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OPTIONS _ PRICES - HOG _ BBQ by cuiliqing



EMBERS ROASTER OPTIONS                                 Specifications             Price

5’ Hog Roaster
                                                        Takes up to                £3,600.00
All Stainless Steel with Extended Top for extra          150 lb pig
cooking capability

6’ Hog Roaster
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel with Extended Top            Takes up to                £4,200.00
for extra cooking capability                             240 lb pig

5’ Complete Hog Roaster & BBQ Unit

                                                  Full size hog roaster and
Ultimate Trailer Hog Roast & BBQ                    bbq plus griddle with     From £7,250.00
                                                      separate controls

Pistol of Beef Roaster                               fits Ultimate Trailer         £1,600.00
                                                   or 6’ Heavy Duty BBQ
(extra large hog roaster)

                                                  Mobile Ox Carving Stand
OX Roast Oven Trailer                                  with Drip Tray          Please ask
fully mobile with drop down Tailgate                                            for quote
                                                   Stand with separate
                                                  cooking trays for 5 pigs


                                                     Grill Area: 900
5' Oak Deluxe BBQ                                       (2x450 sq.ins)             £3,400.00
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Body                   Removable Stainless Steel
                                                  Side Shelves & Windbreak
                                                      Heavy Duty wheels

6' Oak Deluxe BBQ                                                                  £4,000.00
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Body

                                                   converts Embers hog
5’ BBQ Top -                                                                        £840.00
                                                     roaster into a bbq

                                                       for 5’ BBQ or           Please ask
6’ Solid Steel Griddle Option                       Trailer Hog Roaster         for quote

Spare Roasting Tray including internal tray           for 5’ Hog Roast              £360.00
5’ Stainless Steel Presentation Tray                                                  £280.00

Embers can build solid steel griddles tops, kebab tops, baked potato ovens, cooker tops for
the bbq. Please let us know of any other bbq combination you may need.

Basically, if you have an idea or require any type of cooking, heating or oven unit for
outside/event catering please give us a call or let us know by email, we are sure with our
many years of experience we can fulfil your requirements.

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