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					Coffee Kiosk Franchise

If you really know your java, let your inner barista out by starting your own business with
a coffee kiosk franchise. This type of venture allows the entrepreneur to start off small
or large.

Depending on the type of franchise you’re interested in, the new business owner can
operate from a small cart or from a larger store-front. As any latte expert knows, there is
an endless demand for designer coffee, and many people are prepared to pay for their
favorite cup of Joe. Satisfy this demand, and your profits are virtually guaranteed!

Of course, a coffee kiosk franchise could sell more than Cappuccino and Espresso. In
many cases, coffee shops also offer a variety of teas, hot chocolate, smoothies, and light
snacks. Some also sell coffee cups, specialty coffee for home use, and coffee-making

Many customers also expect a full-service cafe to provide comfortable seating and free
Wi-Fi service. Before selecting a specific coffee kiosk franchise, visit an existing store or
kiosk to make sure that it’s a good fit for your business plan.

Coffee Kiosk Franchise Examples
Please take a look at a few of our favorite coffee kiosk franchise opportunities as a
starting point in your coffee kiosk franchise research.

Seattle’s Best Coffee

To combat their home city’s rainy weather, Seattle’s Best has been serving up their
signature Uncommonly Smooth coffee since 1970. As the original creator of specialty
coffee, this authentic coffeehouse is known throughout the world for its proprietary
blends. Of course, Seattle’s Best will let you in on their secret if you’re prepared to pay
their franchise fee. If you’re worth about a million and have at least $250,000 in liquid
capital, you could open your own Seattle’s Best Coffee shop.

At this time, Seattle’s Best is franchising under the Starbucks Corporate umbrella,
another proven name in the coffee industry. This opportunity allows the new business
owner to get started quickly with full support from the start-up team at Seattle’s Best
including site selection, store openings, initial training, and ongoing consultations. To
draw customers, the parent company provides free listings on their website, national
marketing campaigns, and other promotional material.

Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffee & Smoothies
For a more laid-back coffee shop experience that requires a relatively low franchise fee,
Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffee & Smoothies could be the perfect fit for you. This
franchise only requires a $50,000 franchise fee and a total net worth of $100,000. Many
ambitious entrepreneurs can leverage their home equity to swing this gig. With 28 years
of experience and over 600 franchise units worldwide, you can add a little aloha spirit to
your community with a business of any size from a coffee cart to a full-service cafe.

This business model combines the most popular beverage in the world with the hottest
health trend in the food industry. If you open your doors in a health-conscious area,
you’ll find customers who just can’t give up their favorite caffeinated drink as well as
those with more will-power who are looking for a healthy treat. While coffee is expected
to remain popular, the smoothie market is currently seeing a 30% growth rate.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Gloria Jean’s has been in operation since 1979 and franchising since 1986. When you
choose this franchise opportunity for your next small business, you’ll have the advantage
of a proven brand and the support of Gloria Jean’s team of seasoned experts. As the
second-largest in the coffee franchise market, this opportunity will set you back $250,000
and requires a net-worth of just under $500,000.

If you go with Gloria Jeans, you’ll become a certified coffee expert after you attend the
Gloria Jean’s Coffee University. You’ll be exposed to a little time in the field before you
hit the books in the classroom. University graduates are trained extensively in everything
from choosing just the right staff to making the perfect Cappuccino.

All the Perks

You’ll truly enjoy “All the Perks” when you choose this coffee kiosk franchise
opportunity. As you know, coffee drinkers are always on the go, and this is one of the
few franchises that offers a double drive-thru configuration. Because studies show that
over 50% of coffee shop customers are in a hurry, this will give you a definite edge over
your area’s competition. For caffeine junkies that would like to hang out for awhile, you
can also provide a cozy coffeehouse atmosphere inside your store. Additional business
models are available for carts, kiosks, and sit-down cafes.

All the Perks is one of the more affordable coffee franchises out there. You can get
started for as little as $40,000, but this company wants you to know that you may be
required to invest between $50,000 and $250,000 depending on the type of shop that you
decide to open. All the Perks also offers an Area Developer plan to allow you to profit
from promoting this popular company. In addition to your own shop, you can sell
franchises and earn residual income from their earnings as long as the new store is in

Chock full o’Nuts
If you’d like to open a retro coffee shop, Chock full o’Nuts is the perfect choice. Who
doesn’t remember seeing at least one can featuring this famous logo in an old movie?
This is one of the oldest coffee companies out there with over 80 years of successful
operation. Expect your new business to have the feel of a Classic New York Diner as you
serve traditional coffee along with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Whether you choose to open the diner model or go with a kiosk, your franchise will be
supported by the largest privately-held coffee company, bar none. Because they own the
coffee plantations, the roasteries, the distribution methods, and even the company that
makes their espresso machines, you will never have to worry about the quality of your
product. Start off with as little as $30,000 in licensing fees that covers either three kiosks
or one kiosk and one cafe!

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