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					                                                    MCS Lesson Plan

Lesson Title: Blueprints                     Grade: 6                         Strand: Geometry & Spatial Sense

Learning Goal (Curriculum Expectations)
• sketch three-dimensional figures, and construct three-dimensional figures from drawings

ICT Standards:
Technology Operations and Concepts
Students demonstrate a sound understanding of technological concepts, systems, and operations.
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Students think critically to manage projects, solve problems, and make informed decisions using
appropriate digital tools and resources.
             Lesson Components                      Anticipated Student Responses              Opportunities for ICT Integration
Part 1: Minds On
     Show a picture of a sports car                 Might have started with:
           o Q-How did this come to                       o Model                               SMART Notebook software, PPT etc.. as
                exist? What steps might                   o Drawings                             presentation tool
                have been taken to create                 o Prototype
                this car?
     Show a series of Blueprints from the
      car – top, front, and side views
     Show pictures of interesting
      structures – including the ROM
           o Q – Who might have created              Architect
                these buildings?                     Designer etc…
Part 2: Action
                                                                                                Create blueprint drawings in
Today is your opportunity to become architects.                                                  Geometer’s Sketchpad or
You will be awarded $50 000 000 for a creative structure and blueprints that                     SMARTNotebook software – grid paper
represent your design.                                                                           background
                                                                                                Verify blueprint drawings with
Using 5-10 linking cubes, your group will construct a building with a simple and                 http://illuminations.nctm.org/activity
stable base that does not look like a rectangular prism.                                         detail.aspx?id=125
Just like the car's blueprint, you need to create a blueprint for your building. The            Capture image of structure, grid paper,
blueprint must have a top, front and side view.                                                  and Geoboard with PhotoBooth
                                                                                                Use Screen Capture tools (Command,
Complete the blueprint drawings on grid paper as well as on a geoboard and present               Control, #4) to take a picture of the
them to the class.                                                                               Illuminations 3D blueprint
                                                                                                Present all images in SMARTNotebook
                                                                                                 software or PPT

Part 3: Consolidation
   Students do a Gallery Walk and     Guiding Questions:
    visit the other groups’ work          Do your Blueprints views match your structure?
    with a post it note                   How do you know?
   Ask questions about work and          How does depth show up in your sketches?
    leave it at group station             How can this be justified?
Part 3: Highlights and Summary
                                          Constructed a 3D structure with linking cubes
What Math did we do today?                Sketched the top, side, and front views of the structure
                                          Verified the views on Illuminations
Part 3: Practice

            Groups can exchange their blueprints with another group and see if they can create an accurate model from the drawings
            Give EQAO questions: Spring 2008 #18, Spring 2010 -#7

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