Soreang Main Line Bandung -Ciwidey by Thandayanti


									Soreang Main Line Bandung -Ciwidey

Soreang is the capital of Bandung, West Java Province. Located about 20 km
south of Bandung, Soreng is on the main route linking Bandung with Ciwidey,
areas rich in natural attractions such as Plantation Strawberry, White crater,
Rancaupas Campgrounds, Walini Hot Water Baths, Heated Swimming Pool
Cimanggu, Tea plantation Ranch Bali, Situ Patenggang, and much more

On Sunday in the local government office will be busy crowded Soreang
residents. The existence of traffic makes the spill market on Sundays is very
crowded and jammed. Bandung residents to be recreation to Ciwidey on Sunday
will usually be constrained stuck in this place. Add to congestion points after
Kopo Sayati and Ketapang Industrial Area.

In addition to market spilled, in the Regency Office complex will also be crowded
by the surrounding residents Soreang and exercising, jogging, aerobics, or just
sit around enjoying the morning.

Come Travel Tips - For those who want to relax wargi Bandung to Ciwidey
should do on a day other than Sundays and National Holidays. Or if it does not
set out as early as possible, especially to avoid congestion Kopo Sayati -
Ketapang Industry - Market Soreang Spill. So many interesting sights in the area
Ciwidey, a day would not be satisfied.

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