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					Varadero Cuba
Varadero Cuba is situated in Matanzas province. 144 kilometers from Havana city and it has its
own airport 30 kms away from their main destination, which is, Varadero Beach. This is one of the
most beautiful beaches you can find anywhere, kms and kms of white fine sand to walk, though
there is one thing many people travelers claim, and that is the existence of so many hotels in the
area making this area a very similar to Cancun destination.

There are a few attractions that I would recommend here. They have a tour called Catamaran tour
or "Crucero del Sol" that consists among other things in sailing in a catamar to a small islet where
you have a nicely prepared lunch with lobster. There is also a Tropicana where some say it is as
good as the Tropicana show in Havana. Try also an excursion in Rio Canimar in boats in an area
where nature is beautiful.

Varadero Cuba 5 star Hotels.
If you have the money and want to stay in nice hotels I will recommend for you the top you can
find. It is not too difficult if you want to find the Varadero Hotels yourself by clicking on Search
Hotels in the Menu Bar and filter your results.

In any case and judging by the customers' experience these are the best Hotels in Varadero:
Iberostar Varadero, iberostar laguna azul, paradisus varadero, Blau Varadero and Royal Sandal
Hicacos. I will be activating the reviews in my site to get the latest opinions.

Medium prices hotels in Varadero Cuba.
The following hotels are not as expensive as the ones mentioned above and still keep very good
quality. Some of them have nothing to envy to a 5 star. The top are: Mercure Las Palmas, Brisas
del Caribe, Iberostar Tainos, Be Live Las Morlas and Sol Sirenas Coral.

You won't be spending much more money in Varadero since almost all hotels are all inclusive and
there isn't much to do outside the facilities. Varadero is an are to relaz either by the pool or by the
beach. A Cuba Libre drink in hand and if you like to eat, the food is mostly very good.

The Cheapest Hotels in Varadero Cuba are from Islazul.
Islazul is a Hotels chain that runs hotels that were used mostly by locals and the mayority of them
are now being inserted into the tourism. These are as cheap as a casa particular in Cuba. One
important thing is that varadero does not allow casas particulares.

Some of these hotels are: Hotel Pullman, Villa La Mar, Aparhotel Mar del Sur, Hotel Herradura. Los
Delfines and Club Tropical varadero.

You can now make your plans and contact me through our site and I will be willing to help you
with the information you need and hte negotiation of pricing in Varadero Cuba Hotels.

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