How-to-Improve-Your -Cars-Gas-Mileage by pfinancecr


									As the price of gas continues to climb, getting every mile you can
from that expensive gallon of gasoline only becomes more important.
By doing a few simple things, you can significantly improve your gas
mileage. Try these tips today; you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Drive the speed limit.

  • Gas mileage decreases rapidly beyond 60 miles per hour.

  • Avoid driving so slowly that you're unsafe, but gas mileage is best
    at 50-60 mph.

Drive conservatively.

  • Driving aggressively with excessive braking and accelerating can
    reduce gas mileage by 30% on the highway. Take it easy and
    you'll save money.

Get the lead out.

  • Your mileage will decrease by an average of 2% for every 100
    pounds of excess weight.

  • Don't carry more stuff in your car than you need.

Use cruise control on the highway.

  • Maintaining a constant speed on the highway is an excellent way
    to maximize your gas mileage.

Inflate your tires to the proper pressure.

  • Your mileage can suffer by over 3% by under-inflating tires.

  • Check them regularly and add air or nitrogen when needed.

  • Over-inflating can be unsafe; follow the instructions on the tire.

Use the proper weight oil.

  • Using 10w-30 instead of 5w-30 oil can also harm gas mileage.

  • Use what is recommended for your engine in the owner's manual.

Plan trips carefully.

  • Avoid rush hour. Starting, stopping, and changing speeds wastes
    gas. Idling is equivalent to 0 MPG.

  • For long trips, do you really need a roof rack? These can hurt gas
    mileage by over 5% at highway speeds.
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