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					Julius Caesar assignments
Julius Caesar Theme Park

Shakespeare has hit the big time. His estate is allowing you, the theme park developer, to create a
theme park based on one of his most famous plays, Julius Caesar. The Romeo and Juliet theme park has
been such a success, it only seems natural to now open a second theme park based on a different play.

As the developer, you must make important decisions regarding the attractions, cost, requirements, and
many other items. You are also in charge of promoting this theme park.

Your job as the developer will come in steps. First, you need to decide the following:

1. What is the name of the theme park? (5 points)

2. What main attractions will you have? A good theme park would have 5 major attractions to
advertise. (40 points)

3. Where is the theme park located? (5 points)

4. What is the cost of admission? (5 points)

5. What restaraunts and other amenities are available? (5 points)

6. You may choose to add other information at your discretion. After all, you are the developer!

Next, you must design a brochure for your theme park. The brochure must be neatly designed and it
must relay all information outlined avove. (40 points)

Campaign Speech

      Brutus now would like very much to be the leader in Rome, but as we have heard from Antony’s speech he,
too, would like to lead Rome.

       Your assignment is to write a campaign speech for one of these two men. Your campaign speech should be
at least 150 words in length, typed, double-spaced.


      If Caesar had listened to the fortune-teller, interpreted his wife’s dreams correctly, and possibly read his
horoscope, maybe he would have lived. However, he did not. You are to choose one character who is still living
and write that character’s horoscope.
Song Lyric

      Choose one character from Julius Caesar and select a theme song for this person. Submit your lyrics and
your 50 word explanation.

Personal Essay
Use the Internet to research and examine the ideas of stoicism, Brutus' personal philosophy. In an
essay, describe this philosophy and answer the following questions. Do you believe good will always
come to people who follow virtue? Why, or why not? Do you believe it is always best to put emotions
aside in order to complete a task or follow a goal? Have you ever done this? If yes, explain. Back up
your idea with concrete examples from your own life. Essay must be typed, double-spaced, and at least
1 page.

Board Game
Develop a board game based on Julius Caesar. Include all game pieces and directions. The game should
be enjoyable and educational. You must demonstrate to the class how the game works.

The Globe Theater

Draw a detailed blueprint of the Globe. Base the blueprint on research. Label the various parts of the
theater on the blueprint. Include the name of the source(s) that you used on a separate Works Cited

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