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									Lord of the Flies
        Are humans born evil?
• No
  – Humans are born good. It is the environment that
    leads to evil behavior.

• Yes
  – Humans are born either good or evil. This is a
    biological gene that is passed on to offspring.

  What do you think?
William Golding
• Born in Cornwall, England on September 19, 1911
• He was a school teacher and a father – knew a lot
  about what kids are like
• Officer in the British Navy during World War II
• Witnessed the Holocaust firsthand
• He wrote Lord of the Flies based on his
  experiences in World War II and trying to
  understand how evil people (Hitler) became
  powerful and why people followed him
       Writing Lord of the Flies
• It only took Golding 6 weeks to write!
• It was rejected 22 times for being too bleak
  and pessimistic
• It was eventually published in 1954 and by the
  1960’s it became a standard course of study
• Won the Nobel Prize for Tragedy of the Human
  Condition in 1983
• Parody: a satire (exposing, irony, sarcasm)
  imitation of a serious piece of writing
• Lord of the Flies is a parody of The Coral Island
The Coral Island - 1857
• Story of Ralph, Jack, and Peterkin: three young
  English boys who are shipwrecked on a
  deserted island in the Pacific.
• They create an idyllic society: they build
  houses, make fires, gather fruits, and build
• The boys transform the island into a miniature
 How realistic do you think that is?
• If a group of boys are stranded on an island
  with no adult supervision, what do you think
  will happen?
  William Golding Knew Better…
• Being a school teacher and a father, William
  Golding knew that a group of boys left alone
  would not be that civilized
• Golding writes Lord of the Flies to show that
  given these same conditions, children would
  become savages before they acted civilized
         Genre: Bildungsroman
• Bildungsroman:
  – Bildung: Education
  – Roman: Book
• A “coming of age” novel: traces the spiritual,
  moral, psychological, or social development
  and growth of a main character
• Examples:
       Symbolism and Allegory
• Symbolism: a person, place, thing or event
  that stands for both itself and something
  beyond itself
• Allegory: a story in which characters, settings,
  and events are symbolic (stand for abstract
  ideas or moral qualities)
  – Names convey a meaning other than the literal
• The Luftwaffe begins targeting British cities -
  An airplane is evacuating British school boys
  out of London
• The plane gets shot down and lands on a
  deserted island
• The children gang up for survival
Tropical Island
                  The Story
• On a literal level, Lord of the Flies deals with
  what happens to a group of boys stranded on
  an island with no adult supervision.

• On a symbolic level, Lord of the Flies
  investigates what happens to civilized people
  when the structures of civilization disappear.
•   Good vs. Evil
•   Fear
•   Rules and Order
•   Savagery vs. Civilization
•   Power
•   Identity
    Lord of the Flies Introduction
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