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									               BLUEPRINT RUBRIC
         Your Name: _____________________________
                  Architect        Journeyman           Apprentice             Novice

SCALE          All playground     All playground     One piece of         Two or more
               equipment is       equipment is       equipment is not     pieces of
               drawn to scale.    drawn to scale.    drawn to scale.      equipment are
               The spacing        Spacing a little   Spacing off.         not drawn to
               between            off. Somewhat      Somewhat             scale. Spacing
               equipment is       clear and easy     unclear and          non-existent.
               also correctly     to read.           difficult to read.   Unclear and
               scaled.                                                    difficult to read.

FALL/SAFETY    The diameter       The diameter       The diameter of      The diameter of
ZONE           of the             of the fall or     the fall or safety   the fall or safety
               fall/safety zone   safety zone        zone has been        zone has been
               has been           has been           correctly            correctly
               correctly          correctly          calculated for two   calculated for
               calculated and     calculated for     of the four pieces   one of the four
               is clearly         three of the       of equipment and     pieces of
               marked by a        four pieces of     is clearly marked    equipment and
               shaded circle      equipment and      by a shaded          is clearly
               for each piece     is clearly         circle for each      marked by a
               of equipment.      marked by a        piece of             shaded circle for
                                  shaded circle      equipment.           each piece of
                                  for each piece                          equipment.
                                  of equipment.

KEY            The key clearly    The key clearly    The key clearly      The key clearly
               tells the          tells the          tells the meaning    tells the
               meaning of         meaning of         of each symbol       meaning of
               each symbol        each symbol        on the blueprint     each symbol on
               on the blueprint   on the blueprint   and shows the        the blueprint
               and shows the      and shows the      maximum and          and shows the
               maximum and        maximum and        minimum height       maximum and
               minimum            minimum            for three of the     minimum height
               height for each    height for each    four pieces of       for two of the
               piece of           piece of           equipment. The       four pieces of
               equipment.         equipment.         key is somewhat      equipment. The
               The key is neat    The key is         unclear and          key is unclear
               and easy to        somewhat neat      difficult to read.   and difficult to
               read.              and easy to                             read.

ORAL           All group          All group          Most group           Few members
               members            members            members              participated.
PRESENTATION   participated.      participated.      participated. One    Two or more
               Blueprint and      Blueprint and      of the major         components
               playground         playground         components was       were missing.
               were well          were               missing.             Presentation
               presented.         presented.         Presentation was     was unclear and
               Presentation       Presentation       difficult to         difficult to
               was clear,         was easy to        understand.          understand.
               composed and       understand.
               easy to

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