LEAD Hazard Awareness by ert554898


									  LEAD Hazard
  Module II
Protect Our Children
EPA Requirements
   Common renovation activities like sanding,
    cutting, and demolition can create
    hazardous lead dust and chips by
    disturbing lead-based paint, which can be
    harmful to adults and children.
EPA Requirements
 On March 31, 2008, EPA issued a new
  rule aimed at protecting children from
  lead-based paint hazards.
 The rule requires contractors and
  construction professionals that work in
  pre-1978 housing or child occupied
  facilities follow lead-safe work practices.
EPA Requirements
 The law takes effect April 22, 2010
 Until then all contractors should follow
  these three simple procedures:
     Contain the work area
     Minimize the dust
     Clean up thoroughly
EPA Requirements
   Beginning in December 2008 contractors
    that perform renovations, repair and
    painting that disturb Lead-Based Paint
    provide the “Renovate Right:” lead
    information pamphlet to owners and
    occupants of child care facilities of children
    under age six that attend facilities built
    before 1978.
Who will be affected?
   The rule will affect:
     Renovation   contractors
     Maintenance workers in multi-family housing
     Painters and other specialty trades
     In effect, anyone who gets paid to do the work
What facilities?
 Child care facilities are defined as
  residential, public or commercial buildings
  where children under age six are present
  on a regular basis
 The activity disturbs six square feet inside
 Or twenty square feet outside.
Property Owners
 You have the ultimate responsibility for the
  safety of your family, tenants, or children
  in your care.
 Mortgage Companies
 Insurance Agents
 Real Estate Agencies
EPA Requirements
   Property owner is required to have tenants
    sign a Pre-Renovation Disclosure form
    which indicates that the tenant received a
    Renovate Right pamphlet.
Information for Contractors
 Required to use lead-safe work practices
 Become “Certified” to perform lead
 Take training to learn how to perform lead-
  safe work practices
 Provide a copy of your certificate of
  training to your clients.
Protect Our Children
   Thanks for your time and attention

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