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									                             Protimeter Moisture Meters
Protimeter Moisture Meters

                             Protimeter Mini
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                             The Protimeter Mini
                                                                                        BEST price!
                             is primarily for timber
                             moisture measurements.
                             The mini will give indicative
                             results on other porous
                             non-electrically conductive
                             eg brick and plaster.
                             In addition to the fixed                            Protimeter
                             contact probes, the                                 Timbermaster
                             Protimeter Moisture Meters
                             are supplied with separate                          Professional moisture meter
                             probes on a 1m long                                 for the timber specialist.
                             extension lead to reach                             Selectable scales to suit
                             more inaccesible locations.                         over 100 commercially used
                             Coloured LEDs indicate                              timber species.
                             readings on a scale of 6                            For highest accuracy the
                             to 90% wood moisture                                Timbermaster plus includes
                             equivalent.                                         a probe for temperature
                             Supplied with:                                      compensation.
                                 Pouch                                           Supplied with:
                                 Extended lead probes                                Pouch                      Timbermaster Basic   £169.00
                                 Calibration checker                                 Moisture probe
                                 Batteries (2 xAA)           BLD2000   £129.00       Batteries (2 x AA)         Timbermaster Plus    £259.00

                             Protimeter Mini BLD2000                             Protimeter Timbermaster

                                                                                 Dual mode moisture
                                                                                 meter used for diagnosing
                             Protimeter Aquant                                   dampness problems in
                             The Protimeter Aquant does                          buildings.
                             not use contact probes -
                             instead the Aquant uses                             Search mode:
                             radio frequency sensing                             Detects presence of moisture
                             to detect moisture below                            beneath finished surface of
                             the surface of impervious                           plaster, screeds, vinyl
                             materials such as vinyl floor                       & ceramic tiling, etc
                             coverings and ceramic tiling.
                             The Aquant can also be                              Measure mode:
                             used to assess the relative                         Gives a precise moisture
                             moisutre levels in materials                        level value in timber.
                             such as brick, plaster and                          Supplied with:
                             concrete screed.                                       Pouch
                             Supplied with:                                         Extended lead probes
                                 Pouch                                              Calibration checker
                                 Batteries                                          Batteries

                             Display          LED & LCD                          Display          LED & LCD
                             Batteries       2 x 1.5V AA                         Batteries       2 x 1.5V AA
                             Search depth                                        Search depth
                             (norminal)            19mm                          (norminal)            10mm
                             Measurement range                                   Measurement range
                                     0.0 to 99.9% W.M.E      BLD5760   £209.00           6.0 to 99.9% W.M.E     BLD5360              £329.00

                             Protimeter Aquant BLD                               Protimeter Surveymaster BLD5360

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Protimeter Moisture Meters & Accessories

                                                                                                                                 Protimeter Moisture Meters & Accessories
Hygromaster 7700
Hand held hygromaster with
data logging facility                                                       Super fast response
Use to measure:                                                             thermo-hygrometer.
    Relative Humidity                                                       Applications include:
    Dew Point                                                               HVAC
    Mixing Ratio                                                            Air quality monitoring
    Ambient Temperature                                                     Building Surveys
Use with the Protimeter                                                     Measures:
Hydrostick probes in                                                        Relative Humidity
predrilled holes to check the                                               Temperature
moisture level of concrete                                                  Dew Point
floors.                                                                     GPP
Supplied with:                                                              g/KG
    Pouch                                                                   Wet Bulb
    Hygostick probe                                                         cal/kg
    Probe to instrument                                                     • Backlit display
    extention lead                                                          • Auto shut off
Measurement                                                                 • Hold function
Range             30-100% rh                                                • 2 year warranty
Batteries        2 x 1.5V AA                    BLD7700   £199.00           Batteries         2 x 1.5V AA   Psyclone   £199.00

Protimeter Hygromaster BLD7700                                              Protimeter Psyclone

Protimeter MMS
Comprehensive moisture measurement
tool for the professional surveyor, with four
operating modes:
Moisture Probes Mode:
Moisture probes on a plug-in lead are
used to detect dampness in timber,
 plaster & masonry. Measurement range 6.0
to 99.9% WME.
Search Mode:
Sub-surface detection of moisture below                             Complete Package Comprises:
the surface of the substrate being tested
to a depth of approx. 20mm.                                         Carrying case
Hygrometer Mode:                                                    Heavy duty probes
Use to measure humidity. Use with floor                             Deep wall probes
probes in pre-drilled holes to establish                            Hygrometer probe
moisture levels..                                                   Surface temperature sensor
Condensation Mode:                                                  Batteries & detailed instructions
Assess condensation risk.

Batteries       2 x 1.5V AA                     MMS       £529.00

Protimeter MMS

Sales & Technical Information: Telephone 01302 310099                                                                                57
                                Moisture Meters & Accessories
Moisture Meters & Accessories

                                                                                                                           Replacement Hygrometer probes for use with
                                                                                                                           Protimeter MMS and Protimeter Hygromaster.
                                                                                                                                                                             Hygrostick (Qty 1)          £40.00
                                                                                                                           Measurement Range                 30-100% rh      Hygrostick Pack (Qty 5)    £175.00


                                Digital Floor Hygrometer                                                                   Humidity Sleeves
                                Use to assess moisture content of concrete      Size                  165 x 165 x 50mm     16mm diameter 45mm long vented sleeves fit
                                floors. Measures equilbrium humidity of         Battery                           2 x CR   into predrilled holes in masonry or concrete
                                confined air space in contact with floor.       Battery life                 5000 hours    floor.
                                • Supplied with reusable mastic sealant         Humidity Range            20 to 99% RH
                                                                                                                           Hygrpstick is inserted into sleeve. Use to take
                                    for rough floor finishes
                                                                                                                           equilibrium relative humidity measurements
                                • Records max/min temperatures                  Digital Floor Hygrometer       £85.00      in building substrates.                           Humidity Sleeves (20 pk)   £29.00

                                Digital Floor Hygrometer                                                                   Humidity Sleeves

                                                                                                                           Used to comply with British Standards
                                                                                                                           recommendations for testing floors. The
                                                                                                                           Humidity box isolates a small airpocket in
                                                                                                                           contact with the floor. After sufficient time
                                                                                                                           the air pocket becomes in equilibrium with
                                                                                                                           the floor slab. A Hygrostick inserted into the
                                                                                                                           box measures the relative humidity of the
                                                                                                                           air pocket.                                       Humidity Box                £27.00

                                Tramex Concrete                                                                            Humidity Box
                                Moisture Tester
                                Investigate moisture levels in concrete
                                floors and screeds.
                                Eight spring loaded contacts on base
                                of unit are pressed on to bare concrete
                                to take instant reading.
                                • Indicates moisture content of up to
                                    6% for concrete
                                • Comparative indication for gypsum
                                A calibration check plate is available to
                                ensure that unit is reading accurately.
                                                                                                                           Salts Analysis Kit
                                                                                Tramex CME4                   £325.00                                                        Salts Analysis Kit         £68.00
                                Size                        150 x 85 x 38mm                                                Test on-site for nitrates and chlorides
                                Battery                                1 x 9V   Calibration Checker            £45.00      evaporated by rising damp on wall surfaces.       Refills (10 tests)         £40.00

                                Tramex Concrete Moisture Tester                                                            Salts Analysis Kit

   58 Sales & Technical Information: Telephone 01302 310099

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