BTS Alternance by benbenzhou


									                                              Passenier Nicolas
                                               15 Rue Berlioz
                                             67450 Mundolsheim
                                            + 33 (0) 6 64 90 98 12
                                  Born the 12/10/1980 in Strasbourg, France

          EDUCATION :

2004                                   Master of Science in IT Security, Engineer school ( ENSI), Bourges France.

2001                                   BTS in IT, option Network Administrator, Académie des Métiers de la
                                       Gestion et de l'économie school, Strasbourg France.

1999                                   Baccalauréat STI Génie Électronique in lycée Louis Couffignal School,
                                       Strasbourg France.

          SKILLS :

Operating Systems :                    Linux: Redhat, Debian, Suse, Mandrake, Mandriva, Ubuntu

                                       Unix: FreeBSD, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, VMS

                                       Windows: 3.1/3.11/95/98/NT/XP/2000/2003/2008/Seven

Networks :                             IPv4, Ethernet, Token Ring, Wifi (open/wep/wpa)

Databases :                            MS Access, Oracle

Hardware :                             Cisco, Nortel, Dlink, HP, H3C, F5, B.N.T(Routers/Switches/Loadbalancer)

Telecom:                               Pabx Oxe/A4400, Ipbx NeXspan, Asterisk

Office:                                Word, Powerpoint, Excel

Languages :                            VB, C, PERL, Python, Batch, Shellscript, SQL

Messaging Clients :                    Outlook, Lotus Notes, Evolution, PGP

Servers :                              Lotus Domino Server, Microsoft IIS, Exchange, Apache, Sendmail, Postfix

Protocols:                             ARP, RIP, TFTP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, SMB, NFS, TELNET, SSH, SMTP,
                                       POP3, IMAP, HTTP, HTTPS, STP, RSTP, VTP, SIP, IAX2, IPSEC

Antispam and Antivirus :               Spamassassin, Trendmicro Internet VirusWall, Trendmicro Internet
                                       Messaging Security Suite, Norton, Symantec, Avast.

Proxy and webfilter:                   Squid, Squidguard

Intrusion Detection Systems : (        Snort, Prelude, tripwire

Firewall:                              Cisco Pix, Firewall Clavister, linux iptables, Checkpoint, Stonegate

Monitoring :                           HP openview, Nagios, Cacti, Tivoli, RCB Accelent

Network Scanner and tools:             Saint, Nessus, Nmap, Nikto, Metasploit

Softwares :                             SMS Remote Control,VNC, DameWare, Pc Anywhere, Remote Desktop, ,
                                       SIEBEL, Service Center, Vision 64, Precision v5, ARS remedy, Toad,
                                       Control M, ARGAUS
Authentications :              Ntlm, active directory, ldap, certificate and token.


French                         Native language

English                        Good level, usual and technical.
German                         School level.
Dutch                          Understanding ( father's native language)

February 2012 – April 2012     Central Schengen Information System (C-SIS) : Freelance Network
                               and Security Consultant in HP's Network Team for European Project:
                                  Network and Security Support for VIS project
                                  Troubleshooting
                                  Writing procedures.
                                Transfer of training
November 2010 – January 2012   Central Schengen Information System (C-SIS) : Network and Security
                               Consultant in HP's Network Team for European Projects: SISII and VIS
                                  Writing exploitation procedures.
                                  Coaching on network infrastructure, network devices and Firewalls.
                                  Level two support and troubleshooting.
                                  Scripting, monitoring and daily Firewalls administration.
                                Security check on the network to match security baseline
October 2009 – May 2010        Central Schengen Information System (C-SIS) : System Administrator
                               and Team Leader of the Infrascturure Team of the European Project
                               SISII for STERIA.
                                  Administration of production and test servers.
                                  Deployment of new application version and testing.
                                  Level two support
                                  Managing users accounts and restricting network access.
                                  Updates and Security Audit.
                                Monitoring of Servers and performance during Official tests.
December 2008 - Mars 2009      CAISSE D' EPARGNE BANK(Arpège), Schiltigheim:Monitoring and
                               exploitation technician.
                                  Managing banking servers ISIM process and batch.
                                  Monitoring of ATM authentications and banking transactions.
                                  Monitoring of IPSEC gateways, and inter-banking links with RSB and
                                  Level Two support on ATM: GAB and BLS.
                                  Monitoring of Servers and Ipsec gateways backups.
                                  Managing OTP for ATM: GAB.
                                  Managing anti fraud request: Log analyse, and database transaction
December 2005 to end 2008      Agence Nationale Pour l' Emploi CISI-EST, Schiltigheim: Network and
                               Security administrator of Whole East France network.
                                  Network administration: arround 200 servers and 3000 workstations
                                  Monitoring servers, switchs and Cisco routers.
                                  Project manager for LAN/WAN Migration with Orange Business
                                  Backup of servers and CITRIX servers..
                                  VLAN creation, and controling security on networks elements
                                   according to National request.
                                  Writing of doccumentations on CISI's activities.
                                    Remote servers and ANPE softwares update.
                                    Installing and configuring new servers and new workstations with
                                     specific ANPE softwares.
                                    First level, Second Level Support, and mainly Network support.
                                    Account managing for users and partners Citrix access.
                                    Managing Token for VPN access.

2004                             ALCATEL, Illkirch: Helpdesk and Second Level support.
                                  Level two helpdesk for whole Alcatel France users.
2003                             U.B.I: Uhl-Bonaventure Informatique, Reichstett: Security auditor on
                                 open source
                                    Security Audit of a Linux Internet Gateway with Web filtering,
                                     antiviral filtering.
                                    Analyse and detection of vulnerability, updating.
                                    Fixing Security flaws, and adding new fonctionality like antispam and
                                    firewalling,active directory authentication.
2002 - 2003                      ALCATEL, Illkirch: Monitoring and Exploitation technician
                                  E-business and critiacal servers monitoring: Mail,Proxy and SAP.
                                  Backup servers data.
                                  Control process and transfert, analyse and relaunch on failure.
2002                             ALCATEL, Illkirch: International Telecom Operator.
                                   Welcome and Forward Wolrdwide Telecom clients based on produtcs
                                    and contracts to Telecom engineer.
2002                             ALCATEL, Illkirch: First Level Technician
                                  First level Hardware and Software support.
BTS Alternance + CDD 2000-2001   BMW France, Strasbourg: Network Administrator
                                  Network administration.
                                  Helpdesk.
BTS Alternance 1999-2000         MCE France, Mundolsheim : Network Administrator
                                    Network Administration.
                                    Helpdesk.

        PERSONNAL :

Leisure :                        Martial Arts, Running, Swimming, Paintball

Interests:                       HighTech, Security and Telecom

Licence :                        Permis B and Personnal Car

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