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					    DeerfooT                                                                                   News
February 8, 2011                                                Church Staff:
Deerfoot Baptist Church                                         Dr. Roger D. Willmore, Senior Pastor
                                                                Rev. David Nelson, Assoc. Pastor of Education/Admin
5450 Mt. Olive Church Road                                      Adam Carter, Minister to Students
Trussville, AL 35173                                            Tommy E. Cole, Minister of Music
205-655-0798                                                    Paige Nelson, Dir. of Preschool & Children                                         Dianne Kovacich, Child Development Director

                                               RADIO MINISTRY
         91.3 FM & 89.9 FM Saturdays @ 6 :05 pm & Mondays @ 5:05 am                       90.7 FM Mon-Fri @ 6:30 am

 Greetings loved ones,
         Last Sunday was a blessed day at Deerfoot Baptist Church. Many of you commented to me on the
 felt presence of the Lord. I agree, it was one of those Sundays that we all entered into a time of special
 blessing. Several guests stopped by to speak to me following the service. Their comments were very en-
 couraging. Each of them indicated that they had been greatly blessed by the worship experience. I give God
 thanks for His blessings upon us.
          I am grateful to Deacon Chariman, David Deerman's, kind remarks to you, and to Sandra and me, re-
 garding our sixth anniversary together. I am very sincere when I tell you that it is an honor to serve the Lord
 with you. My love for you deepens daily. I feel that our relationship is strong and healthy. I feel good about
 the spiritual health of our church. I feel fortunate to have such a wonderful group of people to serve along
 side at this stage in my life and ministry.
         Let us continue to walk faithfully with the Lord and be obedient to His word. He has much more in
 store for Deerfoot Baptist Church. Those of us who are older are investing in a church for the future genera-
 tions. We are striving to build a congregation of people who have high regard for the Bible, for the Lord and
 His Church. We are seeking to be godly, global Christians.
         FEBRUARY IS "I LOVE MY CHURCH BECAUSE....." MONTH. Have you submitted your two or three
 sentence statement to Paula at Please let us hear from you. Already a number of
 you have given us your statement of why you love your church. These little testimonials are a blessing to
 me...and to all who read them. We have a special bulletin board on which your statements are dis-
 played...and they will also be posted on a page on our website. Let us hear from you today.
 WORSHIP STARTS AT 10:30 A.M. Our attention to these matters is a reflection of our spiritual disci-
          MAY WE WORK ON THE DISCIPLINE OF entering the sanctuary and, after a brief and quiet greeting
 to those seated around you, enter into a time of quiet, reverent, prayerful preparation fot what is about to
 happen....THE WORSHIP OF HOLY GOD! Take time to prepare your hearts to enter into His presence.
          I am entering year number seven with the joy of the Lord in my heart...and a heart full of love for

 Your Pastor

          I know that you enjoyed the Handbell Choir last Sunday as much as I did. I appreciate their faithfulness to rehearsal and
their commitment to each time they perform. I don’t know if you realize it, but this is one group that cannot have a successful
rehearsal or performance, if there is anyone missing. A special thanks to Jo Self for her leadership in this very important part of
the ministry of music at Deerfoot.
          What about the Youth Choir! Were they not a blessing last Sunday night. It was so good to hear them as they did their
part to lead us in worship. Thanks guys and gals, great job! Ashley is doing a great work with this choir, and they are so
responsive to her.
          I am so thankful to Jo and Ashley because they give so much of their time to these two ministries over and above their
tasks of accompanists for our adult choir and the worship ministry on Sunday morning and evening. I pray our Father’s blessings
on them as they serve Him.
C.U.N. Worship,
Tommy E. Cole,
Minister of Music

                                             Our Mission Statement:
              Deerfoot Baptist Church exists to LOVE with Christ’s love, to TEACH God’s Word,
          to LIVE by Christ’s example and to REACH our community and our world for Jesus Christ.
                                                                 Menu for Wednesday, Feb. 16: Cube steak, baked
 The church extends sympathy to Brice Marsh in
 the loss of his wife, Mary Ellen Marsh. On Feb. 1.
                                                                 sweet potato, turnip greens, cornbread, salad, dessert,
                                                                 tea/coffee. Please call the church office by noon on
                Those in the Hospital:                           Monday to make your reservations/cancellations.
 UAB               Nancy Shelton                       8216
 ST. V incent East Larry Cosby                         CICU                            Valentine Tea
                -Remember the Sick-                                   for Preschool & Children Families and Workers
 Cindy Lunceford     Sara Beth Tittle    David & Jean Wolz                                honoring
 David Luck          Mary Kay King       Linda Robinson                        AlexAnne and Jackson Webb
 Michsel Winton       Jean Fulmer        Donna Mayo
 Cohen Higgins        Betty Deerman                                                Sunday, February 13
                                                                                         2-4 o’clock
   -Those in Health Care and Retirement Homes -                        There will be a gift card tree and a money tree
 Juanita Brasher   Henrietta Huggins Marilyn Robbins
 Reginald Dorn     Mary Massey       Ola Scogin
 Dot Fondren       Dot Minshew       Juanita Seale                                 MISSING
 Joy Goolsby       Frances Nelson    Becky Self
 Edith Hamilton    Lera Pate         Helen Waugh                 We are missing an electric wheelchair/
                    Margaret Wright                              scooter. If you have borrowed it , please
         -We remember our homebound-                             contact the church office.
 Jimmie Atkinson        Valeria Golden         Virginia Park
 Lois Barnett           Darwin Hogan           Ed Paschal
 Mae Bookout            Joyce Holt             Robert Scott                      THREADS of LOVE
 Juanita Brasher        Helen Knight           Mauline Sloan     Threads of Love will be meeting on Saturday, Feb. 12
 Juanita Currie         Midge Manchester       Paul Tillman
 Catherine Davis        Audrey McCay           Jeffolene Vance   from 10-12 noon. If you would like more information or
 Reginald Dorn          Edith May              Ann Walker        would like to be a part of this ministry, please contact
 Pauline Eason                 John & Rubye   Vickers            Carol Miller @ 807-2883.
                   Facts and Figures
                                                                                      You are cordially
   For the Week of February 6, 2011                                                   invited to attend a
          Weekly Budget:                $      20,908.00                             Miscellaneous Tea
          BUDGET Receipts:              $      28,717.85
          Land/Debt Retirement          $         555.00                                   honoring
          Designated Receipts           $       1,475.00                                Danielle Ward
          TOTAL Receipts                $      30,747.85                                 bride-elect of
  For the Month of February to Date:                                                 Jonathan Deerman
       Month to date Budget              $     20,908.00
       MTD Budget receipts               $     28,717.85                       the twenty-seventh of February
       MTD Land/Debt Retirement         $         555.00                         from two until four o’clock
       MTD Designated Receipts          $       1,475.87                          Deerfoot Baptist Church
       MTD Receipts:                    $      30,747.85
       Year to Date Budget Needs        $     125,540.00
                                                                 Registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Belk and Wal-Mart
       Year to Date Budget Receipts     $      86,406.96
                                                                       BROTHERHOOD BREAKFAST
 Bible Study Attendance:                                                 Sunday, Feb. 13 @ 7:30 am
  Members: 322
  Visitors:  12                                                           Steven Caudill—Speaker
  TOTAL:    334
                                                                          State Evangelism Conference
                                                                       Monday & Tuesday, Feb. 28 & March 1
               VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
If you love kids and would be willing to help out during                     1st Baptist Gardendale
the worship services and Wednesday evening prayer                If you would like to attend the kick-off question and
service, please contact Paige Nelson.                            answer lunch session on Monday with James
If you would like to be a part of our visitation ministry,       Merritt and Steve Gaines, please call 1/800-264-1225
G.R.O.W. ,please contact Judy Riddle @ 467-2355. They            ext. 245 to make your reservations. Will Graham,
meet the first, second & third Tuesday night at 6:45 and on      grandson of Billy Graham, will be the guest speaker on
the last Tuesday of the month they meet at 10 am. Workers        Tuesday evening.
are needed with our GA’s also.

DEERFOOT                                                                                              U.S. Postage Paid
BAPTIST CHURCH                                                                              Trussville, Alabama 35173
5450 Mt. Olive Church Road                                                                                 Permit # 106
Trussville, AL 35173

                                                 Wild Game Supper
                                             When: Friday March 18, 6:30 PM
                                                Where: Fellowship Hall

   Men, you are invited to join us for an evening of food, fellowship and an inspiring, evangelistic message.
         Wild Game dishes will be provided but we will have tame food for those less adventurous.
                   Bring your family— ladies you may like this too, friends, and neighbors.
           This would be a great opportunity to invite unchurched people you know to this event.

                                    Look for sign up sheets in Sunday School classes.

                    Our speaker for the evening is Dr. Mike Shaw, Pastor of FBC Pelham and
                               President of the Alabama Baptist State Convention.
                Contact Greg Slovensky 908-6693 or David Nelson 655-0798 for more information

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