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									How To Start A Doggie Daycare

Learning how to start a doggie daycare is the first step toward a rewarding and
potentially lucrative small business enterprise. Today’s hectic lives mean that dog owners
have less time to spend at home with their dogs.

Dog daycare services give owners the chance to ensure that their dogs are safe and taken
care of throughout the course of the day.

Begin the licensing process as soon as possible by contacting the local city, county, and
state government offices. In some areas, the number of dogs you wish to house will
determine the size of the building and land area you will need. Check into the regulations
before scouting locations.

How To Start A Doggie Daycare – Getting Started
A good way to learn more about how to start a doggie daycare is to visit other kennels
and see how they are set up. After determining the building size and land mass a doggie
daycare will require, you can start searching for the right location.

Consider the following as you search for an ideal location:

      In addition to kennels, space will be needed in the building for an office and
       kitchen/cleaning area.
      The dogs will require ample outdoor space.
      A convenient, accessible location is necessary.
      An efficient air filtration system is essential for odor control.
      The building will need adequate climate control.

After choosing the right location, install kennels and equip the office area. Install a high,
secure outdoor fence. Supply your daycare with food, feeding and water bowls, and
leashes. Make sure cleaning supplies are safe to use around dogs.

Form relationships with one or more veterinarians in the area so you have someone to
call in case of a medical emergency. Staff should be trained in dog handling, basic first
aid, and what to do in case of dog fights. Safety for both the staff and dogs must be a top

Running a Successful Doggie Daycare
You are probably learning how to start a doggie daycare because you love dogs. Being a
success requires more than just a love of dogs, however. Much will depend on how well
you take care of the animals left in your care. Strict rules must be enforced for the health
and well-being of the dogs and safety of the staff.

All dogs should have up-to-date vaccinations and be spayed or neutered. Aggressive dogs
cannot be accepted. Turning away business may seem counterproductive, but if your
customers feel confident that their dogs are safe and well-cared for, you increase your
chances of success.

Finding Customers And Expanding
Partnering with complimentary businesses will be of great benefit as you learn more
about how to start a doggie daycare. Place fliers up at the local veterinarian’s office and
at pet supply stores. Join local business associations and network to let others know about
your dog daycare.

Call other professionals who work with dogs, such as groomers, and let them know about
your services. Have open houses where people can tour the facilities and observe how the
staff interacts with the dogs. It is important that potential customers feel comfortable
leaving their pets with you.

A dog daycare business can easily be expanded by offering new products and services.
For example, selling doggie treats and toys could add to your bottom line. Adding
boarding to your day care services is an option. Other ideas include offering obedience
training classes and grooming services.

The joy of learning how to start a doggie daycare and working with dogs every day can
be a profitable business. For dog lovers, it can also be a small business dream come true.

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