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									Saving money on European travel with rail passes

Travel to Europe is a must for many budget minded travelers, and
many young college students would not dream of entering the real
world without first spending a summer backpacking through Europe.

Even though the costs of traveling to and within Europe have risen in
recent years, European travel can still be surprisingly affordable, for
independent travelers and families alike.

One of the most popular ways to save money when traveling within
Europe is to purchase a rail pass. Rail passes are quite popular among
all types of travelers, and there are rail passes to suit just about every
budget and travel need.

When choosing from among the many rail passes available to
European travelers, it is important to tailor the pass you buy to your
needs, and consider the destinations you plan to visit before leaving

That is because there are many different types of rail passes available.
Some rail passes are good only in one country, while others are good
for any country in Europe for a specific period of time. Those planning
to travel only within a single country, therefore, can often save money
by purchasing a single country pass.

Those who plan to spend considerable time in Europe, especially those
who want to visit many different locations, may want to check into
buying a rail pass for a longer length of time. These kinds of extended
length rail passes are often less costly in the long run for travelers who
plan to stay awhile.

There are a number of ways to buy European rail passes before
leaving home, and it is generally a good idea to do so. Most travel
agents can help you buy European rail passes, as well as providing
advice on which type of rail pass best suits your needs. AAA also
provides valuable information on European rail passes, a convenient
way to buy them, and in some cases a good discount as well.

In addition, European rail passes are now available directly on the
internet from a number of sources, and it may be a good idea to
purchase a European rail pass directly from these sources. Just be
sure you allow plenty of time for the rail pass to arrive before you
leave for your vacation. When ordering rail passes directly from
European sources, remember that they may take considerably longer
to reach you.

Using European rail passes after you arrive is generally easy, but it is
important to remember that many trains in Europe require a
reservation, and simply holding a rail pass does not give you a
reservation. It is important to make a reservation on the train you
want as soon as possible after arriving in Europe, or ask about making
one before you leave home.

It is also important to remember that many overnight trains will
require an additional reservation, and extra money, for sleeping
compartments.      This can be an important consideration for long
distance trains, so be sure to inquire about the sleeping facilities that
are available when making your reservation.

Train travel is far more comfortable, and far more popular, within
Europe than it is in the United States, and most European trains are
quite comfortable, very fast and very safe.        Train travel is the
preferred method of travel for many Europeans, and the rail system in
Europe is known for its efficiency and reasonable cost. Traveling
throughout Europe on the train is a great way to see the sights without
breaking your budget.

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