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Have you been affected by the down economy? Are you struggling to
make ends meet?

While you may feel hard-pressed to find a job, there are many options
that can pay your bills in the interim. Check out these suggestions
and then see if you can brainstorm additional ideas of your own.

1. Get a part-time job. This is the first idea that may pop into your
   mind when you think of sources of temporary income.

   ➡ Jobs that pay tips have the possibility of paying very well!

2. Freelance. Do you have skills that people need? Can you design
   websites? Good with graphics? A master with PowerPoint? Can you
   write decent articles quickly?

   You may be able to find enough work to keep you pretty busy and
   might make more money than you would think.

   ➡ Shop your services around; if you have some skills, someone
      needs them and will pay you for them. Look at
      and for an idea of what’s out there. Many other
      sites exist, too.
3. has possibilities. is a website that allows
   anyone to post a product or service that costs $5. The website
   takes $1, so your profit is really $4.

   ➡ If you can think of something that doesn’t take a lot of time,
      you can make some decent spending money.

   ➡ There are also several other websites similar to that
      allow you to charge up to $25 for quick services or products. A
      Google search for "Fiverr Clones" should call up several for you
      to consider.

4. Buy a storage unit at an auction. Or more correctly, purchase the
   contents of a storage unit. This practice can be hit or miss, but
   many people make a living from purchasing the contents of
   abandoned storage units and selling what you find.

   ➡ Sell the junk at a garage sale and the good stuff on eBay. With
      a little luck, that $200 storage unit could be worth $10,000 or

5. Clean out the garage and attic. Some of the stuff you might see as
   junk, other people collect. Some items you never use, others may
   actually need. Unload the stuff you don’t need or use anymore,
   and make some cash.

   ➡ You can sell your unused items at a garage sale or on eBay.

   ➡ Old toys, baseball cards, tools, and more can all be worth a
      surprising amount of money to the right buyer.

6. Consider the tasks most people don’t like to do. Someone might be
   thrilled to pay you to cut their grass or walk their dog. In fact, you
   can make several hundred dollars in a weekend by maintaining a
   few customers’ lawns. Here are some other examples:

   ➡ No one likes to shovel snow off of their driveway.
   ➡ You could run errands or go shopping for someone.
   ➡ Just think about all the annoyances in the world and you’ll be
      able to find some work.

7. Sign-up with a temporary service. Most of the positions are
   unskilled, but there are some professional positions available and
   the money can be decent. Some jobs are just a day or two, but
   many are semi-permanent, and may even lead to full-time

8. Buy garage sale items and re-sell for a profit. Spending Fridays and
   Saturdays snapping up bargains from garage sales and selling
   them at Flea Markets or on eBay can be very lucrative. This is also
   a profession that provides a full-time living with part-time hours
   for many folks.

9. Try landscaping. Landscaping has become a profitable hobby or
   full-time living for many. If you have a way with plants and an eye
   for design, you can charge a pretty penny for doing some
   landscaping and make some hefty profits.

10.Make money from your hobby. You can build furniture or decorative
   items, arts and crafts, create personalized scrapbooks, home-made
   gifts of all kinds, and so on.

  If you don’t have a hobby like this, the skills for many of them are
  easily learned and enjoyable as well.

  ➡ Sell your items at flea markets, on or eBay, or spread
     the word through friends.

Being between jobs doesn’t mean you have to do without income. You
may have to swallow your pride with some of the solutions, but being
without a job certainly doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

The ideas above are just a starting point and they can get you
thinking about your options.

As an added bonus, by earning any sort of temporary income, you’ll
be coming into contact with people who may be able to help you find
a permanent position!

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