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									County of Ottawa
    Annual Report
    June 2007—May 2008
                                              Table of Contents

Executive Summary                                                                        1
Who We Are: Organization                                                                 2
        User Services                                                                    3
        Applications & Data                                                              4
        Technology & Infrastructure                                                      5
        Geographic Information Systems                                                   6
Why We Exist: Mission and Goals                                                          7
What We Do: Goals and Metrics
        Goal 1: Improve the Service Delivery Experience                                  8
        Goal 2: Develop Cost-Effective, Comprehensive Solutions                          9
        Goal 3: Provide IT Vision                                                        9
        Goal 4: Maintain a Current, Secure, Viable and Reliable IT Infrastructure        9
        Goal 5: Increase Product Demand                                                  9
       IT Accomplishments and Goals Supported                                            10
                                                    A Network Diagrams and Servers
                                                    B Telecommunications
                                                    C Project Statistics
                                                    D Anti-SPAM Statistics
                                                    E Computer Equipment Summary
                                                    F Imaging Project Information
                                                    G GIS Statistics
                                                    H Training
                                                    I Customer Satisfaction Statistics
                                                    J Financial Information
                                    Executive Summary
During the past year, the Information Technology (IT) Department has continued to evaluate and
refine its procedures. The department has worked with a number of County departments to
identify, evaluate, select, develop and obtain technology solutions that support the County’s
commitment to excellence, and the delivery of cost-effective public services.

The department is organized to support the variety of technologies needed to deliver County
services (Page 2). Through a combination of technical expertise, organizational knowledge,
project teams, and defined processes, IT manages its workload and delivers complete solutions.
Our mission (Page 8) focuses on customer service, and on building strong partnerships in order
to deliver great service to constituents at a reasonable cost.

This report identifies the people, positions and functions of the IT Department. It identifies the
accomplishments and the volume of work requested of, and completed by the department. The
report reflects the value provided by the Board’s investment in technology. The department has
implemented a performance measurement system and analyzed the results to identify ongoing
improvements. During the past year, we conducted a follow up survey to evaluate our progress
since the 2004 Plante & Moran Survey. The results of this survey revealed significant progress
as well as additional opportunities for improving service to our customers’ needs.

Major efforts and accomplishments during the past year include the following:
       1. Selected a new system to replace the Health Department System.
       2. Revised and expanded County IT Policies.
       3. Expanded the Employee Portal Application.
       4. Modified the GIS Pricing Structure.
       5. Completed the ImageSoft Imaging System Implementation contract.
       6. Integrated our training program with the Human Resources training program.
       7. Initiated a Pilot Project to modernize the Jail Booking System.
       8. Expanded the Imaging System to other Justice Departments.
       9. Completed a successful contingency test of the Financial System.
       10. Upgraded the GIS System to a new technology
       11. Developed a Software Deployment Server capability.
       12. Completed an integration of the Justice and CourtStream System.
       13. Expanded Active Directory to 85% of County Employees.
       14. Developed online enrollment and electronic Health Insurance submissions.
       15. Retired 474 computer devices and installed 459 new computer devices.
       16. Automated processes: Absence Calendars, Scheduling, Training Management.

The IT Department will continue to enhance County technology by expanding existing
capabilities and obtaining new technology. During the next year, we plan to expand Imaging in
the Justice Departments and other areas, grow the employee web portal, improve contingency
capabilities, pilot additional Justice System enhancements, streamline internal procedures for
departments with Lotus Notes applications, review telecommunications capabilities, replace GIS
gray scale orthos with color orthos, enhance Courtroom technology as part of the County
Courthouse project, and select a new County Financial System.
                              Who We are: Organization

Title                                Pay Grade                   FTE’s
Director                             10                          1.0
Managers                             08                          4.0
Senior Secretary                     09 (Group T)                1.0
Network Administrator                07A                         1.0
Telecomm Administrator               07                          1.0
Programmer/Analyst                   06A                         7.0
Programmer                           04A                         2.0
GIS Systems Analyst                  06A                         1.0
GIS Programmer/Technician            04A                         1.0
GIS Technician                       03                          2.0
Computer Support Specialist          03                          7.0
Total                                                            28.0
                                                                       With the
Position                            Name                               County
IT Director                         David Hulst                          15
Senior Secretary                    Rachael Harper                       10
The names and experience of the remaining Department Staff are listed with their teams

                     Personnel Budget

                  GIS,                    PH/CMH
                $389,666                   Direct,

                 Telecomm,                                IT,
                  $116,086                            $1,371,706

                               Who We are: Organization
                                 User Services Team
The User Services team interfaces with our customers on a daily basis. They are the voices that
you hear when you call the Help Desk, and faces that you see when someone needs to come to
your desk to work on your computer equipment. Their responsibilities include Help Desk,
computer operations, hardware and software installation, troubleshooting and computer training
services. The primary purpose of the User Services group is to ensure that County employees
have dependable equipment, responsive support and the knowledge to use their technology. On
average, the Help Desk receives 1000 calls per month for problems and requests. Approximately
50% of those calls are resolved during the initial call. The remaining calls are escalated to the
support person at the customer site or to another group within IT.

This team is led by Tina McConnell. Tina has been with the County for two years. Prior to
coming to Ottawa County, Tina worked in the IT Department at the Pfizer manufacturing plant
in Holland for eight years. Tina has a Masters degree in Information Technology and holds a
professional certification of Support Center Analyst awarded from the Help Desk Institute. She
oversees the daily operations of the Help Desk and PC Support. In addition to her management
role, Tina is also the lead instructor for our IT training courses. She oversees the development of
new courses, mentors other instructors and teaches some advanced courses.

Name                             Position                                             County
Chris Bartaway                   PC Support Specialist                                     13
Neung Chau                       PC Support Specialist                                     9
Douglas Flamboe                  PC Support Specialist                                     9
Merey Podehl                     PC Support Specialist                                9 (IT Years)
Mary Ann Quellos                 PC Support Specialist                                     8
Beth Schipper                    PC Support Specialist                                      3
Pam Wheeler                      PC Support Specialist                                     12

                              Who We are: Organization
                              Applications & Data Team

The Applications and Data team faces the challenging task of developing and customizing
applications to meet the business needs of the County. Although the primary focus of this group
is software development, they also analyze the business needs of departments; perform project
management and system administration.

The team is lead by Gregory Westra who has been with the County for 19 years. Greg came to
work for the County in1986 as the Financial Systems, Programmer/Analyst. After working in
private industry for a couple of years, Greg returned to the County as the Programmer/Analyst
for the Mental Health Department. As a former Project Leader, he supervised the
Programmer/Analysts and Programmers for the Health, Mental Health, Financial and Property
Systems and assumed primary responsibility for Imaging. His management skills and attention
to detail have kept a number of very complex projects moving forward. He currently oversees
the efforts of seven Programmer/Analysts and two Programmers. In addition to his management
role, Greg provides backup for the Financial Programmer/Analyst.

                                             Years    Primary            Secondary
                                             With     Area of            Area of
Name                   Position              County   Expertise          Expertise
Evelyn Keyes           Programmer/Analyst      15     Justice            Admin
Terry Archambault      Programmer/Analyst      12     Justice (Lead)
Dale Downing           Programmer/Analyst       2     Financial          Imaging/Property
Sylvain Stym-Popper    Programmer/Analyst       2     Imaging            Notes/Justice
John Meyers            Programmer/Analyst      2      Public Health      Mental Health/.NET
Christina Kinsley      Programmer/Analyst       8     Mental Health      Public Health
Harold Harper          Programmer/Analyst      10     Lotus Notes        .NET
Gary Richards          Programmer              19     Justice            Public/Mental Health
Tony Benjamin          Programmer               2     Lotus Notes        Justice/.NET

                              Who We are: Organization
                              Technology & Infrastructure

The Technology & Infrastructure team installs and maintains the Servers and Voice and Data
Networks (Appendix A). They maintain the critical platforms that impact the operations of all
County Departments. They work with the Applications and Data Team to ensure the platforms
supporting the Departmental and Enterprise wide applications meet performance requirements
based on demand. They also ensure the information technology environment is stable and
protected by developing procedures and processes, and designing systems that provide backup,
contingency and security against potential threats.

This group monitors and maintains the voice network. The current building projects have
involved team members in identifying cabling and connections for voice and data. Future
convergence of voice and data is likely. However, at this time, the costs outweigh the benefits.
During the past year the first attempt to review processes using the existing phone system was
conducted.    This was our first attempt to apply traditional IT analysis methods to

The Technology and Infrastructure Team is lead by Mark Krouse. Mark has 19 years experience
with Ottawa County as a Programmer/Analyst; Assistant Director, and as the Manager of
Technology and Infrastructure. In addition to overseeing servers, data and telecommunications
networks, he is the County’s Security Officer. He is a Certified Information Systems Security
Professional and an IBM Certified Specialist. Mark has thirty-five years of IT experience in
State and County Government. He held a variety of different positions while with the State of
Michigan ranging from Computer Operator to Regional Information Manager.

                                              Years        Primary          Secondary
                                              With         Area of          Area of
Name                    Position              County       Expertise        Expertise
Richard Steketee        Network Administrator   9          Data Network     Servers
Steve Namenye           Telecomm Administrator 15          *Voice Network   Audio Visual/BES

* Includes: Telephone systems and service, Voicemail systems, structure cabling, wide area
network infrastructure, cell phones, and pagers.

The increase in servers from the 2007 annual report reflects five servers previously assigned to
GIS as a separate department. A detailed list of servers is contained in Appendix A.
                                        Server Count

                                                                  28        28

              Quantity 15              10


                            2003     2004     2005      2006    2007    2008

                              Who We are: Organization
                            Geographic Information Systems

The geographic component of information has become increasingly important. The ability to
display location information provides customers with an intuitive and accurate means to analyze
data and make decisions more quickly than ever before. Location or place is an important aspect
of data collected by county departments, municipal governments and private agencies. As GIS
software capabilities and the understanding of the technology have grown, the use of GIS has
now expanded to include a wide and rapidly growing range of County applications ( Sheriff’s
911 Incident tracking, Environmental Health’s Wells application, election mapping, municipality
zoning, Public Health, Emergency Services, etc.) Because of the usefulness of GIS data, software
and applications, many Local Units, County Departments, and external agencies are using
County GIS to enhance current business processes. During the past year new applications were
developed and new revenue generated. The interest and benefits for GIS products is clearly
illustrated in the revenue trends over the past year, and in the number of unique visits to the GIS
website (Appendix G). A project is currently underway to provide color aerial photographs of
the county.
(Color Ortho of County Fillmore Street Complex)

                                              Although GIS applies standard IT skills such as
                                              programming,       system     administration  and
                                              troubleshooting, its unique role is recognized by
                                              the adoption of a distinct Mission Statement:
                                              Enhance       the    efficiency,    decision-making
                                              capabilities, and business practices of the County’s
                                              public and private sectors by providing efficient
                                              management of GIS-related data; seamless
                                              integration of GIS services with County and local
                                              government agencies; timely, economical, and
                                              user-friendly access to GIS data and services.
                                           This team is led by Aaron Boos. Aaron has been
                                           with the County for five years. Prior to coming to
                                           Ottawa County, Aaron worked in the GIS
                                           Department in Lucas County, Ohio for four years.
                                           Aaron has significantly expanded the participation
in GIS by Local Government Units and expanded the use of GIS through the development of
new products. He has a strong knowledge of customer needs and GIS technology.
Name                                           Position                     County
Richard Francisco                              Systems Analyst                 5
Patrick Lowman                                 GIS Programmer                  1
Robert Royce                                   GIS Technician                  5
Aaron Bodbyl-Mast                              GIS Technician                  5

                                         Why We Exist: Mission and Goals

             Measures                                   “Our business is about technology, yes. But it's also about
                                                        operations and customer relationships..”
1. Customer Service                                                                Michael Dell, CEO, Dell Computers
        a.     Satisfaction
        b.     Response Time                            During the past year, a set of metrics based on
        c.     Resolution Time                          department organizational changes (specifically due to
        d.     IT Best Practices                        the addition of GIS) were added. These metrics are
2. Delivery of Solutions                                based on a fifth goal: Increase Product Demand.
        a.     Complete
        b.     Fill the Gap                             The five goals summarized at left can be achieved if a
        c.     Tie Systems Together                     need is met based on the customer’s perspective.
        d.     Broadly Applicable Alternatives          These needs are summarized as the four items listed
                                                        under each goal.
3. IT Vision
        a.     Tech Trends                              Once identified, metrics are determined based on that
        b.     Economic Trends                          perspective. For example, Customer Satisfaction can
        c.     Government Trends                        be measured by unsolicited feedback and surveys.
        d.     Organizational Goals                     Response and resolution times are obtained from our
4. Maintaining the Infrastructure                       problem tracking system. Delivery of Solutions that
        a.     Reliable Service                         tie systems together can be identified by the amount of
        b.     Protection of Information and Systems    duplication eliminated and comparing the time
        c.     Accommodating Short Term Growth          required before and after the solution is implemented.
        d.     Managed Support Costs

5. Increase Product Demand
        a.     Ease of Use                                                     IT MISSION
        b.     Broad Appeal                                  In partnership with our customers, the
        c.     Meets an Important Need
                                                             Ottawa County Information Technology
        d.     Availability
                                                             Department      provides     cost-effective
                                                             solutions and technical leadership to
                                                             accomplish organizational and departmental
                                                             goals, and enables delivery of excellent
                                                             service that will positively impact those
                                                             served by the County.

"The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets
people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is
all about potential."
                                                                                     Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft

                                            What We Do: Goals and Metrics

                                 GOAL 1: Improve the Support Delivery Experience

 Purpose. To provide service based on IT industry best practices, prevent disruption to
 operations and satisfy the customer by delivering a solution that meets or exceeds their
 needs. Satisfaction surveys for IT Support are contained in Appendix J.

 Metric. Achieve 80% performance level on Industry Best Practice Service Level Agreements
  Priority       Description                Level 1 Escalation             Level 2/3 Response         Communication                        Resolution
  Level:                                    Guideline:                     Time:                      Frequency to the                     Time Goal:
                                                                                                      Customer:                            (Due Date)
       1         Business critical,         5 minutes                      15 minutes                 Hourly                               2 Hours
    Critical     affects many users
       2         Limited scope, no          5 minutes                      30 minutes                 4 Hours                              8 Hours
     High        workaround
       3         1 user, workaround         15 minutes                    2 hours                     12 Hours                             24 Business
   Medium        available                                                                                                                 Hours
       4         Non-urgent requests        15 minutes                     4 hours                    24 Hours                             48 Business
   Standard                                                                                                                                Hours
       5         1 user, password           15 minutes                     NA                         NA                                   15 Minutes
   Password      reset or unlock

 SLA Report by SLA Response Time
                 Achieved                                                                              Neither*                Pending**
   SLA                                 Total               Resolved             Unresolved                                                           Total

             Tickets   Percent    Tickets   Percent    Tickets   Percent     Tickets     Percent   Tickets       Percent    Tickets       Percent

 Critical         2    100.00%         0       0.00%        0     0.00%             0     0.00%         0         0.00%          0         0.00%        2

 High            39    97.50%          1       2.50%        1     2.50%             0     0.00%         0         0.00%          0         0.00%       40

 Medium        1614    98.53%         24       1.47%       24     1.47%             0     0.00%         0         0.00%          0         0.00%     1638

 Standard      9459    99.51%         47       0.49%       47     0.49%             0     0.00%         0         0.00%          0         0.00%     9506

  * Problem calls still open that have not reached the Due Date
 SLA Report by SLA Due Date
                 Achieved                                                                               Neither*                 Pending**
   SLA                                 Total               Resolved             Unresolved                                                             Total

             Tickets   Percent    Tickets Percent      Tickets   Percent     Tickets     Percent    Tickets       Percent    Tickets       Percent

Critical           2                   0       0.00%        0     0.00%              0     0.00%             0     0.00%              0      0.00%             2

High              37   92.50%          3       7.50%        3     7.50%              0     0.00%             0     0.00%              0      0.00%           40

Medium          1540   94.02%         98       5.98%       97     5.92%              1     0.06%             0     0.00%              0      0.00%       1638

Standard        8876   93.09%        643       6.74%      619     6.49%             24     0.25%         16        0.17%              0      0.00%       9535

 * These Tickets have neither achieved nor breached their service targets, as they haven't yet reached their due date/time.

                              What We Do: Goals and Metrics
                  GOAL 2: Develop Cost-Effective, Comprehensive Solutions

Purpose. To enhance the design, development and delivery of software solutions that
satisfy customer needs and facilitate the effective operation of the County. To emphasize
new application development, staff development, and increased project and contract

                                  GOAL 3: Provide IT Vision

Purpose. To improve IT planning in order to respond in a more deliberate and less reactive
manner by reviewing department functions and goals through regular and deliberate
communication, reviewing County and department strategic plans, evaluating new
technology, and expanding the horizon for determining the IT requirements and costs.

       GOAL 4: Maintain a current, secure, viable and reliable IT Infrastructure

Purpose. To ensure that County systems are available when needed. Infrastructure is the set
of interconnected structural elements (servers, networks, end user computing equipment, phone
system) that provide the framework supporting an entire organization. Infrastructure includes the
policies and procedures for using and supporting the County’s technology. Infrastructure is often
hidden and unnoticed unless a disruption occurs. Since the infrastructure is so critical, the IT
department invests a significant amount of resources in this area.

                             GOAL 5: Increase Product Demand

Purpose. To maintain and increase revenue generated through external customers of GIS
products. It also supports the optimal use of existing applications to meet new requirements both
internally and externally, while minimizing the potential cost increases that occur due to
customization and limited functionality. Finally, it provides a goal with metrics that would
address goals related to both the GIS and County web based services.

                          What We Do: Goals and Metrics
                     IT Accomplishments and Goals Supported
                                                                           IT       Board
                                                                          Goal(s)   Goal(s)
      Improve the general satisfaction of County Employees with IT
1.                                                                          1         2,4
      (Appendix I)
2.    Installed a new FTP Server                                           1,2,4       4
3.    Installed a new Domino Server                                        1,2,4       4
4.    Managed Equipment Replacement (Appendix E)                             4        1,4
5.    Implemented a Virtual Machine (VMWare) Environment                   2,3,4       4
      Completed a Perimeter Security assessment and implemented
6.                                                                          1,4       4
      recommended changes.
      Retired the old dial-in network and implemented a VPN solution.
7.                                                                         1,2,4      4
      Currently used by 120 County Employees.
      Completed disaster recovery tests using the GH County Building
8.                                                                          4         4
      as a backup location.
      Upgraded Octel Voicemail Servers, upgraded phone service
9.                                                                          1,4       4
      capacity at Holland DC.
10.   Converted WeMET to the County Phone System                           1,2,4      4
      Installed additional DVR and security cameras at Holland District
11.                                                                         1,4       4
      Planned Fiber outages related to construction successfully
12.                                                                         1,4       4
      completed. Completed a fiber outage contingency test.
      Negotiated contract renewal with AT&T for phone service, etc.
13.                                                                         2,4       1
      Estimated savings of over $143,000.
      Installed a PhoneTree device for Sheriff’s Office for automated
14.                                                                         2,4       4
      out-calling for scheduling and announcements
      Implementation of electronic forms replacing paper forms as an
      electronic option in Community Mental Health’s Avatar
      Clinician's Workstation module to advance the agency's goal of
      having an Electronic Medical Record (EMR). The following
      clinical forms were developed and implemented in the previous
      twelve months:
15.        • Treatment Plan Mental Health                                   1,2       4
           • Medication Review/Psychiatric Evaluation
           • Correspondence Log
           • Coordinate Care between CMH and External Provider(s)
           • Medication Injection Record
           • Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS) Rating
           • Psychosocial Assessment Mental Health

                          What We Do: Goals and Metrics

                                                                            IT         Board
                                                                           Goal(s)     Goal(s)
      Avatar informational sessions were provided throughout the
      month of February, 2008 as a forum for clinical staff to provide
16.                                                                           3          2
      feedback on what they like about the system and where they
      would like to see improvements.
      Enhancements to the County Justice System
          • Assignment of Wages Programming
          • Addition of Parent Billing to the Annual SCAO Outstanding
             Receivables Reports
          • Improved the reporting of Deferred Judgment Cases
          • Justice System integration with CourtStream Application
17.       • Traffic System reengineering to use PACC codes versus            1,2         4
             violation codes
          • Automation of AFP Forms printing directly into OnBase
          • Automation of Court Schedules driving OnBase document
          • Jail Booking Prototype Development as “proof of concept”
             for possible modernization of the Justice System in 2010
      Expanded use of Lotus Notes to automate manual processes
          • Creation of iNotes Web Portal
          • Human Resources 2008 Wage Classification Survey
          • Human Resources Web Based 2008 Health Care Enrollment
18.                                                                        1,2,3,4,5     2,4
          • Health Care Enrollment - Electronic Data Exchange with
          • Expansion of computerized employee absence request
             calendars to multiple departments in a variety of editions
      Integrated data from Financial Application with data from
19.   Canteen’s computer system, to modernize the posting of                 1,2         4
      commissary invoices to Jail Inmate Trust Accounts
      Expanded Support
20.                                                                         1,2,3
           • Assumed duties of CourtStream system administrator
      Used the Imaging System to automate previously manual
      processes (Appendix F).
           • Successfully upgraded and implemented workflows in the
             Prosecutor's Office (Warrant Requests and Juvenile Petition
21.        • Deployed Civil workflow in two District Court locations       1,2,3,5       4
             (Grand Haven and Holland)
           • Designed and implemented Criminal workflow for Grand
             Haven District Court.
           • Maintained, upgraded and supported the county's imaging

                          What We Do: Goals and Metrics

                                                                             IT         Board
                                                                            Goal(s)     Goal(s)
      Worked with Public Health to
           • Develop RFP, select system and negotiate contract for a new
             Departmental system
           • Collaborated with Alliance for Health organization to design
             a Health Information Exchange
22.                                                                          1,2,3        4
           • Regular attendance in the MALPH MIS Forum
           • Presented Excel Pivot Table workshop at the MALPH
             Annual Technical Conference
           • IT Programmer/Analyst appointed Vice chair of Insight
             National User Group
      Presented information to departments as part of an Imaging
23.   Strategic Planning Session and provided project management for           3          2,4
      the Justice Imaging Project
      Conducted a follow up survey of all County employees to evaluate
24.                                                                           1,3         2,4
      progress since the Plante & Moran Study
25.   Updated the County Technology Plan                                       3          4
      Conducted six User Group Meetings at sites around the County
26.                                                                            3          2
      (Appendix H)
      Developed new computer classes for County Employees,
27.   integrated IT Training into the HR Training program, and              1,2,3,4,5     2
      provided support for application testing/training (Appendix H)
28.   Participated in four Local Unit Quadrant Meetings                        3           2
29.   Revised and expanded County IT Policies.                                3,4         2,4
30.   Developed Imaging hosting policy for Local Government Units             3,5          4
      Environmental Health mapping portion of the Septic and Well
31.                                                                           2,5         4
      Permit application
32.   Added new revenue source from GIS: Plat Book                             5          1
33.   Added Grand Rapids water partnership to GIS Subscriptions                5          1
34.   Digitized Ottawa County Historic Aerial Mylars                         2,3,5        4
      Established a GIS data enhancement and data creation
35.   infrastructure for editing and maintaining county drains, drain         2,5         4
      districts, water utilities and related hydrology features
      GIS working with OCCDA established an effective method for
36.   maintaining accurate centerline location and addressing for the         1,4         4
      Ottawa County digital street map
37.   GIS has instituted a Data Layers Plan                                   1,4         4
38.   2008 Color Aerial Photography flight project approval                 1,2,3,5       4
39.   Increased Total GIS Revenue (Appendix G)                                3,5         1

Appendix A: Network Diagrams and Servers

Appendix A: Network Diagrams and Servers

Appendix A: Network Diagrams and Servers

Appendix A: Network Diagrams and Servers

                                   Appendix A: Network Diagrams and Servers

    Year                   2004             2005               2006               2007                 2008
    Physical Servers         24               28                 28              28                     28
                         Prod            Prod                 Prod               Prod                 Prod
                         Dev             Dev                  Dev                Dev                  Dev
                         Dom             Dom                  Dom                Dom                  Dom
                         DomB            DomB                 DomB               DomB                 DomB
                         EqFile          EqFile               EqFile             Moved to File
                         GISApp          GISApp               GISApp             GISApp               GISApp
                         GISDB           GISDB                GISDB              GISDB                GISDB
                         GISWeb          GISWeb               GISWeb             GISWeb               GISWeb
                         GISFTP          GISFTP               GISFTP             GISFTP               GISFTP
                         Sword           Sword                Sword              Sword                Moved to Virtual 1
                         PAAM            PAAM                 PAAM               PAAM                 PAAM
                         Dictn           Dictn                Dictn              Dictn                Dictn
                         CMH             CMH                  CMH                CMH                  CMH
                         BS&A            BS&A                 BS&A               BS&A                 BS&A
                         CISCO           CISCO                CISCO              CISCO                CISCO
                         WebApp          WebApp               WebApp             WebApp               WebApp
                         WebDB           WebDB                WebDB              WebDB                WebDB
                         WebDev          WebDev               WebDev             WebDev               WebDev
                         Web             Web                  Web                Web                  Web
                         AD1             AD1                  AD1                AD1                  AD1
                         AD2             AD2                  AD2                AD2                  AD2
                         File            File                 File               File                 File
                         EOC             EOC                  EOC                EOC                  EOC
                         BES             BES                  BES                BES                  Moved to Virtual 2
                                         OnBaseDR             OnBaseDR           OnBaseDR             OnBaseDR
                                         OnBaseDB             OnBaseDB           OnBaseDB             OnBaseDB
                                         OnBaseFile           OnBaseFile         OnBaseFile           OnBaseFile
                                         WinDev               WinDev             WinDev               Moved to Virtual 1
                                                                                 Contingency          Contingency
                                                                                                      Footprints (Help Desk)
                                                                                                      Virtual 1
                                                                                                      Virtual 2

2008 Virtualization Servers: Virtual 1: Insight – PH System, WinDev, Sword
                             Virtual 2: BES, CourtStream Integration, Development IIS, Development SQL, Development .NET.

Yellow       Indicates server consolidation:
Dev:         Development AS400 Server
Dom:         AS400 Domino Server supports E-mail and Lotus Notes Applications
DomB:        AS400 Backup Server for E-mail and Lotus Notes, Notes Internet Server function.
EqFile:      Equalization File Server eliminated in 2006 with Equalization’s files moved to BS&A Server.
GISApp/GISDB/GISWeb/GISFTP: GIS Application, Database, Web and FTP Servers.
Sword:       Health Department Food Inspection System.
PAAM:        Prosecuting Attorney Adult Case Tracking System.
Dictn:       Sheriff Dictation System.
CMH:         Community Mental Health Avatar System.
BS&A:        Applications supporting Treasurer, Equalization and Drain Commissioner.
CISCO:       Network Management Server.
WebApp/WebDB/WebDev/Web: Web Application, Database, Development and Web Servers.
AD1:         County Active Directory Server.
AD2:         Backup County Active Directory Server.
File:        County Fileserver.
EOC:         Fileserver for Emergency Operations Center.
BES:         Blackberry Encryption Server.
OnBaseDR/OnBaseDB/OnBaseFile:Imaging Disaster Recovery, Database and File Servers.
WinDev:      Windows Development and Help Desk System.
Contingency: AS400 Production Contingency Server.

                             Appendix B: Telecommunications

The County telecommunications system consists of Nortel Meridian 1 telephone equipment,
Octel Voicemail Systems, private fiber optic wide-area network (WAN)and a variety of leased
circuits and services. The Information Technology Department combines these resources to meet
the goal of providing a system that provides efficient, effective and user friendly voice
communications, both within the County’s network and without to the County’s citizens.

   The County’s five main sites are:

   Grand Haven County Building                      414 Washington St.         Grand Haven, MI
   Fillmore Complex                                 12110-12220 Fillmore St.   West Olive, MI
   James St. Campus                                 12251-12265 James St       Holland, MI
   Holland District Court                           57 W. Eighth St.           Holland, MI
   Hudsonville Human Services/District Court        3100 Port Sheldon St.      Hudsonville, MI

   These sites are connected to the “outside world” by ISDN Prime circuits through AT&T.
   Each Prime circuit provides 23 voice channels or the equivalent of 23 phone lines. The
   Primes were selected to reduce the cost of the trunks that would otherwise be required and
   the channels can function as either incoming or outgoing lines depending on the traffic load
   at the time.

   The above locations, along with the Human Services Building at 1111 Fulton Ave. and the
   Public Health Clinic at 16920 Ferris St., Grand Haven, are connected to each other by the
   WAN. This allows the County to take advantage of least cost routing and four-digit dialing
   of extensions between sites to minimize phone company usage (call) and local toll charges.

   The County’s Fiber Optic WAN also carries the Video Arraignment system. The system
   provides digital video and audio over the fiber in a closed IP network between Courts and
   Jail locations. The County owns the audio-visual premise equipment (cameras, monitors,
   etc.) that interfaces with the Video Arraignment system. This system was implemented to
   save man hours, equipment, and related operational costs that would otherwise have to be
   spent transporting inmates to and from Court appearances.

   The following County locations have access to broadband video arraignment:

   Grand Haven County Building         414 Washington St.             Grand Haven, MI
   Grand Haven Jail                    415 Franklin St.               Grand Haven, MI
   Holland District Court              57 W. Eighth St.               Holland, MI
   Hudsonville District Court          3100 Port Sheldon St.          Hudsonville, MI
   County Jail                         12130 Fillmore St.             West Olive, MI

   The City of Holland police department is also connected so that they can provide inmates for
   arraignment without transporting prisoners outside their holding area.

                    Appendix C: Project Statistics

           Projects                                                Average Age
          Completed                       Projects in Process    Completed Projects
Month    During Month       Month            During Month             (Days)
Jun-07        37            Jun-07                         120                 22.6
Jul-07        46            Jul-07                         116                 27.3
Aug-07        30            Aug-07                         108                 20.8
Sep-07        48            Sep-07                         116                 16.5
Oct-07        40            Oct-07                         111                 27.6
Nov-07        35            Nov-07                         115                 21.3
Dec-07        29            Dec-07                         114                 15.3
Jan-08        41            Jan-08                         143                 14.5
Feb-08        44            Feb-08                         154                 25.1
Mar-08        38            Mar-08                         153                 13.1
Apr-08        50            Apr-08                         162                 13.5
May-08        41            May-08                         152                 21.8

                                    Appendix C: Project Statistics
                                   Average Age Completed Projects (Days)







                                         Jun-    Jul-   Aug- Sep- Oct-          Nov-    Dec- Jan-        Feb-    Mar-     Apr-   May-
                                          07      07     07   07   07            07      07   08          08      08       08     08
 Average Age Completed Projects          22.6    27.3    20.8   16.5    27.6    21.3    15.3      14.5   25.1     13.1    13.5   21.8 19.95

                                        Projects Completed During Month







                                    Jun-       Jul-   Aug-    Sep-     Oct-    Nov-    Dec-    Jan-      Feb-    Mar-    Apr-    May-
                                     07         07     07      07       07      07      07      08        08      08      08      08

Projects Completed During Month         37      46      30      48     40      35      29         41     44       38      50      41    479

                                             Projects in Process Duing Month











                                   Jun-07 Jul-07 Aug-07 Sep-07 Oct-07 Nov-07 Dec-07 Jan-08 Feb-08 Mar-08 Apr-08
 Projects in Process Duing Month    120        116      108     116      111     115        114        143      154      153     162    152

                                       Appendix C: Project Statistics

                                     Open Projects as of June 1, 2008
                                (148 Projects In Process as of June 1, 2008)
                                               Title                                     Department
PR9223: Create Daily Schedule of Probation Cases For Export To OnBase                    Adult Probation
PR8948: Purchase & Install 2008 Priority 1 Equipment for Circuit Court                   Circuit Court
PR9047: Enable AS400 to populate fields on Case Management Cards                         Circuit Court
PR9086: Add code in red on summary page of cases on AS/400                               Circuit Court
PR9132 Develop and Publish Courtroom Technology RFP                                      Circuit Court
PR9152: Activate Instant Message capabilities for Circuit Court Records staff            Circuit Court
PR7127: Overtime & Comp Time for DCP Calendar                                            Community Corrections
PR8172: Create electronic probationer/officer notifications                              Community Corrections
PR8987: Purchase & Install 2008 Priority 1 Equipment for Community Corrections           Community Corrections
PR8409: Update Justice System form versions as listed                                    County Clerk
PR9147: Add New Case Types For 20th Circuit Court Civil Cases                            County Clerk
PR9174: Purchase desktop scanner for Holland Clerk's office                              County Clerk
PR9201: Install data-jack at County Clerk's Family Division Office at Fillmore           County Clerk
PR9228: Create Single Status Form (Eliminate use of typewriters in Clerk's Office)       County Clerk
PR9243: Modify Juror Selection Process With Warning Messages                             County Clerk
PR8616: Configure Gabrielse laptop for wireless access                                   District Court
PR8695: Electronic notification of traffic violation payments to State                   District Court
PR8772: Create"Order Delaying Sentence" form on AS400                                    District Court
PR8779: Print 14 Day Notice from Criminal area                                           District Court
PR8885: Create ability for District Court to populate index values                       District Court
PR8952: Traffic Civil Infractions Fees Paid By Court Location Report                     District Court
PR8990: Purchase & Install 2008 Priority 1 Equipment for District Court                  District Court
PR9015: Create New Disposition Code for Closing Criminal Cases                           District Court
PR9049: Add a line to cureent Form MC 240 on AS400                                       District Court
PR9075: AFP Forms Needing to be Uploaded into the Criminal Workflow just as Civil
Workflow                                                                                 District Court
PR9089: Create ability to print form MC216a from the Justice System                      District Court
PR9113: Create Check Management/Reconciliation Application Integrated with the Justice
System                                                                                   District Court
PR9146: Modify Traffic Violations To Appear In Yellow                                    District Court
PR9200: Move fax machine at Holland District Court                                       District Court
PR9217: Create District Court Ticket Interface With OCCDA                                District Court
PR9219: Install OnBase on PCs at queuing window at HDC                                   District Court
PR8802: Create workflows for 58th District Court Probation Imaging                       District Court - Probation
PR8802: Create workflows for 58th District Court Probation Imaging                       District Court - Probation
PR9111: Create function to add cell phone number to offenders profile                    District Court - Probation
PR9222: Change main phone lines to allow no more than 3 calls                            District Court - Probation
PR9235: Update District Court CSW Forms                                                  District Court - Probation
PR9081: Advise on best internet connectivity options at four locations                   Environmental Health
PR9180: GIS training for Environmental Health staff                                      Environmental Health
PR9199: GIS DATA conversion of spetic and residential well permits                       Environmental Health
PR9195: Investigate possible Equalization department e-mail address book                 Equalization/PD&M
PR9153: Juvenile Detention Staff Absence Calendar                                        Juvenile Detention
PR8203: Purchase & install Imaging barcode equipment                                     Juvenile Services
PR8814: Create Guardianship Workflows for Probate Court                                  Juvenile Services
PR8814: Create Guardianship Workflows for Probate Court                                  Juvenile Services
PR9017: Purchase & Install 2008 Priority 1 Equipment for Juvenile Services               Juvenile Services
PR8957: Purchase & Install 2008 Priority 1 Equipment for Fiscal Services                 Fiscal/Admin Services
                                       Appendix C: Project Statistics
                                              Title                                         Department
PR9099: Reevaluate NWS Financial Management against other accounting systems                Fiscal/Admin Services
PR9165: Ability to print "Claim for Reimbursement" with booking letter automatically upon
inmate release                                                                              Fiscal/Admin Services
PR9209: Work with MOS (Michigan Office Solutions) to network sever departments' PCs to
printers                                                                                    Fiscal/Admin Services
PR9215: Equipment Request Form Automation For Excel Download                                Fiscal/Admin Services
PR9233: Purchase Palm Pilot for John Blissett                                               Fiscal/Admin Services
PR9105: Research & recommend technology for mobile internet access for Bench Warrant
Officer sans laptop                                                                         Friend of the Court
PR9154: Remote Access To OnBase for FOC Investigators                                       Friend of the Court
PR7878: Create Staff Absence Calendar and Time Card Entry for Public Health                 Health - Administration
PR9106: Add two more lines to the Grievance Tracking Application                            Human Resources
PR9151: Create Volunteer Database                                                           Human Resources
PR9163: Amend "Employee Training" application to allow non-County staff persons to enroll   Human Resources
PR9237: Create Web Site for External Agencies to submit Wage Surveys                        Human Resources
PR9239: Create Web Site for External Agencies to submit Benefit Surveys                     Human Resources
PR7709: Abstract Traffic Matters Electronically as DC Does                                  Information Technology
PR8674: IMS Web application from classic asp to .NET Framework                              Information Technology
PR8837: Active Directory in Public Health                                                   Information Technology
PR8841: Relocate OnBase Recovery Server from WO to GH                                       Information Technology
PR8849: Contract with AT&T for a Network Penetration test.                                  Information Technology
PR8879: Plat Book 2008                                                                      Information Technology
PR8882: Investigate options re: Create!print upgrade                                        Information Technology
PR8890: Develop set of Centerline Procedures                                                Information Technology
PR8892: Develop a plan re: processing data from Plats and Site Condominiums                 Information Technology
PR8913: Compile documentation re: phone systems & train User Services                       Information Technology
PR8918: Evaluate replacement for Symantec AntiVirus                                         Information Technology
PR8921: Center line updates with OCCDA                                                      Information Technology
PR8944: Aerial Photography acquisition                                                      Information Technology
PR8966: Purchase two year SSL certificates                                                  Information Technology
PR8986: Evaluate and recommend web/video conferencing.                                      Information Technology
PR9019: Hydro Features Dataset maintenance and conversion.                                  Information Technology
PR9057: Implement Login Scripts to Map Drives                                               Information Technology
PR9059: Purchase/install Barracuda Anti-Spam devices                                        Information Technology
PR9120: Perform various telecom and AV activities required for new Fillmore Building
addition                                                                                    Information Technology
PR9123: Work with USAMobility re: boosted pager siganal                                     Information Technology
PR9139: Employee Training Application Needs Authority Structure Modified                    Information Technology
PR9166: Perform contingency test of Justice system                                          Information Technology
PR9175: Purchase networking equipment required for Fillmore Addition project                Information Technology
PR9181: New server for AGS and ARC applications                                             Information Technology
PR9190: Develop Backup Administration Plan for Footprints                                   Information Technology
PR9192: Set up wireless access that bypasses our netowrk                                    Information Technology
PR9221: Modify Room Scheduler Application To Include Reservation History By Room            Information Technology
PR9234: Install Server OS (windows server 2003 - 25 cals) on server                         Information Technology
PR9236: Create the IT Inventory Tracking System - Phase I (Order Processing)                Information Technology
PR9238: Evaluate new initial set of digital aerial photography tiffs                        Information Technology
PR8800: Create "Correspondence Log - 05" as Avatar screen                                   Mental Health
PR8801: Identify CMH staff reporting needs & create documentation.                          Mental Health
PR8883: Implement the Psychosocial Assessment from Muskegon CMH                             Mental Health
PR9135: Move PCs from Grand Haven Clubhouse to Holland Lakeshore Clubhouse                  Mental Health

                                          Appendix C: Project Statistics
                                               Title                                               Department
PR9137: Develop and implement Clinician Workstation progress notes on CMH Avatar system            Mental Health
PR9177: Purchase and install PCs per 2008 budget                                                   Mental Health
PR9178: Consumer Document Archival Migration to OnBase                                             Mental Health
PR9179: Purchase server to provide additional capacity and back-up                                 Mental Health
PR9197: Evaluate, recommend, put in working order phones & PC equipment at new
Ferrysburg CMH site                                                                                Mental Health
PR9202: Create report which reviews status of required demographic data.                           Mental Health
PR9204: Add Visio program to listed staff PCs                                                      Mental Health
PR9208: Create Psychosocial Assessment for DD in Avatar                                            Mental Health
PR9231: Create a list of specialized residential sites that serve individuals with developmental
disabilities                                                                                       Mental Health
PR9224: Purchase equipment for MI Works as listed                                                  Michigan Works (CAA)
PR9185: Query for Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Evaluation                                         Planning & Grants
PR9232: Create Daily Probate Court Schedule Export To OnBase                                       Probate Court
PR8062: Create Reports re: Scheduled Activity in CC & Fam Ct                                       Prosecuting Attorney
PR8091: Create Reports to Track Assigned Cases                                                     Prosecuting Attorney
PR8727: Revise Victim Rights Letters and Prompts                                                   Prosecuting Attorney
PR9006: Purchase & Install 2008 Priority 1 Equipment for Prosecuting Attorney                      Prosecuting Attorney
PR9014: Create Victim Case notes form to use within OnBase for updating notes                      Prosecuting Attorney
PR9162: Install new PACC/PAAM warrant manual on listed Prosecuting Attorney staff PCs              Prosecuting Attorney
PR9176: Create HTML form for creation in OnBase                                                    Prosecuting Attorney
PR8795: Time and Activity Training                                                                 Public Health
PR8798: System to merge family planning/STI and FPAR information                                   Public Health
PR8897: Insight Implementation Phase III                                                           Public Health
PR8984: 2008 Public Health Equipment Purchase (partial)                                            Public Health
PR9074: Update time and activity                                                                   Public Health
PR9101: Equipment Relocation in Public Health                                                      Public Health
PR9116: Public Health FY 2008 Remaining Equipment Order                                            Public Health
PR9214: Move Insight Database from C: Drive to D: Drive on Server                                  Public Health
PR9240: Purchase and install docking station for Jen Brown                                         Public Health
PR9241: Meet w/ Jen Brown to discuss mapping a drive to house the ERP                              Public Health
PR9242: VPN Access for Jennifer Brown OC 7623                                                      Public Health
PR9198: Conversion of Alchemy Documents to OnBase and Train ROD staff                              Register of Deeds
PR8865: Create activity log specific for each court location                                       Sheriff - Administration
PR8929: Enhance AS400 system to run stats in Sheriff daily reports                                 Sheriff - Administration
PR8975: Change Data Entry screen for accidents per ATTACHED                                        Sheriff - Administration
PR8975: Change Data Entry screen for accidents per ATTACHED                                        Sheriff - Administration
PR8985: Purchase & Install 2008 Priority 1 Equipment for Sheriff                                   Sheriff - Administration
PR8994: Allow same TCN to be entered more than once in Fingerprints                                Sheriff - Administration
PR8995: Expand complaint number field from 9 to 10 spaces                                          Sheriff - Administration
PR9118: Identify sex offenders when booked & discharged on booking intake screen                   Sheriff - Administration
PR9167: Road Patrol Scheduling - Incorrect Coloring and Unformatted Printing                       Sheriff - Administration
PR9171: Add columns on Daily time log for Marine Division                                          Sheriff - Administration
PR9205: Require Assistance for OnBase Presentation to Prosecutor's                                 Sheriff - Administration
PR9206: Install Mobile Mug Shot software on 1 PC at every branch office                            Sheriff - Administration
PR8950: Inmate Phone "Secure Instant Mail" Provider                                                Sheriff - Jail
PR9026: Have Inmate Visitation Schedules Show Current Cell Location                                Sheriff - Jail
PR9043: Inmate "Good Time" Taken Report Requested From Justice System                              Sheriff - Jail
PR9048: Update the "No Contact" visitation program                                                 Sheriff - Jail
PR9083: Jail Booking Prototype Creation and Deployment                                             Sheriff - Jail
PR9130: Modify Inmate Visitation Screen Allowing for Continuous Comment Recording                  Sheriff - Jail
                                           Appendix C: Project Statistics
                                              Title                                       Department
PR9203: Reassign buildings to facilities, and batch reporting capabilities for the Jail   Sheriff - Jail
PR8768: Change Check Authorizing Signature From Richardson to Fish                        Treasurer
PR8997: Purchase & Install 2008 Priority 1 Equipment for County Treasurer                 Treasurer

                                        Appendix D: Anti-SPAM Statistics

                                                    Blocked       Blocked                                       Personal        User
                                  Allowed           Filtered         Virus           QUAR            BULK         QUAR       Whitelist

          2,241,580            706,933        1,083,192           3,715        75,318            209,625        32,021       130,776
 County Percentage                31.54%         48.32%              0.17%        3.36%             9.35%          1.43%       5.83%
 System Percentage                48.10%         30.40%              0.10%        2.80%             7.60%          0.30%      10.70%

 System Percentages include all organizations that use the Tangent Anti-SPAM

                                                   SPAM Percentages
                                               June 1, 2007 - April 30, 2008


50.00%         48.10% 48.32%


                                                                                                                      County Percentage
                                                                                                                      System Percentage


                                                                     9.35%                                 10.70%
10.00%                                                                       7.60%
                                    0.17% 0.10%                                      1.43%
           Allowed     Blocked      Blocked Virus       QUAR           BULK           Personal       User Whitelist
                       Filtered                                                        QUAR

                           Appendix E: Computer Equipment Summary
                                                Computer Equipment                                            Retired
                                                                                                              Received Not installed
            4000                                               3631                         3543




   Quantity 2000

                        690 502                 612 562                          474
            1000                                                           486         67

                                  0                       0

                        06/01/2005 -            06/01/2006 -          06/01/2007 - 5/31/2008
                         05/31/2006              05/31/2007


                                                Cost of new Equipment


                                                                       $285.37                          $286.54


Total Dollars $250
(Thousands) $200



                        06/01/2005 - 05/31/2006       06/01/2006 - 05/31/2007                 06/01/2007 - 5/31/2008


                                                               Appendix E: Computer Equipment Summary

                        Average Age of County Computers                                                            Average Cost of County Computers

                       2.99                      2.98                                         $14,000

                                                                      2.62                     $6,000
        2.50                                                                                                                         $1,145
                PC System Unit             Laptop Computer            Server
                                                                                                            PC System Unit       Laptop Computer        Server

                               Standard Unit Cost by Year                                                          Percent of System in Warranty

$2,500                                                                                        90%
                      $1,934                                                                  80%

$1,500                                                                                        60%
                                                                                                             52%                   51%
                                        $1,140               $1,053            $1,051
               $851                                                                           50%
                                                        $634                                  40%
                                    $605                               $592
    $500                                                                                      30%
         $-                                                                                   10%
                  2005                 2006               2007            2008
                                   PC System Unit   Laptop Computer                                      PC System Unit       Laptop Computer         Server

                            Appendix F: Imaging Project Information

In January 2006, Ottawa County began its implementation of a Justice Document Management
Information System (JDMIS). When the system is fully implemented, Ottawa estimates a savings of
approximately $400,000 per year in paper, transportation, and efficiencies.

The project involving ImageSoft, Incorporated has been completed. Based on the discovery process,
the IT Department has assumed the responsibility of expanding imaging and workflow to ensure the
departments that are part of the overall Justice organization are incorporated into the Document
Management process. The current efforts are to add District Court Probation workflow, Probate Court
workflow, Juvenile Services workflow and a District Court Criminal workflow. It is anticipated that a
true measure of the benefits of Justice Imaging will be possible once the additional components are

The new Imaging system (OnBase) is replacing the Community Mental Health imaging system. Once
these documents are converted to OnBase, the Content Manager program will be retired.
                                                           Total Imaging Statistics
                                                Page        Document     Scanned        Scanned
                                                Count         Count       Pages        Documents
                     Circuit Court Records     1,497,029       528,277      801,889        242,288
                       Friend of The Court       549,834       184,332      142,210         56,817
                              District Court   2,084,941     1,537,710      579,071        393,733
                             Probate Court       314,930       166,664       88,954         44,810
                                     Sheriff     954,139       258,516      506,792         99,256
                      Clerk - Vital Records      311,452       310,952       14,983         14,651
                   District Court Probation       31,349        19,592       31,349         19,592
                     Prosecuting Attorney        394,538       114,816      394,538        114,816
        Family Division of 20 Circuit Court       11,268         3,292       11,268           3,292
                              Imaging Total    6,149,480     3,124,151    2,571,054         989,255

                                       Imaging Statistics

                                                                           Total Page Count
 5,000,000                                                                 Total Document Count
                                                                           Scanned Pages
 4,000,000                                                                 Scanned Documents
 3,000,000                                             2,571,054



                                    Appendix F: Imaging Project Information

                           Documents and Pages Scanned by Department
                                  Average Pages/Document

                                394,538                             114,816
               90%                                   19,592
                      31,349                  4.89                              14,651       Family Court
               80%                          14,983                  99,256                  Circuit Court Records
                                                                                             Prosecuting Attorney
                                506,792                                          44,810     Friend of Court Probation
               70%                                                                           District the Court
               60%                          88,954                                           Clerk Court
                                                                                            District - Vital Records
  Page Count

                                                                   3.39 3.43                Probate Court
               50%              579,071                             393,733                  Sheriff
                                                                                             Probate Court
               40%                                                             2.64
                                142,210                                                     Clerk - Vital Records
                                                                                             District Court
               30%                                                  56,817
                                          1.98                                               Friend of the Probation
                                                                                            District Court - Court
               20%                                                                          Prosecuting Attorney
                                801,889                     1.52                             Circuit Court Records
               10%                                                  242,288                 Family Court
                0%                                                                          County Average
                          Scanned Pages                     Scanned Documents
                                    Average Pages/Document

                                                                   Annual Imaging Statistics

                                                       Scanned Pages              Documents
                                                       (June 1, 2007 -          (June 1, 2007 -    Average Pages
                                                        May 31, 2008)            May 31, 2008)     per Document
Circuit Court Records                                           399,434                114,313               3.49
Friend of The Court                                              87,250                  34,781              2.51
District Court                                                  336,204                214,106               1.57
Probate Court                                                    52,239                  26,350              1.98
Sheriff                                                         370,116                  75,703              4.89
Clerk - Vital Records                                            12,211                  11,928              1.02
District Court Probation                                         24,261                  16,011              1.52
Prosecuting Attorney                                            311,469                  92,007              3.39
Family Division of 20 Circuit Court                                    9,916               2,891               3.43
Imaging Total                                                      1,603,100             588,090               2.64

                           Appendix F: Imaging Project Information

                           Annual Scanning by Department

                   2,891                       9,916
                  92,007                   311,469
80%                                                         12,211
                  75,703                                             Family Division of 20th Circuit Court
                             26,350        370,116                   Prosecuting Attorney

60%                                                     52,239       District Court Probation
                                                                     Clerk - Vital Records
                                           336,204                   Probate Court
                                                                     District Court
                                            87,250                   Friend of The Court
20%                                                                  Circuit Court Records

       Scanned Documents (June        Scanned Pages
        1, 2007 - May 31, 2008)   (June 1, 2007 - May 31,

                                                                                        Appendix G: GIS Statistics

                                                                                        GIS Total Revenue










                                                Jun           Jul       Aug        Sep      Oct      Nov      Dec     Jan     Feb       Mar      Apr       May        Total

                                    05-06     4,790      58,823         4,823     4,163    16,517    9,626   3,488   52,271   1,442    4,761     9,833     5,365   175,901
                                    06-07     2,547          1,626      1,766     1,840     2,465    1,973   1,788   60,373   1,793    1,848     1,898     2,055    81,973
                                    07-08     2,957          2,094      4,050     1,328     3,555    1,642   9,029   63,379   1,294    11,020    1,369     6,738   108,456

                                                                                GIS Website Unique Visits










                                        Jun            Jul           Aug        Sep        Oct      Nov      Dec      Jan      Feb        Mar       Apr       May         Total

                              06-07     2,438         2,782          3,835      2,741     2,551     4,562    2,277   2,765     3,104     3,440     3,416      3,508      37,419
                              07-08     3,798         4,349          4,032      3,459     3,391     3,163    2,820   3,615     3,333     3,697     3,860      3,882      43,399

                                                                         Appendix G: GIS Statistics

                                                                        GIS Website Page Hits







                              Jun          Jul         Aug           Sep           Oct           Nov         Dec     Jan     Feb      Mar    Apr     May      Total

                      06-07   6,135       6,020        8,472         6,451         6,257     8,915       5,481      6,950    6,978   8,499   8,299   8,479   86,936
                      07-08   8,511       9,429        9,494         7,958         8,614     7,740       6,630      8,906    8,006   9,143   9,541   9,232   103,204

                                                        Average Website Hits/Business Day










                        Jun         Jul          Aug         Sep             Oct           Nov         Dec         Jan      Feb      Mar     Apr     May      Total

06-07                   256       267            333           276           252           406         238         275      299      338     342     332      301
07-08                   351       375            360           343           336           329         275         347      324      362     379     371      346

                                Appendix H: Training

     Name of Training                  Description of Training                   Number      Number
                                                                                    of          of
                                                                                 Sessions   Attendees

Microsoft Word Introduction    Essential tools necessary to create simple
                               documents. Learn to use menus and icons,
                               access templates, change text features, copy,        2          10
                               move, save, print and check your document
                               for spelling and grammatical errors. The step-
                               by-step handout provides plenty of screen
                               views to assist you when you put this training
                               to work.

Microsoft Word Intermediate    Provides the following advanced document
                               processing techniques: Formatting sections;
                               Defining, applying, and modifying styles;            2          7
                               Inserting graphics, adding borders and
                               formatting text around graphics; Printing
                               labels and envelopes, Inserting files and

Microsoft Excel Introduction   Teach the skills necessary to put together a
                               spreadsheet using some basic calculations and        2          9
                               functions. This class is a great place to begin
                               learning the capabilities of spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel Intermediate   Teach filtering, creating a chart, advanced
                               formatting, hiding and displaying data. Also         1          4
                               covers working with multiple worksheets,
                               various functions, and large worksheets.

Excel: Working with Charts     Advanced training in all aspects of creating
                               and manipulating charts in the spreadsheet           2          8
                               environment. Learn to create, format, and
                               modify charts.

Access I – Working with        Working with existing Access databases. It           1          6
Existing Databases             covers the basics of relational databases and
                               navigating in the Access environment.

Access II – Building a         Creating Access databases: covering the
Database                       fundamentals of planning a database and
                               building the foundation of the database.             1          9
                               Controlling data entry will be covered in this
                               class, as well as how to create relationships
                               between tables.

                            Appendix H: Training

        Name of Training           Description of Training                  Number      Number
                                                                               of          of
                                                                            Sessions   Attendees

PowerPoint Introduction    Course focuses on applying text and pictures
                           on slides; navigating in the PowerPoint             5          19
                           window; applying a design template;
                           arranging slide content by using layouts;
                           printing handouts and notes; and preparing to
                           present the finished product.

PowerPoint Animations      The PowerPoint Animations class delves into
                           using pre-made animations and setting up
                           your own animations with sounds and music           1          3
                           to enhance your presentations. As this is very
                           technical, it is required that you take
                           PowerPoint Introduction and have a solid
                           understanding of the materials presented in
                           that training.

One on One                 This is time that any County employee can
                           schedule for specific help on an application.      16          16
                           These can be held in the Computer Training
                           Room or at the person’s desk.

Publisher Introduction     Creating publications in the same amount of
                           time (or less) than using a word-processing
                           program. Hundreds of professional designs to        2          10
                           start from including newsletters, brochures,
                           Web sites, business cards, postcards, media
                           labels, and more.

Total                                                                         35         101

                                      Appendix H: Training

                          IT Training Annual Comparison







                                 Sessions                               Attendees
       2005-2006                    52                                      288
       2006-2007                    33                                      174
       2007-2008                    35                                      101

                                  TRAINING TOTALS COMPARISON
                                  Sessions                          Attendees
2005-2006                         52                                288
2006-2007                         33                                174
2007-2008                         35                                101
% Change 2006 - 2007              +1.06%                            -42%

The difference in the number of training sessions as well as attendees this past year is the result
of the following:

   •    The 2005-2006 numbers show a leveling off after the Lotus to Microsoft conversion.
   •    Low attendance in 2006 - 2007 could be attributed to low turnover and trained staff.
   •    The 2007-2008 shows a good proportion of newer staff taking advantage of IT Training
        as well as attendance in specialty sessions such as PowerPoint and Publisher.

                                 Appendix H: Training

Other Computer Training Room Use
The Ottawa County Computer Training room is available to all departments to use for
specialized training. During the 2007 – 2008 reporting period, 483 hours of training were
utilized for these special training sessions. The following is a list of such training sessions
held in the Computer Training room. Attendance information is not available as that
information is not reported back to the IT Department.

       Department                            Sessions         Hours of Usage
       Clerk’s Office                                    10                     80
       CMH – Avatar                                      12                     26
       CMH - Other                                        8                     15
       District Court                                     2                      8
       Fiscal Services – Budget                           1                      8
       Friend of the Court                                3                     19
       Human Resources – Orientation                     55                    165
       IT – Various                                      13                     89
       IT – GIS                                           3                     24
       MI Works                                           1                      2
       Parks & Recreation                                 1                      2
       Prosecutor’s Office                                3                     16
       Public Health                                      3                     24
       Sheriff Department                                 2                      5
       Total                                            117                    483

Additional IT Outreach
In the Fall of 2007, the IT Department conducted six User Group Meetings at various
locations throughout the County. These meetings were an opportunity to answer questions
and provide information on County technology. The meetings were held at various times to
determine the impact on attendance. The meetings were lightly attended.

During April and May, 2008, the IT Director participated in the Local Unit Quartile meetings
with the County Administrator and provided information on IT efforts that would be of
greatest interest to Local Units: Imaging and GIS.

Imaging Committee meetings have provided another opportunity to share knowledge
between departments and IT, and to demonstrate the range of capabilities that are available in
the Imaging system.

                        Appendix I: Customer Satisfaction Statistics
The following chart shows the Customer Satisfaction ratings for the department from June 1,
2007 to May 31, 2008 for Service Calls. Surveys are generated automatically by the Help Desk
software on a random basis. In addition, respondents can request a follow up call which is
handled by the IT Director or the appropriate IT Manager.

                                                                Customer Satisfaction Response









                                      Professionalism              Technical Skill           Timeliness            Quality             Overall
      June - Aug 2007                         97.38%                  94.82%                     95.29%            96.43%              96.94%
      Sept - Nov 2007                         97.08%                  96.67%                     99.17%            97.87%              98.30%
      Dec - Feb 2008                          97.71%                  96.99%                     96.10%            97.36%              97.27%
      March - May 2008                        97.44%                  96.89%                     95.39%            97.30%              96.97%

The following chart shows improvements made since the last general survey of customer
satisfaction. The 2004 survey was conducted by Plante & Moran, Inc. The questions in the 2007
survey were similar to those asked in 2004 in order to make an effective comparison.

                                                          Resullts of General Satisfaction Surveys



  Satisfaction Rating







                                                                                                                   Overall County
                                  IT Vision            IT Communications       IT Services           IT Training                    Overall Average

                        2004        42%                      70%                     81%                  80%           70%              69%
                        2007        80%                      75%                     84%                  79%           81%              80%


                           Appendix J: Financial Information

                                            IT Budget
                             (Does not Include GIS or Telecommunications)




Dollars $1,500



                            2005              2006                     2007          2008
    PERSONNEL             $1,424,587        $1,438,021            $1,529,910       $1,611,028
    MAINTENANCE           $160,665           $248,873                 $266,277     $329,181
    OPERATIONAL           $523,133           $825,562                 $730,921     $758,688
    Total                 $2,108,385        $2,512,455            $2,527,108       $2,698,897

                                                        Fiscal Year

                                Telecommunications Budget




        Dollars $300



                                2005             2006                     2007         2008
PERSONNEL                     $100,347          $103,125                $110,984      $116,086
SUPPLIES                      $47,491           $21,700                  $10,900      $10,870
SERVICE CONTRACTS             $263,881          $353,163                $421,202      $418,476
Total                         $411,719          $477,988                $543,086      $545,432

                                                          Fiscal Year

                                     Appendix J: Financial Information

                                                      GIS Budget







                                     2005       2006         2007           2008
                                                      Fiscal Year

                    2005                     2006                    2007           2008
PERSONNEL          $305,814              $337,179                   $371,290       $389,666
SUPPLIES           $26,171                  $24,747                 $23,803        $22,858
SERVICES           $110,776                 $59,797                 $101,182       $215,156
Capital Outlay       $0                       $0                       $0             $0
Total              $442,761              $421,723                   $496,275       $627,680

The activities and programs of this department
  are brought to you by the members of the
   Ottawa County Board of Commissioners

       Donald G. Disselkoen, Chairman
       Philip D. Kuyers, Vice-Chairman
                Joyce E. Kortman
              Dennis W. Swartout
                  Jane M. Ruiter
                Matthew M. Hehl
                Roger G. Rycenga
           Gordon D. Schrotenboer
                Edward Berghorst
                James C. Holtrop
              James H. Holtvluwer

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