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					                             CANA CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL                        Principal:        Mrs Carmen Blatti
                                   46 Banchory Avenue, HILLSIDE, Vic., 3037
                                                                                 R.E.C. / Deputy: Sr. Judith
                             Phone: (03) 8390-9200         Fax: (03) 8390 9241   Parish Priest:    Fr. O’Reilly

                                                                                 Sacred Heart/Emmaus Mass Times:
                                                                                 Saturday 5:30 (SH) 7:00 (Emmaus),
                                                                                 Sunday 8:00am, 10:15am, 11:30am (SH)
                                          Friday 20th July 2012                  9:00am (Emmaus),

As a faith community let us pray for these children in Year 4 who are making
                        their First Holy Communion this weekend.

    May God Bless each child as they grow in their faith and participate more
                              fully in our Catholic faith celebrations

  Rhys Simmons, Daniel McNaughton, Matthew Costa, Joshua Calleja, Ebony
  Borg, Alex Sandham, Jake Morgan, Cassie Farrugia, Abbey Zahra, Alexandra
  Sawyer, Daniel Mifsud, Joshua Grubisa, Darcy Pitman, Alana Caligari, Olivia
  Strappazon, Joshua Forti, Tomas Nov, Jacob Camilleri, Luke Sammut, Olivia
  Scerri, Alana Mercieca, Daniel Dalli, Kiara Amenta and Ebony Peronace.


                          Grandparents’ Day Morning Tea
             In Celebration of the Feast Day of St. Joachim & St. Anne –
                                 Jesus’ Grandparents
  Celebration dates are :
  For children with surnames beginning with A – K, - Wednesday 25th July 2012 at 9.15am –

  For children with surnames beginning with L – Z - Thursday 26th July 2012 at 9.15am - 10.30am.

  We are asking each family to send a plate of finger food on the day their grandparent/s will be visiting.
  Where possible, it would be appreciated if food were placed on a disposable plate, cut and ready for
  serving. Food to be left in school hall before school. Food suggestions listed:

  GRADES 4, 5 AND 6. Please supply SWEETS
  (E.g. sliced tea cakes, lamingtons, muffins, scones, pancakes, biscuits, etc.)

  GRADES: PREP, 1, 2 AND 3. Please supply SAVOURIES
  (E.g. sandwiches, cheese platter, crackers and dip, croissants, fruit platter, etc.)

  Thank you for your continued support in helping to provide a memorable Morning Tea to celebrate and
  thank the special role grandparents play in our children’s lives.        Cana Social Committee.

Fri 20th
                                          Parish Dance TONIGHT                            “HEROES”
                                     Tickets sold at the door – Hope to see many of you tonight! BYO everything .
Sat 21st / Sun 22nd                  Confirmation Mass of Blessing

                                     FEAST DAY OF ST JOACHIM AND ST ANNE                                     (See
                                                                    Reminder over)
                 th             th
  Wed 25 Thur 26                                            Grandparent’s of Jesus
 9.15am – 10.30 am                   9.15 am gather in school hall for a special reflection followed by a
                                     classroom visit then a special shared morning tea in the school hall.
                                                        Looking forward to seeing you .
Sat 28                               CANA Bunnings Taylors Lakes B.B.Q Fundraiser           9:00 – 3:00 pm
                                     First Communions being held at Sacred Heart Church 5:30 pm
Sat 28th
                                                                       Emmaus Church             7:00 pm
Sun 29th                             First Communion being held at Sacred Heart Church           10:15 am

Weds 1st and Thurs. 2nd              Grade 5 Chats
Sat. 4th and Sun 5th                 Mass of Blessing – Reconciliation Grade 3
Sat. 4th                             Grade 3 and 5 Working Bee 9.00 am – 11.00 am
Mon 6th and Tue 7th                  Grade 1 Chats
Mon. 6th                             Parish Fair Committee Meeting 7.30 pm
Weds. 8th                            Feast Day of St Mary of the Cross – Special celebrations planned
Thursday 9th                         Fundraising Meeting 7.30 pm
Thursday 9th                         Cana preps visiting Emmaus Preps at Emmaus
Weds. 15th                           Feast of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven           11.15am Mass
Thursday 16th                        RE Night for Prep to 2 Families ‘Godly Play’ ( Details to follow)
Friday 17th                          Cana School Disco Night       ( Details to follow)
Sat. 18th / Sun 19th                 Mass of Blessing- Confirmation - Grade 6
                 nd   rd
Weds. 22 /23                         Grade 2 Chats
            th             st
Mon. 27 – Fri 31                                             BOOK     WEEK       AT       CANA
                                     Fathers Day - twilight gathering (Details to follow)
Thurs. 31st

                                     Mass of Blessing – Reconciliation Grade 3
Sat. 1st / Sun 2nd
                                     Reconciliation Family Days held at Sacred Heart School Hall
Mon 3rd                              Parish Fair Meeting. 7:00 Sacred Heart School
Tues. 4th                            Cana Maintenance Committee Meeting 7.30 Staff Room
                                     Parent Teacher Interviews – early finish ( Details to follow)
Weds. 5th
                                                            ‘CANA         ART         SHOW’
Sat 8th / Sun 9th               Reconciliation Family Days held at Sacred Heart School Hall
Tues. 11th                      Grade 5 students invited to visit CRC Caroline Springs A.M.only
Weds. 12th 5.00 – 7.00
   ( Details to follow)           CANA CELEBRATES ‘CULTURAL DIVERSITY’
Sat 15th/Sun 16th               Mass of Blessing - Confirmation
Sat. 15th                       Grade 4 Working Bee 9.00 am – 11.00am
Mon 17th / Tue. 18th            Grade 6 Reflection Days – Mary Mackillop Centre
Weds. 19th                      Finance / Education Board Meeting held at Cana School
Friday 21st                     End of Term 3
Monday 8th October              Beginning of term 4

                                            Cana School Website
This week on the website:
       Make sure you have subscribed to our new email subscription newsletter “Cana E-News”
        (follow the link on the homepage to subscribe) – First edition released VERY SOON!
       Weekly Newsletters are now available from the News and Events section

Visit www.canahillside.catholic.edu.au

                               ATTENTION ALL                  HEROES!
       Come one come all to the PARISH FAIR MIDYEAR DISCO. Dust your dancing shoes off and
     come on down to the “HEROES” themed disco. Come dressed in your favourite sporting, comic
        or historical hero or just be yourself….tickets will be available at the door so bring along
                            anyone you’d like to “get down and boogie with!!!”

                                       Hot dogs and drinks will be available

                       When: Friday 20th July 2012 Time: 7pm -10pm Where: CRC St Albans

                       Price: $4 each per ticket School age and adults . Children under 5 FREE

    SECOND HAND UNIFORM SHOP will be open every Wednesday between 2:30 and 3:30pm.
    Please note that sales will now take place in the HALL. Stock is growing, plenty to choose from.
    Don’t hesitate in bringing in your pre loved uniforms between these times.

    EARN AND LEARN – To date we have 18.000 points. Great Work everyone! We have until August
    12th to finalize our coupons so make sure all cards are filled and returned. Well done to all so far!!!

    Grade 5 Parent Chats, please excuse error made in your notices. The correct dates are

    Wednesday 1st of August and Thursday 2nd of August.
TERM           Meeting Date                Event Discussion                         Leaders
FOUR     28th Nov                       School Sports Carnival   SharleneKerseboom /Cathy Zahra
         TBA                            Orientation Afternoon    Michelle Scicluna / Cathy Zahra

TERM                   Meeting Date                         Activity / Discussion/Arrangements

THREE           9th August                   Discussion/Update – Disco/Tony’s Pies/Shopping tour

Four            9th October                  Discussion/Update – future planning

                                   MASS SCHEDULE TERM 3
 The children and teachers have enjoyed having parents visit the classrooms over the past term. We look
       forward to continuing warm visits and responses to seeing the children in their classrooms.

                       Date                                                   Grade
             Tuesday 24 July                                                 2P
             Tuesday 31st July                                               1G
            Tuesday 7th August                                               4H
        Wednesday 15th August                        Feast Day of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven 2C
           Tuesday 21st August                                               5C
           Tuesday 28th August                                               2A
          Tuesday 4th September                                            Prep M
         Tuesday 11th September                                              5K
         Tuesday 18th September                                              4W

                                            FAMILY CHATS
               The following dates are provided to help with your home schedules and plans.

July 24th / 25th                   Grade 3
August 1st and 2nd                 Grade 5
August 6th and 7th                 Grade 1
August 22nd and 23rd               Grade 2
*** November 13th                  Families with children in grade 2 and 5 (2012). Meeting to discuss
                                   Commitment Mass and the Sacraments in the following year. Details
                                   closer to the time

                 WORKING BEES - ARRANGEMENTS 2012
TERM         MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE                   WORKING BEE DATES                         GRADE
                    MEETINGS                           9.00-11.00am
                 7.30 in Staffroom
THREE                                           Sat. 4th August                    Grade 3&5
             Tuesday 4 September                Sat.15th September                 Grade 4
FOUR         Tuesday 16th October               Sat. 27th October                  Grade 6
December Dates TBA

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