The English Renaissance_ YAY_Oh yeah_ 1485-1625

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					 The English
YAY!Oh yeah,
    Names and Terms to Know
✦   Renaissance         Mary Stewart
✦   Martin Luther      Puritans
✦   War of the Roses   Elizabethan
✦   Henry VIII
✦   Elizabeth I
✦   James I
            The English
✦   During the Renaissance, scholars reacted
    against the “dark ages” of medieval Europe,
    reviving the learning of ancient Greece and
    Rome. They thought they were bringing
    about a rebirth of civilization.
       Age of Exploration
✦   This thirst for knowledge prompted
    exploration by sea. (They were helped by the
    invention of the compass and telescope.
    Thank you, Galileo!) Their high point came
    when Columbus reached the Western
    Hemisphere in 1492.
    During this time, the
    people began to
    question the authority
    of the Roman Catholic
    Church. (Some felt
    they were corrupt,
    others questioned the
    teachings and
✦   Let’s stop here and
    look at the last
    paragraph on page
    228, shall we?
            The Tudors
✦   After the War of the Roses (a family feud
    that ended the reign of the Plantegenets),
    the Tudor dynasty was formed. Monarchs
    assured stability by increasing their own
    power and undercutting the strength of the
    nobles. This may not sound so super, but...
✦   This dramatically changed England’s
    religious practices and helped transform the
    country from a small island nation to one of
    the world’s greatest powers.
                Numero Uno
✦   Our first Tudor ruler
    was Henry VII. He
    was succeeded by
    his son, Henry VIII.
    They were both
    Catholic, and Henry
    VIII even wrote a
    book against Martin
    Luther, for which the
    Pope granted him
    the title, “Defender
    of the Faith.”
    A Little about our boy Henry...
✦   Relationship with Pope went sour
✦   His first wife, Catherine, didn’t have a son,
    so old Henry wanted an annulment in order
    to marry Anne Boleyn. The Pope said no, but
    Henry did it anyway. This defiance led to a
    break with the Catholic Church.
✦   Henry seized the properties of the Church
    and dissolved the monasteries!
         Henry loses it...
✦   Henry has his friend and leading advisor,
    Thomas More, executed because More
    refused to renounce his Catholic faith.
✦   Henry ended up marrying a total of six times.
    His first two marriages produced two
    daughters, Mary and Elizabeth. His third wife
    had a son named Edward.
               Edward VI
✦   Edward became king at the age of nine.
    Although he died at the age of 15, there
    were many parliamentary acts that
    dramatically changed the nations religious
    practices during his reign. For instance:
✦   English replaced Latin in church rituals.
✦   The Book of Common Prayer became
    required in public worship
✦   Because of this, the nation was well on its
    way to becoming a Protestant nation. Until...
        BLOODY MARY!
✦   Mary initiated the return of Catholicism
✦   She restored the authority of the Pope over
    the English Church
✦   She ordered the execution of about 300
    Protestants, which earned her the nickname,
    you guessed it, “Bloody Mary”.
✦   This served to only strengthen anti-Catholic
    feelings in England
               Elizabeth I
✦   When Mary died after a five-year stint, her
    half sister, Elizabeth, took over.
✦   She had received a Renaissance education,
    and was a great patron of the arts.
✦   She put an end to religious turmoil by
    reestablishing the monarch’s control over the
    Church of England.
✦   She encouraged Catholics and Protestants
    to compromise.
✦   Her one problem was her Catholic cousin,
    Mary, who was Queen of Scotland by birth,
    and next in line to the throne of England.
✦   Long story short, after Mary plots against
    Elizabeth several times, Parliament
    eventually orders her beheaded! Yikes!

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