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“Fistful of Blood” A HEAVY METAL FILM by cuiliqing


									                          ASTRABLU MEDIA, INC.


                  the slate of Feature Films for 2006

“Fistful of Blood”                  A HEAVY METAL FILM

“FOREVER                       PLAID” THE MUSICAL

“MIAMI MAMBO”                          AN    ETHNIC     COMEDY

“EDEN’S BLUFF”                              A      CLOTHING
                                          OPTIONAL       COMEDY

Josi W. Konski
President & CEO

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Las Vegas, NV. 89109

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“Fistful of Blood”


                      “Fistful of Blood”
From the Best-Selling Graphic Novel by World-Famous, Animated-Author &
Studio-Produced Entity – HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE

Genre:                               Action, Western, Horror, Comedy

Screenwriters:                       Kevin Eastman & Paul Jenkins

Producers:                           Josi W. Konski

Executive Producers:                 Joseph DeMasi & James DeMasi

Director:                            Kevin Eastman

Photography:                         Nelson Cragg

Suggested Cast:                      LANCE HENDRICKSON

                                     WILLIAM FORSYTHE

                                     CHARLIE NAPIER

Budget:                              3,000,000

In our insane & cult-driven Story tosses the Gothic Horror Genre into the Spaghetti
Western ala “Fistful of Dollars” (Clint Eastwood). It is ripped from the bleeding-edge
minds and pencils of Kevin Eastman and Comic Book fan-favorite, Simon Bisley.

Replacing Clint’s solitary Western Gunfighter persona is a deadly, sexy, & voluptuous
“High Plains Drifter” (Mystery Woman). She wanders into an isolated, semi-abandoned
“ghost town” deep in the Badlands of the American Southwest.

She soon finds herself caught in a violent, three-way turf war between desperate Town
Folk, lead by our intended Co-Star Male Lead in a soon-to-be classic, character Role.
She battles gangs of Vampires spearheaded by our Star Lead … only to suddenly
encounter …

An outlandish gang of Zombie Outlaws’ & their bloody trails. Our dangerous, bad-girl
Gunfighter is quickly forced to put her deadly guns to use in an all-out effort to survive
the battle between the Town’s innocent, the evil insurgents, and her very soul.
A supernatural crossfire explodes between the whacked-out, off-balance, Character Leads
and the most gorgeous of Starlets to ever rise-to-screen.

Hot chicks, six guns, and armies of the ghoulish undead. How better to deliver Heavy
Metal Magazine’s & Kevin Eastman’s millions in fan-following … their requested
Screen thrills d’jour?


ProActive Media Group has obtained the non-exclusive use of the Heavy Metal Logo and
Trademark for the use in the Picture and its promotion. We have also entered into an
agreement with Metal Mammoth, Inc. through its exclusive licensing agent J. Roth and
Associates for all the merchandising on the picture to include but not limited to TOYS,

There is a direct tie-in with the Heavy Metal Magazine’s Web page
( that receives over 10,000 hits per day as well as the Heavy Metal
magazine itself whom will be promoting the Picture.

Samples of Illustrations from the Best-Selling Book:



                 FOREVER                         PLAID

Genre:                             Musical

Screenwriters:                     Stuart Ross

Producers:                         Josi W. Konski, Benni Korzen and Barney Cohen

Executive Producers:               Joseph DeMasi & James DeMasi

Director:                          Stuart Ross

Budget:                            3,000,000

FOREVER PLAID is a musical revue interspersed with witty and insightful banter about
music and the love of it, and of growing up, and “making one’s mark.”

The story is a simple one of four young men struggling to “make it” as a swing &
standards “close harmony” group in those pre-Beatles, pre-“grassy knoll” days of our
Perry Como innocence.

Their problem? They’re dead! Wiped out by a bus full of schoolgirls while the lads
were driving to their first real gig (at the “Fuselounge” in the local airport).

But a second opportunity is heaven sent. They’ve been returned to Earth some 40 years
later to put on the show they never performed in life, and for each one of the four to
achieve the happy resolution of his redemptive arc.


For some time three highly experienced feature film producers Benni Korzen, Barney
Cohen and Myself came to the conclusion that a definitive filmed version of perhaps the
most successful Off-Broadway stage wholesome musical in American history,
FOREVER PLAID, must be made. Why? Partly because worldwide grosses for its
current productions (a new one in Las Vegas is sold out for months into the future and the
producers have taken a five year lease on the theatre) are now pushing the play's total
earnings towards $250,000,000 generated over strong runs and repeat performances all
across the USA as well as extended runs in Germany, Japan, South Africa, everywhere
that audiences that appreciate the retro “Swing music” and song standards that underpin
the play.

But also, we believe the movie should be made as a tribute to the millions of theatre goers
who have loved it and will want to see it on the big screen, (and collect the DVD for their
bookshelves) while, at the same time, it will be a gift to all those movie goers, those who
wouldn’t be caught dead in a theatre, who will soon discover FOREVER PLAID’s charm
for the first time, around the world. It will be produced as a film and exploited
throughout the world in all media, chiefly on DVD, with the soundtrack on CD, and
launched via a theatrical rollout.

FOREVER PLAID has played non-stop, worldwide for over fifteen years. This year,
over 100 licensed productions will be mounted and the accelerated pace continues.

The show will be captured in the actual venue (theatre) using a multiple camera setup
with additional shooting on a sound stage, using the latest in green screen technology for
special effects during several of the show’s key musical and dance sequences to open it
up and place the production in highly stylized locations. It will then be edited down to a
feature length version of what this great show is all about: the characters, great music,
staging, witty banter, campy humor, and now, thanks the our production, its brilliant
array of sets, sounds and colors. The DVD will be jam packed with extra supplementary
files, and the CD will contain a brand new high-definition CD master recording depicting
the show’s 23 hit songs. This definitive performance of FOREVER PLAID will open in
as many as 500 “heartland” theatres, each targeted to an area in which the stage show has
played successfully. In the second tier of theatrical release, the movie will go wider
release nationwide. Deals are in place for this theatrical distribution plan.

You should check out our web page at

Josi W. Konski


                  “MIAMI MAMBO”
Genre:                 Ethnic Romantic Comedy

Screenwriters:         Luis Santeiro & Josi W. Konski

Producers:             Benni Korzen & Josi W. Konski

Executive Producers:   Joseph DeMasi & James DeMasi

Director:              Josi W. Konski

Composer:              Gonzalo Rubalcava

Photography:           Mario Garcia Joya

Suggested Cast:        Javier Bardem or Andy Garcia (Manolo) , Lorraine
                       Bracco (Gloria), Alfred Molina (Ramon)

Budget                 3,500,000

Synopsis:              A romantic comedy which shows a glimpse into the
                       Cuban American community in Miami, revolving
                       around a down-on-his-luck record producer
                       (Manolo) who's struggling to pay for a spectacular
                       "SWEET FIFTEEN" party for his daughter. He
                       struggles with issues of an oversexed wife (Gloria)
                       money, an IRS inspection, generation gap, family,
                       politics, and the surprise reappearance of a long lost
                       political prisoner brother (Ramon) assumed death.
                       And when he thinks that events cannot get any worst
                       he has to get a job from his red-neck neighbor


Fed up with the influx of Cubans into their city, Americans are leaving Miami in droves.
The THOMPSONS-SONNY and CANDY - wave good-bye to the JONES family, who
are moving to Orlando because the Cubans have taken over Miami. The Thompsons can
only agree; they note that loud Cuban music is playing in the neighborhood. Candy bids
them a fond farewell and predicts that they'll soon be joining them. But Sonny is a
stubborn man. He has no intention of leaving; they are not driving him out!

Across the street live the MUÑOZ family, handsome MANOLO a nostalgia record
producer, ushers his sexy and lovely wife GLORIA, daughter MARITZA (14) a would-
be rock'n roller and his grumbling elderly mother ANTONIA across the street to a party
being given by affluent ROLANDO FUENTES a banker and his wife ELENA (the
Thompson's next door neighbors). They meet with GREG THOMPSON on the walk
over, he videotapes Maritza and Antonia singing and dancing. The music is coming from
the Fuentes' house, where a party is already in full swing.. The Fuentes' are nouveau
riche; their home contains every imaginable gadget, and this particular evening activities
include the screening of a videotape of little BARBARA FUENTES, very lavish, very
expensive sweet-fifteenth birthday party. The Muñoz older daughter, RAQUEL (19), is
there with her new husband, PETE. Manolo watches Barbara, envious of her obvious
stability and naiveté (he detests the way his daughter dresses and the fact she's obsessed
with rock'n roll). He decides there and then that his daughter is going to have a birthday
party even better than Barbara's...

When they get home that evening, Manolo informs Gloria of his decision, And he thinks
it's finally time for him to produce the CD he's been holding off on. Because of Castro's
impending downfall, Cuban Patriotism is at an all time high. Manolo's performers OLGA
and TONY were the Cuban Sonny and Cher, It's time for them to make their comeback.
Gloria is happy and excited. Because of Fidel, neither she nor their other daughter,
Raquel, were able to have such a party. When they finally go to bed, Gloria tries
seducing Manolo to no avail; he's too preoccupied concentrating on his financial

Manolo brings Maritza along to the recording session, Mari thinks the duo sounds
questionably good and suggests for her dad to get with it and start producing some
modern stuff.

Gloria brings in a high-priced party planner and choreographer, RODNEY of Broadway
fame to handle the party. Because Maritza is a Pisces, Rodney decides an underwater
theme is in order. Mermaids will dance, palm trees will sway.. "Oh boy", thinks Maritza.
Not wanting to hurt her parents' feelings, she keeps her displeasure to herself, sharing it
only with her best friend/neighbor Greg, an avid would be director who goes nowhere
without his video camera. Greg comes up with the idea that makes the party a whole lot
easier for Maritza to swallow. They'll turn this lavish production into a Music Video, her
singing debut and his directing debut. She'll get on stage and sing and dance amongst the

mermaids... and he'll document the making of the party from beginning to end. It could
be the break both of them have been waiting for...

Meanwhile, Sony doesn't like his son Greg hanging out with the Cubans; he won't listen
to Greg's affirmation that the Muñoz's are good people.

But things don't go as planned in Manolo's life. Olga y Tony CD's won't sell. Nobody
cares about them anymore. Manolo is being audited by the IRS because he hasn't paid
taxes in two years. He owes the government $ 35,000...

Everything isn't quite so bleak, however... His brother RAMON, a renown newspaper
reporter and long time political prisoner that according to the Castro government had
passed away long ago is found to be alive... being released and is coming to Miami.

The family is ecstatic. Manolo is happy that his brother, the son of Antonia the first
husband of Gloria and father of Raquel is finally coming home.

Yes... Gloria's husband and father of Raquel. After the family went into exile and finding
out of the passing of Ramon.... Manolo eventually took up with and married Gloria his
brother widow and soon thereafter Maritza came along.

Ramon is an immediate celebrity. Arriving to freedom after so many horrible years of
incarceration, he's everyone's ideal. He's asked to appear on a game show and wins a new
car. Ramon, who doesn't even know how to drive, suddenly finds himself with a fancy
car. Then he's hired as the managing editor of the largest Spanish language newspaper in
town and instantly becomes part of the power structure of Miami.

Manolo problems continue to worsen. Gloria insists on seducing him at every opportunity
but, he continues to show no interest, his mind is elsewhere, the CD is a disaster, the IRS
is breathing down his neck and the check he wrote to Rodney bounces.

In an act of true desperation, Manolo allows himself to be talked into going to a voodoo
priest (Santero). As a result, Manolo, carrying several chicken parts (a foot, wing, etc.) is
arrested by the police for indecent exposure. He'd been peeing on the front steps of the
IRS building under direct orders of the Santero.

This is more than Gloria can bear. She's been wracking her brain trying to figure out how
to make the passionless Manolo take a sexual interest in her. AND NOW HE'S CAUGHT
EXPOSING HIMSELF in public. He won't show IT to her but shows it to the whole

Maritza and Greg, meanwhile, have become more and more friendly. Finally one day as
they are watching a romantic movie on video, they begin tentatively kissing and groping.
Manolo happens to walk by the door, witnesses what's transpiring, and furiously throws
Greg out of the house declaring that Maritza's never to see him again. Maritza takes on a
hard line - no Greg; no party....

Manolo, hat in hand, is forced to go to Fuentes, and ask for a loan. Fuentes' a powerful
bank executive instantly agrees to help his friend. Manolo's newfound hopes are dashed,
however when he arrives at the bank to collect the money, only to discovered that
Fuentes is being busted by the cops. He's been arrested for money laundering.

Finally, things improve drastically, however, when, as a result of Antonia's call to a radio
station, Tony y Olga become the featured entertainers. They become an overnight
phenomenon once again. Music stores can't keep the CD's in stock! Manolo is in the

Finally it's time for the big 15th birthday party. Manolo has put his differences with Greg
aside; Greg's Maritza's escort for the big party. As the mermaids dance and the clam shell
rises out of the "depths", Maritza and her band rush up onto stage and begin to sing.
Rodney is at first horrified, but when Maritza call her father up on stage insisting that he,
(from whom she inherited her beautiful voice!) join her on stage. Together father and
daughter reconcile and rap their love for one another while on the dance floor their
assembled families watch with shining eyes.


Miami Mambo is an ethnic romantic comedy aimed at the same audience demographics
that made “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” a financial success.

It is the quintessential first generation, hardworking immigrant, success story revolving
around a Cuban-American down-on-his-luck, nostalgia music producer, MANOLO,
who's struggling to pay for a spectacular Cuban style, "SWEET FIFTEEN" coming out
party for his rebellious daughter, MARITZA, while simultaneously dealing with a
sensual wife, GLORIA, business reverses and the adversities of an IRS audit.

This project was originally developed with New Line and eventually, I was able to buy it
back on turnaround.

Born in Cuba, with parents that escaped communism from Eastern Europe, then raised in
Miami after our family once again had to abandon everything due to Castro, and having a
vivacious fifteen year old "Made in the USA" daughter more American than apple pie, I
have lived and shared many of the experiences related and enhanced in the story.

This background gives me as a Writer/Director a personal and insightful prospective of
the Cuban emigrant which even though is unique in many ways, is a story not unlike the
Italian, Armenian, Irish, Greek or Jewish assimilation into the melting pot of American

Relating the story in film, I strive for a warm and sympathetic look at a Cuban-American
family who has struggled to make new lives in this great land. A positive message with

interesting and sweet characters. A romantic comedy which shows the unlimited love a
"good-man" has for his family.

In the writing, I gave each performer a distinctive voice based on composite characters
from my personal experiences, such as the plot twist with the reappearance of - RAMON,
the long-lost brother/son/husband whom appears out of nowhere and immediately
becomes very successful - RODNEY, the over the top, gay party choreographer -
ROLANDO, the big time banker whom is arrested after being found money laundering
are some of these specific examples giving this story its unique and diverse prospective.

MANOLO has his ideals and heart stuck in the old country (Cuba); he is struggling to
survive.... to keep up! MANOLO loves his family but he is being pulled in all directions
at once. His vivacious daughter MARITZA has fully embraced the American-Way and
there is no holding her back and to make matters worst, she has fallen in love with the
young AMERICANO neighbor. What is MANOLO to do?

Expression will be the clue, expression achieved by abbreviation, by essence. Instead of a
heavy accent (ala Ricky Ricardo), intonation is what will be portrayed, while paying
special attention to the deep seated natural humor of "Los Cubanos" and their internal
Caribbean sensualism at it's utmost, through dance and movement, scenographic detail
and situations, color, light and least not we forget the world renown music that made
Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz), Tito Puente, Xavier Cugat, Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Marc
Anthony and Ricky Martin world famous.

Sometimes it takes someone like myself who comes to the United States from elsewhere
to recognize America's greatness and make it shine while having an enjoyable time.

Josi W. Konski

“EDEN’S          BLUFF”


                       “EDEN’S         BLUFF”

Genre:                     Comedy

Screenwriters:             John Kinsman & Colin C.McCandless

Producer:                  Josi W. Konski

Executive Producers:       Joseph DeMasi & James DeMasi

Director:                  Ryan Schaefer

Budget:                    2,000,000

                      “EDEN’S BLUFF”
VANESSA MIDDLETON is a breathtaking girl-next-door beauty with brains to match
who graduates from a masters program and looks forward to beginning a career in her
home town of Eden's Cove--a peaceful, picturesque little town. Vanessa has a cozy life
at home with her father and a great job as the new English teacher at the prestigious
Feelers Academy. Vanessa's life is in perfect order…until she receives a mysterious letter
at school.

Confused by the letter, which states that she has inherited a modest piece of land from a
distant uncle, Vanessa goes to her outspoken, vivacious new friend and fellow school
teacher NATALIE for advice. With Natalie suspecting fraud and Walter unavailable due
to his pressing schedule as the Feelers Academy janitor, Vanessa makes a trek up to the
property herself.

As she approaches the land, she reads a sign that says "Eden's Bluff - For Enthusiasts of
The Natural Life." Thinking she's inherited a wildlife preserve, Vanessa is shocked when
the first creature she encounters is the friendly, rotund, and naked MURRAY
MITCHELL, caretaker of Eden's Bluff. Thrilled by the excitement of a new owner,
Murray shows Vanessa around the dilapidated resort. Flabbergasted and slightly shell-
shocked, Vanessa takes in as much as she can--until she is overwhelmed by an entire
room full of nude bingo players and finally faints. Vanessa is revived by the dashing and
handsome activities director, CHAS LANDERS, a firefighter. A spark of romantic
interest ignites between the two, but Murray sticks his big fat head in the mix and
Vanessa remembers that she is late for class and hurries back to town.

Upon returning from her scouting mission, Vanessa has more questions than before, such
as, "Why did I inherit this property?" and "What do I do now?" and "What do you mean
it's last call?!" With Vanessa suddenly worrying about the myriad liabilities of owning
such a bizarre and run-down establishment, she is shocked when she receives a phone
call from MAYOR BARBARA TAFT DAVENPORT, the icy, sexy, ambitious Mayor of
Eden's Cove. Mayor Davenport offers Vanessa a paltry sum of cash for the resort.
Unbeknownst to Vanessa, the Mayor is in cahoots with the slick and slimy real estate
mogul BROCK SHAUGHNESSY, who needs this piece of property to open up a gigantic
luxury shopping mall. Vanessa narrowly escapes the signing of the contract, stating that
she needs time to think about it.

With that, she dashes back to Feelers Academy, where she is once again reprimanded for
tardiness by HEADMASTER BATES, the fussy crumb-bum who has been giving
Vanessa no end of grief since her tenure there began. With rambunctious substitute
teacher MYRON "THE JACKAL" JACOBY vying for Vanessa's job and Mayor
Davenport eager to close the land deal and put Eden's Cove on the map, Headmaster
Bates decides to employ some diabolical tactics to squeeze Vanessa out of the school and
out of the town for good.

After a flawed plan of infiltration and blackmail concocted by disgruntled twin marching
band students BERTIE and GERTIE JETER fails, Headmaster Bates calls upon The
Jackal to go undercover to snag some photographic proof of the presumed debauchery
taking place at Eden's Bluff. In his quest to please, The Jackal takes to the woods on the
edge of town to covertly capture the photos. After breaking his own glasses and losing a
battle with poison oak, The Jackal delivers the photos to Headmaster Bates.

Headmaster Bates turns the photos over to Mayor Davenport, who is on her way to a
town council meeting that will expose Vanessa and her new friends as perverts and close
down Eden's Bluff for good. When the photos are finally revealed, several of the town's
citizens are even more furious than expected--because the pictures are not of Eden's Bluff
at all, but of a wild and raucous high school party thrown by the students of Feelers

Featured in the throes of hedonism and passion are cheerleaders ASHLEIGH and
BRITNEY, as well as popular jocks KALOLO McNEIL, C.J. McCOY, and TODD
McCONCHIE. Much to the chagrin of sensitive and intelligent C.J., the entire party
revels in the music of his gangsta-rap dad, DA REAL McCOY--a far cry from the
evening of poetry and dramatic scenes actually taking place at Eden's Bluff

As Mayor Davenport's plan crumbles to pieces, she calls upon the very last weapon in her
arsenal: the Indian Reservation that happens to share a tiny sliver of land with Eden's
Bluff. Promising to line their pockets with a cut of the proceeds from the shopping mall,
the Mayor implores them to help her shut the nudist colony down. Upon going to see the
grounds for himself, the esteemed CHIEF COCK AND BALLS is reunited with Chas,
the volunteer firefighter who saved his life when he was hit by a car while standing next
to a highway crying over all the litter. Chief Cock and Balls informs the Mayor that his
tribe makes enough money off the casino built on the reservation, and that he has no
quarrel with his naked neighbors.

With almost every course of action exhausted, Brock Shaughnessy, Mayor Davenport,
Headmaster Bates, and The Jackal all begin suffering the consequences of distrust and in-
fighting. Ever the opportunist scumbag, Brock arranges for one final batch of
incriminating photos, insuring that if he is going down for real estate fraud and
embezzlement, the Mayor is going down with him.

In a grand showdown staged at the Eden's Bluff Annual Luau Party, all of the citizens of
Eden's Cove appear on the scene to out-maneuver each other. The luau is in full swing,
thanks to the free-flowing rhymes of Da Real McCoy and his posse, only to be stopped in
mid-performance by Mayor Davenport, with the idiotic DEPUTY DIGGER DUSCHE in
tow. Just as Vanessa is about to be handcuffed and taken away to jail, her father Walter
saves the day. Privy to every piece of trash thrown away by the self-important
Headmaster Bates, Walter puts everything together and exposes the town-wide
conspiracy. Brock's photos reveal that Mayor Davenport has been carrying on a torrid
affair with Deputy Digger Dusche in a seedy motel on the outskirts of town, and the

various lewd acts captured in the pictures place the Mayor herself in violation of the
town's strict decency standards. Fingers are pointed, villains are foiled, and all of the
right people are taken away to jail.

The Luau continues, Vanessa and Chas find love, Walter gets a better job, Natalie finds a
man who is beautiful on the inside, Murray finally gets laid, and all of the quirky folks at
Eden's Bluff--who never wanted a fight in the first place--are allowed to live happily ever
after. Naked.



Arriving in the US from Cuba at a young age, Josi finished high school then studied to
become an Aeronautical Engineer at Embry Riddle Aeronautical College. After
graduation he served on active duty with the US Air Force.

Josi is a well-respected professional with an extensive track record who has made films
for Columbia, Paramount, Sony, Lorimar, Universal, Vestron, New Century, Cannon,
Vista, Viacom (Showtime) as well as numerous independent production companies and is
fluent in Spanish and Italian,

Josi has either Produced, Written or Directed over 60 feature length Motion pictures films
with such well known actors as Robert Downey Jr., Steven Baldwin, Claudia Schiffer,
Alison Eastwood, Danny Nucci, Burt Reynolds, William Forsythe, Andy Garcia,
Kathleen Turner, Peter Weller, Robert Duvall, Kelly McGillis, Christopher Walken,
Jennifer Jason Leigh, Raul Julia, Beverly D'Angelo, Amy Irving, Linda Blair, Ernest
Borgnine, Lorraine Bracco, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Jenny Mollen, Nicole Eggert, Jonathan
Winters, Paul Mazursky, Charles Durning, Diedrich Bader, Terence Hill, Bud Spencer,
Ray Sharkey, John Saxon, Tomas Milian, George Newbern, Lee Horsley, Dillon
MacDermoth, Jennifer Rubin, Jackie Mason, Lisa Hartman, Frederic Forrest, Balthazar
Getty, Giancarlo Esposito, Bo Swenson, Stuart Whitman, Christine Lathi, Ken Whahl,
Judge Reinghold.


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Distributor:    Closeup Films
Starring:       Orestes Matachena & Andy Garcia

    BABETTE’S FEAST (Remake of the Academy Award Motion Picture)
    BLACK EAGLES (Based on the best seller Larry Collins Book)
    ON THE ROAD (T.V. Series)
    ARMED CITIZEN (T.V. Series)

    DGA (Directors Guild of America) since 1984
    WGA (Writers Guild of America) since 1996

      ASCAP (American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers) since 1998
      BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) since 1998
      SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Since 1986

    City of Miami Beach Proclamation Oct. 31st 1987
    Josi W. Konski Day City of Miami, Florida. May 7th, 1987
    Honorary Commander, Hialeah Police Department 1985
    Keeper of the City Beautiful Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce, 1978/79
    President of the Cuban American Jaycees, 1975/76
    Outstanding Young Man Jaycees, 1974
    Huesped de Honor, Republic of El Salvador, 1974

    Graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical College 1964.
    Graduate of the US Air Force Leadership Training
    Post Graduate Studies at the University of Miami 1972.
    Fluent in Spanish and Italian.

     President & CEO of Astgrablu Media, Inc, Inc. (A public company) 2003 to
     President of Laguna Entertainment 1984 to Present
     President of Laguna Studios 1986 to 1990
     Chairman of the Advisory Board of The Miami Film Festival 1980
     President of Take 1 Cinema from 1978 to 1986
     President of Take 1 Productions 1974 to 1986
     Executive Vice President of Investex Realty Corp. 1971 to 1974
     Born in Cuba
     Naturalized U.S. citizen.
     Married 30 years, One child.
     Fluent in Spanish and Italian.
     Served on active duty with the U. S. Air Force 1965 to 1971
     Honorable Discharge.

Animation Producer/Writer/Artist
Comic Series Writer/Publisher/Illustrator

In 1984, life for a 21 year old college student was about to change forever ... all due to a
sketch done to make his creative partner laugh; "A Ninja Turtle" was born.

Together, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird co-created one of the best-selling Black &
White Comics of all time. This led to a #1 animated T.V. Series for four (4) straight
years; and eventually, a record-setting Motion Picture version became one of the biggest
boys action figure properties of all time ... “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.

Born in May of 1962 in Portland Maine with an inherited & artistic talent, Kevin pursued
his dream of becoming a storyteller his entire life. "TMNT" was only the beginning.

Early success allowed Eastman to purchase another childhood inspiration, "Heavy Metal
Magazine" in 1991. Imported into the United States in 1977, the Magazine regularly
featured the best of European Comics. In 1981, it spawned the now-famous, Ivan
Reitman Animated Motion Picture … "Heavy Metal: The Movie". The Home Video
Release alone sold more than 2 million copies, making it the 10th Best-Selling Video of
1996 (Domestic & Foreign).

“Heavy Metal 2000", the Sequel Animated Feature Film, written and designed by
Eastman and Bisley in 2000, locked sales of more than 500,000 DVDs and Videos.
Kevin and his partner continued to build on the historical status of a 25-year “Brand
Name” by signing major merchandising deals: video games, toys, collectible classic
graphic novels, etc. Meanwhile, their Magazine persistently featured the new breed of
European Comic Artists … Heavy Metal forged ahead, stronger than ever.

With the recent advent of their own Animation Studio … Heavy Metal Productions,
LLC. … the boyhood partners secured funding in 2003 to produce six
(6) Animated Motion Pictures. These included: "War of the Worlds", "The Crow",
and "Conan the Barbarian". The first of this series of Feature Films is scheduled for
release at the end of 2004.

Looking to the future, Kevin and his wife Julie Strain (the Cult Film Star) continue to
develop "Heavy Metal" related projects like the upcoming Trilogy Series entitled …


University of St. Thomas
Brainco- The Minneapolis School of Advertising

Production Experience
National Lampoon’s “Cattle Call” EPK, Director, ProActive Media
Apple House, Writer/Director, Capture Company
California Mini-Storage, Director, The Integer Group
11:59, Assistant Camera, Double Edge Films
Southern Wine & Spirits, Production Assistant, Multivision
Ride Across America, Assistant Editor, John Sandy Productions
Switched, Field Producer, ABC Family
Unspoken Things, Director of Photography
Production Assistant, NBC Studios
Quizno’s Subs, Assistant Editor, Denver Film & Digital
St. Paul Winter Carnival Fashion Show, Writer/Director, Capture Company
Wild Onion, Writer/Director, Capture Company
Moose Country, Writer/Director, Capture Company
Election Day Coverage, Writer/Shooter, Northern Dakota TV
NGrand Day, Writer/Director/Producer/Editor, Capture Company
Big Hits in Mid-America, Director/Editor/Lighting grip, UST


Since moving to The United States from his native Denmark, Benni has produced, line-
produced or Executive produced over 20 feature films on budgets ranging from under $1
Million to over $15 Million.

Credits include: GIRL IN A SWING * (Miramax), MR. NANNY (New Line Cinema),
PERFECT * (Moviestore), BABETTE'S FEAST * (Orion Classics), MISFIT BRIGADE
* (Trans World Entertainment), ALONE IN THE DARK (New Line Cinema), DOKTOR
GLAS (20th Century Fox)

* in partnership with Just Betzer, with whom Benni co-owned Panorama Film
International, New York. Benni works with Just Betzer on a slate of feature projects

In addition, Benni has produced 5 movies for New York producers Rankin & Bass.

Benni has served as the General Partner in 2 Limited Partnerships that invested in 6
feature films distributed by New Line Cinema.


Mr. Demasi has been involved in both film production and the finance industry over the
last 20 years. After arriving in California from New York he was worked on many
independent feature films in various capacities. Over the last 12 years Mr. Demasi has
been involved in risk assessment in the finance industry with Banks, such as First
Interstate and Great Western. He makes his home in Los Angeles with his wife and 4

1981-1985 Fordham University- Rose Hill Campus, Bronx, NY
          Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications with an emphasis
           on film theory and production.

1986-1990 Independent Contractor
           Worked with many independent production companies, ie: Concorde,
           New Horizons, CineTel, among others. Positions ranged from Assistant
           Director to Production Manager.

1991-1995    First Interstate Bank
             Assistant Underwriter in the Pasadena loan production office.
             Analyzed documentation and assessed risk in dealing with many
             different lending guidelines.

1995-1996     Great Western Bank
              Personal Loan Consultant/Underwriter in the Real Estate Lending
              Division. Assessed borrower risk and capacity of repayment in
              determining qualifications.

1996-2005     Countrywide Financial Corporation
              Sr. Account Executive- top 3% off all production personnel
              nationwide. Qualified loan applicants on a daily basis using underwriting
              guidelines and risk assessment analysis.


Wrote 30 episodes of the successful PBS series "Que Pasa, USA?" for which he won an
Emmy also for PBS he has written "3-2-1 Contact", "Oye Willie!" and Carrascolendas as
well as the ABC "After School Specials" and developed 2 situation comedy pilots for
CBS Television and the Norman Lear/Embassy Productions. Mr. Santeiro is a member of
the Writers Guild and the Dramatist Guild. He has been awarded 9 EMMY's for his


Renown musician and composer has performed Pattittuchi. In 1994 he was nominated for
a Grammy and was a guest performer during the ceremony and again in 2000 he was
nominated for a second time. and has just been nominated again this year

The music academy in Paris has awarded him the Palma D’Or and has also received the
key of the city of Lugano, Switzerland
The Asso0ciation of Art Critics of Japan have bestowed on two occasions Best

His recent CD releases include, “Live in the USA” Somethin’Else/Blue Note, “Diz”
Somethin’Else/Blue Note, “Rapsodia” Somethin’Else/Blue Note, “Suite 240”
Somethin’Else/Blue Note, “Images” Somethin’Else/Blue Note, “The Blessing”
Somethin’Else/Blue Note, “Discovery” “Giraldilla” Messidor, “Mi Gran Pasión”
Messidor, “Live in Havana” Messidor, “Concatenación” Melopea, “Gonzalo
Rubalcaba” Areito, “Concierto Negro” Areito.

Rubalcaba created the music for the motion pictures “Confesiones de Laura” Directed
by Jaime Orsorio and “Cartas del Parque” of Tomás Gutiérrez Alea. He also created the
music for the ballets: Pas de Deux/Lourdes Ramírez-Republica Dominicana and
“Panorama de la Música”/Victor Cuellar-Cuba

Mario García Joya PHOTOGRAPHY
He has photographed over 90 feature films amongst them “Fresa y Chocolate”
(nominated for an Oscar), “Cartas del Parque”, “La Ultima Cena”, “Una Pelea Cubana
Contra Los Demonios”, “Los Sobrevivientes”, “Hasta Cierto Punto” y “Contigo en la
Distancia” directed by Tomas Gutierrez Alea. “Tiempo de Morir” directed by Jorge Ali
Triana of a Gabriel García Márquez, screenplay, “Milagro en Roma”, directed by
Lisandro Duque and also penned by Gabriel García Márquez, “Lejanía”, of Jesús Díaz,
“Río Negro” of Atahualpa Lichi y “Malabrigo”, “Alias la Gringa” y “Coraje” of Alberto

García Joya was the Director of Photography of the scenes filmed in Cuba of “Havana”
directed by Sidney Pollack and recently shot “Modern Raphsody” directed by Elly
Friedman, “Paradise Lost” by Herb Freed and “Emerald Cut” by Arturo Barquet.

In addition to cinematography, García Joya has developed a solid still photography
pedigree. His stills have been published in: A World History of Photography, The
International Center of Photography USA, The Encyclopedia of Photography USA, La
Photographie Contemporaine in Amerique Latine Suiza, 41st Venice Bienal Italy, and the
magazines Aperture, Art Forum and Art in America.

García Joya guest artist to the XLI Bienial de Venecia and the 1st and 2nd Bienal de la
Havana. His work has been shown in over 40 individual expositions and over 70 with

other artists. Amongst them in the Centro Georges Pompidou and the Festival de Arles in
France, Kunthaus in Zurich, Ledel Gallery in New York, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo
in Madrid, Museo de Arte Moderno and the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico D.F.
Centro Cultural de Sao Paulo and Centro Cultural de Buenos Aires.

Has received numerous awards for his cinematography and still work, amongst them
Premio Coral for the BEST Cinematography in the VII Festival Internacional del Nuevo
Cine Latinoamericano, The First Prize for Best Cinematography in the International
Festival 0f Bogota, Colombia and Premio Casa de Fotografia, Casa de las Americas in
Havana, Cuba.


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