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This document should be used by the Board of Directors when
changing the size of the Board.

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edited to fit your purposes.

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                      BOARD OF DIRECTORS' RESOLUTION
                          CHANGING BOARD SIZE

After a motion that was duly made and seconded, the Board of Directors of [COMPANY
NAME] Corporation adopted the following resolution:

WHEREAS, the Bylaws of [COMPANY NAME] Inc., authorize the Board of Directors
to change the number of directors constituting the Board of Directors, it is therefore

       RESOLVED, that Section [N] Article [N] of the Bylaws of [COMPANY NAME]
       Inc., shall be amended to read as follows:

       Section [N]: The number of directors constituting the entire Board of Directors of
       the Corporation shall be [NUMBER].
The undersigned, [N], certifies that I am the duly appointed Secretary of [COMPANY
NAME] Corporation, and that the above is a true and correct copy of a resolution duly
adopted at a meeting of the Board of Directors thereof, convened and held in accordance
with law and the Bylaws of said Corporation on the [DATE], and that such resolution is
now in full force and effect.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, I have affixed my name as Secretary of [COMPANY NAME]

Dated: [DATE]


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