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					Jeremy Hahn                                                                                     (754) 368-4282
751 Fellsway West                                                              
Medford, MA 02155                                                     

Systems and Software architect with advanced skills in design and implementation of network infrastructure,
Linux/Microsoft systems, and software engineering.

Contribute towards innovative and successful solutions around enterprise IT challenges.

Professional Skills

Windows (3.1 - 2008)                                Mac OS
Linux (Debian & Red Hat based distros)              Novell 6

Active Directory                                Exchange Server (5.5, 2000, 2003)
MSSQL (2000, 2005, 2008)                        Windows Software Update Services (WSUS)
Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 (MOM)         Systems Management Server 2003 (SMS)
Internet Information Services (IIS)             Internet Authentication Services (IAS)
Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service      Distributed File System (DFS)
(RADIUS)                                        System Center Suite (SCOM, etc)
Windows Network Load Balancing (WNLB)           Citrix Metaframe 3.0
Omniback, Veritas Backup Exec, Amanda, more     Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES)
ADP Payroll Software                            OpenLDAP
Postfix, XMail                                  MySQL (4, 5), SQLite
Linux Virtual Server (LVS)                      Iptables
JBoss (4,5,6), Glassfish (2,3), Tomcat (5,6,7), Apache (1.x, 2.x), Nginx
OpenEJBFlash Media Server 3.x
ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, AMQP                        Flash Media Server 3.x
NoSQL (Cassandra, MongoDB, more)                Lots more....

HTML                                                XHTML
CSS (1,2,3)                                         Java (SE & EE)
ASP, ASP.NET                                        SQL, T-SQL
VBScript, VB 6.0, VB.NET                            C, C++, C#
ADSI, WMI, WQL                                      Lasso (6,7,8)
PHP (3,4,5)                                         JavaScript
Python (2,3)                                        SOAP
XML                                                 XSLT
JSON, AJAX                                          Object Relational Mappers
Frameworks                                          Enterprise Java Beans 3 (EJB3)
Remoting Technologies                               Adobe Air / ActionScript 3

VMware                                              Microsoft Virtual Server/Hyper-V
Xen                                                 Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM)

Routers (Cisco, Vyatta, SOHO)                       Switches (L2 & L3)
Cabling                                             WAN/LAN/VLAN
Firewalls                                           VPN
VoIP (asterisk)
Intrusion Detection System (IDS)                        Cryptography (PKI, custom, etc)
Sarbanes-Oxley                                          VISA PCI

HP                                                      Dell
SuperMicro                                              Ironport AntiSpam Appliance
KVM / KVM over IP                                       Printers

Best Practices
Object Oriented Programming                             Aspect Oriented Programming
Design Patterns                                         Full development life cycle awareness
Universal Modeling Language

Transformational Leadership                             Communication
Project Management                                      Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

Technical Writing
Standard Operating Procedures                           Proposals
Technical Documentation                                 Requirements

Open Source Contributions
OpenAppstore – Java EE application store (Platform as a Service backend)
AgilePHP – PHP 5 RAD Framework
Jbillingphpapi – PHP 5 / Java EE integration for the Open Source jbilling solution.
AutoPosixIds – OpenLDAP overlay written in C, that handles creating Posix uid/gid attributes.
Jhosting – Manage Enterprise Hosting Infrastructure (currently being ported to Java EE from PHP 5)

    Comptia A+
    Microsoft 70-215 Windows Server
    Microsoft 70-217 Active Directory
    Microsoft 70-220 Security
    Cisco 640-802 CCNA
    Currently Studying for Certified Ethical Hacker (315-50)


Johnny Boursiquot
CTO, Partner @ Maark, LLC

Todd Kelsey
Founder, CFTW (Communication for the World)

Ruth Barra
Manager, Corporate Infrastructure @ Affinity Internet

Employment History
Make A Byte                                                                             9/2007 - Present
Solutions architect: Design, implement, and support systems, networking, and software solutions for Linux and
Windows, capacity and disaster recovery planning, and ongoing business continuity / infrastructure support.
Manage client relationships. Business development.
       Current project: FirstGiving – Platform Architect (Contractor)
       Created:
         "jHosting" - open source enterprise web hosting and SaaS solution provider framework (ported to
           Java EE from PHP 5).
         “Hosted Infrastructure” platform targets small to medium sized companies with high security and high
           availability requirements with their corporate infrastructure. (laywers, doctors, and financial
           institutions). Sits on ESX “cloud”; flexible/highly available resource allocation and configuration.
         “AgilePHP” - rapid application development framework for PHP which consists of a Model-View-
           Control component based framework, libraries, and GUI integration w/ Eclipse & Netbeans IDEs.
       Designed and implemented:
         HA WAN network infrastructure (w/ VPN) using Cisco and Vyatta routers.
         HA disk subsystem using DRBD to create an active/passive cluster.
         LAN load balancing solution using open source Linux Virtual Servers (LVS).
         Linux and Windows hosting platforms. (shared and dedicated)
         ITIL founded processes and procedures to mitigate disasters, manage incidents/problems, and
           create/apply preventative maintenance policies to keep the issue from happening again.
       Developed several API wrappers to integrate with 3rd party remote API services using PHP    5:
         Enom – Domain registrar and SSL certificate reseller integration.
         Comodo – SSL certificate reseller integration.
         QuickBooks Merchant Services (QBMS) – Ecommerce gateway.
         QuickBooks Online Edition (QBOE) – Full QuickBooks online integration.
       Led various courses: PHP5, Java SE & EE training courses.

PEER 1 Hosting                                                                          8/2009 – 10/2009
Product Engineer

General Duties
    Used AgilePHP to create a web control panel for new Content Distribution Network (CDN) offering.
       Featured content management, REST web service API, auditing, and reporting.
    Created a Python migration tool for system administrators to run, that would migrate DNS zones and
       records from a legacy system to a new DNS system.
    Worked within a virtual ESX server environment to perform development activities. Assisted with ESX
       server networking (cisco routing, virtual switch vlan tagging, etc) and virtual machine provisioning.

Hostway Corporation (formerly Affinity Internet)                                              2005 - 2008
Corporate Infrastructure Systems Administrator

General Duties
    Capacity planning, report generation and presentation for management.
    Designed "global Active Directory", a backend for all corporate assets, which integrated all global offices
       across several countries and continents. Led the migration of several offices from existing infrastructure
       to new domain.
    Conducted regular security audits of the network, systems, and application architecture, as well as
       perform reviews of current policies.
    Mentored other administrators in administration and scripting.
    Analyzed/audited security and vulnerabilities, and/or identified areas out of alignment with VISA CISP
       compliance. Developed and implemented solutions to maintain VISA CISP compliance integrity.
    Worked closely with Information Security team to secure desktops, servers, and network devices.
       Conducted quarterly reviews of security policies and participated in on-going efforts to identify new
       potential vulnerabilities which may have recently cropped up or gone unidentified in earlier audits.
    Global support for corporate desktops and Xerox printers (~1600 desktops & ~150 printers).
    Maintained Active Directory infrastructure across many geographically dispersed locations with ~1500
       users, 200 servers and 1600 desktops/laptops.
      Integrated MAC, Linux, and Windows systems into corporate AD infrastructure.
      Created policies, procedures, SOP’s, project planning, proposal write-ups, technical documentation, post
       mortems, and reports for both staff and management.
      Maintained corporate software applications such as ADP Payroll software, rightfax, Talisma CRM,
       proprietary CMS application used to manage client relations, customer accounts, provision services,
       manage support incidents, etc..
      Developed intranet apps, system/task automation scripts and administrative tools in both desktop and
       web environments.
      Represented Information Technology team during architecture/engineering projects which involve
       interfacing with other business units within the organization.

Hostway/Affinity Project examples:
    Prepared major file server upgrade / migration from MS based file server to linux based OpenFiler
       NAS/SAN solution. Created project plan for management which outlined project pre-work, milestones,
       and completion date.
    Assisted in physical migration of over 5000 servers between data centers
    Developed Web-based application to integrate ADP payroll eHR service w/active directory management
       to centralize/simplify process; utilized javascript, PHP, Java (JSON RPC based).
    Implemented network policy and AUP’s for end users.
    Developed software and/or scripts to automate IT, provide IT with tools, automate complex software
       configurations upon fresh software installs from SMS, custom MOM monitor and response scripts, etc.
    Designed and implemented network load balanced corporate application server cluster, Citrix Metaframe
       3.0 cluster, Exchange HA cluster, SMS platform, MOM platform, IIS web server cluster w/ Linux LVS
       front-end, Ironport anti-spam cluster.
    Lead VBScript grass roots training meetings once a week.

OmniPilot Software                                                                         2004 – 2005
Software Developer / Tech Support Manager
      Developed Quickweb Pro solution (CRM and CMS w/ integrated marketing).
      Document classes / objects using UML and depict logical operation of components using flowcharts.
      Created project plans to deliver on commitments to forecasted milestones, mentor technical support staff,
       invent new strategies to empower the team and improve productivity, efficiency, and operation of the
      Supported the Lasso programming language and community.

Aletek Solutions                                                                           2001 - 2004
Network Administrator / Developer
     Dispatched to field calls of customers which ranged from small 5 person organizations to enterprise level
       companies upwards of 5,000 – 10,000 users.
     Deployed, configured, and supported HP, Dell, Supermicro, and other various vendors including “home-
       grown” desktops and servers.
     Supported:
        small to medium sized business Active Directory corporate infrastructures, including SQL, Exchange,
            IIS, DNS, DFS, and more.
        customer network infrastructure gear such as Cisco, Cayman, D-Link, Linksys, and more.
        Aletek shared hosting environment consisting of .NET and LAMP platforms.
        Large Xerox style printers which utilize Novell IPX print servers.
     Performed migrations, upgrades, and consulting within Microsoft (NT, 2000 Pro/Server, 2003, XP) and
       Linux (Debian, Red Hat) environments.
     Architected, engineered, developed and deployed new solutions.
     Developed a web hosting control panel software in PHP which included automation and configuration
       ability in a graphical environment for linux services such as Apache, MySQL, BIND DNS server, VSFTPD,
       and XMail. Application provided advanced solutions to complex network issues such as port 25 mail
       server deflections and dynamic DNS. Dynamic DNS clients developed in VB6 for windows users and
       Java for linux and MAC users.

Contract Portfolio 2002-Present
FirstGiving (Platform Architect)                                                            10/20 - Present
     Technical leadership and decision making. Led 6 person team through development and ops focused
     PHP subject matter expert; Responsible for suite of PHP API's used for donation processing, charity
        lookups (based on IRS master file), analytics, and various internal support tooling, as well as the
        underlying AWS hosted infrastructure (managed via RightScale).
     Oversee ongoing enhancements and bugfixes to C# .NET web application.
     Decouple core product from proprietary accounting software using Microsoft Sync Framework to
        syncronize data between databases (SQL server and MongoDB).
     Designed and documented version 2 of the core product stack which included AppFabric/WCF/C# 4 on
        top of MongoDB. Supported REST, SOAP, and MSMQ transports.
     Responsible for API integrations between PHP and .NET web applications (SOAP, REST, and MSMQ),
        as well as partners and 3rd party consumers.
     Support clustered SQL Server and MySQL databases.
     Support Windows 2003, 2008 and Linux environments in local, colocation, and virtual environments.
        Virtual environments include private VMware (ESX 5) and public AWS EC2 instances (deployed and
        managed by RightScale service).
     Presented hosting consolidation proposal which demonstrated 50% ($100,000) per year cost savings.
        Designed, implemented and documented hosting migration plan.
     Responsible for internal Avaya VoIP phone systems including server, phones, and dedicated T1
     Work with all departments to ensure PCI DSS compliance.
     Manage corporate and colocation network ; Cisco, Juniper, Vyatta, 3Com, Dell.
     Design policies and procedures.
     Document software, networks, and systems.
     Assist in pre-acquision technical due diligence meetings.

Maark, LLC (Senior Software Engineer)                                                 08/2010 – 10/2011
    Design and implement custom B2B solutions for various clients such as Yankee Group, Marriott, and
       Alcatel-Lucent in PHP, Java EE, Python and .NET.
    Design and implement databases including stored procedures, triggers, and ERD diagrams using
       MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.
    Work with creative team to integrate aesthetically pleasing user interface / user experience with back-end
       business loigic.
    Presented hosting consolidation/migration proposal to company stakeholders which demonstrated 30%
       ($30,000) per year cost savings which led to:
       I. Designed, documented, implemented and supported production hosting platform on a private cloud
            using VMWare ESX 4.1. Virtual images stored on enterprise NetApp filer to facilitate vmotion /
            disaster recovery options.
       II. Designed, documented, implemented, and supported physical and logical hosting networks as well as
            VPN connectivity between Maark Boston office and data center.
       III. Designed, documented, implemented, and supported backup and monitoring solution for both internal
            corporate infrastructure as well as production hosting platform.

Blackfin Media                                                                    2/2010 - 3/2010
    Perform updates and feature enhancements to existing PHP 4 and PHP 5 websites.
    Websites included content management systems, mailing lists, e-commerce, and more.

Communication for the World                                                            12/2009 – 1/2010
    Developed “Life Story Suitcase” - a cross-functional suite of social media applications connected to
     Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and other networks via public API’s.
    Utilized ExtJS user interface libraries and AgilePHP (a framework I created for modularity and rapid
     application development).
    Allow secure file system based storage of social networking media on per-user basis.
    Pluggable/modular design which allows additional social networking platforms to be added in the future.
       Provide technology leadership and consulting in regards to other confidential projects happening

Right Choice Technology (Partner)                                                    10/2009 – 12/2009
    Create custom PHP content managed websites as well as aesthetically pleasing front-ends using jQuery
       and ExtJS.
    Create and manage client web hosting accounts using Plesk control panel.
    Designed, implemented, and supported Microsoft Windows systems, Cisco and Vyatta network routers
       and switches (layer 2 and 3). Implement secure wireless networking using isolated VLAN segments.
    Design secure off-site backup solution for small and medium sized business es.
    Provide technology leadership around systems, networking, development and hosting.

Aldous Law Firm                                                                         6/2009 – 9/2009
    Lead 2 person team through a successful migration from physical Dell servers involving 2 Active Directory
       domain controllers, a single Exchange 2003 server, and a BlackBerry Enterprise Server to virtual
       machines running in VMware ESXi server.
    Replaced SOHO Linksys router with Vyatta VC 5.
    Replaced SOHO Netgear switch with a layer 3 cisco switch and configured 4 different VLANS to enhance
       security. Moved WIFI access point to its own isolated VLAN to protect corporate assets.
    Installed new rack with 2 new physical servers running VMWare ESX server.
    Removed all prior external access through remote desktop and, and satisfied remote access
       requirements using a secure OpenVPN solution.
    Re-ip all workstations, servers, printers, and other network appliances (Barracuda, etc)

Enterprise jBilling Software Ltd                                                           6/2007 – 9/2009
    Created Java EE payment processing plug-ins.
    Created and maintained PHP 5 library which uses SOAP and Hessian protocols to enable full integration
       with jbilling from PHP applications.
    Assisted with troubleshooting, configuring and supporting jbilling installations in client environments.
    Assisted with bug fixes, documentation, and code maintenance.
    Consulted with clients on integration projects involving PHP and Java EE. This included identifying
       installation, configuration, and code issues and providing solutions that work.
    Assisted in configuring jbilling instances on MySQL, Postgres, and Oracle databases.

HelloStartup (Contractor)                                                               5/2009 – 6/2009
     Created linux based hosting platform consisting of a two node web cluster running JBoss AS, behind a
       pair of LVS servers and a two node file system cluster (active/passive) using DRBD.
     Created web application using JavaEE technologies (ICEfaces 1.8.1 and JBoss Seam 2.1).
     Provide consulting and guidance in all areas of information technology.
     Created client content management enabled websites using PHP 5, which features mailing lists, e-
       commerce, inventory tracking and reseller API’s using SOAP.

Customer Development Solutions (Chief Information Officer)                         11/2008 – 1/31/2009
    Designed, deployed and supported Active Directory infrastructures, 3 party mail systems, vmware

      servers (vmware server 2), openvpn and network infrastructure gear (routing, switching, firewalls, cabling
      and provider relationships).
    Administered, automated, and supported client Netsuite accounts, including content management,
      inventory, marketing campaigns, financial reporting, and automation of daily/monthly flash reports using a
      custom built Java EE web service.
    Monitored, documented, and supported internal and external facing servers.

Navisite (Systems Engineer)                                                          9/2008 – 11/2008
        Responsible for architecture and engineering of a new Windows Server 2003 & 2008 platform using the
        latest SuperMicro SuperBlade technology. Also supported internal HP (DL160/DL360/etc) servers used to
        administer and deploy customer blades.
    Responsible for developing new processes and procedures to empower the creation of the platform as
        well as support the platform after launch.
       Installed, configured, supported: Plesk control panel, BladeLogic clients, and network gear such as RSA
        security appliances, Cisco switches and PIX firewalls, SuperMicro blade switches, etc.
       Assisted in solutions engineering process for customer builds, capacity planning, monitoring, and patch
        management automation.
       Install, automate, configure, and support Plesk hosting control panel installations, including SQL server

Tata Consulting Services / BB&T (Enterprise Management Systems Engineer)                1/2008 – 3/2008
     Enterprise Systems Management; created migration plan for 30,000+ servers from Microsoft Operations
       Manager 2005 to Systems Center Operations Manager 2007. (Dell Poweredge and HP servers)
     Created project plan including prep work, milestones, testing, and project completion date.
     Created custom rules and computer groups, VBScript custom monitor/response triggers, build custom
       WMI providers, etc.
     Designed custom HIDS and Sarbanes-Oxley management packs to monitor internal and external facing
       systems per compliance regulations.

BTIA Inc. (                                                           4/2007 –6/2007
    Integration with XML feeds.
    Integrate partner applications with core framework and content management system,
       including videos, photos, and venues.
    Integration with

Hot Poker Nights                                                                           4/2007 –6/2007
    Created content managed website using PHP 5 for “pub poker” small business that allowed players to
       register online for events complete with administrative backend that allowed staff to keep track of player
       scores (and show top 25 players on home page) manage users, print rosters for events, store documents
       (waivers, etc), mange content on the website.
    Created a second e-commerce website in flash and PHP that allowed them to sell custom made power

Devel Labs (Partner)                                                                    1/2007 – 10/2007
    Designed and implemented “SuiteTalk” application in PHP 5 which controlled A/C thermostats from a web
    Utilized ModBus protocol and PHP to send hex commands via TCP/IP wireless enabled devices to turn
       relays on/off.
    Create front-end user interface which was customizable based on client floor plans that showed each
       hotel room, the thermostats in each, and the current readings, controls, and indicators. The client was
       able to control each thermostat from this front-end.
    Provide technical leadership around systems, software, and networking strategies which were consistent
       with a successful launch.

XpertDNS                                                                                   5/2007
    Create multi-threaded Java SE dynamic DNS update client featuring Java Swing GUI and/or command
      line daemon to run as a service on *nix style operating systems.
    Created server side PHP 5 rest style API to accept DNS update commands from the Java DDNS client or
      any other HTTP enabled client.

Advanced Website Designs                                                                      2002 – 2010
       Develop websites which range from simple HTML to complex data driven websites using both open
        source and Microsoft technologies (ASP, ASP.NET, C#, PHP, Java, JavaScript, XML, XSLT).
       Developed GUI applications which integrate with website functionality using custom built API’s.
       Work with customers to develop an adequate look and ensure desired functionality meets expectations.
       Manage client relationships and small teams of developers (offshore) to drive projects to completion.
       Support and maintain shared hosting reseller account used to host client websites/web applications (.NET
        and LAMP).

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