entitled      Gustavus Lambert, wealthy landowners,        Act received the Royal Assent on August
- ‘on the Establishment of a                       who felt that an inland route would   12, 1836, after a parliamentary battle
Northern Railroad’ which was  as                          mor
                                                       be more beneficial to them         which cost £30,000. It was however to
published on April 15, 1835.            ‘There           whil
                                                         while others such as John       be eight years before the line appeared,
   This pamphlet was re-             are eight            Ver
                                                          Vernon of Clontarf felt        during which time work was halted many
ceived with great enthu-                                   tha
                                                           that their estates would be   times because of labour disputes, lack of
siasm and a well attended       recorded deaths spoilt by a railway passing
                                                            sp                           funds, flooding and many other difficul-
meeting took place in            but many were             ov
                                                           over them.                    ties. It is interesting to note that of the
Dublin during August to                                      T
                                                             This group held a public    original £600,000 capital of the Dublin
hear their proposals in more       unrecorded’ meeting in Navan chaired
                                                          mee                            and Drogheda Railway, £178,000 was
detail.                                                 by the Marquiss of Conyn-        subscribed in Lancashire, whose cotton
   This meeting was chaired by                      gham and attended by most of               towns traded with the cotton manu-
George Hamilton of Balbriggan and a
                              gan           the wealthy land
                                                         landowners. Their proposed              facturers of Ireland’s east coast.
provisional committee of 27 members         line was to be called ‘The Dublin,                             The contract for construc-
was elected, including Lord Talbot de       Drogheda and Navan (Inland)                                   tion between Malahide
Malahide and Randal Plunkett, Mem-          Railway’. Meanwhile the ‘coastal                               and Baldungan was
ber of Parliament for Drogheda. An          party’, supported mainly by trade                              awarded to William
argument developed as to whether the        and industry, were also drumming                               Dargan for £46,000. The
railway should follow a coastal or an       up support. They organised a peti-                              Skerries embankment
inland route.                               tion to be presented to Daniel                                     was constructed
   George Hamilton recommended that         O’Connell, requesting him to                                        from spoil from the
a competent engineer should be asked        chair the parliamentary com-                                         Baldungan cutting.
to examine both proposals and report        mittee formed to examine ‘                                           The labourers were
his findings to the committee. This was      The Coastal Bill’. O’Connell                                         working in very
agreed and William Cubitt was engaged.      agreed. The committee first                                           poor conditions and
On October 11, 1935, at a crowded meet- sat on May 5 and reported                                               were paid only half
ing Cubitt advocated the construction of    in favour of the coastal route                                             TO PAGE 17

Rail hel                                                         15
 ROAD OF BONES                                      When the railway came to town
FROM PAGE 15                                  knocked down. The railway thanked him              Canal at 11.23am to the cheers of a huge
                                              for his generous gift, which saved the             crowd. At 12.12pm the train reached
that of their English counterparts. Ac-       company £9,000, and offered to plant a             Skerries ‘to a twelve gun salute and the
cidents were common, especially in the        line of trees between the railway and the          acclamation of thousands of the peasant-
use of explosives.                            estate. The work at Ardgillen involved             ry’ according to the Drogheda Conserva-
  Dr Thornhill of Skerries complained         the construction of a new Skerries to              tive Journal. At 1pm precisely the train
that between June 1842 and January            Balbriggan road as track was laid on the           reached Drogheda. Thomas Brodigan’s
1843 he had treated 93 cases. There are       old one.                                           dream had become reality.
eight recorded deaths but undoubtedly           On March 18, 1944, a special train                 On May 24 1844 - Queen Victoria’s
many were unrecorded.                         made the ‘Dublin and Drogheda Railway              birthday - the line was officially opened
  In January 1842 the Rev. Edward             Experimenta Trip’. The ‘Norah Cre-                 by Earl de Gray, the Lord Lieutenant.
Taylor of Ardgillan gave free passage         inah’, with 565 passengers including the
through his estate provided that the com-     band of the 34th Regiment, conveyed in                             Special thanks to the Irish
pany built two gate lodges and approach       seven carriages decked out with bunting,                     Railway Record Society for their
roads and rebuilt any walls that were         left the Clontarf bandk of the Royal                          kind assistance with this article

Wheels and the deals
   THE follow-                                                         gheda Railway              ballast pit at a fair price cited, accord-
                                                     Dublin and Dro
ing is the cor-                                                        ublin Terminus             ing to my wishes, expressed by him,
                                                      Secs. Office D                   65           as I have always considered that the
respondence                                                          August 21st 18
                       Dear Sir,                           u some month     s ago about            excess of mileage rates to Skerries is
between Ion                              ty of calling yo                n which the               unjust when compared with the rate
                       I took the liber                 Skerries Statio
Trant Hamilton         a small pi  ece of land near               sires to purcha
                                                                                   se for           charged to Malahide. I have been
                                           ghed   a Company de                                      frequently urged, by my people resid-
and the Rail-           Dublin and Dro
                                   r the line.                                     d I un-          ing in the neighbourhood of Skerries
                        ballast fo                                for the land an
way Company                                  to  pay fair value                        let           to remonstrate with the Board of The
                           We are willing                          be so good as to
as Ion attempted                          you   that you would           you a tracing of            Dublin and Drogheda Railway as to
                         derstood from                s, we then sent
to use a certain         us have   it on those term                ructed our solic
                                                                                     itor to         the great excess of mileage rate, I
                                               re quired and inst                   rchase.
                          the piece of land                         bject of the pu                  ‘A reduction of fares
well-known piece                             ith  yours on the su                     r the
                          communicate w            that he refused
                                                                     to negotiate fo
of land in his efforts       I am sorry to fi
                                               nd                        rees to reduce              as a return for the sale
                                                      the company ag
to get the train fair      sale of the land unless               erries.                              of the ballast pit at a
                                             n Dublin and Sk                    timate con-
lowered for all            the fare betwee          iders that there is no legi
                                   Director cons
                                    The                                    they could not,
                                                                    and that
                                                                                                      fair price cited’
                                                  n these subjects                   reement
                                 nection betwee                     enter into an ag
                                                      in question,                         e            have always alluded to such.
                                 as part of the la
                                                   nd                     erefore asked m
                                                   n of fares. He has th                   at              I lately received a memorial
                                 for the reductio                          note, hoping th
                                                          ain under your                 range
                                  to brin g the matter ag               your agent to ar
                                                                                                         signed by upwards of 110 of the
                                                   go od as to instruct     o acres of land              leading inhabitants of the locality
                                  you will be so            pany of the tw
                                   for the sale to the Com           e.
                                                                                                         pressing me to represent to the
                                                   fair market valu                                      directors of the company, the high
                                   required at its
                                      Signed                                                            rate of fares upon the line with the
                                                      land                                            exception of those charged to Mala-
                                      James W. Mur
                                                                                                  hide, and also the great inconvenience
                                                                                                 occasioned by the small number of trains
                                                                             Abbotstown          stopping at Skerries.
                                                                         August 31st 1865          I feel, therefore, that in bringing this
                                              Dear Sir,                                          subject to the Board that I am represent-
                                              I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your           ing the unanimous feeling of the larger
                                              communication of the 21st relative to              community, who are fully justified in
                                              the purchase of the ballast pit at Sker-           bringing the injustice of their case before
                                              ries Station on the Dublin and Drogheda            the company.
                                              Railway.                                             Ion Trant Hamilton, M.P.
                                                My agent when stipulating for a reduc-
                                              tion of fares as a return for the sale of the                 CONTINUED ON PAGE 19


     39 Lower Dominic Street
           October 27th 1865                      In the third in our series on fun, hassle-free
        Re: Sale of Ballast Pit                   ways to spend a day with the kids without
My Dear Ion,                                      the car or the backseat arguments, our
                                                  family take the train south down the coast
On the 8th Sep. last, I at-
tended before, the Dublin and                     on a day-return train trip to Bray
Drogheda Railway according

to appointment as to their mak-
ing some arrangement with
respect to times of trains, fares
e.t.c. and also to their proposal
for the purchase of the land ad-
joining the station at Skerries.
  I placed before them a state-
ment as to the injurious effects

of the alterations of time and
the difference of mileage rate
between Dublin and Malahide
and Dublin and Skerries.
  After a long discussion they
came to the conclusion that
they would alter their fares
to Skerries by reducing the
yearly subscription 1st Class
by £1 and 2nd Class by £2 and
allow the train leaving Dublin
at 2 o’clock to stop at Skerries
instead of Rush, but the mail                     Mum says:                                  Afterwards we set off along the
trains they could not alter as                                                            promenade towards Bray head. It
the Post Office would not al-                                                              was such a nice day we found a

                                                               HE kids were very
low them to do so.                                             excited on Sunday          spot of grass to sit on above the
  They also stated that if any                                 morning as we got          walk so we could just let the kids
money was laid out by land-                                    ready for our big train    play whilst we enjoyed the view.
lord or otherwise on Skerries                                  trip to Bray. They had        On our way to find some food
in building etc. they might be                    been talking about it all week and      it was hard to avoid the amuse-
induced to meet such expen-                       the destination choice was a com-       ments. Each of the kids got a pile
                                                  munal decision. We had actually         of small coins to spend in the penny
diture by reduction of the fare
                                                  been to the Sea Life Centre before      machines. They had never done it
or free tickets for certain class
                                                  but it was about four years                 before and were quickly en-
houses, but this was all ex-                                                                        thralled. Though they had
pressly understood to be quite                    ago which is a very
                                                  long time to a child.                                 been complaining of
free from any dealing as to the                                                                            hunger before, they
sale or purchase of the land re-                  Bray has really
                                                  gone upmarket in                                          decided they were
quired by the railway.                                                                                       no longer hungry
                                                  the last decade
     Mr Hamilton was to enter                                                                                 and just wanted to
                                                  and it is always a
into such a sale or refusal as he                 pleasure to spend                                           stay there. This is
thought proper, but one was not                   time there. It’s                                           the reason I have
to be conditional on the other.                   a long way to go                                          never taken them
                                                  on a daytrip but the                                     to the amusements
  Truly yours                                     pretty scenery makes                                   in Skerries! Eventu-
  Nathaniel A. Hamilton                           up for it. Sunday is a good                        ally we dragged them
  Solicitor                                       day for train journeys as there is no        off complaining and trying to
                                                  problem getting seats.                  extract promises of a return visit.
  The foregoing letters were                         We spent a long time in the             We had a late lunch that everyone
        reproduced with the                       aquarium, the kids were definitely       enjoyed but I wouldn’t go out of my
     kind permission of the                       a better age for it this time. We saw   way to eat there again.
    trustees of the National                      some very bizarre fish and learnt a         Walking back down the prom-
           Library of Ireland                     lot of strange facts. The kids were     enade we had to get ice creams be-
                                                  kept busy trying to be the first to      cause they looked so good. There
  - ELIZABETH BALCOMBE                            spot the weirdest looking creatures.                          TO PAGE 21
  ON TRACK                                                                    Fingal family’s fun
is a lovely seaside holiday town   away on those machines where
atmosphere and we all decided      you try and knock money off
it was well worth the long train   moving shelves of precariously
journey.                           stacked coins.
                                     We were getting hungry
                                   so we dived into one of the
Dad says:                          first reasonable looking pub
                                   grub spots we saw, called Jim
THE train journey there flew
                                   Doyles and filled up on chips
by, even though we had to
                                   and scampi and the like, before
change trains at Pearse. There
                                   getting cones and sauntering
was a new cafe there and I
                                   back for the train.
almost made the whole family
                                     I guess the kids must have
miss the train when I sneaked
                                   been pretty wrecked after their
off to grab a quick takeaway
                                   day out, because at least two
coffee and chocolate.
                                   fell asleep on the train home.
   I thought Bray seemed a
little more frayed around the
edges than last time we were       The Damage:
there, some years ago now. The
                                   Family Day Return Ticket €13
aquarium seemed smaller to
                                   National Sea Life Centre -
me too, though the kids were a     family ticket €40
better age for it now and excit-   Jim Doyles for lunch €70.95
edly ran from one weird fish to     Coins for amusements €10
another. Our favourite were the    Ice-cream cones €6
cow fish, waxy, yellow little
rectangular box-shaped fish
with four legs and horns. Mad!
                                   Fishy Facts:
The poor old octupus was on its    Male sea horses
last legs - or should I say ten-   carry their
tacles - so we weren’t allowed     young and
to torment him . . . much.         give birth,
   We walked a little ways up      Manta rays
the road that winds around the     can throw
lower bit of Bray Head. The at-    themselves
mosphere was summery and             two metres in
there was a busker                          the air
who we watched                                  Octopuses have
for a while.                                      blue blood, three
   On the                                           hearts and are
way to eat,                                          as intelligent
we stopped                                           as the average
in at the                                            dog.
amusements                                           Jellyfish have
and the kids                                         no heart,
threw a bunch                                       bones or
of money                                          brain.


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                                                         around here? What are you
                                                         waiting for? Tell us a story.

 a local                                                 Send us YOUR tales of
                                                         imagination - or local
                                                         adventures from a past

 typewriter                                              now vanished - address on
                                                         page three. We’re waiting . . .

Rides from Rush on
the brewery cart and
breaking bread with
lighthouse keepers
Betty Clarke is               Church Street in Skerries,          a whole) day off!                 we’d call to visit our aunts in
                              from a house where Superva-           One of these free days is       the family home in Church
90. Here she                  lu now stands and my mother         etched on my memory for-          Street and we’d always pay
recalls her early                    came from Rush. My           ever. It was a glorious sum-      a visit to Tommy Rooney’s
                                          mother’s family         mer’s day such as we don’t        open-air fruit market which
years in                                     were publicans       seem to get anymore when a        he held in Strand Street where
Skerries                                       and initially      long, horse-drawn cart full of    the Health Centre is now.
                                                 my father        Darcy’s Ale arrived from the        Although, we grew up be-
and Rush,                                        helped her       Brewery in Skerries.              hind and over a pub, we girls
back in                                          out running                                        were never allowed into it, for
                                                 the business.    PUBS                              in those days, no women at
the days of                                     Then when         This ale was to be sold to all    all ever went near a pub, apart
horses and                                    they were           the pubs in Rush and when         from the old ladies who used
                                            married, it was       the sale was complete, the        to call with their empty jugs
carts, back                             in that premises that     dray headed back to Skerries      to be filled up with porter.
when Rockabill                they settled down and reared        filled with half the delighted       When these jugs were filled,
                              their family - all five of us:       children from Rush, all seated    they’d be taken home and the
was manned                    two girls and three boys.           this way and that in the back     porter drunk there.
                                We all went to the National       of the cart.                        Our bedrooms were located

   SUPPOSE you could          School in Rush and I suppose          All this was such a thrill to   over the ‘shop’ and we usu-
   say I am ‘half and half’   the highlight of our year was       us - something that children      ally had to wait until the pub
   when we come to talk-      the day Lady Palmer visited         these days would find hard to      ‘cleared’ before we could go
   ing about ‘roots’ for      our school, for on that day,        understand.                       to bed for it could be very
   my father came from        we’d be given half (or maybe          Once arrived in Skerries,                        TO PAGE 25
 ISLAND CROSSINGS                                            When the light was manned
FROM PAGE 23                     we just rented a little cottage
                                 opposite Glennon’s pub, on
noisy. At the age of 11, I was   the corner of New Street and
sent to boarding school in       Church Street.
Dublin to the Sisters of Char-      Later on, we moved to
ity in Mountjoy Street. My       live permanently in a bigger
sister joined me here. As for    house. We really enjoyed the
the boys, one went to school     sea and the sailing in Sker-
in Rockwell, one to O’Briens     ries and I have many happy
Institute, Fairview and the      memories of visiting all three
youngest refused to be inter-    of the islands along with
ested in formal education.       Lambay and even Rockabill
LOVEABLE                            I have to tell you that if
He was a most loveable fel-      Rockabill looked clean, it was
low with a great personality     because it really was clean!       the Pier House Restaurant.       LIVING ON THE ROCK:
but all he wanted when he           When our boat pulled up,          These keepers not only         Vintage photograph, above,
was young was freedom to         we’d step onto a flat rock and      maintained and polished and      of Rockabill lighthouse in
see the world.                                                      cared for the ‘light’ but they   which the dwellings are
                                 then we’d cross easily to the
                                                                                                     clearly visible
  Altogether, we were a very     lighthouse itself.                 polished everything else in
happy, hard-working family          There were always two           sight, it seemed - the wood,
                                                                    the brasses - and I think they
who got on well together both
among ourselves and with the
                                 lighthouse keepers there who
                                                                    might even have scrubbed the
                                                                                                     ‘There were
                                 worked on a ‘month on month
commmunity.                      off’ basis while their families    very rock itself, it looked so   always two
  In 1943, I came to Skerries    lived in the ‘Dwellings’, fine      clean.
with my husband. At first,        houses still lived in and situ-
as a young married couple,       ated around the corner from        BREAD                            keepers there
                                                                    One keeper was a Mr Polly
                                                                    and he’d bring us into his       who worked
                                                                    house which stood beside
                                                                    the ‘light’ and give us tea
                                                                                                     on a ‘month on
                                                                    and bread that he might have     month off’ basis
                                                                    baked himself.
                                                                       At the back of the rock,      while their
                                                                    it was just so fascinating to    families lived in
                                                                    watch the terns nesting. It
                                                                    was all another world really -   the fine houses
                                                                    so lovely and peaceful.
                                                                       I have travelled and seen
                                                                                                     still situated
                                                                    many places, including the       around the
                                                                    sights in New York, but the
                                                                    highlights of my life are the    corner from the
                                                                    rides on the Brewery cart and    Pier House
                                                                    the visits to the islands off
ROLL OUT THE BARRELS: The empty cart carried kids . . .             Skerries.                        Restaurant’


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       PER    FREE CALL
       WEEK   (UPGRADE)


 STRAIGHT SHOOTERS                                                        Clay pigeon fundraiser
FROM PAGE 11                     Such was his accuracy we
                                 asked him if he played a lot of
barrel at the sight and give     computer games. He admitted
the signal to release the clay   that he did ‘quite a bit’. This
pigeon. The clay pigeon is a     was obviously the answer -
bright orange disc shot out of   next time we would have to
a machine next to you. The       have a bit of practice on the
recoil from the gun almost       kids’ PlayStation first!
knocked us over. We had a          Back at the clubhouse we
good go but failed miserably.    congratulated the Corrys on
The sound is so loud it was      such a successful fundraiser.
hard not to yelp each time a     Margaret told us there were
shot was fired.                   17 teams in all with three
  Local teen, Cia-                      people in each team.
ran Judd, really                           Every team member
put us to shame                                 had paid €100
by hitting every                                   to enter.                                          THAT’S ONE BIG CHEQUE:
single clay pigeon.                                    When         ing, Margaret said it was
                                                                                                      Margaret Corry, Jill Clark and
He was the young-                                    asked why      to have something for the         Megan Corry with €6,300 for
est there by a couple of                             they had       lads. “The men just weren’t       the Irish Cancer Society
decades but was obviously                            organised      that interested in coffee so it
in the lead. Then it emerged                         another        seemed only fair to think of      enjoying themselves.
that it was his very first                           fundraiser      something that would appeal         Irish Cancer Society’s Jill
time there and he had just                          so soon         more to them and this was it,”    Clark was there to receive the
come along with his Dad                             after the       she laughed. She had a point.     cheque. The final total from
to see what it was about.                          coffee morn-     The men really seemed to be       both events was €7,250.

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  ROOFTOP WISDOM                                           From a local Master Thatcher
As we round
up our pick of
the best known
thatched houses
in the area, one
of the last local
Grimes, imparts
some of the
knowledge of
what is sadly a
dying trade

                OWADAYS it
                is rare to see
                a house being
                thatched. A
                thatcher at work
will always draw people to
                                   Drawing the long

watch him ply his ancient
craft but as a retired thatcher
I can assure you that thatch-
ing is hard work. I served my
time in the 1930’s to Thomas
Dowdall, a master thatcher in
the Fingal area.
  The first stage in thatching
was the purchase of the wheat
or oaten straw from a local
farmer. About half a ton of        out over a wide square in the    months to soften and allow      and work upwards towards
straw was needed to cover          yard, crossing the bundles       mould to grow on it so that     the ridge. I would take a
the roof of an average cottage     hand over hand and letting       it was semi-rotten. Thomas      wangle, push it into the old
which measured about 30ft x        it fall through your fingers      Dowdall would come out to       thatch and secure it with a
14ft. Good straw consisted         to loosen it. Then it was        check it. He would pull out     steel tool called a slice. The
of long dry strands. The best      weighted down with planks        clumps or wangles as                  edge of the wangle
time to buy was in October         and doused with buckets          they were called too                       would be tailed in
after the harvest.                 of water to soften it. Then      test for slime. If       ‘Thatching neatl to make
                                   it was left for about three      he could detect
  The straw was first shaken
                                                                    scum between
                                                                                           is hard work. roo for the next
                                                                                                                    wangle. Sec-
                                                                    his thumb and           I served my             tions
                                                                                                                    tio of about
                                                                    forefinger he                                    16inches were
                                                                    would judge the          time in the           done
                                                                                                                   don at a time
                                                                    straw ready as it           1930s’           to mmake up a row
                                                                    had sticking power.r.                         thatch. Every
                                                                                                               of that
                                                                    If not he would leave
                                                                                       ave                 two rows were watered
                                                                    it for another two or three     down, combed to join them
                                                                    weeks and test it again.        with a rake and smoothed
                                                                       When the straw was ready     down by the back of the
                                                                    the roof would be prepared      rake. When the overhang
                                                                    by raking to get rid of old     was trimmed down it looked
                                                                    straw and moss. The thatcher very neat. The advantages
                                                                    would then start at the eave                      TO PAGE 33
HAY HO                                                                            A Fingal thatcher’s lot
FROM PAGE 31                     case I would rely on my flask
                                 of tea. Some customers were
of a thatched roof were that     very generous. I particularly
it was warm in winter when       remember Mr Stafford from
the straw contracted due to      Bettystown who sent a car for
the damp and cool in sum-        me every day, gave me all my
mer when the straw dried and     meals and a parcel of meat at
opened out to allow good         the weekend.
ventilation. Weather permit-        I had a thatched roof
ting, it would take about        myself on my own house,
three and a half days to do a    but like many others it has
complete roof. For this I was    now been replaced by slates.
paid wages of £2 ten shillings   It is difficult and expensive
which would be about three or    nowadays to get insurance.
four euro. I was lucky to have   In my day thatching was a
regular work as a painter and    way of providing a good roof
decorator as it would have       at reasonable cost. Now it is
been hard to make a living at    the costly preserve of those
thatching.                       wealthy enough to maintain
   I thatched a variety of       listed buildings.
buildings in my time, houses        A thatched roof was once
and pubs all over Fingal from    simply a roof over one’s head.
Howth to Bettystown. Hos-        Now it is a romantic part of
pitality in the various houses   our heritage.
varied: a cup of tea and a
slice of brown bread were        - CHRISTOPHER GRIMES
always welcome. However          Christopher wrote this a few years ago.
                                              Sadly he is now deceased.
sometimes I would not be          The article is reproduced with the kind
offered anything in which                    permission of Rosie Grimes



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 DANGER STRIKES                                               A mother’s worst nightmare

                NE morning,       go anywhere with a stranger.      out loud enough for everyone
                Owen’s family     His mum had told him this.        to hear, “I don’t know where
                went to the Pa-   But then the stranger said,       he is!”
                vilions. They     “I’m not a stranger. I know         His mother got such a
                went into a       your parents.”                    fright. They looked every-
sweet shop and Owen saw his         Meanwhile, at home, Ow-         where around the house for
favourite type of candy bar.      en’s family saw that his chair    him, even the attic.
He thought that he could buy      was empty. Then his mother          But at the Pavilions, the
it because his parents seemed     asked her husband where           man in the detective suit
busy over at the far side of      he was. The husband asked         said for Owen to get in his
the shop. He saw that the line    his son where he was. The         car and he would drive him
was extremely long, but he        son asked his brother                   home. Owen thought
thought the bar was extremely     where he was. The                         really hard about this      OUR AUTHOR: Sheila
nice so he went to the back of    brother asked his                           and what his mother       Loughnan (9)
the line anyway.                  sister where he                               had told him. But
                                  was. The sister                                the man told him       thought about this for a bit
HOME                              asked her sister                                 again that he was    then decided the man had a
His parents on the other side     where he was.                                    not a stranger. He   point - and went downstairs
of the shop were busy looking     Then the sister                                 knew his parents.     into the car park with him.
at magazines and stuff, but his   shouted                                                   Owen          Just as he was about to get
mother looked at her watch                                                                              into the car, Owen’s parents
and just remembered that she
had left the kettle on at home.
So she told her husband to get
Owen and get back home fast.
                                                          The                                           drove up so fast he didn’t
                                                                                                          even see them coming. His
                                                                                                          mother immediately saw
                                                                                                           the man, grabbed Owen

So her husband told his son                                                                                and asked him, “I thought I
and his son told his brother                                                                              told you never to go in a car
and his brother told his sister                                                                           with a stranger. Were you
and his sister told her sister,                                                                           even listening to me when I
but she didn’t hear and they                                                                             said that?”
all ran back to the car.
   Owen didn’t realise that                                                                              STRANGER

his parents were gone. He                                                                                “But the man said he knew
was the second person in the                                                                             you,” said Owen. “I thought
line now. When he got to the                                                                             he wasn’t a stranger.”
front, he bought the candy                                                                                 The his mother said in the
bar with €5, which was more                                                                              loudest voice that everyone
than enough, so now he had to                                                                            in the Pavilions could hear
get some change which took a                                                                             (including the ones inside):
little longer.                                 A tale of lessons learned                                 “He is a man that has been
                                               when a local boy almost                                   wanted by the police for
WORRIED                                                                                                  almost a year now!”
When he was done, it was a                    falls foul of a stranger, by                                 Police on the other side
long time after his parents                                                                             of the car park heard every
had left. He went to the back                 Sheila Loughnan, aged 9                                   word, rushed over and hand-
of the shop expecting to find                                                                            cuffed the man. Owen said to
them there. But they weren’t.                                                                           him, “I am never falling for
He went outside the shop.                                                                               that one again!”
Now he was getting worried.
He walked a bit further on
                                                                                                          SO, EVERY child knows
and looked around, but he still
                                                                                                           not to get into a strang-
couldn’t find them.
                                                                                                           er’s car - or do they?
  Just then, a man in a big
                                                                                                            A journalist was com-
detective coat saw him and
                                                                                                        ing around to visit your
walked over. “I know where
                                                                                                        favourite local magazine the
your parents are,” he said.
  Owen thought that he was                                                                              other day, WRITES EMILY
going to ask him to come                                                                                DIEBOLD, and a curious
with him. He was right. Owen                                                                            thing happened. Though
thought that he should never                                                                                           TO PAGE 37
  Crilly & McGrath                                                  STRANGERS IN CARS

      Opticians                                                    FROM PAGE 35
                                                                   she knows me quite well she
                                                                   doesn’t really know my chil-
                                                                                                      Granted, my colleague is a
                                                                                                    young woman and certainly
                                                                                                    doesn’t look threatening.
 5 Thomas Hand St                   50 Laurence St                 dren as she has only been in     She had mistaken the boy
      Skerries                         Drogheda                    the house a couple of times.     for my middle son who is
    01 843 2166                      041 983 7491                  As she was nearing the es-       also eleven and has the same
                                                                   tate, she saw a boy walking      colour hair.
                                                                                                      If she had been a man
 Crilly & McGrath                                                  by himself and thought he
                                                                                                    maybe the boy wouldn’t
                                                                   was one of mine.
          Opticians                                                  “Hop in,” she said. “I’m       have got in so eagerly. Even
                                                                                                    so, it was an eyeopener as to
            are the                                                just on my way to see your
                                                                                                    how trusting children are of
                                                                   mother.” In he got and as
         leaders in                                                she drove on, turning up         adults.
  optical fashion.                                                 towards my house, he sud-
                                                                   denly said, “I don’t live up
     We take care                                                  here!” My colleague realised     The next time he called
                                                                                                    around I asked him why
         of all your                                               they didn’t know each other
                                                                                                    he’d got into the car. He just
                                                                   and quickly turned around
    optical needs                                                  and dropped him to where         said he’d done it “because
                                                                   he pointed to. When she          she told me to.” So, had he
             Skerries Opening Hours                                arrived at my house she was      realised he’d made a mis-
       Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.30pm                           quite shaken.                    take after he got out?
                                                                     Now, this boy is 11 and          “Yes,” he answered. “If
            Saturday 9.30am to 1pm                                                                  I’d stayed in the car I could
                                                                   very smart. I was quite tak-
       Late Opening on Tuesdays 6 to 8pm                                                            have got a lift all the way up
                                                                   en aback that he, of all kids,
                                                                   had got into a stranger’s car    to your house!”
      Parking facilities just around the corner                    so easily.

2007 Ford Fiesta 1.3 Blue          1700mls      €13,650
2007 Ford Mondeo N/M 1.6 Grey 17000mls
2006 N Almera Car Van 2.2 D Blk 13500mls
2005 Ford Mondeo 1.8 Silver
2005 Honda CRV 2.0 Grey
2005 Alfa Romeo 147TS 1.6 Grey 29700mls
2005 Chevrolet Lacetti 1.4 Silver 17700mls
2004 Suzuki Liana 1.3 Black
2004 Audi A6 2.0 Wine
                                                                           Garage Ltd
2004 Hyundai Trajet 2.0 Silver     35000mls
2004 Suzuki Grand Vitara 1.6 Silver 33300 mls
2004 Ford Focus 1.4 Blue           47300mls
                                                                           Dublin Road
2004 Citroen C2 1.1 Blue
2004 Toyota Avensis 1.6 Gold
                                   46300 mls
2003 Ford Focus h/b Ghia 1.6 Grn 54500mls
2003 Ford Ka 1.3 Grey              15600mls     €5,950
2003 Renault Laguna 1.6 Silver     46000mls     €8,450                         Tel: 843 7276
2003 N Terrano Jeep 2.7 D Grey     77000mls     €16,750
2003 Toyota Yaris 1.0 Red          52000mls     €7,900

2002 Nissan Xtrail Sports 2.0 Blue 65000mls     €14,500
2002 Renault Clio 1.2 Grey         60000mls     €5,800
2001 Nissan Micra 1.0 Red          62600mls     €5,200
2000 Seat Ibiza 1.4 Silver         85500mls     €3,750
2000 Fiat Seicento 1.1 Blue
2000 Saab 9-3 2.0 Black
2000 Seat Leon 1.4 Blue
1999 Honda HRV 16 Silver           106400mls    €6,950
1998 Toyota MR2 2.0 Black          68900mls     €10,250
1996 Suzuki Cultus1.0 Black         54380mls     €1,950          
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                                                                       DIAMOND COVER USED CARS*.
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05 D   MEGANE HATCH MONACO         32,000Km   €12,500

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               H May. Summer
               is on the way.
               Will it be a hot
               one this year or
               will things be
dampened by rain clouds?
Only time will tell, but sure,
                                      Now, THAT’S
even if it rains it’s a good
excuse to get to the cinema
and let’s face it, there are only
three movies worth looking at
this month. Now, where’s my
whip and fedora gone to? And
that’s enough of a hint ...           Your guide to the very
                                      best in new movies
                  Löuis               previewed by Löuis
Iron Man                              Courtney Jones
Out on May 2
IFCO Rating TBC                     a comic book fan, actually       you’re pretty much there. This   ‘20 years on and
                                    plays Nick Fury in this film.     looks good “Go Speed Racer
COMIC book adaptations can                                           GO!!!”                           Harrison Ford looks
be hit or miss, but so far there                                                                      great for his age’
have been good reports about        Speed Racer
                                    Out on May 16                    DID YOU KNOW: Peter
this tale of Tony Stark, the                                         Fernandez, the voice of Speed    was reported to be so im-
billionaire playboy, industrial-    IFCO Rating TBC                  Racer and Racer X in the         pressed with Ford on set that
ist and genius inventor who is                                       original cartoon series, plays   he couldn’t see the difference
kidnapped and forced to build       ANYONE over the age of           the Race Announcer in this       in him between the third and
a devastating weapon.               about 30 may remember            movie.                           fourth movies. As to the plot,
  In true superhero style, us-      the awesome cartoon Speed                                         all we know is that Indy finds
ing his intelligence and inge-      Racer from bygone years. If                                       himself battling Soviet agents
nuity, Tony builds a high-tech      not, get onto        Indiana Jones                    for an artifact said to have
suit of armour and escapes          and catch up!                    and the Kingdom                  secret powers from another
captivity. When he uncovers           Advance previews of                                             world.
a nefarious plot with global        this movie reveal glimpses
                                                                     of the Crystal
implications, he dons his           of camp creativity and a         Out on May 22                    DID YOU KNOW: When
powerful armour and vows to         tremendous cast including        IFCO Rating TBC                  Shia LaBeouf signed on for
protect the world as Iron Man.      Emile Hirsh as Speed Racer,                                       the film he didn’t even read
Definitely one for the family,       Christina Ricci as his girl-     IT’S 20 years since Indiana            the script. To prepare
grab that bucket of popcorn         friend Trixie, John Goodman      Jones last donned his                       for his role he
                                    and Susan Sarandon as his        trademark fedora and                             watched the
DID YOU KNOW In the                 parents - and Lost’s Matthew     whip and finally, he’s                            previous three
Marvel comic book series            Fox as Speed’s dreaded rival     back, older and wiser                           Indiana Jones
of Iron Man, the character          with whom he must team up        but still the tough,                           films over and
of Nick Fury is portrayed as        with in order to win the race    kick-ass explorer we all                      over, and gained
African-American, with his          of his life.                     know and love.                                15 pounds of
look and personality tailored         Think of the Star Wars pod     And Ford looks                                         muscle.
after actor Samuel L Jackson,       racing scenes meets Days of      great for his
all carried out with the actor’s    Thunder and Lost in Space        age. In fact
explicit permission. Jackson,       meets Cars kind of thing and     Spielberg

 Savoy Cinema             Parking: Directly     provide a small          Movies@Swords      Parking: In the       Also: Kids’
 Mill Street              across the street     area if you want         Pavillions SC      shopping centre       club Saturday
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 Tel: 690 5377            do sweets and         Also: Your name          Tel: 895 6150      bookings call         mornings with
 Screens: 7               snack trays and       lit up on marquee        Screens: 11        870 3600              special rates

Q: Is there an increase in charges
for public hospitals for 2008?
Answer:                           more hospitals in the course       children up to six weeks            HSE Regional Hospitals
                                  of the year and your stay          old and children suffering        Voluntary and Joint Board
THE charge for attending          in hospital exceeds 10 days        from prescribed long-term         Teaching Hospitals: Pri-
out-patient, emergency or         overall, you should mention        illnesses do not have to pay.     vate- €758; Semi-private-
casualty departments of           this to the last hospital you      In cases of undue hardship,       €594; Day-care- €546; HSE
public hospitals has in-          attend.                            the Health Service Execu-         County Hospitals Voluntary
creased from €60 to €66 for         Everyone is entitled to          tive (HSE) may provide the        Non-Teaching Hospitals:
2008. If you have a medical       public in-patient services         service free of charge.           Private- €506; Semi-Private-
card holder or a referral         regardless of income but              The charges for private        €407; Day-care- €362; HSE
from your doctor you do           subject to the above charg-        and semi-private accom-           District Hospitals: Private-
not have to pay this charge.      es. Medical card holders,          modation in public hospitals      €217; Semi-private- €185;
If you have to return for         women re-                 ceiv-    have also increased by 10%.       Day-care- €161.
further visits in relation to     ing mater-                         The rates for 2008 are,             These charges are in ad-
the same illness or accident,     nity ser-                                                            dition to the public hospital
you do not have to pay the        vices,                                                               statutory in-patient charge
charge again for the subse-                                                                            given above.
quent visits.
                                                                                                              This column is compiled by
  The charge for in-patient                                                                             Skerries Citizens’ Advice Centre,
services in a public ward
has also increased to €66 a
day (subject to a maximum
                                  Know Your Rights                                                         providing free and confidential
                                                                                                        service to the public and answer-
                                                                                                       ing legal and civil rights questions
                                                                                                           for free. Tel: 849 4443. Strand
of €660, or 10 days, in a         with your local citizens’ advice centre                                House Clinic (opp. Pasta Pizza).
year). If you stay in two or                                                                                          LoCall 1890 777 121

Not just for the ‘gray brigade’
IN a first for Skerries Bowling                                                                         the Department of Arts’ Sport
Club, a group of 22 members                                                                            and Tourism.
took flight to Almeria in Spain                                                                           The new facilities now
to play a match against a local                                                                        enables the club to offer both
club in Garrucha.                                                                                      indoor and outdoor bowl-
  The event was arranged by                                                                            ing to all its members, and
two members of the Skerries                                                                            we would like to extend an
club, who were also members                                                                            invitation to any prospective
of the Spanish club, and was a                                                                         players to come to the club
tremendous success.                                                                                    any morning and try a roll-up.
                                                                                                         The game is no longer
GRACIOUS                                                                                               played by just the “grey-
In the match itself, Skerries                                                                          haired” brigade, as most of
were narrowly beaten by La                                                                             the best players of the game
Mata who were most gra-                                                                                are now in their late twenties
cious in their victory, and                                                                            or thirties. So don’t be afraid
entertained the travelers most    house has just been com-           of the club worked extremely      to come along to have a go.
handsomely. This match was        pleted, and a new synthetic        hard to get the project finished     The new league season for
also the first time that the       green has been laid. The           - which was supported by          the club begins for the ladies
Skerries players were able to     Development Sub committee          Fingal County Council and         on April 23rd. and for the
wear the new playing gear,                                                                             men on April 26, so all are
and the consensus was that                                                                             welcome to come and visit the
the new shirts were most                                                                               club which is situated next to
becoming. Skerries Bowling                                                                             Super Valu in Skerries.
club has just undertaken a ma-
jor development this year.                                                                                   OWEN MORRISSEY-
  A new purpose built club-                                                                                     MURPHY, PRO
 HATS OFF                                            Rush Youthreach Graduation

                                                                                  PROUD: Main picture - back row, left to right - are
                                                                                  Lyndsey Farrell, Kayleigh Whelan, Amy Higgins
                                                                                  and Pauline McGrath. Front row - Barbara Dunne,
                                                                                  Leanne McGee and Martina Brennan

FOR the first time ever, the gradua-          5 certificate and one student received              improve their qualifications. Kayleigh
tion ceremony for Rush Youthreach            a full Childcare Level 5 certificate.               Whelan (pictured second left) works
Centre was held in Rush. Normally            These students graduated in full caps              in Fun Times in Balbriggan where
they join up with other programmes           and gowns. Others received FETAC                   she is very happy. Now that she has
and have the graduation elsewhere but        certificates for levels 3 and 4, ECDL               both business and childcare qualifica-
this year it was held here as there were     certficates and Equalskills certficates.             tions she hopes to one day open her
so many graduating. Proud friends              Rush Youthreach is open since 1991               own business. Pauline McGrath (back
and relatives turned out in force to         and caters for early school leavers                right) works for Bright Beginnings and
support the graduating students. Nine        from 16 to 20. Many of the students                will stay in childcare but also hopes to
students received a full Business Level      already have jobs and are working to               work for herself in the future.

 LOCAL TIDE WATCH                                                                                       May forecast
                                            Dublin (North Wall) - May 2008
                                                               GMT (+1:00)

 01 02:07
             3.6m      02 03:02
                                   3.9m        03 03:51
                                                           4.1m          04 04:37
                                                                                     4.3m         05 05:24
                                                                                                            4.3m           06 00:40
 Thu   14:47 1.0m      Fri   15:36 0.7m        Sat   16:20 0.5m          Sun   17:05 0.4m         Mon 17:50 0.3m           Tue   13:03 4.3m
       21:31 3.5m            22:22 3.8m              23:08 4.0m                23:55 4.2m                                        18:34 0.4m

 07 01:25
           0.3m        08 02:09
                                   0.4m        09 02:56
                                                           0.6m          10 03:47
                                                                                     0.8m         11 04:43
                                                                                                              1.0m         12 05:48
 Wed 13:51 4.2m        Thu   14:40 4.0m        Fri   15:33 3.8m          Sat   16:31 3.6m         Sun   17:37 3.4m         Mon 18:48 3.3m
     19:21 0.5m              20:11 0.7m              21:05 1.0m                22:04 1.2m               23:12 1.5m

 13 00:23
             3.5m      14 01:34
                                 3.5m          15 02:35
                                                           3.6m          16 03:25
                                                                                     3.6m         17 04:07
                                                                                                              3.7m         18 04:46
 Tue   13:13 1.2m      Wed 14:15 1.1m          Thu   15:08 1.1m          Fri   15:51 1.0m         Sat   16:30 0.9m         Sun   17:06 0.9m
       19:58 3.3m          20:59 3.4m                21:50 3.5m                22:32 3.6m               23:10 3.7m               23:46 3.8m

 19 05:23
           3.8m        20 00:20
                                   0.9m        21 00:54
                                                         0.9m            22 01:28
                                                                                     0.9m         23 02:01
                                                                                                              1.0m         24 02:37
 Mon 17:40 0.9m        Tue   12:36 3.8m        Wed 13:13 3.7m            Thu   13:49 3.7m         Fri   14:27 3.6m         Sat   15:08 3.5m
                             18:14 0.9m            18:49 1.0m                  19:24 1.1m               20:01 1.2m               20:41 1.3m

 25 03:16
             1.1m      26 03:58
                                 1.2m          27 04:49
                                                           1.2m          28 05:48
                                                                                   1.2m           29 00:17
                                                                                                              3.6m         30 01:19
 Sun   15:52 3.3m      Mon 16:42 3.3m          Tue   17:40 3.2m          Wed 18:44 3.2m           Thu   13:05 1.1m         Fri   14:04 1.0m
       21:24 1.4m          22:14 1.5m                23:12 1.5m                                         19:47 3.4m               20:48 3.5m

                      Caution: High/low water times will vary depending on location. Tides may change in certain weather conditions. Always
 31 02:22
             3.8m     check for updates before you go. The information here is published WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even implied
 Sat   14:58 0.8m     warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Both the author and the publisher as-
       21:44 3.7m     sume no liability for damages arising from use of these predictions. They are not certified to be correct and they do not
                      incorporate the effects of storms, seismic events, continental drift or changes in global sea level

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Don’t look behind
you, whatever you
do - you might
see one of the
most successful
children’s illustra-
tors, right here in
our town. If you
do, say ‘boo’ to
Niamh Sharkey

              OU never know who
              you’re standing next
              to in the supermar-
              ket queue in Skerries
              these days, there’s
so many talented and successful
people living here now.
   Take local mother Niamh Shar-
key, an award-winning illustrator
of children’s picture books. Just
a few short years after graduat-
ing in 1994 she nabbed one of
the most prestigious gongs in the
world of children’s books - the
Mother Goose Award for the
most exciting newcomer for her

                                      Skerries woman’s
first two books The Gigantic
Turnip and Tales of Wisdom and

Wonder. Niamh now writes and
illustrates her own picture books
with Walker Books.

So how did she get from art
student to feted children’s illus-
trator and author in such a short
time? “A lot of hard work.” she
laughs.” After college I would
take my portfolio around to
newspapers and publishers                                                                                      workshops with children. She
and eventually got work doing                                                                                  has visited many of the younger
illustrations for the Times and                                                                                school children in Skerries. She
Irish Independent and lots of                                                                                  will be taking part in the Cin-
different ad firms.                                                                                             ematic Film Festival in Dublin on
   “I also did some book covers                                                                                April 28 and Children’s Book-
for Wolfhound Press and Mer-                                                                                   week in October in Balbriggan
cier Press and some re-jacketing                                                                               and Malahide Libraries. Her
of books. Then I went to Aus-                                                                                                    book ‘I am a Hap-
tralia and while I was there an                                                                                                  py Hugglewug’
English publisher saw one of my                                                                                                 is currently being
book covers in a shop in Dingle                                                                                                 developed into an
and looked me up. As a result I                                                                                                 animation series.
illustrated the ‘Tales of Wisdom                                                                                               Her latest book
and Wonder’ for Barefoot Books                                                                                                 ‘Cinderella’ is out
while I was in Tasmania. It really                                                                                            in September.
took off from there.”                                                                                                            Many of her
   Now Niamh is kept busy by          other world, where anything can      Niamh is busy with                                 books are available
her agent in London as her work       happen!”                             three small children                              in Skerries Book-
is very much in demand.                 Her studio is a converted attic    to look after all under the                       shop. Indeed her
   “A picture book format is a        in her house in Martine Court and    age of six. Luckily she has a lot   books are available in 20 coun-
wonderful form. A child enters        from her drawing table she has a     of help from her husband.           tries in 20 languages. They’re
through the title page into an        wonderful view of the windmills.       Niamh also does readings and      even popular in Japan!
ART ATTACK                                          Local artists framed
WELL BRUSHED                                                                       BEDROOM TALES:
UP: Artists                                                                        Anne O’Shea,
Marie Fallon                                                                       whose evocative
and Roddy                                                                          oil of an unmade
Moynihan                                                                           bed is just visible
                                                                                   behind her

                                            ON a balmy night in April      craned around the stairs to
                                            a large crowd turned up for    see accomplished local art-
YOU’VE BEEN                                 the the launch of the Spring   ists Marie Fallon, Michael
FRAMED:                                     Exhibition at the intimate     Killen, Gavan O’Kelly,
Children’s book                             and ever-friendly Village      Hugh Fitzgerald Ryan,
illustrator Olwyn                           Art Gallery. You could still   Olwyn Whelan and Anne
Whelan by her                               smell the oil paint from       O’Shea’s vibrant, nostalgic
                                            some exhibits as visitors      and evocative works.

                       Collinstown, Skerries, Co. Dublin
                                  843 8225

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         Collection and Delivery Service Available
TREE’S COMPANY                   Putting down roots
                                               HOW DO
                                               YOU LIKE
                                               At the recent
                                               planting of
                                               fruit trees
                                               by Sker-
                                               ries Green
                                               were St Pat-
                                               ricks Juniors
                                               - Aisling
                                               Genevive Ma-
                                               her, Fionán
                                               rick’s Emma
                                               Watts and
                                               St Patricks
                                               Fagan, Tom
                                               Ring, Emma
                                               Dardis; and
                                               Moritz, Fionn
                                               Juvan Moritz,
                                               Maye Potter


                        For help
                       or advice
                       The Plaza,
       Tel: 890 2277
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 MAY PLANNING SUMMARY                                                                                               Skerries
                                                                       internal modifications. Data Protection No
                                                                       F08B/0182 01-Apr-2008 Permission
F08A/0327 18-Mar-2008 Permission and Retention                         Applicant: Philip & Louise Brown Location: 14 The Weir, Kelly’s
Applicant: G & P McMeel Location: 27 & 28 Strand Street,               Bay, Skerries
Skerries                                                               Proposed Development: The development consists of a two storey
Proposed Development: Retention of planning permission and             pitched roof extension to the front/side of the existing house &
planning permission for the following: retention of planning           new rooflight to front of existing roof. Data Protection No
permission for 1/ shop signage for ground floor units and office
signage for first floor unit no. 4. Planning permission for                      F08B/0185
                                                                               F08B/018 03-Apr-2008 Permission
1/ change of use of existing ground floor unit no. 2
with office use to shop use. 2/ extended shop use to
                                                             Who’s                pplicant: Mary Clinton Location: Margaretstown,
front covered forecourt and enclose and relocate          doing what                  Proposed Development: A two storey extension to
existing recessed shop front to front of shop units                                    side of existing single storey cottage along with
at ground floor. 3/ signage for office at first floor       to their houses                all associated site works. Data Protection No
on unit no. 3. At recently completed two storey
building on site facing onto and with access onto
                                                         and property F08B/0187 02-Apr-2008 Permission
South Strand Road, Skerries, to the rear of NR 27         around the      Applicant: Mr John O’Connor Location: 8 Quay
& 28 Strand Street. Data Protection Yes                                  Street, Skerries. Proposed Development: To
                                                             town      construct
                                                                       constr a new two storey extension to the rear and
F08A/0334 18-Mar-2008 Permission                                                        existing render to front elevation to natural stone
                                                                                 change e
Applicant: Ms. Isla Plant Location: Balcunnin, Skerrieses                  cladding. Data Protection No
Proposed Development: A new two storey dwelling of (382sq.m.)
comprising no. 5 bedrooms, kitchen, dining, living and ancillary       F08B/0188 04-Apr-2008 Permission. Applicant: Niamh O’Brien
areas together with a single storey detached garage of (45.4sq.m.),    Location: 21 Sherlock Terrace, Skerries. Proposed Development:
alterations to existing entrance to main road, proprietary waste       Demolition of existing single storey extension to rear of existing
water treatment system, landscaping and all associated site works.     dwelling and construction of a single storey extension to rear of
Data Protection No                                                     existing dwelling. Data Protection No

F08A/0369 26-Mar-2008 Permission
Applicant: Mr & Mrs S. Russell Location: 9 Rush Road                   Decisions
Skerries. Proposed Development: A new detached bungalow, with
associated car parking and site landscaping. Data Protection No        F08A/0117 GRANT PERMISSION Decision Date: 18-Mar-2008
                                                                       Applicant: Antoinette & George Attley Location: 19 Sherlock
F08B/0160 25-Mar-2008 Permission                                            Park, Skerries, Co Dublin
Applicant: Peter Burns Location: 37 Kellys Bay Pier,                            Proposed Development: To create new driveway entrance
Skerries. Proposed Development: Construction of new two                           for 2 no. on site parking spaces, modify fenestration
storey extension to side of existing dwelling, and conver-                         and door location on front elevation, replace flat roof
sion of existing attic to storage area to include                                   on side of dwelling with pitched roof, remove existing
velux rooflights torear and associated site works.                                   chimneys and construct a single storey extension to
Data Protection No                                                                  rear.

F07B/0552 01-Apr-2008 Permission                                                       F08B/0028 GRANT PERMISSION Decision
Additional Information                                                                 Date: 18-Mar-2008
Applicant: Michael and Clodagh Ryan Lo-                                                Applicant: Karen & Tony Ferguson Location: 49
cation: 6 Holmpatrick Terrace, Skerries                                                 Kellys Bay Drive, Skerries, Co Dublin
Proposed Development: Refurbishment and                                                  Proposed Development: 2 storey extension to
extension, a protected structure, involving                                                 side of existing dwelling and single storey
rear extension of 20m² to lower ground                                                       extension to rear of existing dwelling.
floor, glazed rear extension of 20m² to
upper ground floor, with 12m² rear bal-                                                   F08A/0071 REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFOR-
cony adjacent (on location of original                                                  MATION Decision Date: 18-Mar-2008
rear balcony), and alterations to                                                      Applicant: Roughan Properties Ltd Location:
interior layout involving relo-                                                       O’Sheas Bar, Now Called Finnegans, 15-17 New
cated bathroom in lower ground                                                        Street, Skerries, Co Dublin
floor and new kitchen to upper                                                         Proposed Development: This is an architectural
ground floor with connecting door                                                       conservation are (This application applies to no
to dining room. Data Protection No                                                      15 only). The development will consist of: the
                                                                                         change of use from pub to retail at no. 15 New
F08A/0403 02-Apr-2008 Permission                                                         Street to allow for no. 3 new separate shop units.
Applicant: T & N Callen Location: 3 College Court, Strand                                Shop A (area 38.12 sq.m.), Shop B (area 40.38
Street, Skerries. Proposed Development: Change of use from                               sq.m.), Shop C (area 28.61 sq.m.), and alteration
residential to commercial (all floors to dental surgery) with                                                                TO PAGE 49
 MAY PLANNING SUMMARY                                                                                               Skerries
FROM PAGE 47                                                            primary entrance to the estate; minor changes to the alignment of
to existing doorway to incorporate into new facade whilst retain-       the existing permitted internal access road from the Balcunnin to
ing ground floor fire escape to the pub. The construction of a new        Blackhills Road; modification of the car park layout adjoining the
first floor at no. 15 over the proposed retail shops with new double      hotel to provide for 506 no. car parking and 6 no. coach parking
pitched slate roof to allow for no. 2 new 2 bedroom apartments Apt      spaces in lieu of the 617 no. car parking spaces and 6 no. coach
1 (area 75 sq.m.), apt 2 (area 74 sq.m.), and modification to the        parking spaces permitted; the relocation of the existing permitted
side elevation to allow for no 2 hardwood windows with balconies        maintenance area to a new site along the eastern boundary; minor
which are set back (area 9.34 sq.m.) over the proposed shop fronts      modifications to the siting of permitted houses to facilitate new
on ground floor. Removal of the existing three side windows              roads layout; modification to the form of the new lakes located to
and existing door to side elevation to allow for two newew                       the east of the hotel; the provision of a reservoir of 750
shop fronts to the side lane each comprising central         Who’s                          m
                                                                                     cubic metres located at the north east boundary of the
                                                                                       site; and the relocation of the club house within
door with two adjacent hardwood windows with
curved detail with new shop sign above and new            doing what                     Mi
                                                                                         Milverton Demesne to a new position 80 metres
                                                                                          north-east of its permitted location and the reloca-
door incorporated in the centre of the shop front       to their houses                   tio
                                                                                          tion of the practice range to a new position within
to allow for new access stairs to the new proposed
apartments on the first floor. The alterations to          and property                     th
                                                                                          the estate.
the double doors and two single windows of the
front facade of New Street to allow for new shop          around the      F0
                                                                          F07B/0447 GRANT PERMISSION Decision
                                                                         Date: 1-Apr-2008 Applicant: Mr & Mrs B Keogh
entrance comprising central door with two adjacent
hardwood windows with curved detail with new shop
                                                             town       Locat
                                                                        Location: 4 Holmpatrick Terrace, Skerries. Proposed
sign above and two new hardwood windows to the pro-     o-                        Developm
                                                                                  Development: Development on this site at 4 Holmpatrick
posed apartments on new first floor to New Street. The removal                Terrace prote
                                                                            Terrace, a protected structure. The development will consist of
of the timber gate to the lane to allow for access to shops and new     demolition of a two storey structure to rear consisting of a kitchen,
lighting to lane.                                                       store and bathroom and for the construction of a two storey exten-
                                                                        sion over basement to rear consisting of a store/utility room in
F08B/0054 GRANT PERMISSION FOR RETENTION Decision                       basement, a two bedroom extension on ground floor and a first
Date: 26-Mar-2008 Applicant: Linda McGirl Location: Skerries            floor extension consisting of a new sunroom, balcony and internal
Road, Ballykea, Loughshinny, Skerries, Co Dublin                        alterations. The works will also involve the complete restoration
Proposed Development: Retention of single story extension to rear       of the Victorian fenestration fascade to front and restoration of
of single storey bungalow at above.                                     internal works in order to restore the house for family accommoda-
F07A/0919 GRANT PERMISSION Decision Date: 31-Mar-2008
Applicant: Tamorbrick Ltd. Location: Milverton Demesne And              F08B/0073 GRANT PERMISSION Decision Date: 03-Apr-2008
Home Farm, Skerries, Co. Dublin.                                        Applicant: Mr & Mrs C Birney Location: 15 The Promenade,
Proposed Development: Modifications to the previously approved           Kellys Bay, Skerries, Co Dublin
development of an integrated tourism/recreational facility on a site    Proposed Development: Demolition of existing single storey
measuring 177.05 hectares (437.5 acres) at Milverton Demesne            kitchen at rear and for a two storey part single storey extension to
and Home Farm, Skerries within the townlands of Grange (Hol-            rear consisting of a kitchen/dining room extension on the ground
mpatrick), Balcunnin, Ardla, Milverton Demesne and Killalane            floor and for an extension to an existing bedroom to first floor with
(Planning Register Refs: F04A/1477, F05A/1108 and F06A/1427).           internal alterations all to rear of existing house.
Milverton Demesne and Home Farm include a number of pro-
tected structures (Record of Protected Structures nos. 234 to 242       F08A/0369 INVALID PLANNING APPLICATION Decision
inclusive of the Fingal County Development Plan 2005-2011).             Date: 02-Apr-2008. Applicant: Mr & Mrs S. Russell Location: 9
The modifications will provide for a revised internal roads layout       Rush Road, Skerries, Co. Dublin .
within Milverton Demesne to include modification of the exist-           Proposed Development: A new detached bungalow, with associ-
ing East Avenue to provide a two lane boulevard to be used as the       ated car parking and site landscaping.

 SHUTTERBUG                           Skerries News camera

What a
There was much rummaging in
sheds and attics as St Patrick’s
school children prepared for
their historic artefacts week . . .

                                      ST Patrick’s Junior School’s
                                      recently held an ‘Artefacts
                                      Week’ in which kids brought
                                      in old irons, kettles, bellows,
                                      bed warmers, washboards,
                                      spinning wheels, photographs
                                      - even a porcelain chamber-
 2                                    pot - in order to enhance their
                                      learning experience in history.
                                      A huge effort was made to         5
                                      retrieve precious items from
                                      attics and the dark recesses of
                                      garden shed. Pictured: 1 Mark
                                      Drumm, Oran Creagh, Abbie
                                      Beggs, 2 Sam Lowndes, Ali
                                      Toft, Lochlainn Joyce, 3 Luke
                                      Kavanagh, Sarah Coleman,
                                      Caroline Lynehan, Michael
                                      Coady, 4 Anyone for tennis?;
                                      5 Adam O’Rourke, 6 Peter
 1                                    Lacey, Fionn O’Leary, Luke
                                      McAvinue,Priyanke Shivanee
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