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					                      Riley Review
                               The official newsletter for the 2013 Riley Family Reunion
                                                                                            January 2012

                      Welcome to the first issue of the “Riley Review”

 Reunion Trivia
                      W       elcome to the first issue
                              of the Riley Review,
                      the official newsletter of the
What is the most
                      2013 Riley Family Reunion.
popular time of the
year to host a        I’m very excited about the reun-
family reunion?       ion and hope you are too. The
 Summer - 65.8%       purpose of this newsletter is to
 Fall - 12.6%
                      keep you informed about up-
 Winter - 11.2%
 Spring - 10.4%       coming dates, things you need          The Visit That Started It All!
                                                             Riley Cousins in Baltimore — Descendants of Annie, David,
                      to know and things you just            Prince and Johnny Riley.

                      might want to know.
                                                             will have important dates, a request for family
                      At a reunion workshop I at-
                                                             information, tips and photos. Future issues will
                      tended it said that communica-
                                                             cover such topics as passport/passport card in-
Inside this           tions was the best way to keep
issue:                                                       formation, travel insurance, a packing check-
                      the interest going. With that in
Welcome        1      mind I hope to publish this
                                                                                                    (Continued on page 2)
Cruise Cost    1      newsletter monthly. Each issue

Reunion        1
Trivia                The Rileys are cruising to Mexico!
                      Cruise Costs: Prices include cabin and most on-board food and activities, taxes, gratui-
Understanding 2       ties, port fees and insurance. (See page 2 about what’s included in Cruise fees)
Cruise Costs
                                                   Cruise Costs (per person)
Carnival       2
“Elation”             Ocean View                                    Inside Cabin
                      $ 911.00 (Single)                             $ 841.00 (Single)
                      $ 532.00 pp (Double)                          $ 497.00 pp (Double)
                      $ 452.00 pp (Triple)                          $ 422.00 pp (Triple)
                      $ 412.00 pp (Quad)                            $ 385.00 pp (Quad)
                      $ 388.00 pp (Quent)                           $ 362.00 pp (Quent)

                         Reminder: a $25 per person deposit is due by January 25th
           Page 2                                                                                Page 2

                         Understanding Cruise Costs
                         So the cost of the cruise on the internet     ship if you will. And certain govern-
                         is different from the price you were          ment authorities impose a "head tax" on
                         given. Let’s look at the added costs as-      cruise passengers, which is used to
                         sociated with a cruise.                       maintain and improve the ports infra-
                         Basic Cruise Costs
                                                                       Cancellation Insurance
                         The "base" cost of your cruise will in-
                         clude your accommodations as chosen           Your medical insurance probably will
    Carnival “Elation”   for the length of the cruise, onboard         not cover you on the cruise ship be-
                         entertainment and activities, meals and       cause the ship is registered in the Baha-
                         use of the facilities aboard the ship.        mas or some other port of convenience.
      Elation's                                                        But cancellation insurance will cover
                         Port Taxes and Fees                           most penalties incurred for canceling
                         These are the taxes and fees charged by       due to illness or death before the cruise.
                         the various government and port au-           But, please note that all cruise insurance
    2052 PASSENGER      thorities at the ports where your ship        policies are different, and you must read
     CAPACITY            calls, the cruise line passes these fees      them to assure you are covered for
    920 ONBOARD         along to the passengers. These typically      every contingency.
     CREW                cover the cost of docking and use of the      (Reprinted from
    855 LENGTH IN       port facilities; "parking fees" for your

                         Welcome to the “Riley Review”
                         (Continued from page 1)                       gelo. On the phone we had Joyce, Aud-
                                                                       rey and Ronee. That conversation con-
                         list, cruise safety and a sample letter for   tinued about a month later when Joyce,
                         parents to give to the teachers               Tanya and Skye came up from New Or-
                                                                       leans and we visited Calvin, Kathy and
                         of their children. This is your newslet-
                                                                       Dominique. But it didn’t stop there. In
                         ter. Please feel free to submit any ideas
                                                                       the spring of this year, Audrey was vis-
                         you have on how to
                                                                       iting Calvin and Charles, Chippy and I
                         make it better. This is your newsletter.      stopped in to surprise her. And that’s
                         Please feel free to submit any ideas you      when the ball started rolling.
                         have on how to make it better.
                                                                       Our last reunion was in 2000 — 12
                         Some of you may wonder how this re-           years years ago! How many little and
                         union came about. It started in August        not so little Rileys are out there that you
                         2010. Clotiel was visiting me here in         have never met? We need to be intro-
                         Philadelphia when we decided to visit         duced to these bearers of the Riley leg-
                         Shirl in Baltimore. While there we en-        acy. And that’s what this Reunion can
                         joyed the company of Jada, Calvin,            do. In fact, this reunion could be a time
                         Tomar and Kathy and her husband An-           to celebrate our youth.

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