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									      The Answer

‘Why is there ice everywhere?’
           Hong Kong, 2003
• What are the July 1 pro-democracy rallies
  about? What is significant about them?
        Tiananmen Square, 1989
• What is your emotional reaction to
  the events shown in the clip? Why
  do you feel this way?
• What issues have led to all this
  violence? Why are these issues so
• Should Tyranny be resisted?
• Why does the maker of the video
  wish for us to not forget what
  happened in Tiananmen Square?
  Why is it so important we remember?
• What kind of poem might be
  inspired by the issues and emotions
  raised in the video? Why?
Tiananmen Square Protests, 1976

In 1976 thousands were in Tiananmen Square to mourn
the death of Zhou Enlai, a Politburo member who had tried
to moderate Mao’s policies. Police brutalized the
mourners, and the incident inspired ‘Huida’, or ‘The
Answer’, from Bei Dao.
   Freedom and Oppression
‘I don’t believe the sky is blue.’

This famous line from the poem is about
freedom. Can you believe the sky is NOT

TOK: Who decides what we can or cannot
             Read the poem
• What kinds of protests are being made?
• Why is the poem called ‘The Answer’? Answer
  to what?
• What is the answer? How do you set yourself
• What kind of language and structural techniques
  does Bei Dao use to get his message across?
• How is his language different from and similar to
  political speeches?
                Group Tasks
• Your group will be given one stanza of the
  poem. Your job is to answer the questions on
  the handout provided, and make a short power
  point to deliver to the class next lesson.
• Make sure you talk to bullet points on the power
  point, but feel free to illustrate your slides in any
  appropriate way you wish.
• The class will be annotating each stanza from
  your power points, so make them clear and
• What kind of China does Bei Dao portray in The
• How much does the poem convey your own
  attitude to oppression?

Check out
For a different translation of the poem, and the
  original Chinese text. Which translation do you
  prefer and why?
• Read ‘Dusk: Dingjiatan’, another poem
  that refers to the sky.
• Choose five images and explain the
  connotative meaning of each.
• What themes do ‘The Answer’ and ‘Dusk:
  Dingjiatan’ share?
• In what ways is this poem different?
             Homework - HL
• Read ‘An End or a Beginning’.
• This poem is another about protest, like ‘The
• What is similar in the poem to ‘The Answer’?
• Choose five images and explain the connotative
  meaning of each.
• What makes this poem more bleak than ‘The
  Answer’. Look at the final stanza in particular.

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