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BSA 375 Week _2 Individual Assignment_Analyze HR System – Part 1_


									                     Service Request SR-rm-004 - Analyze HR System   1

Service Request SR-rm-004 - Analyze HR System – Part 1

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    Fundamentals of Business Systems Development

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                                             Service Request SR-rm-004 - Analyze HR System           2

       The Human Resource Management department is arguably the most fundamental when it

comes to the proper running of any organization, whether public or private. Riordan

Manufacturing Inc. is essentially not an exception in this. With the current advancements in

technology, the corporate world has maintained a lead in innovation as well as adaptability to

change. Corporations are setting new standards by the day in a variety of fields, from

manufacturing to customer care. A company’s human capital is its most valuable asset. In light

of this fact, Riordan Manufacturing has undertaken to incorporate an automatic human resource

management (monitoring, evaluation and control) technique based on the Human Resource

Information System platform. The aim is to solely enhance the efficiency of employees in all

their undertakings, more specifically in their bid to satisfy clients.

       The personnel bases covered by this system are extensive, ranging from high-level

employees to the rank-and-file workers. Every arm of the organization is of vital importance

since they all operate interdependently within the same organizational framework. The

functioning of one part of the organization depends exclusively on the progress of another. It is

therefore important to ensure that the entire organizational structure is configured in such a way

that it allows for harmony within all units. This is in the process of realizing the overall objective

of increasing stakeholders’ wealth. It is imperative to mention that a company’s employees are

the most significant stakeholders and should therefore be put on the fore front when it comes to

efficiency development projects (Boroughs, Hunter, & Palmer, 2008).

       An automated system of Human Resource Management involves the use of online

catalogs to gather, classify and analyze information from target audiences, who are in this case

the employees of Riordan Manufacturing. Human Resource Information Systems can be

referred to as online tools for managing an organization’s staff. The managerial duties
                                           Service Request SR-rm-004 - Analyze HR System            3

encompassed within these IT structures include payroll administration and accounting

operations. For such a dynamic and matrix establishment as Riordan Manufacturing, the most

suitable HRIS package is one that consolidates its functions into simple but efficient divisions

that cater to specific organizational needs. Therefore, an overhaul of the existing human resource

management system within Riordan Manufacturing would result in a more efficient general and

executive work-force. The proposed automatic system of human resource management would

also serve to manage employee information regarding job-specific obligations and procedures

within Riordan. This system will also assist top-level management in guaranteeing the safety of

their workers by allowing for fast and efficacious networking platforms between various

departments through which they may exchange information.

       The actual data collecting tools and methodologies to use during the implementation of

this project depend entirely on the intended purpose of the restructuring. The same goes for the

data analysis method. In order to establish the efficiency of a system or structure of operation,

there is need to involve every concerned party. Questionnaires and surveys would therefore

prove to be integral parts of this particular monitoring, evaluation and control assignment. This is

fundamentally the case since through no other means can a researcher establish the effectiveness

of any enterprise, other than by using human-oriented approaches (Thite & Kavanagh, 2008).

Whenever data is collected for the purpose of analysis in any research undertaking, a feasibility

test is of paramount importance so as to ensure accuracy, timeliness and relevance in the

information gathered (Boroughs, Hunter, & Palmer, 2008).

       The most appropriate tool for determining the viability and correctitude of Riordan’s

current human resource management system in this project is the Service Request Management

model. This is primarily because the main aim is to determine the efficiency of the human
                                           Service Request SR-rm-004 - Analyze HR System            4

resource system that has been in use within the organization. In other words, using this method

will enable the company to ascertain whether its internal feedback mechanism is above par or

requires a deep-seated overhaul. A feasible project is one that can produce desired results within

a specified time-frame given certain financial and logistical constraints. Shifting from cumbrous

management tools and techniques to automated systems is a move in the right direction given the

aforementioned technological changes within the corporate arena. Since Riordan has provided a

six-month window, the project may effectively be completed and implemented by the second

quarter of next year.

       Human Resource Management also falls under the weight of the heightened

advancements in IT, which enable interconnectivity among various employees within a given

organization. The growing demand for swift networking platforms within organizations has

created a dire need for effective human resource monitoring and evaluation systems. This

follows the increasingly complex requirements among employees in their quest for a more

convenient and well-organized workplace. The foregoing concerns make it a priority to establish

human resource management systems that are above board (Thite & Kavanagh, 2008). Employee

satisfaction is at the heart of the Riordan Manufacturing human resource management system.

This is in view of the fact that employee productivity is directly proportional to employee

satisfaction. The more employees feel at ease in their place of work, the lower the rates of

employee turnover within that particular organization.

       The Riordan Manufacturing Human Resource Management platform caters to the

immediate needs of employees, bearing in mind that the entire process of navigating through its

intricate structure may prove to be too burdensome for the workers. In order to enhance the

overall efficiency of the system, proposals to make the system’s user interface less complex have
                                           Service Request SR-rm-004 - Analyze HR System             5

been considered. It serves workers better when the human resource management platform does

not require prior knowledge of IT or computer programming details to operate. Such a user-

friendly interface not only serves the employee, who is essentially the end user, but also enables

IT specialists to generate more accurate feedback for top-level managers regarding employee

direction (Boroughs, Hunter, & Palmer, 2008).

       The current reforms and evolution within the area of business information systems has

provided corporations with major challenges in harmonizing employee interaction. This

interaction extends across relationships between top management and general employees, as well

as the relationship between employees and clients (Thite & Kavanagh, 2008). Automatic

personnel management systems usually cater to the needs of employees while interacting with

business information platforms in such a vibrant organizational setting as that found at Riordan

Manufacturing Inc. There is a need to institute the proposed measures of installing a computer-

based personnel management framework at Riordan Manufacturing. The feasibility of this

project is evident in its efficiency of resource use. As the user interface of the human resource

management system becomes friendlier to the employees, more information relating to

employees’ personal details and work schedules will be handled within the shortest time

possible. It becomes easier for employees to send their queries to the IT department which then

attends to them without any unnecessary delays. This ensures that employees do not spend more

time than is absolutely necessary with the online system as they seek to register information

with, or retrieve it from, the system (Torrington, Hall, & Taylor, 2008).

       Organizations with a global presence, such as Riordan Manufacturing, usually prefer

setting up shared service centers for their employees in an attempt to deliver internal services

more efficiently. Human resource management models that are based on the current business
                                           Service Request SR-rm-004 - Analyze HR System            6

information systems have embraced automated methods of handling employee data. This data

usually requires to be updated from time to time and includes such information as an employee’s

address and telephone details (Torrington, Hall, & Taylor, 2008).

The proposed Riordan Manufacturing Human Resource Management system will enable

employees to keep track of their information; this is akin to management of personal

information. They will therefore be in a position to ensure that the data contained within the

company’s database is accurate and up-to-date. If any of the data is incorrect, the employees can

always rectify the anomaly at their own convenience. The organization is also not left out in the

massive benefits reaped through the automated Human Resource Management system.

Management is at a better position to monitor the progress of employees using automatic

performance appraisal mechanisms. Employees are required to provide the organization with

accurate data following automated system prompts. This data is then relayed to the IT

management team for recording and further analysis (Boroughs, Hunter, & Palmer, 2008). IT

professionals will then furnish the company’s management with conclusions and

recommendations regarding their human capital. Management will in turn use this information to

guide their decision making with respect to human resource management and expansion

                                         Service Request SR-rm-004 - Analyze HR System       7


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