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EL1 Recruitment Advisor - Recruitment Pack2


									Recruitment Adviser, APS
Recruitment and Selection Services
Position number: 11_52

Classification: Executive Level 1
Group: Client Engagement
Location: Canberra, Melbourne and Darwin
Vacancy Type: Non-Ongoing (Casual)
Salary: $88,580

Contact Officer
Name: Andrew Green
Contact Number: 02 8239 5317
Closing Date: 3 November 2011
About the Australian Public Service Commission
The Australian Public Service Commission (the Commission) is a central agency within the
Australian Public Service (APS) with a role in ensuring the APS maintains its standing as one of
the foremost public services in the world. Its mission is to lead and shape a unified, high
performing APS.
In response to Ahead of the Game—Blueprint for the Reform of Australian Government
Administration the Australian Government has charged the Commission with delivering key
elements of its significant reform agenda to transform the APS. The Blueprint puts people at
the centre of public service reform.

For more information about the Blueprint see: .

Following the release of the Blueprint in March 2010 the Commission has developed new
strategic priorities which are:
   One APS—Build a unified, citizen-centric APS by leading APS organisational and human
    capital strategies.
   APS agencies—Drive APS agencies’ adoption of best human capital practices and assure
    agencies’ organisational capability.
   APS leaders—Develop outstanding leaders and shape a cohesive leadership network.
   APS values—Instil and enliven APS ethics and values to inspire excellence.
   APS capability—Invest in and grow the Commission’s capability to deliver its expanded role.

One APS career – thousands of opportunities
Wherever you work in the APS you will find opportunities to undertake a wide range of
challenging work and to make a major contribution to public service. Our workplaces are
characterised by high motivation, professionalism and diversity, with excellent rewards, learning
opportunities and career prospects, and family-friendly cultures committed to work-life balance.

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The Selection Process
Candidates are advised that selection for all employment opportunities is made on the basis of
merit. The Commission uses streamlined selection processes and a mix of assessment
methods, which may or may not involve an interview.
Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted regarding the next phase of the selection process.
If you have been shortlisted you will be contacted within two weeks of applications closing. To
those applicants who are not shortlisted, we extend our thanks for considering the Commission
as a potential employer.

Employment with the Commission is subject to conditions prescribed within the Public Service
Act 1999.

Citizenship - To be eligible for employment with the Commission, applicants must be an
Australian citizen or in certain circumstances in the process of obtaining citizenship.

Security Clearance – Some positions at the Commission will require the successful candidate
to undergo a security clearance vetting process at the relevant clearance level as indicated
below. The successful candidate MUST be willing to disclose all relevant and required

If the position requires a security clearance the successful candidate MUST have lived in
Australia, or have a checkable background, for at least the preceding:

      Five years for CONFIDENTIAL / PROTECTED clearances, or
      Ten years for SECRET or TOP SECRET / HIGHLY PROTECTED clearances.

Please note that this position does not require a security clearance.

Attending an Interview
Candidates, who are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, from a non-English
speaking background or have a disability, may wish to indicate this on their application so the
selection committee may be appropriately structured or special equipment made available for
the interview. If you have any special requirements please let the committee know when
organising your interview

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How to Apply
To apply for a position with the Commission you must submit your application through our
online application system, prior to the closing date. You will not be able to edit or submit your
application once applications have closed.

As part of your online application you will need to provide:

Advice to delegate
      A covering letter clearly stating the position Reference Number (stated above) and the
       title of the position. The covering letter needs to address the work related qualities
       required for the role, providing examples of your relevant skills, capabilities, experience
       and qualifications. The covering letter should be contained to two pages.
      A current résumé including a summary of your work history commencing with your
       most recent employment, listing the dates of employment, company names and position
       titles. Include details of your qualifications including dates and institution names; and
      Provide the names, contact details of at least two referees, one of these preferably
       being your current supervisor.

You should restrict your responses to the length specified on the online application form, and
wherever possible include specific relevant examples of your work.

If you are having difficulty in using the online application process, please contact the recruitment
officer or email your application with the Personal Particulars form to
prior to the closing date. To request a Personal Particulars form email
and it will be sent back to you by return email.

If you have individual requirements that need to be accommodated in order to participate in an
interview or other forms of assessment please inform the recruitment team on prior to the closing date.

If you do not have access to email, please post your complete application to:

Recruitment Officer
Australian Public Service Commission
16 Furzer St
Phillip ACT 2606

               Do not send hard copies or copies to the contact person.

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Closing Date
To be considered, your application must be submitted by 11pm on the day shown in the
advertisement. Late applications will not be accepted unless prior agreement has been obtained
from the Contact Officer.

If you list any formal qualifications on your application, please note that you may be required to
provide the original qualifications or transcripts at any time during the selection process. If you
are the successful applicant, either on promotion, transfer or engagement, you will be required
to provide the original qualifications and transcripts before commencement.

Written referee reports are not required with your application. If you are selected for further
assessment (eg, interview), you may be asked to provide referee reports at that time, however,
the Selection Committee may seek verbal referee reports from your referees at any time during
the selection process.

Collection of Information
Information supplied for this selection process will be used for selection purposes only and
retained on file for a period of one year after the conclusion of the process.

Additional Information
Information about the Commission and the role of the Public Service Commissioner and the
Merit Protection Commissioner can be found at
The Public Service Commissioner’s Annual Report which includes the Merit Protection
Commissioner’s Annual Report can be found at
Further information about Independent Selection Advisory Committee can be found at:

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Position Description
Local Title:            Recruitment Adviser – APS Recruitment and Selection Services
Level:                  Executive Level 1, non-ongoing, casual
Salary:                 $88,580
Group:                  Client Engagement
Location:               Various
Direct Supervisor:      Manager APS Recruitment and Selection Services

The Australian Public Service Commission provides a range of recruitment and selection services on
behalf of the Public Service Commissioner and the Merit Protection Commissioner. These include:

       advice and support to ensure legislatively compliant, merit based and best practice recruitment
        processes including in sensitive and contentious situations;
       provision of convenors and panel members for Selection Advisory Committees and Independent
        Selection Advisory Committees;
       professional scribing/report writing services,

To facilitate the provision of these services the Commission employs, on a non-ongoing, casual basis,
highly skilled and experienced Recruitment Specialists. Recruitment Specialists are located in each
capital city and undertake assignments which can range in duration from one day to several months.
Services are provided to Australian Public Service agencies on a cost recovery basis.

The Merit Protection Commissioner’s functions include establishing Independent Selection Advisory
Committees and providing services that relate to the employment of a person. An Independent Selection
Advisory Committees is a committee that makes recommendations to agencies about the suitability of
candidates in staff recruitment exercises. They may be used to fill vacancies at the job classification
levels of APS 1 to 6 (or job titles at these levels). If the agency accepts the recommendations of the
committee, any resulting promotions are not subject to promotion review procedures. When undertaking
duties as a part of an Independent Selection Advisory Committee, members act as a direct representative
of the Merit Protection Commissioner, who may require specific training (provided in-house) as a
prerequisite before participating in an ISAC.

Who we are looking for

The Commission is interested in hearing from people who have demonstrated experience in public sector
recruitment and selection. A proven ability to understand, apply and interpret legislation and experience in
promoting merit in respect of employment decisions is essential. The work requires people who have
demonstrated skills in building strong relationships, are self-directed, innovative, organised, highly
motivated and who have a strong work ethic.

Your conditions

The Commission maintains a register of people who are available to perform recruitment and selection
services assignments on a casual basis. People on these registers are employed as non-ongoing
employees, at the Executive Level 1 classification, for the performance of specific tasks under the
provisions of section 22(2)( (a) of the Public Service Act 1999. Work assignments may vary from half a
day to several weeks duration based on the client’s requirements. The work is of casual and intermittent
nature and there is no guarantee of work in any given period.

Employees receive superannuation and a 20% loading on top of their salary to compensate them for not
accruing leave.

Training and support is provided as necessary.

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Your work-related qualities

The Commission is seeking applications from people with a specific range of skills and abilities and
importantly for their capacity to work independently on behalf of the Commission.

The specific work related qualities required for this role and those that are used to assess people’s
suitability for employment are as follows:

     Sound understanding of the public sector environment, with particular reference to the Public
      Service Act 1999, other employment related legislation, APS Values & Code of Conduct and
      contemporary HR approaches.

     Knowledge and understanding of best practice recruitment and an appreciation of merit-based

     Demonstrated ability to act impartially and display sound judgement in relation to employment

     Communicates with influence, utilising:
             representation skills
             logical and persuasive written skills

     Demonstrated achievement in delivering high–quality client service.

     Demonstrated ability to manage and negotiate competing priorities and deadlines.

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