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The Bloody Massacre Returns


									The Bloody Massacre Returns

Written by John Mares

Before Tucson knew of Slipknot, there was the legendary Gridlokt! Out of the depths of hell rose a
smolder and stench of brutality not yetheard on the streets of the Old Pueblo. From 1996 to 2006, Craig
Artz and Brien Laughlin lead their band of metal butchery amok in the heydays of thrash metal music
across the United States, playing with huge national bands such as Korn, Soulfly, Hatebreed, ill Nino,
Dope and Chimaira to name a few.

This band had retired playing music as a whole in 2006 due to some members starting families and new
careers in their lives, as well as typical disagreements that many musicians have in the direction of
where the band should go next. Gridlokt consist of six members: Craig Artz on lead guitar, Jeff Dickey on
bass guitar, Sean O’Brien on drums, and three, (count them) three vocalists named Brien Laughlin, Zane
Lentz and Wes Robbins.

I had the honor and privilege of sitting down and interviewing Gridlokt on Saturday January 25, 2012 at
The Rock for their long awaited return to the stage. The show had an amazing lineup of Tucson’s
premier local metal bands: Solace In Nothing, Lethal Dosage, Maid Misery, Godhunter, Angelic To Ashes,
We Killed The Union and the headlining band, Gridlokt. It also was a CD release party of Gridlokt’s new
album “The Fall Of The Republic.”

The majority of the music is written by Craig and Jeff but the lyrics of the songs are contributed by all the
members in the band. The music has many themes dealing with the struggles of life, society, parenting,
drug abuse and they way government has controlled our American culture. It is safe to say that the
music of Gridlokt is about everything in our society that pisses them off! Jeff showed me the new video
posted on YouTube of their new song “American Dream.” Again, this song deals with the failures of our
government’s policies in keeping the American Dream alive.

I asked the band how they felt the metal scene has changed over the past two decades they have been
involved in. Both Craig and Jeff responded by saying that many of the younger bands today are too
cocky and want instant glorification. Jeff said to me, “some of these bands are not willing to go out and
sell tickets for their shows. They just want to set up and play then get paid. That’s not how it works! It’s
your responsibility for your success!”

Upon entering The Rock later that evening, I felt a tingling surge of excitement and a wave of energy
flow through my skin as the sound rippled through my body. There was positive brotherhood inside,
with many friends and family members hugging and enjoying the metal music on stage. I was happily
amazed to see that well over 600 people were in attendance to this All Ages show. The mosh pit was
ferocious and furious with angst and aggression. Everyone in attendance that I spoke to was enjoying
the music and the powerful vibe that it resonated. I can honestly say this was the best metal event I
have witnessed by locals bands in many years.
As Gridlokt was setting up on stage to go on next, there was a huge white sheet shielding the stage to
keep the fans and spectators wondering how their heroes would make their return entrance to the
stage. As the sheets came crashing down, a bloody eruption of gore and butchery appeared with all the
members of Gridlokt dressed in the outfits of their American Dream video took the stage by storm. I
was in awe of the mayhem and chaos that ensued. I could not resist my primal instinct and had to jump
in the mosh pit for just one song to feel the power and energy that Gridlokt’s music creates. For those
of you that missed this show, you will hear about it for weeks thereafter. I highly recommend everyone
to go out and get a copy of the new Gridlokt CD, “The Fall Of The Republic.”

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