Beautiful Papua by Thandayanti



Keerom-Traditional Markets in Papua

Entered the city of Jayapura of Papua Keerom. We were taken to a place of interest in Jayapura.
Name of the place is Bayangkara, high plains, which allows us to see the breadth of the city at

Whew .. wonderful tonight. We really enjoyed the glitter of Jayapura in the evening :: The
countryside in Arso II, Keerom District, Papua Province.
In a working visit on November 21 to 23 Keerom District 2009, Papua Province, precisely in the
District Arso, my colleagues and stay in Arso II. We had visited a traditional market is not far from
our base camp, SD Inpres I Arso II. According to residents, this market is only crowded on
Sundays only.

Entry into the market I found the atmosphere is not much different from the traditional markets in
Java. From the people who look typical of migrants (Java and maybe from some other place),
also the language used is Java language. Is little indigenous Papuans in those markets. In
accordance with the statistics that the District has about 45,000 souls Keerom population, 5000
and the remaining native Papuans who are immigrants of 40,000

Friday evening, 20 November 2009, ICT Research Center dispatched a team of ITB preparation
and implementation of the Open Lesson to be held on Monday, November 23, 2009, the Digital
Learning Testbed District Arso, Keerom District, Papua Province.

Jakarta-goal Merpati plane that brought us Merauke after a stopover in Makassar finally landed at
the airport Sentani, Jayapura around 6 am CDT. For me personally this is my second time
serving in Jayapura, having previously conducted a survey and survey the location of the school
from 14-16 August 2009.

Back foot in Sentani Airport, I was enjoying the beauty around. Starting from the physical building
at the airport which is very typical of Papua, as well as the towering statue in the courtyard of the

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