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                                Island of the Blue Dolphins Study Guide

     Hey, you darling child! If you study this, and correctly fill out the questions, then you will do
                                     GRRRRRRRR-EAT on your test!

Match the Vocab:

    1.    Profit                                 a. Entrap, Entangle
    2.    Ravine                                 b. Red
    3.    League                                 c. Two people competing for the same thing
    4.    Idle                                   d. Benefit or gain
    5.    Burden                                 e. Sad, miserable
    6.    Ponder                                 f. To walk with difficulty due to damaged leg or foot
    7.    Forlorn                                g. Heavy load
    8.    Sinew                                  h. Large gully or pathway between rocks
    9.    Rivals                                 i. Cut or nicked
    10.   Limp                                   j. A tendon that joins muscle to bone
    11.   Scarlet                                k. Approximately three miles in distance
    12.   Jagged                                 l. Limped
    13.   Hobbled                                m. To think about
    14.   Notched                                n. Barbed
    15.   Snare                                  o. Inactive or still

Literary Devices

1. What figurative language is the following passage using?
     “The earth seemed to be holding its breath, as though it were waiting for something to happen.”


2. Name something within the book that is personified (can be animate or inanimate).


3. What figurative language is being used in the following passage?
                       “The sea is smooth. It is a flat stone without any scratches.”


4. From what point of view is Island of the Blue Dolphins written?

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5. Name one of the three themes found in the story, and write an example of it from the story.



6. Which passage best summarizes the story found within Island of the Blue Dolphins? Explain why.

       a. Karana is sad when Rontu dies because he’s her only friend, and she captures his son not
          long after so that he can be her friend as well. Karana often goes out canoeing with Rontu,
          and they found and killed a devilfish together but were too weak from the fight to bring it
          back to the house. Karana has a family of animals. Karana was stranded on Island of the
          Blue Dolphins after the Aleuts killed her dad and was forced to survive on her own.

       b. Ramo was left behind on the island, so Karana jumped into the water to stay with him until
          the white men came back with the ship. They made camp and gathered supplies, staying in
          their old house. Ramo died because the wild dogs attacked him, and Karana was left alone
          on the island for 18 years until some missionaries came to rescue her. She often hunted for
          abalones, and eventually vowed to never kill animals again because the animals became her
          family and friends.

       c. After the Aleuts came to hunt otter and attacked her people, the people of Ghalas-at left
          the island out of fear of the Aleuts returning. Ramo, Karana’s little brother, was left behind
          on the island when he went back to get his spear, so Karana jumped out of the ship to be
          with him and wait for the ship to return. Once Ramo was killed by the wild dogs, Karana
          vowed vengeance on the dogs, attempted to leave the island but had to return, and
          eventually befriended the alpha male of the wild dog pack. Eighteen years after Karana was
          stranded, missionaries came and Karana willingly left with them.

Explain Why:




7. Write out a cause and effect found within the story.



8. How do we know that the author is critical of the way the Aleuts hunted? (Author’s Purpose)
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9. Name one problem that Karana faces. What is the solution that she creates in order to solve the
   problem? Use the book to help you.

Problem:                                                      Solution:

Now write the problem and solution together as a sentence. The solution can come before the



10. Put the following events in the correct sequence in the spaces below.

          a.   The wild dogs kill Ramo, and Karana vows revenge.
          b.   The Aleuts hunt otter and kill the tribesman, including Karana’s father.
          c.   Rontu and Karana find the devilfish.
          d.   Karana attempts to leave the island by canoe but has to turn around due to a leak.
          e.   Tutok and Karana become friends, even though they don’t speak the same language.
          f.   Karana and Ramo are stranded on the island.
          g.   White men come and Karana leaves with them to a missionary in California.
          h.   Karana attempts to kill Rontu, but befriends him after injuring him.
          i.   Rontu dies of old age after collapsing at Karana’s feet.
          j.   The Aleuts come a second time to hunt otter, and after they leave Karana befriends and
               injured otter she names Won-a-nee.

                           ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

11. Below are events that can be placed on a story map. Identify and write in the correct areas what are
    the exposition (setting, characters, conflict), rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.

          a.   Karana befriends Rontu after attempting to kill him.
          b.   The Aleuts kill off Karana’s tribesmen after not equally sharing the jewels for the otter.
          c.   Karana leaves with the white men after 18 years on the island.
          d.   Karana and Ramo are stranded on the island.
          e.   Island of the Blue Dolphins
          f.   Ramo is killed by the wild dogs.
          g.   Rontu and Karana create a family of animals together.
          h.   Karana, Rontu
          i.   Karana must learn to survive on the island until she is rescued.
          j.   Karana vows vengeance on the wild dogs who killed her brother.
          k.   Karana befriends Tutok, even though she is an Aleut.
          l.   Karana captures Rontu-Aru and makes him into her pet.

Exposition:                                                           Rising Action:

Climax:                                             Falling Action:
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Questions: Answer these questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES on a separate piece of paper.

   1. Why was Karana surprised that her father told the strangers his real name?
   2. How do you think the geography of the land contributed to the natives’ innocence?
   3. How did the new chief Kimki have to reorganize tribal life after the battle? What problem arose
       from this new plan?
   4. Why did Karana hesitate to make weapons?
   5. Why were Karana’s hopes to leave the island by canoe frustrated despite her fine navigational
   6. Why did the domestic dogs on the island become a wild pack?
   7. How did Karana measure the passing of time?
   8. Why do you think that Karana did not kill the wild dog leader and instead made him a pet?
   9. Why did Karana want a canoe and a place to keep it hidden?
   10. What evidence do we have that Karana had pride in her appearance even though she was alone
       on the island?
   11. Do you think there is any relationship between long-term survival and personal pride? Explain.
   12. How did Karana expand her household? Why was this so important to her?
   13. Survival often depends upon wise planning. How did Karana prepare for winter during the
       summer months?
   14. Why do you think Karana and Tutok befriended one another despite the risks involved?
   15. How have Karana’s feelings towards the animals changed while she has been alone on the
       island? Why has this change occurred?
   16. Who was the man with the gray robe? What were the beads around his neck? Why didn’t
       Karana refer to his occupation by name?

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