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									How To Start A Business In Fencing

With some basic handyman skills you can easily embark on a new business and start a
business in fencing.

Fences are used for safety – people use them to keep their children from wandering into
streets, pets in a yard, and strange animals away from their properties.

They can also be used for privacy, as a tall wooden fence around a backyard can give the
impression of seclusion even in the busiest of areas.

With so many reasons for people to use fences, plenty of opportunity exists for your
business to meet their needs.

Know How To Build A Fence
Your first step, of course, is making sure you are an expert at doing the work. If you do
not know how to build a fence, you can learn everything you need to by researching
online sites, reading books, and talking to your favorite expert at the local home
improvement store.

Fences are made with many different materials such as metals, wood, stone, vinyl,
composites and bamboo. You may decide that you want to specialize in a particular type
of fence when you first start out. Drive around your town and see what types of materials
more people have. This will tell you what might be the best material to focus on.

One of the newer types of fences is the electric fence. This is often used as an invisible
dog fence and runs under the surface of a yard. The dog wears a transmitter and gets a
signal if he gets too close to the edge of the property. By being invisible, the fences can
be installed in the front yard, giving pets more room to roam.

If you live in a very pet-friendly town, you could get good business installing invisible
dog fences.

Fencing Equipment
Once you are familiar with the different types of fences and are confident in your fence
building ability, you’ll need to make sure you can get the equipment and fencing supplies
that you need.

If your customer orders a fence, you don’t want to have a lag in getting the supplies
delivered to them. Before that even happens, find a distributor who is reliable and speedy.
Again, your local hardware or home improvement store may be your best resource, but
don’t forget to check out suppliers directly for your materials. They may have a wider
selection, and often better pricing.

Start A Business In Fencing Legally
Before you begin any job, know your town’s rules regarding fences. Many places have
specifications on what types of fences can be placed where; new subdivisions, for
example, may only allow wood fences (of those a certain color) installed in the back
yard, and also impose height or style restrictions.

Also make sure the property lines are clearly drawn before installing a fence on a
property line. While it may be tedious to check these rules, it will be more tedious to have
to tear down and rebuild a fence.

Finding Business
People usually do not decide to install a fence on impulse. When they do decide that they
are interested, they will typically contact you, so be easy to find. List your business in the
Yellow Pages and local parenting, gardening, and pet magazines.

Have a website that shows the different types and styles you offer, and also answer
common questions about fencing. This will increase your customer base significantly,
and will allow you to start a business in fencing with success right from the very start.

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