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									 “NO COST FORMULA”
“Make up to $500 a MONTH with this simple but
          effective method with CPA offers!”
                          By: kennmstrs

Hello there,

First of all thanks for your interest in my “No Cost Formula”
report. In this package I outlined 2 easy methods, so that you
can start immediately and begin earning money right away. I
hope you will enjoy this report.

If you're struggling to make steady money online I strongly urge
you to seriously focus on these methods. They are truly some of
the fastest and easiest ways to make immediate income.

Don't take these methods lightly because of their simplicity...
there is a deceptive power in their simplicity and if you follow my
instructions and pay attention to the details, you can dramatically
change your financial situation rather quickly.
These two simple method works in any CPA Networks but I
recommend PeerFly. Unlike other networks, PeerFly is easy to
get approve with and they are “1st page submit” network meaning
once somebody submits their email / zip you get a commission
even if they will not complete the further surveys.

You can get PeerFly accont here. Just use my referral link so you
will get approve faster.

Okay let’s jump to the method and let’s earn some money!

              NO COST FORMULA # 1

In this method I will tell you a secret site that is connected with
Facebook updates. You will only need 1 facebook account with
friends so it will look legit.

   1. Make or use your own account.
   2. Go to this secret site
   3. Just search for “free iPad2”, “free laptop” or whatever you
      want and it will look for the people who wants free laptop!
4. Go to your PeerFly account and look for “free iPad2” offer
5. Cloak your affiliate link or use for direct
6. Message the person who wants free iPad and VIOLA! You get
   commission! :)
7. Rinse and repeat with other free offers!
             NO COST FORMULA # 2


In this method I will tell another simple method yet very
effective! 

  1. Make 50 youtube accounts
  2. Go to your PeerFly account and look for a good email/zip
     submit offers
  3. Cloak your affiliate link or use again
  4. Now search for the popular or most viewed videos
  5. Make a post revolves around the offer you are promoting. I
     use free offers like “free iPhone” so, I post like this
     “Get your free iPhone 4 here(your affiliate link)”
  6. To be able to post a domain make sure you got spaces
     “affiliate link . com or bit . ly/free”
  7. Once you got your comment done login with your other
     youtube account and rate/like your comment
  8. This will bring your comment to Top Comments and you will
     get traffics to your offer
  9. Rinse and repeat! The more comments the more money you
     will make.

Focus and consistency is the key to success here. Two solid hours
4-5 days is plenty to start. And remember... if you get stuck or
have any questions, feel free to send me a private message on
HackForums and I'll do my best to get you on track.

Best of Luck & Happy Earning

To Your Success
Kenneth Elmer Trigo

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